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  • Things I learned in 2017

    5 months ago


    Good morning Rooster Teeth campers. Welcome to 2018. We’re already two days in, but it’s the first day back to the office so I thought I’d try to start the year by getting a journal post in. This year I’m going to work to keep an ongoing journal about what I’ve been reading and consuming. Learning has always been a big priority in my life. I grew up with a family full of teachers. My parents were both elementary school teachers, other family members taught preschool or were seminarians. A good chunk of my parents friends were also teachers. There was a culture of learning around me and it sank in.  I don’t think we’re ever really done becoming who we are and we have the capacity to mold ourselves, in part, through what we consume.

    In the spirit of that capacity for change, I spent some time the other day thinking about 2017 and trying to boil down some of what I’ve learned. These are in no particular order. I’ll try to extrapolate in places but these are pretty open and honest.

    1) There are things you can do that you told yourself you couldn’t do

     This has been an ongoing thing the past couple of years. A couple of years ago when we relaunched the Let’s Play channel, I started experimenting with plugging my guitar in and finding random pedal combos I could create interesting sounds with for the various bumpers. For the longest time I’d told myself that I wasn’t a songwriter and I wasn’t a musician. I’d played sax throughout high school but it wasn’t an active part of my life after college. Those Let’s Play bumpers ended up uncorking something that’s really grown and flourished since then. RSTR, our loosely organized staff band, has become this really cool thing. It’s fun getting together and hashing out songs for the various projects we’ve done and I’m excited in 2018 for our first album.

    More recently, I’ve been discovering some latent drawing skills. My wife had the idea for a children’s book about a punk rock tween girl who flies around exploring her galaxy. I wanted to do what I could do to help her make it into something. I started to try to find a friend who could illustrate for us but I’ve always had a hard time trying to get people to buy into a project that I can’t pay them for right away so I started to train myself to be able to do it. I’ve been documenting my progress on my instagram account. I get up early during the weekdays and spend the first 90 minutes to two hours plugging away at something and I post a little snap shot of whatever I did that day. it’s been fun and it’s been a reminder about plasticity and that we can change ourselves.

    One of the youtube channels that’s been especially helpful has been manga illustrator Mark Crilley’s. . His stuff is worth a look if you haven’t checked it out. Also helpful has been the work of Scott Robertson:

    2) Plugging a guitar into a powerful amp feels really good.

     Seriously. If you’ve never had the chance to play a power chord into a real guitar amp. Find yourself an amp and try it out. It’s an amazing feeling.

    3) You have more people who care about you than you admit

    3a) Even as you realize the number of people who care, you discovered a new level of loneliness in your work.

    2017 had some real high points and some real low points. I had a couple of really long mostly solo projects that didn’t always go the way I hoped they would. It was hard going through those things on my own.

    4) The doors you want to have opened, or you think you want opened, probably aren’t ever going to open the way you want them to. You need to learn to adapt and adjust and not let it crush you.

       Still unpacking this one. I think this plugs into item 1 though. One of the only ways to open new doors is to become something else. As a commercial artist, if you want to be doing other work you need to show that work. From the music side, I couldn’t go write a Let’s Play Rock Opera 

     if I hadn’t been doing a lot of other things that led up to that.

    5) Forty doesn’t feel like forty. You don’t understand how it differs from what you expected because a lot of the things that have happened are what you predicted.

      I turn Forty in a little over a month. Oddly it’s felt more like I’m turning 30 and I can’t put my finger on it. All of the things I thought I’d have by 40 I have. Two kids, a good marriage, a house, a career… I’m thankful for all of those things and they’re adult things, but I don’t feel like “an adult” most days. Maybe it’s that I feel like I’m still trying to prove myself to people or that what I consider ‘my career’ I’ve only been doing for 7-8 years. (I spent most of my twenties and early thirties working in corporate and church production and design. It wasn’t til after I moved to Austin that I worked on my first film.)

    6) Shut the monkey mind up

    Buddhism calls the mind that’s busy running scenarios and conversations through your head the monkey mind. I’m awful at shutting that monkey mind up. The times this year where I was able to maintain a mindfulness practice helped that but I need to maintain that practice in a better way. I also need to do a better job of doing something like Julia Cameron’s morning pages.

    here’s some info about morning pages

    In a similar vein. I need to be better about using things like morning pages to process my inner dialogue and not push down stuff that I’m trying to sort out.

    7) You’re not infallible and when you break now it’s harder to get back to neutral.

      Like item #3, I realized this year that when my tank hits zero and I try to keep going after that point, I can’t. I used to be able to, but, and maybe this is an example OF being forty, the same mechanisms I used to rely on to push through don’t work as well anymore. It’s like a repetitive

    stress injury, I guess. After a couple of the big projects I was on this year I didn’t bounce back quickly at all. One of the big goals for 2018 is to work on that.

    8) Without a support network, you’re much more prone to getting lost and not being able to find your way out.

     This is both a creative and a personal thing. I’m thankful for my friends and coworkers who were there to help me stay upright this year.

    9) You have to find a way to deal with the work not being you and you not being the work.

     Frankly, I make things way too personal. One of my strengths has always been feeling like the work is a part of me.That makes me care about it to a degree, sometimes, honestly, a lot of times, is not healthy. I haven’t solved this one, but I’m aware it’s there and I’m trying to be more cognizant about watching out for this.

    10) When you’ve reached a professional/career goal it be can sometimes be hard to establish the next goal

     This boils down to reinvention. I’m still thinking about this one and trying to understand what causes me to get to a place where I start to feel restless and what I do about it.

    11) Even if you think you’ve learned how to handle your imposter syndrome it just finds another place to attack.

    Go watch this video on the Dunning-Kruger effect. It’s pretty great

    12) You’re still not over not having parents anymore and you hang on to parental figures more than ever because it sucks to not have a lifeline

       I remember I was at work finishing up an episode of season 12 of Red Vs. Blue the last time I talked to my mom. She prayed that I’d finish my project so that I could get up to MN. Someday I’ll tell the story here about my worst week ever. It’s funny in a rather morose way, but it was capped with a 70 some hour work binge as I worked to finish an episode of RvB. After I finished, I raced home, bought a plane ticket and flew up to Minnesota the next day. I’ve lost both of my parents while at Rooster Teeth. I remember listening to the Enders Game audiobooks while working on season 9 of Red Vs Blue. My dad was going through cancer treatments for multiple myeloma at the time. In the Enders books they have this communication service called The Ansible that allows planets to talk to each other in real time. If someone were to travel to the other planet, time dilation would mean that everyone on the other planet would be dead by the time you got there, but you can talk. I felt like I was living on another planet that year because I could talk to my dad but I couldn’t be in MN to be there with him.

    Both of those wounds of losing my parents have faded over time. Now they mostly come out in really dark jokes. Friend: “Trying to figure out what to get my dad for Father’s day” Me: “Wish I had that problem”. Or, picture a fun movie montage of me hanging out with two velvet bags filled with ashes. But the thing that doesn’t quite fade is the knowledge that you’re the patriarch of the family now. It’s a loose thread. There’s no direct link to your past. You can’t phone and ask a question about your past. Thankfully, there is that “It takes a village” sort of village of people that were around my parents and you can sort of go to those people, but it’s not the same. I’ve never quite gotten past that feeling of being orphaned. I’m really thankful for the people who have become mentors and have fulfilled some of the aspects of those roles. I hope that I can be that for other people.

    12a) If you’re going to die when your parents did, you have less than half your life to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

    This is sobering.

    13) Maybe you have a book in you, but you’re not in a place to write it. Maybe you should convince yourself that you are.

       A 2018 goal is to really dwell on this one. I’ve got some thoughts. Those thoughts scare me because you look at the end goal and you can’t see the finish line but you know that at some point you’re going to be there. Just like in long distance racing though, you have to take your eye off of the end goal and just focus on the process. One foot in front of the other.

    13a) You can chase after the big thing, but you’ll only ever catch it by doing the small things and focusing on the next step.

     See above.

    14) You have people that look up to you and that still confuses you. At some point you need to be able to accept and love who you are.

    14a) You  need to stop hating yourself and forgive yourself for not being the version of perfection that you have in your head.

     I think I need to meditate on this one a lot this year. It’s one thing to intellectually understand this. It’s another thing to emotionally embrace it.

    15) You’re still better off asking forgiveness than permission.

      I stand by this one. Just go do whatever it is that you’re thinking about. Figure out a way to tackle it. You’re never going to get permission for it if it’s something you haven’t necessarily done before but you’re sure that you can do it.

    16) You need to do a better job of processing knowledge and not just taking it in if you’re going to be the teacher that you want to be.

      I’m hoping my journal entries this year will be a piece of this.

    17) Work on forgiveness because you kind of suck at it.

      Ok self. I hear you.

    18) You really can survive out of just a backpack for a few days.

      I had the chance to go to Adobe MAX in October. Part of what kind of became a grand tour of conferences this year, but because I was paying for it myself, I found the cheapest airfare that I could. That meant flying Frontier and only being able to carry a backpack as a small carry on. I found out that I could do it and live off of just a small amount of a stuff for a few days. It was a pretty liberating feeling.

    19) sometimes you just have to say yes. In 2016 you couldn’t imagine how you’d ever speak at NAB or SIGGRAPH. In 2017 you did both.

    I still can’t believe I had a giant 65’ foot screen showing footage of a leg in a wood chipper as I taught people how to find the humor in it. A friend mentioned it was ‘the most Rooster Teeth talk I could have given’. You can check it out here. 

    I also had the chance to speak at SIGGRAPH. That one scared the hell out of me. SIGGRAPH is a conference for graphics professionals. It’s mostly researchers giving scientific talks. Going back to imposter syndrome, what could I have to say that would stand up to what they’re presenting. It turns out that there were people who mentioned they learned a lot from it. That was pretty humbling.

    20) Jeff Goldblum is taller and weirder than you’d expect. Luis Guzman wasn’t anything other than what you’d expect

     Had two celebrity interactions while i was in Los Angeles for SIGGRAPH. My first night at the hotel I ran into Luis Guzman. He was definitely the essence of Luis Guzman. Later in the week, I had the chance to see Jeff Goldblum at his wednesday night Jazz residency. If you ever have the opportunity, go. It’s a great, surreal, weird evening. Kind of one of the highlights of my year.

    21) Sometimes  the things that connect you to your community are more tenuous than you’d expect them to be. When they break, you won’t be sure how to reconnect those friendships but you’ll want to.

     Before the #MeToo campaign really got underway this fall, some things came out in the Austin film community. It really ripped apart a bunch of relationships and the repercussions of that are still being felt. I need to do a better job in 2018 of reaching out and connecting with my local film friends because I still care a great deal about them.

    So, that’s a pretty broad list of some of what I’ve learned this year. What have you learned? What are you going to work on in 2018?

    Here’s a list of some things that are currently on bookshelf

    Tim Ferriss - Tribe of Mentors

    Susan David, PhD - Emotional Agility

    John Scalzi - the Old Mans War series (I’ve been plowing through these)

    The art of Jock

    The art of Atari


    5 months ago

    LuckE Gainfully Employed

    I had a lot of fun at IKKiCON! I met some very cool people and saw some great RWBY cosplay. Can’t wait for MAGfest later this week!

  • Fitness With Blaine Gibson

    5 months ago


    Yo my dudes! As promised, here's my in-depth post for anyone seeking help on their journey to physical fitness. Some of you may remember when I made a similar journal entry a few years back. This post will address all of those same topics and some additional subjects that may help you in the gym! If you read the old post (you don't have to, it's outdated) you may notice my regimen and diet have slightly changed.That's totally normal. As you become more in-tune with your body, it's good to mix-up your routine to avoid boredom in the weight room (more on that later). Keep in mind: I am by no means a professional. This is just stuff that works for me, and may not necessarily work for you. As Mr. Rogers would say, "You are special and there's no one else like you" (or some shit). Your body is unique and it's up to YOU to find the best routine that works for your bod. SO, let us begin my iron-pumping padawans.

    Gaining Muscle: Like many losers who didn't lose their virginity until their twenties, I remember watching Dragon Ball Z and wanting to be as jacked as Goku (in fact, I'm listening to the DBZ soundtrack as I write this). Unfortunately for us, we're not fucking ripped cartoons and we have to deal with this corporeal form that we were born with. Personally, I find the best results with the Hypertrophy approach to weightlifting. Hypertrophy is commonly used by bodybuilders, it gives you a good mix of mass and tone. It consists of 3 or 4 sets of about 10-12 repetitions. In a typical workout session, I do 8 to 10 lifts that cover a variety of body parts. I break my workout days into 3 muscle groups. 

    • Day 1: Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders
    • Day 2: Biceps, Backs, and Traps
    • Day 3: Legs

    In addition to lifts that cover the above muscle groups, I also do 2 abdominal workouts as a warmup and a calf exercise at the end. Your abs and legs need less recovery time than the rest of your muscle groups, so feel free to hit those bad boys a little more often. 

    The alternative to Hypertrophy is Strength Training. I dabble from time-to-time, but Hypertrophy makes me look and feel the best. Now, gaining muscle requires a healthy diet and adequate rest. I'll get to those topics in a few paragraphs, until then let's move onto the next subject-

    Choosing Your Weight Lifting Exercise: Stepping into a gym for the first time can be awfully intimidating. There are a metric fuck-ton of machines, lots of heavy things that you probably won't be able to lift for a while, and for some reason it smells like a sweaty asshole. But hey, no worries, I'm here to help (with the first two things, the sweaty asshole smell is unavoidable). 

    First things first: It's important to go to the gym with a plan. Know what muscle groups you want to work that day before even stepping into the building. Once inside, look around at the equipment and assess what machines will help you achieve the day's lifting goal. It's totally fine to walk around and stare at the weight equipment, I do it literally every time I enter a new gym. Don't just jump on a machine to look busy, take time to figure out what you want to do that day. Strategize. You might get the sensation that people are watching you or judging you. Do not let that deter you. Chances are they're too focussed on their own lifts OR they're checking you out (I'll get into gym psychology later. Seriously). Anyways, most machines have cute lil pictures that show you what muscle groups that specific machine works as well as directions on how to use it. 

    Need help on choosing what lifts to do or how to do a certain lift? I have a resource! THIS PAGE is a goddamn life saver. I use it constantly. Just click a muscle group you're working and it'll show you a bunch of lifts AND how to do them. is filled with tons of free workout programs if you're starting from scratch. Bookmark these pages on your phone, they're perfect for people trying to figure out what exercises to do. I rotate lifts out regularly. It's important for me to keep my body guessing. That way I'm working my muscles in a variety of ways AND I'm preventing myself from getting bored. Sometimes I may also reduce weight and increase repetitions. Have fun and confuse the shit out of your muscles. Also, most importantly, have good form. Good form gets results, bad form gets you injured. Use the above resources or ask a gym employee if you need help. 

    Diet: Diet is arguably the most important component to losing weight. You can do all the lifting and running you want, but if you eat like shit, you're not gonna do your body any good. For keeping my weight down and insuring my body is properly nourished for muscle gain, I track my macronutrient ratios and calories. It's fairly simple and can be done with the help of a free app called "MyFitnessPal". I use this app pretty much every day. Basically you type in whatever you're eating (or scan the barcode for the food item), it'll search it's database of foods, and it'll log your calories and macros. You can also set goals for weight loss, weight gain, and your daily caloric intake. Personally I like to eat around 2400-2800 calories a day. 40% Carbohydrates, 35% Proteins, and 25% Fats. Typically you'll want to take in a lot of carbs earlier in the day for energy, and then fats and proteins later in the day for recovery. 

    Next: drop the sodas and take up water instead. Soda has a fuck-load of sugar that you don't need. Water will keep you hydrated (which will help stave off injuries) and it won't make your teeth all gross. (Also, pro-tip, if you DO drink coffee or soda, swish water around in your mouth afterward to clean that shit off your teeth, it's how I keep my teeth white and healthy). Moving on! 

    When eating, know when to stop. I used to be in the habit of eating until I was uncomfortably full. You don't have to finish your plate every time, if you feel satisfied, put the fork down! You can also drink water in between mouthfuls of food to help quell your hunger. In regards to supplements: I take a protein shake after workouts (Whey Tech Pro 24 from Vitamin Shoppe or Optimum Nutrition: 100% Whey- chocolate is the best flavor). Post workout supplements are great for recovery, but don't overdo it. Too many protein shakes can actually fuck with your kidneys. There are tons of other supplements, but this ain't the journal post for those. You'll have to do your own research if you're interested in pre-workouts, creatine, BCAA's, glutamine, etc. 

    Cardio: Back in senior year of high school I got a really hot Prom date; she was totally out of my league. I felt kinda gross and pudgy, so I started running a mile every day to lose some weight before the dance. In two months the weight was practically falling off. My date ended up ditching me at Prom, but I felt really good about my body so I didn't really give a shit in the end. Anyways, cardio is fantastic for losing weight! Combined with dieting, this is probably the quickest and healthiest way to lose pounds. I tend to recommend starting with cardio before taking up weightlifting. The results from weight lifting take time to notice, and you may burn yourself out if you're just now starting to workout and you're juggling a new diet, weightlifting, and cardio all at once. 

    Now keep in mind: cardio doesn't necessarily have to be running. A lot of people have bad knees or aren't ready for that level of exercise yet. No worries! Just do activities that make you sweat and raise your heart rate safely. Biking, stair climbing, ellipticals, anything. The key is to keep pushing your body harder and harder. If you're knocking out a mile with no problem, run for a longer distance OR run at a faster speed. Keep challenging yourself, otherwise your body might get used to the exercise and it won't be as effective. Over time your stamina will improve resulting in better sleep, more energy throughout the day, and improved performance during SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. That's right, cardio leads to BETTER FUCKING. So run. 

    Rest and Recovery: I'm going to sound like a mom, but I don't care, moms are cool and sometimes hot: Make sure you get enough sleep. 7-8 hours is perfectly adequate for me. Your body will absolutely need to rest if you want it to improve. If you don't give yourself enough time to recover, you WILL injure yourself. Then you won't be able to lift. Then you'll lose motivation to get back into the gym. Then bam, back to square one. Rest days are also extremely important. For my routine I do my 3 lift days (the ones I mentioned above) and then a day of rest. Rinse and repeat. 3 days on, 1 day off, 3 days on, 1 day off, etc. 

    If you find that the diet is kicking your ass, consider a cheat day. Mine is on Sunday. It's a way of rewarding yourself for a hard week of work. It's a motivator. Something to look forward to. It also prevents you from going crazy from eating chicken breast and broccoli all week. 

    Stretching is also crazy useful. I only recently started to stretch before workouts and I've noticed a huge improvement in the weight room. It helps eliminate cramps and the risk of pulled muscles. Stretch every day if you can. And if you're a fancy fuck, try yoga. Also, again, drink lots of water. Keep yourself hydrated. Carry a big 'ol water bottle around like me. It's what all the cool kids are doing and they're not pooping kidney stones out of their dongers or pulling muscles. 

    Motivation/ Gym Psychology: A very, very, very frequently asked question I get is "what do you do to stay motivated". That's some arbitrary bullshit, yo. Personally, I don't view fitness as something I need motivation for. I view it as part of my normal routine. A non-negotiable. James Willems once said that he treats exercise like brushing his teeth or shampooing his hair. It's not something you talk yourself into, it's just something you DO. Now if you need something to drive you forward, set goals for yourself. I'll set a personal goal if I want that extra push at the gym, they keep me focussed and give me something to work toward. Example: "I want to look like this with my shirt off" or "I want to lift this much on bench press". Goals can be a great motivating force, but don't be hampered by a "lack of motivation". That's an excuse. 

    Speaking of excuses: stop making them. It's really easy to get into your own head about working out. "People at the gym will judge me", "I'm not strong or fit and I'll embarrass myself", "It's too hard", "I don't know how to exercise", "I'm afraid I'll injure myself". I hear these excuses constantly. They are all problems I encountered when I was going through my weight loss. I vividly remember one night when I was still having a hard time with my body image. I was exhausted at the end of a workout and struggling to get like 50 pounds on push press. Some meathead walked up with his girlfriend and literally said, "Dude, you can't lift that? You're fucking weak." They walked off laughing. I was fucking humiliated. I didn't want to show my face at that gym any more. But instead of letting that asshole get me down, I kept pushing myself in the weight room. I wouldn't let his shitty remark get the best of me. I don't know where that guy is now, but he's probably dead. Or he's alive and super fucking jacked. Either way, who gives a fuck? Don't let shitty people win, rise above. Also, side note, don't become dependent on a gym partner. Gym partners are great if you need a spotter, some friendly competition, or want to have someone supporting you while you learn about fitness. However, it's super easy for that person to control your routine. If they decide to get lazy and skip a day, it's easier for you to skip as well. When it gets to the point where you absolutely NEED someone to hold you accountable to go to the gym, you may not be in the right headspace. Moving on. 

    Another common excuse for not working out is claiming ignorance. I get it, you're not going to suddenly learn about every exercise, body part, or piece of fitness equipment overnight. But you have the internet. You're using the internet RIGHT. NOW. It's filled with limitless information on how to exercise. Also, homey, weightlifting is not fucking rocket science. You're lifting and lowering heavy things. You think those meatheads at the gym are smart? Nah brah. Just take a little time to learn about fitness. Over time you'll become more and more familiar with the weight room. You'll never master the gym either, and that's okay! Hell, I'm still learning and discovering new exercises. But that's fun and it keeps me interested! Also, you're going to make mistakes. Some day you'll do a lift wrong or goof up on some arbitrary gym etiquette thing. But like Yoda said, "The greatest teacher, failure is". Learn from your mistakes. Moral of the story: you live in the age of information. Don't say that you can't figure this out. You're a Rooster Teeth community member. You're so gosh dang smart.

    Last thing: Exercise requires dedication, patience, and time. Your six pack abs will not appear overnight. You won't be participating in the next Olympics. But be patient and hold strong. The results WILL come if you put in the effort. Like anything in life, you get out what you put in. Fitness requires a self starter attitude. Toughen up and face your fears, otherwise you won't make progress. Not happy with how you look or feel? That's on you, no one else, to make that change. 

    So to recap: Don't let fear govern your health. Don't let laziness govern your health. Don't make excuses. Go exercise. 

    ALRIGHT. That's all I've got for now. Feel free to post questions in the comment section below. If I don't answer them, I'm sure some lovely community members will be eager to help. I wish you the best of luck on your fitness journey. Just remember: don't give up. My decision to start exercising was one of the best choices I've made in my life and I will never regret it. I believe in you, you can do this. 

  • Sana Rambles: Doki Doki Literature Club

    5 months ago

    Sanaart RT Production Artist

    I said I wanted to ramble about games I play this year, as well as play more of them, so here we go!

    I will start by saying this will obviously contain spoilers about Doki Doki Literature club, and I highly recommend you go into this game as blind as you can if you haven't played it already.

    I will also give a general content warning for everything the game warns about such as themes of depression, suicide, etc.

    Anyway, here we go!

    I was trying to think about why this game has been on my mind since I've beaten it. It's another game in the "4th wall breaking" category, and I've seen the same things this game has done in other games such as Im Scared, Undertale, Pony Island, even Bioshock. I don't even think it did those "better" exactly, but still the game has stuck with me, and I think I'm now able to articulate why.

    The game starts off as a typical low budget dating sim. Characters have limited numbers of sprites on top of low numbers of environments, while being inside a plot of no real consequence. Even with hints dropped here and there that something isn't quite right, the games atmosphere does little to make you feel any tension at all. But this isn't a critique, I believe this was done very deliberately. 

    Miles Luna once said that he liked writing comedy because it got people to let their guard down, and this is exactly what the developer was doing. It's so unassuming that I think many people would drop it before getting to the "good" part.

    Once Sayori hung herself, I jumped a little. I knew it was coming, but yet I really wasn't expecting it. The sound was so strange and imagery was so intense... and then the game snaps back to normal, as if nothing happened, without Sayori.

    From there, the world starts to fall apart, slowly but surely. Now I'm incredibly tense and expecting something big to happen again, but it doesn't. Just blips and glitches, small bursts of intensity. Since I'm already on edge, everything I notice makes me feel more anxious, but everything I notice at this point is still working within the logic of what I know of the engine. Glitchy filters, image errors, cryptic text. My choice of female slowly going insane, often just staring at me. Natsuki, begins to notice and attempts to get me to help Yuri, but it's far too late.

    The moment where Yuri stabs herself hit me hard, since I was used to images being still, and if there was creepy animation, it was a repeating gif. I really wasn't expecting there to be a fluid animation at this point.

    And then you just, stare at her body rotting away for two days. I used the skip function, but it was interesting that a let's player I watched attempted to load a previous save. It only works as another way to pass the time.

    After this is what was the weakest point of the experience for me personally, though I'm not sure I can say it's bad since a lot of people liked this scene the most as I saw. But now Monika is speaking directly to the player, in a world she created for herself. It wasn't much of an impact for me because everything in the scene worked within the logic of the game already. The environment was still the classroom (albeit with an animated effect in the background), and Monika herself was a flat sprite that didn't change. I really wish she was animated in some way, something else that would separate her from the typical graphics of the game, especially since the "speaking directly to the player" scene isn't a new idea, either. But this is probably the most negative I can be about the game. Moving on!

    I deleted Monika, so she gave me a world without her, but in the end, there was no happy ending to exist in the Literature Club, as anyone who becomes president of the Literature Club becomes aware of the world they exist in, and would choose to manipulate it to become closer to the player.

    Monika thus deletes everything, and plays the song she's been practicing in the background.

    I really liked this game, and was glad I avoided spoilers as much as I could. I wish I didn't know "something" was coming, but I may not have kept playing past the first hour if I didn't know that much. The let's player I watched (Jacksepticeye!) also mentioned that it was cool that it turned the dating sim trope on it's head in that usually the player is in total control of the story, because all of the character will make decisions around the player's decisions. But now, that control is taken away, and your along for the ride instead, giving yourself up to the whims of the girls.

    This wasn't meant to be super organized or anything, just wanted to blog really. Let me know if you had any thoughts, I'd love to hear it!

    Plan to play the new Dangan Ronpa next, so that'll probably be the subject of my next post.

  • 2017: A Recap

    5 months ago

    emilyweeks RT Office Coordinator

    It's already December 31st. I cannot believe how quickly this entire year has flown past! I can remember last New Year's Eve like it was just yesterday...

    Well, I've been on a break from work this week and I've had some time to reflect, as lots of people tend to do at the end of the year. I'm going to take a look back at some of my favorite stuff that happened/I experienced this year. Before I start - don't judge me, lol. Also, the things in each category aren't ranked, they're listed in the chronological order that I experienced them in.

    Favorite Movies I Watched



    Gaga: Five Foot Two

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Favorite Shows I Watched (I am aware that not all of these shows originally aired in 2017, but I watched them for the first time this year...)

    Bill Nye Saves the World

    The Fosters

    One Punch Man

    Steven Universe

    Favorite Games I Played (Again.. most of these didn't come out this year.)

    Overwatch - I actually started playing in 2016, but I put like 100 hrs in this year, so I have to mention this one

    Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep - Yes it was super short, so it felt more like a demo of what KHIII can/will be one day, but still. I had fun with it. 

    Life is Strange


    Destiny 2 - I should note here that I stopped playing this mid-campaign because I kept getting distracted by competitive OW seasons. But what I have played I really enjoyed, and I plan on continuing in 2018.


    Of course these aren't all the things I watched/played, just some of my favorites I thought I'd list. I had some miscellaneous other firsts/cool moments this year too that deserve a mention:

    - Participated in the A Day Without A Woman strike to bring awareness to women's equality issues in the workplace. The first actual organized strike I've ever participated in.

    - Ran my first official timed 5K race (and then after that, my running efforts stopped halfway through the year because depression sucks)

    - Before we secured a full-time RT staff photographer this year, I actually did some product photography for the store team and some promo photography for the social media team. I have to be honest- these were some of my favorite work moments this year

    - Went to one of my oldest friends' weddings - we've known each other for 20 years. One of the only people I still talk to from that long ago that I'm not blood-related to

    - Grew my own bell peppers and basil from seeds into an actual edible form. I ate them and didn't die!

    - Witnessed a solar eclipse in real time (through the proper eye protection, ofc)

    - Participated in something for Blood Fest that I don't think I can really say anything about at this time... but it was definitely cool. lol

    - Became a foster parent for the Austin Humane Society

    - Re-branded The Space Cadets with my pals Afiya and Sadie

    - Joined my first two D&D campaigns

    - Walked in an RT fashion show in front of all staff and didn't bust my ass

    - Witnessed the first real snow in Austin since 2011

    Before I sat down to write this journal post I was afraid that this had just been another boring "character development" year... But you know what? There were no majorly terrible plot twists. I mean yeah, there was definitely some shit... but I actually got to do and experience a few pretty cool things this year. And for that, I'm super thankful. It really just took the action of sitting down and writing about it all to remember that it wasn't all bad. 

    What a year.

    Man, I can't wait to see the things I get myself into in 2018... 

    See you next year!  wink


  • Theater Mode Christmas Special and beyond...

    5 months ago

    Stab RT Broadcast Producer

    Hey Everyone, 

    So by now you've probably heard that we put out a special episode of Theater Mode that released on Christmas Day. It featured Cannibal the Musical, Trey Parker and Matt Stone's first film that would eventually lead to the creation of South Park. If you haven't seen it, I really recommend you watch it. Overall, it's just a fun movie to watch and we thought it deserved a special spot in the show. 

    Now on to the main course. Theater Mode will be returning on January 19th with our 50th episode. (PLEASE SEE EDIT BELOW)

    So far we have shot 3 episodes and will continue shooting in a week or two. The holiday season it typically tough to shoot around, so we have to begin shooting early (as you may see from some of the episodes) and then take a big 4-6 week break for the holidays.

    If you haven't heard, we've been shooting Funhaus Theater Mode. It hasne't been fully announced, but Bruce and Geoff have talked about ti publicly. We flew to L.A. a month ago to get the Funhaus team setup, shooting a few episodes, and beginning to help them with Post Production. We do not have a set date yet on when the episodes will premiere, but you can expect it after AH's season. I will admit, shooting with Funhaus was a treat. They are no strangers to the Mystery Science Theater style, especially after doing shows like Demo Disc and Wheel Haus. 

    That's all I have for now. 2018 is going to be a good year for Theater Mode fans. I'll post another update on the show when we are farther into Achievement Hunter's next season. Feel free to reply with any questions. I'll answer them as best as I can. 

    Frequently Asked Question:
    Q: Why does AHTM have to stop while the Funhaus and CowChop volume air?
    A: I see this question a lot on every social media platform, including the site. All three Theater Mode series are being produced and edited by the same group of people- which is myself, Peyton McLeod (Editor), and Justin Young (Graphic Designer). In short, we cannot work on three different shows simultaneously. In the case of when Cow Chop's volume was in Post-Production as well as airing, we were in the process of shooting the Funhaus volume as well as the Achievement Hunter volume. 

    We announced today on Off Topic #112 (1/19/2018) that Theater Mode will be postponed. Please wait for an official announcement from RT social outlets (RT Site/Twitter/Reddit) as well as on Off Topic for information on the release date. We are currently moving things around to lineup certain events and releases that will overall bring a better product for the community than we had originally intended for Q1 of 2018. 

  • Vlog wrap up

    5 months ago


    Just wanted to give you the heads up that this week’s vlog is a review vlog if that’s not your cup of tea.

    There’s four vlogs left (including this week). This week will be a look back at 2017 and all the fun adventures we undertook. Then we will have three more vlogs, lasting until about mid January.

  • 2017 Community Report: What We've Learned, and What Will Change

    5 months ago


    Hey everyone,

    I hope you're having a lovely holiday break!

    With 2017 coming to a close, we’d like to take this opportunity to look back on the year, and talk about some things we will be prioritizing in 2018. Our company and community is growing at a fast rate, which we are all so excited and proud of. 2017 was a year of growth; 2018 will be the year we improve on that growth, implement more frequent communication, and respond faster and more directly to issues that come up.

    There have been some big concerns and issues which have sprung up recently (and some, not-so-recently) that we will be addressing today and over the next few weeks as we work on improvements and solutions:

    1. The Store, and Customer Service

    2. Grandfathered FIRST memberships being cancelled

    3. The video player / community website

    4. Ad reads & FIRST

    We take full responsibility for the issues that many of you have been experiencing. I'm here to provide some insight, clarity, and transparency on these issues.


    There were a number of issues our store faced all at once, and we did not act fast enough to handle them.  More about those details and how we took action to remedy them can be read in Chelsea’s journal here.

    It became a mess, and we did not communicate what was going on well at all. We understand that many of you did not receive orders in time for Christmas, and that is unacceptable on our part. We are so sorry for the trouble this has caused and we are all working over the holiday break on something that will hopefully express our sincerest apologies and let you know how important you are.

    We would also like to apologize for anyone who has had a negative experience reaching out to our customer service team during this time. Our CS team has been working as hard and fast as they can to handle these issues, and we always appreciate your feedback on your experience. In continuing to be transparent, we were not adequately prepared for just how excited all of you were to shop in our store, especially with the unexpected issues.

    We are investing in growing this team in 2018 and making it the best it can be, and devoting more of our attention to CS as a whole -- because you guys deserve the best. I hope that you'll give us a chance to prove ourselves in the future, especially after we make some major changes we have in the works.


    I want to address a few comments we’ve read, stating that Rooster Teeth is purposely cancelling the grandfathered rate FIRST memberships in order to get more money. This is absolutely not the case. We appreciate everyone who supports us, and are so thankful for those of you who've been Sponsors/FIRST members for many years.

    We've had ongoing issues with PayPal, the biggest one being that if for whatever reason, PayPal wasn't able to collect funds on the subscription, it cancels it. 99% of the time it's due to a bank account change, card expiring, etc. The other 1% is a complete fluke, causing a lapse in payment for whatever reason, thus canceling the subscription. We are currently looking into a solution for those who lost their grandfathered rate through error, rather than plan change or manual cancellation, and we will have an update on this in the new year. We apologize for the confusion and frustration experienced with this issue.


    We are making several changes to the upcoming player in response to the current player issues. On our new platform we will actually have insight into player issues, and will able to fix them before users are largely affected.

    After you see updates rolling out for our video platform, we’re going to begin releasing changes to our community website. We are so excited to show you what we’ve been working on this past year, and look forward to having much more frequent updates on this.


    We’ve heard your feedback on a number of FIRST-related issues, and we’ve decided to make changes to accommodate that feedback:

    1. We will not have more than 3 ad reads (including the RT Store) on any podcast

    2. We won’t run a new FIRST promotion week until all previous goals have been met

    3. We will work harder at keeping you updated on fixes and changes that we are making to our website and video experience

    I can't say enough good things about you all -- our community, our family -- and how much your continued support and love, despite our errors and missteps, means to us. We want to do right by you, and want to give you the best experience possible, in all areas.

    With most people off for the Holidays at this time, we plan to circle back in the new year to touch on all of these issues regularly moving forward. Your patience as we find solutions is incredibly appreciated.

    I know this is a lot to take in at once, so I also want to let you know that we plan to do weekly posts that are more topic-focused, in order to talk more at length about specific things more regularly.

    With love,


  • RT Store Burnie Christmas Gifts

    5 months ago


    If you bought a Burnie RT Store gift for someone else for Christmas before Dec 16th and it didn't get there in time, I want to try to help make things right for you.

    If you bought a merch product that has my name on it (which are: the Burnie hat, the Burnie sticker, the Burnie bobblehead or the Be Nice Work Hard shirt) as a gift for someone and it did not arrive in time to give to them for the holiday, I will personally call them and wish them a Merry Christmas and apologize for messing up your gift to them. I won't be able to talk very long as I expect to be making a few calls but I feel it's the least I can do. 

    If this applies to you, just use this Google Form I have set up to get me all the relevant information.

    I am sorry this happened.

  • Go Nitro drawing contest!

    5 months ago


    Hey everyone. 

    I'm holding a Go Nitro drawing contest from now until the end of the year. If you draw something featuring all of the Nitros and possibly even the villain, Shotgun (all are pictured here, but feel free to put your own spin on them), then tweet it using #GoNitroContest before January 1st, you will be entered. I'll pick my favorite three and send them a prize package with a signed copy of Go Nitro, as well as some other signed stuff. I love seeing other people's artwork, so I hope you decide to join in. Have fun everyone! 



  • Announcing Funhaus Live!

    5 months ago


    A lot of you have asked if Dude Soup live would ever come back. The answer is still a definitive "who knows," but in the meantime...


    But what is Funhaus Live? I'm glad you asked!

    If you've ever been to one of our panels at a gaming convention (RTX, PAX), you already have an idea: a series of sketches, heavy on improv and absurdist comedy, connected by a central theme. Throw in some audience involvement and a small but measurable chance of serious personal harm, and you got yourself a show, baby!

    We're not ready to share specifics of the show yet, but we'll tease it out more and more over the coming weeks.


    Where: The Regent Theater in Downtown Los Angeles
    When: Thursday, January 18 - doors at 7:30pm, show at 8:30pm.
    What: Screaming, mayhem, and a secret plot to find Adam's absentee father.
    How much: $30 general admission, $100 VIP


    We're doing this a little different than we have in the past. For this show, VIP will have early seating (doors at 6:00pm) and have access to an intimate Q&A session with the cast. This is an opportunity for us to talk more personally and more at length with everyone as opposed to a rushed 30-second picture opportunity in a line with several people.

    In addition, we're still working on adding more goodies and perks to the VIP ticket, so hopefully it'll be an even better experience than it already is.


    We want to make sure the show works, first!

    This is very experimental, as we haven't ever done a show like this before. While we're confident we can deliver a great evening of entertainment, this is also a prototype for a show we plan to develop, refine, and potentially tour around the country.

    In that respect, this is also an opportunity for you to see the first edition of a show that could continue and change form over years.

    We'd like to share this experience with you in person, so we hope you come out and see what weird and funny ideas we've been developing for a while!

  • Funhaus Changes in 2018

    5 months ago


    Dear Funhaus Community,

    We’ve spent a great deal of time over the last year talking internally about the future of Funhaus. A future wherein we continue to make the type of content you’ve grown to expect and enjoy, while at the same time striving to bring you even better shows and content.

    It is our goal to maintain the same level of transparency with you that we personally demand from our favorite creators. So it’s in that very spirit we now share with you our 2018 content strategy: Quality Vs. Quantity.


    What does this mean? A couple less videos per week, to be honest. It’s an entirely different workflow for us and a shift away from our usual production output which traditionally demands pushing ourselves beyond our natural limits. This year we want to work smarter.

    Going forward we plan to re-focus on making fewer, up-produced pieces of content. Taking into account analytics and your feedback, we’ve narrowed in on what a fan-favorite Funhaus video resembles. “Avatar,” “Talking Stalkings,” “Surfers Vs. Skaters,” and “Weed Shop,” are all good examples. Moreover, these videos exhibit shared qualities: extra attention and time in pre-production and post-production, live action interstitials, crazy visuals, costuming, elaborate bits, and an over-the-top commitment to having fun and going all-in. These same considerations also apply to more “basic” gameplays like “Hitman” or “Alekhine’s Gun.” A comment we regularly see is “I LIKE WHEN YOU PLAY GAMES, THOUGH!” We still are! But now with more time and thought that can really reinvigorate and give added value to the final video product. Basically, we want to give you MORE and feel excited about it.

    This is the pledge we now make to you. In 2018, we’re going ALL-IN. It means making fewer videos, sure, but hopefully it also means more videos that will leave you breathless and in tears from laughing so hard, or taken aback by a style of editing, animation or comedy unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a Funhaus video. Cutting back on 3-4 videos a week means that the videos we do make will have more time and attention in post. Consequently, team members who edit will have more breathing room and space to flex some creative muscle.

    You may be wondering what criteria helped shape our new content slate. On the one hand, we looked at what types of videos we enjoy making, and by what means we derive the most satisfaction as creatives, comedians and producers. But for the most part, it’s come down to taking an introspective, critical look at our content and discerning what’s working and what isn’t (which is something we do regularly, regardless). As such, some of the shows that garner lower viewership will be put on indefinite hiatus. For example, Comments Show has a small, niche audience, but doesn’t pull in big numbers. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t see elements of Comments Show and other pulled shows materialize in different formats. So hang tight.

    Paid, sponsored videos will continue to be made, which is relatively self-explanatory. Shows like Filmhaus, Dude Soup, Open Haus that are extremely viable financially for the channel. But even some of this content you may see follow a more seasonal structure.


    Here’s our new posting schedule. This applies to YouTube, unless otherwise specified. At first glance you’ll notice that the Monday slot will now alternate between seasons of shows, as we start up the first season of Wheelhaus (giving Demo Disk a well-deserved break).

    GTA will be once a week now, alternating between co-op and single camera gameplays. And who knows; maybe when Red Dead Redemption 2 releases it will rotate in that slot as well.

    Dude Soup will stream live for RT FIRST Members on Tuesdays now, shifting the YouTube posting to Thursday.

    MONDAY - Demo Disk, Wheelhaus, or an entirely new series (seasonal)

    TUESDAY - Open Haus, Dude Soup Live on for FIRST Members

    WEDNESDAY - GTA Co-Op OR GTA Race / Death Match

    THURSDAY - Dude Soup (YouTube)

    FRIDAY - Co-Op Gameplay

    SATURDAY - Comedy Gameplay, Filmhaus

    SUNDAY - Comedy Gameplay


    Now here’s the amazing, exciting upside to all of this. Quality Vs. Quantity also means we’re working on BALLIN’, swag-heavy, DANKER THAN DANK new stuff! Big budgets and big ideas, some of which are dream projects for many of us. These are the ideas that we’ve talked about making, and, thanks to all of you, these dreams are closer to a reality than ever before. Our audience deserves the best product we can deliver and we’re honored to have the opportunity to make you all laugh and feel entertained. Now we’re takin’ it up a notch. We’ll continue to roll out information about these upcoming projects as soon as we can. It’s safe to say that many new shows will be viewable on, and/or for FIRST Members, if not across all platforms.


    “But if you’re making fewer videos, what will the editors DO?!? Won’t their fingers grow stiff and slow from a lack of content to cut?!?” The answer is a resounding NO. Because they already have stiff, arthritic old man hands. Especially Bones. And Matt Peake. But especially Bones.

    Changing things up has exciting implications for the entire team. First of all, you can expect to see a more diverse cast on camera. Less time editing = more camera time for the Bungalow Boys (someday we’ll get to “Bungalow People.” Someday). Second, we can all start working on grander projects and really tap into our collective creativity. Don’s got a big, beautiful brain, under that big, beautiful hair. We want to keep growing a happy, productive, creatively fulfilled team and we want that to be reflected in the kind of content we make.


    In late November we bid good-bye to The Bungalow. We’re still transitioning to a new, communal office space, but in the coming months you may start seeing different backgrounds in videos and new sets. This is a good thing, something that we’ve been working toward for a long time, for many reasons. For one, it unifies our team. And two, Rooster Teeth is helping us implement spaces engineered for and more conducive to our work purposes.


    This February, Funhaus will be entering its fourth year. We may not be in our infancy, but compared to Rooster Teeth proper we’re still learning how to walk. Our history, connections and culture are developing, and we invite you to be a part of that. In 2018 we’re paying special attention to community. Maybe not in videos, per se, but we hope this will manifest in other respects. Live events, Funhaus TV chat (more on that below), in our existing communities (Reddit, Twitter), and other new and emerging platforms. Community IS and ALWAYS WILL BE the pillar of Funhaus.


    An ambitious 2018 project we CAN talk about, is “Funhaus TV” (working title). Some of you got a taste a few weeks ago. The basic idea is to host a video stream on the FH channel that runs 24/7 and syndicates our entire back catalogue of videos, unless otherwise interrupted by us livestreaming brand new content! It’s also an extremely fluid, ever-present space where we can test new ideas, do weird shit, and transition shows and ideas that don’t necessarily have the makings of a successful VOD (like Comments Show!).

    We hope that Funhaus TV’s chat will also serve as a community hub and hangout. We don’t typically interact with chat during streams (for recording reasons), but now we’ll have a designated place where we can gossip in real-time, e.g. “Did you SEE Adam’s new haircut? It looks exactly like his old haircut. What a great guy!”

    Basically Funhaus TV will be our creative playground. So stay tuned.


    We’re going to continue being transparent and open with you. You’re the reason we’re here, and the work and exciting projects mean nothing if you’re not around to share them with.

    We love our community and we can’t wait to bring you even better content and comedy this year.

    If you have questions, comments, sweet Kool-Aid recipes then please, Tweet at us. We WANT to hear from you!














    Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and thank you all for watching! You, as the audience, are our first priority, so we want to do right by you!  benson

  • So People Really Love Doki Doki Literature Club

    5 months ago

    Eddy Writer - The Know, Nomad

    At the end of the year, it's not uncommon to hear about random games that might have passed under your radar before -- and this year, that game seems to be Doki Doki Literature Club for me. I've been hearing its name tossed around on random "year end" lists, and seeing it crop up on Twitter here and there as well... and then to top it all off, it just took home 4 separate awards in IGN's People's Choice Awards. 

    According to the game's developer, Dan Salvato, Doki Doki Literature Club was just voted by IGN readers as Best PC Game, Best Adventure Game, Best Story, and Most Innovative. Which is pretty dang impressive. My cursory knowledge of the game is just that it's a Visual Novel slash dating simulator slash psychological horror game -- a prospect that is super intriguing and terrifying. 

    But either way, I think I have a new game to play over the holidays. Anybody else jumped into Doki Doki Literature Club? 

  • The Original Michael Myers Comes Home for Halloween 2018!

    5 months ago


    This is a bit nerdy, forgive me, but today's news (broken by my friends at Bloody-Disgusting) that Nick Castle is putting the mask back on for the David Gordon Green-directed Halloween sequel coming out next year really put a smile on my face. 


    Michael Myers is a silent character, so you may think what's the big deal about the dude behind the mask coming back? Well, so much of that initial performance is sold through body language. Not just the actual shape of The Shape, but little tics, like when Myers stabs that dude in the the wall and then tilts his head back and forth examining his handiwork. That gives this character some personality. 

    Nick Castle wasn't an actor, but a colleague of John Carpenter's. He's a writer (Escape from New York) and director who would go on to make The Last Starfighter and he's also a musician. He and Carpenter formed a band with Tommy Lee Wallace called The Coupe De Villes who most notably did the title song for Big Trouble in Little China.

    This new Halloween movie was written by Green and Danny McBride and will once again bring back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, an interesting choice in that it almost certainly means they're just flat out ignoring most, if not all, of the sequels. 

    They've said they're going back to the original in terms of tone and also story. This is a direct sequel, but it's still not clear at what point they're picking up the story. Certainly all the rune/cult bullshit is out the window as is Strode's death in that shitty one where Myers faces down with Busta Rhymes. 

    The big question is whether they're keeping Michael and Laurie brother and sister, a revelation from Halloween 2. I could see them going either way, honestly, and ultimately I'm just excited to see what Green, McBride and producer Jason Blum are doing with this legacy sequel, especially since Carpenter has been mentoring them and already committed to come back to score the new film. 

    Anyway, Nick Castle coming back as The Shape is another detail that ties this film directly back to the original and I think it's a fantastic move.

    Halloween (2018) is slated for release next Fourth of July... No, I'm fucking with you. Of course Halloween is coming out around Halloween. October 19th, 2018 to be specific. 

  • Top 10 Christmas Movies - Editor & Writer Notes

    5 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    I wrote this one! It was a blast. For those of you who don't know, I used to write for WatchMojo and MsMojo. So it was nice to go back to writing Top 10s. 

    10 - Nightmare - Seriously, flashback to 2003: EVERYONE had that Jack Skellington sweatshirt. Everyone. I'll be honest though, I do still have Jack socks and I love them. 

    09 - Friday - Hearing Nick say, "It's Christmas time in the hood!" was the funniest moment in the sound booth. Noel and I laughed hysterically.
    08 - Scrooged - I love "A Christmas Carol". That's something you should know about me. 
    07 - The Santa Clause - One of my all time favorites. Also, I have a friend named Coleman Taylor and for years I've called him Cole "The Cole-man" Taylor Thomas. I even introduce him like that on the podcast we do. So when I was writing this I legitimately had to look up what the actual name was: Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor. 
    06 - A Christmas Story - I very rarely gave this movie a second thought but after rewatching this and writing the entry, I have to say, this movie is awesome.
    05 - Die Hard - Just like every modern male character in a sitcom, (Michael Scott, Pete Miller, Jake Peralta) we love Die Hard too. 
    04 - Miracle on 34th Street - Seriously though, every Santa story should end with him behind bars. 
    03 - Elf - I've been waiting 15 years to burn Love Actually. HA! 
    02 - Christmas Vacation - As funny as it is, don't the terrible Chevy stories ruin it for you?
    01 - The Muppet Christmas Carol - Such a good movie. There's nothing more to say about it. 
    11 - These are all great and I'm glad we came up with a way to mention all of them. Also the Home Alone reference might be what I'm most proud of? Dan Harmon, I hope you're proud of me. 

    Merry Christmas! 

    Watch the video: RT

  • The Artemis Fowl Movie Is Finally Happening!

    5 months ago



    After years and years and years of development the Artemis Fowl series is finally closer to actually happening. Disney announced the first round of casting for the adaptation, which will be directed by Kenneth Branagh. 

    The title character will be played by a newcomer, a young Irish boy named Ferdia Shaw. He'll be joined by veteran actors like Judi Dench, playing Commander Root, the head of a fantasy police force, Josh Gad as Mulch Diggums (the most Josh Gad-character sounding name of all time), a light-fingered dwarf and Nonso Anozie (Daxos from Game of Thrones) as Butler, Artemis' bodyguard. 

    Also cast was young Lara McDonnell, playing Captain Holly Short, the elf hero.

    This all has a very Harry Potter feeling to it. A fantasy setting, young cast that will grow as the books are adapted and all led by some British acting royalty. 

    Disney has a release date of August 9, 2019 set for the movie with filming slated to begin in the UK early next year. 

  • Benicio del Toro is unleashed in the trailer for Sicario 2 (yes, that's a real movie)

    5 months ago


    Sicario 2 is a movie that is hard believe exists. I mean, the first one was pretty great, but it's not the kind of thing you expect to spin off into a franchise, right? 

    But they did. Sicario 2: Soldado is a real movie that is coming out and Benicio del Toro is at the forefront. I get a Charles Bronson Death Wish sequel vibe off of this trailer and that's not a bad thing. If you're going to make a superfluous sequel to a harsh drug cartel drama then you better embrace the exploitation and this trailer promises Benicio del Toro's assassin character being unleashed on all bad drug criminal peoples.

    Check it out: 

    Yep, I'm all in on this one. 

  • Rooster Teeth Holiday Card Exchange

    5 months ago

    patrickmatthewz RTX Events Coordinator

    Got a rad Holiday Card from Rage Queen Mogar. She is from Wisconsin. I was born in Wisconsin. It makes sense. Thanks so much!! Holiday Card Exchange Rules!!!

  • Sleep Paralysis... again.

    5 months ago

    Steffie AH Social

    Sometime last night I woke up to go use the restroom and had just laid back down to bed. Alec talks in his sleep but last night he made a weird yell. I woke him up because it freaked me out. We sat up talking about and then I turned to my side facing the wall to go back to sleep and he snuggled up next to me. Next thing I know there’s a bright flash that comes from outside and lightning sound bang. I try to turn around to ask Alec about it but I can’t move. All of a sudden there’s more flashing lights around in my room. Then I hear Alec talking rabidly in his sleep. I try to call him, move, anything because the flashes are getting worse. Finally I managed to move to face him but that’s all I was able to do. I try again to say anything or move his hand but nothing is working. Suddenly it all stops and I’m facing back towards the walls again. Alec asks if I’m okay but I’m like legit freaked out until I realized what just happened. I wasn’t sure what was real and what part was part of the sleep paralysis but after talking it was definitely the bright flash and bang.


    • I thought it happened over a span of at least 5 minutes. He said I was out for only about 15 seconds. Like I turned to lay down after our talk, started to snore, and suddenly I was whimpering and my hand was making weird, jerky movements. 
    • My room looked exactly the same. In the past when sleep paralysis happens, something is wrong or different about the room I’m in. It’s usually what tips me off that this isn’t real and I can relax and wake up from it. This time everything was the same. We listen to rain to fall asleep and that was still going. There was the light in the corner from all our electronics, the curtain to our window was even opened slightly. No hints what was happening wasn’t real.
    • I’ve had sleep paralysis since I was a kid. It was at its worst in my late teens. It calmed down in my mid-20s and then had my most recent one just a few months ago. I'm probably gonna have this for the rest of my life. 
  • Paul Bunyan didn't use the internet.

    5 months ago


    Resident frontend guru, John Jameson and I were talking about the least amount of money we would accept to never use the internet again. So like 30 million dollars and you just go live in the mountains. Jameson said, “I’m picturing like a shrunken down Paul Bunyan.” When I asked what he meant he said, “Well… he didn’t use the internet”. Which I’m pretty sure wouldn’t make the short list of Paul Bunyan descriptors. Also, a shrunken down Paul Bunyan is really just a person.

    So, there you go. Something about that interaction made me laugh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

  • A small reorganization to help your browsing experience

    5 months ago

    ebregman Programming

    This week we're re-organizing the library on a little bit to make it easier to browse, and easier to find some of our most-watched FIRST Exclusive content: talk show post shows.

    If you've navigated to certain show pages  you've likely noticed anything that is a bonus video (i.e., not a full show episode) is numbered as 0, and appears at the beginning of the Episode list. We did this so you could easily binge a show like RWBY from episode to episode, without being served a Coming Up Next video, trailer, behind the scenes, or World of Remnant. These are all great videos deserving of your viewership, but data shows us that when viewers encounter them in a playlist, they're very likely to exit the viewing session altogether.

    Then again sometimes you WANT to watch a bonus video right after a main episode. Talk show post shows are the clearest example: when you watch RT Podcast #470 you almost definitely want to roll into RTP #470 Post Show. Also in these cases, the bonus videos are a key value add for being a FIRST member, and it's some of our most regularly posted content. Instead of burying these videos inside an episode page and out of viewing order, we can do a better job highlighting them.

    This week we're making two key updates to address these cases:

    • Series pages will have a new tab titled "Bonus Features" (picture at the bottom). It'll be right next to the Episodes tab, and will be home to any BTS videos, trailers, or other non-episode bonus content related to a series.
    • We're creating new Series pages to house talk show post shows and other videos that are regularly posted "episode extensions." Anyone who watches the Dude Soup Post show or Try Harder is familiar with this setup; we're just applying it across the board. I should note this also includes Immersion Extra Runs, which will get their own Series page.

    Lastly, in our CMS we can now specifically define a video as associated with another video, which will eventually be used in our binge logic to override other binge actions and instead roll a viewer directly from the video s/he's watching into the admin-assigned video. All that to say if you're binging RTP, you'll be able to go right from an RTP episode into its post show, and then back into the next RTP episode

    Stay tuned for more updates like this in the coming months. As always send me some questions to answer in the comments!

    EDIT: This change should not affect the URLs of any videos, so that RTP Post Show you bookmarked that one time because Burnie does that thing that you like should still be good to go.


  • The Ocean's 8 Trailer Is Here!

    5 months ago


    The Ocean's movies don't get the credit they deserve. At the time they came out they were acknowledged as being fun if forgettable, but Steven Soderbergh really captured a laid back, charismatic series of heist movies that nodded to the audience and brought them along on the journey.

    There's a new Ocean's movie coming out that shifts focus from George Clooney's character to another Ocean, this one played by Sandra Bullock, who plans a heist of her own and assembles an all female crew that includes Cate Blanchett (yas!), Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Helena Bonham Carter, Rihanna, Awkwafina and Anne Hathaway. 

    You can never tell a movie's quality from a trailer, but you can get hints as to what the tone's going to be and this one looks pretty solid, I think. The trailer already has a personality, playing with split screen and giving us a nice look at each of the key players. 

    Check it out:

    I'm excited to see how these actors bounce off each other in this new story, especially with Gary Ross at the helm. He's an underrated director (Pleasantville is soooooo good, you guys!) and if the heist is as smart as his casting this one could be pretty swell.

    What do you guys think?

  • Mega Man Composer Releases New Album

    5 months ago

    Eddy Writer - The Know, Nomad

    If you're looking for some good video game-ish tunes to add to your collection, Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae has just posted a new personal album to Bandcamp. Titled "Three Movements," the album covers several eras of music, moving from classic chiptunes style music to a more orchestral score -- all while keeping that video game feel. 

    It's really a great listen, and I love the concept of it from top to bottom, especially when it circles back around to retro. It's especially nice because Matsumae is totally still channeling Mega Man through many of the tracks. Say what you will about the quality of that series over time, you always know when you're strapping in that you're going to get an excellent score. 

    The album is just $10, or you can stream it for free on Bandcamp to your heart's content. 

  • Appy Olidays!

    6 months ago

    patrickmatthewz RTX Events Coordinator

    Well, some of us are mostly recovered after an amazing RT holiday party! I am proud of myself for keeping it pretty even keeled this time around. Well, I kept it chill at the holiday party proper, but the after party was another story. ;)  Thank goodness for Uber and Ride Austin for keeping us all safe and getting us home. I slept most of Sunday, but managed to wake up long enough for a little Trivial Pursuit with friends. Now only 4 days until my holiday vacation begins. Going to Denver to visit family. What about you guys? Any crazy plans for the holiday season?

  • The Last Jedi and Having Opinions [SPOILERS]

    6 months ago

    Miles Miles

    This is gonna be filled with Star Wars spoilers. You've been warned.

    Right. So. Let's just get this out of the way: I really did not like The Last Jedi. I went in with pretty middle-of-the-road expectations, but still left the theater thinking "Woof... that was rough." My main gripes can be boiled down to dialogue that treated the audience like an idiot and that apparently when you try to deconstruct everything, you're just sort of left with a mess of pieces.

    BUT, it's easy to gripe and complain about things. Nothing is perfect. Lord knows nothing I've ever written is perfect, and even though reading about why people don't like your work is necessary for growth... it still isn't very fun, haha.

    So I want to talk about what I thought was RAD in The Last Jedi. Promote some positive conversation and general giddiness, because isn't that why we go to see these kinds of movies in the first place?

    So without further ado...

    YO HOW COOL WAS IT WHEN KYLO AND REY TEAMED UP TO FIGHT THE ROYAL GUARD?! The choreography was so much fun and watching the two adversaries having to help one another out led to some serious "OH SHIT" moments (looking at you, Saber-Through-The-Face).

    DAWG, HOW RAD WAS IT THAT THE FILM ASKED THE QUESTION "WHY DON'T WE JUST SAY FUCK THE PAST AND ALL OF ITS TRADITIONS?" This is something I've seen really heavily defended about this movie, and I think it should be. The Force Awakens played a lot of things safe (which I think was totally fair and still very enjoyable), but Last Jedi has some if its characters take a step back and say "Light/Dark. Rebels/First Order. Jedi/Sith. They're all just two sides to this never-ending conflict. So why are we supporting either of them? Why are we still playing this game? Why don't we just get rid of all of it and try something NEW?" And I mean, yeah, this is obviously some meta commentary on Star Wars as a franchise, but I dig it. It's new. It's interesting. It validates my desire back when I was a teenager to play KOTOR as a morally ambiguous force-wielding badass.

    THE ENTIRE FILM IS ABOUT FAILURE. God DAMN is that a strong theme to get behind. Whether or not you think the story was successful in getting this point across to the audience, I still think it's one hell of a message to try and get behind and applaud them for going for it. You are GOING to fail in life and even though it reeeeeally hurts, it's absolutely necessary.

    THE MOVIE WAS FUCKING PRETTY TO LOOK AT. The battle on salt-planet, Rey having her trippy mirror-vision, and of course...

    MOTHER. FUCKING. HYPER-SPACE-SHIP-BULLET-SACRIFICE. FUCK. Whether you liked the movie or not, you GOTTA give props to what I would say is going to go down as one of the most memorable moments in Star Wars. The silence, the timing, the high contrast visuals, the FUCK YOU, FIRST ORDER OOMPH you felt when Admiral Holdo just DECIMATED the enemy fleet with her suicidal ship crash was just awesome.



    Okay, I'm okay. I'm good. I'm done now.

    So yeah... like I was saying... I actually didn't like The Last Jedi. I would honestly consider it to be a pretty bad movie, plain and simple. I know there's a lot of people out there that share my opinion and I know there's a lot of people out there that don't.

    And that's okay.

    It's easy to criticize and tear things apart (in fact, it's kind of fun), but it is important to remember that something that may seem dumb to one person, may actually be really important to someone else. By all means, defend your opinions and beliefs, but don't be an asshole about it. Don't go into a conversation with the intent to "win". Go in with the intent to have a conversation, which means talking and listening.

    It's harder to do than it sounds. As entertainers we often speak with hyperbole for the sake of getting a laugh (if you watch Fan Service, you're acutely aware of my thought's on JoJo). But all of us are guilty of firing up our phones so we can shout our feelings about things, so we can call our friends dumb, and blah, blah, blah. I don't think that kind of behavior will ever go away, but I do think we can all try and be a little more conscious of how we talk to one another.

    With that in mind, I hope you guys have a killer week, and may the Force be with you <3