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  • My Story,

    1 day ago

    iSayWhat Plot Twist

    I've been wanting to post this for some time in hope that it can help even just one person. I've been skeptical on whether or not to post as I don't want family to read this and get upset. To them, I am sorry, none of this was your doing, I love you. Trigger warning ahead.

    You keep asking yourself will it get better someday? It will trust me. I know you’ll find that hard to believe, but I know exactly how you are feeling right now. Lost.

    You have friends and yet you are questioning if they truly are your friends, wondering whether if you even want them as friends and if they want you. They do, but if they don’t, there are hundreds of thousands of people you have the possibility to one day interact with. More friends are out there for you to find.

    You have no idea what you want to be, struggling to make the decision on what you want to study, where you want to work. But you’ll figure it out, hey, the job you want may not even exist yet. The one I want didn’t exist when I was your age.

    You worry that because of you not knowing, you are destined to fail. You will make a mistake and chose the wrong subjects. Scared that you will be judged by your relatives, tutors and friends. Feel you aren’t putting in enough effort. You are not being judged, if you need the help, ask. That’s what friends, relatives and tutors are there for.

    But still everything I’m saying isn’t enough, you are still sat in that tree. With your gown’s cord tied around your neck, the other end tied to a branch, all you have to do is lean forwards. And you did.

    I don’t know what happened next, either the knot I tied was shitty or the branch broke. I just remember being on the floor still with the one end tied around my neck. I tugged it off and threw it into the nearby ditch and ran home.

    Now I realise, that everything did get better, and then it got bad again and then better again. That’s just what life is, but it’s the good bits that make it worth living. I sit here now, with the same worry of friends, worry if I’ll ever get my dream job, if I do disappoint people. But it doesn’t effect me how it used to. I think of the memories I could of missed, all of the people I know now I would never have the pleasure of knowing.

    It wasn’t until five years after this I finally talked to someone. After what happened I rarely wore cords on dressing gowns as they reminded me. Often I threw them away. Getting asked by my parents why I lost them so often was difficult.

    Once I finally talked to someone about it, I disappeared from the internet for awhile. When I came back, I briefly talked about depression and encouraged people to talk about it. Now again I encourage you talk about it.

    This is the first time I’ve ever actually “said” what happened to anyone. I’ve tried before, but thinking about and talking at the same time isn’t something I could do. But those I talked to got the idea. They didn't need to know the details. They helped me. And the people you talk can help you too.

    Don’t get to the point I got to, you might not be lucky with what happens next. Thank you for the amazing support I've received from not just friends and family, but from this community. I appreciate it every single day.

    - James

  • Hey Actors!

    23 hours ago

    SailorTweek FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTX Head Guardian

    Hello fellow thespians!

    A delightful theatrical opprotunity was lovingly placed in my path. I will be understudy to 2 ladies at Tacoma Musical Theater performing a seris of short plays written by Joh C. Davenport. My friend and mentor, Pavlina, is directing. I cannot tell you how FUCKING THRILLED I AM RIGHT NOW!

    But...the challenge is getting 60 pages of alternating dialogue memorized by the 29th of this month.  Memorization has never been my strength. Even with theater as my major, I find line memorization difficult.

    As I sit here at Starbucks writing line cards (home has too many distractions and this Starbucks is a pokestop), I think about this Community and how we all come from different spaces speciality, experience, and hobby-wise. I bet a few of you know a thing or two about this!

    What method do you use to memorize lines?

    (Not too bad for typing this all on my phone, eh?)

    EDIT: Figured it would be worth bringing up that Chris was a professional actor. He encouraged me to do the line card method when my university taught otherwise :)

  • Being busy is good, right?

    2 days ago



    A few of my songs got on a video that hit over 100,000. 

    Wow. Cool. Suddenly my website is getting hundreds of more hits. 

    Naturally I had to bug the person to put proper citation because lols free stuff I use now???


    Korean, Python, Work, Composing, and Writing (Bookies) are sapping my energy into oblivion.

    Why are you learning Korean? 

    Because I'm learning Python.

    Why are you learning Python?

    Because I'm learning Korean.



    I promise it makes sense in my fucked up little mind.


    Also waiting to see if I gots job??? is making me a little loopy. 

    It's weird, I guess. 

    You're supposed to take chances and eventually something plays out for you well enough to continue moving forward.

    Progression, right?

    I think when that occurs it's all up to luck.


    Nothing else.

    Which sucks.


    Guess I'll keep trying.

  • Good Bye and Good Luck!

    2 days ago

    SamWaldo RTMI Admin + RTX Guardia

    Being her last day in Michigan, we thought we'd officially say goodbye to our very own @LoZelda! As one of the original members and founder of RT Michigan, we hope that your journey is fruitful! Although she is no longer an admin, she will always have a place for her here in Michigan! We wish you good luck on your path and don't forget about us Michiganders here! ;)

     From all of us,

    RT Michigan  heart

  • Art Giveaway!?

    2 days ago

    artduck QUACK


    Hey favs, do you like free shit?

    Well so do I! That's why I'm running a giveaway on my tumblr. I recently reached 1000 followers and it's blowin my mind. I'm pulling 3 winners on Jan 31st, 1 grand prize and 2 second prizes.   Check it out here! -Anne



  • Day 19 Project 2, Amazing Aliens is FINISHED

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    After today's writer's group meeting I made a few touch ups and then did the lettering. After that I removed the tape used for the edges. There are a lot of rough spots but I am happy with it for what it is. Since I am emulating a pulp magazine I tried to convey that in the way the portraits are painted. 


    And as promised here is a gif showing the process from start to finish. 


    So, now onto the next project. 

  • Featured User eh?

    2 days ago

    ShadowSham The 3rd Guardian

    Well, this is unprecedented....Hello there! 

    I'm weird. Are you weird?

    Then I think we'll get along fine. 



    ~The Brown Guy

  • Did you know...

    1 day ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold My d20s are just d1s.

    ... that Eddy and Mica from The Know and more make regular use of their journals on this site?

    If you're into Anime news or are interested in learning about Anime, you really want to follow Mica's journal here.

    Interesting things that don't fit into The Know can be found at Eddy's.

  • It begins

    2 days ago

    Ember FoxGirl

    Just started exchanging emails with an advisor concerning the marriage Visa.





  • A Reintroduction.

    21 hours ago

    iSayWhat Plot Twist

    Hello all I realised I haven't made a journal post in quite sometime and have been added by a few people since then. So I figured I'll reintroduce myself. Please comment about yourself so we can get to know each other better  blush

    Hi I'm James McGregor, I go by the online handles iSayWhat (duh) but more commonly now JimityJamity. Been a fan of RT since about 2008 watching the majority of their content. These days I mainly watch The Know, RWBY, RT Podcast, Off-Topic, the occasional Let's Play and whatever live action series is going (Immersion, Day 5, Little Roosters). But the most RT/LP content I watch is over on the community channel... Because that's my job now.

    I've been making community videos since October 2011, I quickly became known as the person who makes weird videos. Find a few of them here. The community is my favourite part of RT, so many awesome people with so much talent. They're what made me want to attend RTX in 2012 and continue attending each year (except last year). Since 2013 I've helped organise the Community Hunter panel and despite not being there helped with LPC panel last year.

    Of course being on here I love gaming, my favourite game is a cross between Pikmin and Paper Mario, any chilled game is great (like The Sims). But I do love more fast paced games like Halo and CoD. My friend Dan and me created a series called Plot Twist, which makes me play games from all over the place. As well as gaming anything creative is awesome, art, crafts, music, animation, I'll give it all a shot and respect everyone does.

    Anyway that's a little brief about me, if you want to know anything else ask in the questions section or in comments, but I want the comments to get to know you. If I already know you, hey reintroduce yourself as well  donut

    - James

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