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  • Song of the Day - 21st May 18

    19 hours ago

    Joe FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Eighty7/RT Radio

    New week, Dolly knows what's up...also Deadpool 2

  • Week review in a gif, also which coast is better?

    10 hours ago


    Right now life is just crazy! How crazy you ask? 


    So I may have accidentally committed to move 2,956 miles... It wasn't on purpose, I swear!! Things just sort of happened. But it looks like I've found a company willing to work out making an opening for me. I am pretty hype, pretty nervous, and just confused.


    Yeah... see I have this hypo-active amygdalla thing that gives me an amped up fight or flight thing. Also... just also ok? I can't explain it. I'm bad at being an adult. I know what you're thinking. Nothing could possibly go wrong. In fact, selling my house and starting a new life is in fact the second best idea ever. The only better idea has involved a jetpack.


    Well things may go wrong, but still. West coast people. Teach me your ways!
    If you do, I will make you cookies. I promise.


  • Deadpool 2

    2 days ago


    Loved it, it was hilarious, great violence, lacked titties...

    Also...lacked teeth....didnt have the edge it was close to getting.


  • Selling those video games (Plus FEH summons)

    13 hours ago


    I have more items up for sell.  This time, we're looking at GameCube titles.  Here are the offerings:

    Tales of Symphonia

    Metroid Prime 1 and 2

    Skies of Arcadia: Legends

    Eternal Darkness

    Fire Emblem - Path of Raidiance  (Sold)

    As I was posting this, two items were already sold.  If you want any of these games, better get on them now.

    In other news, the FEH Bride Banner came up.  I had over 30 orbs so I gave it a shot and...


    I think that was my best draw from the game to date!  Three five stars, all brand new.  This includes...


    Morgan, who I thought was limited but I guess she was officially added to the pool.


    And blushing bride Sanaki.  I was hoping for Tharja, but I have time to work on that, though two other attempts netted me a five star Hero Lucina Lance, so... yeah.

    I've given up on any attempts to get Shuten in the FGO gatcha.  At this point, it's saving for Raiko.  I did get an NP 2 Altera, though, so that was nice.  Maybe I'll get lucky and get Xuanzang when her banner comes out in a few weeks.

  • Scythe: Morning Glory

    2 days ago


    Named after a flowering vine with laxative properties, this weapon imitates the plant in various ways:

    The handle separates to reveal wire, much like the vines.

    The blade cures the opponent's constipation problems.

  • 20 May 2018 - Dental surgery

    1 day ago


    It's mean almost a month since i got my tooth fillings.

    I tried to explain it to one of my friends - he laughed. To me it's surgery, to him it was normal.

    Remember how when you were a kid the though of going to the dentist was horrifying? Yup it's is exactly as terrifying as you imagine.

    The sound of the drill, the smell of your teeth being drilled - it's terrifying. Also you are lying in an uncomfortable position, constantly wanting to swallow, but you can't.

    Not a pleasant experience, but the dentist and the nurse was extremely nice, so I have to thank them.

    No more biscuits and fizzy drinks, and I have to brush my teeth more often.

    I feel so ashamed of myself, how could let myself go? How could I let myself get in this position in the first place?

    That is more terrifying to me, my laziness in regards to my health.

  • RSWU 331: I'm Not Paid For This

    6 hours ago


    And let's be honest, if I was, I'd still never get these done on time.


    This week's easy! Tomorrow, that being Tuesday, starting at 7 PM CT, Movie Night's going to enlist when we watch In The Army Now! I scrolled through pages of gifs and found nothing that looked like the movie so we're going with this one.


    And that's it! Told you this was easy. Granted, if it's so easy, I should be able to get it out on Sunday, right? Shit. I dug myself into this hole.

    Have a good week, everyone.


  • That Guy

    1 day ago


    Im the guy that forgets all his old RT login shit from like 10 years ago when I first started watching and following the worlds best semantics crew. Soooo, here I am. Back again. Forever to stay. 

  • Little Witch Academia Episode 18

    1 day ago


    Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Little Witch Academia, where sometimes bored students will go on an adventure for the Holy Grail, located in a boy's school. For some girls, this is more than enough.

    In our last episode, we find that Amanda has been having thoughts of dropping out, finding this whole witch business rather boring. This is a constant thing, though, as Akko reacts to it with indifference. What she does react to is the Shiny Rod growing, indicating that the fifth word is nearby. Ursula mentions it's about traditions, but she's unable to say more before interrupted by Finneran. That's when Amanda brings up the Holy Grail, which is apparently located in Appleton Academy, Andrew's school. With a little pushing from Professor Croix, who has her own plans, the two girls go off to infiltrate the boys' school.

    It goes better than you expect. At least, at first, but Andrew quickly finds them out, and his classmate/enemy, Louis, isn't so keen on witches. He tries to have the girls executed, but Andrew calls it uncivilized. So they do the most civilized thing you could do. They have a duel to the death! Well, maybe not death, but Louis and Amanda fight it out for the Grail and Akko.

    Amanda, with her quick agility and reflexes, is proven the winner, but Louis is a sore loser and destroys the grail, but this unleashes a curse from the Grail, which possesses a statue of a knight, then possessing Louis, who goes after Amanda for real. Luckily, thanks to some Thundercats magic, Amanda is able to prevail and rescue Louis, which helps them out with the school authorities in Appleton. Though one has to imagine the Luna Nova staff was less than thrilled.

    As for the curse, that may have been the work of Professor Croix, but to what end? Let's tune in and find out.

    -Our episode begins on a cloudy day, but soon an individual dressed in winter clothing, carrying a bow and arrow, riding atop a wolf, appears, and fires, attacking black spirits in what appears to be an arctic tundra. I'm just assuming that since we have no real detail. We do have an unusual bit of information. Located in the upper left portion of the screen is "C9 10-5 TSM". After that, it switches to "C9 40-60 TSM". I assume this is security footage, which may explain the greyscale going on here. The wolf rider attacks another set of spirits, but appears to be joined by another wolf rider, who fishes a couple of spirits in. This rider poses for the camera... which causes female squeeing from the screen. Huh, I guess my computer is actually into wolf riders.

    -No, actually, it appears that the girls of Luna Nova are squeeing as they appear to be watching a film. Akko is in the back, joined by her roommates and professors, as she identifies it as the Wild Hunt. Lotte confirms it, as well as indicating that the wolf riders are the wild hunters. We see the screen located in... I'm guessing a common area of sorts, but it also has something else.


    -Tennis sure was weird back in the day. Lotte states that this wild hunters are specialists that are trained to catch every single ghost in 12 days, but for this year, the goal is to catch this year's ghosts by the end of the year. We get a picture of the two teams, including a map of the UK, and what appears to be the current scores.

    -It sounds like you could come up with any cool nickname you want, but somebody went with Ray? Ray!? What him be the best player on the team. And it looks like the final stage is set for Blytonbury. Why do I think that's a lawyer friendly name of Cadbury? I could be wrong, but that's the feeling I get from this. Apparently this is close to Luna Nova as Akko asks if they can see the wild hunters in person? Professor Ursula doesn't see a problem with that as the other professors are looking to go, as well. Who needs the World Cup when you can have the exciting action of the Wild Hunt!? Though one professor, lurking in the darkness, is very keen on the Wild Hunt. Or Akko. Or both!  

    -I suspect that, after the incident at Appleton, Professor Ursula is keeping close tabs on Akko, as she stares up at Professor Croix on the second level with a stare that can burn through stone. Akko catches this look and asks if everything is fine, but the professor just laughs it up. No need to get her mixed up in their feud... despite the fact that she's already gotten mixed up in this.

    -That's when Akko notices Constanze's robot walking out, carrying a box of nuts, bolts, and other parts. It drops a screw, so Akko, being the nice person that she is, chases after the robot to return it, but it keeps going until it suddenly stops, causing Akko to trip over it and sending all those parts flying. Oh, and accidentally destroying the robot. And Akko the klutz strikes again!

    -After the opening, we cut to Amanda and Jasminka hanging out in their room as Akko announces herself, looking for Constanze. Nope, she isn't around. Why? Well, Akko may have kind of accidentally tripped over and broke Stanbot. Wait, it has a name? And why Stanbot? Why not... I can't think of a better name, so we'll go with Stanbot. Also, the room their in is a lot like Akko's room, of course, but they have a TV with stereo system in it. I can't imagine who those belong to.

    -Amanda mentions that Constanze isn't going to be happy, as Stanbot was helping her build a hunting weapon for the upcoming Wild Hunt. Apparently she entered as a participant. What's shocking is that Professor Croix helped her get the hunting permit, which is shown on a plaque in the room, labeling her as a guest hunter for the 2017 Winter Cup. As Akko leans over to check it out, she ends up triggering a mechanism on the bed, which causes Akko to be flipped over into... a mine cart?

    -At green, the cart goes, taking Akko deep in a well lit rollercoaster ride, taking her to... Constanze's secret laboratory? So, wait, we have two mad scientist labs in school? And how did Constanze build hers? How did she do it without anybody noticing outside of her roommates? How has nobody found this place? There are just so many questions.

    -And wouldn't you know it, Best Girl Constanze is there, and she looks pissed.

    -I think it's a little late for that, Constanze. Akko apologizes for letting herself in, but even worse, she apologizes about breaking Stanboy. Constanze goes through a range of emotions, from confusion, to sadness, to rage. And the person she wants to rage on just happens to be right there, so she takes out a gun... wait, what?

    -Whoa! Whoa whoa! I can understand being upset, Constanze, but I'm pretty sure this isn't the situation that requires you to demand vengeance for the fallen Stanbot! With the threat of imminent death, she backs Akko up to a chair... oh no! She's going to electrocute Akko for vengeance!

    -Except it's not really that. It's a rocket chair that sends Akko back into Constanze's room, where Amanda and Jasminka await her return. I have so, so many questions. The next day, Akko is sporting a bruised nose and bruised ego as she told Lotte and Sucy what happened, including Constanze secret laboratory. Lottie is empathetic, of course, while Sucy keeps with the snark attitude. They meet up with Amanda and Jasminka, who are the ones running the errands while Stanbot is laid up. That's when an angry Akko takes the box out of Amanda's hands and tells the group that she's going to help Constanze whether she likes it or not! I can only guess what will happen next.

    -We see Akko taking the mine cart down, box of parts in hand, nailing that landing, expect she trips on the couch and drops all the parts. We then have Constanze working on the plans for her ship, called hte Grand Hunter, as Akko takes a closer look, trips on the box of parts, and lands right on Constanze's desk. We then get a montage of Akko trying to help out her friend, only failing miserably. After multiple failings, including failing with books, food, and a PC, Constanze does the only thing she can do. Lock Akko up in jail.

    -I'd ask why Constanze doesn't just kick Akko out and change the combination in, but then I remembered that this is Akko we're talking about here. She'd force her way in no matter what. Akko is upset about the unlawful jail time, but Constanze makes her feelings on the matter clear by writing a message on a small blackboard saying that she works alone. Akko can't believe that, but honestly, given the damage she's done, this might work out better for Constanze.

    -Unfortunately, Constanze didn't think about making the jail witch proof. Or she thought it would be enough for Akko, but Akko has that transformation magic down pat as she turns herself into a mouse and escapes the jail cell. After sneaking past Constaze, she sneaks her way into the back room to find the Grand Hunter. She looks around, thankfully not touching anything, and see the ship, as well as various other items around, like more plans, a picture of Wolfrider, and a picture of her family. Though Constanze was certainly not a happy child from the looks of it. But here's my prediction. Wolfrider and partner from earlier? Those are Constanze parents.

    -Suddenly, Constanze finds Akko in the garage and is pretty much ready to bash Akko's skull with a wrench. I don't think that will work on her hard head, though. That's when Akko turns on the charm, saying that the two of them are pretty similar, that they've obsessed over one thing, and despite criticism they press on, because they would do anything for their dreams! This almost reaches Constanze, who decides not to go through with the wrench bashing plan. But she breaks free of Akko's charm, revealing her sign once again. Akko doesn't go for it and says that she can't do it alone. Well, turns out, Constanze isn't alone.

    -Suddenly! Stanbots! Hundreds of them! They surround Akko, pushing her up against the wall, telling her to go home. Constanze is a buddy, though, and helps Akko out.

    -Well, I did say Constanze was helping out. I just wasn't saying how she was helping. So Akko is kicked out, again, and is left to have her wounds tended once more. Back in her room, Lotte tells her friend that she shouldn't try so hard. Besides, it's not like Constanze asked for her help in the first place. But Akko is somebody who can't let things go, especially when she feels guilt over things. She wants to pay Constanze back for breaking Stanbot, but Sucy points out that she'll just cause more trouble. Boy, does she ever.

    -Sucy and Lotte both agree that it would be easier to let Constanze do her thing alone, leaving Akko to sulk and pout. This won't end well, will it? We return to Constanze's lab and see her working on her ship. She's checking her back, though, in case a certain busybody shows up, but nobody does. However, during some work on the Grand Hunter, smoke appears and the ship partially explodes. When the smoke clears, Constanze can see the damage on the ship, which is totally not Akko's fault because she didn't touch it, so you can't blame her this time!

    -The next day, Amanda and Jasminka greet Akko, who's still pouting, but she then sees Constanze walk with a Stanbot. We follow the little inventor into the kitchen, where she's trying to get a hand held blender, but the Chef Fairies tell her no, and then to get out, because she's in their way. Constanze is furious at this remark, probably because she's on the receiving end of something she was telling Akko last time. So this is what it feels like. Also...

    -This is just too adorable for words. Constanze leaves in a huff as we see that Akko was following her. When the inventor leaves, Akko goes into the kitchen and turns on the charm. Well, she was the Chief Secretary of the union, so that has to count for something, right?

    -Meanwhile, we see Constanze is checking up eBay, looking to purchase a hand mixer. She finds one that's at GBP 331,05. According to Google, that would put the conversion at around $447.32. For that much money, it better double as a wifi router! Constanze debates over it and just sighs. As she leans back on her chair, she finds a sight she was hoping not to see today...

    -Constanze is shocked, though she isn't certain if she should be happy or enraged. But Akko is empathetic, even if she's a klutz, and knew she needed it for her ship. Akko just turned on that charm on the goblin and got him to agree to let them use it until the hunt is over. And she totally didn't use any pull as the Chief Secretary to get it, either! Yay for Akko!

    -Suddenly, Constanze gets a face-time call from a monk on a mountain. What great reception! He tells Constanze that the Barometz trees grow in a sacred place in a forbidden area, so he cannot simply reveal its location to her. He points to a site that has a cow growing a tree because... maybe a clue? The monk tells her that it's not about money. And after a pause, he repeats himself. Akko recognizes it from her Chariot cards as something grown from golden sheep. And as a result, she knows exactly where it is! Hey, Akko is not only proving herself useful, but is also saving Constanze a lot of money, too!

    -With that, Akko sends herself up the rocket chair, witch leads to a cut in the mountains. The monk is chasing after Akko, saying that she can't take the thing without paying for it. Akko counters that he said it wasn't about money. She transforms into an adorable penguin and slides down the rest of the mountain. Clever thinking. Back in Luna Nova, she presents the Barometz tree to Constanze. She admits to the young inventor that she isn't as talented as her, but she does have her strong suits. Like her stamina and ability to take action. And don't forget, being hardheaded.

    -We see Constanze deep in thought as Akko suggests they take their strengths and combine them into something awesome. She then tells the young inventor that working alone is nice and all, but together, they can do the impossible! Looks like this works as Constanze takes out a paper and writes down some of the things she needs and presents them to Akko. She understands, then grabs Constanze in a hug.

    -I suspect Constanze is not a hugs person. So we get another montage of Akko getting the various parts and items for Constanze, which apparently includes a jet engine. Either that or Constanze built it herself. Damn that girl has some crazy skill! Slowly, but surely, the Grand Hunter starts coming together, and with one last touch, the Grand Hunter is complete!

    -I'm now expecting a Gundam reference soon. But with all their hard work, the ship is complete. We then cut to Constanze sleeping on the ship, probably doing some final touches but was just too tired to continue. We then hear Akko talking to the Stanbots. I guess they accepted Akko, as well. She apparently had an idea for the ship and finished sketching it out. She shows it to the Stanbots, but they call it unrealistic. Akko takes it back, saying she knows she won't be as good as Constanze, which leads to the Stanbots snarking at Akko for being an amateur and having questionable sanity. Clearly, these guys have been hanging around Sucy too much.

    -Contanze shows up, leading to Akko apologizing for waking her up. She was inspired to make her own Giant Magical Robot because of Contstanze, but has come to accept that it's probably impossible. She shows the sketch to Constanze, who runs back to her planning board and, like a girl on fire, begins sketching out something.

    -No, I wasn't joking, either. I hope she doesn't accidentally set off the sprinklers. Meanwhile, we check in with Luna Nova's other Mad Scientist and see what she's doing. It's related to the Wild Hunt, and she doesn't want to pass up such an opportunity. She does a massive twitter campaign, but for what reason? Obviously something nefarious, like that cup of noodles she's about to eat.

    -Soon, the last day of the Wild Hunt arrives. A crowd has gathered at the hunting ground, which includes regular folk, Shopkeeper Dude, and some Luna Nova students. Mainly Amanda, Lotte, Sucy, Jasminka, and Professor Ursula. Ursula is confused by all this, so Lotte explains about a story of a ghost appearing in the wilderness of Blytonbury going viral on social media last night. As a result, the occult maniacs gathered here at this sacred spot of the Wild Hunt! Amanda wonders why somebody would spread a dumb rumor like that, as Sucy points out that regular people can't see the ghost hunt. Ursula goes into thinking, but there's no time to ponder, for the Wild Hunt begins!

    -Sucy's comments prove true as the Hunters are able to hunt the ghost all around the people, who are unable to see them or the ghost. How drab, but still, a curious thing to do. But there's no Constanze yet. That's because she hasn't left yet. Akko will be joining her as her First Mate for the Grand Hunter's maiden voyage.

    -Have I mentioned that Constanze is Best Girl? Because she totally is. With the Stanbots seeing them off, the Grand Hunter leaves the river of the Thames... I think, and launches into the skies! Though it looks like the regular folk can see that because this isn't magic. But still, the fact that Constanze has a secret door in the river? Just so many questions.

    -They soon arrive to the hunting grounds, and soon enough, Constanze starts lighting up the night with magic fire, taking out those ghosts in rapid succession. This thing has everything. Cannons on the sides of the ship, machine guns, and even a net to gather up and kill ghosts on the spot. Sucy is rather impressed, as is Amanda. Oh, and Chief Goblin is there, too! I think he's a fan now.

    -Things appear to be going well for everybody. Which is the perfect time for Professor Croix to appear and unleash her own plan. She uses her drones to launch her magic cubes at the surviving ghosts, capturing them and merging some of them together to form flocks of magic birds. Sucy notices the noise in a deadpan way, which draws everybody's attention. Ursula appears to recognize the birds as Akko calls to Captain Constanze about the attack on the civilians. They are joined by the other hunters and Luna Nova group and dealing with the birds, but the problem gets a lot bigger as a giant bird of death appears and chases after Amanda.

    -This giant bird ghost of death is no match for the Grand Hunter, though, as it makes the save for Amanda and destroys it in one shot. The crowd are enjoying the show, but the ghosts aren't done yet as they combine into one giant monster bird of ghost death. This causes the crowd to evacuate as Final Boss attacks the Grand Hunter. It's able to recover the attack as Akko calls for the you know what! And that is...

    -Transforming the Grand Hunter into a Super Fighting Robot. Not a Gundam reference, but closer to Gurren Laggen. And... and I just have to wonder how much fun Erica Mendez had with this one, because she's hamming it up with the cheesy Super Robot names, like the Seven Shining Stars of Justice. Oh, and this version is called the Grand Charion, the magical warrior. Though apparently three-fifths of the Luna Nova group aren't quite impressed with it. Jasminka, however, is totally into this! As for Professor Ursula, she's off doing something else, so we'll get her opinion later.

    -So now we have the stand off between Ghost Bird and Grand Charion. Geez, when did my Magical Adventure show become a Super Robot show? Akko is happy that her idea worked, but gives Constanze credit for being able to do it. However, they get a beat down from Ghost Bird. Turns out, they're out of magic power. Akko wonders if they used it up for the transformation? Well, that or they used up a lot of it killing those ghosts.

    -Professor Ursula sees the situation turning grave, but comes up with a grand idea! She calls upon the hunters for help. So they do that by imbuing their magical energy in the Grand Charion, who is able to block the attack with its shield. With the surplus of energy, Constanze is ready for her final attack. Akko calls upon the Miracle Magical Shining Tornado Punch! With this one attack, they blow through Ghost Bird, destroying it in classic Super Robot fashion. The crowd is overjoyed at how awesome it was, but for the Grand Charion, this would be it's first and last hunt, for it falls apart as soon as the danger ends. As the sun rises, Akko and Constanze, tired from their fight, take a break while basking in the glow of their victory.

    -Though it wasn't just them who had a victory. It appears that Professor Croix was up to no good yet again. Only this time, Professor Ursula is there to confront her old rival. She knows that Croix is experimenting with human emotion to gauge the fuel spirit. She demands to know what Croix is planning, but she tells Ursula that she'll just have to wait and see. But it doesn't matter what Professor Ursula does, for there is nothing she can do about it. I think Ursula is going to have to tell Akko everything now, just to avoid any nasty surprises.

    -Some time later, Constanze has a gift for Akko. It's a new broom! But what is this new broom going to do for Akko?

    -It's going to help her fly! And Akko looks so freaking adorable, too! Akko is having a blast and thanks Constanze! It appears that our little inventor wants to say something, but after struggling for a moment, gives the best possible response to Akko.


    -Gah! Right in the adorableness! Cue credits!

    First, this episode should have been called "The Adorable Episode." It's also the episode that, for this show, has been the most Trigger-y episode. Especially in the second half where they kick reason to the curb and just went nuts with it. Honestly, Erica Mendez had to do the bulk of the work, since Constanze only speaks in expressions and grunts, but I have to wonder how much fun she had with calling out those attacks. Then again, she was also another screaming female warrior who called out her attacks not too long ago, so it's probably business as usual.

    Also, I think this is my favorite episode of the show so far. And not just because it featured Best Girl Constanze, which certainly helped it, but also because this was a very fun episode. I laughed a whole bunch here, but most of it was "What the hell?" types of moments. Though we didn't learn much about Constanze, I think that's fine. We don't have to learn about every backstory for every character, just enough to see what makes them tick.

    Still, we learn a little bit as to what Professor Croix is planning, but not her end goal. And given how Professor Ursula confronted her, it's not something good. Will Akko be forced to accelerate her search for the Words of Arcturus? Will Professor Ursula finally tell her the truth? And will the Grand Charion ride again? Tune in on Friday to find out.

    Until next time, remember, even if your tiny robot companions say it's impossible, go and find a way to do it, because who needs to abide by the rules of physics anyway?

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