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    5 months ago

    LuckE Gainfully Employed

    With the last episode finally out and having had a week or so of downtime afterwards, I'm finally able to look back at everything we did. What we accomplished was great. The quality of content we put out, I would say, is the best its ever been. I enjoy all the people who both love and hate what the show has become because it keeps the conversation going. 

    I think the only issue I have is people who claim to know what Monty would approve or disapprove of. Unless you actually knew him, how would you know? I only worked with him for a short time on season 1, and I don't claim to have known him well at all. But I think people forget that he put a lot of time and effort into creating the characters, not just bad ass fight scenes. I'd like to think that he is proud of the work we have put into the story, as well as the fight scenes we create. For sure he would have some notes on the latter haha. 

    Moving on, every season we try to push ourselves to do better. Whether it's implementing new software into our pipeline, researching new methods of animation/camera/lighting/compositing, or even bringing on new, talented people to meet the demands of work. I don't think I've worked on a season of RWBY that has been easier then the last! But, I think the quality shows those efforts not being wasted. 

    I guess the TL:DR is this: I'm proud of the work we all did this season. Some times during production were brutal, but I'm proud of the end product. I can't wait to see what we put out next!  

  • January Challenge Continued

    5 months ago

    Jon The Risemonger

    Two thirds of the way into this challenge of watching a new movie for every day of the month of January. I have watched some awesome movies. I have also watched Jumanji. Mistakes were made. What will my last 10 movies be I wonder?


  • More Instant Pot Adventures: SOUP EDITION

    5 months ago

    emilyweeks RT Office Coordinator

    Time for another food journal!

    If y'all have been keeping up with the news, you may have heard that Austin has had some uncharacteristically FREEZING COLD days lately. Earlier this week, we had a couple days where many roads around town were closed because they were frozen over and dangerous. (Before you yankees start making fun of us for freaking out about cold/ice - we literally do not have the equipment/infrastructure to handle the extreme cold or ice/snow. So yes, it is a big deal when we have below freezing temps. It's a safety risk to the city.)

    BUT ANYWAY. Since I've been freezing my butt off the past couple of weeks, I ventured into some soups with my instant pot. Here are the recipes I cooked! 

    Instant Pot Pozole

    Because I grew up in San Antonio, pozole has always been a comfort dish for me. It's decently healthy, filling, warm, and you can customize it wish all kinds of good shit. 

    This recipe was so quick and easy to do in the Instant Pot. I got at least 6 servings out of this, and possibly more.. I may have lost count over the days.

    2 lbs pork shoulder (I learned that pork shoulder is the same thing as boston roast/butt roast... why are there so many different names for the same cut of meat?!)

    4 cups chicken broth
    5 cups white hominy

    1/3 cup ancho chile powder (this may be hard to find. I found it in my grocer's bulk spices section)
    1 tbsp comino (cumin)
    1 tbsp oregano

    6 cloves garlic, minced
    1 tbsp kosher salt
    1 tbsp black pepper


    3 cups cabbage

    6 radishes

    optional: avocado, or anything else your heart desires

    - Chop the pork-of-many-names into 2-inch cubes and throw it in the pot. (I did spray mine with a quick coat of coconut oil first because I was paranoid about sticking.)

    - If you bought canned hominy, make sure to drain it, and then throw it in the pot.

    - Add your minced garlic and all spices to the pot. Pour in your 4 cups of chicken broth as well. I recommend giving the soup a quick stir to mix things up, but you can do what you want.

    - Secure the lid of your pot and select the Meat/Stew option. (I think you could also use the soup function, but I decided to use the stew option because of the pork.) I left the time on the default 35 minute cook cycle. Make sure your pressure valve is closed.

    - While that's cooking, you can prep your garnishes (or go play a couple matches of Overwatch while you wait). Slice the radishes into thin circles, and chop the cabbage into thin slices. The lime should be wedged.

    - When the cook cycle is complete, open 'er up and give things a good stir. You can use your
    spoon/ladle to help break up any chunks of pork if you'd like. Pour yourself a nice bowl of goodness and then add your cabbage and radish on top. Squeeze the juice from one or two of your lime wedges into your soup, and then throw them in the bowl for a little extra flavor. (But I
    advise eating around the wedges.. not actually ingesting them. lol)

    - DIG IN! I didn't have any avocado on me at the time, but adding a few slices of avocado on top is super good too.

    **This pozole freezes great, so if you don't think you'll be able to finish it all quickly, go ahead and portion some out for the freezer. I recommend freezing just the soup part alone, and storing your toppings in the fridge until you've thawed/heated your soup up and are ready to eat. 

    Vegetable Tortellini Soup

    Now that I am obsessed with Instant Pot cooking, I've been lurking the r/instantpotrecipes subreddit. There's not a whole lot on there currently, but there are definitely some gems. I decided to use this recipe (with my own tweaks, ofc) because it looked cheap and delicious. (Living alone in an expensive city, I'm all about budget-friendly cooking... lol)
    I've also been trying to work more meatless dishes into my weekly routine, so this was great for that as well. This recipe makes 10 servings, unless you're really hungry. Then maybe it makes 6 or 8...

    2 quarts vegetable broth

    1 package cheese tortellini

    4 medium carrots, sliced into circles

    1 can stewed tomato

    2 cups green beans (I cut mine into 2-inch pieces to make them more manageable)

    3 cups chopped kale

    1/2 white onion, sliced
    1 tbsp red pepper flakes
    1 tsp oregano
    1 tsp parsley
    1 tsp basil
    dash of salt and pepper

    optional spices I added (sometimes I just throw in whatever else sounds good at the moment):

    1 tbsp comino

    1 tbsp chili powder
    1 tsp garlic powder

    1/2 tsp tumeric powder

    - Select the Saute function on your pot and saute your onions and carrots until soft (and amazingly fragrant).

    - Throw the remaining ingredients, except for the kale, n the pot. Stir gently so that you don't break your beautiful tortellini.
    - Select the soup setting and let cook for about 25 minutes. (This time while you wait, go play something besides Overwatch. Variety is good. I played the Monster Hunter: Worlds beta for a change of pace.)

    - When the cook cycle is complete, quickly release the pressure by opening the pressure valve. When you've released all the pressure that you can through the valve, open the lid and smell your beautiful concoction. Gently stir in your kale and let the soup continue heating until all kale is wilted.
    - Portion out and ENJOY!
    **This is another great freezable recipe. Keep your immediate portions in the fridge and freeze the others until you can get to them.

    So there you have it! Some nice, warm, comfy soups for your cold, wintery days. Though, a couple of days after making the vegetable soup, things started warming up a little in Austin.... stupid unpredictable weather.

    Just like before - if you have any recipes or suggestions you want to share, feel free to leave them in the comments below! I'd love to hear the stuff y'all have tried.


  • Reddit made me think about this

    5 months ago

    Jon The Risemonger

    I found this great post on reddit asking people the best villain performance in a comic book movie other than Heath Ledger and it got me thinking about MY favorite villain roles in movies so far which led to me making my own definitive list, in no particular order, of my favorite comic book villains in movies:

    Peter Stormare as Lucifer in Constantine
    Brian Cox as Stryker in X2
    David Tenant as Kilgrave in Jessica Jones
    Sebastian Stan as Winter Soldier in Cap2
    Ben Kinglsey as The Mandarin in Iron Man 3
    Samuel L. Jackson as Richmond Valentine in Kingsman
    Vincent D'Onofrio as Edgar in MIB
    Alfred Molina as Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2
    Michael Shannon as Zod in Man of Steel
    Jeff Goldblum as Jeff Goldblum in Thor Ragnarok

    Who did I miss?

  • Nicolas Cage Hunts Down Cultists and LSD Demon Bikers In Batshit Crazy Midnight Flick 'MANDY'!

    5 months ago


    Nicolas Cage hunts down cultists and an LSD demon biker gang. That should sell you on this movie and if it doesn't then I'm not sure you and I going to get along.


    Mandy is the newest from Panos Cosmatos, the director of a bizarre cult flick called Beyond the Black Rainbow and stars Nicolas Cage and Andrea Riseborough as a quasi-off-the-grid couple that live in the woods and are happy being close to nature and away from the masses.

    Unfortunately Riseborough's title character catches the eye of a creepy cult leader named Jeremiah (Linus Roache) and that starts the ball rolling on an incredibly violent journey that involves the summoning of demonic bikers, all sorts of mind-altering drugs, chainsaw fights and the crafting of a fantasy axe/scythe hybrid that looks like something Worf would wield in battle.

    Right up front this movie's weird. I mean, after that description no shit, right? But it's even weirder than that. The cult leader would fit right in with the craziest David Lynch characters in terms of line delivery and crazy monologues. This is not a movie for the faint of heart or anybody with a low tolerance for a little dash of arty-farty in their exploitation.

    I personally have a low tolerance for arty-farty so about 20 minutes into the movie I was on the verge of hating it until it shifts gears and becomes a full on crazy-ass revenge flick and I was a very happy boy.

    It helps that Cage takes center stage at this point and dials the crazy Cage meter up to 11. If you have the patience to make it to this point you'll be rewarded.


    Cosmatos has a singular vision and that vision is fully on display with every angle and every edit. One thing he does incredibly well is embrace that dreamlike/waking nightmare quality of something like Phantasm or the original Nightmare on Elm Street. You're not quite sure what's real and what isn't and that can be very confusing for a general audience, but it's also what sets this film apart from any any other movie of its type.

    The colors used in the movie are bright, in your face primaries. Unnatural greens, reds, blues that can possibly exist in the real world, but give this film an identity that is instantly striking and reminded me very strongly of the way EC Comics would present their horror tales. If you rewatch the original Creepshow they use those crazy colors as well to evoke the same feeling as flipping through those dark comics. Dollars to donuts that style had a big impact on Cosmatos.

    I think there'll be a fair amount of people who automatically categorize this film as “so bad it's good,” but that's a mistake. This is not Sharknado. There's real artistry at play here and it's fuckin' bonkers, but there's meaning behind it. The thing Cosmatos gets right is he doesn't forget to be fun. Yes, there's character work and crazy visuals and long, long monologues, but it all leads to an incredibly cathartic, out of this world entertaining revenge story.

    FYI: There's a fake commercial in this film (which takes place in 1983) for a product called Cheddar Goblin and it's probably the best thing I've ever seen. It's like if you mixed a Kraft Mac commercial with Ghoulies and it's so amazing. Casper Kelly, the guy behind Too Many Cooks, shot it for this movie and that should let you in on how great this tiny aside in an already bizarre movie is.

    One caveat: Elijah Wood produced this film and I have been friends with Elijah since 1998. I don't believe this has impaired my judgment of this movie (Spectrevision, his production company, also did The Greasy Strangler, which is a movie that was absolutely not for me and I've been blunt about my opinion on it), but it is something I want to make sure is out in the open. This is becoming a habit with my Sundance reviews, sorry. Kind of a thing that happens when you've been a film journalist for 20 years. I promise not every Sundance movie was produced by someone I know

  • RWBY Vol 5 Finale tomorrowwww

    5 months ago


    ...anyone else not going to be able to sleep tonight due to the EXCITEMENT RUNNING THROUGH YOUR VEINS??!!

  • New Rooster Teeth Video Platform - Beta Testers Unite!

    in Forums > New Rooster Teeth Video Platform - Beta Testers Unite! | Follow this topic

    Chelsea FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Community Manager

    To those of y'all who have received an invite to be a beta tester for the new video platform for Rooster Teeth, here is a place where you can come and join up with other beta testers. 

    Share your thoughts, your likes, dislikes and more. Other testers probably feel the same way! The engineers will be checking in here periodically to help clarify and clear up any confusion as well as probe your brains some more as they work through the development of the brand new video platform. 

    359 replies

  • Achievement Hunter Outtakes

    5 months ago

    wesellis Staff Photographer

    Hey guys! Last week I shot with Achievement Hunter in their new merch (which you can shop here). There were so many good ones to pick from that we decided to put out some more here. If extra outtakes like this is something you'd be interested in from future shoots (not just AH) then drop a comment and let me know. Anyways, enjoy!





    Want more? Just check out this album!

  • T-Minus to Disney World!

    5 months ago

    Becca RT Torturer

    My entire family is going to Disney World in a few days, and I'm super duper excited. It's been 20 years since I last went, so I fully expect everything to be completely different. We are focusing on Magic Kingdom and Epcot. What are your favorite attractions at those parks? 

  • Cardio: Not a Privilege, But Necessary!

    in Forums > Cardio: Not a Privilege, But Necessary! | Follow this topic

    LuckE Gainfully Employed

    I won't lie, I don't wake up in the morning and think to myself, "I can't wait to do cardio!" But, I do, because it has a lot of benefits. While I personally am not a fan of prolonged cardio, I do at least 15 minutes before every workout. For me it's a good way to get my body warmed up, while also burning a few calories. I love my gym because it has a spin class set up that is almost always abandoned by the time I get there. So, I turn off all the lights, crank up some music and power through it!  After a quick cool down and some stretching, I'm off to hit the weights for the remainder of my workout! 

    Need some motivation? Checkout my Spotify playlist that keeps me going!

    What kind of Cardio do you do? Do you have music or a playlist that helps you stay motivated, to push for that extra mile? 

    12 replies

  • Sundance 2018 Opening Night Film BLINDSPOTTING Review!

    5 months ago


    I've been Sundance at least a half a dozen times at this point, but I have never, ever scored a ticket to the opening night movie. This is a little bit inside baseball, but bear with me a second... The way this festival works is that there are press badges for folks like me that get you into press screenings, but you need a hard ticket for any public screenings

    The press screenings are lovely and for opening night they typically run the press screenings at the same time as the first couple of movies play, which is a break from the typical day-after wait we have to do. So I've always done the press screenings. It's less stressful, I see the movies at the same time, etc.

    But I was able to request a ticket this morning for the actual premiere at the giant Eccles Theater and low and behold I got one. That meant I could see the film in a giant house and get to watch the Q&A afterward. It also meant that I finally, for the first time in however many Sundances, I got to see Robert Redford in the flesh.


    He came out to welcome everybody to Sundance and officially kick off the festival. Being a massive fan of his work throughout the years (no shit, The Entertainer from The Sting played in my head as I witnessed him walk out on stage) this was a legitimate thrill, even if his time up there was brief. You could still feel the passion he had for cinema and his love of this fest and the Sundance Lab that mentors up and coming filmmakers.

    You could say I was buzzed and in the right frame of mind to let this movie work on me. That's fair, but I've been in some really exciting screening scenarios in my life (from world premieres to hand-picked-by-the-director months early previews) and felt the air get sucked out of the room right away.

    That didn't happen with Blindspotting. Quite the opposite in fact.

    It should be noted before I start talking about all the stuff I loved about this movie that I know two of the producers pretty well. That wouldn't stop me from being honest about my opinion of their movie (and certainly hasn't in the past), but I get that it muddies the water a little bit and wanted to be up front about that so you could decide for yourself if that bias shows through in this review.


    Blindspotting shifts tones wildly, but it's not at random. It'll be a funny buddy movie one minute and then out of nowhere shit gets real. Writers (and stars) Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal as well as director Carlos Lopez Estrada very smartly used these tone shifts to put the audience off guard.

    One minute Diggs and Casal are cruising around Oakland, freestyling raps about their day to day lives and taking the piss out of each other the way that only best friends can and the next minute Diggs witnesses a police officer shooting a black man who is running from him.

    We're as stunned as Diggs' character is and we feel his trauma at that moment. We understand his situation. He's a good guy trying to do right by those he loves, but he's also at the tail end of his parole. We don't find out until later exactly what his crime was, but we know he's served time for a felony and is trying his best to play by the rules so he can get some semblance of his life back.

    That adds a tension when he witnesses this shooting. He's out after his curfew, just wanting to get back to the halfway house so he doesn't risk adding another year to the parole and this happens to occur right in front of him.

    This dredges up all sorts of emotions. Fear, guilt, anger. It's one thing to live as a black man in Oakland and know this is a possibility. It's another to witness it, especially when coming forward would put him in the crosshairs even if it wouldn't automatically trigger a lapse of his parole.

    What's interesting about this movie is that as heavy as that is as subject matter it doesn't weigh the movie down. There's emotional payoff to it all, of course, but it's not a preachy movie trying to make all the white folks in the crowd feel guilty and all the people of color in the audience angry. There's way more to it than that.

    Blindspotting is a movie about race relations, yes, but it's also about gentrification, cultural appropriation, a deeply complex friendship that is both supportive and toxic in equal measure. All that is there, but it hangs on the two lead characters.

    I was quasi-familiar with Daveed Diggs before this movie. I knew he was one of the original talents behind Hamilton and that was about it. I'd never heard of Rafael Casal before last night. Having seen the movie I'm convinced we'll be seeing a lot of both of these guys in the near future. The countdown for one or both of them being cast in a big superhero movie or Star Wars or something is officially on. Their charisma is that good, especially together.

    Apparently Diggs and Casal are longtime friends and it shows on the screen. Diggs is the down and out ex-con trying to make his life better and Casal is his white, grill-wearing best friend that is either determined to drag him down or pull him up. You're never quite sure and the truth is he does both, but he's not a malicious dude. He's loyal to a fault and is so smooth he could sell ice to an Eskimo.

    The true delight of this film is watching these two together. Director Carlos Lopez Estrada smartly lets the charisma of his fantastic cast carry the film. Diggs and Casal are front and center, but they're surrounded by some great performances.

    There's Janina Gavankar (probably best known to The Know readers as the face and voice of Iden Versio in Battlefront II) who plays Val, Diggs' ex-girlfriend who has cut romantic ties after his incarceration. There's obviously still something there between them. She's supportive, helping him in real ways (like getting him a job while on parole), but she refuses to let him get distracted by rekindling the romance.

    This role could have been one note and Gavankar could have easily come off as naggy if we didn't see so much unspoken emotion between her and Diggs. The character is written better than most of this type and Gavankar plays it perfectly.

    Despite the focus of the movie being on male friendship there are surprisingly many strong female characters. From Diggs' character's strong-willed mother to Casal's wife who absolutely is the glue holding that family together.

    Gavankar gets the most screen time of any of the strong women in this film, but even though they don't dominate the narrative the women in this story are complex and multi-dimensional.

    That brings us to Ethan Embry who delivers a mostly silent, but hugely powerful performance here as the cop that shoots down the fleeing suspect. I don't want to say much about this part, but Embry does so much with so little that I was flat out floored by a big moment he has.

    The effects of the shooting are way more on display than the event itself. There's a little bit of PTSD injected into Diggs' performance and it rocks his character to his core, but more than that it puts the audience in his shoes. For the super white folk (like me) it allowed us to feel a fraction of that fear and tension that people of color live with every moment of every day. I became instantly pessimistic. I saw trouble in every police car that drove by and felt like everything was going to end horribly.

    Whether it does or not I'll let the movie tell you when you eventually get the chance to see it, but the fact that it did indeed place me in the shoes of someone with a wholly different life experience than my own proves to me that it was a huge success.

    I don't expect everybody to love this one. Some film watchers hate it when tone shifts on a dime like it does here. I love it, personally, because that adds a layer of unpredictability that is always exciting, but it can throw a whole lot of people off. The message of the movie is laid on pretty thick in the final act. If you're on board, it'll have you on the edge of your seat. If you're not then you could find yourself pulled even further out of the film, but I have to believe just about everybody who spends any amount of time watching Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal (and his character's ridiculously adorable young son) play around with each other will be charmed into submission pretty quickly. I know I was.

    This was a hell of a start of the festival. We got lots and lots of movies coming up, but I already feel like I'm playing with the house's money, so to speak. I'm ahead of the game with one great movie already behind me. Can't wait to see what else is in store.

  • An idea for 2018 - The Monthly Playlist

    5 months ago



    So my New Years Resolution has been to post here more often, hence the AMA I did this month. In trying to figure out how to do it in a more structured and regular way, I struck upon an idea. People seem to enjoy it when I occasionally post Songs of the Day to Twitter, so instead of continuing that, why not move it to here? I've decided to create a playlist on Spotify each month, themed around a particular subject, and post it here. I realize I'm starting off a little late, but here we go:

    January - Things To Come

    Let me know if you hate the idea, and don't want me to continue.

  • Top 10 Magic Weapons - Editor Notes

    5 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    One thing I've learned after editing together my first Boomstick Top 10 is that he has a type. 

    #10 - Lt. Col. Kilgore - So what's the deal here?? Did they really name these weapons after a character in Apocalypse Now? Is the character in the movie based on a real guy? Why? Why any of this? 
    #9 - Master Sword - I was watching a lot of videos about the Master Sword in prep for this entry. I came across a fun pronunciation of the weapon. I won't name names but now I can only hear it as "Massa Swwurd" 
    #8 - Hellfire shotguns - I would definitely rack my brain for every non-lethal way to use these guns. You could create pillow-fort-esque fortress in your living room but made with nothing but Hellfire Shotguns. You could have a unlimited source of income if you sold them. You could do professional magic. YOU COULD THROW UP GUNS AND TRY TO SHOOT THEM OUT OF THE SKY BEFORE THEY HIT THE GROUND. Endless joy. 
    #7 - Icebreaker - Gerardo actually helped me edit this one! Thanks, Gerardo! I don't know anything about this weapon. 
    #6 - Blades of Chaos - Gerardo did this one too but I still have a question. How hard would you have to spin magic blades chained to your forearms before you lift off the ground like?
    #5 - Sniger rifle - I could listen to Boomstick say "tigers" for days. 
    #4 - Caster Gun - Gerardo. But also, yes. Wand gun? Yes! ACCIO WAND GUN. 
    #3 - Mjolnir - Again you could use this weapon in so many fun ways. I PUT MJOLNIR ON MY DAIRY,  TRY READING IT NOW WHOSOEVER BE WORTHY! 
    #2 - Sword of Omens - Gerardo actually helped me edit this one! Thanks, Gerardo! I don't know anything about this weapon. 
    #1 - Green Lantern Ring - This entry is the exact reason the movie was so bad. You could have made anything but you made guns and stuff. Yawn. 
    #11 - Voltron < Megazord 

    Watch the video: RT | YT

  • A New Alien Shooter Is in the Works

    5 months ago

    Eddy Writer - The Know, Nomad

    It looks like Fox wants to ramp up its video games -- and as such, their game division, called FoxNext, has just announced the acquisition of a studio of industry veterans to work on a game set in the Alien universe. 

    Development on this new game will be headed up by Cold Iron Studios -- with talent from games like Metroid Prime 3, Borderlands, Doom and Bioshock Infinite -- and according to the announcement, it’s going to be a PC and console shooter that explores parts of the Alien universe we haven’t seen yet. 

    FoxNext studio head Aaron Loeb added a couple more details about the title and Cold Iron Studios, saying: “all of us at FoxNext Games are thrilled to be working with them as they create an action-packed persistent world, steeped in the mysteries of this beloved Alien universe.” 

    Given the recent success of Alien: Isolation, it was only a matter of time before someone went back to the Xenomorph well -- but let’s hope it’s more like that outing, and less like Colonial: Marines.

  • Squad Rules!

    in Forums > Squad Rules! | Follow this topic

    LuckE Gainfully Employed

    Obligatory post about the do's and don'ts, bruh! 

    - Stay positive! While I'm not claiming for this to be a safe space, we want to promote a positive attitude. General ribbing, trash talk among friends, etc. are all funny until  they are not. Remember this is all to support a healthier lifestyle. 

    - Post pictures of your workouts, meal plans, progress, and anything else that's going to keep you and other motivated. Ask for advice or motivation, anything that'll help keep you going! 

    - Body shaming is a quick way to get booted. Again, general ribbing is one thing among friends. But calling somebody fat, ugly, or weak (especially somebody you don't know) is one way to get yourself removed. 

    - We are not certified trainers! Nor are we nutritionists. Any advice should be taken with a grain of salt. Things that work for some may not work for others.

    - Pictures are welcome but remember they can be viewed by all. No noods pls. 

    - On that note, don't be a creep. Be a decent human being, don't leave comments on how hot somebody is or what you would or wouldn't do. 

    5 replies

  • gen:LOCK Teaser Tease! Nomad of Nowhere! And more!

    5 months ago


    2018 IS FINALLY HERE! Which not only means we can tell 2017 to get lost, but we can start making noise about new and returning RTAnimation shows.  Check out these Collider and EW articles for the scoop, and Jordan's got a little more on Nomad here.  There's more hype headed your way soon! Hope your new year's been starting great - we're gonna do all we can to help with that.



  • Our New 2D Show -- Nomad of Nowhere!

    5 months ago

    Jordan Campe Diem

    Hey everyone, exciting news!

    Today we announced a new show coming to Rooster Teeth Animation, a 2D show called Nomad of Nowhere. Whenever we choose to make a new show, we try to make it something fresh and different from things we've done in the past, and Nomad is no exception. It's a western/fantasy mash-up about a mysterious nomad traversing a western wasteland that hasn't seen magic in 100 years. But now there's a price on his head, and he's gonna have to avoid bounty hunters and captors who all want to score big when they bring in the world's last magical being. Think of it as two-parts Samurai Jack and True Grit with just a dash of The Lord of the Rings.

    There's something for everyone in Nomad of Nowhere; we'll be telling an epic tale filled with fun new characters, with plenty of humor and light-hearted moments to go alongside it. We've developed a beautiful art style to showcase the unique setting of Nowhere: an unforgiving and harsh landscape home to fantastic creatures and a diverse cast of characters. And of course, our kickass animation team is going to make it the best looking 2D show you'll ever see. Needless to say, I'm excited for everyone to see it.

    So who is the mysterious Nomad? You'll have to wait and see. We'll be teasing more details as we get closer to the release in the spring. Until then, get hyped for a new RT Animation show! Thanks y'all!

  • How an amazing 2017 will lead us to an even better 2018

    5 months ago

    ebregman Programming

    Today we made some noise about a crazy ambitious, completely awesome slate of animated shows we’re bringing you in 2018, all of which will premiere exclusively for FIRST members and then become free for everyone to watch and enjoy. As we start to give you a taste of what’s to come in 2018, I wanted to give you insight into how this plan came about. What you’ll read in this post are the same points and data we’ve been discussing in meetings since September. While we won’t discuss specific numbers, this will dive into the trends that inform us.

    First of all, THANK YOU for an incredible 2017, which by our measures was the most-watched year in in Rooster Teeth’s history. (Not bad for a company that will turn 15 years old this year!) We ended up producing far more content in 2017 than initially projected, mostly due to extensive use of live streams (especially from channels like GameAttack). Best of all, the additional content we produced was almost all free-to-watch. Even as we increased the total number of minutes we produced exclusively for FIRST members, our number of free-to-watch minutes skyrocketed:


    A lot of content also means a lot of data. We probably learned more in 2017 than ever before about what you guys like to watch, and I was able to use that data to recommend a strategy for 2018 that does a better job of accomplishing my department’s ultimate goal: making the right content in the right place at the right time.

    Below are three key things we learned in 2017 that inform the plan for 2018 and beyond.

    You love it when we launch new FIRST exclusives. 

    Fresh content available for FIRST Members was the biggest reason people became members in 2017. Some of you like to sign up right when a new show is available; others like to jump in once a few episodes are available; and still others prefer to wait until the entire series is out so you can binge through the whole thing. Regardless, we can tell that our programming needs to continually and regularly provide new ideas.

    This might seem simple enough. But for us, it dictates a way to allocate our budget that’s slightly different than what we tried in the last few years. It means we need to develop and try new ideas constantly. It means we need to expand our live action production team to be able to handle even more projects simultaneously. And it means we likely won’t earmark a large portion of our budget for a single project; instead, we can increase our spend on many projects throughout the year, increasing the total number of new FIRST exclusives, and also increasing run times and production values for all FIRST exclusives.

    If you watch Let’s Play videos, you come back almost every day, or at least once per week.

    Viewers of Let’s Play (the series) are a minority of our unique viewers on the whole, but these unique viewers drive a disproportionately large amount of our day-to-day traffic. That made Let’s Play our most watched series almost every month of the year. To see why, check out this sample from January – April 2017 comparing sessions from RWBY viewers and sessions from Let’s Play viewers. While RWBY is posting new episodes it’s clearly quite popular (no surprise there), but Let’s Play viewers visit so consistently that their total viewership in 2017 ends up being larger. This everyday habit is incredibly important to us. Our programming can help existing FIRST members come back even more often and also bring new people into the habit in 2018 and beyond.


    Another data point that stood out on this subject: of the top 10 individual videos that caused people to sign up for FIRST, the majority were unscripted videos featuring talent from the Let’s Play family. This makes sense, because if you’re a fan of the Rooster Teeth brand, you’ve had almost 15 years to sign up for FIRST. Cow Chop and Sugar Pine 7 are still brand new by comparison, so their communities are filled with people who might not even be familiar with FIRST at all.

    Said a different way, we’re increasingly focused on making sure when you sign up for FIRST and every time you visit, you’re getting something that only Rooster Teeth can give you. That includes hit shows, and we’ll continue to make those and find more. But clearly another thing to focus on is premium series featuring our awesome, ridiculous, and growing family of Let’s Play partners. We’re going to make more of those, and continue to weave a common thread between all of it.

    You want us to keep experimenting.

    On free-to-watch platforms in 2017, our biggest audience growth was on Facebook and Twitter, both of which reached over 1MM followers, and on Instagram, which is our second-fastest growing free-to-watch platform. Our channels on YouTube are about flat year-over-year in views, but watch time exploded: we served 2.6 BILLION more minutes in 2017 than in 2016. Chalk this up, in part, to us successfully leaning into all the changes in YouTube’s platform, the goal of which were to increase watch time across the platform. Watch time and views are generally inversely related, because the more time you spend watching a video the less time you have to click on a new one (and everyone only has 24 hours in their day).

    Besides overall changes in all of these platforms in 2017, the way we used non-YouTube platforms in 2017 has another thing in common: the content we posted there was much more experimental.

    If you’ve been watching Rooster Teeth consistently for the last few years, you’ve likely noticed we make a lot more high-quality series across all our platforms, but less of the standalone shorts that might have made you discover us in the first place. In 2017 we tried to address this by expanding RT Life into two or three days per week, and launching Burnie’s vlog. It worked alright, but we found the creative constraints of RT Life to be pretty limiting, and not conducive to our general goal of just making a cool video when we thought of it. The one time we really did follow our gut and make something we just thought was funny, Blaine ended up on the front page of Reddit in a video I still can't watch all the way through.

    It’s clear we need to return to our roots. To do this, we created a space on to try new, standalone videos: The Lab. Think of it like the Achievement Hunter series inside the Achievement Hunter channel; it’s a place where we’ll post just about anything that doesn’t fit somewhere else. We might end up making multiple episodes of the types of videos that work, but these probably won’t air in consecutive weeks or days. If something from The Lab really works, we might develop it into a bigger series. Everything from The Lab will premiere on for FIRST members, become free to watch on after 24 hours, and then make its way to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or some combination of all of those. Just to be clear, we might not post these videos on all of those platforms (besides, might not post everywhere all at the same time, or even all in the same form. Every platform has its own best practices, and the idea here after all is to experiment. We’re also building a new team that focuses only on this, and we’ll have more to share about that in the coming months.

    Thank you again for an incredible 2017. I am so energized by this community every day, and honestly, I get more excited about 2018 with every passing day – not just the programming, but our brand new platform, even bigger events, you name it! As always, I’ll be in the comments answering questions.

  • Final Fantasy XV PC Release Date Announced

    5 months ago

    Eddy Writer - The Know, Nomad

    So we've finally got the release date for Final Fantasy XV on PC -- and you'll be able to go on adventures with Noctis and his beautiful anime bros in the Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition on March 6. In conjunction with the release date, Square also dropped a trailer for the game, complete with tons of cool tidbits about how much better it's going to look for the master race. When director Hajime Tabata talked about the PC port last year, he mentioned all kinds of fun additions like user-made quests and other content, so it'll be interesting to see what the community eventually does with the game. 

    Square ALSO dropped mention of the new Royal Edition of Final Fantasy XV, which features an all new dungeon, all the previous DLC pass content, and more. 

    Here's the PC version trailer: 

  • New service lets you sell Steam games

    5 months ago


    A new platform that will let you resell Steam games is launching soon. Robot Cache says it will let you resell games - oh, and its got its own cryptocurrency called "Iron" for use when you buy and sell your games.

    According to the site, selling a game will get you 25 percent of the money, while 70 percent goes to the developer. The remaining 5 percent -- presumably -- goes to the site. 

    The platform is the brainchild of inXile CEO Brian Fargo and former Atari exec Lee Jacobson. It's expected to launch later this year. 

  • Happy Birthday to the not dead John Carpenter!

    5 months ago


    One of our best living filmmakers is John Carpenter. Or, if you're Rotten Tomatoes, rest in peace you sweet baby angel. 

    John Carpenter is not dead, but Rotten Tomatoes accidentally tweeted out a past-tense look back at his career using the phrasing "John Carpenter would have been 70 years old today..." 


    Oops. They even picked the worst photo of Carpenter known to exist. 

    The article it actually links to knows the horror master is still alive and kicking, so someone managing Rotten Tomatoes' socials made a boo-boo. 

    But since it's John Carpenter's birthday I had a question I proposed to Twitter... This fun exercise is a Sophie's Choice of sorts. Carpenter has made a huge amount of great films. Not just good. Flat out great. So, I put this out there. You get to pick one of his films, only one, and from this moment on you can watch it as many times as you want until the day you die. But you never ever get to rewatch any of his other films. Which film do you choose? 

    There are a few obvious contenders. Of course there's his most famous film, a movie that defined a genre, setting a template that still exists in the horror genre today. Naturally I'm talking about Halloween. 

    Halloween still holds up and is on regular rotation in my Halloween season playlist every year. Nothing quite gets me in the mood for my favorite holiday than Carpenter's film. That score is an all-timer and instantly sets the mood.

    It wouldn't be my pick, though. I'd miss it terribly, but it wouldn't be my choice.

    The clear winner of the informal Twitter poll was The Thing. That's hard to argue against. The Thing is a masterpiece of paranoia, suspense and just overall badassery. Boasting some of the best practical effects ever captured on celluloid (courtesy of the great Rob Bottin), The Thing is probably the best movie Carpenter has ever made, but again... it wouldn't be my choice.

    Don't get me wrong, The Thing is one of the most re-watchable movies ever and I'd be gutted to never get the chance to screen it again, but it was another Kurt Russell/John Carpenter collaboration that jumped immediately to mind when I cooked up this rather evil movie geek hypothetical. 

    My desert island John Carpenter movie would be Big Trouble In Little China. There are a few key reasons behind my logic here. One, the movie's the most fun thing Carpenter ever did. From the first frame to the last it's a quick-witted, sharp-tongued, visual feast. Secondly it'd never get old. I could watch Kurt Russell as Jack Burton for decades. He's so earnest and alpha and teensy bit dumb. There's something amazing about watching Jack Burton bumble his way through events he can't explain.

    And that brings us to the real the reason Big Trouble In Little China is my choice. It's singular. The Thing is a masterpiece, but there are other great paranoid thrillers and visceral effects-driven horror movies. Starman is incredibly heartfelt and touching, but there are other (better) friendly alien visiting earth movies. Escape From New York is incredible, but you can always go for Mad Max if you want an anti-hero in a crazy post-apocalyptic landscape.

    But there is nothing like Big Trouble In Little China. There would be no way for me to scratch that itch should I never get to watch it again. 

    So even though I'm one of the most vocal defenders of In the Mouth of Madness and Prince of Darkness and have seen Halloween, EFNY, Assault on Precinct 13, The Fog and They Live dozens of times each, Big Trouble In Little China is my pick.

    It's a testament to just how amazing John Carpenter is as a filmmaker that there are so many incredible options.

    Which one would you choose?

  • More Info on New RT Box Plan

    5 months ago

    Eric_Duncan VP, Marketing

    Hey, folks. Back in November, I wrote a post that said I’d have some information to you before Christmas about changes we’re making to Double Gold and the RT Box in 2018. It is… January 16 today? Goddamnit. Sorry. But I’m here with an update now.

    Ok, well, moving right along, let’s dive into some of the things we have planned for this year. Please keep in mind there are a lot of details that we’re still working out, and I will make sure to roll out the information as it becomes 100% confirmed. At least four different departments and a bunch of smart people all have to work together to make this happen, and we want to make sure things are as solid as possible before we talk about them or launch anything. Here we go...

    The March RT Box Will Be the Last Monthly RT Box

    As I may have mentioned before, getting a box out each month has been a challenge on many fronts. I am very proud at how we’ve been able to do it every month, and two rounds of RTX Austin, without skipping a single one. However, we’ve been consistently late on shipping and aren’t entirely happy with how we’ve been executing. But we love doing this, and a lot of you really love the boxes, so we’re going to keep it going in a new way.

    The New Plan: The RT Box Gets Bigger and Ships Once per Quarter

    That means four boxes per year, delivered roughly every three months, plus an RTX-exclusive box that will only be available for purchase at specific RTX events (more on that in a future post). Now let’s bullet point some stuff:

    • The first of these new boxes will ship in the second quarter of 2018 (April–June). The goal is to ship the boxes in the middle of the quarter (mid- to late-May). When we know more specifics about timing, I’ll update everyone.

    • By bigger, I mean the box itself will be physically larger, contain more products, and will generally include higher quality items than the current RT Box (all exclusive to the box). Again, more details on product later.

    • I don’t have a final price yet, but you will pay once per quarter (recurring membership), and the cost per quarterly box will be lower than what you currently pay for three months worth of the current Double Gold membership. .

    • Unlike the current method of billing for Double Gold, our new plan will charge your credit card immediately when you sign up. At that point you’ll begin your FIRST benefits if you aren’t already a FIRST member, and you’ll be eligible to receive the next available RT Box. The charge will recur at the beginning of the next quarter. More information about this will be rolled out as we lock down all the specifics.

    • We are aiming for the value of all of the product in each box to be about $150+ USD.

    What Does Your Money Get You?

    • An RT Box every quarter.

    • FIRST membership.

    • We will continue the current Double Gold member perks of 10% RT Store discount, early access to buying live event tickets, and that fancy double star by your name on the community site.

    Take My Money! When Can I Sign Up?

    The goal is to roll out sign-up for the new plan in March.

    So as I’ve probably said too many times already, there’s more news to come, and I will roll it out just as soon as we get the details locked in. In the meantime, hit me up with questions below and I’ll do my best to get to them. Your feedback helps us make this a better product. We know this is a big change, but we’re planning some really fun stuff. We know you’ll love it. And to our current and former Double Gold members, thank you so much for your support and patience during our first year-and-a-half-plus of this venture. Happy new year, you lovely, lovely people.

  • What Comics Are People Reading These Days? Here's mine!

    5 months ago

    BroadcastBryan Resident Beard

    I tend to be very sporadic when it comes to buying comics, and I definitely fall in the group of people who when you can't find an issue or two that you missed when you try to catch up on physical issues, you stop reading a series completely. Well today I've begun the attempt to change that by going digital and doing my catching up with Comixology! These are the series I want to commit to:

    The Punisher (2016)

    Believe this is the final Punisher series that Steve Dillon (RIP) worked on. Frank Castle has been one of my favorite Marvel characters pretty much always.


    Unabashed, no f**ks given sci-fi fantasy. Lovers from opposite sides of an intergalactic war running for their lives in a universe so weird the Doctor Who writers would have to be impressed.


    An Austin kind of slice of life book about women who do roller derby. 

    Archie (2015)

    My sister did more of the Archie reading growing up, but I got into this new series. It's modernly goofy. I especially like the first arc because it's the same artist who does Saga.

    Motor Crush

    Imagine if Speed Racer was also street racing for drugs!


    This is me being a wrestling dork. It's mainly about a wrestler on the back end of his career, done in the ring, but lingering connections to the business and the underworld pull him back into everything he wanted to leave behind.

    Sex Criminals

    Definitely for mature readers, clever and hilarious if the premise doesn't turn you away. Turns out there are people in the world that when they orgasm, time stops! What do you do in that moment? Crime/vigilante justice! Anime watchers or manga readers of Prison School or Keijo would appreciate this.

    Deadly Class

    Instead of magic, Hogwarts is now a school for assassins, and all the top crime lords in the world send their children here. It gets dark.

    Curse Words

    I think back to the old South Park episode where it's big news that a broadcast TV show will say the word "shit," and in the process of everything it turns out that "curse words" are actual words of curse and things go crazy. That's why I picked this one up in the first place.

    Suiciders (2015)

    Dystopian Los Angeles where the favorite entertainment of the masses is the bloodsport of Suiciders. Part Running Man, part Escape from LA.

    And the one I now want to start is Heavy Vinyl. Empire Records meets Fight Club. What could possibly go wrong?

    That's my list at the moment, and I'm curious what everyone else is reading!

  • John Wick: The TV Show!!! Kinda...

    5 months ago



    John Wick is badass. We all know this. You don't mess with his car or his dog... hell, just leave the man alone period. 

    We've gotten two very cool movies and now Starz is moving forward with a John Wick-based TV Show... kind of. 

    Remember that super rad assassin hotel? Well, that'll be the setting for this show called, appropriately enough, The Continental. 

    That's actually a really cool idea for a spin-off show. The world-building surrounding that hotel is what sets John Wick apart from your average run of the mill action movie... that and the brutal head-shot-filled action choreography. 

    Keanu Reeves will serve as producer and while there's no guarantee he'll show up they've already hinted that Mr. Wick could pop up in some capacity.

    Sons of Anarchy's Chris Collins will act as show runner and John Wick director Chad Stahelski will direct the pilot.