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  • Holy Crab

    2 days ago


    I friggin' did it, friendos. 

    Here's my first tattoo. Ever. 

    It only took 3 hours and was an overall 7.5/10 on the pain scale in my opinion. Some places were a 3, others were a solid 8. But I couldn't be more happy with how this baby looks. 


    The fish scales are for the most obvious reason. 
    The horseshoe crab represents my love of prehistoric aquaria. 
    The flowers were a dainty little touch that brought the whole thing together. 

    I'm so in love.

  • All thanks to you!

    10 hours ago

    ailsarocks FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Community Stylist

    First off I just want to say thank you to everyone who read/commented on my last journal. I really appreciate it, I honestly thought I was the only person who felt the way I did and it made me feel better to know that 1. I wasn't alone and 2. There is a solution. Hopefully by sharing we have all helped each other a little to feel a bit better! I also want to thank everyone who reached out over on the messaging side, you're all so bloody lovely!

    So I guess I have some good news! I'm back on the dating wagon! I KNOW. I spent a long time thinking about what you had all said and realised that I needed to just take a leap of faith. If it doesn't work out then at least I can say that I tried right? As suspected, it had to be someone who wasn't from where I'm from as they're all useless (see last journal for examples). It had to be someone that loved Rooster Teeth (nearly) as much as I do, who I could talk to about my love of gaming, but also put up with my obsession with all things fashion. Oh and also has to be cheeky. I live for the sassbarbara


    And once I thought about these things, weirdly, the perfect person messaged me. So I'm going to be brave, stop waiting around, step into the unknown and try the scary relationship thing again. Seeing him again next week. The great thing is he is very proactive with the whole dating thing and when my old habits start to kick in he is there to help me every step of the way. This might just work smile  Wish me luck everyone!  raised_hands

    And for reals, thank you. The community continues to be the best ever  heart

  • Lots on My Mind

    1 day ago

    LadyOddDuck Call Me Duck

    I've had a lot of little things annoy me lately and, as we all know, the best time to write a journal is when you're annoyed. I could probably dedicate a journal to each of these thoughts, but that feels a bit pedantic. So here they are in list form and I'd love to hear your thoughts in return.

    1. By and large, we focus on the wrong metrics. If you a run a community group, there's a heavy emphasis on growth. I think that's the wrong metric and, not only that, but it's a dangerous line of thought to get yourself trapped in. Instead of focusing on getting more members, think about how you can make your existing members happiest. Happy members do your outreach for you, because they want others to know about how great your group is.

    2. Leaders need to lead. It sounds absurd that it'd even need to be said out loud, but, somehow, it does. If you're a leader, you need to drive your team. Don't sit back and expect others to step up and do things you want. Assign tasks, keep calendars/schedules, and stay in constant communication. If you need to back away from the project for a bit, make that abundantly clear and come up with a strategy to fill your absence. Nothing is more frustrating than bad leadership.

    3. This is related to 2, but don't go overboard. This is something I do and it's annoying as the dickens. I get a little manic when it comes to thinking up ideas for cool projects. More than half the time, nothing comes of them. So if you've got cool ideas, commit to one, try it out, and decide if it's worth doing. Don't pile too much on your plate at once, especially if you're trying to involve other people in your efforts.

    4. Having empathy is so worth any extra effort it may take on your part. It's sometimes so easy to make a snap judgement and be unkind, but practicing empathy is the best thing we can do. People are so beautifully varied that we're bound to find lots of people different from us. Being empathetic leads to such wonderful things - charities like AbleGamers or Operation Supply Drop, the difference between someone feeling isolated and unloved or feeling welcomed and supported, and friendships that last a lifetime.

    5. This whole "socialized to feel in competition with women" thing is absolute bull hockey. I did not sign up for it and I hate that I find myself doing it. This may be the hardest thing I will ever have to unlearn, but my God will I try. I want to support women (and other minorities) because we have it hard enough as it is without any internalized crap trying to change our perspectives. Let's hold each other up, not tear each other down.

    6. The game industry has its ups and downs, but I am so grateful now to be part of it... Well, in a more official sense anyway. The environment is so fun and I feel myself finally surrounded by equals. I just passed the 1 month mark at my job and I cannot begin to describe how awesome it is. Now to start thinking about what I want to do with my hair... Turquoise is cool, right? ;)

    So... Whatcha thinkin?

    <3 Duck

  • 008 FUNboxing- THE REAL RTbox for April 2017

    6 hours ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    Hey-0 friends, grab yourself a mug of root-beer and a knife because we’re about to cut into another 008 FUNboxing!


    Today we’ve got the actual April 2017 #RTBOX and it was a pretty good one.


    And I say actual because I got confused by the delayed deliveries deal and called the March one the April one as well.  Ooops!



    The first thing in the box was in another box.  It intrigued me, and it’s pretty lucky that was the thing on top.



    Well, shit.  It’s a Relationship Goals picture frame.  That’s pretty cool.  Since I’m not in a relationship I’ve got no personal use for it. BUT…




    This month’s letter revealed that the theme is friendship (kind of loosely I think, but they can’t all be Mardi Gras) and if you don’t have a relationship Chris? provided you a picture that fits the frame.  However, I keep the letters because they are cool so I instead will be putting another great relationship in the frame.



    Or maybe something else.  I’m working my options still.




    Speaking of things I keep, it’s the Red vs Blue Gold Card this month and I got a signed one!  It’s super cool, but does anyone recognize these signatures?  I think the one on the right might be @Miles but there’s one that’s a star shaped one too.



    The sticker this month (because the latest post about the boxes intimated that we’re getting one sticker each month) is a Minecraft? Themed Cow Chop one…  I haven’t watched any of their stuff yet.  I may fix that this week.



    Next, and super awesome for me, is a PS4/XboxOne code for the beta of Paladins which as best as I can figure is a magicy shooty MOBA which sounds like a cool thing on its own but it’s not a Steam code.  I don’t have steam because I hear it’s dangerous for money and I’m not a PC gamer very much.  It’s cool to have options like this and I hope they continue offering them.  (Also, I’ll likely be downloading the game tomorrow so I’ll tell y’all what I think then.)



    There was another piece of Sex Swing merch this month, this pin which I didn’t recognize but I also only watched the first and last episode.  Sex Swing didn’t really land with me.  I don’t know, the first episode didn’t grab me and I only watched the last because I wanted to see the Billy Zane jokes…  Interesting but not pushing me to go and watch the series.


    I will say the best thing about this pin was the printing on the other side.  It would be really awesome if this becomes like a Disney pins thing and not only do we get a special Double Gold one each time, but pins show up in the store more.



    Next up is the shirt that I don’t really need to tease if you read my last RTbox post or saw the tweet or look at the bit of the image already viewable.  But I took a reveal picture so I’m using it!



    It’s an adorable RWBY Chibi t-shirt in my favorite colors (light blue and rose pink) and it has all of the best characters!  …and Mercury.  I can’t wait to wear this and my Boop socks to some RWBY event. 



    Last, but not least at all, we have this thing…



    What is it?  It’s inflateable…  I should give it a go.





    Okay, I don’t know if it’s just mine or not, but this #StopDolphinPoaching beach ball is HARD to inflate up by mouth.  It’s one of those intake pieces that is made to be difficult to deflate I think but still.  Anyway, this was pretty badass as a thing to get in the box.  It’s a small enough joke that full merch isn’t needed but to as big a fan that gets the RTBox, it’s a joke I know and love and feels special to have.  It’s in line with the last shirt, the Double Gold hat, and Zwei butt mousepad (and upon reflection the Tee-kill-a pin is probably like that to fans of Sex Swing too).  Really happy to have this in my collection.  (Also, sorry about the glare, it was that or not be able to see at all.)



    The final verdict is this is a pretty fun box and I’m probably going to get use out of a lot of it.  It’s also a great preview of the revamped more-customized versions of the box coming next month. 


    See y’all next time!



    I went ahead and did it anyway.




















  • Signal Boost Relay: How To: The RT Community Site

    21 hours ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    If it's at all possible you're following me and not snark artist extraordinaire @Lamkia (she does good other art too) you may have missed that she just posted that start of a short series of posts and edits to those posts that are an effort to streamline and localize the things you need to know going into or just around the site as it stands now.

    Here's the post.

    Not only do I recommend checking it out yourself, but spread it around.  You never know who might need to see it and if you're the one to show it to them.

    [News reel voice]

    Thank you, Lamkia, for your persistent efforts for our community in our community's home. 

  • Day 119

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    Man, this week's project is really dragging along. Today I had to redo the design and make new printouts to use as patterns. 

    I'm not sure how much I'll get done tomorrow as I have to gather together previous artwork and travel to the city to hang it for a new show opening next week. 

  • RT Radio Friday: Week 163

    2 days ago


    Thats a fun! Thank you all for joining us! Many thanks to @Smilerbull and @Giries for hosting tonight! If you couldnt make it tonight or if you missed anything from the show and you want to listen to the tracks again, you can catch up via the Spotify and YouTube playlists:




  • Ask the Ladies + Traditional Art

    2 hours ago

    Lamkia Keeper of Snarky Sarcasm

    Ever have that burning question you wanted to ask le girls about? Want an opinion on a certain situation? Or perhaps you want the solid reasoning on why girl blanket forts are superior to boys' (because they are)?

    Then come on down to the Ask the Ladies thread! Where we can have civil discussions about things like butts and bread from a female perspective. And I promise it will be 100% less toxic than the AskWomen subreddit. Anyone can ask a question or bring up a topic, not just guys, and it'd be cool if other ladies would pop in with their own opinions.

    Okay done with that plug. Now for the arty bit ------------------------

    For the past three years I've been making, almost exclusively, digital art and promoting the transfer of comics to a digital medium. Recently while talking with @AgentWashingtub008 in the comments of @SailorGirl81 's journal, I was reminded of when I added sugar to one of my works for texture. I dug up some pictures of it and looking at them I forgot how unique traditional art can be. There are some qualities you just can't simulate digitally. 





    Dragon thing from about 5 years ago. The pictures don't give the full impression of the piece, but there is no doubt that traditional methods win in this situation, especially with the grains of sugar and gorgeous reflective quality that ink (apparently?) has.

    And then I was reminded of this one, which is maybe 8 years old at this point. We had to make a self portrait using magazine clippings (excuse the terrible glare, the modge podge layer is not photo friendly)


    Fun fact: I ran out of my skin tone pretty fast so I had to find several lingerie catalogues and cut out the fleshy bits leaving pages of floating bras and panties. Our recycling guy probably had questions.

    Again, there was no way it would have occurred to me to make that type of texture for the skin and hair if I were working digitally. For someone who has grown dependent on digital mediums, it's a nice little reminder that sometimes traditional art can make you think in different ways.

  • Day 120

    5 hours ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    Took a bunch of artwork to the city to hang and they suggested I hang a few more! So now I have to take more stuff in tomorrow. 

    Meanwhile, I finalized the pattern and actually got the first item cut out. I plan on starting the sewing tonight. 

    Obviously what I am working on is not a painting so I'm not sure how it will come out. I'm reticent to show anything until it's done. 

  • Day 118

    2 days ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    I tried out several of the techniques I researched last night and, sadly, none of them worked. Looks like I shall have to continue the old-fashioned way. 

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