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  • RTX London Community Meet Ups!

    1 month ago

    kriss Community Manager

    RTXL will be here in a matter of weeks, and our community members are organizing some cool meet ups for those who will be attending RTXL. Just like I did for RTX Austin, here is a compiled list of community meet ups that will be happening during the weekend. This list will be updated on occasion as more meet ups are sent to me, so please bookmark this post! 


    4pm - 10pm UTC+01

    Midweek Meet Up at Namco Funscape


    2pm - ??? 

    Let's Party London Watch Party at Secret Weapon Loading Bar

    2pm - 5pm UTC+01

    RTX London Pride with LGBT+ Meet Up at Hyde Park


    2pm - 7pm UTC+01

    Let's Drink "RTX Edition" hosted by RT Scotland at Custom House Pub

    6pm - 9pm 

    International Welcome Party at Hollywood Bowl!

    *Proceeds from the event will benefit the Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre*

    8:30pm - 10pm

    RT Germany Scavenger Hunt


    7:30am - 9:30am UTC+01

    RTUK Breakfast Meet Up at Airline Cafe

    6:30pm - 9pm UTC+01

    RT Ireland Meet Up at Fox Excel!

    7 PM - 11:59 PM UTC+01

    RTUK Meet up at Custom House Pub!

    If you are organizing a meet up, please let me know, and I will add it to the list! 


    THE AVOCADO IS COMING TO RTXL! It'll be my first time traveling outside of the States, so I'm really nervous, but I am incredibly excited for this experience. Looking forward to seeing everyone there! 


  • Mile 22 Is Sloppy, Choppy, and, Worst of All, Kind of Boring.

    1 month ago


    I was looking forward to Mile 22. I knew it wasn't going to be high art or even giant budgeted spectacle, but there's plenty of room between those two things for a fun movie.

    The premise is simple: a squad of badasses have to get from point A to point B in a certain amount of time and pretty much everybody in-between those two points is trying to kill them. We've seen this one done before. The low key, but still pretty solid, Bruce Willis starrer 16 Blocks did it and The Raid kind of did it as well, but the twist here was it was a modern warfare take of a trained group of people instead of one guy fighting his way through some baddies.

    When you add in Peter Berg directing, Mark Wahlberg starring and a team comprised of people like Ronda Rousey, Lauren Cohan, Iko Uwais and John Malkovich as their eye-in-the-sky overseer then you have the makings of some real fun B-grade entertainment.

    The problem is they fucked it up on a fundamental level. 


    Structurally this thing was doomed from the script stage. Wahlberg and his team don't even start on their title 22 mile trek until halfway through the movie so the whole reason you want to watch the movie feels rushed. I could forgive that if they spent the first half of the movie really focused on character, making us care about the team before they go into the shit, but instead they spend that time trying to be quippy while over-explaining a hilariously convoluted plot.

    The Raid's Iko Uwais is a cop who has knowledge of the location of some deadly powder that I guess acts like a nuclear bomb, irradiating entire cities if sprinkled on the ground. He'll tell the US where all this stuff is if they can get him safely out of his country. It's 22 miles from the embassy where he's being held and the airplane that will take him to America and it's up to Mark Wahlberg and his crew to get him there.

    We don't really need anything else plot-wise, but nobody told director Peter Berg or screenwriter Lea Carpenter that. No, there's a subplot about evil Russians infiltrating the mission and a ridiculously in-depth backstory on Mark Wahlberg's childhood. I get that we need these characters to have personality and tics, but making Wahlberg's character an autistic genius who puts together “impossible” puzzles in his spare time doesn't really match up with the high-strung 'roid rage character he plays for most of the movie. In fact it seems like the only reason we're given that particular backstory is so he has a reason to snap a rubber band around his wrist over and over again in his many monologue scenes.

    Critics were unkind to Ben Affleck's The Accountant, but at least his character is consistent. His ability to be an incredible assassin was directly tied into his character making his autism work for him. There's definitely a conversation to be had about using a real thing that real people have to integrate into their lives this way in movies, but we can all agree that Affleck's character being autistic meant something to that film's story We don't get anything like that in Mile 22.

    They tell us Mark Wahlberg is a genius, but we never see any evidence of it. He's just a good soldier. He doesn't ever outthink his opponent or show more focus or anything. He's just good at shooting and working under fire. That's it.

    The movie also lets down his squad. Ronda Rousey is established as a good fighter and you know she's tough because she says “fuck” a lot and... then doesn't do anything with her. The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan is given some dramatic meat with a pending divorce and child custody battle brewing while she's supposed to be dealing with this intense situation. Cohan does a good job showing the character's ability to compartmentalize without making her feel cold and uncaring about her family, but that doesn't change the fact that for the first half of the movie her character doesn't do much more than awkwardly get angry at phone calls with her soon to be ex, inexplicably played by Berg himself.


    Iko Uwais is the standout here. His character is mysterious, multi-layered and the only one who gets a chance to really show off just how formidable he is. It might help that he also choreographed most of the fight scenes and he's involved with roughly 90% of them, but it's a testament to just how effortlessly badass he is that his choreography shows through Berg's quick-cut editing style at all. The geography is rarely established and the hand to hand scenes are shot so close and cut so quickly that it's doubly frustrating for anybody who has seen The Raid films and know what Uwais is capable of.

    They try to do something interesting and different with the ending. Naturally I won't go into any detail on that, but I will say I liked the direction, but it was too little too late at that point.

    So the movie fails on a character level, on a pacing level and on a fun action film level. Those are the three things that should have been a given with this idea and talent involved. The movie was a big whiff for me and I'm no film snob who thinks everything should be a Criterion film. I walked in excited to have a good time at the movies and left angry at the missed opportunity here.

  • #30: The Dark Times - Death Battle's Road to 100

    1 month ago

    Ben B. Singer Ben B. Singer


    Episodes- 40 Kirby VS Majin Buu, 41 Ragna VS Sol Badguy, 42 Gaara VS Toph

    The journey into 2015 wasn’t very kind to Death Battle. A lot of problems came crashing down on us all at once. Despite feeling like the world was suddenly against us, this “dark period” was strangely book-ended by the friendly face of the man who inspired me to create this show in the first place; Monty Oum.

    Okay, I know this is supposed to start with Kirby VS Majin Buu, but this story actually begins with Godzilla VS Gamera. 2014 was the first year we attended RTX. We had not merged with Rooster Teeth at this point, and as far as I know that wasn’t even a whisper of an idea at the time, but Monty had personally invited us to Rooster Teeth annual event. It was a big deal for me! It was my first time seeing the real impact Rooster Teeth had. Our booth in the vendor's hall was right across from the Rooster Teeth store, and it was amazing seeing so many people line up to get in there! Thanks to Monty, we even got ourselves a panel! We were working on Godzilla VS Gamera at the time, and Torrian had just recently finished the animation, so I planned to show an early cut at the panel. Unfortunately, that didn’t go quite as planned. While at our hotel, literally the day before our panel was scheduled, I pulled out my MacBook Pro that had the episode on it… and it didn’t turn on.

    This was the same computer I used to write and edit Death Battles, so I was really stuck up a shit browser without a mouse. (Terrible analogy, but whatever.) I eventually got a new computer, but this brief lack of equipment still created some scheduling issues. At the same time, Nick was just beginning to work on his first Death Battle and I was acting as a supporting role there. So several new things were happening all at once. It sure would be a terrible time to, I dunno, have to cancel an episode at the last minute?

    Then Kirby vs Ditto happened.


    No, I didn’t mistype anything. Kirby VS Majin Buu was originally supposed to be Kirby VS Ditto. I was writing the script, had the fight planned out, and everything was almost totally good to go! ...then I found a “Kirby: Right Back At Ya!” episode where the plucky pink puffball threw a giant worm all the way to the sun.

    Yeah, Ditto was one hundred percent screwed.

    We had to make a last minute call to change the episode’s match-up. Although we did not change it to Kirby VS Buu right away. At first, we actually tried to change it to an eating contest between Kirby, Goku, Snorlax, and Luffy. No really, that almost happened. We had been discussing trying new Death Battle concepts, like a death race, and I guess Kirby's eating habits just seemed like the perfect thing to experiment with. I dedicated a whole week to developing an eating contest Death Battle, but I had reservations. The battle script was overdue at this point, and our animator needed to get started ASAP if we were going to meet our deadline. Given how conceptually different an eating-to-the-death contest would be, I didn’t feel comfortable trying to force it into this episode. This was something that would require time to properly put together without feeling rushed or poorly thought out. So at the last, last possible minute, the battle was changed to Kirby VS Majin Buu.


    By today's standards, Kirby VS Majin Buu and Gaara VS Toph both suffer from the time period they were released. I feel like a broken record at this point, but seasons 1 and 2 focused more on interpretations and logic than measurements and calculations. That’s changed for the better now, so I’d be curious what the results would be like if we re-examined them with today’s Death Battle rules. There actually is one line in Kirby VS Buu I need to call out, though. In the post-fight analysis, Boomstick says “Kirby’s warp star moves faster than light, a speed Buu has never had to combat before.” But like… we literally just said Goku’s faster than light speed a few episodes ago, right? Hmmmm. But there's still plenty to enjoy in these episodes! Casting for Gaara VS Toph stands out to me the most. It became a somewhat disorganized affair thanks to some issues I'll hit on in just a bit, so Marissa (who played Noin in Tigerzord VS Gundam Epyon) offered to help cast the roles as Chris Guerrero and Kira Buckland, which turned out fantastic! Funny enough, both have returned to this year's season of Death Battle!

    Unfortunately, I didn't realize until it was too late that showing Buu get killed by the cute and cuddly Kirby, of all things, might not sit too well with an audience still coping with our Goku VS Superman episode. I rationalized that Death Battle shouldn't skew itself to appease any one fan base over others, and it would be wrong to give the Dragon Ball audience special treatment when we'd never done so to anyone else. I hold the show by this standard to this day. That being said, given how popular and widely discussed Goku VS Superman had already become, I can absolutely understand why some people might think we should have thought otherwise in this particular case.

    Anyway, there was a lot of pressure to get 3 Death Battles out in the first two months of 2015. If I recall, I believe Craig was frustrated that we had to delay a few episodes because of the aforementioned difficulties, and wanted to make up for it. So three episodes were quickly rushed out the door; Ragna VS Sol Badguy, Gaara VS Toph, and Boba Fett VS Samus Aran Remastered. Given our current release schedule, this doesn't seem that bad, but keep in mind that we didn't have the multi-person teams on each episode like  we have today. I think the pressure of getting these done so quickly created a few issues. Especially since we agreed Nick could have Ragna VS Sol Badguy because “Hey, they’re fighting game characters! How complicated could their backstory and analysis possibly be?”

    Turns out, VERY MUCH SO!!


    I think the episode still turned out great, though. Zack’s animation is baller, and Wiz and Boomstick’s “Who’s On First” style confusion over That Man is still one of my favorite jokes we ever did. And to those who are critical of Kirby VS Majin Buu and Gaara VS Toph, please don't misunderstand my intention here. This blog isn't meant to seek pity or excuse why any episodes in particular don't necessarily hold up to the quality our any other Death Battle releases. The Road to 100 series is simply meant to explore and reveal what working on Death Battle for so many years has been like, both the good and the bad. 

    By the way, if you’re looking at the YouTube release of Ragna VS Sol Badguy, you may be wondering why it was apparently posted in April. Unfortunately, we were unaware that two pieces of fan art had been included in the edit by mistake and without credit. Long story short, one of the artists issued a takedown, but we were eventually able to come to an agreement and re-upload the episode. We improved our process so it wouldn't happen again and kept trudging along. As for the remaster, we were actually moving Torrian from Detroit to our Dallas office while he was working on the project. So it was good old fashioned stressful times for everybody!

    Then on February 1st, in the middle of producing a Death Battle specifically inspired by his work, Monty Oum sadly passed away.

    There were other difficulties going on at the time, too. Chief among them, I had learned that my aunt was suffering a cancer relapse after a 4 year battle which my whole family thought was behind her. She passed shortly after Monty. Personally, it was just a very taxing couple of months. It's still a little tough to talk about, even in a written blog all these years later. As for how it affected my work, I wasn't nearly as invested in the episode I was working on at the time (Gaara VS Toph) as I usually would have been. I'm glad to now have a team at my back to help with current issues like this. The chaos reminded me of the never-ending stress from my first year on Death Battle, and for awhile I even began questioning whether or not I should continue working on the show.

    Thankfully, this bleak time would be lifted by our next episode; the wonderful Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro!

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. On a lighter note, would you be interested in seeing a Death Battle with a unique premise like the aforementioned eating contest?

  • Nomad is Now-Here

    1 month ago

    Jordan Campe Diem

    Salutations, Wanderers!

    Unless you’ve been living in a briar patch for the last hundred years, you’re probably aware that Nomad of Nowhere is back! That’s right, for the next six weeks we’ll be airing the last six episodes of season one. Episodes will release every Friday on Rooster Teeth for FIRST members, right at 8AM Central (same time slot Camp Camp occupied the past 12 weeks). The week after that, the episode will be free for all to watch on the site and mobile apps as well. You have our mobile app right? If not, get ithere for iOS and here for Android and get to watching.

    So that’s seven days for Rooster Teeth FIRST, then free on the site for everyone. Got it? Awesome.

    We hope you’re excited for the rest of season one; it will be quite a wild ride filled with twists, turns, plus lots of heart and EMOTIONS. Without giving away too much, it’s going to be really cool. Thanks for all your support (and patience) for the show! You’re the best bunch o’ dunderheads a crew could ever ask for.

  • PAX West Roll Call!

    1 month ago

    kriss Community Manager

    Yoooooo! Who's going to PAX West!? Let's hang out with the RT Games team! Will have deets soon about a meet up, but curious to know how many people are attending. 

  • This Week At ScrewAttack - 8/16/18

    1 month ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    • I don't have any videos coming out this week!
    • I spent this week working on next week's Desk of Death Battle and helping out with Top 10s. 
    • So here's a random string of thoughts from the desk of a ScrewAttack editor and writer: 
    • Premiere Pro, the editing software we use, is strange. I've edited with almost everything under the sun and I do think PP is my favorite but I have a theory that because it's such a composite of editing programs, it can be buggy. Almost every week we have to gather together and problem solve a weird PP issue with someone's project. 
    • Speaking of gathering together, anyone remember the MTV movie/show 2Gether? Yeah. Good times. 
    • Speaking of good times, the concept not the show, I've been playing a lot of Stardew Valley after work this week. I got a Switch back in June and it's probably the game I've played the most. So fun. 
    • Speaking of fun, again the concept not the band, I forgot my lunch at home on Tuesday and went out to eat with Noel and Torrian. Torrian told us all about being a parent and Noel and I agreed that for now we would just vicariously live through him because we're not ready to be parents! 
    • Speaking of segues, you get the joke by now, I finished up Barry on HBO. It's incredible and I definitely recommend it. 
    • Anyone have any questions about editing, writing or anything else?
  • #29: Deadpool Dances - Death Battle's Road to 100

    1 month ago

    Ben B. Singer Ben B. Singer


    Episode - 39 Deadpool VS Deathstroke

    Death Battle episode number 39 was originally planned to be Ditto VS Kirby and air in mid-November, but there were quite a few setbacks that pushed that one back. I’ll get into those on the next blog. However, we never changed the airdate for what was supposed to be the last episode of 2014; Deadpool VS Deathstroke!

    I’m a big proponent for challenging one’s self, and I try to apply that idea to every episode of Death Battle. I love it when we push the boundaries and the rules we’ve established to try new things, like the battle royale or gag battle episodes. But this episode would introduce an all new take on the show. For the first time ever, one of the combatants would interact with Wiz and Boomstick.

    There was a side of me that wasn’t sure if this was such a good idea. For most of seasons 1 and 2, I didn’t really treat Wiz and Boomstick as characters. Their original intention was to merely portray hosts of information. That’s why there was no on-screen presence, and very little character development outside of a few jokes here and there. Death Battles were supposed to be pretty short early on, so I figured it'd be better to dedicate our limited time to the characters in the episode titles. Having a character throw themselves into the mix and completely tear apart Wiz and Boomstick’s dynamic meant we had to look at them in a way we never had before. How would they react to this? What would they do? How would it affect their analysis and presentation? So many questions!


    Because of the schedule changes with the Kirby fight, this was also a Nick episode. While I spent a lot of time on the planning side of this one, he did the majority of the actual writing. Including most of the fight script. You can absolutely tell because there are way more references to Deadpool’s appearance in Marvel vs Capcom then I would’ve included in my script!  stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

    This was also our third time working with Torrian, which meant another 3D battle! These were quickly becoming major events for our audience, and I'm pleased to say this one just blew everyone away. If you squint your eyes and look reeeeeeal close, you may notice this battle takes place in the exact same city set as Godzilla VS Gamera and Terminator VS RoboCop. This would be the last one, fulfilling the deal I’d made when purchasing the set piece.

    I think we did a pretty good job at keeping the environment fresh between all three episodes. When purchasing the set, I already knew we’d use it for these three match-ups. In fact, it played a large part in deciding these match-ups, as I didn’t want to force a fight into a city environment that really wouldn’t belong there. While investigating the city, I deliberately decided that specific parts of the set would be exclusively used in individual episodes. A certain set of blocks was set aside for Terminator VS RoboCop, the lake and beachfront was assigned to Godzilla VS Gamera, and the bridge was held for Deadpool VS Deathstroke. Yep, that’s how far in advance I was thinking about these fights. While writing Terminator VS RoboCop, I already knew the centerpiece of the Deadpool VS Deathstroke battle would be a highway chase scene that would go over a bridge.


    But let’s talk about something that wasn’t planned. Well, sort of. At one point in the battle, Deadpool busts out a boombox and starts to break-dance. While this segment was part of the script, as Deadpool's unpredictable fighting style was one of the key arguments for his victory, Torrian added a lot of fun elements on his own accord. Like a new outfit and random crowd cheering. We would later discover that he made this scene while inebriated. When he woke up the next day, he didn’t remember actually animating it and almost deleted the whole sequence for fear that it wasn’t what we wanted. I’m very glad he didn’t! (PSA: Always stay safe when drinking and animating.)

    After this episode aired, we knew we needed to get Torrian down to Texas to work for us full time. I’ve already talked about the Boba Fett VS Samus Aran remaster in my very first Road To 100 blog, but he joined us in the office while working on that episode. When we get to Torrian’s next episode, Iron Man VS Lex Luthor, I’ll cover how he revolutionized our animation department and helped set on on the path we’re on today!

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. What’s your favorite line from this episode?


    1 month ago

    Clarissa.Gonzalez RT Live Events Manager

    Hi London friends!

    Exciting news! Community Corner is coming to RTX London, and we will have a dedicated space in the Exhibit Hall to promote the work and talents of our community. Are you an artist, designer, illustrator, and/or create cool shit? We'd love to give you the space to show it off!

    We've assembled a committee of Rooster Teeth employees who have come from the community to review and select the submissions. 

    Applications now open and close Wednesday, 29 August at 11:59PM CDT.

    We can't wait to see all your submissions!

    Lastly, if you have any questions, please remember to reach out to our lovely customer support team at They're here to help!



  • #28: Get Over Here! - Death Battle's Road to 100

    1 month ago

    Ben B. Singer Ben B. Singer


    Episode - 38 Ryu VS Scorpion

    Let’s talk about one of Nick’s episodes!

    Actually, I want to cover a bit about his first episode, too, since I didn’t go too in-depth over it back in my blog about the Batman episodes. If you didn’t catch that one, Nick’s first episode was Batman VS Captain America!

    While looking at the general discussion around that episode, I also stumbled upon a recurring topic which is even on the Death Battle wiki.


    Sooooo just for the record, I have no idea what this is talking about. It doesn’t even make any sense. I believe we may have mentioned this was an episode we planned to do for awhile and it somehow got wrapped up in some weird idea that we made this episode a long time ago but not really? I'm not sure, but apparently a lot of people think this for some reason. The entire story behind this episode was: it was a highly requested match-up and we gave it to Nick for his first episode so I could assist with a character I’d already researched while working on a completely separate episode of my own. Also, like all Death Battle episodes, we did not pick this match-up because we somehow knew Batman would win in advance. We’re not fortune tellers.

    Batman VS Captain America also introduced a brand new animator to the Death Battle mix; Zack! Now let me tell you, we really like Zack, and I think you may have already noticed that if you watched the episode that came out today. Yep, Zack was one of the main animators for Carnage VS Lucy. We’ve been working together for several years, now!

    Nick and Zack also teamed up for the deliciously fun Ryu VS Scorpion!


    Nick wasn’t just the writer and head researcher for his episodes. He also edited them. This was an arrangement I was adamant about because of how information in Death Battle is presented. If we spent all of our time just talking about the details of every weapon, armor, skill, and feat a character has, you’d have to listen to Wiz and Boomstick drone on for hours! Thankfully, Death Battle uses a visual medium, so we’re able to show just as much as we can tell. For a show like Death Battle, which is constantly giving the audience more and more information at a steady rate, I think it’s really important that the writer and editor work together closely, if not be the same person. This way their styles can work together to create the best and most effective video possible.

    I had a pretty firm hand on the final cut for Batman VS Captain America, but Ryu VS Scorpion truly shows off Nick’s style in Death Battle for the first time. It might not be very noticable to most people, as it still follows the same formula. But like all editors, Nick has a different way of conveying information and creating quirky edits than I do. Personally, I was really excited to see someone else take a crack at the formula I had been working on by myself for over 3 years up until that point. Seeing things through different eyes is a huge learning experience, and this helped move Death Battle in a new direction. Many of you may have noticed how the modern Death Battle episodes might feel a little different than these older ones. Hopefully for the better! This sort of workflow helped create a lot of that.

    As for Zack, he was the first to introduce hand-drawn elements into the fight animations… in this very episode! And this was only his second one!


    I remember having a long discussion with Nick and Zack about Scorpion’s sprites for the animation. It felt wrong not to use the classic digitized sprites, but we all knew they’d look strange next to the much higher quality Ryu ones. We wound up going with some custom mugen sprites instead, and Zack even did some custom sprite work for Scorpion's additional weaponry and dialogue. I think we made the right choice!

    At this point in Death Battle’s history, I was specifically looking to hire semi-novice animators to give them a platform to grow on. Zack’s drive for quality and to learn new things with each and every animation was truly impressive, and still is! Ryu VS Scorpion’s battle was easily one of our best looking animations for a long time.

    The choice of winner for this one remains controversial, especially after our most recent episode with Ryu clarified and re-examined several things. I’ve mentioned this in a few previous blogs, but at this time Death Battle was more interested in interpretations than calculations. That’s why so much of this episode’s analysis focuses on how Ryu and Scorpion’s movesets compared to each other, rather than how their strength, speed, and durability compares.


    That being said, I recall being pretty conflicted about Scorpion’s ability to transport Ryu to the Nether Realm. The power Scorpion gained from the location pretty much sealed the deal on his victory, but I had always maintained that the location of the fight shouldn’t be considered an element of the fight’s conclusion. It ended up being included because it was part of Scorpion’s arsenal, and not a random element that neither character couldn’t control.

    Overall, a pretty awesome episode! And while this one solidified Zack’s place as a recurring animator for the show, the next one would go one step further for Torrian. Tomorrow, I’ll talk about the surprise phenomenon that is Deadpool VS Deathstroke.

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. We’ve seen a lot of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat characters in Death Battle, but is there one we haven’t brought in that you’d like to see in an episode?

  • News regarding RTX Sydney and future Australian live events

    1 month ago

    Bethany Head of RT Events

    Hi everyone! 

    Traveling our company to Australia every year is a massive endeavor for Rooster Teeth, and one that we always look forward to. However, we can only manage one big event in Australia each year, and based on feedback from our community we’ve decided to change things up in 2019. 

    Rather than the standard RTX event, we'll be sending Achievement Hunter and friends down under to put on three amazing stage shows in a few different cities. We can't wait to show you what these guys have planned, and we'll be announcing dates and venues very soon! 

    Stay tuned for how and where to buy tickets in the coming weeks. We can't wait to see you again in Australia in 2019! 


  • Rooster Teeth's Murder Room is Back!

    1 month ago


    This week we begin releasing more episodes of Murder Room!  We produced four new episodes from mysteries written earlier this year in testing. These four new episodes will give us a chance to get even more feedback and tweak this killer show (haha) before going into our official first season. (fingers crossed) Murder Room will also be moving to a different windowing session. Episodes will launch for FIRST members and be exclusive for 7 days, then it will open to be available to anyone on and all mobile apps for 7 more days, and finally after that it will be available on YouTube for the public. Since this is the first show of its kind, we are basically learning how to best turn each mystery into a game.  I think you'll see how each episode gets stronger and stronger as we solve this crazy-ass puzzle we call Murder Room.  Now, set your timer and prepare to convict a killer.

  • #27: Gun-Damn It! - Death Battle's Road to 100

    1 month ago

    Ben B. Singer Ben B. Singer


    Episode - 37 Tigerzord VS Gundam Epyon

    Apologies in advance. I’m working real late tonight, so this blog will be a little bite-sized.

    Remember how in the last Road to 100 blog I talked about finding something new through Death Battle that you’re a fan of? While Nick was busy working on his first episode, Batman VS Captain America, I decided to try digging into a new series I wasn’t as familiar with; Gundam!

    Most Death Battle match-ups up to this point had included characters which I was at least somewhat familiar with. This was essentially to ease the research process so I wouldn’t spend so much time digging through information just to learn which sources I’d need to find before I even begin the research itself. But now that Nick’s work on Death Battle gave me some extra time, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to explore some franchises that Death Battle hadn’t covered yet!

    I had wanted to do a giant robot fight for a long time. Even though we were working with Torrian at the time, there wasn’t any guarantee yet that 3D animation would become a Death Battle mainstay. So I spent some time digging through possible sprite battles involving mecha series. Lo and behold, two very popular requested mechs had some wonderful sets of sprites; the White Tigerzord and the Gundam Epyon!


    This match-up might seem a little out of left field for some people, but it’s actually really important to me that every couple episodes we should cover a match-up and/or characters most people wouldn’t expect to see in Death Battle. That way, the series keeps from getting stale from expected, theoretical “obvious” character match-ups. I don’t want the audience asking which Marvel VS Dc fight we’re gonna do next, I want people wondering what random-ass character you forgot even existed we’re gonna pull out of the nether!

    While Gundam Wing fascinated me, it didn’t really pull me in like the Godzilla and Gamera movies did. A lot of people had told me it was the best Gundam series… absolutely the one to watch! But while it was really cool when it focused on the Gundam pilots, the rest of the series got a little muddled and bogged down by dozens of meandering characters and events that just weren’t interesting. Since then, I’ve dived into the original Gundam story, and that’s waaaaay more my jam!

    This battle animation was incredibly fun to write. I wanted to incorporate elements of the Power Rangers cheese and Gundam’s dark fantasy to create kind of a silly dark comedy atmosphere that showcases both tones at different times. We also had some awesome voice talent, including Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi, the creator of TOME, and Marissa Lenti, who would eventually help cast future Death Battle animations. Watching it again after all these years, this may be one of my favorite battles we've ever done!

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. Are there any giant robot match-ups you’d like to see in a future Death Battle?


    1 month ago

    kriss Community Manager

    US and Canadian friends! Today is the day if you want to see Blood Fest in theaters! See our very own Barbara on the big screen TONIGHT! How do you get tickets? 

    If you live in the US, click here!

    If you live in Canada, click here!

    If you live in the UK, Blood Fest will be showing on the 17th, but you can find tickets to The Prince Charles Cinemas or to Showcase Cinemas!

    And for our Australian friends, Blood Fest will premiere on the 15th in Sydney and on the 16th in Melbourne. Get your tickets here!

    Enjoy the show and pleases let us know what you think! 


  • RTX Austin 2018 Feedback Requested

    1 month ago

    Bethany Head of RT Events

    Hi my lovelies! 

    It's been a week since RTX Austin ended and as usual, I feel a mix of emotions. So much time and work (and champagne!) goes into planning the massive experience that is RTX, that when it ends after a jam-packed, whirlwind of one weekend, it's hard not to feel a sense of sadness inside. Yes, it's a phenomenal feeling to come full-circle and see the results of the previous year of work come to life, however it also comes with a heavy amount of anxiety and longing for what's next to come.

    I truly hope you had a wonderful time this year at RTX, however we know there are always ways we can improve year over year. My team and I would love to hear from you on your experience this year at RTX Austin 2018: Registration, Security, Panels/Programming, Hotels, Evening Events, Communications, and anything else you want to ask/discuss. 

    A brief survey was emailed to all attendees last week, so please make sure you complete it. Not only will you be entered to potentially win 2 Weekend badges to RTX Austin 2019, but the feedback is invaluable to us. We read every word and consider every suggestion in our planning for the following year. 

    Lastly, I cannot thank you, the community, enough for continuing to show your support for Rooster Teeth by attending RTX and our other live events. It's you that makes Rooster Teeth special. It's you that allows us to have RTX each year. It's you that makes this the fucking best community in the entire world. It's you that deserves all the love and appreciation I can give. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


    B (and the Events Team) 

  • #26: Finding Fandom - Death Battle's Road to 100

    1 month ago

    Ben B. Singer Ben B. Singer


    Episodes - 34 Fulgore VS Sektor, 35 Godzilla VS Gamera

    I’ll be covering two episodes today! Let’s do this!

    In hindsight, it seems a little odd to do another cyborg/robot fight so soon after Terminator VS RoboCop, but there was a very good reason for doing Fulgore VS Sektor at this point. Not only was it a match-up I really wanted to do, but it was sort of a test drive for someone who would start helping make Death Battle episodes very soon. That person was Nick Cramer.

    If you’ve been reading my blogs up until now, you’ll recall that I had been begging for additional manpower behind this show since about halfway through Season 1. Well, it looked like I was finally going to get my wish. To improve our production rate, it was decided we would set up a system where two episodes were produced simultaneously. I would direct one, and someone else would direct the other under my supervision. I immediately nominated Nick.

    Nick had joined ScrewAttack less than a year after I had. In fact, I had also recommended him to the company in the first place. We went to the same high school back then and teamed up to make student films every so often, so when Craig asked me if I knew anybody who would make a good editor and videographer, he’s the first who came to mind.

    Anyway, back in mid-2014, Nick was a gigantic fan of the new Killer Instinct game. Fulgore VS Sektor essentially became a sort of training seminar for him. He didn’t get his hands dirty on the computer until his first Death Battle a couple episodes later, but he still participated in checking my research and writing on Fulgore to see how I put everything together.


    One of the most common things I hear about Death Battle is how it often introduces people to characters and series they’d never seen or heard of before, and since then they’ve become fans of their newly discovered franchise. It’s always really cool to hear this, but sometimes it can even happen to the folks behind the show! That was the case with Godzilla VS Gamera.

    Before this episodes, I had watched maybe 2 or 3 Godzilla movies, and that was it. Still, Godzilla VS Gamera was a massively popular request, one that I figured we absolutely had to do, and Torrian was really on board with making the battle animation. So I set to work digging through the complex histories of these two giant reptilian beasts.

    And holy hell I loved every second of it.


    There was so much to love about these Kaiju series, both the campy oldie classics and modern horror blockbusters. I was fascinated by the evolution of Godzilla from a terrifying force of symbolism, to corny serialized superhero, to brutal but meaningless force of nature, and then all the way back to an icon with purpose. The story of of how Toei hated the Roland Emmerich adoption so much they bought the rights and murdered his “Zilla” on screen had me cracking up at my desk with all the other ScrewAttack members staring at me awkwardly. The older Gamera films were so cringy they became hilarious to watch. (Except Gamera: Super Monster. Fuck Gamera: Super Monster.) Also, if you have the chance to see them, the Heisei Gamera trilogy movies are actually really good. Not just good monster movies, I mean legitimately good movies in general!

    Needless to say, I came out of this episode as a fan of both characters, and I’ve been keeping up with both franchises ever since!


    It was a lot of fun writing the battle script for this one. Adding as many of their silly moves as possible without breaking the epicness of the fight was a bit of a challenge. Also, I really wanted to create a bombastic scenario which I hadn’t seen in any Godzilla or Gamera material, but I still knew they could accomplish. So I wound up adding a scene where Gamera attempted to crush Godzilla with what I called an “Orbital Piledriver” . . . a bodyslam from outer space!

    It was pretty kickass.

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. Has any Death Battle introduced you to a character or franchise you now consider yourself a fan of?

  • Old Game Hunting

    1 month ago

    kriss Community Manager

    I've been on a kick lately to track down some games from my childhood/early gaming years. While I did grow up with an NES as my first console, I have a lot of love for the SNES and the PS1. We did have other consoles/handhelds (that my other family members had) available, but there are a few games that really stuck with me, and I wouldn't mind having them again. 







    These are just a handful of what I'm looking for, but I think this is a decent list to show off my early gaming years. Also something to note, I am very much a physical copy type of gamer, so I'm all for tracking down discs and cartridges. What are some games that have stuck with you through your childhood?

  • #25: Pokemon is Math! - Death Battle's Road to 100

    1 month ago

    Ben B. Singer Ben B. Singer


    Episodes - 32 Luigi VS Tails, 33 Pokemon Battle Royale

    By this point in Season 2, Death Battle was starting to shed its reputation as a video-game-centric show. Goku VS Superman and Spider-Man VS Batman were probably the biggest factors for that. Still, ScrewAttack would remain a video game website first and foremost for many years to come, and Death Battle was obligated to return to the scene of its origin every so often.

    So these two battles seemed like pretty natural fits for the show!

    Both of these episodes presented some challenges in terms of the “scenarios” of the fights. For Luigi VS Tails, there was some concern around the office that it would simply feel like a repeat of Mario VS Sonic. I mean, Luigi and Tails’ abilities aren’t too different from Mario and Sonic’s, right? Well, Luigi most of all. So it was an understandable concern. But knowing that they did possess some differences, including in their used arsenals, I concocted a scenario where they would most rely on their weaponry which is unique to them.

    Like many fights of Season 1 and 2, this is another one which somewhat relied on the janky compositing rule. Because all non-canon material was allowed so long as both characters received equal treatment, Tails got access to his abilities and feats from the Archie comics. Including a certain transformation called “Titan Tails.”


    Yeah… the Archie comics got weird sometimes. Most times, actually.

    Next up was something we hadn’t done in awhile… a Battle Royale! This one in particular was a match I’d wanted to do for a very long time; a battle between the 3 starter Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Blue. It’s Venusaur VS Blastoise VS Charizard!

    Figuring this one out got MAD complicated. While I took examples from the anime to showcase how certain attacks and feats worked for each Pokemon, the victor ultimately came down to two things; their perceived personality, and their statistics. I don’t think I’ve ever done so much math for a Death Battle before or since.

    If you don’t know how Pokemon works, every Pokemon has a set number of statistics measured by numbers. Every Charizard’s health, just for one example, will be at least 266 when it reaches level 100. Additional statistics would be up to player interaction, but similar to Link VS Cloud, I wanted to remove player input as much as possible. Anyway, each of a Pokemon’s moves also has very specifically measured accuracy and damage numbers. My theory was that if I could make a list of literally every scenario where every move is used in as many possibilities that could ever present themselves, I could figure out exactly which Pokemon could win the most number of times. This was mostly inspired by the way Deadliest Warrior “calculated” its victors, but Death Battle couldn’t due to the necessary interpretive factors of a fight based purely on fiction. However, since literally everything involved in this match-up had a specific number value, it could actually work!

    Given over a hundred hours, at least.


    I remember spending ages writing up an Excel algorithm that could organize the number statistics together by damage, accuracy, and effectiveness. Even then, I had to go through most of the individual calculations to ensure everything was correct. To make things a little easier, given my available time frame, I discluded a few attacks which could be substituted for greater ones. For example, I removed Charizard’s Scratch attack because Slash would effectively accomplish the same effect and more. This is why the episode’s analysis doesn’t present an exact number of possible scenarios at the end, just an estimated “over 7,000.”

    These episodes also have a couple of crazy kill moves! While I didn’t want the deaths to get quite as unnaturally intense as they were in the Ninja Turtles Battle Royale, I think Death Battle shines when its kills are extremely over-the-top. That’s why the final blow in Pokemon Battle Royale in particular is still one of my all-time favorites!

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. What has been your favorite killing blow in Death Battle so far?

  • This Week At ScrewAttack - 8/10/18

    1 month ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    The Desk of The Desk of DEATH BATTLE - Mario FLASHES Peach?!  -  Editor Notes 

    • And people freaked out about seeing Mario's nipples...
    • Why didn't they make this issue of the manga about seeing Mario's butt crack or something? He's a plumber! That at least plays into a stereotype. This is just strange. 
    • I had to key frame that mushroom over Mario's...swimsuit...area. That's my job! 
    • There's a part of this script that talks about how Mario doesn't really say anything in his games. But we do get "It'sa me, Mario" obviously. So does that make Mario a Pokemon - he only ever says his own name? 
    • For those of you actually interested in editing notes, I used a lot of nested sequences and a lot of directional blur. Like a lot.
    • Anyways, thanks for doing that research, Jocelyn. I'm really glad it was YOU who had to bite the bullet bill and key frame/blur out Mario's penis and not ME. 
    • JK IT WAS ME. 
    • Also while I have you, what's your favorite Mario game?

    Watch the episode!

  • August - Accousticesque

    1 month ago


    Sorry this is so late. It's actually supposed to be next month's playlist, but it was done and August wasn't, so here you go. It started as an accoustic playlist, expanded to an accousticesque one. I'll try and get back on schedule in September with "Feelin' It."

    August - Accousticesque

  • It's Been A While...

    1 month ago

    emilyweeks RT Office Coordinator

    How's everyone feeling post-RTX Austin? I'm still pretty dead.

  • #24: Enter Torrian - Death Battle's Road to 100

    1 month ago

    Ben B. Singer Ben B. Singer


    Episodes - 31 Terminator VS RoboCop

    On yesterday’s blog, I noticed that a couple people were wondering why Fox VS Bucky wasn’t animated by Lange, the same guy who did Ivy VS Orchid and several of the episodes before that. I’ve been saving that conversation for this very blog, because we’re about to cover one of the most important episodes we’ve ever done.

    So here’s the deal; around the time of Ivy VS Orchid’s production, we got ourselves into a bit of an “animator crisis.” No, that sounds like something disastrous happened. How about I call it an “animator mixer?” Wait, that sounds like we started setting up our animators on dates or something…

    Never mind! The point is, we started looking into other potential animators. Sprite animation seemed to be coming back as a popular form of internet video, (whether or not Death Battle had anything to do with that I’ll leave up to you) and I was eager to show off some new talent across the show! I figured if I could get multiple animators on board, we could start churning out episodes at a much more frequent pace. You’ll notice that a lot of episodes around this point in Season 2 have several different credited animators varied between them.

    Speaking of frequency, our very recently instituted in-house animator was beginning to lose his own frequent pace. Ivy VS Orchid actually had to be delayed due to animation setbacks. For his own privacy, I won’t go into any details on what happened, but at some point it was decided that Lange wasn't working out, and he was unfortunately let go. To be fair, if you recall from some of my earlier blogs, ScrewAttack’s working conditions weren’t exactly very forgiving back then, though our production timelines were far more lenient at this point.

    And so, we were sadly down an animator and co-worker. However, there was a light at the end of the tunnel, for I had already secured three new freelance animators… 2 of whom worked with sprites, and 1 of which worked with 3D animation.

    Yup. I’m talkin’ about the one and only Torrian Crawford.


    Getting Torrian on board was a huge moment for the series. While this technically wasn’t Death Battle’s first 3D animation, you may recall that I had no idea Link VS Cloud would be 3D until mere days before the episode aired! Terminator VS RoboCop would be my first time working hand-in-hand with an animator to create a fully realized 3D battle. And once again, I was battling ScrewAttack’s manager at the time to make this happen. Fortunately, I had pulled off enough risky moves at this point to earn a little more trust, and was able to actually purchase a few very cheap assets for the battle. Such as the city Termy and Roby fight in! (Though only under the condition that if we were to do multiple 3D Death Battle episodes, this city would be used for the next one in order to cut costs.)

    Needless to say, Torrian very quickly proved he was the animator we were looking for… but that story will continue on another day.

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. What’s your favorite Death Battle animated by Torrian?

  • Did you or someone you know handle a bat during RTX/while in downtown Austin?

    1 month ago

    kriss Community Manager

    I am simply going to be copying and pasting for convenience. This rabies warning article was recently posted by Statesman. 

    RABIES ALERT: Health officials seeking women who handled infected bat downtown

    Health officials are looking for several women who handled a bat last week near the Austin Convention Center downtown that has since tested positive for rabies.

    The bat was initially found by a passerby near Fourth and Red River streets on Aug. 2 around 4:30 p.m.

    “Multiple females were seen picking up a bat from the sidewalk and handling it while trying to give it water,” a statement from Austin Public Health said Wednesday.

    “They then placed the bat in a tree and the bat fell out again on the ground,” officials said. “The bat was then covered with a cone until it was collected by Animal Protection.”

    Health officials are urging anyone who handled or touched the bat to call the city’s Disease Surveillance Program at 512-972-5555.

    “Rabies exposure occurs only when a person is bitten or scratched by a potentially rabid animal, or when abrasions, open wounds, or mucous membranes are contaminated with the saliva, brain, or nervous system tissue of a potentially rabid animal,” health officials said.

    They said infected people may not show symptoms for several weeks or longer.

    “The early signs of rabies can be fever or headache, but this changes quickly to nervous system signs such as confusion, sleepiness, or agitation,” health officials said. “Once someone with a rabies infection starts having these symptoms, that person usually does not survive.”

    They said it is critical that you talk to a doctor or health care provider immediately if a wild animal bites you.

    If you or someone you know has handled this bat, please take the necessary steps to ensure that you/they get the medical assistance that is needed. 

  • #23: The Biggest Bust - Death Battle's Road to 100

    1 month ago

    Ben B. Singer Ben B. Singer


    Episodes - 29 Ivy VS Orchid, 30 Fox VS Bucky

    Time to chat about Ivy VS Orchid! I’m a big SoulCalibur fan, and Chad’s a big fan of Killer Instinct, so this one seemed like a perfect fit for us. It was really interesting diving into the stories of these two characters. It’s amazing how complex some of the lore behind behind fighting games can get despite, you know, being fighting games.

    Though I have to admit… I am a little uncomfortable with how Wiz and Boomstick dedicate so much time in this episode toward discussing and analyzing Ivy and Orchid’s breasts. Don’t get me wrong, given the characters’ reputations it would have been weird not to bring it up. Looking back, I’m more so disgruntled by how it was clearly played for laughs but the jokes simply didn’t land very well. I think it could have been written a lot better, for sure.


    In fact, I distinctly remember thinking these very thoughts shortly after airing this episode, and comparing it to the awkward attitude Boomstick displayed in Chun-Li VS Mai Shiranui about 2 years prior. Since this episode, I’ve been more subtle about how the character of Boomstick in particular discusses sexually designed female characters, while not completely removing his uncouth approach. An excellent example would be the differences between the two episodes Wonder Woman has appeared in.

    On the other hand, the rundowns from Fox VS Bucky are easily some of my favorite from Season 2!

    At this point in the show’s history, we’d already begun prioritizing fan requested matchups. However, every so often we’d come up with something we really wanted to do, and this was absolutely one of those kinds of episodes! Chad had grown up watching the Bucky O’Hare TV show, and the Bucky O'Hare arcade was one of my childhood favorites, so we knew we had to bring the funky fresh rabbit into a Death Battle… and this was one match-up which just seemed so freakin’ perfect.

    I distinctly remember struggling a bit with Bucky’s part of the script, because I was worried our viewers might not care enough about this green alien rabbit to bother watching through the episode. That’s when I realized that not only is the cartoon intro insanely catchy, it also describes the character pretty well in a very short time! It’s one of those 90’s cartoon intros that you can watch once and instantly know exactly what kind of show you’re jumping into. So I figured I would just cut it down to half the length and literally show it to our audience to introduce them to our furry hopping fuzzball from outer space.


    Here’s two interesting facts about the battle animation; for whatever reason, we could not find a sprite of Bucky’s ship, the Righteous Indignation, with its complete top. I guess the sprite from the arcade game never showed the top of the ship, or something. That’s why we do our best to hide the RI’s top throughout the fight!

    Also, I believe this was our first animation to feature sprites from the Mcleod Gaming’s Super Smash Flash game series. Greg McLeod and his team have been awesome enough to continue to provide sprites for specific characters through Death Battle’s history, so looking back, this was a pretty important moment for the show! And yes, you pronounce Greg’s last name the same as Fox McCloud’s. Pretty fitting considering Fox was the first of the shared sprites.

    The fight was really fun to write, especially that opening with the whole Star Fox team once I realized that there’s a toad on Fox’s team whom everyone wants to die… and Bucky’s team specifically hunts toads! How perfect was that? Mind blown, right? Incorporating all of Fox and Bucky’s gadgets into the fight was a blast… and that final blow! Still one of my all-time favorites. Just the whole sequence of Fox losing his robot legs, using the jetpack to launch himself, and then… well… not gonna spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it!

    I'm extremely fond of this episode. I still remember measuring a particularly high jump Bucky made in one episode to be over 100 feet, and calculating his jetpack's speed when he outraced an explosion. I felt I was getting a lot better at taking these calculations seriously and finding some truly fascinating facts which could change the way you look at your favorite characters.

    If you’ve got 13 minutes to spare, I’d definitely recommend checking out Fox VS Bucky again!

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. What was your favorite cartoon intro and how does it compare to the glory of Bucky O’Hare’s?

  • #22: The Research Team - Death Battle's Road to 100

    1 month ago

    Ben B. Singer Ben B. Singer


    Episodes - 27 Shao Kahn VS M. Bison, 28 Ryu Hayabusa VS Strider Hiryu

    Now here’s a couple of cool episodes that really solidified just how much Season 2’s quality differed from Season 1! While I look back on most of the season 1 episodes and always have some reason to cringe, these two are just an absolute joy to revisit.

    There were a lot of reasons for this. One of which was that in lieu of hiring additional team members to produce each episode, the show was put into a loose monthly release schedule. While this meant we aired fewer episodes each year compared to the previous season, we had a lot more time to work on each one. Keep in mind I was still in college and producing other shows, so the extra time was a huge help!

    The second reason was due to having an in-house animator for the first time ever! Once we began hiring Lange to animate near the end of Season 1, all of his work was done on a remote freelance basis in a completely different state. Communication with him wasn’t always easy, which caused some occasional confusion and even the Goku VS Superman delay. So he decided to move to Texas and work out of the ScrewAttack office.

    Third, and possibly the biggest boon of all, was the introduction of the research team!


    I cannot express my gratitude to these gentlemen enough, and many of them still work with us to this day. In fact, some of you may have met LousyTactician at RTX last weekend!

    The origin of the research team is actually pretty fascinating. As Death Battle’s popularity grew, so did its viewership and the ScrewAttack community members AKA g1s. Since we would announce most matchups well in advance of their premiere, many viewers would try to predict the victors well before the episode aired. The most prominent and widely respected of these predictions came from the Unofficial Death Battle Fan Blog, a collaboration by 6 of the 7 g1s listed above. They had previously contacted me because they were concerned that ScrewAttack may have disapproved of their prediction blogs, as some of their results differed from the show’s. Instead, I was really excited and humbled by their work!

    If you’ll recall, I was still handling the majority of the Death Battle production (sans animation, thank god) and the research was by far the most tedious part of the process. I already knew it’d be a huge benefit to hire these guys as researchers. But any time I pitched raising Death Battle's budget, I would hit a wall. I could barely pay the animator, so how the hell was I going to hire 6 researchers? Instead, I came up with new plan. The fan blog had consistently researched and posted predictions for every single Death Battle episode recently, and showed no signs of stopping any time soon… so I figured, why not have them share their research?

    I proposed that they essentially become consultants who I would reach out to and discuss research topics on characters. They would be volunteer and non-contracted, so they wouldn’t actually be privy to any insider information regarding the production. Also, since they were volunteer, I never actually required them to do anything for Death Battle. In many ways, it was an evolution of the assistance I had acquired for the Goku VS Superman episode. In fact, the Research Team may have never been put together if not for the kind folks of Kanzenshuu, Dao of Dragon Ball, Superman Super Site, and Superman Homepage helping me with that one and inspiring me.

    And so it was that MaxOfFewTrades, LousyTactician, AkumaTh, ultraguy, Samuraispartan7000, and psb123 became the first members of the Research Team! I also invited a g1 who went by darkhyrulelord, after I found his amazing blog covering a theoretical Death Battle between Ganondorf and Dracula. He was graciously accepted into the the fan blog’s team, and their positive effects on Death Battle became apparent very quickly!

    Nowadays, a few research team members have left or joined, and I’m actually able to pay them for their work. Since they’re extremely involved in the Death Battle production process from start to finish now, their blog did conclude… but the torch was passed on to a new group of bloggers! I hope the Research Team is all very proud of what their work has inspired. I’m proud of them beyond words.

    Oh hey, I haven’t even talked about these episodes, yet!


    Honestly, despite these episodes being extremely satisfying to watch, there’s not much to say. What you see is basically what you get.

    In the case of Shao Kahn VS M. Bison, this was an episode I’d planned on doing for a long time. It was pretty interesting discovering just how well Shao Kahn countered Bison. Also, there’s a pretty wonderful “alternate ending” we did as a joke!

    For Ryu VS Strider, I was really worried about a 2D sprite battle capturing the essence of a ninja fight, but I think it turned out excellent!

    Also, when you’re watching Shao Kahn VS M. Bison, make sure to watch until the very, very end of the video. All I’m gonna say is… we started seriously considering releasing a Boomstick musical album after this.

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. Have you ever made a Death Battle prediction blog or researched versus matches?

  • The Post RTX Blues Are Real

    1 month ago

    kriss Community Manager

    RTX Austin 2018 has come and gone, and I miss everyone so much. The entire week went by like a blur, but I have awesome memories to keep with me. I was ecstatic that I was able to attend as many community events as I did. I met so many people! I started off my week with the RT World/BUS cookout on Wednesday. That was a HOT day, but I was a happy lady because so many people attended the event, and there was a ton of food including pancakes on the menu!


    On Thursday, we held our first community summit with about 65 of our community group leaders/admins. It was absolutely amazing to see the huge turnout and also to be able to have an open dialogue with various representatives from our community. As it was the first of its kind, there were a lot of logistics to keep in mind to make this a success and a success it was! I could not have done this without Chelsea. She is, without a doubt, the most amazing co-pilot ever. Of all time. 


    And of course, afterward, I hit up the charity gala hosted by Sidequest. Ya gurl can clean up! 


    Now comes RTX Austin proper! HOLY SWISS CHEESE! I had so much fun meeting you all and having a ton of conversation on your feelings about the community and RTX as a whole. Fun fact, I was a Guardian from 2013 - 2017. This was going to be my 6th year being a Guardian, but I got to experience RTX as a CM this year! It was exciting and weird and bittersweet for me, but I'll get into that later. I got to attend a lot of community panels including the RT Reviews, BIGBITE Media, RT World, and OCC panels! (If you missed any of the community panels, you can see them here on Mixer!) 





    The weekend practically meshed into one day for me: our community creatives were kicking butt at the community corner all weekend long, 


    I got to ride on a wooden dragon, 


    and I got reconnect with even MORE community members during the evening events. 


    My heart is so full right now. RTX is such a great opportunity for members of this community to meet for the first time, reconnect with old friends, make new friends, and share their love of everything Rooster Teeth. Of course, RTX would not be possible without our Guardians. The heroes that you saw throughout the weekend with the red shirts (with the cute Ruby design) are all community members who volunteered their time and energy to make RTX run as smoothly as possible. I mentioned before that I was Guardian for 5 years. All weekend long, I wanted to throw on a Guardian shirt and help out wherever I could. Once a Guardian, always a Guardian for me. But this year, I passed the torch on to Joey and George, and I couldn't be more proud of them. Working with them over the years, seeing them grow into the people they are now, and watching them kick ass this weekend was a huge highlight for me. 


    Along with saying my farewells to the PA team, I also came to the realization that I would no longer be working with Chris, Mary, and Dan as I normally would as a Guardian. Of course, I'm still here as a CM and working with them in that fashion, but it's always difficult to immediately adapt when your course has been changed. I love these three with all my heart, and I am always so impressed with their work ethic, their strength, and all the passion they pour into RTX. Managing 500+ Guardians is not an easy task, but they handle it beautifully every year, regardless of how many obstacles and hurdles come their way. I learned so much from them as friends and as peers, and I reiterate again that RTX Austin could not happen without them. 


    Did you know that in 2013, Guardians had red shirts? It's oddly fitting and bittersweet that it is in 2018 that they have red shirts again. It's come full circle for me. 

    D3NBqYi.jpg 2013 Guardian Jackie! 

    I was and still am proud to have been a Guardian, and I will use that same energy to be a kick ass CM for this community. You all have provided very helpful guidance and feedback for me over the weekend, and I look forward to working together and making this the best damn community the internet has ever known. 

    Now that my wall of tex has wrapped, HOW WAS YOUR RTX? GIVE ME ALL THE DEETS.