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  • Mentor Responsibilities Start/Proposal

    2 days ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    A {mentor}* of {RTCSMP} has many responsibilities other than the basic goal of educating and fostering people looking to become more active members of the Rooster Teeth community site.


    A {mentor} MUST:

    -Be active on the site in some capacity.  Even lurking or watching videos counts but routine messages will be sent to mentors to check-in.

    -Fill out a {MENTOR PROFLILE**} and be aware of and practice the ideals outlined in the Place of Learning explanation. 

    -- Repeated (but not many} actions out of the conduct expected by the Place of Learning protocol will result in removal of {mentor} status and further removal from the group if necessary. 

    -Be following the {RTCSMP} group page on the RT site, all sticky’ed threads in the {RTCSMP} subforum, and the {RCSMP} twitter account for “emergency” communication between mentors.

    -Read {RTCSMP} page {update} journals.

    -Be familiar with the {Resource Link Dump}

    -Answer Admin check-ins.  An admin will message you with clear indication of {RTCSMP} business.  If you do not respond within {amount of time} you will be marked as “inactive” on the {mentor} roster and upon contact may have {mentorship} removed all together.

     -Keep in contact about changing availabilities to the Admins and those you mentor (an “I’m not going to be active for a while” journal or message with some explanation is all that is required).

    -Be site-friends with other mentors to ensure possible communication.

    -Maintain an otherwise positive and constructive attitude when acting as a part of RTCSMP


    It is also recommended that {mentor}s:

    -Is aware of the Specialties and interacting with many other {mentors} to enrich your community networking.

    -Follow other {RTCSMP} subforum threads.

    -Follow the You have questions. We have answers thread and other First Stop threads.

    -Be active in RT community site groups.

    -Be active in other RT community groups.

    -Link to their site activities on other forms of social media where Rooster Teeth is involved.



    * All text marked with {…} is placeholder text to be replaced once details have been decided upon.


    ** All bold and italic text will be replaced with appropriate links in the final version.

  • Playin Fortnite

    12 hours ago

    KPsmith Kpsmith

    might have Randomly joined a game With Burnie and Ashley. doubt i was lucky enough to play with the real two but still a cool thought to think it may have been haha

  • Going to Arizona on Vacation!

    1 day ago


    So some know who I am ( a polar bear) but soon I am heading West to see some friends and retrieve the woman. 

  • Trump transgendered military policy

    19 hours ago


    Ill just copy and paste my thoughts from facebook.

    "Fact is, the military is not social experiment playground and its only as strong as its weakest link.

    The VAST majority of trans people are not mentally sound, infact transgender itself is a psychological disorder, thats an instant blocking form signing up.

    So the military wants killers who can work together without causing issues, making others uncomfortable or thinking they have to tip toe around someone to prevent getting in trouble.
    On top of that all the cost for a trans person are so high you can pay and train an entire other soldier. Thats one for the price of two and the one has a high chance of not being even worth one.

    So instead of taking mentally unstable people who may be on drugs that may make them more unstable put in a highs tress environment known to make sane people completely unstable and have those people access to weapons....Yeah its easier just to say "No."

    The military is a privilege, not a right. Even in a draft they will turn away mostly healthy people.

    All of this on top of the fact scientifically speaking: Gender is not a thing and transgendered people do not biologically exist.

    Some of these reasons are also to why there is a controversy around women joining. Its too few with little to no reward on top of too many problems.


    That was also not getting into how many signed up to exploit the ability to get the gender reassignment operation.

    So no, i don't think the move was a bad idea, by all logical points it was the proper move. 
    Its not a civil rights issue, its about the ability to fight and kill and do your job and the military is only as strong as its weakest link.

  • Con wrap up

    14 hours ago


    Thursday: Woke up early expecting a huge line to get in, there really wasn’t.  Once I got my bag/schedule/etc. I went to room 6A.  I got stuck watching teen titans go e_e (first panel of the day, not to mention got stuck watching a few episodes >_< however

    ">the only good thing to come of it was a song. Then there was a new show called unikitty which much like the cartoon uncle grandpa, made me feel like I was having a stroke.

    Got to see 2 episodes of Justice League Action which was pretty good, might have to look into that later.  Then finally got to see a reunion of Rocko’s Modern Life.  They’re bringing back the cast and crew for a movie that will come out next year, I can’t wait!  The saw Robert Kirkman the guy who writes/illustrates the comic The Walking Dead.  He also talked about the tv series what all the things he did.  He was pretty funny.

    Lastly I saw Batman the animated series.  It’s the 25th anniversary and the creators decided to re release the movie Mask of the Phantasm.  Kevin Conroy being there made my day.  The went back to my grandmother’s cause I was tired.

    Friday: Stood in line for the Indigo Ballroom (rough morning, woke up really early to do makeup), went as Blue Diamond from Steven Universe.  Saw a new cartoon called ok ko, it looked alright.  Was waiting for the next panel which was Steven Universe.  It did not disappoint.  Rebecca Sugar is adorable.  Someone asked her how Rainbow Quartz would look considering Rose is no longer there.  Her answer was that she would be different like Rainbow Quartz 2.0 or something among those lines then went “Wait never mind! ignore what I just said!”.  XD Walked around the exhibit floor and bought some things for the rest of the day.

    Saturday: Went to room 6BCF and saw Critical Role which I was not aware that Matt Mercer has his own D&D group and they stream it.  Another thing to look up later.  They were hilarious and I wish I knew what they were talking about.  Also found out they are making a graphic novel about their adventures.

    Saw Quick Draw, where cartoonists are given prompts and they draw them.  It’s always funny to see what they do.  Afterward was Cartoon Voices most of them I’ve heard but never knew their names or faces.  This year the panel had: Grey Griffin, Richard Horvitz, Jeff Bergman, Mick Wingert, Kaitlyn Robrock, and Josh Robert Johnson.  Afterward I walked around the exhibit floor some more.

    Sunday was just getting more things off the exhibit floor.  My feet hurt, I’m so tired.  Had to go to work the next day e_e still haven’t bounced back yet.  And have to work on my day off which is tomorrow... I really don’t get another day off til next Thursday...beginning to wonder if I should call out of work.

  • Lost my smile of pure joy

    1 day ago

    Treanomaly FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Actively inactive

    Growing up I had a few pets. I went through a few goldfish and we had a few birds come and go. I've always liked animals, even the blue tongue lizard that used to live under the stairs out the front of our house. I always wanted a dog though. I'd visit relatives or friends and the first thing I'd do is go say hi to their dog. I'd be at the park near home and people would walk their dogs and I'd go up and pet them. Even the ones that would nip at my feet. I would annoy my mother for us to get a dog but she would just say no, until the day she said we were going to see a breeder to pick up a Jack Russell puppy. Mind you by this stage, I was 20 and about to move out of the house, so it wasn't exactly for me. It was more of something to keep my mother company now her two children were moving out. Still though, I wanted to come and just see the puppies. We were looking at the litter and my mother was talking to the breeder. I was just playing with the dogs. I was holding a boy, actually I was holding 3 but one boy I thought we should get, but my mother was holding a little girl puppy and we decided to get her. I held her while we drove home (my aunt was with us and I think she wanted a turn at holding her also but I wouldn't give her up) and although she was my mothers, she was really mine. We called her Annie. 

    The nights were hard for the first week or so. She would cry and whimper because she was used to having her family around and now she had a couple of strange people. It wasn't hard in an annoying sense, more hard in that I didn't want her to feel that way and wanted her to be comfortable. We had a bed for her in the laundry so I'd lay in there on the cold tiles with her until she'd fall asleep, but she'd wake up during the night and cry so either my mother or I would bring her into one of our rooms. She eventually got comfortable though and would sleep through the night. She was tiny and each morning I'd wake up and she would be sitting beside my bed waiting for me to get up. Then she'd follow me down the hallway and I'd go down the stairs but she wouldn't be following me anymore. I'd look back at the stairs and she'd be at the top of the stairs looking at me like I'd just abandoned her because she was too small to get down the stairs. So I'd go back and lift her down the couple of stairs and we'd both keep walking to the kitchen. There were a couple of stairs up to the kitchen so again, she'd be looking at me with a "why are you leaving me?" look and I'd lift her up the stairs and we'd both have breakfast. This would happen everyday and she'd grow and look at the stairs and try to work up the courage to give it a try but then she wasn't ready so I would lift her down and up the kitchen stairs. Then the day came when she made it down one stair and she looked at me wagging her tail, but wanted me to lift her down the next stairs. Eventually though, she conquered the stairs both up and down. The next challenge was jumping on my bed. First she'd get tall enough to put her front paws up on the side of the mattress. So instead of waiting me to wake up, she'd kick the mattress to wake me up. That's when things started to happen in her time rather than mine. Then eventually she could jump up on the bed, so she'd lay on my chest looking at my face and shove her nose in my face as soon as I started opening my eyes. No snooze button on that alarm clock.


    I'd teach her things and let her get away with a lot but I would also keep her under control. She would be bad and would think she was the leader but I would keep her in check. She'd be bad and try to eat her food under my bed and snap at me when I'd try to grab her food to get her back to her bowl. She knew to not bite hard though and if she thought she was too hard, she'd snap out of defensive mode and lick my hand to apologise. She'd bark at big dogs because she knew I'd always protect her, but if they barked back, she hide behind me. So I'd pick her up to take her away and she'd start barking at the dog again. Like she didn't have to worry because I was holding her. So I'd put her down on the ground again and she'd stop barking and try to get me to hold her again and look at me like she was thinking "No, what are you doing? That dog will kill me. Protect me again". Annie was a little dog that thought she was invincible. But she wouldn't abuse it. She knew I wouldn't let anything happen to her but she also knew that she couldn't push it. She liked people and liked other dogs if they were relaxed dogs and didn't get too close to me. 


    I've never really liked or wanted children. I don't hate kids, I just don't want any. I don't know what to do with them or how to interact with them. I like people that I can talk to and they respond in ways that I understand. And that is how I would talk to children of all ages. I would talk to it like I would talk to anyone else and get jibberish back and not know what to do. Also they stare at me and they're not mine for me to tell them to stop and go away. They're not doing anything wrong but who sits directly opposite some strange guy on the train and just stares at the guy? That said, Annie is the closest thing I would consider to be my child. I realised I loved her, taught things to her, protected her in ways that parents would liken that to how they raised their child. The difference to me is, Annie was more loyal, we understood each other and she was consistent. Children grow and change and would probably think I'm lame or what I'm doing is not for their benefit but to not let them have fun or whatever. And if it was my child, it would be an absolute bastard in a multitude of layers. Annie however, was just a consistently pure joy for me. It didn't matter how I felt or how bad a day I had. I would just go visit Annie at my mothers place and I'd feel happy again. It was like she would know when I was feeling down also. She'd just come up and curl up next to me and just look at me like she was asking if I was ok. 


    I could tell hundreds of stories about my Annie. Little stories like her sitting at the window with her head around the curtains waiting for me to get home. Or how she would lay on my pillow when I'd get up during the night to go to the bathroom and not move when I came back. How her ears were silky soft and when she was young, she looked like she had black eyeliner. However, like so many other things that have brought me joy, it had to end. July 1st, 2014 I stopped smiling. We had to put her down because she had tumors throughout her body and unfortunately I couldn't protect her from those. Since then, I don't think I've smiled out of pure happiness. Sure I've smiled, but it's a smile like when you hear a funny joke or you're doing something fun. I haven't smiled simply because I'm happy. I'm just sitting on the couch, watching tv and Annie is curled up on the couch with me. Just happy.......


  • Gishwhes

    2 days ago


    I need 3 more for my team and registration closes in 3 hours!!!!!!!

    Who wants to join?

    Inbox me

  • Splatoon 2

    1 day ago

    mattyou Kingdom Hearts freak

    The games been out for almost a week now and I'm having a blast with it. There's not too much diff rend from the original besides some new weapons, maps , a horde mode and a new story but its enough for me . Plust the addicting gameplay present in 1 still has me hooked here in 2.


    There are some things I don't like. For one that Salmon run (horde mode) is only available at certain times. And don't even get me started on Nintendo's voice chat app (short version it aint good). But the good out ways the bad.

    I one day saw our boy @zogman1 playing and was like man I would like to play with him. But there's no way to contact him directly. Luckily the game game me a handy button to join him which was nice.


    Sadly this button did not work cause he was probably playing single player or something I don't know Nintendo won't tell me the details  simmons.DFh9biGV0AE8Jwh.jpg

    But not all hope was lost friends cause thanks to the power of Amiibo I can have a stand in friend.


    Sadly my stand in friend that I brought to this world trough the power of a plastic figure touching a controller was only interested in taking selfies and had no interest in playing turf war .

    Long story short Nintendo you make cool games and a radd console but please let me use said console to contact my friends. Ps, Stay Fresh.

  • I'M ALIVE!

    2 days ago


    Miss me. I'm back for more and this time I'm here to stay,

  • Oooooooooooo-k! Time to jump on the RTX 2017 recap journal bandwagon! 4/4

    2 days ago

    Joron093 Keeper of The Forges

    Day two of RTX, we got going a little sooner than the first day this time around, hoping to get a jump on the lines going into the expo hall.  We were not the first nor the only ones with that intent, there was line outside of the ACC, that went down the block and went around the corner, a good few minutes of walking, and that was just to get inside the building.  Eventually they opened up all the entrances and we could file on in at a more consistent pace.  Jaron, Chris, and MrWartburg got in line for the expo, which they finally got sorted out and working, while I had a prior appointment setup for today.  I was asked if I would be interested in being one of the judges for this year’s cosplay contest, not planning on competing or having any other plans for that time, I said yes.  So there was Ash Schmidt (the best of show winner from the year prior to me and RT Production Assistant), Bill Doran (a costume and prop maker, he’s got a YouTube and Twitch channel, check him out), Grace (aka Zonbi, she does the YouTubes and Twitch too) and then little ol’ me, not quite certain what I’m doing there.  


    There was a meeting right before the prejudging contest started, just so we could go over the process.  @Gilby (Adam Ellis) was there too, Jaron and I had actually bumped into him the day before, in the hallway, as he was trying to make his way somewhere discretely and we totally blew his cover and caused a massive scene (ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad).  So the prejudging went smoothly, lots of awesome cosplays,  there were like 95 entries into the competitive category, some of those entries were more than one person and there were about a dozen or so noncompetitive entries as well.  @Ooual was in the competition too, she had done a killer Day 5 psycho cosplay with some truly incredible makeup work.  I got to meet Wesley Falk, who does set design and a multitude of other tasks for RT and then ran into Marcus LaPorte outside the Fake AH escape room and talked with him for a few minutes before he had to take off.  There were still a few hours to go before the actual cosplay competition started and I decided to finally check out the expo hall, now that the lines were all sorted out.  I had to stop by the Button Mash booth, where @lukemckay was set up.  He was able to print a limited run of the old RT Comics that he and Griffon had done and seeing as I never took the time to buy them when they were in stock on the site, I was going to make sure I got them this time.  Due to complications with printing and time though, there were only a few of the comics available and I had to put down an order for them.  I did get a couple hard cover Balls2That books, got a sketch done in the famous Lukemckay art style, and picked up a “best of collection” by Enzo, who makes the web comic Cheer Up, Emo Kid.


    I met back up with Jaron and MrWartburg at an improve panel, I showed up about halfway through but it was still hilarious, Shannon McCormick and Jen Brown really know how to put on a show.  Eventually time was up and I had to get back for the cosplay contest.  Having now been on both sides of the spectrum, as competitor and judge, I can tell you that being a judge is no less nerve racking than competing, at least for me it was.  Seriously, I flubbed it when I had to introduce myself, because I didn’t know what microphone to use.  That was the worst of it, everything else went without a hitch but that anxiety though.  That was the day as far as RTX events go, went back to the room shortly afterwards and then we walked to Franks that evening for hotdogs and chocolate milk (I was the only one to get a chocolate milk, everyone, even the waitress was like “seriously?”)



    Dawn of the Final Day (of RTX).  I had never had Voodoo Doughnuts before, MrWartburg and Chris saw fit to change that.  We stopped in at Voodoo, met up with MrFusion there, grabbed our tasty treats and took off for the ACC.  Our plans were to try out the AH Escape Room, the line for it was already growing by the time we showed up so we had a sit down and ate our doughnuts.  I only bought a raspberry filled powdered doughnut, nothing particularly fancy.  Jaron, on the other hand, got himself a banana fritter topped with caramel, chocolate chips, and… yeah I don’t know what all else was on it but there was lots and it tasted good.  Then we waited in line.  For five hours.  That was less fun.  I had wanted to check out the Fight Animation Choreography panel because I missed it last year, unfortunately the panel started and ended while waiting in line.  Next year I’ll get to it.  Anyway, we finally get our turn at the room, grouped up with five others who were in line with us, and started our heist/escape.  We succeeded, we didn’t walk away with the biggest haul but we still walked away with more than what others had before us.


    (We totally had Marcus on our team and didn't just pull him in for the picture.)

      That event pretty much ate up the most of our day, we wandered the expo floor again and watched the PUBG let’s play on the main stage for a bit.  I was getting worn out by that point and nearly falling asleep in my chair so I took off to the registration booths to get some water from the drink stands and wake up a bit.  I woke up but the drink/food booths were closed or out of water.  Hung around the ACC for a bit longer and then went back to the room once the other guys were done and going there too.  Later that night we all recorded some let’s plays for MrWartburg’s channel, that was a blast, hilarity ensued!  Once that was over we drove to an In-N-Out for dinner with Moe, he started on his journey home afterwards and we went back to the room.


    Post RTX: Monday.  I was presented with a special offer the day before, for the opportunity to take a tour of the Rooster Teeth studios.  So after some quick coordinating, Jaron, MrWartburg, Chris, and myself caught and Uber and were on our way to the RT studios that afternoon.  The place was amazing!  Adam Ellis was our guide throughout the complex, let me just tell you that guy is an incredible person and has a fabulous beard to boot.  Once we had checked in at the bungalow he took us over to the production shop, quite a few people were busy unpacking and storing away sets from RTX.  Soon we caught up with Marcus, an exemplary example of humanity, who gave us a rundown of how things operate in the shop and showed us some of the cool equipment and collections they have to work with.  He had to step away for a minute, so Adam showed us to one of the break rooms to get out of the heat.  We saw @Barbara there, initially she looked like she was about to call security because a group of random hooligans had broken into their break room but Adam was with us so things were cool and we weren’t arrested (really, I’m sorry if we startled you).  Then it was back to checking the place out, Marcus joined us again and introduced us to Kit. Kit is a neat guy, he’s got some forges set up and is in the process of building himself a power hammer, I got to have a conversation with him about smithing for a few minutes before we made had to be on our way.  The order of how things went down after that I don’t remember very clearly but we walked by some offices, saw Burnie’s office (not very impressive), checked in on Gus’s office (more impressive than Burnie’s). We walked in one stage during lunch time just as lots of people were sitting down to eat, we didn’t stick around and bother them.  Stopped by The Know office, said hi to @Ashley , Ashly said hi back (she’s cool).  Checked in on @Jeremy in the AH office, he was working on something super-secret or maybe he was just playing a video game, difficult to tell, their security measures are so top notch you can’t see anything they don’t want you to, this picture that Jaron took, this isn’t him being really bad at holding still to take a picture, this is actually what we were seeing in the room. 



    @geoff showed up in the office, really nice guy, asked how our day was going and wished us well as we were leaving.  Had a chance to explore where RT does their broadcasting and peeked at the sets of the RT Podcast, Off Topic, Fan Service, and the new show Tuesday Night Game Fight.   That was the tour in a nutshell, and a fantastic experience.  Props again to Adam and Marcus for being such wonderful hosts and taking the time to show us around!



    Later, after leaving RT, the four of us went to an Alamo Draft House to catch a showing of Spider-Man: Homecoming.  Never been to an ADH before, great place, the theater in my home town has been ruined for me now.  The movie was excellent, I definitely recommend going to see it if you haven’t or even if you have, go see it again.  That night we went to 6th street to find some deep dish pizza and only partially succeeded, the place we went to was out of everything but two small deep dish pizzas, so we split it between us then went back to the hotel to clean, pack, and get a short sleep before leaving at 4am to catch our flight back home.



    See you guys next RTX if not before!

    Take care!

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