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  • A Rooster Recommends

    1 day ago


    This is my first journal as a long time fan and first time writer I'm planning to do a journal once a day to recommend some new music to any fellow enthusiasts who are into musics of all kind. I'm also going to be posting what new, interesting music that is obscure but good as well as oldies but goodies . The first thing that I'm going to recommend is something recent that I've listened to thanks to Reddit. The album is called Soon It Will Be Cold Enough By: Emancipator. Why I'm recommending this album is because it's one of those albums that makes good background music. Not the background music that you tune out, and ignore, but the kind of music that you put on to listen and work in harmony. These are some chill beats that you would listen to when working on some important project or are trying to really focus on some work. With some light guitar riding over top of the mellow beats its like the refreshing snow you find on the first day of winter where you just want to stay inside all day and curl up with a nice cup of tea. Hopefully this will be a daily segment where you get your daily dose of music, and hopefully find something new and interesting. As Always Keep on Listening 

  • Newbie alert!!!

    1 day ago


    Hows it going guys pleasure to meet you all I'm brand new to actually using this site but have avidly followed Rooster Teeth for years. I have always wanted to be apart of some bigger community so here we are. I hope to have a great time here and to make a bunch of awesome friends. 

  • Really RWBY Fans!? Really?.....

    13 hours ago

    Izayer Keeper of Stories

    Do we really need to turn off notifications when a RWBY episode releases? Listen, I know that all y’all RWBY fans are hardcore but you guys need to chill. 

    Calm your tits

    Soothe your boobs

    De-stress your breast

    Adjust your bust before it combust

    Hakuna your tatas

    Your honkers need to stop going bonkers

    Undo the calamity that is your mammeries 

    Give that chest a rest

    Don’t have a rack attack. 

    Stop making your fandom my nightmare to navigate the site. I can only handle it twice a volume not every episode. 

    Love ya gg k bye lol. 

  • The Good Guy Gamers 24-HR Extra Life Stream!

    1 day ago


    Hello good people! The group of friends that I play games with are putting on our own ExtraLife stream and trying to raise $1000! For the kids!

    We are currently at $713 of that goal and only a few hours into the 24-hr stream!

    The Good Guy Gamers 24-HR Extra Life Stream
    This is merely an invite to come watch and/or donate to a great cause.
    100% of the funds will be going to San Jorge Children's Foundation to help those affected by the hurricanes. San Jorge Children's Foundation is the only private pediatrics hospital in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

    Every donation helps children get the medical attention they need.

    The Good Guy Gamers Extra Life Donation Page

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a lovely Saturday!  caboose tucker 

  • Entry #110, 2017/11/18-19: GGG Extralife

    23 hours ago


    GGG Extralife is Live!



    Update: The stream is over and we beat out our $1000 goal by raising over $2000!  You guys are awesome!

  • yoo wassup

    1 day ago

    shadthedark Owner of Bani

    just testing this out, heh

  • What am I even doing?

    1 day ago


    so i have decided to just post random rants and awkward encounters in my own personal journal not really sure how it will work out but i can give it a go. I apologize for bad grammar whenever it occurs I tend to rush my writing.

  • Thanksgiving

    1 day ago

    TinaBobina Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

    You know I thought about subtitling this something snarky about the killing of native Americans but honestly I don't have the energy to hate my people today.

    So we are making enchiladas this year. There will be cheese (no cheddar thank you) with green sauce and ground beef with red sauce. I'm even making homemade Spanish rice. Still having pumpkin pie though because we aren't animals. 

    What are ya'll havin'?

  • Finally a RoosterTeeth First Member!

    1 day ago


    After all these years of waiting.. finally I got the chance to be a First Member on Rooster Teeth! Thanks for making this possible by adding PayPal as Payment methode! <3

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