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  • Jackthomasmoore asked ProPlatinum55 a question

    Are You A Fan Of JoJo's Bizzare Adventure?

    Answered: Mar 19, 2018

    yes I am a huge fan of jojo, which is why I wanted Jotaro to win this. I'm a bit salty that Jotaro lost

  • Ledge

    1 hour ago


    Do you ever just feel like you're on a ledge, ready to jump

    And you're happy to be talked down, ecstatic. 

    But no one's even bothered to look up?

  • zogman1 asked Raltrios a question

    Did you ever finish Fate/Extella?

    Answered: Mar 19, 2018

    Nope. But I did a side story map the other day when my power went out, and I'll be bringing it with me on my trip.

  • Jotaro VS Kenshiro (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure VS Fist of the North Star) | DEATH BATTLE!

    1 hour ago


    Manliness has never looked so good. Two warriors enter, and only one will leave alive!

    Wiz/Showrunner: Ben B. Singer - Boomstick: Chad James - Project Lead: Sam Mitchell - Animator: Zack Watkins - Editor: Noël Wiggins - Sprite Artist: Chris Bastin - Audio: David Levy - Audio: Chris Kokkinos -

    “Wiz & Boomstick – Death Battle Theme” by Brandon Yates - Get it for yourself on iTunes:

    “Bizarre Stars” by Werewolf Therewolf - Get it on iTunes:

  • Her Majesty's Spiffing - Finale

    1 hour ago

    Play Pals

    It's Gavin Jones and Michael English now as they've swapped bodies to continue the Queen's mission to make Britain great again. There's only one thing in their way. The French!

  • GTA V - Jetpack Joyrides

    2 hours ago

    Let's Play

    We play with the new Mammoth Thruster Jetpacks, as well as the Avengers, Deluxos, and other fun new toys in GTA V.

  • The Return of Dungeon Drunks (hopefully)

    2 hours ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    Dungeon Drunks would love to run another live D&D game at RTX this year. With the new community track we have a home, and we've submitted for a spot on the schedule.

    If you haven't listening to us, would you go give us a try? The show is loads of fun, we love doing it, and we were born out of this community.  Your entertainment is how we continue to give back.  

    If you have listened to us, would you tell your friends? Maybe leave us an iTunes review? Post about us on your favorite social media platform? 

    This isn't about asking you to petition RT for us. We want to earn that spot in the community track. And the way we do that is by asking you, our family in this community, to come and join our fun. 

    Thanks <3

  • NO MAN LEFT BEHIND • Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Gameplay

    2 hours ago

    Cow Chop Gaming

    The sequel to the critically acclaimed Vermintide is a visually stunning and groundbreaking melee action game pushing the boundaries of the first person co-op genre. Join Aleks, Brett, James and Jakob as they defend themselves against hordes of rats and crackheads.

  • Small Update! Love Life || 3-18-18

    2 hours ago

    FiskJr KevinEverett

    Hey Everyone, 

    I have been catching up on some @burnie ( @elliemainey ) vlogs. In particular, the ones where Burnie sits down and talks to the camera and then the Final Vlog (btw for the love of god, can vlog not be underlined red as a grammatical error, it is 2018). 

    These vlogs were lovely to watch. I am glad I’ve waited to watch them at a point in my life where I am content and not upset. 

    Things have been really rough for me personally, and with college, but I’ve been coming around and it is due to one simple thing... I have been feeling more comfortable as myself. I recently have been to my former high school two times in the past two weeks and these few hours were amazing. These are people of my past. They are important to see once in a while, so I am able to reflect upon myself and the changes I have made and that they have noticed. My former teachers (Digital Cinema&Broadcasting) are wonderful individuals and I look up to them a heck of  a lot. The students are also really fun to be around and talk to. I ended up helping with very little things for projects the students had been working on after school, since I was in the room, but it was neat and enjoyable. 

    My Digital Cinema teacher I had for two semesters confirmed with me the school he has been trying to get into for his Masters Degree. He told me it was Emerson College for the writing masters... this made me really happy because it is the school I am currently at. Although he will be doing Online schooling, due to him already having a job as a teacher, it is a really cool thing to know that my former teacher is aiming towards the same school as me. 

    My friend who is a senior at the high school ended up Direct messaging me on twitter telling me to “guess what”. I immediately said, “Please say Emerson” and she then told me she had been accepted for the same major as me. This again made me so joyful. It is another situation where someone of my past is still apart of my present and hopefully the future. 

    There has been a lot of little things that have been happening that invokes me to be alive. I feel appreciated and that makes me unbelievably happy. I feel like I have a purpose, even if it means just existing and confronting each day as myself. I hope to open up more in the next few years, but I feel like my Boston life will be the way I will grow up out of my shell. I may not be making physical progress with school or projects, but mentally I am learning to accept myself and this is what I need. It’s what I have been needing during these past few years, but without the struggle, I would have never of known what I truly needed. I still do not know 100% completely, but Im on my way. 

    My next update with you guys will be in April, but I hope to talk about my life developing in Boston for the next 3 years to come. It is nice to finally find acceptance at the place I have been wanting to get away from for my whole life... home. The reason why I am finding acceptance is due to me accepting myself. I never needed a change of location to do this. I just needed time and reflection. I am content with losing people in my life. People come and go. The ones who find ways to appreciate you are the ones who will stay, even if they do not directly interact with you, they will always be there when you are ready to interact with them. 

    No one will fully understand the crazy small things that I have experienced these last few years; same thing goes for everyone else. I will never fully understand another individuals experience with the small things in their life that created a huge impact on who they are. This is the beauty of living life. Our characters are built upon a lot of things that not one single person will fully understand except for themselves. 

    Peace y’all <3

    -Kevin Everett Fisk Jr.

    (Visit Photo “Images” section on my profile to see some photos of me and some little things I have been up too. If you want to keep fully up to date with me, I have a journal style twitter @KEFiskJr) 

  • My Oh Mia (Not Again)

    3 hours ago

    DrKaber Simplicity is Key

    It's a difficult process when your favorite podcast posts the thumbnail for their next episode and you just get completely uninterested all of a sudden. For a lot of men, Mia Khalifa would give them a hard on, but for me I go completely limp which not a lot of porn stars could do so congrats on being awful Mia.

  • Rtx hotel codes?

    in Forums > Rtx hotel codes? | Follow this topic

    trademarkdkill Trade Markd Kill

    Has rt released any hotel discount codes for the Hilton? We just booked a room and was told we can call and give them a code and reprice it for the discount.

    1 reply

  • Let's Play - Move or Die - Get Swifty (#4)

    4 hours ago

    Let's Play

    Take off your pants and Move or Die! These AH guys are are are bad news Morty. They got potty mouths and play with rubber cockadillos all day. Some of them slow down time to watch their friends suffer. It's ugly *buurrp* ugly stuff.

  • Rtx 2018 rooms

    4 hours ago

    MathiasC96 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    You need place 2 stay for fun time junction. Let me know

  • OUR TIME OF THE MONTH? - Open Haus #161

    5 hours ago

    Open Haus

    Did you know that 66% of all men lose their hair by age 35? Visit our sponsor today over at and take care of yourself with your first month for only $5!

    Ask us questions here!

    What's that young men of America? You're creeped out by the idea of menstruation? Try childbirth. I watched a goddamn Saw movie shoot out of my wife's body. Love you honey! Be home soon!

    Follow us on Twitter:

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  • Mermaids

    5 hours ago

    RT Animated Adventures

    The gang remembers their days at the call center and some of the shady businesses that neighbored it. Audio from Rooster Teeth Podcast #458 Animated by: Gil Calceta Directed by: Jordan Battle

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