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  • Dress up

    1 day ago


    What’s everyone going to be for Halloween? I want to be Jessica Nigri.

  • RWBY Nouveau Phone backgrounds Part 1

    1 day ago

    lambency Insomniac

    Phone backgrounds of my RWBY Girls in nouveau dresses and freehand scrollwork. I wanted to make something pretty that people can use for their phone backgrounds.

    Done in 1080x1920 and free for personal use. Please don't credit, copy, or redistribute.

    So far this is just group one. I still have a lot of girls and their outfit redos to go through but I'll post when they're done. Enjoy and thank you so much for all the good vibes!


  • Ask Doc (October 15th)

    10 hours ago

    Myshu chupariffic


    Cheers to @spartan_2755 and @fb_1177087332429967 for the questions! Just don't answer the door for the next week or two.

  • Day 1746: This ones for the nerds

    1 day ago

    topham DHYB

    It’s been a strange week, I don’t feel like I’ve written much personally about what’s been going on, but I’m kind of liking that separation for the moment. This journal is about my inktober drawings from the past 3 days.

    While a Whale flying on rainbows across the astral plane isn’t really a nerdy thing, more an esoteric thing, I’m kind of happy with how it came out.

    What is nerdy however are the other 2. While I know I don’t need to explain, this place lets me put words on a page and get thoughts out my head. Day 13s picture is to represent shielded, that was the prompt, so I drew something I couldn’t really remember ever having in Runescape, a Heraldic Rune Kite Shield. You know, like all the cool kids had. They’d likely set you back about 50k back in the day, and I dread to think what they cost now.

    Day 14s prompt was clock. I would like to refer to the fact that I’ve been a roosterteeth fan for a short while (11 years) and say that’s where this picture was prompted from. In an early season, there is mention of the timeline, to which Caboose responds ‘Time is’t made out of lines. It’s made out of circles. That is why clocks are round.’ So I aptly made my best attempt at drawing a Mk V helmet. It’s a terrible drawing, but I didn’t want to draw just a clock. And that’s what it’s all about.

    So, have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

    Peace -x-




  • Hello, you've reached God's voice mail...

    2 days ago


    If you couldn't have guessed it, my streak of Isekai anime continues with yet another title from 2017; In Another World With My Smartphone. A series I watched criticism pile on top of when it was first released, but I still downloaded because I'm a sucker for OP characters in fantasy settings. The use of a smartphone was also unique enough that I kept it around, until at last I finished my last 'whole' anime and moved on to this. Were those comments about the anime right though? Was I simply walking into yet another copy and paste travesty? Or perhaps people were just being overly critical and not giving the series a fair shake. Well, I was about to find out.

    The beginning takes place in the afterlife, with a meeting between out main protagonist Touya and God. The almighty is apologizing to Touya for his sudden death, the result of God accidentally dropping some lightning from up high. Touya takes it all in stride surprisingly as he is told that he will be reincarnated in another world, since God probably wants to avoid a repeat of that whole Jesus debacle. Yeesh. As a bonus to make up for the whole accident, God boosts all of Touya's base abilities and allows him to keep his smartphone that he can use to call God. If you're wondering how the phone will charge in a world without modern amenities, that problem is resolved by a wave of God's hand and magic in the world that Touya is being reincarnated into. How convenient.

    Touya is almost immediately able to make a few gold coins by selling the clothes off his back to an eccentric tailor, and then goes on to save two sisters by the names of Elze and Linze from some thugs. These two introduce Touya to their world in a way by exposing him to magic and adventure, quickly revealing that, thanks to God, Touya is overpowered as he can use all forms of magic, including ancient magic that you're only suppose to be able to cast a single spell of. It's about this point that I was able to see that Toyua's smartphone won't play as much a role in the series as you might think, as he only occasionally pulls it out to take a picture and check the internet provided by God. He's mostly just an overpowered character in the traditional sense, so nothing special there.

    As the anime goes on more and more girls join Touya's group, including a samurai named Yae, the daughter of a duke named Sushie, the daughter of the king and queen named Yumina, a perverted fairy by the named of Leen, and an android by the name of Francesca. The anime actually goes on to reveal that Regina, Francesca's creator and last of an ancient race known as Babylon, was able to see into the future and discover that Touya actually ends up attracting the attention of nine women in all. Now before you think "oh, but he's just going to be forced to pick one as most 'harem' anime do", you might be pleasantly surprised that Touya is told repeatedly that in this world, polygamy, is quite common. The girls even come to an agreement that they will all share Touya and that they will all eventually marry him, going on to explain their plans to Touya who, after a brief hesitation where he talks to a goddess of love about feelings, accepts he girls efforts and their proposals. At long last, a fucking harem anime with a true harem ending. My god man, it took how many years to get here? Are you kidding me?

    Now on that remark, I do have to say that the anime didn't quite pace itself very well. Three of the girls shown never even make an appearance, as there is clearly set up for another season, and a character who seems to have some immediate importance is only given a few seconds of the very end of the anime to say something. It felt very off, since I think that the overall opinion of the anime, by the majority of netizens, was negative. So I doubt a second season is on the plate, but hey, you never know these days. I mean, if something like Strange+ can get a second season, this most certainly can get one. Then again, we've yet to get a second season of Re:Zero, so maybe not.

    In the end the anime takes us through the usual locations for a fantasy world, from battlefields full of zombie soldiers to the beach where queens are wearing Scathach's bikini to floating islands in the sky. We see Touya shock an awe characters time and time again by summoning legendary beasts his underlings, successfully taking on the most powerful known warriors, recreating weapons, food, and games from his world, and performing acts like curing the blind and healing the sick and wounded. You know, now that I think about it, he's basically like this world's version of Jesus but with more women jumping his bone and less being crucified for his miracles.

    Genres: Fantasy, Harem, Action

    Animation: Are you ready for a blast from the past? Because handling the animation for this series is Production Reed, a studio who you might recall being behind Azumanga Daioh, Macross 7, and Dancouga - Super Beast Machine God. These guys have been around since 1975, previously known as Ashi Productions, they have mostly been involved with mech anime and OVAs. The animation was... alright. I won't say it astounded me or was great, but I can't say that they produced anything less than what constitutes as 'average' anime these days. Still, for being as old as they are, I was expecting a little more.

    Voice Acting: Nothing much to say here, besides the fact that the casting was a mixup of well-versed actors and actresses and very new voices. Touya himself is voiced by Katsumi Fukuhara, who has barely anything under his belt yet, though that might be because he's younger then me... oof, now I feel old. Then again you look at Elze, voiced by Maaya Uchida, and she has a massive amount of roles, many of them playing a main character like Rikka from Chuunibyou and Hajime from Gatchaman Crowds. Very much two sides of the coin.

    Favorite Character: I had to really think about this one, and I've come to the conclusion that, I think my favorite character, was very likely, God. Yeah, I know, I'm not into religion and I don't believe in gods, but here in this anime I think my favorite character was the one we see the least. He gives so much to Touya, reincarnating him like that, and he is always available to give Touya advice. He can even summon other gods to help out. I know this is kind of a wimpy answer, but honestly, no one else inspired me like this harem supporting god did.


    In Another World with my Smartphone gets a 6.8 out of 10


  • Happy Marrige Ray!

    13 hours ago


    Hope you two last for longer than 10 years+


  • I started a playthrough of Baldur's Gate 2 on Twitch!

    1 day ago

    borisof007 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold HR Manager, Engineering

    I'm playing Baldur's Gate 2 - a Dungeons and Dragons PC game (2nd edition rules, so super old like me) - on Twitch. I'm currently playing through as a Neutral Evil cleric. 

    You can find my stream along with fun bits there. I'm going to try and record each of my play sessions and edit together just the funny bits and see if I can get those on Youtube.


    Any follows would be MUCH appreciated! Views are appreciated too of course. I'll try and update here too whenever I plan on streaming. You can also follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/borisof007 too as I tend to tweet out every time I start streaming.


  • So I learned something new Drunken King fu

    1 day ago


    so I’m expanding my knowledge on eastern culture and philosophy and I decided to start with China 

  • Bacrylic's Share / Update

    15 hours ago


    Okay guys, there has been some changes recently. My easily influenced partner was told that the cartoon we worked on was 'gold' and that we shouldn't just sit on it. Now, I'm not so influenced to jump from project to project, but given the current situation of how my partner can't muster up the amount of time to work on the game that was necessary, it was worth considering. He's got a lot of priorities. 

    It has become evident that he can't devote himself as much as I do, to the cause until the funding was there, and since the art was the major issue, most of the work could be done by myself. So I agreed. 

    After a complete redesign, I'm going at this second attempt at a cartoon pitch with more grit. Honestly, I'm a bit stoked at the progress compared to our first try and am looking forward to submitting.

    After everything is finished in these regards, we'll be jumping back on the game. I've had some people mention that we'd been working on it for a while and wondered why we weren't finished. But with all things considered, we haven't been working 'on the game' itself for that long. So consider the thought that there are 2 people who work, have families, and other time consuming obligations, trying to develop a video game. But from my own perspective I don't consider time away from projects in dev a bad thing. As seen in our cartoon redesign, the time I've spent workin on other projects has helped me grow. So I don't think it is so far-fetch'd to say that I'll come back to the game with a better grasp of things. I look forward to sharing our progress as soon as I am able. 

  • I have been out and about lately

    1 day ago

    KistyNocturn Gaming Cat Girl

    It's been a while since I wrote anything here, to be honest I haven't been around the site much in recent months. I don't even known if people come to these pages since the site has gone mostly 90% video only and barely any news feed to read on the front page unless I actually go looking for it. I kind of miss that news feed without scrolling through 18 videos to find it. 

    Anyways, short story recently promoted at work to a manager at a pet store I work for, been working so much I barely have time to chat or stream. I guess this is what happens when you decide in your 30s to actually grow up and move away from the internet. I still write when I feel that itch. I do stream on my days off mostly when I am not feeling like my life has been drained from my body. That has been getting better since I got promoted thank goodness, my back is now spared from hard pain still pain but it's lighter now. I am 

    I am still streaming, through it's on average of once a week it's still happening, so for your amusement or lack there of feel free to stop by today or when ever you see me go live over at www.twitch.tv/kistynocturn

    if I am not live then probably at work, if not at work passed out on my floor hoping that I could get some sleep, I am planning on redoing my set up to make it look kind of cool for now here is a picture of my plushie pets scaring me as I prep for a stream. 


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