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  • Apparently I've decided I hate having free time

    2 hours ago


    because I've started playing a third app game, Girls' Frontline.

    @CaButler posted an image of one of the gun girls and it was exactly the right one to make me finally decide to play. it's fun so far, I've got a healthy amount of 5*s already, and according to some new friends, it's not pay2win so much as "pay to not wait forever" which means I can be as casual as I want with it, which is fine by me, since F/GO owns my soul. the only money I currently have any intention of giving Gun Girl Online is the $0.99 I spent because you get a free 5* as a gift for making your first purchase, and she's supposedly actually useful.

    also, if it's not up yet, I'll soon be posting my newest desktop background image.

  • Is Anybody Out There?

    2 hours ago


    It's been a solid 5 years since I've logged into this site. It popped in my head today and I decided to get on and see who is still active. Looks like no one. Update on my life: I'm engaged and getting married in September. Judging by my last post (most of them really) I never thought that'd actually happen. 

    Anywho, hope ally old RT friends are doing well, wherever you are. 

  • Reorientation

    3 hours ago

    DiMono It's Back Baby!

    I spent the weekend at Ad Astra, schmoozing with some of my fellow writers and readers. Time with Ed Greenwood is never wasted. I came out of the weekend having decided that I need to build up more of a social following. So, I hope you'll all follow me on Twitter at @TheDiMono where I'm going to be posting stuff way more frequently than I do here. Hopefully we can get conversations going on there that will draw more people in, and get a little community going.

    I'm also going to be looking at ways to get more engagement on my website. In addition to being way more active in submitting my short stories to places for publication, right now I'm considering transplanting my old Speech Only series to my website on a weekly basis, so that there's always new content to see. Hopefully that will help me to draw in fans and readers, and again, get a little community going. And of course this will require updating the website to make room for it, which is always fun.

    In non-self-promotional news, my heels are very nearly healed! It's been a month of moisturizing them twice a day, and aside from one spot on my left heel that was particularly deep, they're basically smooth but still dry. That is a huge improvement compared to where I started, and I'm quite pleased with it. My big toes are a little further behind, but the breaks in them are also healing up, so another two weeks and hopefully they'll be good too, for the first time I can remember. Seriously, I can't think of a time when my big toes weren't severely cracked.

    Meanwhile, I'm tired of living in a building with no central air, which requires me to run portable air conditioners in my bedroom and office that aren't strong enough to actually get the job done unless I close the doors and completely abandon the rest of my apartment for 3-4 months. I want out of here, and that requires more work, which requires new clients. If anyone knows of a company that needs a new website or would benefit from some web software to help them run their company, I would greatly appreciate it if you would send them my way.

    So how have the rest of you been?

  • Ticket for RTX London 2018

    3 hours ago


    Hey everyone, I have two weekend tickets to RTX London that I am beginning to think I won't be able to use, and was hoping that someone may want to buy them from me? Just send me a message for details

  • Kem trị sẹo lồi lâu năm HOT nhất hiện nay

    3 hours ago


    Kem trị sẹo lồi lâu năm HOT nhất hiện nay

    Kem trị sẹo lồi lâu năm có thể chữa khỏi những vết sẹo dai dẳn trên da không? Sẹo luôn là vấn đề rắc rối đối với chị em phụ nữ, và cả các đấng mày râu nữa! Bạn đang lo lắng không biết phải nên lựa chọn dòng sản phẩm làm mờ vết sẹo nào? Sản phẩm nào thì an toàn tuyệt đối mà lại chất lượng? Bạn đã từng nghe đến kem làm mờ sẹo Dermatix Ultra? - sản phẩm đang được các chuyên gia đầu ngành khuyên dùng cho các vấn đề về sẹo ở da.

    Thông tin về kem trị sẹo lồi lâu năm Dermatix Ultra Việt Nam

    Thuốc trị sẹo (hay thường được gọi là gel trị sẹo) Dermatix có nguồn gốc từ Mỹ được phê chuẩn bởi FDA và kiểm chứng lâm sàng, đảm bảo an toàn, hiệu quả nhất hiện nay. Kem trị sẹo Dermatix Ultra Việt Nam có thể chữa khỏi những vết sẹo lâu năm, sẹo lồi, sẹo do bỏng bô và nhiều loại sẹo do các chấn thương khác. Thật kỳ diệu đúng không nào!

    Và lý do vì sao Dermatix có thể làm được như vậy? Thật ra là vì các thành phần thảo dược bên trong tạo thành nên gel trị sẹo tuyệt vời này. Vậy đó là những thảo dược nào? Cùng theo dõi bên dưới nhé!

    Thành phần bên trong gel trị sẹo Dermatix Ultra Việt Nam

    Cyclopentasiloxane, Phenyl, Trimethicone, Polysilicon-11, Dimethicone, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Tetrahexyldecyl và Ascorbate được sản xuất dưới dạng gel silicone trong suốt khô nhanh, không gây khó chịu.

    Công dụng

    Như đã nhắc đến ở trên, Dermatix Ultra giúp trị các vết sẹo, đặc biệt là các vết sẹo lồi mới, sẹo do chấn thương, sau phẫu thuật, mổ, bỏng gây ra. Ngoài ra còn giúp làm mờ, mềm, phẳng, cân đối với da bình thường, giảm ngứa, khó chịu, giảm sưng đỏ khi bị côn trùng cắn.

    Kem dưỡng làm mờ sẹo Dermatix Ultra phù hợp, an toàn đối với mọi lứa tuổi. Đặc biệt có thể dùng cho các bà mẹ đang trong thời kì cho con bú và trẻ nhỏ. Mỗi ngày thoa lên vùng sẹo 2-3 lần, mỗi lần chỉ cần một lượng nhỏ vừa đủ để thoa và chỉ sau tầm 2, 3 tháng ( 8 tuần ), sẽ cho bạn thấy hiệu quả rõ rệt.

    Những điều cần lưu ý khi sử dụng kem trị sẹo lồi lâu năm Dermatix

    Để xa tầm tay trẻ em.

    Tránh tiếp xúc với mắt, chỉ dùng ngoài da.

    Không trực tiếp thoa lên vùng vết thương hở.

    Không nên dùng sản phẩm Dermatix Ultra cùng với các sản phẩm khác khi chưa thông qua ý kiến của bác sĩ.

    Hi vọng những thông tin của bài viết này sẽ giúp các bạn tìm được đúng phương pháp chữa các vấn đề về sẹo làm đau đầu bao nhiêu lâu nay và tìm lại được nhan sắc tự nhiên vốn có của mình một cách thành công nhé! Kem trị sẹo Dermatix Ultra sẽ giúp bạn làm trở nên tự tin hơn, bảo vệ vùng da của bạn một cách hoàn hảo nhất!

  • Where I have refereed

    6 hours ago

    Burpoe Rugby Referee




















  • im back

    8 hours ago


    it feels good to be back

  • Fate/Extra Last Encore

    8 hours ago


    Nero referred to herself as an omnipotent genius...

  • Filipino Twitter

    12 hours ago


    Every tweet is in half english, half tagalog.

    You will start reading a tweet, it'll be relatively normal.  No real weird characteristics, until the last line where lumiliko sa isang bagay ne ganap na naiiba.  It really makes me want to know what the tweet means, but google translate can't do anything to it because it's half in one language and half in the other.  I wonder if their patter is good.

  • Day 1655: Aching

    12 hours ago

    topham DHYB

    Today I am aching a lot. Yesterdays run was good, but today I am feeling the effects. My leg, where I bashed it in to a barrel, is appropriately damaged, and isn't strictly painful to walk on, but tomorrows gym session should be a trying time. 

    I also go bitten by a bunch of mosquitoes, and am itchy as a result of that.

    However I am feeling good. I've been relaxing all day, and have just done housework stuff, played guitar, and watched wrestling. Rachael and I started watching Glow, and I'm enjoying it so far, but we are only 2 episodes in. 

    This week ahead should be alright, I have things I want to achieve, and I'm making decent progress on the Light Fantastic, and I've been making changes and working on my distortion/overdrive circuit to try and get it to a sound I like. 

    Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • Fact of The Day:

    13 hours ago

    IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

    ZhUOZ, UVB-76 or also simply known as "The Buzzer”, is a shortwave radio station that broadcasts on the frequency 4625 kHz, from an unknown location in Russia.

    It broadcasts a short, monotonous buzz tone, repeating at a rate of approximately 25 tones per minute, for a total of around 36,000 tones per 24 hours.

    Occasionally, the buzzer signal is interrupted and a voice transmission in Russian takes place, often including common nouns, including “virus” and “prison”. It has been theorised to be some sort of code. The first reports were made of a station on this frequency in 1983.

    The Russian military claim they have nothing to do with this mysterious signal.

    Perhaps the most disturbing theory of what this foreboding tone may be is that if is what is known as a “Dead Hand” signal.

    “Dead Hand”, also known as “Perimeter”, was a Cold War-era automatic nuclear weapons-control system used by the Soviet Union. Designed to automatically retaliate with a deadly nuclear strike in response to a nuclear attack on Russia. Some experts suggest it may still be in use today.

    Regardless, of its origins, there must be someone behind the signal and there must be someone listening to the transmission that knows what it means. The question is who? Why? Do we want to know?

    Sounds like some real James Bond shit to me.

    Further Info:


  • Rainy day

    14 hours ago



    Umbrella suck, they suck as bad as a two dollar whore!

  • Selling 2 RTX Sunday Passes!

    in Forums > Selling 2 RTX Sunday Passes! | Follow this topic


    Hey, I'm selling 2 Sunday passes for RTX for 75$ (altogether!) so please let me know if you're interested!

    OR, if you would like to at least trade one Saturday pass for a Sunday one, let me know!

    1 reply

  • Violet Evergarden Episode 8

    15 hours ago


    Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Violet Evergarden, the show about a girl suddenly learning all the human emotions at once, and came crashing down as a result.

    In our last episode, Violet's latest client is a playwright by the name of Oscar, who is working on his first play in a very long time. It's a Children's story, which seems to have a deep connection to him, but the man himself appears to be lost, aimless, and going through the motions. During his time with Violet, though, who is very interested in the play, he begins to see his late daughter in her, who herself had dreams of her own before dying of an unknown illness. She was happy and full of life, and with Violet's help, is able to drive his story towards the happy ending, getting his own in the form of Violet trying to cross a lake. It didn't end as he hoped, but it was enough to give him something he lacked in a very long time. Hope and motivations.

    As for Violet, all those human emotions that she knew little of came crashing down hard as she comes to regret her actions in the war, with all the lives she took. On her way home, she runs into Lady Evergarden, who is happy to see how far Violet has grown and thinks Major Gilbert can rest in peace. This, however, bothers Violet, because she was under the assumption that the major was alive. When she confronts Hodgins, all he can say is that they found her alone, and that the major was missing in action and presumed dead. Violet clings onto this as her only hope, running out of the post office, lost in her own direction once more.

    How will Violet recover from this? Will Hodgins be able to correct his mistake? Let's tune in and find out.

    -Our episode begins with the first meeting between Major Gilbert and Violet as Diethard explains that he picked her up on the northern front. And as she doesn't have a name, he's been calling her "You". Yes, Diethard, we've already established that your jackass. No need to shove it down our throats further. He pushes her head down, telling her to say hello, which Gilbert isn't a fan of. He takes hold of Violet in her arms, calls his brother a fool, saying that he can't treat a child like that. Diethard, however, disagrees. She is no child, but a weapon. A tool for the purpose of war.

    -As Major Gilbert doesn't trust his brother as far as he can throw him, he agrees to take her in. Diethard is happy to hear that, as he's already made arrangements with the army. We get a brief point of view shot from Violet, looking up at the major's stern face, though it appears out of focus, as if she's having trouble seeing. I'm sure that won't be important later.

    -Looks like we're getting an origin episode here. After the opening, we start off at the Department of the Navy in Leidenschaftlich. We're actually in the present day as Violet has come here to speak with Diethard. She's told off, but she stays firm, because she needs to ask him something important. The guard attempts to grab her, but she easily throws him on his ass, as if she was just brushing off a fly. All this screaming and excitement brings out Diethard, who takes a look at the situation and sees who's here for him. Upon seeing Violet, he orders the guards to stand down, unless he wants to die. You really do have a low opinion of Violet, don't you?

    -Diethard demands to know why Violet is there. Violet turns to face him, but Diethard takes one look at his guard and has his own comment for Violet.


    -You are just asking to be punched in the face one day, Diethard. Good thing Violet doesn't care about that. Instead, she wants to know the truth, if Major Gilbert is missing in action? Deithard actually has a shocked expression on his face for a moment before having his angry expression back on. He didn't think Violet was unaware of this. As he's about to say Gilbert is dead, Violet quickly stops him, yelling that such a thing can't be true, that the major is alive, and is verging on so many different emotional states that she's just an absolute mess. I'd probably go with rage at the moment.

    -Diethard, who's smart enough to be a good distance away from Violet, wants to know why she's acting like this? After all, she was only a tool to him, that's all she was. So how can she be sad? Well, you see, there's this thing called growth, where a person, over time, due to their environment, is able to change and grow, allowing them to feel things they've never felt before, in order to understand their own feelings, memories, and changes. Basically, Diethard, you're an idiot fool too set in his ways. Also, you're a jerk.

    -Back at the post office, Cattleya is letting Hodgins have it for telling Violet the truth. He thought she could accept it, but Cattleya has her own opinion on the matter.

    -I don't think you can actually say that to your boss, even if you are dating him. And Cattleya keeps going, because of course Hodgins doesn't understand how women feel. Hodgins actually feels like Cattleya is going to punch him in the face, which he probably deserves, but instead, she's been ordered to go find Violet. I guess we know who's actually running the company here.

    -As for Violet, we see that she's on a train, heading for who knows where. As night turns to day, we see her at a station that is being built, with Violet wandering down the tracks, aimlessly, looking for some direction. We then cut to a mansion onto a snowy hill. Turns out, this is another flashback as Major Gilbert arrives with the young Violet, confusing the maid. Gilbert walks in, Violet close by, telling the maid to draw a bath and a change of clothes for Violet. Confused, the maid asks what she should tel the madam, as she's currently at the mansion in Leiden? There's nothing to say, for he's just looking after this girl for the time being. Well, that's less work for the maid, so she reaches for Violet to lead her to the bath, but Violet is in her wild state and starts biting the helping hand. I think that will be her first lesson.

    -Sometime later, the maid was able to get Violet changed, but she was struggling the entire time. Gilbert seems a bit remorseful, but still leaves Violet in her care, telling her to take Violet to the parole once she's eaten. You don't like your maid very much, do you, Gilbert? Later that night, Violet awakens to find the major standing over him, a coat in hand. She reacts as if he's attacking and quickly moves away, but Gilbert doesn't seem phased by it. He tells her that she needs to use a blanket or she'll catch a cold. She was sleeping on the ground, using a cover as a bed. It's going to be a long winter, isn't it?

    -Sometime later, Violet is running through the house and is about to go outside when Major Gilbert comes in. Apparently she's been looking all over for him. Apparently, she wouldn't even eat if he wasn't around. You got yourself a very clingy girl, Gilbert. Make sure to hide the knives. Sometime later, Major Gilbert is speaking with a high ranking officer. He's says that they can't bring Violet to the front lines, as she's too unstable. Apparently she was ordered to the front by the top brass, who saw what she's capable of doing on the training grounds. As far as they're concerned...

    -If only he saw what would become of Violet a few years down the line. But in the end, orders are orders, and they must be followed. Gilbert still thinks this isn't a good idea, but his superior officer tells him not to get so worked up and exploit this orphaned girl as much as he can, then dump her on the battlefield when she's no longer useful. Wow, I'm actually not surprised at how brazen the brass is here. Gilbert continues to object but he's shut down. He has no time for his new found morality. And with that, he's dismissed. Seriously, there is something wrong with this army if they think exploiting Violet was such a good idea.

    -In the next scene, we're told that the United Gardarik Army has begun advancing to Bociaccia, so they placed a defensive line along the capital city of Capria. At this point, they're in a war of attrition. And with the enemy outnumbering them two to one, they would lose that war. To make matters worse, while their line is holding, the enemy has brought cannons to the front line, which has caused a drop in morale from the soldiers. So Major Gilbert is being tasked with taking out the cannons. Hopefully it won't be a suicidal run, but it'll be tough.

    -Later, Major Gilbert is speaking with Violet. He tells her to stay here and not to move until he gets back. Soon, the unit is attempting to get behind enemy lines, but run into an enemy guard. Gilbert is about to give an order to take out the guard, but he doesn't get the chance as Violet shows off exactly what she can do, taking out the enemy guards quickly and quietly... until one of the lanterns falls to the ground and starts setting the place on fire. So much for stealth. Gilbert doesn't know how to take this at first, but he just gets angry and orders his forces to attack. Violet gets right to work, showing herself to be a one-woman army, taking out the enemy left and right, all while the forest burns around her. Gilbert is clearly distraught by this, as this was exactly what he was hoping to avoid. Damn the generals!

    -Back in the present, Violet appears to be going through that same battlefield now, still walking aimlessly until she finally reaches her destination. The mansion that was on the snowy hill. Except it isn't snowing now, but Violet herself looks like she's been through hell.

    -There, the maid recognizes Violet. Not certain what to expect, Violet is the one that speaks first, asking for Major Gilbert. The maid cannot answer at first until sometime later, she shows her Gilbert's grave. Violet collapses in front of it, reading the name on the tombstone, unable to fully compute what is happening. She recalls when the major gave her the name "Violet", and how he thinks she would grow into a person worthy of it. This is also when Gilbert learns that Violet can actually talk, as she repeats the name to the major, then his rank.

    -Gilbert is a bit surprised but happy that Violet can talk. Though she's still having some issues as she points to herself as major. Oh, they're so cute when they're young and not killing on the battlefield. Looks like Gilbert decides that she doesn't have to be a tool and helps her grow. First, by having her read a children's book. From there, it's teaching her how to write. Sometime later, at camp, Violet shows off her report to the major. He's pleased with it, so from now on, she's to write a daily report to him about whatever she's done that day. Violet in the past understands that and will write a report daily, because it's orders from the major, and they are not to be disobeyed.

    -In the present, all of these memories, as well as the words from Hodgins about Gilbert's ultimate fate, come swarming in all at once. Oh, this is going to be a very long day indeed. In another flashback, Gilbert is on the streets with Violet, explaining to her that it's Thanksgiving, and the people are celebrating after being liberated from the Gardarik forces, for they were occupied by them for three years. And it was all thanks to the Violet, the murder machine of murder death. Yay!

    -It's apparently a tradition in this town to give gifts to those you are thankful to, so Gilbert asks Violet if there is anything she wants? Okay, if it's an order, Violet will select something. Except it isn't an order, it's just a way for him to express his thanks towards her. This whole thing just confuses Violet. Still, he wants to thank her for all the fighting, and he stops himself there as he takes a look at her knees and neck, seeing the scars from the constant battles she's been in. Realizing that his foot is very much in his mouth, he suggests they talk a walk. I'm sure that will make the conversation less awkward.

    -During the walk, Violet asks Gilbert if he knows what would be appropriate for her to ask for? He thinks about it for a moment. A girl Violet's age would want dresses or accessories, so Violet agrees to that. This gets Gilbert to smile, since that's such a typical Violet thing to do. We then get the shot of the two walking from back in episode one, which lead to her finding the Emerald Brooch, which has the color of Gilbert's eyes. And thanks to what we know before, the scene takes on a whole other meaning. The shopkeeper, realizing that she has a potential sale, talks up the brooch and how beautiful it is. Sadly, this isn't a word Violet is familiar with, and asks if it's similar to pretty? Yup, though the shopkeeper would probably say anything to get that sale going. They're always pushing their wares.

    -Sometime later, after Gilbert has purchased it, he asks Violet if she wouldn't want the one that matches her eyes? Violet is happy with her choice, for it was the most beautiful one. She never knew the word before, hence why she never spoke it, but now that she knows what the word means, she's finally able to say it to Gilbert.


    -Sounds like love at first sight to me. Gilbert is shocked by this comment and has no idea what to say. So instead, he takes the brooch in and and places it on Violet to make her look pretty. She's thankful for it, but Gilbert is raging, and it's pretty obvious why, too. Sometime later, we're at the Western Front at Obergerg, at the Leidenschaftlich Army Headquarters. We see a familiar looking person walking the grounds as various other troops talk about what's been happening in the war. The Gardariks pulled back from the west coast, which makes them wonder if they'll be home by spring? They seem quite confident that the war will be ending soon.

    -Up at the walls, Violet is staring at her brooch as Gilbert stands watch. That's when Hodgins, back when he had short hair, greets him. Gilbert salutes him, since Hodgins is a lieutenant colonel at this point. Hodgins, however, isn't comfortable with the rank and tells Gilbert not to address him like that, but Gilbert can't, given that he is of a higher rank. As Hodgins joins the major, he remarks how that cold attitude of his seems so charming after not seeing him for a while. Gilbert expresses the same compliment to Hodgins, so apparently, in the colonel's case, they were actually sending him to places they could win without fighting. Apparently, Hodgins also comes from a high class family as they are an important financier to the military. Huh, you learn something new every day.

    -But Gilbert thinks this is a good thing, and that Hodgins can't blame HQ for wanting to keep him safe. But that doesn't mean he likes being promoted like this. But still, as it's the two of them and nobody is really watching outside of Violet, Hodgins drops military procedure and wraps his arm around Gilbert, asking if he's been eating and sleeping well. Violet is about ready to murder this man touching her man, but Gilbert waves her off. He explains to her that, while he may be older, they were in the same class in officer school. Hodgins recognizes Violet, though, at the training grounds. The same one that saw her get sent to the front lines to get her murdering on. He's rather shocked to see her still here, though I imagine he was probably the lone descanter of high ranking officers who saw her in action and thought "Yes, she will kill well for us."

    -Hodgins himself is rather disgusted that Violet is being used as a weapon, with him telling Gilbert that he should be using her skills in a more appropriate way. Violet reacts rather badly to this comment, causing Hodgins to apologize for the comment. That's when Gilbert tells him her name, since it's be rather inconvenient to call her "You" all the time. Hodgins then asks if he's taking her to retake the city of Intense. Seriously, they actually named it that? That is the plan, and if the operation succeeds, the enemy will crumble and will likely be the final fight. And there went up that death flag. Poor guy.

    -Hodgins starts to leave, but before doing so tells Gilbert of his plans, to leave the army and start his own company. And he wants Gilbert to work for him, if he wants to. Gilbert doesn't like the idea of being an underling to Hodgins. As a joke, Hodgins says that he would just have to hire Violet instead. It's funny because the hindsight here will be hilarious. Gilbert, however, thinks that is a brilliant idea. I think I need to rewatch the first episode again because I feel like I'm missing something here.

    -We soon see soldiers gearing up for this final battle. In his tent, Gilbert loads up his gun, but Violet comes in. She wants to know if Gilbert no longer needs her? She wants to know if, when she's dismissed, will she be transferred under Hodgins' command? Will she never receive orders from the major ever again? Yeah, now isn't the best time for this. They have a war to finish. Once that battle is done, they can talk about it later. And by later, he means never. And so, the final briefing takes place. They're going for the enemy headquarters in Intense, but it's surrounded by cliffs, making it a natural fortress. Attacking from the front is too difficult, so their artillery will bombard the enemy first. Once the enemy is distracted, they'll use the sewers to enter the city, rush to the cathedral, and take control of their headquarters. Once that is done, they'll send up a flare to signal the rest of their forces to charge, and with that, the operation will be completed.

    -And with that, the battle begins. Hodgins is involved, as well, leading the artillery, keeping him as far from the battle as possible. Once the first bombs drop, the battle begins in earnest. Violet takes the lead, clearing a path for the soldiers. They are soon pin down by enemy fire, giving Gilbert time to get a SITREP on his unit. Squads 1 and 2 are doing fine, but Squads 3 and 4 lost half their men and will need help. Gilbert then gives out the orders. Squads 1 and 2 will secure the perimeter and draw the enemy reinforcements in. The remaining Squads will come with him to take control of the cathedral. Move out!

    -The battle intensifies as the city burns. Hodgins is counting on Gilbert to complete the task. They soon reach the main room of the cathedral, but it seems empty. Violet soon realizes it's a trap and drags the major out of the way as the rest of the soldiers are mowed down, leaving only them. Which is more than enough to deal with this rabble. They soon get right to work, dealing with the enemy inside while the remaining squads deal with the outside. Both Gilbert and Violet are looking quite beat up, but Gilbert keeps going, launching his flare into the air, giving the signal. Interesting how the flare almost sounded like a gun shot.

    -Though I may have been foreshadowing a bit, because the Major does get shot. This is after launching the flare, though. He turns and smiles to Violet just in time to get a bullet to the head, though it may have defected off his helmet. But no, I'm wrong. Went right into the eye. How lovely. Violet is shocked to see that happen as Intense burns up in flame... CUE CREDITS!

    What a cliffhanger ending. But are they going to drag this out for the remainder of the series? We have five more episodes after this. This just seems like season finale material to me. But we're learning more about Gilbert, Violet, and Hodgins, as well as witnessing the final battle of the war, as well as the final battle for those three.

    With so many different emotions going through her mind, how will Violet deal with them now, in the present? Will she understand the last words Gilbert said to her at the end? Will she be able to cope with his loss? Tune in on Friday to find out.

    Until next time, remember, when launching a signal flare, always make sure to check your surroundings, just to make sure there are no enemy soldiers there waiting to shoot you in the eye.


    16 hours ago

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  • I'm back??

    17 hours ago


    [ MAN! I haven't logged into the #roosterteeth website in years. ]


    #art #artist #draw #drawing

  • Title?

    1 day ago


    I'm 27, It's 2018 and for fuck sake what is this worlds' problem.. Ooo.. human nature :/

  • ISO 2x Comedy Night Tickets

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    Just wondering if anyone has some extra tickets for the comedy night on Saturday! Willing to pay. Thanks.

    1 reply

  • Mighty_mo

    1 day ago


  • Nora ♥

    1 day ago


     nora I love Nora! ♥ She the best!

  • Gudako came to America

    1 day ago


    And she's just as scary in person.

    So at AX, at the Aniplex booth, they had Gudako show up as a special appearance, where she proceed to beat up on Albert for the lack of SQ and five stars.  Poor Albert.

    I watched the stream and was kind of disappointed they didn't announce a release date for the summer banners.  One would think, given how long we've been waiting for them, they would have had solid dates for them.  Either we're getting them next week, after the anniversary ends, or in two weeks, with next week being the Camelot 2 banner.

    Oh, and I posted some new images,  Go comment on them or else I'll be sad.