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  • #36: With A Yang - Death Battle's Road to 100

    3 months ago

    BenBSinger Ben B. Singer


    Episodes- 53 Hercule Satan VS Dan Hibiki, 54 Yang VS Tifa

    After the success of Goomba VS Koopa and the realization that gag battles would be a perfect fit for Death Battle, I was told to come up with more ideas for hilarious mismatches which would be interesting to watch. One of the first ideas I came up with was Hercule Satan VS Dan Hibiki. We didn’t get around to it until years later, but it was always in the back of my mind.

    When it did come together, it was a blast to work on!


    I think the voice cast and interpretations of the characters were spot on. After it aired, I did think the episode sort of dragged a bit, which led to an important piece of trivia about Death Battle’s production. After this, I enacted a production rule that script rundown for each character shouldn’t be more than 5 pages. The intention was to create a Death Battle standard where each episode would be between 15 to 20 minutes, depending on amount of information and battle length. This has obviously wavered a lot, but this still set that guideline in motion.

    Discovering the in-depth backstories for these characters was actually extremely interesting. Everyone has seen Mr. Satan and Dan in the Dragon Ball Z show and Street Fighter games, but there was so much unseen lore to talk about. I’m curious if many viewers became more sympathetic toward Satan and Dan after watching, because not all of their backstory material was entirely humorful. I know I developed a whole new appreciation for both characters. Like, did you know Sagat is missing an eye because of Dan? Well, specifically Dan’s father... but close enough, right?

    Yang VS Tifa was a pretty interesting production. For context, we had not officially merged with Rooster Teeth at the time, nor did we know such a plan was in the works. But thanks to Monty, we had already developed a pretty good relationship with some of the RT staff. Before his passing, Monty and I had already discussed the possibility of bringing a RWBY character into Death Battle. Regardless of who won the match-up, he wanted to see it happen.


    Near the end of 2015, Rooster Teeth came to us and proposed doing just that. We made it clear that they would have no say in who won the fight, and it was possible their character would be the one who died. They had no problem with that, and were even willing to let us cast their own actress. The only stipulation we were given was that somewhere in the episode we had to reference that RWBY Season 3 was about to start. I was concerned that, should Yang win, a blunt shout-out might make the whole battle seem like a rigged affair. RT agreed and proposed that we just show the Vytal Festival poster (a recurring advertisement of RWBY Season 3) at some point during the fight. Rooster Teeth as a whole believes in the power of word of mouth. In some cases, just hinting at something rather than drawing attention to it may work out even better.

    Unfortunately, having the giant poster drop down right after Yang kills Tifa does give off a somewhat suspicious look. The poster isn’t supposed to be a punchline that the fight was meant to lead up to or anything. This was unfortunately a result of lost time. The original plan was that Yang’s killing blow (which is a really cool use of her unique weapons, by the way) was supposed to happen near a stack of leaflets advertising the Vytal Festival. The leaflets were supposed to get kicked up by the force, blowing around the arena, until one of them smacked into the camera, revealing its printed ad. I wanted to create a cool visual and fulfil our obligation at the same time. But time ran short, and creating the whirlwind of paper would be tough to pull off given our equipment available at the time, so we opted for a giant poster falling down instead.


    Frankly, I wasn’t so worried. I was just so blown away that Rooster Teeth would trust us with their character like this. Also, why Yang? Well, I had already learned what happens to Yang at the end of Season 3, so everyone agreed we could take her at her current, well-known potential, which would likely change drastically once she received her robot arm. (Oops! Spoiler!) Since the show was still young and the characters were still improving their own powers they already possessed, it seemed like the best option.

    But we haven't forgotten that Ruby VS Maka idea...

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. Do want to see another episode with a RWBY character? What match-up should it be?

  • RTX London 2018- Panel & Autograph Schedule

    3 months ago

    nicolew Events Specialist

    Hello all coming to RTX London! The awaited 2018 Panel and Autograph Schedules!

    Weekend badges are still available-

    *Please Note: TImes onsite at RTX London will reflect BST. For example, The Know panel on Saturday Room 1 will start 10:00 AM BST.

    Panel Schedule

    *Subject to change. Please refer to the RTX London mobile app for the most up-to-date info.



    Cosplay Contest Panel will be 2:30-3:30 PM Room 1

    RTUK CommuniTEA Panel: A Cheeky Chat will be 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Room 1


    Autograph Schedule

    Autograph codes were emailed by Rooster Teeth on Friday, 24 August.

    Redeem autograph codes at >

    5 September, 5 PM GMT = Platinum badge holders access to reserve
    7 September, 5 PM GMT = Weekend badge holders access to reserve



    Can’t wait to see you all there!

  • #35: How We Pick ‘Em - Death Battle's Road to 100

    3 months ago

    BenBSinger Ben B. Singer


    Episode- 52 Wolverine VS Raiden

    Everyone loves Logan AKA Wolverine. There was never a question of whether or not he would be in a Death Battle. Of course he would be! The real question was… who on Earth could we realistically pit him against?

    The most frequent viewer suggestions for pairing up against Wolverine were Vega from Street Fighter, Baraka from Mortal Kombat, and Shredder from TMNT. All of these ideas focused on comparing the blades and fighting styles, which would typically be more than enough to argue a worthwhile match-up. But come on, it’s Wolverine. There’s no way any of they stood a chance of permanently hurting the guy!

    This was actually a question I would revisit every couple months. Who could Wolverine fight? The answer came not from my subconscious or research, and not from any viewer. In fact, it was Torrian who suggested we have him fight Raiden!


    This might actually be a good time to talk about how we come up with match-ups, if I haven’t talked about it already. (Man, I’ve written so many of these I’m worried I’ll start repeating myself as some point! Better start logging...)

    As we’ve stated many times, most of our episode choices come from viewer requests. We have a handy form which people can send requests through, but I often get questions about more complex match-up ideas that can’t be summarized in the form provided. The form isn’t our only means of procuring requests. In fact, the form’s primary function is to determine the frequency of certain requests from different people! If a lot of people are making the same request, then we know there’s an audience for it! (And we’ll know if you spam the same idea over and over, so don’t try it, ya smart alecks!) We still see suggestions through social media all the time. I’ll even check out YouTube for “Death Battle ideas” videos from time to time. We do our due diligence researching the characters in our show, who says we shouldn’t do the same to see what you all want to see?

    Back in seasons 1 and 2, we didn’t plan out too many episodes at once. Remember, Season 1 and Season 2 were named such retroactively, which is why they have a bunch of episodes spanned across several years each. We didn’t settle into the annual season format until we joined Rooster Teeth and kicked off Season 3 in 2016. But before that, I’d usually have the next 5 or so lined up at any given time. It was important to plan further out so our awesome research team could keep ahead of the writers and animators, but that was about all that was needed. Come 2016, myself and a few key team members actually sat down and planned the entire year out from season premiere to season finale. Though almost no season so far has kept the exact same schedule throughout the year. There’s bound to be a few changes here and there.


    It’s also really important to me that everyone who works on the show gets some input in regards to what episodes they’ll be working on. I often try scheduling the year’s match-ups to line up to different team members strengths or interests. This is why every season will be bound to have one or two less popular suggestions turned into match-ups, because someone on the team thought of a unique idea which would make a really cool episode and the rest of us agreed!

    Well, that about covers it. I think about about halfway through these blogs now. Next week, I’ll be covering one of the silliest Death Battles of all; Hercule Satan VS Dan Hibiki!

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. What’s a Death Battle you really want to see that you think nobody else has thought of or wants?

  • Any wine enthusiasts here?

    3 months ago

    kriss Community Manager

    As no surprise to anyone, I am of Asian descent, but with that heritage comes the inability to break down alcohol (at least for about 40% of us). Straight from the wikipedia, the "Asian glow" is "a condition in which a person develops flushes or blotches associated with erythema on the face, neck, shoulders, and in some cases, the entire body after consuming alcoholic drinks. The reaction is the result of an accumulation of acetaldehyde, a metabolic byproduct of the catabolic metabolism of alcohol, and is caused by acetaldehyde dehydrogenase deficiency."

    So lucky for me, I can very well tell where my line is. I don't really drink much when I go out, but I'll enjoy a glass of wine most times. Generally, I will request a red wine of some sort. I tend to cater toward Cabs and Malbecs. For home, I really enjoy 19 Crimes as it's a really smooth red blend and it's not a bottle that break the wallet. 

    "Nineteen crimes turned criminals into colonists. Upon conviction British rogues guilty of a least one of the 19 crimes were sentenced to live in Australia, rather than death. This punishment by "transportation" began in 1783 and many of the lawless died at sea. For the rough-hewn prisoners who made it to shore, a new world awaited. As pioneers in a frontier penal colony, they forged a new country and new lives, brick by brick. This wine celebrates the rules they broke and the culture they built." 

    One of the coolest things about the wine is that each cork will have one of these 19 crimes listed on it. 

    Well, that's a little bit about my favorite red wine. I'm also a huge fan lychee wine. It's incredibly sweet, so I can't drink it all the time (because you can't taste any of the alcohol, just the sweetness). 

    For those who are of age, what are some of your favorite wines? 

  • #34: Fake-Outs - Death Battle's Road to 100

    3 months ago

    BenBSinger Ben B. Singer


    Episodes- 49 Darth Vader VS Doctor Doom, 51 Donkey Kong VS Knuckles

    (Quick aside, I’m skipping episode 50 because I already covered it in this blog about the Goku VS Superman releases.)

    We do a lot of different things with our Death Battle fight animations. We explore so many different powers and techniques with every episode. Characters can fight anywhere from underwater to outer space. Some battles get super serious, while others have a largely humorous side.

    But one of my favorite things to add into any Death Battle brawl is a good old fashioned fake out! You can only do it so many times in so many episodes before it started to get tiring, so I try to time these well.

    I’m not entirely sure, but I’d wager to guess that Darth Vader VS Doctor Doom has more fake outs than any other Death Battle. It’s kind of wonderful to watch both characters totally convinced that they’ve pulled off a victory, only to have the other turn everything around and… rinse and repeat.


    This match-up was one of the Original 26 I pitched way back when, and it was also one of our most requested episodes at the time. The thing is, when I picked it for the Original 26, I actually intended it to be a temporary listing that would eventually be replaced with something else. I had no idea the match-up would become such a popular request. In fact, for awhile there I was trying to figure out if I could make a Darth Vader VS Sauron episode work, instead!

    I believe this was one of the first episodes Gerardo jumped into the editor bay for. Not the very first, he helped a bit with Gaara VS Toph, but that was more of a last second thing because I was dealing with some personal issues at the time. This was the first episode he was assigned. If you don’t know, Gerardo is now one of our recurring editors for all episodes! Definitely one of the most underappreciated roles a show like Death Battle has. If you don’t already, you should follow Gerardo and our other Death Battle editor Noël on Twitter. I think they’d appreciate it! If you’re interested, I’ll probably dedicate one of these blogs to discussing the editing process. Still got plenty more entries to go!

    If you’ve been watching ScrewAttack for awhile, you may know that I’m considered the resident Sonic “expert” of the office… which basically just means I grew up with Sonic and other Genesis games instead of Mario and the original Nintendo consoles. Even then, I have to give 100% of the credit for amazingness of Donkey Kong VS Knuckles to Nick and Zack. They pulled off one of the most fun episodes I think we’ve ever made!


    Which was difficult, because we actually had to change the verdict at the last minute.

    This rarely happens. I’d go so far as to say this never happens except for one extremely rare occasion. This one. We were actually pretty convinced Knuckles would win this one up until a little over a week before release. There was some debate over whether we should include the comic books for Knuckles, as the comics had been used for Sonic and Tails’ appearances. Again, that fourth rule we had for seasons 1 and 2 was pretty broken, and this is where I started to realize just how broken it could get. See, in the Archie comic line in particular, Knuckles gains a whole new level of godly power which essentially makes him an entirely different character from the Knuckles of the Sonic games. After a lot of debate, we decided to remove contradictory comics from the equation and only focus on the games and anything specifically inspired by said games, like some of the TV shows. This is what would eventually morph our fourth rule into the much better version we have today.

    Even then, Knuckles still had this in the bag, until I re-examined a feat on a hunch. The robot-moon one. We had previously believed Knuckles had actually moved the moon himself, when in fact… well, I’ll let you watch the episode for yourself!

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. What is your opinion of including intentional fake-outs in Death Battle? If you’re not sure what I mean, just watch Darth Vader VS Doctor Doom.

  • #33: Cardboard Box - Death Battle's Road to 100

    3 months ago

    BenBSinger Ben B. Singer


    Episodes- 47 Beast VS Goliath, 48 Solid Snake VS Sam Fisher

    To be perfectly honest, there’s not much to say about Beast VS Goliath. There’s nothing really wrong with it, but I do think it’s one of our weaker episodes overall. (Though having an excuse to watch and talk about those classic X-Men and Gargoyle shows made it totally worth it!) On the other hand, Solid Snake VS Sam Fisher was one of the most ambitious we had ever done.

    If you’ve been watching Death Battle for awhile, you probably know that Chad and I often visit conventions we’re invited to. While we’re there, we usually show off upcoming content, make any cool announcements we have, and take questions from a gathered audience at a Q&A panel. The request for Kirby VS Ditto and Smokey Bear VS McGruff the Crime Dog actually came from these very sorts of panels. But one of the most common requests we’d hear about at our panels was Solid Snake VS Sam Fisher.


    Now, let me tell you a secret. If you were to ask me “Are you ever going to do an episode ______ versus _______?” My answer will almost always be a shrug and a “Who knows? Maybe!” 

    Obviously, I can’t spoil upcoming episodes we have planned! Even if I could, more often than not I’m not a fan of announcing match-ups too far in advance for fear that they may steal the thunder away from whatever episode is coming up next. That being said, I always figured we’d do Solid Snake VS Sam Fisher, though before Torrian came along we really didn’t have the means to do such an episode justice. Still, we knew we would do it eventually.


    But when the question came up at panels, we loved to joke about how we supposedly couldn’t do it because Snake and Sam are so sneaky, we wouldn’t even see the fight happen! We always laughed at the idea that the fight would start with both characters disappearing into the shadows, followed by 2 or 3 long minutes of silence… and then BANG! One of them would suddenly fall out into the open with a bullet wound to the face, their assassin totally unseen. Hey, I thought it was funny.

    I know some people interpreted our joke a little too literally, and the rumor was spread that we would never do such an episode because we considered it impossible. Let me make this perfectly clear; I do not consider any potential match-up impossible for Death Battle to take on. In fact, I relish the challenge of working against the norm. That’s why episodes like Goomba VS Koopa, Starscream VS Rainbow Dash, and Deadpool VS Deathstroke exist. Pushing the limits of Death Battle doesn’t just keep us invested, it also creates new and exciting ways of presenting different match-ups.


    Which brings me to another rumor this episode crushed; the so-called “no outside help” rule. I’ve already covered it in a previous blog, but for this match-up in particular I really wanted to include Snake and Sam’s technical assistants, Otacon and Grim. Oh, that also reminds me that we had a killer cast for this one! Turns out Chris Sabat, the voice of Vegeta in FUNimation’s Dragon Ball, had always wanted to voice Snake. In fact, at his own panels he’d often get the question “What’s a character you’ve always wanted to voice but haven’t?” he’d always answer Solid Snake. It was really awesome working with him. He even let us use his own studio, Okratron 5000 to record! He’s a pretty cool guy.

    Last but not least, this was the episode where Torrian gained his legendary reputation for backflips. And no, I’ve never actually seen Torrian pull off a backflip himself. satisfied

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. What’s another unconventional match-up you’d like to see Death Battle take on?

  • Murder Room Now Available to Everyone & Show Changes

    3 months ago


    I'm getting so many messages from you saying that your parents and friends are watching Murder Room, which is awesome and disturbing stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye .  I'm so happy you guys are having fun with this show!  New episodes will now be available to everyone on the site a week after their release to FIRST members.  So tell even more of your friends and family to watch!

    I've also been following the feedback.  Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions.  I know more time is something you really want from Murder Room. While episodes two through four keep the current time rules of the original pilot, I am changing things up a bit in the last episode of this run.  I'm giving the council a little more breathing room while hopefully not changing the overall pace of the show, especially the ending.  

    Some of you are wondering if the mysteries will always be heavy.  Nope.  We are playing a game of murder so some stories will obviously be serious, but we are having some fun with this too.  

    Thanks for watching!  We want to keep you guessing and making more episodes!

  • First Story Time of Achievement Haunter S1

    3 months ago

    Daniel Writer/Director

    Hey all!

    Last night we filmed our first Story Time segment for the season. We break up our episodes into three sections: the Clubhouse--in which we tell the story of our haunted location in a roundtable; the Story Time--in which we put moving pictures to those stories; then the Ghost Hunt, filmed on location across the country (and perhaps the world). 

    Attached is a photo of one of my favorite shots from the evening. Night shooting is extremely difficult. You need a capable crew, probably working in difficult terrain. We have to get a crane and put a light 30 feet in the air so it's high enough to mimic moonlight. It's hard but ultimately looks pretty good on camera.


    I'll keep sharing more as we continue our journey telling stories of the dead...or undead depending on your point of view. 

    - Daniel

  • FIRST Hello! Why is this so nerve wracking?

    3 months ago

    Doreen VP, Head of Production

    Hi!  I'm Doreen.  I'm the VP, Head of Production for Live Action.  It has been nearly five years since I started working full time at Rooster Teeth, so big fat shame on me for not introducing myself about 56 months ago!   

    In case my you can't tell by my delayed introduction, I’m very comfortable being behind the scenes.  In this case, it's pretty silly because we have the most amazing and welcoming community in the world.  I know first hand.  I’ve been to six RTXs.  I’ve had the pleasure of sitting beside many of you during panels and screenings.  It has been an absolute blast and I thank you for making RTX, and my job, such an amazing and fun experience. 

    RTX actually has a lot to do with why I ended up accepting a job at Rooster Teeth.  The first RTX I attended was in 2013.  I don’t want to go off the rails with too long of a story….but it’s safe to say that it was my first exposure to the close relationship between the Community and Rooster Teeth.  It was something so positive, respectful and reciprocal, and so completely unexpected, that it made a huge impression on me. 

    Anyway, fast forward five years and NINE different desk locations* (no joke) and I’m still here.  My 1-year contract ended years ago but my access badge still works so I keep showing up each week. 

    I’ve worked on a little bit of everything: Gauntlet Seasons 1 & 2, Immersion, shorts, Barenaked Ladies videos, Lazer Team, Lazer Team 2, RT Docs, Day 5, Crunch Time, #RTES (yes…I know), and other random odds & ends that come along with being in Live Action. 

    It's a lot of work to keep up with Rooster Teeth's desire (and mine, too)  to raise the bar with each production, but it has been worth every moment.  There's so much more to come and I can't wait to share what we have in the works with all of you.  

    As our adventures here continue, I promise to be better about keeping in touch.  I hope you do the same!



    p.s. The puppy in my profile pic is Piper.  She's our family's first dog, she just turned one this summer and she is the best!  Just thinking about her cuteness makes me want to explode. dog    

    *Desk know you want to know

    1.     Facing green cyc at 636 office (So. Much. Green.)

    2.     Stage 5 – Cubical (Walls. No Green!)

    3.     Bungalow B – Windows!!

    4.     Stage 2 – An actual OFFICE!!! 

    5.     Bungalow A – Little room by back door with horribly loud AC return.  In other news, Bose makes great noise canceling ear buds if you’re in the market.  

    6.     Bungalow A – Bull Pen.  

    7.     Bungalow A – Alan’s office.  (Biz dev guys have the absolute best coffee & booze.)

    8.     Stage 3 – Weirdest office to date.  Had bars on windows…so safest (?) 

    9.     Stage 2 – an actual office AGAIN…for now  simple_smile

  • Hardcore Tabletop Drops Today

    3 months ago



    Life used to suck. It’s harsh, but true. The world was so boring, that as recently as 80 years ago, people had to pretend to be a thimble or a fucking wheelbarrow just to pass the time. Thankfully technology came along and made the world actually fun. For instance, now we get to pretend to be much cooler shit, like giant noses and moustaches.

    I’m speaking of course, of Hardcore Tabletop. If you haven’t heard of it yet, we basically take boring old “who even cares who wins?” Monopoly, and dramatically ratchet up the fun and stakes. How, you say? How is it possible to take that game and make it fun in 2018? It’s quite simple.

    Real Money

    Real Jail Time (sort of)

    Obviously, I’ll be the banker. Jack is going to wear a big hat. And it’s going to be a lot of fun. There are eight episodes that’ll go up weekly on Tuesdays. FIRST members can check out the first two episodes today. If you’re not a FIRST member, then you can’t pass go, and you definitely can’t collect $200. You can watch the first episode for free, though (but only the first one).

    Thanks for playing along.

  • #32: Best Thing Ever - Death Battle's Road to 100

    3 months ago

    BenBSinger Ben B. Singer


    Episode- 45 Guts VS Nightmare, 46 Iron Man VS Lex Luthor

    Here's a couple episodes which would prove just important the animated battles had become to the show.

    First thing’s first, going into Guts VS Nightmare, I had zero previous experience with Guts and the Berserk series. It’s a very expansive manga, so there was a lot of sift through. Chad had wanted Guts to be in an episode for awhile now, and he helped out a bit with the research. However, he hadn’t finished the manga himself, so unfortunately he didn’t hold all the answers right away.

    Fortunately, I was already plenty familiar with Nightmare and SoulCalibur lore. SoulCalibur has been one of my favorite fighting game franchises for well over a decade. Years ago I even wrote a SoulCalibur movie adaptation screenplay for writing practice! So with my SoulCalibur expertise in mind, I could devote more of my time to Berserk.

    Even so, this episode was a bit of a challenge. Not only was researching the Berserk manga a tedious feat, it could also be tough to read sometimes. If you haven’t read Berserk, just know some really messed up shit happens. In all sorts of varieties. As for me, it might not have been the best point for my life to revolve around analyzing this story. You may recall from an earlier blog that I was in a somewhat dark place at the time. Give how much was going on, I wasn’t getting any real fulfillment out of Death Battle. I was even debating whether or not I should continue working on the show anymore. Sure, Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro had been a really fun episode, but Nick did most of the writing and research on that one while I was dedicated to reading how Guts fell out of his mother’s womb after she’d been beaten and hanged by a tree… and other gruesome stuff like that.


    But there was a moment where it suddenly felt like everything lifted and I was back on my feet again. It’s strange to talk about, and it won’t even make any sense to some of you. Let me try to explain… this episode’s battle was animated by Zack, who had also animated Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro. After he was finished with that one, I sent over the Guts VS Nightmare battle script, went over shots and the like with him, and then let him loose to work his magic. A few weeks later, he sent over the first half of the animation, complete with sound design. So here I am, watching Nightmare meet Guts in the middle of a dark forest, they rush toward each other, their swords swing through the air, and…



    I didn’t want to stop watching. Everything felt right again. It doesn’t make any logical sense, especially since this very fight has way cooler sequences later on, but something about this particular moment in the fight, just how it all came together, reminded me of what we’re making. What we’re making is something that is GODDAMN BADASS!

    Zack was doing a phenomenal job on our 2D animations. Meanwhile, Torrian had set up shop at the ScrewAttack office and was preparing for Iron Man VS Lex Luthor. While this was Nick’s episode, scheduling conflicts led to myself actually writing the battle script. I remember holding it when I was done and thinking “If Torrian can pull this off, this just might be the best thing I’ve ever written.”

    With his new space, Torrian was completely renovating how he worked. While I was working on the script, Torrian told me he wanted to build a motion capture room to improve his character movement. While there was a room available, we didn’t have much funding. However, we did have a few Xbox 360 Kinects lying around that hadn’t been touched in ages. So we built a mocap rig using those, and it worked! Torrian also used facial capture animation to record Parker’s face, which would serve as a base for Iron Man’s expressions in the fight. Nice timing too, since this episode featured Chuck Huber as Tony Stark, easily the most famous voice actor we had ever worked with then. This whole deal was a massive step up from what we had done before, and it couldn’t have come together better for this episode in particular!

    I think the Iron Man VS Lex Luthor episode has some problems. Namely, I’m not a fan of how long it takes to get through the character rundowns. But the fight?

    Oh my god. The fight.


    Thanks to Torrian, that was the best thing I had ever written. Until, well... we'll see.  wink

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. What’s your favorite Death Battle fight animation?

  • Download the New RT Mobile Apps!

    3 months ago

    ebregman Programming & SVOD

    Hey everyone! Happy Hardcore Tabletop day! To help with your viewing of our newest FIRST exclusive series, might I suggest you download the Rooster Teeth app on iOS and/or Android?

    What’s that? You didn’t know we had an app? Well let me tell you about what is honestly the best way to find and watch our stuff, and interact with the community.

    This update is a navigation facelift to make the app more reflective of how we’ve seen people using previous versions.

    First off, as soon as you launch the app you’ll see the most recently published videos from all the RT brands, in reverse chronological order with the most recent on top (you know, that order that YouTube won’t show you…). Want to filter by channel? There’s a handy dropdown on the homepage to take you right to your favorites.


    Swipe left or tap the Live tab and you’ll see our linear feeds, as well as upcoming live events. Tap a feed to start watching live video on your phone, and while you’re there make sure you jump into the chat too.

    My personal favorite part of this update is the Bell in the bottom navigation, which is where all your notifications live. Did someone tag you in a comment? It’ll show up here, and you can tap the notification to go straight to that comment and respond.

    Custom tailor your notifications in Settings. Tap your profile icon in the upper left and you’ll see Settings at the bottom of the drawer. You can be notified for every new episode from series in  your Watch List, all Live broadcasts, and more. Settings is also where you can set your video playback options so we don’t eat your whole data plan, turn on background play (only if you’re a FIRST Member), and edit your profile including your email, password, and gender.


    Tap the rocketship on the bottom to browse even more series by genre. I love this view when I’m all caught up on the recent stuff, I can always find something new here. Plus if you tap on a genre name or a channel name, you’ll see even more series. Damn we have a lot of series...if you want to see them all, swipe left on this screen to scroll through them and sort however you want.

    Looking for something specific? Search is in the top right corner, and it’s freaky fast and accurate. Search for episodes, series, genres. Eventually you’ll be able to search for users and even RT cast members to see which videos they’re in.


    How could I forget - Chromecast is built into the main navigation in the upper right, and appears on every video too. (I dunno about you, but I can’t stand how Netflix makes the Chromecast icon go away when I start playing a video!)

    Have I convinced you of the superiority of our mobile apps yet? Go check ‘em out and tell me what you think in the comments!

    More updates:

    • I am super proud to be launching Hardcore Tabletop today. This is the beginning of what we intend to be non-stop amazing content drops for FIRST Members who are fans of Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, and the rest of the Let’s Play family. After Hardcore Tabletop, we’ve got Arizona Circle, Achievement Haunter on Oct 31, then even more planned all the way into the new year and well beyond. There has never been a better time to sign up for FIRST - it only gets better from here!

    • Some additional app updates:

      • We’re rolling out this week and next week re-ordering some series into chronological order, and also removing S#:E# for those series that don’t really need it.

      • We’re also weeks away from the next phase of our linear channel testing, when you’ll start to see live shows in the feeds on a limited basis (they’ll also still live on their own pages as usual while we work out the kinks).

      • Another big thing in the works now for non-FIRST members: pre-roll ads will be transitioning into midroll ads very soon, a much better experience for viewers. That means all videos will start up right away, and for any video over 5 min long there will be an occasional ad break. Most of the breaks have been manually placed so as not to interrupt a sentence. For videos under 5 min long, and for all talk shows, you’ll only see a post-roll ad break (i.e. an ad AFTER the video finishes before your next video begins). Of course if you don’t like the ads, there’s a super easy solution to get rid of them.

  • #31: Ultimate Showdown - Death Battle's Road to 100

    3 months ago

    BenBSinger Ben B. Singer


    Episode- 44 Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro

    All these years later, I still remember how this episode came about. When I was first developing the concept of Death Battle, I needed to come up with 26 potential match-ups to pitch. I included some obvious ones, like Goku VS Superman and Mario VS Sonic, but one name kept coming up in my search results for “who would win.” That name was, naturally, Chuck Norris.

    Would could beat Chuck Norris?

    At first, entertaining this question seemed silly to me. The meme of the all knowing, all powerful Chuck Norris was half a decade old, and no longer totally relevant. Surely people would roll their eyes if we tried capitalizing on the joke all these years later. Right?

    It didn’t take much digging to find out the Chuck Norris meme has ascended all other memes to become truly, hilariously timeless.

    So here I am, sitting at my desk in late 2010, thinking to myself “What on earth would we do with a Chuck Norris episode? The whole concept is that he’s an unstoppable being literally larger than life, so the only character who would battle that would have to be someone or something just as ridiculous…”

    You know the phase “a light bulb goes off” in your head? I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced that so truthfully as I did that day. It was light my whole head popped off in sudden realization. It wasn’t so much a memory of a character, or a series, or even a face. What I remembered was a song.


    Back then, ScrewAttack produced a show called Clip of the Week, where we would create a parody skit inspired by some nostalgic video game commercial. There was a good chunk of time when we tried coming up with an episode idea for the Segata Sanshiro commercials, but it ultimately didn’t pan out. Still, his theme song was so catch that I always remembered it.

    Even though it was planned from the very beginning, it still didn’t appear in the lineup until 44 episodes in! To be honest, I’m not sure I truly considered it seriously back then. I wasn’t sure it would do very well, and held off until I thought the time was right.

    To this day, this remains one of my favorite episodes we’ve ever done. You can see references to it in later episodes, even some of which aired this year!

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. Would you want to see the battle between Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro continue?

  • RTX London 2018- Autograph Code Information

    3 months ago

    nicolew Events Specialist

    Hello RTX London 2018 Attendees!

    We are excited to be over in London in just 25 days and see all of your smiling faces! We can’t wait for year two in London to begin.

    We wanted to update everyone on Autograph Codes to explain how they work, and important dates approaching you need to know.

    As a reminder, Platinum badges come with two (2) Autograph Codes, while Weekend badges come with one (1) Autograph Code.  An Autograph Code guarantees you the opportunity to reserve a spot in an autograph signing session, but it does NOT guarantee you will get into every signing you want.  There are a certain number of slots per autograph signing session and they fill quickly. So we recommend be ready when autograph signing sessions go live to reserve your spot.


    22 August, 11:59 PM GMT = Cut-off date to buy a badge and receive an autograph code

    24 August, 3 PM GMT = Codes and instructions emailed out to Platinum & Weekend badge holders

    27 August, 3 PM GMT = Autograph Signing Schedule posted

    5 September, 5 PM GMT = Platinum badge holders access to reserve

    7 September, 5 PM GMT = Weekend badge holders access to reserve  

    Autograph Signing Sessions


    For redemption inquiries or for code assistance, please contact at For event general inquiries, please contact

  • RTX London Community Meet Ups!

    3 months ago

    kriss Community Manager

    RTXL will be here in a matter of weeks, and our community members are organizing some cool meet ups for those who will be attending RTXL. Just like I did for RTX Austin, here is a compiled list of community meet ups that will be happening during the weekend. This list will be updated on occasion as more meet ups are sent to me, so please bookmark this post! 


    4pm - 10pm UTC+01

    Midweek Meet Up at Namco Funscape


    2pm - ??? 

    Let's Party London Watch Party at Secret Weapon Loading Bar

    2pm - 5pm UTC+01

    RTX London Pride with LGBT+ Meet Up at Hyde Park


    2pm - 7pm UTC+01

    Let's Drink "RTX Edition" hosted by RT Scotland at Custom House Pub

    6pm - 9pm 

    International Welcome Party at Hollywood Bowl!

    *Proceeds from the event will benefit the Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre*

    8:30pm - 10pm

    RT Germany Scavenger Hunt


    7:30am - 9:30am UTC+01

    RTUK Breakfast Meet Up at Airline Cafe

    6:30pm - 9pm UTC+01

    RT Ireland Meet Up at Fox Excel!

    7 PM - 11:59 PM UTC+01

    RTUK Meet up at Custom House Pub!

    If you are organizing a meet up, please let me know, and I will add it to the list! 


    THE AVOCADO IS COMING TO RTXL! It'll be my first time traveling outside of the States, so I'm really nervous, but I am incredibly excited for this experience. Looking forward to seeing everyone there! 


  • #30: The Dark Times - Death Battle's Road to 100

    3 months ago

    BenBSinger Ben B. Singer


    Episodes- 40 Kirby VS Majin Buu, 41 Ragna VS Sol Badguy, 42 Gaara VS Toph

    The journey into 2015 wasn’t very kind to Death Battle. A lot of problems came crashing down on us all at once. Despite feeling like the world was suddenly against us, this “dark period” was strangely book-ended by the friendly face of the man who inspired me to create this show in the first place; Monty Oum.

    Okay, I know this is supposed to start with Kirby VS Majin Buu, but this story actually begins with Godzilla VS Gamera. 2014 was the first year we attended RTX. We had not merged with Rooster Teeth at this point, and as far as I know that wasn’t even a whisper of an idea at the time, but Monty had personally invited us to Rooster Teeth annual event. It was a big deal for me! It was my first time seeing the real impact Rooster Teeth had. Our booth in the vendor's hall was right across from the Rooster Teeth store, and it was amazing seeing so many people line up to get in there! Thanks to Monty, we even got ourselves a panel! We were working on Godzilla VS Gamera at the time, and Torrian had just recently finished the animation, so I planned to show an early cut at the panel. Unfortunately, that didn’t go quite as planned. While at our hotel, literally the day before our panel was scheduled, I pulled out my MacBook Pro that had the episode on it… and it didn’t turn on.

    This was the same computer I used to write and edit Death Battles, so I was really stuck up a shit browser without a mouse. (Terrible analogy, but whatever.) I eventually got a new computer, but this brief lack of equipment still created some scheduling issues. At the same time, Nick was just beginning to work on his first Death Battle and I was acting as a supporting role there. So several new things were happening all at once. It sure would be a terrible time to, I dunno, have to cancel an episode at the last minute?

    Then Kirby vs Ditto happened.


    No, I didn’t mistype anything. Kirby VS Majin Buu was originally supposed to be Kirby VS Ditto. I was writing the script, had the fight planned out, and everything was almost totally good to go! ...then I found a “Kirby: Right Back At Ya!” episode where the plucky pink puffball threw a giant worm all the way to the sun.

    Yeah, Ditto was one hundred percent screwed.

    We had to make a last minute call to change the episode’s match-up. Although we did not change it to Kirby VS Buu right away. At first, we actually tried to change it to an eating contest between Kirby, Goku, Snorlax, and Luffy. No really, that almost happened. We had been discussing trying new Death Battle concepts, like a death race, and I guess Kirby's eating habits just seemed like the perfect thing to experiment with. I dedicated a whole week to developing an eating contest Death Battle, but I had reservations. The battle script was overdue at this point, and our animator needed to get started ASAP if we were going to meet our deadline. Given how conceptually different an eating-to-the-death contest would be, I didn’t feel comfortable trying to force it into this episode. This was something that would require time to properly put together without feeling rushed or poorly thought out. So at the last, last possible minute, the battle was changed to Kirby VS Majin Buu.


    By today's standards, Kirby VS Majin Buu and Gaara VS Toph both suffer from the time period they were released. I feel like a broken record at this point, but seasons 1 and 2 focused more on interpretations and logic than measurements and calculations. That’s changed for the better now, so I’d be curious what the results would be like if we re-examined them with today’s Death Battle rules. There actually is one line in Kirby VS Buu I need to call out, though. In the post-fight analysis, Boomstick says “Kirby’s warp star moves faster than light, a speed Buu has never had to combat before.” But like… we literally just said Goku’s faster than light speed a few episodes ago, right? Hmmmm. But there's still plenty to enjoy in these episodes! Casting for Gaara VS Toph stands out to me the most. It became a somewhat disorganized affair thanks to some issues I'll hit on in just a bit, so Marissa (who played Noin in Tigerzord VS Gundam Epyon) offered to help cast the roles as Chris Guerrero and Kira Buckland, which turned out fantastic! Funny enough, both have returned to this year's season of Death Battle!

    Unfortunately, I didn't realize until it was too late that showing Buu get killed by the cute and cuddly Kirby, of all things, might not sit too well with an audience still coping with our Goku VS Superman episode. I rationalized that Death Battle shouldn't skew itself to appease any one fan base over others, and it would be wrong to give the Dragon Ball audience special treatment when we'd never done so to anyone else. I hold the show by this standard to this day. That being said, given how popular and widely discussed Goku VS Superman had already become, I can absolutely understand why some people might think we should have thought otherwise in this particular case.

    Anyway, there was a lot of pressure to get 3 Death Battles out in the first two months of 2015. If I recall, I believe Craig was frustrated that we had to delay a few episodes because of the aforementioned difficulties, and wanted to make up for it. So three episodes were quickly rushed out the door; Ragna VS Sol Badguy, Gaara VS Toph, and Boba Fett VS Samus Aran Remastered. Given our current release schedule, this doesn't seem that bad, but keep in mind that we didn't have the multi-person teams on each episode like  we have today. I think the pressure of getting these done so quickly created a few issues. Especially since we agreed Nick could have Ragna VS Sol Badguy because “Hey, they’re fighting game characters! How complicated could their backstory and analysis possibly be?”

    Turns out, VERY MUCH SO!!


    I think the episode still turned out great, though. Zack’s animation is baller, and Wiz and Boomstick’s “Who’s On First” style confusion over That Man is still one of my favorite jokes we ever did. And to those who are critical of Kirby VS Majin Buu and Gaara VS Toph, please don't misunderstand my intention here. This blog isn't meant to seek pity or excuse why any episodes in particular don't necessarily hold up to the quality our any other Death Battle releases. The Road to 100 series is simply meant to explore and reveal what working on Death Battle for so many years has been like, both the good and the bad. 

    By the way, if you’re looking at the YouTube release of Ragna VS Sol Badguy, you may be wondering why it was apparently posted in April. Unfortunately, we were unaware that two pieces of fan art had been included in the edit by mistake and without credit. Long story short, one of the artists issued a takedown, but we were eventually able to come to an agreement and re-upload the episode. We improved our process so it wouldn't happen again and kept trudging along. As for the remaster, we were actually moving Torrian from Detroit to our Dallas office while he was working on the project. So it was good old fashioned stressful times for everybody!

    Then on February 1st, in the middle of producing a Death Battle specifically inspired by his work, Monty Oum sadly passed away.

    There were other difficulties going on at the time, too. Chief among them, I had learned that my aunt was suffering a cancer relapse after a 4 year battle which my whole family thought was behind her. She passed shortly after Monty. Personally, it was just a very taxing couple of months. It's still a little tough to talk about, even in a written blog all these years later. As for how it affected my work, I wasn't nearly as invested in the episode I was working on at the time (Gaara VS Toph) as I usually would have been. I'm glad to now have a team at my back to help with current issues like this. The chaos reminded me of the never-ending stress from my first year on Death Battle, and for awhile I even began questioning whether or not I should continue working on the show.

    Thankfully, this bleak time would be lifted by our next episode; the wonderful Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro!

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. On a lighter note, would you be interested in seeing a Death Battle with a unique premise like the aforementioned eating contest?

  • Nomad is Now-Here

    3 months ago

    Jordan Campe Diem

    Salutations, Wanderers!

    Unless you’ve been living in a briar patch for the last hundred years, you’re probably aware that Nomad of Nowhere is back! That’s right, for the next six weeks we’ll be airing the last six episodes of season one. Episodes will release every Friday on Rooster Teeth for FIRST members, right at 8AM Central (same time slot Camp Camp occupied the past 12 weeks). The week after that, the episode will be free for all to watch on the site and mobile apps as well. You have our mobile app right? If not, get ithere for iOS and here for Android and get to watching.

    So that’s seven days for Rooster Teeth FIRST, then free on the site for everyone. Got it? Awesome.

    We hope you’re excited for the rest of season one; it will be quite a wild ride filled with twists, turns, plus lots of heart and EMOTIONS. Without giving away too much, it’s going to be really cool. Thanks for all your support (and patience) for the show! You’re the best bunch o’ dunderheads a crew could ever ask for.

  • PAX West Roll Call!

    3 months ago

    kriss Community Manager

    Yoooooo! Who's going to PAX West!? Let's hang out with the RT Games team! Will have deets soon about a meet up, but curious to know how many people are attending. 

  • This Week At ScrewAttack - 8/16/18

    3 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    • I don't have any videos coming out this week!
    • I spent this week working on next week's Desk of Death Battle and helping out with Top 10s. 
    • So here's a random string of thoughts from the desk of a ScrewAttack editor and writer: 
    • Premiere Pro, the editing software we use, is strange. I've edited with almost everything under the sun and I do think PP is my favorite but I have a theory that because it's such a composite of editing programs, it can be buggy. Almost every week we have to gather together and problem solve a weird PP issue with someone's project. 
    • Speaking of gathering together, anyone remember the MTV movie/show 2Gether? Yeah. Good times. 
    • Speaking of good times, the concept not the show, I've been playing a lot of Stardew Valley after work this week. I got a Switch back in June and it's probably the game I've played the most. So fun. 
    • Speaking of fun, again the concept not the band, I forgot my lunch at home on Tuesday and went out to eat with Noel and Torrian. Torrian told us all about being a parent and Noel and I agreed that for now we would just vicariously live through him because we're not ready to be parents! 
    • Speaking of segues, you get the joke by now, I finished up Barry on HBO. It's incredible and I definitely recommend it. 
    • Anyone have any questions about editing, writing or anything else?
  • #29: Deadpool Dances - Death Battle's Road to 100

    3 months ago

    BenBSinger Ben B. Singer


    Episode - 39 Deadpool VS Deathstroke

    Death Battle episode number 39 was originally planned to be Ditto VS Kirby and air in mid-November, but there were quite a few setbacks that pushed that one back. I’ll get into those on the next blog. However, we never changed the airdate for what was supposed to be the last episode of 2014; Deadpool VS Deathstroke!

    I’m a big proponent for challenging one’s self, and I try to apply that idea to every episode of Death Battle. I love it when we push the boundaries and the rules we’ve established to try new things, like the battle royale or gag battle episodes. But this episode would introduce an all new take on the show. For the first time ever, one of the combatants would interact with Wiz and Boomstick.

    There was a side of me that wasn’t sure if this was such a good idea. For most of seasons 1 and 2, I didn’t really treat Wiz and Boomstick as characters. Their original intention was to merely portray hosts of information. That’s why there was no on-screen presence, and very little character development outside of a few jokes here and there. Death Battles were supposed to be pretty short early on, so I figured it'd be better to dedicate our limited time to the characters in the episode titles. Having a character throw themselves into the mix and completely tear apart Wiz and Boomstick’s dynamic meant we had to look at them in a way we never had before. How would they react to this? What would they do? How would it affect their analysis and presentation? So many questions!


    Because of the schedule changes with the Kirby fight, this was also a Nick episode. While I spent a lot of time on the planning side of this one, he did the majority of the actual writing. Including most of the fight script. You can absolutely tell because there are way more references to Deadpool’s appearance in Marvel vs Capcom then I would’ve included in my script!  stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

    This was also our third time working with Torrian, which meant another 3D battle! These were quickly becoming major events for our audience, and I'm pleased to say this one just blew everyone away. If you squint your eyes and look reeeeeeal close, you may notice this battle takes place in the exact same city set as Godzilla VS Gamera and Terminator VS RoboCop. This would be the last one, fulfilling the deal I’d made when purchasing the set piece.

    I think we did a pretty good job at keeping the environment fresh between all three episodes. When purchasing the set, I already knew we’d use it for these three match-ups. In fact, it played a large part in deciding these match-ups, as I didn’t want to force a fight into a city environment that really wouldn’t belong there. While investigating the city, I deliberately decided that specific parts of the set would be exclusively used in individual episodes. A certain set of blocks was set aside for Terminator VS RoboCop, the lake and beachfront was assigned to Godzilla VS Gamera, and the bridge was held for Deadpool VS Deathstroke. Yep, that’s how far in advance I was thinking about these fights. While writing Terminator VS RoboCop, I already knew the centerpiece of the Deadpool VS Deathstroke battle would be a highway chase scene that would go over a bridge.


    But let’s talk about something that wasn’t planned. Well, sort of. At one point in the battle, Deadpool busts out a boombox and starts to break-dance. While this segment was part of the script, as Deadpool's unpredictable fighting style was one of the key arguments for his victory, Torrian added a lot of fun elements on his own accord. Like a new outfit and random crowd cheering. We would later discover that he made this scene while inebriated. When he woke up the next day, he didn’t remember actually animating it and almost deleted the whole sequence for fear that it wasn’t what we wanted. I’m very glad he didn’t! (PSA: Always stay safe when drinking and animating.)

    After this episode aired, we knew we needed to get Torrian down to Texas to work for us full time. I’ve already talked about the Boba Fett VS Samus Aran remaster in my very first Road To 100 blog, but he joined us in the office while working on that episode. When we get to Torrian’s next episode, Iron Man VS Lex Luthor, I’ll cover how he revolutionized our animation department and helped set on on the path we’re on today!

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. What’s your favorite line from this episode?


    3 months ago

    Clarissa.Gonzalez RT Live Events Manager

    Hi London friends!

    Exciting news! Community Corner is coming to RTX London, and we will have a dedicated space in the Exhibit Hall to promote the work and talents of our community. Are you an artist, designer, illustrator, and/or create cool shit? We'd love to give you the space to show it off!

    We've assembled a committee of Rooster Teeth employees who have come from the community to review and select the submissions. 

    Applications now open and close Wednesday, 29 August at 11:59PM CDT.

    We can't wait to see all your submissions!

    Lastly, if you have any questions, please remember to reach out to our lovely customer support team at They're here to help!



  • #28: Get Over Here! - Death Battle's Road to 100

    3 months ago

    BenBSinger Ben B. Singer


    Episode - 38 Ryu VS Scorpion

    Let’s talk about one of Nick’s episodes!

    Actually, I want to cover a bit about his first episode, too, since I didn’t go too in-depth over it back in my blog about the Batman episodes. If you didn’t catch that one, Nick’s first episode was Batman VS Captain America!

    While looking at the general discussion around that episode, I also stumbled upon a recurring topic which is even on the Death Battle wiki.


    Sooooo just for the record, I have no idea what this is talking about. It doesn’t even make any sense. I believe we may have mentioned this was an episode we planned to do for awhile and it somehow got wrapped up in some weird idea that we made this episode a long time ago but not really? I'm not sure, but apparently a lot of people think this for some reason. The entire story behind this episode was: it was a highly requested match-up and we gave it to Nick for his first episode so I could assist with a character I’d already researched while working on a completely separate episode of my own. Also, like all Death Battle episodes, we did not pick this match-up because we somehow knew Batman would win in advance. We’re not fortune tellers.

    Batman VS Captain America also introduced a brand new animator to the Death Battle mix; Zack! Now let me tell you, we really like Zack, and I think you may have already noticed that if you watched the episode that came out today. Yep, Zack was one of the main animators for Carnage VS Lucy. We’ve been working together for several years, now!

    Nick and Zack also teamed up for the deliciously fun Ryu VS Scorpion!


    Nick wasn’t just the writer and head researcher for his episodes. He also edited them. This was an arrangement I was adamant about because of how information in Death Battle is presented. If we spent all of our time just talking about the details of every weapon, armor, skill, and feat a character has, you’d have to listen to Wiz and Boomstick drone on for hours! Thankfully, Death Battle uses a visual medium, so we’re able to show just as much as we can tell. For a show like Death Battle, which is constantly giving the audience more and more information at a steady rate, I think it’s really important that the writer and editor work together closely, if not be the same person. This way their styles can work together to create the best and most effective video possible.

    I had a pretty firm hand on the final cut for Batman VS Captain America, but Ryu VS Scorpion truly shows off Nick’s style in Death Battle for the first time. It might not be very noticable to most people, as it still follows the same formula. But like all editors, Nick has a different way of conveying information and creating quirky edits than I do. Personally, I was really excited to see someone else take a crack at the formula I had been working on by myself for over 3 years up until that point. Seeing things through different eyes is a huge learning experience, and this helped move Death Battle in a new direction. Many of you may have noticed how the modern Death Battle episodes might feel a little different than these older ones. Hopefully for the better! This sort of workflow helped create a lot of that.

    As for Zack, he was the first to introduce hand-drawn elements into the fight animations… in this very episode! And this was only his second one!


    I remember having a long discussion with Nick and Zack about Scorpion’s sprites for the animation. It felt wrong not to use the classic digitized sprites, but we all knew they’d look strange next to the much higher quality Ryu ones. We wound up going with some custom mugen sprites instead, and Zack even did some custom sprite work for Scorpion's additional weaponry and dialogue. I think we made the right choice!

    At this point in Death Battle’s history, I was specifically looking to hire semi-novice animators to give them a platform to grow on. Zack’s drive for quality and to learn new things with each and every animation was truly impressive, and still is! Ryu VS Scorpion’s battle was easily one of our best looking animations for a long time.

    The choice of winner for this one remains controversial, especially after our most recent episode with Ryu clarified and re-examined several things. I’ve mentioned this in a few previous blogs, but at this time Death Battle was more interested in interpretations than calculations. That’s why so much of this episode’s analysis focuses on how Ryu and Scorpion’s movesets compared to each other, rather than how their strength, speed, and durability compares.


    That being said, I recall being pretty conflicted about Scorpion’s ability to transport Ryu to the Nether Realm. The power Scorpion gained from the location pretty much sealed the deal on his victory, but I had always maintained that the location of the fight shouldn’t be considered an element of the fight’s conclusion. It ended up being included because it was part of Scorpion’s arsenal, and not a random element that neither character couldn’t control.

    Overall, a pretty awesome episode! And while this one solidified Zack’s place as a recurring animator for the show, the next one would go one step further for Torrian. Tomorrow, I’ll talk about the surprise phenomenon that is Deadpool VS Deathstroke.

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. We’ve seen a lot of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat characters in Death Battle, but is there one we haven’t brought in that you’d like to see in an episode?

  • News regarding RTX Sydney and future Australian live events

    3 months ago

    Bethany Head of RT Events

    Hi everyone! 

    Traveling our company to Australia every year is a massive endeavor for Rooster Teeth, and one that we always look forward to. However, we can only manage one big event in Australia each year, and based on feedback from our community we’ve decided to change things up in 2019. 

    Rather than the standard RTX event, we'll be sending Achievement Hunter and friends down under to put on three amazing stage shows in a few different cities. We can't wait to show you what these guys have planned, and we'll be announcing dates and venues very soon! 

    Stay tuned for how and where to buy tickets in the coming weeks. We can't wait to see you again in Australia in 2019! 


  • Rooster Teeth's Murder Room is Back!

    3 months ago


    This week we begin releasing more episodes of Murder Room!  We produced four new episodes from mysteries written earlier this year in testing. These four new episodes will give us a chance to get even more feedback and tweak this killer show (haha) before going into our official first season. (fingers crossed) Murder Room will also be moving to a different windowing session. Episodes will launch for FIRST members and be exclusive for 7 days, then it will open to be available to anyone on and all mobile apps for 7 more days, and finally after that it will be available on YouTube for the public. Since this is the first show of its kind, we are basically learning how to best turn each mystery into a game.  I think you'll see how each episode gets stronger and stronger as we solve this crazy-ass puzzle we call Murder Room.  Now, set your timer and prepare to convict a killer.

  • #27: Gun-Damn It! - Death Battle's Road to 100

    3 months ago

    BenBSinger Ben B. Singer


    Episode - 37 Tigerzord VS Gundam Epyon

    Apologies in advance. I’m working real late tonight, so this blog will be a little bite-sized.

    Remember how in the last Road to 100 blog I talked about finding something new through Death Battle that you’re a fan of? While Nick was busy working on his first episode, Batman VS Captain America, I decided to try digging into a new series I wasn’t as familiar with; Gundam!

    Most Death Battle match-ups up to this point had included characters which I was at least somewhat familiar with. This was essentially to ease the research process so I wouldn’t spend so much time digging through information just to learn which sources I’d need to find before I even begin the research itself. But now that Nick’s work on Death Battle gave me some extra time, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to explore some franchises that Death Battle hadn’t covered yet!

    I had wanted to do a giant robot fight for a long time. Even though we were working with Torrian at the time, there wasn’t any guarantee yet that 3D animation would become a Death Battle mainstay. So I spent some time digging through possible sprite battles involving mecha series. Lo and behold, two very popular requested mechs had some wonderful sets of sprites; the White Tigerzord and the Gundam Epyon!


    This match-up might seem a little out of left field for some people, but it’s actually really important to me that every couple episodes we should cover a match-up and/or characters most people wouldn’t expect to see in Death Battle. That way, the series keeps from getting stale from expected, theoretical “obvious” character match-ups. I don’t want the audience asking which Marvel VS Dc fight we’re gonna do next, I want people wondering what random-ass character you forgot even existed we’re gonna pull out of the nether!

    While Gundam Wing fascinated me, it didn’t really pull me in like the Godzilla and Gamera movies did. A lot of people had told me it was the best Gundam series… absolutely the one to watch! But while it was really cool when it focused on the Gundam pilots, the rest of the series got a little muddled and bogged down by dozens of meandering characters and events that just weren’t interesting. Since then, I’ve dived into the original Gundam story, and that’s waaaaay more my jam!

    This battle animation was incredibly fun to write. I wanted to incorporate elements of the Power Rangers cheese and Gundam’s dark fantasy to create kind of a silly dark comedy atmosphere that showcases both tones at different times. We also had some awesome voice talent, including Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi, the creator of TOME, and Marissa Lenti, who would eventually help cast future Death Battle animations. Watching it again after all these years, this may be one of my favorite battles we've ever done!

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. Are there any giant robot match-ups you’d like to see in a future Death Battle?