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  • See you again

    2 weeks ago


    See You Again by Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth is now the #1 most viewed video on youtube!!!! wow 

  • Bacrylic's Share Game Update

    3 weeks ago


    Hey guys. Here's a quick update on the game Brandon and I are working on. 

    #1 I realized I wouldn't be able to make the teaser trailer in After Effects. I was quality issues and there wasn't a solid fix for it. I was attempting to keep away from having to make it in Unity because its not my favorite software and we've had some bad experiences together. I went to work one day and Unity was starting a project with another man. I was devastated. I didn't think I could trust another game engine again. But we've moved past it now, and I think we're stronger for it.

    #2 I still have yet to find a personal style for this game. You could say we're not taking the traditional creative work pipeline. 

    #3 Brandon has decided to start posting visual progress of our game on the Squaretale site. As far as I know its still vacant, but I'm working on a small scene that he wants to show when I'm done. Focusing on this scene is also intended to distinguish a sense of style, fingers crossed. 

    #4 I'll be attending the IGDA meeting tomorrow. Sadly Brandon won't be joining me. He couldn't leave his shop, but I might be bringing our other Brandon. Thats right we have two. I look forward to meeting with our recent friends Lance and Clint at Duck Block Games

    Clint has been real cool about helping me understand what it takes to make a game and kickstart it. So as a shout out to those two check out there kickstarter for their game Forsaken Castle.



  • Bacrylic's Share

    4 weeks ago


    Welcome to Bacrylic's Share

    The public dropspot for my projects. The community has a lot of creative and ambitious people with their own agendas and I'd like to connect to them with an active hotspot. Posts with recent updates and progress so the community can follow my endeavors. Questions, concerns, and advice are welcome.

    As a bonus for the public I'll be posting embarassing and hilarious stories so stay in touch guys. NOTHING is off the table for me. Come for the content, stay for the laughs.

    Story #1 

    Brotherly Fail

    Ok so for some context, I am the middle child between two sisters. In the many years growing up with my sisters I haven't really had too many opportunities to feel like a good brother. 

    My little sister was getting texts from a guy she had dated. She would show me these texts because she thought it was wierd and silly how many messages this guy would send while she wasn't responding. 

    My thoughts were different. This guy seemed a bit desperate and a little obsessive, so I got cautious when she told me she would be meeting this guy in person to talk it out. In my head I was like NOOOOOOO FUCKIN WAY. Its dark. You're on your own. You don't know karate. 

    So I was offering to tail her to make sure she was safe, but she said 'no I have pepper spray, I'll be fine'. Still, big brother wasn't buying it. This dude seemed a little unhindged and I wasn't letting that slide. Also I was getting excited, feeling like 007 going undercover, all I was missing was a cover car and a fake mustache.

    I drove into town trying to find where she was meeting up with this guy. I wasn't gonna get down or anything. I was just gonna be there. 

    I couldn't find her car at the station she said she'd be at and was starting to get worried. I drove around town for a bit and sent her a text just asking if she was ok. I wasn't trying to alert her, and it could've been a general message from home. It took her a while to respond, so I followed it up with a 'where are you?' At this time I pulled back in at the gas station between a few cars.

    I put the truck in park and wait.

    After a few minutes I get a text back.

    little sister: 'GO AWAY'

    me: 'What?'

    little sister: 'WE CAN SEE YOU!'

    Oh SHIT. So I get the fuck out of there right. I'm caught off guard and I haul ass back home. 

    At this point my cover was blown. I felt like the worst agent in the field. Total amateur hour. I left with my tail between my legs. I get home. I park exactly where I was, and get back on my computer to make it seem like I never left.

    Some time later, my little sister gets back and has the BIGGEST FUCKING GRIN. She asked me what I did that night, and I followed with 'nothing just been workin on the computer' trying to keep a straight face.

    She said I followed her. I said I didn't go out, keeping my defenses up. She then continues to blow my barricades, with an 'I saw you. You parked literally a few cars down from us'. 

    And then came the shame of realizing your not a ninja. 

    ...Brotherly Fail...

  • LPL Chicago

    1 month ago


    So I found my old tumblr posts about LPL Chicago and I'm gonna put them here so I don't lose them.

    Post #1

    Things to note here while I’m awake and conscious

    The pyramid

    The camp camp rap rap

    getting a high five from lil J as he ran through the aisles 

    getting a high five from elyse as she ran through the aisles

    Michael in the fucking gimp suit jfc

    Ryan in his dead by daylight costume rapping the machete against the desks of the victims

    and being referred to as ‘Dark God’ by James

    The sheer amount of chanting for Lil J, especially right before he got down to killing

    Ryan kicking ass at move or die (lbr because he plays aginst Meg all the time)

    The amazing use of effects like smoke, lighting, and the streamer cannon at the end

    The habernero peppers and Greg is a dirty cheater

    That one guy who accidentally got passed up for getting a high five and suddenly got the microphone during rock band and actually ended up on stage with everyone

    The card ‘trick’?

    everyone cheering for the janitor

    I’m real tired but super fucking happy.

    Post #2

    Okay it’s the day after Let’s Play Live Chicago. I’ve slept a little, been in the car a lot, and I want to get my thoughts down in a vaguely coherent manner.

    -The theater was beautiful, and even more so once it was filled with approximately three thousand RT nerds

    (Minus a few confused but supportive parents)

    - The makers of Jackbox Games were there and let some fans play up on stage while we were waiting on the show to start

    -The sidebars were full of the #letsplaylive twitter feed, which led to a ridiculous amount of memeing. There was also a notable trend of #DicksOutFor____ (LPL, Lil J were the most common)

    -When the Show began for real there was an Insane amount of cheering which was wonderful. Like, honestly, just the sheer energy in that theater was the most incredible thing I’ve been a part of.

    The rest is going to be under the cut because it gets long but if you’re so inclined there’s some funny shit

    -Started out with Worms (Some sort of new version) and the names I picked up on were Great

    -Except Jeremy’s because he wanted to make a bunch of Trump jokes but for some reason they didn’t go through and he was so disappointed (I believe one was ‘Trumpback whale’ please add on if you remember more)

    -Jack’s were the four horsemen of the apocalypse and he definitely represented it well. (Except Ryan won in the end because Jack self-destructed along with taking out most of the map)

    -Mario Kart racing between Greg and Tim was a thing

    -Habanero peppers were also a thing

    -Greg is a cheater who shoved extra habanero peppers into Tim’s mouth when he was ahead and there was Suffering (He also told a fan to eat one because they’d picked out a tiny, horrible one for him but the ‘Reff’ had to stop them because that could go very bad)

    -Also a lot of people wanted Greg to take his shirt off but apparently there’s a fine for doing that at the Chicago Theater so he instead lifted his shirt to reveal another shirt that just said ‘I Am Fat’

    -Someone had a sign that said Release Greg’s Nips and so as not to disappoint entirely he did run into the crowd to meet the guy and sign it

    -Jordan shooting a plastic bow with rubber balls at the end pretty much directly at Dan was a thing, and then he kept trying to get it through a tiny hoop which did not happen

    -But he did shoot an apple off of Dan’s head so that was pretty impressive

    -There was a ‘Card Trick’?????? Ace of Spades, someone named Jason from the audience if anyone else picked up on what was happening please let me know

    -Cards are hard to clean up

    -Guess what else is hard to clean up

    -A ridiculous amount of lube all over the theater floor

    -Funhaus (James, Bruce, Adam and Elyse) basically had a premise that they would go into Dark Souls and try to beat a boss fight. Lose and, as was with the last LPL, get ‘punished’ by Lawrence in a gimp suit. Elyse said something about how he was ‘getting a lot better’

    -Started off with Adam, and the premise that if he won the rest of Funhaus gets punished and he’s safe.

    -He wasn’t safe. There was some sort of riding crop involved? I could hear it and I was about halfway back from the stage so

    -Can’t remember the order after that but Elyse got a ball gag, James got a dog collar and Bruce ended up handcuffed to James. 

    -Someone apologized for the fact that if ‘Anyone out there is still in the stage of discovering their sexualities, this is probably doing things to you.’ 

    -Lawrence walks out in a bathrobe, apparently not able to find the gimp suit.

    -So Elyse takes off the mask (it takes some doing) and reveals none other than Michael Jones

    -And uh, he continues to be really into it. There was a tongue thing, I’m gonna move on.

    -Geoff and Gavin sat across the stage from each other and threw tennis balls at each other’s dicks

    -Both of them got a couple solid hits in

    -Michael (still in the suit) was behind Gavin, going after the balls that went past him and rubbing his shoulders with encouragement

    -They played both Drawful 2 and Quiplash 2

    -Notably Geoff answered the question ‘What will Geoff’s next tattoo be’ with “Ray please come back” (The other answer was “Gavin’s Nose”)

    -There was also one really odd pixel game and I mostly got confused and just watched for Michael’s reactions to figure out what was going on

    -Which was addressed by the group in a sequence of ‘Audience, cheer if you have no idea what’s going on’ -crowd erupts in cheers- ‘People on stage, cheer if you have no idea what’s going on’ -cheering from the stage-

    -Greg starts up a rivalry with Tim at some point ‘Team Valor Vs. Team Mystic’ and gets the crowd in on it too, vaguely tacking Instinct on as well

    -Starts a huge shouting match (Which, a three thousand person shouting match is something to behold)

    -But you know what else is something to behold?

    -Those same three thousand people all singing the Pokemon theme song together.

    -Overcooked was a thing and I’m pretty sure Gavin was the only one up there that had any clue what was going on

    -And I say that but he was really confused too

    -The first game one team ended in the negatives

    -Greg did a kind of speech about growing up in IL and being shocked and amazed at ending up where he is now

    -Also Kinda Funny has their own office now!

    -Towards the end they did a human pyramid (you’ve probably seen pictures already)

    -Jack said they saved it for near the end because he was fairly certain someone was going to get knocked out of commission

    -Last game? Dead by Daylight, of course.

    -Jeremy as the killer

    -Took a little time to set up but the crowd was really hyped so it was great

    -Notable shoutings of “Let’s Go Little J” with clapping, “You are monster Truck” and always “Liiiillll Jaaaayy”

    -A figure wearing the killer’s mask and a full outfit (easy to find, just check twitter) comes out with a machete and chains, focusing intently on the victims who are closest to death and rapping on their desk with the machete or holding it to their face/neck ect. Stomps off in frustration when they get away, I think there were growling sounds.

    -Jeremy toyed with them, really, but cleaned up at the end

    -The masked killer drags each one of them off the stage

    -James is up next as killer, very good at playing maniacal a la “I’ll kill them all for you, Dark God” which is a pretty heavy hint

    -Elyse and Gavin are the last two left, constantly helping each other off of hooks and down to the last generator

    -Gavin gets got and the masked killer picked him up over his shoulder, carrying him off stage

    -Elyse dies not long after

    -Any wild guesses on the masked killer?

    -Jack sums it up quite well with outlining about how the conversation went.

    -”We need someone to dress up as a pyscho-” “Ryan.” It’s always Ryan, in the end.

    -Everyone comes out to the stage for a final game, RockBand

    -It’s just as absolutely stunning as one might expect, they make use of the lighting effects on the stage and the smoke and it’s beautiful

    -There’s people running through the crowds, high-fiving people all the way down

    -One guy gets passed up twice but wait, someone noticed from the stage and they come down with a mike for him to sing, he actually ends up on stage with all of them

    -The song is ‘Shut Up and Dance’

    -Everyone in the crowd is standing, clapping, singing and it’s the most energetic, lively three thousand people all in unison

    -Jeremy broke his guitar at the end and there was a ton of cheering

    -Let’s Play Live is announced for New York

    -I silently mourn the fact that there is no fucking way I can attend but celebrate the inspiring, wonderful show I just got to see and promptly get lost trying to find my way back to the hotel, grinning like an idiot.

    -I’m still riding that high, honestly.

    If anyone remembers other stuff, wants to talk more in depth about specific things or has anything that I missed I’d love to hear it! My memory is kind of all over the place so I’d l know there’s probably plenty left off of here and I’d appreciate a lot to be reminded or just to talk about it if you’re so inclined~!

    I was so happy re-reading these. Maybe one day I'll be able to go to another RT live event but even if I don't, I'll always have this. 

  • NOT a detached retina!!!

    1 month ago


    Some of you may have seen my journal that I posted late Saturday night regarding some really freaky and possibly serious medical issue with my left eye. So freaky, in fact, that it necessitated a visit to the ER.

    Well, my follow-up appointment with the specialist was yesterday afternoon. It was NOT a partially torn retina, as what was originally feared by both myself, and the original ER doc that saw me on Saturday. It was something that I had never heard of before - a "silent migraine aura".

    Confused? Join the club.

    Basically, the visual distortions and pressure I experienced were the telltale hallmarks of this silent migraine. Basically, a migraine without the searing pain in the temples that is synonymous with what everyone expects from such an event. Like I said - I had no idea such a thing existed prior to 4:30 pm, yesterday afternoon.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm relieved that I'm not either prepping for emergency retinal laser repair surgery, or already recovering from it, depending on how bad it could've been. I am a bit perplexed with what I did experience. I'm someone who rarely gets a headache, let alone experiences migraine... silent or the regular kind. Good thing I'm getting scheduled for a follow-up appointment with another specialist in 3 or 4 weeks that might be able to get me some answers.

    Either way, unless it happens again before that specialist appointment, I'm cleared to resume my life as if it were "normal". So, I think I shall do exactly that. At least if it happens again, I'll know what's going on, this time. Versus the 24 hours of "WTF is happening to me"  went through Saturday into Sunday.

  • February RT Gold Box Mishap

    1 month ago

    MurphGaming FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    In February Rooster Teeth began putting cards in the box as a sort of collectible item. I have received cards #2,#3, and now #4, but I never got #1 in my February Double gold box. I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have asked support 3 times but they have not answered if they could help or not. 

  • Catching up on manga

    2 months ago


    For a few months I was on a manga slump in addition to my anime slump, but I'm starting to get caught back up. I'm now up to date on UQ Holder, Blade Dance, and Shieldbro. I've also started a few new ones, the most prominent of which being Kenja no Mago, Wortentia Senki, and Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin. All of them are fantastic, and I highly recommend them. Well, Wortenia Senki doesn't have much to it yet, so it's not in the same league as the other two. I've still got plenty I need to catch up on though, like How I stalked some dude with an exposed nipple and stumbled upon the Zenithian Sword.

    Also, can't tell you how good it feels for Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari to have risen to the #1 ranked manga on the site where I read my manga when I'd discovered it the day the first chapter released. It's good to see that it's become so popular. And it really is a good read.

    And now for something completely different. Behold:

  • Going to cry myself to sleep now

    2 months ago


    GAAAAHHHHHH!!! Anderson Silva got KOed because he decided to clown around like he as does in his fight. So annoyed, but hey cheers to Weidman for making history and putting the former P4P #1 fighter to sleep. No rematch please and thank you.

  • Rooster Teeth & You: What keeps RT alive?

    2 months ago

    Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

    Today, Burnie's latest vlog was released on youtube. For those who don't have the time to watch it, he and Matt discussed how it is that Rooster Teeth makes money to produce shows, run events, etc. and that essentially broke down like this...

    #1 Advertising

    All the commercials you see before the videos on this site or youtube generate a relatively good chunk of money for the company. They also displayed an excerpt from Parade magazine featuring Camp Camp as an example of this. 

    #2 Subscriptions, also know as FIRST Membership

    As it's been a huge discussion point since the time restriction on the latest season of RvB, this still makes sense. The community largely supports the company. 

    #3 Licenses & Royalties 

    For those who don't know what this is, a good example would be the version of RWBY that was done in Japan, with the Japanese voice actors. The company that did that paid Rooster Teeth in order to legally create it. 

    #4 Events... RTX, Let's Play Live, and secret future events

    While some of the money from ticket sales goes to the vendors and overall funding for events, Rooster Teeth still makes money from these amazing events. 

    #5 Merchandise... Shirts, Music, DvD's 

    Essentially, digital or physical purchases made from the RT store, including Double-Gold Subscription boxes. 

    "So what's the best way for someone with extra income to support RT?"

    Coming straight from Burnie and Matt, the biggest way to help the company is with direct contact. This means buying products directly from the RT store, watching videos on the site instead of Youtube, or simply just being a subscriber. 

    The point of the vlog was basically to say that, despite the Youtube-based

    "Ad-pocalypse," Rooster Teeth as a company is far more secure financially then other companies, and it is thanks to subscribers and the community that they don't have to constantly adapt and change things to survive. 

  • Nearly Finished Unpacking

    2 months ago

    MrWartburg Team Fat

    So a couple weeks ago, I mentioned a few life updates, like moving to a new place. And over the last week I've gotten just about everything unpacked, stored in the closet, and all the cool shit hung on the wall. And the coolest stuff went in the basement. 

    Wall #1


    Wall #2


    Having the whole space pretty much all to myself is going to be pretty awesome, because it means I get to do stuff like keep my green screen up all the time! 


    I'm going to like having room to actually spread out while I'm streaming, instead of being cramped in the same small room where my bed was in the old place. Still playing with the lighting and what not, and working on some back end stuff for the new channel, but it's be a pretty solid couple weeks.

  • Woodyman's Backloggery #1 - Kirby: Planet Robobot

    3 months ago



    If you remember, many weeks ago I promised a new blog series called Woodyman's Backlog. This series sees me playing all games in my backlog in a random order and writing a quick review. The blog didn't even get to episode 1 before I hit a complication.


    I KNEW that I didn't want to start writing when I couldn't play more games, and I KNEW I didn't want to skip around on my backlog list so instead I decided to wait until everything was fixed.

    Well now it is, so let's get started with the first review. Before I do, please keep in mind that these reviews are meant to be quick. I'm not going deep into the games and I'm not doing research, just some impressions and if I had fun.

    Review #1 – Kirby: Planet Robobot


    I'm a HUGE fan of the Kirby series even though I haven't played many of the games. This is because the only Nintendo consoles I've ever owned was a NES and a Wii. I've played a bit of Super Star in my emulating days, and thought that was the best ever, but Kirby: Planet Robobot comes close.


    I was a bit skeptical when I began this game. The main gimmick of this Kirby game is that Kirby gets to ride around in a mech. Since the Kirby series is all about the power-ups, I was worried that the mech would become a central focus instead of the power-ups. I was SOOOOOOOO happy to be wrong. Not only does Kirby: Planet Robobot have awesome new and returning power-ups (or inhale abilities if you want to call it that) like leaf, poison, ESP, sword, but also the mech can have it's own power-ups with its own move list. This addition to the Kirby formula has you mixing and matching power-ups that you've forgotten or dismissed. I've never been a huge fan of the Electricity power-up, but combined with the mech, I was an unstoppable lightning shooting machine of death... and I loved every minute of it.


    The game itself is your typical Kirby fare. The goal is to get from the beginning of the stage to the end. You can collect secrets and unlock secret paths along the way, but the ultimate goal is to get through each level, to complete each world, to fight some bosses. Speaking of the bosses, this game has some AWESOME ones! There's a mechanized Whispy Woods, a Mecha Knight, some Dedede clones, and the craziest end boss in a Nintendo game that I have ever seen. If you beat this game, you know what I'm talking about.


    The game can get a teeny tiny bit repetitive towards the middle, but overall it's a a ton of fun and I'm glad I played it. Even now that I beat it, there's plenty to do with collecting all the bits, and new game modes to play through. If you like Kirby, you'll like this one too.

    Kirby: Planet Robobot gets a score of 11 out of 11.... or something.

    Next game: Capsized (Steam)

  • Da List (Spring 2017)

    3 months ago

    Koala_Bear Aspiring Author

    It's that time again, time to WATCH EVERY SINGLE ANIME! I'm not going to miss a gem again

    like Dragon Maid last season. Honestly I probably am, since I have no taste. So in no particular order:

    Shingeki No Kyojin Season 2: Those lovable cannibals are back!

    Clockwork Planet: World made of gears complete with a gear girl from the sky there to stop the gears from falling apart.

    Eromanga-Sensei: Your favorite porn artist you always hire turns out to be your sister >:C

    Busou Shoujo Machiavellism: Boy fights for Freedom in a school full of sword wielding tsunderes.

    Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records: lazy teacher at a top magical school that's just barely trying not to become a harem anime (probably will)

    Renai Boukun: Boy gets harem 'cause cupid made 'Kiss Notes' into her fanfic book

    Sagrada Reset: Dude with perfect memory and girl that can reset time team up to fight Sadness!

    Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai: Lucifer fights for control of Hell with as much violence and censorship as possible.

    Granblue Fantasy the Animation: Jean-lite teams up with Crystal Honey to summon dragons to fight the Generic Bad Guy #1 Empire

    Re: Creators: Anime comes to our reality (MY WIFU IS REAL!!)

    Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte li desu ka?: dude is the caretaker to a bunch of weaponized girls (not harem).

    Alice to Zouroku: Old man yells at all powerful girls

    Gin no Guardian: dude protects our world in a computer world 'cause you would too for dat booty

    Seikaisuru Kado: Huge cube shows up but all that people seem to care about is the MC Shindo!

    Tsuki ga Kirei: Middle School! Drama! Romance! Expositions~! (I wish there were expositions)

    Sakura Quest: Lovable town tries too hard to bring back tourism

    Tsugumomo: Your blanket turns into a wifu

    Fukumenkei Noise: Long lost childhood musical friends come together to form a love triangle.

    Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine: This Spring! Four naughty princes are going to be taught by (vinyl scratch) a commoner? EEEEHHHH??!!

    Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni?: Naughty Naughty temple monk anime

    Kinako Note: Quirky girls get together to form a theater troupe

    Kenka Banchou Otome: Girls beats Boys: Girl becomes the boss of an all-boys school full of delinquents.

    Atom: the Beginning: Learn about the scientist behind Astro-Boy for the people who are to lazy to watch the original anime.

    Kabukibu!: Kabuki anime! weird but fascinating

    Nobunaga no Shinobi Season 2: adorable "historically accurate" ninja

    Boku no Hero Academia Season 2: PLUS ULTRA!!! Mi heroes are back!!

    Sakura Internet: people actually trying to live our their foolhardy dreams

    Frame Arms Girl: model building with tiny girls (first shot is seriously a panty shot)

    Love Kome: We Love Rice: The bottom of the food pyramid has never been more Extreme!!

    Kenkei Shoujo: Super shorts about girls that transform into things

    Quan Zhi Gao Shou: (Chinese) world's best gamer goes back to his roots (lvl. 1 noob)

    Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho: Furry travels around with little witch girl

    Ani Ni Tsukeru Kusuri: How real siblings behave (constantly hating each other)

    ID-0: The Best ED EVER! This man takes Engrish to a whole new level!! Also girl joins a space pirates crew, yeah that happened too.

  • Gauntlet II Review (500th Video) - Heavy Metal Gamer Show

    3 months ago


    It's Friday, it's review time, and I figure it was time to review Gauntlet II. In this review, I talk about the Arcade version, and then I also talk about the NES port, which I know the most. Not only that, this is my 500th video. I thank everyone who has been there since video #1, and for those that watch off and on, etc. I really do appreciate everyone. You guys kick fucking ass! I hope you enjoy the review. I hope you enjoy the Easter weekend, if you support it, if not, have a kick ass weekend! Thank you!



  • Server admin steps down amid scandal!

    3 months ago

    No scandal, just kidding.

    But I (Ryon) am going to give over most of my server responsibilities to @Triguntri.

    She's a young go-getter and will hopefully give the server more attention than I have lately.

    I've said it about a million times, Minecraft is a very cyclical game. I go through periods where punching a blocky tree sounds like the most fun I could have, but other times I want to do something else.

    It has been over 4 years of running the server and this is my longest downturn in Minecraft, so I feel like I should hand it off so someone can do right by everyone.

    Tri and Ice will be in control, Ice's duties will remain mostly the same, and Tri will handle more the day-to-day and quality of life stuff. 

    She may take a little time to get used to the systems and whatnot, but she's a smart cookie, so I can see her doing some cool stuff that I look forward to playing as part of the community when my Minecraft lust returns.

    I'm not quitting or any of that crap, I'll still be around to help and advise, I just don't want to be "in charge" right now & I feel like the server deserves more than I have to give currently. I will still swing the ban hammer when necessary, so keep true to Rule #1 at all times!

    I'm hoping this will free up my mind to get back to building stuff for the server, like my house or some games and possibly play other games with community members.

    Cheers to fun!


  • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: #RTCommunityDay #MerchMarch Challenge St Paddy's!

    4 months ago

    ailsarocks FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Community Stylist

    Hello lovelies! Happiest #merchmarch #RTCommunityDay to you all! A massive shoutout to all of you who have been taking part in the #merchmarch Challenge, you all look amazing and it's been lovely to meet new community members and see your awesome RT style! I'm delighted to see so many both here and on Twitter taking part, keep it up we're halfway there!

    But now, to the latest RT Box! This one was Mardi Gras themed! Here's an inventory list of what we got in this month's box:

    - Mardi Gras themed note from Jack, complete with a fancy poem.
    - Mardi Gras Masquerade themed Achievement Hunter Shirt.
    - Funhaus Goblet cup.
    - Game Attack shot glass necklace.
    - Rooster Teeth hot/cold heart shaped pack.
    - Double Gold Star wristbands.
    - #1 Rooster Teeth Gold Card (1 in 5 Signed by Matt Hullum).
    - Orcs Must Die Unchained Game Code.

    Now Mardi Gras isn't a festival celebrated too much in the UK so I had to research a bit into it. Mardi Gras was on Tuesday, the 28th of February, so by the time I got the RT Box it was already too late. However, with the shirt being a bit wacky and green, I thought that it would be perfect for any St Patrick's Day parties coming up! St Patrick's Day is this Friday the 17th March so here's a potential outfit style to rock while you're knocking back the Guinness!


    Like I said last RT Community Day, I like to experiment with colour, and this month is no different. Looking at the shirt, it combines bright green with a rusty orange, as well as splashes of black and white. So I wanted to continue and expand upon this rust and green theme, adding in some texture and pattern for some additional style points as well as using the black and white as the foundations to this look. Rust and green is usually one of my favourite combinations for autumn, however to give it a spring twist, use bright or pastel versions of Autumn's more muted tones. I used a loose waterfall style coverup to keep this look comfy and relaxed, though do feel free to smarten up the look with a more structured, perhaps blazer style cover up. And if you're off to a party, remember: dress to excess!

    I can't wait to see the green-themed looks popping up on Friday or thereabouts. Remember, if you want to take part in the #merchmarch Challenge, take a picture with you in your RT Merch and tag me here on the RT Site @ailsarocks or tag either me or RT is Fashionable over on Twitter. Don't forget to use the #merchmarch hashtag too!

    As always my dears: Stay Fashionable  barbara

  • It's binging time,one at a time!

    4 months ago


    I figure it's about high time I finally get to binging certain pop-culture series one by one,and I can't think of a better place to start than with Dragon Ball!The hype surrounding it is killing me,so I need to familiarize myself with it one episode and chapter at a time!After I'm caught up with that ENTIRE franchise's stories,I'll begin binging DC Comics to learn more about Superman himself.See where I'm going with this?After binging as much as I possibly can with Dragon Ball and DC,I'll give my own,finally concrete opinion on ScrewAttack's #1 Death Battle(according to,Goku VS Superman!I'll let everyone here know my progress on the goal from time to time along with various other personal tidbits,too.Wish me luck!

  • Four in February 2017: How This Year Fared

    4 months ago

    Elusia Archmage Extraordinaire

    Now that it's March, Four in February is done for the year. On the games I planned this year... I didn't beat a single one. I didn't even play any of them except for a little bit of Shantae and the Pirate's Curse.

    What I did do however, was beat a different set of 4 games, some of which probably not many have heard of. Figured the games might be worth talking about a little bit.

    Game #1: Alwa's Awakening

    A game that actually came out during Four in February (it released February 2nd), this one was on my radar for awhile. It's essentially a slightly easier, more fantasy-themed Battle Kid - a new platformer styled like - and as difficult as - most classic NES games. The difficulty part deserves some emphasis, as there's a bit of a difficulty spike after the first half, mainly in a combination of hazard setups and a small amount of checkpoint starvation. It's not a complete deal breaker, but anyone coming into the game casually might not like it so much.

    As someone who really likes 8-bit art/music style and metroidvanias in general, I personally loved playing this one. Hoping the semi-setup for a potential sequel can turn into something later.

    Game #2: Kirby's Star Stacker


    This one was entirely on accident, cause I didn't know the game could really be beat. I always thought Kirby's Star Stacker was an endless game (there is an endless mode though). Once I found out it's just 5 runs in Round Mode though, I ended up getting through it rather quickly.

    The game's super simple - trap stars between 2 of the same animal to catch them, and collect a certain number to clear the round. It was simple enough that I beat Super Hard difficulty in minutes without losing once. The only real challenge I had was near the end of Insane difficulty, and that's only cause I never knew the mechanic for pressing up to swap blocks without rotating.

    As a cheap Virtual Console game, it's not too bad, though I'd recommend getting it at a discount.

    Game #3: Bleed 2

    Bleed 2 went by so quickly I forgot it even released in February. It was a short and sweet game, so I didn't think of counting it, but never the less it was a game I beat in February. There's not much to say outside of what's shown in the trailer. I haven't tried co-op, but it sounds like a good way to shake things up a little. The game's easily worth picking up.

    Game #4English Country Tune

    Probably the game not many have heard of in this list, English Country Tune is... interesting.Probably one of my favorite puzzle games in recent memory from how it's set up. Simple ideas are shown - push a ball into a goal, push a cube off the map - but the ways to pull off the tasks get more complicated over time. With a couple small exceptions, the puzzles changed relatively well enough that nothing felt overwhelming. Even the exceptions, once figured out, made future puzzles easier to understand.

    This was easily one the best random game I've gotten from the many game bundles I've purchased over the years.

    Game #5Wario Land 3

    ...yeah, I actually beat more than 4 games this time. Good thing too since Bleed 2 and Kirby's Star Stacker were on the quick side.

    I hadn't planned on playing Wario Land 3 for awhile, mainly because I still haven't played 2 of the games before it (I actually have the Virtual Boy one, but no system to play it on). Watching the game on a stream recently though made me want to pick it up sooner. It's hard for me to say what I think of the game mainly because of how different it felt from other platformers I've played. Being essentially immortal for the entire game - while not completely new to me (Bit.Trip Runner also has that mechanic) - felt so unnatural, yet it worked so well. The powerups were well spaced out, and the levels were well made to use them. This felt worth picking up, and makes me want to play the rest of the series sooner rather than later.

    Game #6Castlevania


    Castlevania was the one game in my list last year that I never beat. I reached Death, but couldn't beat him no matter how much I tried. This year, I decided to fix that.

    There's not much I can really say on this one except... I honestly didn't like this one as much as I thought I would. Maybe it's because I was into the later games more. I will say, I do appreciate the game for what it is.

    While my original Four in February plans didn't pan out, I'd still say this year was an overall success. There's still plenty to do for the backlog overall though. Even with 6 games down last month, there's still nearly 850 games left, with quite a few more coming in the next few days. With that in mind, I'm considering a couple games for what's dubbed More in March. For the moment, I'm planning on playing through Horizon Zero DawnHollow Knight, and Blaster Master Zero. Time permitting, maybe I'll get through Breath of the WIld and Super Bomberman R, the latter supposedly being pretty short overall. For now though, I'll at least take some comfort in knowing I made some progress on the backlog.

  • True Light in Darkness

    5 months ago

    Jengaship Host of Glib Shark

    Hello Rooster Teeth friends,

    It's been a while. For those who don't know me, I'm the guy who ran for featured user and got it, the dude who crowdfunded a RT ramp stamp, the man who hosts the longest running RT community podcast (Glib Shark), and ran a modestly successful RT community event (RT Philly) after back to back hostings of the original fan event (RVBTO). 

    For those who do, a few updates:

    Kid #1 is on the way. She is already daddy's favorite. 

    D&D&D has completed its first year. Look up Dungeons & Dragons & Drunks on iTunes and Google play to hear me play a fish out of water half elf archer with a bear and a background that's a mix of south India and southeastern Pennsylvania. 

    My beagle is 7. #teamricky

    Day job is going great. 5 years in. 

    Moved to just outside West Chester, PA a few months ago after about 4 years in Media. It's a fun town, just wish I had some sidewalks in front of our place. 

    Our church choir is working on a campaign to introduce our ancient liturgy (Antiochean/Malankara) to ur younger generation. If you'd like to learn more, check out the link or ask me. Word of moth or dollar is greatly appreciated!

    I'm not as active here as I was in the past. For the quickest responses, best bet is to follow me on twitter @jackedathil

    But even if I'm not here every day, this place is my home and my family. 

    Thanks, as ever, for reading. 



  • Tabletop Tales: Things Sent to the Moon

    5 months ago


    So I was bored one day and was cleaning out a few documents on my computer when I came across something fun. Back when I was regularly involved in playing Tabletop over a few systems (D&D, World of Darkness and one infamous GURPS game) I had kept track on a few things that our DM had banned from our WoD game, or as he put it: "It's gone! Sent to the Moon!"

    So without further adeu....

    Things that have been BANNED from game (WoD):

    #1 The Wasp Knife

    #2 ANYTHING resembling a Ford Fiesta

    #3 Tuck-tuck-boom-boom. That is all (It's like a Tonka Truck with a Cannon!)

    #4 The Gunslinger Merit (stop asking Jim)

    #5 Fencing Fighting Style. Seriously, WTF guys?!

    #6 Sojutsu Fighting Style. ALSO BANNED

    #7 ALL the benfits of the Stillness Shroud. Seriously, you guys only get 1 dot

    #8 Imbuing and Item as a Mage

    #9 Sasha Grey

    #10 Stacking Flamethrower Damage

    #11 Tazers and any Tazer related items 

    I should probably say most of these took place over 1 campaign.....Our group really did try out outdo themselves on creatvie ways to break the game...

    (on a side note the Moon's looking rather crowded nowadays...)

  • Favorite Winter Areas in Games

    5 months ago


    In video games, majority of people tend not to like ice areas found in games, at least from what I've seen.  Well I am in the minority that love them.  Also, I feel the same way about Water areas, but since we're in the middle of Winter, I'd figure give my 2nd favorite season some love with my Top 10 Favorite Winter areas.  This can be anything from snow to ice.  I will be including both dungeons and regular areas.  I am only giving myself one rule though.

    One area per franchise.

    Also, please remember this is my opinion too and let me know what winter areas you like.

    10. Weddell Sea

    Game- Endless Ocean: Blue World


    Man is this game so underrated.  What I love most about this game is how low key it is (for the most part, there are some tense moments in the story).  And I just love exploring all of the areas.  There are 2 areas where you have to swim in cold ocean water, the Arctic Ocean in North Canada and the Weddell Sea in the Antarctic area.  I picked Weddell Sea because there's more to do there than the Arctic, even though that area has some of my favorite wildlife in the game.  Anyway, in this particular area you can explore among the ice burgs and even find a huge underwater cave that leads to the area of that picture above.  You can even break through the water to see the 'dry area' of this cavern.  And hearing Celtic Women sing Irish Dream when you first enter this section is just so calming.  You will find plenty of wildlife here and on top of the iceburgs you will get the chance to see the Aurora Borealis if you surface at night time when the sky is clear.  Truly a lovely area to explore.

    9. DK's Snowboard Cross
    Game- Mario Kart Wii

    I actually had a hard time picking my favorite Winter track from the Mario Kart franchise.  It was either this one or Mount Wario.  In the end I went with this track because I had fun with it non-Stop, from being shot out of a canon to using the slops to do tricks.  My only complaint was, if this was a DK track, why did they use Mario for the huge ice figure in it?  Lol.  Oh well.  Even though the track was made out of snow, it didn't feel like snow since you are going fast (unless you run into the thicker snow areas or the shy guys).  DK tracks tend to be the most fun, so I can't wait to see what they do next in the future.

    8. Sea of Ice
    Game- Disney's The Little Mermaid

    Well, we're certainly going back in time for this one lol.  This is actually the very first game I defeated hehe.  I am so glad that I finally have another opportunity to talk about this fun game.  Granted it's super easy and short, but I enjoyed this game a lot more than the movie it's based off of.  *Ignores all the boos*  I do blame creators of the game taking liberties with this game since 2 of the 5 areas aren't found in the movie: this level and the next, which is an Underground Volcano.  But I am not here to talk about that level.  I am here to talk about my favorite level in the game.  What I love most about Sea of Ice, is the fact I can actually slide across the ice here and it's so much fun!  The music itself is fun to listen to also.  This happens to be the first ice level I ever encountered too and seeing all of these cool ice effects was a treat.  Having to face a walrus for a boss was fun too.

    7. Winter Isles
    Game- Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

    One of my favorite games in recent years is Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.  A cool feature of the locations of this game how some of them are names after the 4 seasons.  Winter isles is one of my favorite areas of the game.  It's composed of 4 major islands you can explore.  On the largest one having the village of Yule (as seen above) and Glittering Grotto, the dungeon of the area.  This winter area is so pretty!  There may not be as much to do here as in other areas you'll visit, but from doing the sidequests in Yule to facing one of my favorite bosses in the game, I had so much fun in this area.  It also gets a bit funny.  In many winter areas, you actually aren't affected by the cold, but here you area when your party arrives.  It's obvious that you get cold here and you find yourself shivering before you get to Yule, where you receive your winter wear.  Now that's attention to detail hehe.

    6. Snowpeak Mountains
    Game- Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    I've only experienced a few winter areas in the Zelda franchise.  In this case it was pretty easy for me to pick a fav, and that was hands down this one.  When you first enter the region, a snowstorm greets you and you can't see a thing.  After getting that big red fish, the only way through the snow is to use your wolf sense.  It's pretty clever way to move, especially if you try walking through this snow at first, you'll sink right on it.  But once you get to the mountain top and everything clears, I remember just being entranced by it because it was so quiet. Than you have a 180 and have to slide down the mountain, which was something I wasn't expecting and it's so much fun, before arriving at the Snowpeak Ruins, which if ya'll would recall, is one of my favorite Zelda dungeons hehe.

    5. Freezeflame Galaxy
    Game- Super Mario Galaxy

    Ya'll had to have seen this coming if ya'll remember my favorite Mario Locations.  The "freeze" part of this galaxy is just fun and challenging to do.  Having the ability to skate on ice is a ball.  Getting to the top of the mountain area was enjoyable, but it certainly was no cake walk.  And I had to do it twice.  Mastering the high jump was critical here and taking that leap of faith from the top is always a nail biter.  The "Cold" areas in the Hot and Cold moments were not my favorite but it was interesting, but the idea of ice skating on lava was pretty cool, no pun intended.

    4. Boroque
    Game- Eternal Sonata

    If there was a fairy tale winter kingdom, this be it.  This by far my favorite area of the game.  It's just so enchanting and serene here.  You start out in the palace (seen above) and when you see it from the outside the first time, well, it's breathtaking and I literally gaped when I saw it that first time.  It's no wonder why there's a painter outside painting it hehe.  The city itself has a few sidequests that are fun to do.  In this section I also include the nearby forest before you reach the Temple of Aria.  That one small area you walk through is my favorite area to face foes.  The music in this specific area sounds like a music box is playing is just perfect.  After the tough fight aboard that pirate ship, Baroque was like a winter vacation I really needed hehe.

    3. Snowhorn Tribe Areas
    Game- Starfox Adventures

    I know many people don't like this game because it's more of an adventure rpg rather than the type of game Star Fox is known for.  Seeing how I love this type of game, it never bothered me and I am so happy I can finally give this game some love.  The areas that the Snowhorn tribes watch over are 3, 2 that are on the planet of Sauria (or Dinosaur Planet in this game) and 1 that is in space.  When you are first warped to the first area, Ice Mountain, you definitely get that winter feel.  When it comes to mountain areas in general, I always think there's going to be snow.  But I fell in love with this area when you take that speed mobile down the mountain.  Granted, it's not the fastest I've gown down a mountain in a game, but it's still fun, especially with the shortcuts.  You than arrive in the main area, Snowhorn Wastes and you will be returning here the most with it's quests.  Out of all the dungeons though, Darkice Mines is my favorite.  2/3rds of it is only 'winter' so I'lll only talk about those parts.  I do enjoy the puzzles where you had figure out how to find mechanisms to move forward and at one point you find yourself riding on a snowhorn through a blizzard.  I always look forward to this dungeon.  So I really couldn't pick a favorite particular area since I loved all 3 of them.

    2. St. Heim Mountains
    Game- Grandia II

    Much like how Baroque was like a vacation after a hard pirate ship fight, the St. Heim Mountains area such a relief after an emotional rollercoaster the last area before it had.  This area of the game is pretty much the turning point of the game and I love moving through this mountain area from climbing through the snowcaped mountain trails to traveling under the mountains.  And when you reach St. Heim Papal State and see that cathedral in the mountains in the background, it just is an impressive sight.  You do return to the area near the end of the game too when you have the biggest twist in story happen.  it is night when it happens and it's pretty menacing and chilling let me tell you.  It's amazing how much a location can change simply by changing the lighting.  I have to tell you, it was hard picking between this and my #1.

    Before we get to #1 though, here's a few honorable mentions

    Honorable Mention 1. Frost Cavern
    Game- Pokemon X/Y

    Pokemon Y is the first Pokemon game I played and I really enjoyed it.  Frost Cavern in the Mountain area of the Kalos region was a fun area also and I do remember liking the sliding areas.  Only reason why it didn't make the list though was because I initially forgot about it.

    Honorable Mention 2. The Himalayas
    Game- Disney's Ducktales: Remastered

    Man was I excited when I found out one of my childhood favorites was getting remastered.  And man did they go all out.  While this area might have had one of my favorite visuals in the game, it's actually one of my least favorite levels due to a few annoyances like those goats.  It's still fun for the most part, but not enough to make it on the list.

    Honorable Mention 3. Christmas Town
    Game- Kingdom Hearts II

    While I am not a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas, I do love the Halloween Town from both the first and second Kingdom Hearts games.  In II we finally get to go to Christmas Town and it was a really nice place.  But due to how little there is to do in this section of the world, I didn't put it on the list.  Darn shame, it has one of the sweetest scenes in the game as well as one of the most creative boss battles too.

    1. Glacia
    Game- Skies of Arcadia


    Yeah, my favorite winter area comes from my 2nd favorite game of all time, Skies of Arcadia.  One thing that I loved about this game was all the versatile lands.  More than halfway through the game you end up going to the "Pole" of the world where the Purple Moon is and it's home to the Land of Ice.  In each land you find things reminiscent of the ancient civilizations.  The ancient city of Glacia was the one that blew me away the most due to it being the only one not to be destroyed by Rains of Destruction that destroyed the world.  This was due to the fact that the city existed underneath the ice.  However, the people of this land didn't survive and were pretty much wiped out.  Saddest thing is, no one knows the exact answer.  You do get hints of what the culture is like, but it still is tragic, especially when all of the other lands still had survivors.  The somber music that is played as you explore this city is haunting and fits the ghost like vibe of the area.  I love this land and the upside down buildings remind me of icicles.  Also one of the saddest and heartwarming scenes happen in this area.  So because of that and the lore and the aesthetics of this place, this is why it's my #1 pick.

    Well I hoped you enjoyed that list.  I love comments so it be awesome for some feedback.  Thanks!

  • Just a little bit of time until the end.

    5 months ago



    So, saturday is coming, and the last episode of RWBY volume 4 will be released.

    I've seen many people scared and afraid about what can happen in this episode, since we just have RNJR and Qrow to fight The nuckleave and because of what happened in the end of volume 3, that surprisingly still resonates until nowadays.

    EP 11, showed that out heroines of team RWBY are moving on their way to Mistral, which will be the turning point for the next events in Remnant.

    Adam and his zelots are in Mistral, probably working with Salem in a new plan of destroying the next school, Haven.

    Winter is on ground, getting intel for Ironwood.

    And Raven is there, doing her own business.

    Im not going to say there is no reason to fear, because RT has the fame of being non predictable, and that means that they have an ace of spades hidden somewhere.

    I find very intriguing that, Volume 4 was indeed...curious.

    In comparison to the other volumes, this was by far the most slow but still, lore telling of all.
    You can see that more clearly if you take all the episodes as one.

    This remembers me of how volume 1, 2 and 3 were built up.

    In 1, we were presented to the universe, to the characters, and their actions discovering troubles in their world.

    In 2, were saw how they decided to act, and how they were immature in regards to the whole situation, and that there was much more to happen.

    In 3, we saw their fall, a closure of events in the worse scenario ever. Beacon destroyed, Bonds severed, friends died. Almost too much stuff handle.

    Now in 4, we saw a restart, a new beginning, where all of our heros were learning to deal with new things and they were shown a harsh truth that lied beyond Beacon's walls.

    I guess this volume, have chances to finish with a high degree of climax, but, that'll depend on how thing will follow.
    In many places around the internet, were RWBY is discussed, we can find people:

    - Hoping that JN_R die

    - Hoping they dont die

    - Hoping Raven will save the day

    - Hoping the silvereyes make the difference

    - Fearing that Qrow will try to protect Ruby in his actual state, and that this will be his damnation.

    And there's more assumptions, This 5 are just the most common, or a simplification of the great ammount of other guesses i found here in the forums, in Facebook groups and other places.

    I have already said which is mine, so im not going to speak about it.

    Im very eager to see what will happen and things will follow after this volume ends.

    I believe that volume 5, will be like volume 2 were, a season were the heroes will take steps further, with more action and discoveries.

    I hope we'll see how RWBY will deal with the regroup, and for the love of god, i want to see it, with the emotion that a situation likes truly have.

    They kinda avoided showing emotion in regards to Pyrrhas loss and probably the only momment that they touched the subject was in the Dreams that Ruby had, and Jaune's training.

    There's still a hint to a possible grimm Pyrrha by the way, but...well, i dont know.

    Volume 4 so far has been cool in the best case, and interesting in the worse one,
    and i hope that it gets a good closure.

  • Year of the Rooster. Year of Illustration.

    5 months ago


    I've been having an drawn out creative block recently. Between work and everything else that happens in life I haven't had much time to create much personal work. I've been consciously thinking about it everyday for about the past month, yet I couldn't bring myself to do anything. Then I saw the Burnie Vlog #1 - RT video and I was suddenly smacked in the face with an idea that got me excited.

    I am a fulltime Visual Designer for a boutique marketing agency. I have a background in illustration, graphic design and animation. After watching Burnie's vlog and explaining that the Year of the Rooster starts tomorrow, I am committing myself to 365 days of Rooster Teeth inspired illustration.

    Isn't there a saying along the lines of: 

    "writing down your goals your more likely to achieving them"

    X Fingers crossed! X


    I recently moved to the Saint Louis, Missouri area. I'd really like to get involved in the RT Community here. If someone could point me in the right direction that'd be awesome.

  • Popular movie "your name" Tops "Spirited Away" as Highest Grossing Anime Film Worldwide

    6 months ago


    Move over, Hayao Miyazaki, there's a new worldwide anime blockbuster in town. Shinkai's film your name has been gaining international popularity at an alarming rate, earning millions of dollars from Japan to South Korea to China and even Thailand. The film has earned a total of $281 million worldwide while Spirited Away in all it's popularity has only grossed $275 million. Even with these impressive numbers, Miyazaki is still clinging to his crown of "Highest Grossing Anime Film In Japan", however. In Japan, your name earned 23.23 billion yen (about $204 million), whereas Spirited Away's 30.8 billion yen (about $270 million). 

    For those of you unfamiliar with the plot of the manga turned film, My Anime List provided a brief spoiler free summary: 

    "Mitsuha Miyamizu, a high school girl, yearns to live the life of a boy in the bustling city of Tokyo—a dream that stands in stark contrast to her present life in the countryside. Meanwhile in the city, Taki Tachibana lives a busy life as a high school student while juggling his part-time job and hopes for a future in architecture.

    One day, Mitsuha awakens in a room that is not her own and suddenly finds herself living the dream life in Tokyo—but in Taki's body! Elsewhere, Taki finds himself living Mitsuha's life in the humble countryside. In pursuit of an answer to this strange phenomenon, they begin to search for one another.

    Kimi no Na wa. revolves around Mitsuha and Taki's actions, which begin to have a dramatic impact on each other's lives, weaving them into a fabric held together by fate and circumstance."

    When the film premiered in South Korea, it sold $8.1 million in its first five days and remained #1 in the box office for over two weeks. Along with South Korea, Shinkai's film topped the box office charts on opening day in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand. your name is breaking records in China left and right: top grossing 2D animated film, most advance tickets sold, fastest film to reach 100 million yuan, and more.

    When can you view the popular movie in your home country, you ask? Well, the film is slated to open in 92 countries and territories-- including the United States-- thanks to Funimation sometime within the first quarter of 2017. 


    Will you be seeing your name when it comes out in a theatre near you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

  • College Applications

    6 months ago

    Evv KevinEverett

    Hey RTers! 

      So Today i have finished my first college application with a school I did not expect to complete first. If any one is curious I can say where I applied to next week when I finish my applications. But unfortunatley my list has been shortened already do to me not really wanting to pay $75 per application fee and not even sure if I want to go to every school on my list. My #1 right now is still Emerson College in Boston, MA, so I really do hope I can finish my 10 page research paper for Dystopian literature all tomorrow (I know 10 pages isn’t a lot, but I am not fond of the topic so its hard geoff)  Once I finish my paper then I will have to move onto my Common App college essay and finish that. I am just having a hard time trying to talk about myself on the essay because I feel like I force too much into an essay and It isn’t genuine. Other than that I am ready to go and submit all my applications. 

      My list has been reduced from 8 schools to 5... Bye California and NewYork, but Hello Florida and Texas  james (Hint for my journal next week). 

    Just a really fast journal before I hit bed

    If I’m successful tomorrow then a lot of my stress will be lifted

    -Kevin Everett-

  • Upside Down Day

    7 months ago


    It has to be if I am FU.

    Obligatory FU Journal

    I came here over 8 years ago for the videos. I stayed for the only type of crazy you can find.

    I was introduced to RvB about a third of the way through Season 2 by a friend who tossed me a disc with half of Season 1 on it (he thought I might like it). The next day told him I loved it and asked if there was more. He burnt what was out there and informed me that I would have to keep up with RvB on my own. There was one problem:

    I didn't have Teh Intertubes.

    So, for the next 3+ seasons I had to seek out RvB on other peeps computers to get my fix.

    "But  Buck, why didn't you have Teh Interbutts?"

    Because I had the goal of paying off my house as Priority #1 and shunned luxuries (paid off in '08 - the day that I signed up here).

    I have made a lot of friends here since then, and have met many of them. I've seen some go from high school through college and then onto a career. I've seen some go off to the military, some get married, some suffer tragic loss, and some find great success (pretty much on a daily basis).

    You see, this place has become more than just a place to watch vids; it has become a very dynamic part of my life, one that I am passionate about. 

    Anyway, Thank You! for stopping by.


    Oh yeah, please leave a comment about a thing or two about you and RT if you have a moment.