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  • Let's talk about hiring!

    14 hours ago

    ChrisKO Might steal your tacos

    Hello Journal (my old friend)!

    So, as you may or may not know, I'm getting to expand my team (huzzah!) and it has given me the opportunity to review all sorts of candidates' resumés, reels, and the like. Over the years, I've learned a good bit about what it's like to be on this side of the table and I'd like to use this entry as a platform to learn youze a thing or two about what (not) to do when applying for a job. Like. Literally anywhere. As well as for an audio position!

    BOXER-BRIEF DISCLAIMER, Y'ALL: If I come across as a pompous ass, I apologize. I'm just trying to give some advice with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor along the way. I bear no ill-will towards any candidates who apply (even if/when some of y'all do some silly things). It takes a lot to just apply to a company and it can be super intimidating, and I definitely get it. So kudos to you for getting that far! I honestly don't mean for this to be a deterrent, but as a mildly(?) humorous way to help you strengthen yourself as a candidate for here, there, or anywhere. 

    I should also state that these opinions are my own and not in any way the view of the company as a whole.

    Let's get started, shall we? 


    I made sure there was one very key, bolded, addition at the very beginning of our job posting, as there's this weird misunderstanding that I'm looking for a composer for my team (hint: I'm not.): 

    "Applicants that do not include a demo reel that highlights your sound design and mix work will not be considered. This is not a composer position."

    And yet, 50% of the submissions I received either had zero reels and/or were composers looking for work. The problem here is that in the limited time I have to review resumes, I want to maximize the effort I take to listen to potential candidate's (who've read the rules') submissions. SO, when I'm scrolling through the applicants, if you did not include a reel or you mention your years of music creation and a link to your soundcloud page, your resume will likely be pushed off and potentially not even considered. 

    TL;DR this is the first test. Pass and you advance to the next round. Fail, and death by snoo-snoo (or just, you know, you won't get the job). 

    2) If you're going to apply for every position on a company's website, follow these rules: 

    Don't do it. 

    But seriously, employers will know when you apply to every role. It looks incredibly unprofessional and likely tells me that you're just a fan of the company and are trying to find your way in, but you don't really have anything to offer me/my team. The only time where this is even remotely acceptable is when you're applying to like-roles (e.g. Sound Designer, ADR Engineer, Mix Engineer, etc.). I'd even go as far as saying applying to a role for Editorial and Sound is acceptable, as there are similarities. But if you're going to do this, write different resumes and/or provide different reels! 


    9/10 times I start with a reel before a resume. If the reel is good, I'll look to see what's on the resume. I've had applicants straight out of college submit sharper reels than many 'veterans'. Seriously. Make a reel. It'll impress me if you even go as far as to make it private Vimeo video and give me a cool secret password. 10/10 cool. cool cool. cool. 

    LIFE PRO TIP: Include in your video (or anywhere that's visible) your contributions to the content you're showing. 

    "Name | Title of thing | Sound Design, Foley" 

    "Name | Title of thing | Creature vocalizations" 

    "Name | Title of thing | ADR" 

    If you don't include this, I can either assume you've done everything and/or nothing for a clip, and I'd rather not guess. 

    4) BIG ONE HERE. 

    Do your research on the company you're applying to. If you send a generic email that just reads as: 'Hi, I am interested in your company. I'm a good candidate because <insert generic good qualities/traits>. Hope to hear from you!' a small kitten forgets how to meow. Forever. 

    Okay, so I might be paraphrasing a weeee bit about the generic line, but you get the point, right? Read the post, study the company, write a cover letter that expresses what you know about them and why this is the company you're interested in and go from there. Some folks don't like cover letters, but I love them. It's my way of getting to understand the type of conversationalist you are. 

    Let's get super audio specific for a hot second. 

    5) Reel content, length, and basically all the things I have to say about them.

    A) 2-3 Minutes (Max) 

    As much as I'd love to watch your 48 hour film festival submission in its entirety, it's likely longer than I have time to commit to one candidate. I'm sorry and I love you, but this just isn't going to 

    work out. It's not you. It's your reel length.

    B) Put your best work first!

    At least to some degree. I'm sure you've got plenty of cool stuff in your reel, but just make sure you put the coolest stuff first. I want something that'll grab me as soon as your reel starts! If it doesn't grab me in the first 10-20 seconds (or so), I have to start clicking around, and then I might miss something cool. 

    C) Include relevant content to the posting you're applying to.

    This one's tricky. If you've been working in live-action for 5 years and are applying for an animation/games position, it'll be a bit more difficult to compare your work to other candidates that have animation/games centric reels. That being said, it doesn't disqualify you, at all. Any reel that showcases your abilities is better than nothing! It's just helpful to have works that are more closely in-line with the position you're applying for. 

    D) But Chris, I've not worked on any animation or games! 

    Dude. It's like you're reading my mind. I have got you covered! 

    My first reel comprised solely of trailer replacement content. What's that you ask? Well, start by heading over to the Youtubes and find a trailer/scenes from a show/film/game that you think you can get creative with, find a way to.. acquire.. said video, remove all the audio, and design some fresh new hotness for that sweet, sweet baby to show the world (or just, you know, potential employers). THOUGH! As an additional thought, don't be afraid to show others your reels! I've got an open door policy when it comes to reviewing reels. If you want me to take a look at it for critiques (or just for funsies), shoot me an email here: Please note: I don't want this to be construed as me saying 'I am great and my opinions are the bestest' I'm merely just saying, 'Hey, friend. Need an extra set of ears on your work? Let me check it out! I'd love to hear that fresh new hotness.' (Yeah, I know, sweet callback.) 

    E) Don't make your portions super incredibly long winded. 

    Unlike this journal entry, your individual pieces should be concise. Don't make me watch 50s of a scene to just see that super sweet last 10s of that same scene. It usually doesn't pay off (for all parties involved) and you've just gone and wasted a perfectly usable 50s for other awesome things. I get that context helps in some circumstances, but be clever about it. 

    I'm fairly certain this covers a pretty large majority of the things I wanted to cover. For your benefit, my want to get some things out of my brain, and because I clearly don't update this thing nearly enough. I really do appreciate the overwhelmingly large amount of folks interested in joining my team - I really am. This addition is definitely a bit overdue and I'm SO excited to have <insert your name here> join my team. This year's going to be <insert a mix of adjectives that describe both enjoyable and chaotic expectations for the year better than I can currently type>. 

    Alright. I think my brain has officially turned off at this point. 


    9... 8... 7... 

  • This is why we haven't gotten a Friday the 13th film in almost 10 years...

    23 hours ago


    It has been almost 10 years since we've gotten a Friday the 13th movie. That famous horror franchise was last seen onscreen during the reboot craze of the late aughts when Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes rebooted it in 2009. Fans dug the movie. Its modest sub-$20 million budget was nearly quintupled at the box office. You'd think that by now we'd be three or four Jason movies deep in this new iteration of the popular franchise.

    So, what gives?

    I was able to sit down with Platinum Dunes producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller when they came through town showing A Quiet Place, which was the opening night movie of SXSW and, being an '80s kid that grew up with Jason Voorhees, I couldn't help but ask them to wade through the complicated legal tangle that is the rights situation surrounding this particular series.

    I'm going to reprint that section of the interview here and then I'll be back to talk through a few things. Let's see what Fuller and Form have to say:


    Eric Vespe: Can you guys help me understand why we're not three movies deep in the new run of Friday the 13th movies? Your reboot was good and it made a ton of money. Can you explain what's going on with the franchise?

    Andrew Form: It's so sad. I'm sure the world knows, but we were four weeks from filming in Atlanta with Breck Eisner (The Crazies). We were there and the movie got shut down.

    Brad Fuller: We never got a clear answer from Paramount as to why that movie got shut down. I think at the end of the day that administration, which is no longer there, didn't see horror as a viable part of what they were doing. Also they were coming off of Rings and that didn't help.

    For studio heads who are not fans of horror there's not a tremendous amount of glory in it other than the financial. A lot of these studios want to make big movies with big movie stars and that administration could never get excited about it. I think the rights now have reverted back to New Line.

    Andrew Form: Or Victor Miller.

    Brad Fuller: There's a Victor Miller element, too. There's a lawsuit with Victor Miller. I don't know anything about that, but I'll say to you, I'll say to anyone we would love nothing more than to make another Friday the 13th movie.

    Andrew Form: We were right there. We had Crystal Lake. We had the camp. The location was amazing.

    Brad Fuller: It was such a bummer.

    Eric Vespe: Were you bringing Derek Mears back as Jason?

    Andrew Form: No, because we were going way back. We were going to the '70s.

    Brad Fuller: We would have put Derek in the movie (somewhere) anyway because we love him so much.

    Eric Vespe: He's one of the nicest dudes I've ever met.

    Andrew Form: Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners) wrote such a great script. It was what we thought the community would really want. It was such a bummer when that one didn't go.

    Eric Vespe: It seems to me like it's a no-brainer. There's a reason why they pumped one out every year in the '80s. They were printing money.

    Andrew Form: And now you see the hype coming out with the new Halloween movie. I think everybody's now going “Oh, my God. Why didn't we make that new Friday the 13th movie?” The Stephen King movies are getting hot, the IP is still strong, R-rated horror is what's happening. I mean, look at IT being over $700 million worldwide. Right now it's not happening, but we just hope one day that we can get the call that says the rights are figured out, let's go make Friday.

    Eric Vespe: So it really is just a question of rights at this point?

    Brad Fuller: That's all it is.

    Andrew Form: I believe if the rights were clear we'd be shooting the movie.

    Brad Fuller: We would have shot the movie!

    Eric Vespe: Not to make this all about Friday the 13th, but...

    Andrew Form: No, listen, we'll talk about Friday the 13th all day!

    Eric Vespe: (laughs) The beauty of the Friday the 13th series is that all the audience wants from it is fun. That allows for so much freedom in being able to make something without it being crazy expensive.

    Brad Fuller: And we're just the guys to do that!

    Andrew Form: We had so much fun making the last one!

    Brad Fuller: We're not keeping anything from you. This is the first conversation we've had about Friday the 13th in months and when we do talk about it we get sad and we start to cry.

    Andrew Form: But you know, as more and more horror movies work, and Paramount's loving A Quiet Place right now, we're going to keep pushing to get Friday the 13th back. We have to. For us going to Crystal Lake would be so much fun.

    Brad Fuller: We just don't know who's going to make the movie.

    Andrew Form: Is it Warner Bros? Is it Paramount?

    Brad Fuller: It's a complicated jumble, but I have looked into it. I think it's New Line. The rights have expired, or they expire next month, and they revert back to New Line, I think.

    Andrew Form: But there's still an issue with the Victor Miller lawsuit.

    Brad Fuller: Right, and I don't think anyone will touch it until that gets figured out.

    Andrew Form: Yeah, that has to get figured out. It's just too hard with that litigation out there.

    Brad Fuller: Looming litigation does not help movies get made. (laughs)

    Andrew Form: No, it sure doesn't. Not big, high profile IP.


    Let's examine what they said. The short answer is there's a rights confusion compounded with a looming lawsuit by Victor Miller, who wrote the very first Friday the 13th and has a story by credit alongside Sean S. Cunningham.

    The rights issue is understandable. Friday the 13th started at Paramount, but then New Line bought the rights when interest in Jason Voorhees was waning. They took over the franchise with Jason Goes To Hell, tried the parody route with Jason X (aka Jason in Space) and then nothing until Freddy Vs. Jason finally made it to screen.

    Paramount got involved again with the 2009 remake, sharing a presenting credit with New Line, and, as the producers say above, it looks like New Line is about to get full rights back, most likely because Paramount hasn't done anything with the franchise.

    That leaves the Victor Miller lawsuit. Miller is suing for the ability to terminate and grant rights to further movies using a provision of the copyright law that allows original authors such power over their stories and characters. The only problem with that is the current rights holders say Miller was “work for hire” which means that provision does not apply to him.

    No studio, even with a clear chain of title, will move forward with a new Friday the 13th movie if it's possible this lawsuit could mean the resulting film doesn't see release. Why take the risk and pay for a movie only to have it sit on a shelf should Miller win his lawsuit?

    I've also been hearing that so many of the still valid deals involving any future Friday movies have tons of strings attached, that people like Sean Cunningham and Michael Bay get a significant cut of all profits whether they are directly involved or not, which is another deterrent for studios to invest money into something knowing they have to hit an even bigger benchmark to break even.

    At the end of the day, if it becomes clear who is legally in control of this property it'll all come down to math. These movies are cheap to make and are wildly popular. If the studios can make money on them they will, but hopefully this gives you an idea of why these films aren't happening.


    Keep an eye out early next week for my full interview with Form and Fuller which also covers how they helped John Krasinski bring the legitimately scary and awesome A Quiet Place to the big screen!

  • Meet Randall, Byf's New Friend!

    23 hours ago

    Qholtz VFX Artist Rooster Teeth


    Randall is a Pink Spotted Goby and officially the second fish in my salt water reef tank. It's been a little over a month and my tank finally cycled and was ready for new inhabitants.  Salt tanks can be very finicky so I have been making sure to take things slow.  I picked up a Goby not only because I think they look awesome but, they also do something very unique.  They will gulp sand and sift it through their gills.  It's very bizarre and entertaining to witness.

    This is not Randall but a different Goby doing his thing.


    Here is a picture I took at the fish store before bringing him home.


    I also picked up a small little Hermit crab so we can have more movement in the tank.



    Randall instantly claimed Byf's home.  Kinda feel bad for the guy getting uprooted like that but he didn't put up much of a fight haha.

    Another cool thing about these types of gobies is that they will pair up with certain types of shrimp called Pistol Shrimp.  They will share the little burrow and bring each other things around the tank and protect the "home".

    Overall, the tank has been running smoothly *knock on wood*  Hope you guys enjoy following along.

  • This Week At ScrewAttack - 3/23/18

    1 day ago

    JoshuaKazemi ScrewAttack Editor

    Top 10 Characters We Want In Super Smash Bros. Switch - Editor Notes

    • Wanna feel alive?? Produce a Top 10 in 22ish (working) hours.
    • We all jumped in to make this Top 10 and it was really fun to come together for it. Gerardo edited that intro in After Effects, Nick edited the Banjo entry and we all wrote sections of the script. A ScrewAttack labor of love! 
    • Chad correctly pointed out to me that I love referencing Anchorman in videos. I think that movie might be the foundation of my mental reference house. 
    • Of all of the clips I could choose for the Kingdom Hearts III portion of the #1 entry, I chose the Toy Story clip because I love that movie and that clips makes me happy. 
    • I wrote the secret number 11 and I'm strangely proud of it. 

    Watch the video: RT | YT 

    The Desk of The Desk of DEATH BATTLE - Editor Notes 

    • There were a couple of times this week at work where people looked over at my monitor to see what I was working on without context. It made for some classic awkward hilarity. (I'm looking at you "Make Crash Kawaii AF" Sony Executive and bifurcated penis bandicoot) 
    • Sprite animating is super fun. I wouldn't want to do what the DEATH BATTLE/DBX artists do but I'll do 5 seconds of Crash jumping, anytime. 
    • Crash is weird. Crash's Japanese commercials are weird. But also commercials in general are pretty weird right? I don't really have a follow up for that I was just thinking about how strange they are. 
    • Anyone else get any Gus vibes from the orange guy at 2:47? 

    Watch the video: RT  

  • New Rooster Teeth Mobile Apps - Android Beta Users!

    in Forums > New Rooster Teeth Mobile Apps - Android Beta Users! | Follow this topic

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    Hey all! Did you hear? We're getting new mobile apps. The first one to launch (in beta!) is the Android app. Sorry iOS users, but yours will be released on March 30, 2018 publicly. 

    Feel free to talk about the app. What sucks? What do you like? Talk to another community member about how best to get your idea across to the devs so they understand what you're talking about. 

    I'll be popping in to help out answering questions, but also will be bringing in reinforcements as necessary to answer the harder questions that I've got no fucking clue on. 

    Don't have the app? Learn how now to get it!

    18 replies

  • Unreal

    1 day ago

    Jon The Risemonger

    The stuff coming out of Unreal at GDC is insane. This performance capture presentation is nuts.

    I also recommend you check out their "Refelctions" demonstration using Star Wars characters.

  • Flippin' Friday BTS Gifs

    1 day ago

    BroadcastBryan Resident Beard

    Is it Friday?


    Anyone not ready for the weekend?


    What if they try to get you to come into work the next two days?


    What's that? Couldn't hear you.


    Have a nice weekend.

  • Join the Android Open Beta!

    1 day ago

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    Hey Android Users (commonly known as Green People to the iOS crowd) -

    The Android beta is now open for anyone with an Android device to pop in and check out our new mobile app! Sorry iOS users, we're not able to do betas with y'all :( But, a few community members were lucky enough to get early access and they’ve started sharing what they’re learning and testing out! You can check out a review HERE! And from a group here!

    Android Users: If you're ready to jump in, follow these instructions!

    Step 1: Open Google Play on your phone, search for Rooster Teeth. OR, if you're reading this on Mobile, CLICK HERE:

    Step 2: Download the app! Once you've done that (or if you already have it on your phone...)

    Step 3: Scroll down towards the bottom and look for "Become a beta tester". Click "I'm In" (Image below) IF THAT DOESN'T APPEAR - Go Directly to this link!


    Step 4: On the dialog that pops up, click "Join"


    Step 5: You'll see now that beta signup is in progress:


    Step 6: Scroll to the top, wait a few minutes for beta signup to complete.


    Step 6: Once it's ready, the banner will change, and an "Update" button will become available. As you can see by the time-stamped screenshots, it only took about a minute!


    Step 7: Click "Update" and enjoy a beta preview of Rooster Teeth 2.0!

    Welcome to the Beta! If you have comments, questions, concerns, drop them in a comment below or send your feedback to

    Join the Forums and Chat with other Mobile Beta Users or Site Beta Users now!

    Much love!


  • Chris Evans confirms he's hanging up Cap's shield after Avengers 4

    1 day ago


    It's a sad day for fans of the MCU. We all knew that Chris Evans' multi-picture contract was up after these next two Avengers movies, but there was hope that Disney would back up the money truck to his front door and he'd renegotiate for another deal.

    Sadly it seems like Evans is ready to walk away for real. In a profile in The New York Times Evans confirms Avengers 4 will be his last outing as Captain America and the upcoming reshoots for it will be his last time strapping on the red, white and blue suit. Specifically he said it was better to "get off the train before they push you off." 


    It is possible this is partly about negotiating his new contract in the press and we'll get a surprise announcement later on down the line, but it feels like he's serious to me. 

    He's been experimenting with different things lately, from directing to appearing on Broadway, so it's never really felt like being an Avenger was all Evans had. At this point I'm sure he's rich enough to ignore the money truck as well.

    No, it feels like he's ready to go and Marvel will miss him, but I'm sure they won't miss the millions per picture they'd have to pay to keep him around. 

    Plus, this is a comic book series after all. Even if they kill him off in the fight against Thanos we can always see him popping up in 5 years as a surprise return. Steve Rogers Returns! would be a pretty epic MCU gotcha moment.

    I guess we'll see how all this plays out in the two-parter Avengers flicks. It's a safe bet either Bucky or Falcon will take up the shield no matter how Cap decides to bow out. It won't be the same, but I'd rather see Evans walk away on his own terms than start phoning it in, miserable that he's still tied to a character he doesn't want to play anymore. Cap's greatest strength is his big ol' heart, after all. Without that he's just a dope in a patriotic suit.

  • The newest Deadpool 2 trailer is filled with vulgarity, decapitations and our first real look at X-Force!

    1 day ago


    The Deadpool 2 marketing has been killing it and this latest trailer is no exception. There are so many great things to spot, the fourth wall is broken multiple times and we get a surprising amount of footage and info about the forming of X-Force.

    I had no idea Bill "Pennywise" Skarsgard was in the group before now, but the fact that Terry Crews is in this universe makes me smile so, so, so much. I can't wait to see him interact with Ryan Reynolds. 

    Anyway, kids put on your earmuffs... the rest of you enjoy this gleefully R-rated Deadpool 2 trailer! 

  • Launch date - New site! New apps!

    2 days ago

    revelsrouser Product / Design

    Hello, you lovely people. Big news today so I’ll just get right to it - the new video site and mobile apps are launching next Friday, March 30! We’re so excited! And sleep-deprived! But mostly excited! It’s been a long time coming, and we really believe that we have created the best place on the internet for the Rooster Teeth community to watch our favorite shows. In more news, keep an eye out a bit later for news on a public beta for Android users. iOS users, we’re sorry but we won’t be able to have a public beta, but we have a few folks in the community checking it out so they can give you reports. Here's one now!

    A bunch of us will be jumping into the chat next Friday to watch the Let's Play Spring Break, and you’ll be able to join us on the site and apps. Can’t wait to see everyone!

    Hugs and kisses,


  • Has it really been 13 years?

    2 days ago

    Alec The Lord of Meat

    I guess I should stick around.

  • Funhaus Cali Vibes BTS

    2 days ago

    wesellis Staff Photographer

    Hey all!

    Another week, another big Let's Play family merch drop. This time we got the chance to shoot with Funhaus at a gorgeous house in the hills. I armed @coolnathan with a Kodak Fun Saver and here is the product of that:














    doctor cool Nathan himself:




    Shop that gnarly new Funhaus merch here

  • A few RTV test results

    2 days ago

    ebregman Programming/Distribution

    Thanks for tuning in on Friday for our linear TV test! You sent hundreds of thousands of chats, we had a ton of people watching for every single hour, all around the world. The worldwide thing is so cool for me - I know we have a worldwide community, but a traditional linear network is so specific to a single territory, so that's pretty unique.

    I'll keep you posted as we figure out what to do next here. Til then what was your favorite part? Any shows you watched that you wouldn't have otherwise? New friends you made in the chat?

  • SXSW Review: Bad News Bears-ish Drama ALL SQUARE Is One of the Festival's Biggest Pleasant Surprises

    2 days ago


    Hey, everybody. I have a few more SXSW reviews I wanted to get out there before all the details fade from memory (I am very old). One of the more pleasant surprises of the fest was a little indie called All Square.


    I swear to God I couldn't remember that title for the life of me. People would ask me what I was looking forward to and I'd be like “All... In? All That? Fuck, what's that Michael Kelly movie called?” All Square might not be the most memorable title, but it's apt for a movie about a small town bookie who bonds with a little leaguer and then figures out he can make a fortune taking bets on his games.

    What's great about this set up, beyond the obvious Bad News Bears comparisons, is that it gives a fantastic character actor the chance to lead a picture. This was a lot more common in the artistic studio system of the 1970s, but very rarely happens these days. For instance, how many movies does Steve Buscemi get to star in?

    The great character actor here is a dude named Michael Kelly. You probably know him best as Kevin Spacey's righthand man, Doug Stamper, in House of Cards. His character here is a nice guy bookie in a tiny town who's barely able to scrape by, mostly because he refuses to strong arm the people who owe him money. He takes his sports betting seriously, but he's stuck. This isn't his passion, it's something he inherited from his cantankerous father (Harris Yulin, another great character actor who you might remember as the Judge in Ghostbusters II) and suddenly he turns around and he's deep in middle age.

    After hooking up with an old high school girlfriend he finds himself in the company of her young son, Brian, played by Jesse Ray Sheps and is just as shocked as we are that he actually bonds with this kid. He's still a gruff asshole who is in no way a great role model, but there's a connection there.

    Some of it has to do with his personal history with baseball. Before Kelly became a bookie his passion was baseball. He had a hell of an arm and now he sees this kid struggling in the local little league and can't help but want to give the kid a few pointers.

    While doing this positive thing he notices that there's an untapped betting market at these little league games and figures, correctly, that parents will bet with their hearts, not their heads, laying money on their kids no matter how shitty they are at the game.

    The movie works because of the relationship between Kelly and Sheps. I wish there was a little more of them together (it takes a little while to get them together), but that's a small complaint for a movie as charming and well-made as this one.

    All Square is the kind of movie I go to film festivals to find. I doubt this one would have appeared on my radar if I wasn't combing through the festival schedule and bingo, it turns out to be right up my alley.

    Interesting sidenote: This is produced by Lisa Simpson herself, Ms. Yeardley Smith, who also pops up in a cameo part. It's always a pleasure to see her face in a movie, but that could be my irrational love of Stephen King's bizarre '80s trash gem Maximum Overdrive showing.

    I'm not sure if All Square has distribution yet, but I hope it finds a good home soon. It's a damn good movie.

  • SXSW Review: Blockers - A Surprisingly Progressive Teen Sex Comedy

    3 days ago


    Crazy Universal comedies have become a cornerstone of SXSW. They've premiered a ton of Apatow stuff, sometimes in rough cut form, like Neighbors and Trainwreck and non-Apatow goodness like MacGruber, which is still one of my personal all-time favorites. It's expected now and this year was no different.

    The palette cleansing big studio broad comedy on offer this year was Blockers, an atypical take on the “losing our virginity pact” type teen sex romp that focuses on the parents of the kids doing everything in their power to keep their daughters from giving it up on prom night.


    If that sounds like it could be awfully misogynistic... well, you're not wrong. On paper that could be the most unwoke premise ever, but this film does something very interesting: it's told from a female point of view. Both the parent and teenager plotlines are female-centric. Leslie Mann leads the parents and all the teenagers are young women in full control of their first sexual experiences. It helps that the director is Kay Cannon so you don't get a dude in there fetishizing the young women or making their partners gross. Every sexual encounter in the movie is actually incredibly respectful, which is something I didn't expect. The boyfriends aren't creepy horndog bros, but actual partners. Yes, they're excited to have sex, but they're never pushy or manipulative.

    Once the parents catch wind of their daughters' plan they do everything they can to stop them. Smartly the writers give each parent a different reason beyond “I gotta protect my little girl's innocence!” For Leslie Mann this represents a final move into adulthood that takes her little girl away from her forever. For John Cena there's a mixture of seeing this as a reckless decision that could impact his daughter's training and the fact that he just straight up hates her stoner boyfriend. For Ike Barinholtz he's trying to stop his (obviously) closeted gay daughter from bowing to peer pressure and having her first sexual encounter be with a boy she's not attracted to.

    It's a very progressive movie... in which John Cena chugs a beer with his asshole. 


    I have to admire that mixture of wokeness and absurdity even if the movie itself is pretty uneven. All the characters are enjoyable and I dig the set up, so I'd definitely recommend catching this at a matinee or, at the very least, when it hits streaming services, but it's not one you have to rush out and see.

    Although I will say that John Cena continues to prove that he's got a knack for comedy. He's such a big, goofy lughead in this movie and he plays that for all its worth. Barinholtz is also very strong, playing his crass dummy persona with a surprising amount of heart. Mann is always great to watch onscreen and she's on point here. Also watch out for a funny, if all too brief, turn from Hannibal Buress.

    Outside of the refreshingly progressive foundation it's a pretty by the numbers R-rated comedy. Blockers is never boring, thanks mostly to the earnestness of all the actors involved, but you've seen this movie before and it hits all the notes you expect. Although unlike most R-rated comedies you don't get gratuitous Gary Cole schlong, so there is that.

    So, yeah. This one should surprise you, even if it doesn't blow your hair back. The plot is well worn, but the point of view is fresh. I'd love to see this level of thought and inclusiveness become the norm in all of cinema, even the dick and fart joke comedies. Especially in the dick and fart joke comedies.  

  • First time Directing at RT!

    3 days ago

    stephard Art Dept. Coordinator

    Hello Peoples!  Happy Tuesday!

    I just thought I would come write a little post about my first time Directing for RT! :)  It was for this episode of Million Dollars But... 

    MDB: Puppet Pandemonium

    I twisted @bgibbles 's arm enough to let me direct 3 scenes from start to finish:  Becca eats Rupert the Hot Dog Dog, Becca eats her friend's Bird, and Chris and his Puppet friend pick out an outfit!  And by twisted Blaine's arm, I mean I asked and he said yes :) Thanks Blaine!!

    So the process started by listening to what we call the "Audio Edit" and writing a script around that!  Basically, the audio edit is the dialogue that comes from the roundtable portion of MDB.  An editor and Blaine sift through the entire Alcohol-laden conversation, and determine which scenarios and which bits of conversation will make the best episode and then present that to the Episode Director.  Then he/She takes that dialogue stream and breaks it up into scenes, puts the scenarios into Locations and adds in hilarious bits and jokes to beef up the comedy!  

    I wrote my script for the whole episode and then Blaine and I traded scripts, compared and contrasted and determined which scenes I would direct!  Just that alone was a very fun process... especially since I had the flu and we had to do it all over the phone   mask But for reals, I really enjoyed sharing ideas and collaborating.  It was very fun to see each other's different ideas for the MDB scenarios!

    Then from here, I started to shot list.  Admittedly, this portion of the process is somewhat tedious and not my favorite, but it is so crucial and helpful.  Shots that I plotted did change once we got into the actual location, but on a whole, shot listing helped me clearly see the scene in my head before we ever got to our shooting day.  It also helped that I had the AMAZING Alex Toader to help my storyboard a scene that presented some challenges (see below)   stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye


    Then we got to the shoot day!  I was very excited to be there, and even more so because the crew was made up of a lot of my friends!  I got to shadow Blaine on his scenes and then take charge on mine :)  An added fun thing was that I was on Day 2 of a sinus infection, yay! (The flu really kicked my ass this year).  My favorite part of directing is working with the talent, so it was super fun to work with @Becca and @Chris and of course, Rupert :)  Ya know, they say to never work with Children or Animals in film, but I think we had a great time!


    After the actual shoot day, we went into post-production.  I really love this process too - it's where you see everything come together and it's super fun to see how things change and progress as the timeline goes on.  We have such talented editors and sound mixers (shout out to John Moore and Jake Camita!) so they made this process so easy!  We also had a few VFX shots and that was very interesting - giving notes and being very clear on what we wanted, so we didn't waste time and money.  

    All in all, I'm very happy to have gotten to direct my little slice of MDB, and I'm excited to hopefully direct more for Rooster Teeth in the future!  It's been a bit since I directed (I directed my first film in 2015 and it premiered at Berlinale!) and since then, I've been really itching to Direct more!  

    Hope y'all enjoyed the Puppet Pandemonium episode of MDB!  I def enjoyed working on it!

    ~ Steph

  • Vive Pro

    3 days ago


    HTC put out a new Vive and I can't help but think that the first line of the description should be "No, it's not wireless" because that's literally all I care about for a new VR rig.

  • RT Engineering AMA!

    3 days ago

    revelsrouser Product / Design

    Hey, everyone! This is John, Adam, Mike, Jameson, Dave, & Nicki from the Rooster Teeth product and engineering team. We're working on the new Rooster Teeth video site and mobile apps. We're getting super close to launching both, so we wanted to take a break and talk to all of you wonderful people. We'll be over on the Rooster Teeth Subreddit from 5-6pm Central Time today, so head on over there and ask us anything you want about the RT site and apps. See you soon! 



    4 days ago

    Clarissa.Gonzalez RT Live Events Specialis

    Hi again friends, 

    RTX is a fun and chaotic weekend, and we know scheduling your day is super important, especially when it comes to planning your travel. We want to make sure we give you enough time to book your flight, hotel, and set plans!

    Here is a quick rundown of what to expect from RTX weekend. This is far from complete. We’ll be making updates and adding new events throughout the planning process.

    Can’t wait to see you at RTX!


    10AM-5PM - Registration and bag pick-up at Austin Convention Center

    6PM - FIRST Night Screening at Paramount Theater


    8AM-5PM - Registration and bag pick-up at Austin Convention Center

    11AM - Exhibit Hall open for Platinum and Weekend Plus badge holders

    12PM - Exhibit Hall open for all other badge holders

    12:30PM - Programming/Panels begin

    7PM - Evening Programming begins

    8PM-12AM - Platinum Party for Platinum badge holders


    8AM-5PM - Registration and bag pickup at Austin Convention Center

    9AM - Exhibit Hall open for all badge holders

    9:30AM - Programming/Panels begin

    7PM - Evening Programming begins


    8AM-1PM - Registration and bag pickup at Austin Convention Center

    9AM - Exhibit Hall open for all badge holders

    9:30AM - Programming/Panels begin

    6PM - RTX Austin ends and we all cry



  • Full Sail + Rooster Teeth Livestream on 3/20

    4 days ago

    Skilltacular Producer @ RT Games

    Howdy! Brian Reilly here. As a Full Sail alumnus and Rooster Teeth employee, I’m excited to bring you the latest update on our partnership with Full Sail. Last month, Gus announced that Rooster Teeth will be working with Full Sail students to develop an ‘80s fighter game, providing them with our annoying opinions and advice. He also told you we would be checking in about once a month to focus on different parts of the game and the students’ progress. Well, it’s time for our monthly check-in!

    On Tuesday, March 20, at 1:00 p.m. CDT, Chad James (some dude from ScrewAttack), Torrian Crawford (main animator of Death Battle), and I (a very cool person) will host a livestream on the Rooster Teeth Facebook page to focus on the mocap aspect of video game development. It will take place at Full Sail, and we’ll get an exclusive look at the Full Sail mocap studio.

    We’ll be back soon with even more updates, so stay tuned!

  • SXSW Review: Sparse Sci-Fi Flick PROSPECT Delivers Tension And Great Performances

    4 days ago


    One of the more pleasant surprises of this SXSW was a little intimate grounded sci-fi film called PROSPECT. It's a simple story told exceptionally well. We follow a teenage girl and her father trying to strike it rich prospecting for gems on an alien planet before their ship home leaves them stranded.


    Everything that can go wrong goes wrong (of course), from faulty equipment to run-ins with murderous plunderers, all while the window for getting off the planet shrinks.

    Prospect is one of those smaller movies with a big scale that really lets you soak up the production design and cinematography in lieu of big action sequences or constant VFX landscape shots. The movie I kept hearing it compared to around the fest was Moon. It's a radically different kind of movie, but in terms of tone that's not too far off.

    Writer/Directors Chris Caldwell and Zeek Earl put the plot focus squarely on character as they slowly dial up the tension on our heroine, who is portrayed as smart and good-hearted, but not perfect. Not every plan of hers works out, she's not immune to the pressures and the seeming hopelessness of her situation.

    Sophie Thatcher plays Cee and acts her ass off, through a domed space helmet for, like, 90% of her screen time. She's put in a rather interesting situation that pairs her with someone she's not a fan of, to put it bluntly, and has to depend on a devious, murderous rogue named Ezra, played by Game of Thrones and Kingsman 2's Pedro Pascal.


    Ezra's the kind of dude that would sell his mother if it got him the edge in a tough situation. He's not to be trusted and Cee knows this, but doesn't have much of a choice. On a planet where the environment is deadly and desperate mercs comb the alien landscape sometimes strange bedfellows have to be made and you can't get much stranger than these two.

    That's where the real kernel of greatness is in this movie. Pairing two people who don't trust each other together in a hostile environment and forcing them to depend on each other to survive is a great dynamic and both actors knock it out of the park.

    The pacing is a little... deliberate and I'm sure the more OCD among us will have a little trouble hanging with the movie, but I was riveted the whole way through because there was always something to hold my attention, whether it was marveling at the costumes and production design or being sucked into the character dynamics unfolding as the clock ticked down.

    Caldwell and Earl show a talent for worldbuilding here. They don't dump a ton of exposition on you, instead letting the characters' actions tell you everything you need to know about the reality of this sci-fi future. They sprinkle just enough otherworldly weirdness into the visuals that it doesn't look like they just slapped a yellow filter on the camera and went into the woods to shoot, somehow striking that balance of recognizable and absolutely alien that gives us a grounded reality that doesn't look like some Sy-Fy Channel reject.

    I very much dug this one. Not sure when everybody will have a chance to see it, but it's too good to fall through the cracks. When it comes time make sure to check it out.

  • Drink the Pain Away with Rooster Teeth Cocktails

    1 week ago

    coolnathan Nathan Isherwood

    Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! A big thank you to those of you who sent in your cocktail recipes, and to @LittleLil68, @Tudor, @derprah, and @Boxless for letting us use their drinks for the Off Topic podcast yesterday. 

    If you would like to put a little twist of Rooster Teeth into your libations, may we recommend to you these cocktails designed by fellow community members:

    @StryfeRyder has devised the perfect way to make those mandatory All Hands meetings go by way, way faster:

    The "Morning staff meeting"

    10oz dark roast coffee (hot)
    1 tsp cinnamon
    1-2 tsp simple syrup
    2oz vanilla vodka
    2 tsp heavy cream
    Dollop of whipped creme

    We'll absolutely get Becca to drink @Heaphestus' creation once she's un-knocked up:
    The Becca Refresha    

    2oz Peach Schnapps
    1oz White Rum
    1oz Elderflower cordial
    1/2 cup crushed ice
    1/2 cup cranberry juice
    top up with 7up/sprite

    @megaparsec83 has gone over to the Blue side with this twist on a boozy Lemonade:

    Freckles' Lemonade

    Muddle blueberries in a sturdy glass or mason jar, add ice
    Add one part blue curacao and two parts vodka
    Top with lemonade and/or lemon-lime soda and stir
    Crazy straw optional

    For more recipes, this book of drinks created by our friends at BIGBITE is fantastic. They have a ton of drinks that celebrate your favorite Rooster Teeth shows, so make sure to check it out. Thanks BIGBITE!

    And if you party a little too hard and Blaine all over yourself this year, no worries! The store has an amazing sale going on right now with vomit-free merch discounted up to 85%! WOW.

    Have a fun, safe holiday and sorry to any real Irish people out there for the whole cultural appropriation thing. 

  • Sequentially 002

    1 week ago

    Lumenati Let's Play

    In anticipation of Avengers: Infinity War (go watch that wild trailer!), I've been thinking a lot about an idea repeated by Executive Producer Kevin Feige and others in recent interviews. When asked about the franchise post-Avengers 4, they tend to give a response that invokes "what comes next" and "the new status quo." If you follow superhero comics, you recognize this kind of language because it tends to surround big crossover events, resets, and reboots.

    Reboots and resets are absolutely a necessary part of the peculiar genre of American superhero comics. DC's Action Comics #1 is about to hit its 80th anniversary this year. Like a snake shedding its skin or a lobster growing a new shell, to keep the characters and stories fresh you just have to hit the reset button. Marvel's approach tends to be a bit more gentle than DC's (see Crisis on Infinite Earths or New 52). They opt for soft resets that don't totally invalidate the publishing history, they just find a new starting point and streamline backstories to clear out excess baggage. 

    At its worse, however, it can be just a ploy to boost flagging sales. Marvel has done a few too many recently, and it's created fatigue... but then I came across this cover and it got me pretty excited for what might be coming:


    (As a caveat, I'm going to put aside new Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski's various heinous antics, mostly out of respect to the great Joe Quesada who's stepped away from the movie studio to focus back in on the comics.)

    What I love about this line up is that it balances a lot of factors. From an in-universe perspective, all of these characters have long heroic careers, they represent different corners of the Marvel U, and their powers and capabilities are well balanced. To Marvel's credit, while this is a "back to basics" move, each of these characters seems to be carrying their scars from past books (Thor Odinson quite literally). 

    From a business perspective, it finally feels like the comics division is finally taking the right cues from the movies. Doctor Strange did well, Black Panther was a phenomenon, and Captain Marvel is building hype. Now is definitely the right time to put them on a shelf with Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. And in terms of publishing, this feels like an effortless integration of racial and gender inclusion, especially thanks to the last few years of Black Panther and Captain Marvel books, which is a comforting signal that Marvel isn't caving to toxic voices in the fandom. 

    All that aside, I also just love a good team up. I'm ready to see a fully Hulked She-Hulk back to back with our reformed Thor. Cap and T'Challa in the field and an apparently reconciled Tony and Carol blasting from the skies. Also very interested in an explanation for why Ghost Rider is just hanging out back there, but I'm sure there's a good reason.

    So here's a prompt for the comment section... what's the team up you want to see? Classic or unexpected, give me your 6-7 characters you'd like to see on a splash page. Can be Marvel or DC, just don't mix and match, I'm not in the mood for some Amalgam Comics stuff. Here's mine:

    New Young Avengers / Champions

    Loved both iterations of the Young Avengers book, though many of the characters have faded out. Since Patriot (Isaiah Bradley) seems out of commission, here's my new version of the team, pulling from other young heroes like the Champions:

    1. Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)
    2. Power Man (Victor Alvarez)
    3. White Tiger (Ava Ayala)
    4. Amadeus Cho (Not Hulked)
    5. Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
    6. Nova (Sam Alexander)
    7. America Chavez

    Young genius Amadeus friend of Hercules and soon-to-be former Hulk, brings the strategy and technology. Kate Bishop, a wealthy heiress, friend and occasional caretaker of Clint Barton, is the team's tactician. Victor, the chi-infused protege of Luke Cage and Iron Fist, and Ava, the mystically enhanced inheritor of the White Tiger mantle, are your super-soldier combat types. Sam Alexander, one of the last remaining Novas, is your flying blaster and resident irresponsible team member. America Chavez, the multiverse hopping hero, is your heavy muscle. And you can't go wrong with a Spider-Man for good luck.

    What's your dream team?

  • Rooster TV

    1 week ago

    KaraAnn Content Ops Manager

    Hey there friends!

    Have you checked out Rooster TV yet? It was a ton of fun to work on and help put together. I'll be in the chat all day, so come hang out and watch with me! 

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