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  • Entry 3: 7/26/17

    1 day ago


    The plan is still hidden.


    Waiting for comments is painful.

  • RTX Sydney 2018, here I come!

    1 day ago

    TaleInferno Words, words, words

    After some issues with my Internet connection, I have just purchased my tickets to RTX Sydney 2018. I am super pumped for it and can't wait to see everyone again. Since this year's RTX Sydney was my first experience with the convention, I feel like I know what I'm in for this time around, so it'll be super exciting to experience it all again and be a little more prepared.

    If there are other people who are going, I'd love to say hi and meet some more community members.

    Eee, I'm so excited. Might start planning what I'll dress up as now since it'll probably take me all the time from now until then to actually get something done (I did not inherit my grandmothers sewing or crafting abilities!).

     smile smile smile

  • RWBY and the Heart of a Community

    21 hours ago

    Croswynd Youtube Anime Superstar

    I really like RWBY, but the more I watch it, the more I realize I love the possibility it brings with it rather than the actual show itself. But more show means more fan art, ideas, and everything else in the tangents all around it, so I hope RWBY goes on for a very long time.

  • Long Time No Post :/

    19 hours ago

    projectelsa /\

    yeah it's been 3 years. my bad. (shrug emoji)

    anyways, i'm here again just to let ya'll know one thing: i created a group here- Easy Allies Fans. if you like EZA, or want to get into a chill gaming group who's motto is literally Love & Respect, find the group here on the site. i'm hoping to find more people who like both them and RT! 

    unless i get some good conversations going, i'm probably going to be just as bad of a poster there as i am here, but hey, it's worth a try! 

  • 112 Azuriell

    2 days ago

    DodongoDuster Mothindi

    Eden and Kiaron make their way through the fortress, looking for their new chambers.
    EDEN Excuse me, we’re looking for the west wing, room 731.
    PASSERBY You’re on the wrong floor, you need to go one floor up and follow the signs.
    Thank you.
    They continue winding their way through the fortress and eventually come to their new chambers.
    EDEN Well, this looks nice.
    KIARON It’ll do just fine.
    Eden right away starts reshaping the table and chairs, all made of the same stone as the room.
    She goes to check out the bedroom and bathroom, reshaping the tub to accommodate two. She strips down.
    EDEN Want to take a bath?
    KIARON Oh hells yes.
    They run the tub and climb in, just soaking and lounging in each other’s arms.
    KIARON How about some food, they have a few cafeterias I hear.
    EDEN Any on our level?
    KIARON Lets go explore.
    They dry off and head out to explore their new home. They find a cafeteria with little trouble.
    EDEN Chicken and potato soup? Sounds interesting.
    KIARON Fresh bread, that’s a plus. And roasted beef. I bet they’re putting the grandmothers to work in the kitchens.
    They choose a spot with a few other people. After tasting it all Eden vehemently agrees.
    EDEN Yeah, they’re definitely putting the grandmothers to work. I wonder how much bloodshed was involved in deciding whose recipes to use.
    KIARON Well, they definitely hit it on the head.
    Eden turns to the people next to them, about their age.
    EDEN Hi, I’m Eden, this is Kiaron. We just moved here.
    TILIEN Hi, I’m Tilien, this is my brother Silpion and my boyfriend Lorien. How do you like it so far?
    EDEN Well, the room is a little smallish, but we don’t have a lot of stuff, so it should be manageable. Nice to meet you.
    KIARON What do you do here?
    TILIEN I study with the Maia, under Maia Yani.
    KIARON How about you two.
    SILPION I’m going to join the Maethori as soon as they open classes here.
    LORIEN Same here, we thought they would already be training here, but apparently not.
    KIARON I’m Maethori, it might be your lucky day. I’ll see what’s going on, maybe I’ll be allowed to open a training ground.
    EDEN Are there a lot of people here?
    TILIEN Not really, about 5 thousand. We still have whole floors and branches of rooms to open.
    EDEN How long have you been here?
    TILIEN Since the spring.
    LORIEN What is the training like?
    KIARON Exhausting, but it’s pretty fun for the most part. Until you get into tactics and formations. Mostly at first it’s swordplay and spear training. You won’t see combat for a few months at least, but we prepare you as best we can.
    TILIEN I’m sorry, I’m in charge of orientation in the morning, I better get to bed.
    EDEN Of course, it was good to meet you. I hope we can be friends.
    Me too.
    KIARON It was good to meet all of you. See me tomorrow, I may be allowed to open the training grounds in as few as a couple days.
    Lorien and Silpion shadow Tilien as she heads for the door.
    LORIEN Thanks, nice to meet you.
    SILPION Yeah, thank you, nice to meet you.
    Tilien, Lorien, and Silpion exit.
    KIARON I think I’ll go ask tonight about opening classes. Did you want to come?
    EDEN No thanks, I’m gonna turn in early.
    KIARON Ok, I’ll be back soon.
    Kiaron opens a gateway to Minas Valar and steps through.
    Crossfade to next day.
    Kiaron is checking out one of the new Arenas, large enough allow several hundred students to train in formations and sparring.
    KIARON How many of these are there?
    MISTRESS YANI Four of these larger ones, plus another dozen or so of various smaller sizes. They’re surprisingly quick to make. And light.
    KIARON Thank you, I didn’t expect to have so many facilities to work with, not so soon.
    MISTRESS YANI You’re very welcome. I have classes to get to though, so I’ll leave you.
    Mistress Yani exits leaving just Kiaron.
    Enter Lorien and Silpion.
    LORIEN Tilien said Mistress Yani was making some arenas to train in, figured that meant you’d been given permission to train us.
    KIARON That I have. So, you two ready to start?
    KIARON All right, do either of you have swords?
    KIARON Ok, in that case, run laps around the arena until I get back. Shouldn’t be more than twenty minutes.
    Yes sir.
    Yea sir.

  • Big Bang

    1 day ago

    PasvSmkng Worst ever, of all time

    Did a bit more work on this drawing, as I've left it alone for a while and I felt more like working on it tonight than I did writing.  



    Did some further sausage-finger reduction work (The redraw line feature in Clip Studio is super awesome, by the way), but as you can see the main thing I've been doing is making a start on shading layers and the like.  

    Oh, and on the basis of a very helpful comment I also repositioned the eyes (and re-drew one of them).  Thanks for pointing that out!

    More later as I make further progress.  Until next time, space cowboys.

  • Military Expenses

    1 day ago


    I don't get why Trump is going on about the medical costs of having Trans people in the military. I don't know anyone with a full free ride for medical expenses. 

    In fact. I know people that went into medical debt because the military would only cover part of it or wouldn't cover it at all. One of those people was discharged because the military didn't want to take responsibility for what had happened and didn't want to pay the medical care. 

    I know a friend that got really bad pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. They wouldn't cover any of it. I know another that fell and was injured during training and had a full hip replacement. They would only cover half. The person that was discharged was injured doing training because some moron was dicking around. They said it was his fault and refused to pay for any medical expenses. He tried to take it to court, they said it wasn't his fault so they weren't liable, they asked if he really wanted to add to his debt, and then they discharged him. 

    Not related to the medical part but my brother was just discharged because some new girl that hated him, she'd tell him this to his face and tell him how stupid and annoying he was. She started making false reports against him for harassing her. They proved it wrong because during some of those times, he wasn't even there. Like she said many of them happened during training in Hawaii. He's never been to Hawaii for training, they always send him somewhere in the south-east and it wasn't even time for that to happen.  So they proved she was lying and dismissed the charges. She didn't face any sort of consequences. He was told he needed to leave the army because she wouldn't stop until he got in trouble for these false reports. 

    The military doesn't want to deal with shit. So they ask people to leave. They don't even pay for everything because "not our fault" and Trump wants to fuss about how it's too expensive to have Trans people in the military?! What the actual fuck.

  • Disappointment but RT loyal

    13 hours ago


    So it's been months. Honestly, the silence isn't just from journaling, but an overall absence from the RT website. Intentionally.

    Don't get me wrong, though. RT is still a huge passion of mine. Let me just get the small stuff out of the way first; the player of the site is no way near as smooth and fast as Youtube, I'm not a Firstie yet so there's no perks of logging in here, and RWBY is in between seasons (one of the main reasons why I finally signed up for an account here). 

    Now onto the big stuff. 

    I've been disappointed by the community.

    I'm sorry to those of you out there who are genuinely awesome. I have seen some pretty impressive works of art, generous actions of charity and down-to-earth fun interactions between fans via the social media vineworks. Rest assured that you are not the ones in question here, though I wish I have met enough of you to have not made this post possible.

    The general community I have met in person, face-to-face, have been a let down. I was surprised to find so many RT fans cheer and express love for the lovely RT personalities and proceed to act in a manner that many RT personalities openly frown at. Even our dear Grumpy Gus has some basic common decency to his fellow humans despite hating human interaction. These fans ignore the polite pleas of RT to obnoxiously shove their passions in the face of their favourite talent. It is unfortunate to say that my observations started at RTX Sydney 2017 and ended...well, it's still in progress.

    It seems like in the middle of the warm RT community family, lies a dark cult. One that worships RT to a creepy level and whose life goal is to live in the skin of an RT personality. Quite literally. Those that would shove and trip others much weaker and smaller than themselves to get to declare to Barbara that they see her as a role model. Those that lie to others in a crowd to be first in line to say that they are Team Jack Patillo all the way because he's such a people's champion.
    I was excited to meet fellow RT fans. I naively thought that fans of decent upstanding people, surely when they feel connected to these nice people, they would share similar values. Oh scum of the earth will be found everywhere, but surely they will be less prevalent at a site of gathering of like-minded fellows?

    I'll take a step back from Sydney and have a look at the global population. The Youtube comments, the letters on the AHWU Unboxing streams, the The Know streams chats... I was quick to judge based on the top few comments, however, I now see it is my ignorance that blinded me to the multitude of creeps lurking around the RT fanbase. And like a miner looking for gems, the earth is not full of ores but full of rocks that need to be sifted through to find gems. 
    How about the other RT fans I bump into in my own life, not the internet? Well, happy to insult everyone on the RT cast except for their favourites, instant enemies for watching a show they don't like, bitter towards RT personalities for not replying their comments/tweets/letters, and expresses their plan/efforts of harrassing RT to hire them.  

    Really, people. Can't we just live our lives in harmony without being an ass to those we like? I will continue to be an RT fan but I will reserve my efforts of showing my loyalty to them for fear of bumping into another "fan". (And hopefully curb my nightmare of being one of those obnoxious fans when I finally get to meet an RT personality)

  • I'm dumb, apparently.

    21 hours ago

    TheSlyBrit TheSlyBrit

    So, I just found out that RTX London was a thing and that I can't buy tickets because they sold in like March. Fun times! *sobs*

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