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  • Symphogear G Episode 5

    1 day ago


    Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Symphogear G, where our heroines take a break to take part in a school festival and watch as friends take part in a singing competition only to be challenged by rivals in the crowd. It's just one of those days.

    In our last episode, Finé has escaped with the Nephilim, leaving our heroes with a nasty loss, though not without being given some revelations, like Maria being a reborn Finé and Dr. Ver being alive and insane. Still, life has to go on, so they return to Lydian to take part of the school festival, which includes as singing competition that Chris is forced to participate in, and as you expect, aces the entire thing, because she's just that awesome.

    Though the festival may be a break, evil is still at work. The Nephilim feeds on relics, so Kiri and Shirabe decide to kill two birds with one stone and attempt to steal the relics from their main rivals. And they're able to infiltrate the school using the classic and impenetrable disguise of regular glasses. Truly, they are the masters of disguise. With an open challenge at the singing contest, they accept, revealing themselves to the crowd. But while the girls recognize them, will the rest of the world? And will they succeed in grabbing the relics? Let's tune in and find out.

    -Our episode starts off with Chris being declared the winner and the open challenge being offered. Kiri and Shirabe accept the challenge. What diabolical plan do they have next in their attempt to steal the relics? Or do they really just want to be singing champions? It doesn't matter because we're going right into our opening!

    -When we return, we're back to the stand off Hibiki consults with Tsubasa, who is just as confused as her friend. Miku asks the two if they recognize them, and Tsubasa reveals that they are the enemy. So they haven't become quite as public knowledge as Maria has. However, Hibiki herself isn't feeling very happy. Is she still reeling from the words of Shirabe? Man, whatever happened in your past must have cut deep.

    -Tonight's episode is titled Bloodstained Serenade. Sounds like a Castlevania game. We cut to some abandoned warehouses at the docks, where a number of soldiers plan to invade. Inside one of the warehouses is the VTOL, where Eye-Patch Mom and Maria anxiously await word from Kiri and Shirabe. Maria appears to be the most anxious, especially when we're reminded that every time she uses her powers, she gives up her soul to Finé. Recognizes this, Eye-Patch Mom asks her if she regrets it. Nope. She's going to fulfill the task given to her. Because destroying the world is such a noble cause, right?

    -Suddenly, an alarm goes off. Eye-Patch Mom checks the monitors and finds the soldiers. Only it's from their home country, not the SDRTST. Maria is shocked that they were found out so quickly. Eye-Patch Mom tells her that, despite the technological advantage, they're still amateurs at this whole "evil" thing. Escaping from trained professionals who deal with people worse than them on a daily basis? There's no competition. So Eye-Patch Mom orders Maria to eliminate them before they get eliminated. Yeah, turns out, Maria isn't cool with randomly murdering normal people, even if they are enemy soldiers.

    -This, of course, is what Eye-Patch Mom expects Maria to do, go out and randomly murder normal people. This is the same reaction she got from Maria in the concert, and she asks the diva if she's afraid of staining her hands with blood. Though while it seems like Maria is going to offer her reason, the cold stare of Eye-Patch Mom says otherwise. You go murder those people who are going to murder us or Mom will be very upset.

    -Back at Lydian, Kiri and Shirabe approach the stage, with Kiri taunting Chris. Yeah, girl, she will slap you silly even without her Gear. Shirabe reminds her friend of their goal and that they don't have to go about it this way, but Kiri reminds us that winning the contest grants them a wish. She goes on about not letting this chance slip by them, but Chris cuts them off, reading for a fight. Shirabe sighs and decides to go along with it, but wants Kiri to control herself. Yeah, I don't think this will go as well as you hope it will.

    -Back at the VTOL, Eye-Patch Mom tells Maria to resolve herself to get her murdering on. Why must you put so much pressure on your children, Mom? Meanwhile, the singing competition gets going with Kiri and Shirabe singing the son Orbital Beat, which was a Zwei Wing song. What a slap in the face towards Tsubasa. But She won't fall for that so easily, because she is above such petty things. Well, she is now, at least. Meanwhile, the soldiers being their attack on Finé, and Eye-Patch Mom orders Maria to go murder them already.

    -Kiri and Shirabe start their song and even go through the pop idol posing, though they don't have quite the stage for it. Though I think it's a little odd with Shirabe sounding very stoic, but singing with quite a bit of passion here. But maybe that's just me. Back at the VTOL, Maria is still reluctant to go murder those soldiers, because we want that Heel-Face turn on the table. So Dr. Ver appears, with a bunch of Noise, to do the murdering for them. His appearance is a surprise, and he admits that he's overstepping his bounds, but he'd rather not have "the reborn Finé's Gungnir" on opponents like this. I put that in quotes because there is only one true Gungnir wielder in this show, and she likes punching things with love.

    -So the soldiers actually get smart and shoot at Dr. Ver, but the Noise block the attack, allowing the doctor to wipe out the attacking forces. Inside the VTOL, the screams of the dying take their toll on Maria, which Eye-Patch Mom notes. At the academy, the song comes to a close and the crowd roars in approval. Oh, I think this might be a close vote. Tsubasa is hurt by this performance, but not because it's a direct slap to her, but wondering why fellow singers have to fight one another? That's Symphogear for you. Following plenty of cliches while making sure to break a few along the way.

    -At the warehouse district, three random boys show up, following the sounds of some very loud noise. They theorize what's going on until they witness one of the soldiers getting murdered. That's when Dr. Ver walks out and sees them, and despite Maria's pleas, he murders them, too. I will not be surprise if Maria pulls a Heel-Face turn in the next couple of episodes just because of this. I wonder how Kiri and Shirabe will react when they find out about this, if they're told at all.

    -Speaking of, our announcer turns to the judges to see if Kiri and Shirabe won or if Chris keeps her throne. This may be close, but Chris doesn't mind if it's two on one, she'll just sings her heart out with her next song. But she may not get that chance as Eye-Patch Mom contacts them, indicating that their current location has been revealed and they'll need to move out, so they'll need to meet up at a new rendezvous spot. Kiri objects because she thinks they might win, but orders are orders and they will be obeyed! Just as the judges are about to give out their scores, Kiri and Shirabe hightail it out of there. Kiri objects, but Shirabe says that she's worried. So I guess Chris wins by forfeit? Good for her.

    -Seeing the girls run off, Tsubasa tells Hibiki that they'll be following them. Hibiki tells Miku to stay at the school, because a fight might break out. This gets her worried, of course, because she just can't help herself. On the festival grounds, the girls are blocked by a parade of floats, only to be caught by our three main heroines. Shirabe understands that they're at a major disadvantage here, but then points out what their rivals will lose if a fight breaks out here. Chris then uses an argument made against her, that the two girls looked like they were having so much fun singing, to make it a point that they can't be that evil if they sing like that. Because all good singers are pure of heart, right?

    -Realizing that they are in a terrible position, Kiri demands an official duel. You are not in colonial times, Kiri. There is no way they're going to accept this. Hibiki demands to know why they have to fight every time they meet. This actually gets a legit funny scene where Chris and Kiri both asks what side she's on. Why, the side of love and peace, obviously! Shirabe doesn't have time for this nonsense and will tell them later when the duel will be. But they didn't accept it, yet. Besides, why do you think anybody is going to honor any sort of duel in this day and age?

    -Soon after Kiri and Shirabe leave, Genjuro contacts our three heroines, reporting the Noise were deleted, but vanished shortly afterward. Though they appear to be gone, they'll be investigating the surrounding area. A sudden appearance and disappearance of Noise? Clearly somebody is using the Staff of Solomon, which means a possible clue to where the group Finé is.

    -One small time skip later, at SDRTST HQ, Genjuro is reviewing the results of the investigation. Lots of damage to the warehouses and multiple Noise victims. He notes that it's different from before, but he can't figure out why that is. Sakuya then has a report to provide, but on something else they've been researching. It appears that, with an error of less then one trillionth of a percent, that Maria's Gungnir is identical to Hibiki's Gungnir. They suspect that Ryouko, when she was working for the US, gave them Gungnir and created a new one using the Sakurai Theory. Chris finds this odd, since the government was after the research and not the relic itself. And if they were able to make a relic of their own, they wouldn't need Gungnir itself. I'm of the theory that the relic is actually Kanade's, which was likely damaged, which we constantly see in the opening. Have we gotten a good look at the pendent Maria is using? I'll have to keep an eye on that.

    -Tsubasa suspect that FIS, the former research group, have gone rogue. Genjuro sighs. This just asks more questions. What is so important to FIS that they feel the need to fight their own government? Maybe they just wanted to join the fan club and destroy the world on their own terms? Who knows what's going on in the crazy mind that is Dr. Ver.

    -Speaking of, we are back to the VTOL. Eye-Patch Mom is still flying it, but also keeping an eye on the Nephilim. She knows the net is getting tighter by the second, but the creature itself is still growing. But as it is, they're still a long way from activating Frontier. She goes through the security feed, first on Dr. Ver, likely because she doesn't trust the bastard as far as she can throw him, then on Maria, who's really shaken up by the random murders of those three kids. Mom's concern is that Maria was suppose to carry out Serena's will, but she's uncertain about it. She mentally berates the diva, saying that there's no time left for uncertainty. We then get a pan up of the sitting Maria, because of course we do, and we're a bit far away from her pendent, but I think there's some extra dark spots there that aren't on the others. I wonder if my theory is on to something.

    -But we got no time for that, because it's time for a flashback! We're at the FIS facility where we see a younger Maria with another girl, possibly Serena, watching as the researchers look on, horrified, at the Nephilim, which is growing unstable. Eye-Patch Mom is there, telling them that she was right, that you can't control a relic if they force boot it without a song. Hence why it's important that the girls sing the activation keys before going into battle. Oh, wait, Eye-Patch Mom doesn't have an eye-patch here. Yay for use of both eyes!

    -Mom turns to the girls with a sad expression, so Serena decides that she's going to sing. Maria objects, but Serena thinks that, by singing her Climax Song, she may be able to rest the Nephilim to it's pre-activation state. And kill you in the process, too. Also, I suspect that Serena and Maria are things, given that they're wearing similar outfits and similar hair color. Perhaps the eyes are the same but it's rather all shaded red so it's hard to tell. Anyway, Maria objects strongly to this, with good reason, but should Serena fail, she's confident that Maria can handle it. No pressure or anything.

    -Serena says that she didn't want the power of a gear, but she's the one who wanted to use it to protect everyone, so she's going to do that. Maria tries to stop her, but Mom gets in her way. We don't hear the activation key, but Serena does transform and faces off against the Nephilim, singing her Climax Song. I think we found the origin of the teaser from episode one.

    -With blood coming out of her mouth, Serena's glows a bright light, which destroys the FIS base. It does work, but yeah, the base is all kinds of messed up. The researchers aren't happy about this as Maria calls for help, but nobody comes. Serena sings a song, but she turns to show the expression of somebody completing their Climax Song and awaiting their death. She tells Maria that she's glad, but as Maria calls out for her, the building begins to collapse. Mom is the only one to come, but she goes to protect Maria, leading us to the teaser. Yup, tragic backstory for our tragic villain.

    -In the present, Maria stares at her relic. She laments on her sister, saying that her songs may not be able to protect anyone. Eye-Patch Mom says they're reaching the rendezvous point, so Maria needs to get ready. When the VTOL arrives, Maria goes to greet Kiri and Shirabe, who are happy to see her and not Finé. Maria says that, even if she comes the Sumerian Priestess' vessel, she'll still be her. Just ask Ryouko!

    -Hugs all around, and soon they're joined by Eye-Patch Mom and Dr. Ver. She plans to catch them up to speed on what happened, and will likely keep out the deaths of the three civilians, but Kiri wanted to report that they were unable to complete their mission. They want to stay and have their dual, but Eye-Patch Mom slaps them both for coming up with such a silly idea. She tells the two to stop messing around, telling all three of them that battle is not a game! Except when you're in a training environment, then it's a game.

    -Dr. Ver steps in to resolve the issue, saying that the situation isn't beyond recovery yet. He likes the idea of this dual the girls came up with and wants to be part of it. Yeah, that sounds like a terrible thing, and the horrified looks on Kiri and Shirabe seems to suggest the same thing. Oh, the things they'll regret later.

    -Sometime later, SDRTST gets a Noise-materilization pattern. Tsubasa thinks it's the signal to call for the duel, because what else will draw their attention? Sakuya finds the location, and it's in the special sealed zone inside Tokyo. At the Kadingir Ruins. Yup, we're going back to the site of last season's final battle, where we see that people have been busy, building something around the remains of the Kadingir Laser Cannon. Either to study it, destroy it, or perhaps, both. Because why destroy something that they can study and reproduce later, just in case they do need to destroy the Moon for some reasons?

    -Our three heroines enter the zone where they are greeted by Dr. Ver, holding the Staff of Solomon. This prompts the girls to sing their activation keys and transform. We have a split screen transformation this time, showing that the sequence for all three are very different from one another. With that done, battle is joined, with Hibiki taking over singing duties this time around.

    -This is a very different fight from before, as this time the girls have no smoke hampering their abilities, allowing the Noise to go done with ease. With a break in battle, Hibiki demands to know where Kiri and Shirabe are. Dr. Ver comments that they're in time out, so he's here instead. He clearly knows about Hibiki's crazy high charisma score and doesn't want to risk losing anybody over to the SDRTST. Tsubasa demands to know what FIS is plotting. The doctor is insulted! They don't plot! They have goals! And their goal is humanity's salvation! And if you can't trust the doctor, who can you trust?

    -Dr. Ver then points to the moon, with it's giant crater, and states that they've been trying to save as many innocent lives as possible from being lost to the falling Moon. I guess nobody actually told him that the Moon is expected to leave Earth's gravity at some point, but then again, he is a bit insane. Tsubasa counters that all of the nations of the world have been tracking the Moon's orbit, and if there was any change, they would have said something. Dr. Ver counters that they wouldn't tell anyone, saying that it's a massive disaster with no solution, and that telling people would just invite further chaos. Assuming it's true, and I'm of the assumption that Dr. Ver is a lying liar who lies and cannot be trusted with anything he says. Also, I suspect the SDRTST would know about it and wouldn't hide this from the girls unless they were coming up with a plan to either stabilize the orbit or stop it entirely.

    -Dr. Ver goes on about how there are thousands of reasons to hide an inconvenient truth. And somewhere else in the world, Al Gore suddenly looks up, as if he's being called to action in some other part of the world. Chris wonders if maybe the doctor is telling the truth, that the people who do know about this are trying to set it up so only they survive. Dr. Ver asks them what they would do if it was true? But don't worry, FIS has an answer! They'l use the Nephilim, which appears from underneath Chris and knocking her to the ground. Tsubasa goes to check on them, only for her and Chris to be caught by the web of a Noise. Of course, the webbing is white, so it just leads to thousands of dirty jokes. But I'm above such things, so I don't feel the need to point out how people would fap to such a scene. The weirdos.

    -Dr. Ver goes on, saying that by bringing people together, to form an organization, to build a country, and to protect their lives! That is what they'll use the Nephilim's power for! Because using an abomination to God that demands to be burned in the Holy Fire is such a fantastic decision to make. And this is why nobody takes you seriously, doctor.

    -The Nephilim attacks the captured Chris and Tsubasa, but it forgot that Hibiki is still active and delivers a kick to the creature, drawing it's attention to her. She then fights the creature and proceeds to kick it's ass all across the special zone. That's when Dr. Ver decides a distraction is order and asks her what her fists protect? Her answer is using her Gear for a gigaton punch with a nasty right gut punch. With the Nephilim down, she goes in for the kill with a flying left punch, but Dr. Ver counters by summoning more Noise to absorb the attack. Hibiki defeats them with ease as Dr. Ver tries to get into Hibiki's head, saying that no matter what she does, she's killing even more people.

    -Unfortunately, this is a weak spot for Hibiki, as it makes her recall Shirabe's words from their first encounter. This distracts her long enough for Hibiki to throw a punch... right into the awaiting mouth of the Nephilim. It bites down, and before you think Hibiki can free herself, it bites down all the way, ripping off Hibiki's arm, causing blood to spray all over the place. As the Nephilim chews on the arm, Hibiki goes into full crash mode, screaming in agony as Dr. Ver smiles with that evil, crazy smile of his. Uh... cue credits?

    So, I'm going to admit something. When the Nephilim bit down and ripped off Hibiki's arm, I honestly stopped typing for a few minutes and let the entire thing play out. I was honestly not expecting that to happen. Hell, I was expecting the episode to actually end in that spot, leaving us with a cliffhanger of Hibiki in danger, not actually go through with the entire thing. So... yeah, hopefully her arm somehow grows back because the Gears are special in some way and allow for that kind of crazy magic/science to happen... right?

    Still, that was a shocking ending to the episode. And it makes me wonder if you jerks knew about it and purposely didn't say anything just to let me get caught off guard by it. Curse you all! I'll pay you all back by making terrible arm puns in the next write up!

    While we're at it, this episode has also laid out the seeds for a Maria Heel-Face turn, what with Dr. Ver randomly murdering everybody in the area, including three young boys who had nothing to do with it because he's completely insane. Which is why I don't trust anything he says. "Oh, Maria is actually going to become Finé's vessel! And the Moon is actually going to come down and kill them all, so they need to use this abomination from God to stop it and make their own country while doing that." Yeah, like I'm going to trust a crazy person like that.

    As for Kiri and Shirabe, they think the world of Maria, so if she turns, the rest of them will be turning with her. Eye-Patch Mom is an odd one. She cares for the girls, but she has her own mission in mind, but doesn't exactly trust Dr. Ver. She's the smartest one in the bunch, so I suspect a heroic sacrifice on her part.

    But that's for further down the line. For now, our girls are in trouble and Hibiki has been disarmed. Will she recover in time to save her friends, or will she be unable to lend a hand? Tune in on Sunday to find out.

    Until next time, remember, when fighting an abomination from beyond the veil, make sure you don't find yourself unarmed during the fight.

    ...No, I'm not sorry for those puns.

  • Bacrylic's Share / Squaretale Game Update

    2 days ago


    So...exhausted on this one....



  • Seeding

    17 hours ago

    DodongoDuster Maethori

    Hi everyone, your local neighborhood stoner here. Well, the seeds came in yesterday, so I got them planted this afternoon. I ordered some Blueberry Autoflower seeds from an online seedbank, about 70 bucks for 5, and they came in 12 business days. I immediately soaked them for 24 hours, then got the peat pellets ready.


    I placed the pellets in a tin of water to let them expand. You can see the dry rounds above the tin in the pic above, and the expanded pellets in the pan. I then took the seeds, and using a small drill bit pushed one seed into each, about 1/4" to 1/2" deep, covering each with a little sod. 


    I drained the tray and placed them all under a compact fluorescent light. They will need 24 hour light for the next  couple weeks, at which point I will transplant and move them outdoors, onto th porch since the greenhouse isn't built yet.

    So, I cut down the smallest of the current crop, I need a couple days worth of smoke at the end of the month, and it is currently hanging in a dry dark room. I'll let you know in a week or so how it smokes. Later everyone, keep tokin.


  • Rock it.

    10 hours ago


    Guess I'll start using this as an actual journal about the random shit I do/have interest in. Might as well start the show I went and saw yesterday. Got to see the Gorillaz perform live. It's something I wanted to see for a long time and the show didn't disappoint. The only two things I really had issue with, and I have issue with all performers that do this, is that we are in Missouri not Kansas so stop saying "I love you Kansas" or "Thank you Kansas." Not that hard to do... The other was Damon Albarn was sooooo high he forgot how to play the piano, among other things, at some point during the night. When De La Soul came out for their surprise performance of Feel Good Inc they had to literally (fuck I hate using that word) hold him up on stage. Everyone else in the band and all the guest performers were fantastic and Damon, for the most part, was too. All and all great show.

  • Welp, That Sucks

    1 day ago

    Cassner Hail Hydra

    I bought a Mondo poster/print. It came so damaged. I know all sales are final but this should be unacceptable. I took photos and sent them to mondo. The tube was crushed and the print inside was crammed into the tube crushing the side. it's was the Spider-Man: Homecoming poster. 

  • Oh god my feet!

    2 days ago

    Frecks FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Frecks

    Had a staff member say "today was super shit, and I was going to say that you must be having a teeeerible day but then you were smiling and making jokes and I thought: fucking hell, this chick fucking thespians"

    I will take that as a complement, but my feet are on fire, don't choose to break in new shoes when you're doing a double on the opening day of the new season alone, it's a bad fucking idea.

    I did however wear my camp camp tshirt (and a vest and neck bandana) and had a dozen customers asking me "oh so when did you go to Camp Campbell?"

    That was fun.

  • Sleep where are you?

    11 hours ago


    I swear to God if this mofo doesn't quite snoring!!!!


  • It's Crazy to Believe

    1 day ago


    It's been:

    Almost 11 years since this profile has been active

    Almost 12 years since I created my first profile(which is dead and lost to history)

    Almost 13 years since i've found RvB

    I think I can officially say I'm an old fart at this point

  • Hot Gamer Girl

    20 hours ago


    Finally Joined :D 

    Excited for the Reunion !

  • Lapse Of Destiny 2 Titan

    2 days ago

    StingySeagul Hold on, let me explain

    The view from Titan in Destiny 2 is pretty amazing.

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