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  • ​강남출장이용 하세요¶\「Ô1Ô⤆2689 ⤇2342」\¶#1위추천업체이용 강남출장Æ강남출장안마타임(鑫>→강남출장안마스페셜손길맛보기←

    2 weeks ago


    강남출장이용 하세요¶\「Ô1Ô⤆2689 ⤇2342」\¶#1위추천업체이용 강남출장Æ강남출장안마타임(鑫>→강남출장안마스페셜손길맛보기←<鑫)강남출장안마⋘초l강와꾸ṨIZE⋙강남출장이용 하세요¶\「Ô1Ô⤆2689 ⤇2342」\¶#1위추천업체이용 강남출장Æ강남출장안마타임(鑫>→강남출장안마스페셜손길맛보기←<鑫)강남출장안마⋘초l강와꾸ṨIZE⋙강남출장이용 하세요¶\「Ô1Ô⤆2689 ⤇2342」\¶#1위추천업체이용 강남출장Æ강남출장안마타임(鑫>→강남출장안마스페셜손길맛보기←<鑫)강남출장안마⋘초l강와꾸ṨIZE⋙강남출장이용 하세요¶\「Ô1Ô⤆2689 ⤇2342」\¶#1위추천업체이용 강남출장Æ강남출장안마타임(鑫>→강남출장안마스페셜손길맛보기←<鑫)강남출장안마⋘초l강와꾸ṨIZE⋙cjskjldkjw5_14_09_272.jpg

  • 서울출장이용 하세요¶\「Ô1Ô⤆2689 ⤇2342」\¶#1위추천업체이용 서울출장Æ서울출장안마타임(鑫>→서울출장안마스페셜손길맛보기←

    2 weeks ago


    서울출장이용 하세요¶\「Ô1Ô⤆2689 ⤇2342」\¶#1위추천업체이용 서울출장Æ서울출장안마타임(鑫>→서울출장안마스페셜손길맛보기←<鑫)서울출장안마⋘초l강와서울출장이용 하세요¶\「Ô1Ô⤆2689 ⤇2342」\¶#1위추천업체이용 서울출장Æ서울출장안마타임(鑫>→서울출장안마스페셜손길맛보기←<鑫)서울출장안마⋘초l강와서울출장이용 하세요¶\「Ô1Ô⤆2689 ⤇2342」\¶#1위추천업체이용 서울출장Æ서울출장안마타임(鑫>→서울출장안마스페셜손길맛보기←<鑫)서울출장안마⋘초l강와


  • 잠실출장이용 하세요¶\「Ô1Ô⤆2689 ⤇2342」\¶#1위추천업체이용 잠실출장Æ잠실출장안마타임(鑫>→잠실출장안마스페셜손길맛보기←

    2 weeks ago


    잠실출장이용 하세요¶\「Ô1Ô⤆2689 ⤇2342」\¶#1위추천업체이용 잠실출장Æ잠실출장안마타임(鑫>→잠실출장안마스페셜손길맛보기←<鑫)잠실출장안마⋘초l강와꾸ṨIZE⋙잠실출장이용 하세요¶\「Ô1Ô⤆2689 ⤇2342」\¶#1위추천업체이용 잠실출장Æ잠실출장안마타임(鑫>→잠실출장안마스페셜손길맛보기←<鑫)잠실출장안마⋘초l강와꾸ṨIZE⋙잠실출장이용 하세요¶\「Ô1Ô⤆2689 ⤇2342」\¶#1위추천업체이용 잠실출장Æ잠실출장안마타임(鑫>→잠실출장안마스페셜손길맛보기←<鑫)잠실출장안마⋘초l강와꾸ṨIZE⋙잠실출장이용 하세요¶\「Ô1Ô⤆2689 ⤇2342」\¶#1위추천업체이용 잠실출장Æ잠실출장안마타임(鑫>→잠실출장안마스페셜손길맛보기←<鑫)잠실출장안마⋘초l강와꾸ṨIZE⋙


  • RWBY: Combat Ready - The Road So Far

    3 weeks ago

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    Hey everyone!

    It’s been a crazy couple of weeks since the RWBY: Combat Ready Kickstarter Campaign launched on September 27th. Thanks to all the Backers and vocal supporters, the game and campaign have taken off faster than we could imagine.

    It’s only been 30 days, but the game has changed drastically since launch due to the unlocking of Stretch Goals. Those unlocked goals offered game component upgrades, additional content in the game, or additional content to be purchased!

    For those of you who haven’t been following along (or those who have but really want to know what you’re getting... ) here is a brief “The Road So Far” of RWBY: Combat Ready.

    September 27: RWBY: Combat Ready was launched!

    September 29: We clarified that shipping is INCLUDED for people who live in the USA, EU, AU, or NZ!

    September 30: We’re funded!  fireworks

    After being funded, it becomes a whirlwind of updates nearly every day as we started unlocking items. Here’s the quick low down with some links to their specific updates (as necessary).

    Items that are added to RWBY: Combat Ready - for all versions!

    • 6 Additional Objective Cards
    • The Rulebook was upgraded in Quality
    • +4 Additional Pages with a “Making of RWBY: Combat Ready” Chapter
    • The playing cards were upgraded to a high quality Black Core
    • MINIATURES! Miniatures replaced the cardboard player pieces of Ruby, Weiss, Blake,  and Yang!
    • Player Tracker Scrolls were upgraded to be double-backed with recessed squares to hold player cubes securely
    • Vacuum Trays were included in all game boxes to hold all the game components
    • Semblance Tokens were upgraded to be 3D printed pieces
    • Adam Taurus was added as a Villain into RWBY: Combat Ready (36 Card Deck, plus the White Fang Minion Deck with 18 cards and 1 Objective Card)
    • Game Box was upgraded to have UV Printing on the outside
    • Player Cubes upgraded from wood to colored transparent plastic
    • Cinder was added as a Villain into RWBY: Combat Ready
    • PENNY Is Included! (She comes with a 30 card deck, 1 player tracker scroll, 1 miniature, and 1 semblance token.)

    Backer Included Items - Free of charge to Kickstarter Backers at all Pledge Levels!

    • The 30 Card Heroine Booster Deck - a pack of 6 cards for each of the 5 heroines (Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, and Penny)

    • Neopolitan’s Sub-Boss Deck - a deck of 18 cards and 1 Objective Card

    • The 30 Card Villain Booster Deck - a pack of 10 cards for each of the 3 Villains (Roman Torchwick, Cinder Fall, and Adam Taurus)

    Add-On Items Available to Add To Your Pledge (Here’s How you do it!)

    • Villain Miniatures for USD$20.00 (Includes a 30mm tall mini of Cinder, Adam, and Torchwick - Collectible Items Only, Not Integral to Gameplay)

    • Additional Copies of the Game for USD$45.00 (Each additional copy purchased through the Kickstarter will have all the Backer Included Items)

    • Emerald and Mercury’s Sub Boss Deck for USD$10.00 (Includes an 18 card deck and 1 objective card)

    • RWBY Starter Pack #1 for USD$60.00 (Includes the first four volumes of RWBY on either Blu-Ray or DVD.)

    • RWBY Starter Pack #2 for USD$40.00 (Includes the first four soundtrack CDs of RWBY)

    • New RWBY Character for USD$10.00 (An unknown new RWBY Character that will be premiering in RWBY: Combat Ready before they appear in the show, RWBY!)

    Developer Updates Explaining the Game:

    #1 - Objectives and How They Work

    #2 - Card Play

    #3 - Combos and Assists

    #4 - Experience

    I know, a lot of information to take in at once. Take a deep breath. Take a look. RWBY: Combat Ready has grown drastically since we launched it only 30 days ago. We’ve got just about four days left in the campaign so now is the time if you have interest.

    We’re expected to ship this game to Backers in July 2018 and then ideally it will go into the RT Store after the Backers have it in their hands. But remember - there are certain items here that Backers have included for their pledges that will be separate items when it's in the Store!

    We hope you’re as excited as we are to get our hands on it and play it with our friends!



  • Why Do You Play That?: World Of Warcraft

    1 month ago

    bloodcal-cal7 Im Callam Hi

    So I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts on why I play certain games cause someone asked me the other day: "Callam why do you always play world of warcraft?" This being my 7 year old sister asking me this. And it actually got me thinking as to why I actually play it. So through some thought I decided to make some fo these journals sharing my feelings about these kind of games. First off: World Of Warcraft.

    Subject #1: The Story

    Yes I know, the story is the least of anyone's thoughts when playing this game, but honestly I love it! The story progression throughout WoW's world is flawless (to a certain degree) as there are some genuinely fascinating things involved in some of the quests, such as questing with Rexar on Draenor, or Sylvanas and Jaina in Icecrown, hell even Pandaria as a whole hade very interesting characters such as The Klaxxi. But as a whole, I love the world that Blizzard has made cause it really shows in the story development in each zone, like when you do The Siege of Ogrimmar raid there is some sense of grief for killing General Nazgrim. Why? Well cause he was a hero, you quested with him throughout Cataclysm and Pandaria, the same can be said with the Klaxxi. I honestly felt bad killing them cause they were so interesting, mainly because we got to see the perspective of the "bad side", the bad side being the old gods. And with the way that Legion has been going lately, there is no end to the amazing story progression that Blizzard has created.

    Subject #2: Collectibles 

    Yeah I have to say, one of the most fun things to do in this game is to collect stuff. Whether it be mounts, pets (I'll get to that later), hell even just outfits and toys, WoW has an abundance of things for you to do and goals to achieve. At most, mount collecting is almost everyone's goal in WoW, cause whats more amazing than transforming into a dragon and carrying your mate to the next raid! Blizzard even made two very unique ways to get mounts, The Riddler's Mind Worm which requires you to piece together 9 different pages that contain clues on the mount's where abouts, and the Lucid Nightmare which had the same concept but had a series of fun little puzzles to solve in order to find it, my favorite one being the endless random maze in Kung-Lai summit, easily took me three days to figure out. Even raiding has the goal of getting a mount through achievements, this of course encourages players to work together (ok to be fair, thats a bitch of a chore to do). Not to mention there are some pretty cool outfits for specific classes, even Blizzard made an mini event for it!

    Subject #3: PETS!!!

    I really didnt get too into pet battling when I first started playing way back in 2012 (I replayed Warcraft 3 multiple times before realizing there was an online world), but after a while I realized "Holy Shit its pokemon!" and it clearly shows that someone fought to have that concept in this game, and I LOVE IT!! Cause whats more fun than fighting with a mini-demon or a puppy covered in green magic? I just love it,

    Subject #4: PvP and PvE

    Yep, I enjoy slaying the Alliance in my free time. Do I gain anything from it? Not Really. Is there a reason? Nah its just fun! PvP can be annoying sometimes, but I enjoy it cause it gives you a sense of challenge. Cause I love hard shit in games, the more difficult the better (as long as the game is designed to be hard and isnt hard due to shitty mechanics. LOOKING AT YOU SONIC UNLEASHED!)

    So yeah thats why I play world of warcraft. Its fun, kills some time, story is interesting, killing shit is fun, and due to a certain level of nostalgia. 

    Not sure if I'll make more journals like this one, but really felt like sharing this just because. 


  • Symphogear G Episode 12

    1 month ago


    Hello everybody and welcome to the penultimate episode of Symphogear G. Where characters switch sides just so that we have an excuse to have them fight each other.

    In our last episode, Shirabe is shown to be in the custody of the SDRTST while we're informed that both Shenshoujin and Gungnir were destroyed by Miku's battle with Hibiki. This is treated as a good thing, since it means Hibiki is no longer in danger of burning up and possibly killing them all in a fiery explosion. However, this means they're short two power armored magical girls, as Chris has defected for some unknown reason, leaving Tsubasa behind to deal with the situation on her own. So, basically, standard operating procedure.

    But it gets worse. Frontier is actually a floating island, and it proceeds to do just that by grabbing hold of the Moon and using that as an anchor. But physics still exists in this world, so the act of moving such a mass means the Moon is going to hit the Earth Sooner. Something that Maria is against, since they haven't started preparations to rescue people. I suspect Dr. Ver doesn't really care at this point, since he used some of the Nephilim's cells to transform his arm into a Nephilim, which gives him control rights over Frontier. And he had such a trustworthy face, too.

    Realizing that Tsubasa has a difficult task ahead of her, Hibiki, all loving hero who has a charisma stat so high it makes Paladins want to roll her stats, convinces Shirabe to help them in their hour of need. She accepts, because of Hibiki, and off she goes into battle, with Hibiki bumming a ride off of her. And this is why, when you want Hibiki to stay somewhere, you put her on a short leash.

    This leads to our two battles, the first between Kiri and Shirabe, and the second between Chris and Tsubasa. And these aren't "holding back as much as you can" fights. No, except for the FIS fight, they're out for blood. This means that Hibiki, powerless, must make her way to the control center alone to stop this once and for all. Will she succeed? Let's tune in and find out.

    -Our episode begins with Frontier rising into the sky as we go right into the SDRTST fight. Tsubasa wants to know why Chris is fighting her, but she doesn't answer. Though I do notice something flashing around her neck. I don't recall noticing that last episode. Was that new or always there? I'll have to check it out. Anyway, I'm guessing bomb or another mind control device. The battle continues as Tsubasa does her best to keep the fight to her range. Oh, and I think I see why we didn't see the neck thing before. It's mostly covered up by her collar. That may also explain why Tsubasa hasn't noticed it yet, given how observant she is about these things.

    -After an exchange, Chris finally speaks, saying that she can't let anyone else bear her cross. Tsubasa is confused by this, but that's when she sees the pulsing neck collar of doomy death. But she doesn't get a lot of time to think on it as a bullet sends her back a bit. Who knew Chris' projectiles had that much force behind them?

    -At the FIS fight, Shirabe is asking Kiri what she meant by "while you're still you". That's when Kiri reveals that Finé's soul is inside her and is close to awakening. She knew this would be a possibility, but this only strengthens Shirabe's resolve to save her. With her blades spinning menacingly, like she's the villain, she will protect the Kiri she loves and will stop her. I imagine some limbs will be lost as a result. Kiri seems a bit insulted by this declaration of love, because she loves Shirabe more, so she's going to protect the world in which the people she loves will live. Girls, can you wait until after the battle to have this "I love you more" battle? 

    -With this, Shirabe turns her spinning saw blades into helicopter blades, allowing her some flight, which is a skill called Emergency Type Phi Twin Moon Karma. In response, Kiri unleashes a few more scythes in a skill called Sealed Slash: Pinocchio. I'm sure there's some hidden meaning here. The two girls then attack one another, both declaring their love for one another. What an unusual way of expressing it.

    -Oh, I should add that the opening was skipped today, but the song was playing in the background of these fights. We need all the time allowed for this episode, and dammit, we're going to find ways to make that happen. We then cut to the beached SDRTST sub as we get tonight's episode title, Striking Spear. Inside the cargo hold, we see Genjuro and Ogawa enter in a jeep, because of course they would have one, preparing to enter the field of battle on their own. I should note that Ogawa is taking the time to buckle his seat belt while Genjuro sits there, hands crossed. Should we tell him to put on his seat belt, or does gravity and physics fear Genjuro that much?

    -Apparently the reason they're entering the field is because of Genjuro's troublesome student. Ogawa responds that they should be happy she gave them the chance. As long as the Noise isn't involved, you know having these two enter the field of battle will end things rather quickly. Before they can leave, though, Sakuya shows them a video of Maria addressing the world. Oh, this is going to get interesting.

    -In the video, Maria introduces herself and admits to falsely claiming the name Finé. As she goes on about the plan, Aoi tells Genjuro that the video data is being sent from Frontier and is being broadcast all over the world. You think there's a way we can hope on that kind of broadband service? Because the internet would become so much better with that kind of bandwidth. Or worse, depending on what part of the internet you frequent.

    -This announcement only confuses Ogawa. At this point, what is FIS after? Given how fractured the group is at this point, the answer is probably something along the lines of potatoes. During the video, Maria explains that the evidence of the Moon's decaying orbit was concealed by the US, the Security Council, and the Bavarian Illuminati. I assume she means the UN Security Council. The reason for the cover up was that the truth was very inconvenient to an elite class that exclusively controls a portion of the political and economic spheres. Damn you, capitalism!

    -We briefly pan Frontier, showing just the building itself, before we get a flashback to Nastassja secretly communicating with Maria about how her songs will save them all. Turns out, the Moon was an observation device set up by the Custodians to strip humanity of its mutual understanding. ...Wait... wait a minute. Do you mean to tell me that Finé was right all along and that the Moon was actually causing the Curse of Babel? So maybe she wasn't all that insane after all. No, actually, she was still insane. Just because she was right doesn't mean she wasn't nuttier than a nut.

    -Nastassja explains that the Lunar Attack did shut down some of its functionality, but if the Moon can be restarted, it can be returned to its original orbit. You know, I'd question the science of this more, but given that we basically have a magical girl that can punch a tornado rainbow, I think that's the last thing I should worry about. What Nastassja should be worried about is that red background, as she coughs up a heavy dose of blood. Yup, I think she's at the end here.

    -Maria calls out to her, but Nastassja tells her diva to save the world with her songs, which leads to the present and Maria addressing the world about FIS and their plans. Oh, and she did get the evil makeover, since her jacket is black and purple instead of whatever color it was earlier. Anyway, she admits to lying about everything thus far and realizes that her words may not reach them, but there is one thing she wants them to believe in. It is the fact that songs can become power! She then sings her activation key, activating Gungnir, complete with her transformation sequence. You do realize you gave the world quite a show there, right?

    -Maria continues, saying that her power alone isn't enough to handle the falling Moon. So she calls on the people of the world to give her their songs, and soon enough she's singing into the control panel. Yeah, I'm sure the world is going to get right on that, you terrorist scum. As she sings, Gungnir starts to blow, with her wishing to use the live that Serena save for a greater purpose. And thanks to the video, Ogawa and Genjuro know exactly where to go. And off they go to live out their own action movie scene.

    -Speaking of action movie scenes, we check in on Hibiki, who's making her way up the stairs as random explosions happen around her. She knows somebody is trying to do their best, so she needs to do the same. For her, there is no answer except to go forward! Good thing you had that stair climbing training recently.

    -Back in the SDRTST fight, that's still in a stalemate, but we get a quick shot of Dr. Ver cradling the Staff of Solomon like a baby. Yeah, like we need further proof of the doctor's insanity. He does tell Chris that if she doesn't hurry, she won't get the toy she wants. Like you can trust him to honor any sort of agreement. Though for Chris, her goal is to destroy the staff, so she'll do that by any means necessary. Tsubasa wonders, then, if Dr. Ver is using the collar of doomy death to make Chris obey him. Realizing that the fight isn't going to get them anyway, the pop idol takes another option.

    -Tsubasa goes into a wider stance, asking Chris what she wants so much that she's willing to wear a dog collar? Chris replies that those without homes always do the dirty work. This gets Tsubasa to smile, saying that she is going to take the Death Metal Goth Magical Girl home, even if she was to drag her by the neck. Because there is a home waiting for her. Chris looks away, uncertain how to react to the statement, but Tsubasa says that no matter how strongly she refuses, she will help her. And while she knows that having only one wing won't help her fly, making the wind blow is her duty. She then thinks of Kanade, because she needs a paycheck, before flying off to the ether once more.

    -As for Chris, she tells at Tsubasa because of those mixed emotions, but Dr. Ver reminds her of the time limit she has before the Dog Collar of Doomy Death goes off. With this, Chris will end the battle in the next attack, using a combination attack she's been working on. Of course is that she called Tsubasa "senpai", which catches the pop idol off guard. Tsubasa smiles, saying that she'll show her junior the killing side of her blade. If you guys were speaking in code, then I think you lost me with that last exchange.

    -The two girls gear up with exchange of skills, which includes the Mega Deth Party and the Thousand Falling Tears skills. The exchange results in a massive explosion that engulfs the two girls, seemingly killing them. Dr. Ver, ever the onlooker, cheers in joy, as this was exactly what she was hoping for. But it may not have been faked, because Aoi reports that she lost the signals for Ame no Habakiri and Ichaival. Of course, this could mean that they're depowered, but we're meant to think that they're dead. So, basically, just like last season, which used the penultimate episode to "kill" them off, too. So I'm sure they'll be back for the finale... maybe.

    -Meanwhile, for the FIS fights, Shirabe takes over singing duties as she engages with Kiri, and after an exchange of attacks, Kiri takes over for her verse. Shirabe uses her skill Emergency Type Sigma Forbidden Moon Wheel to launch herself at Kiri, who activates her skill Dual-Slash Cinderella. Given how little we know of their gears, I suspect that they're just making up names at this point. The two girls quickly start singing together as they go all out against one another, and like the SDRTST fight, they're also stuck in a stalemate. And I don't think they're talking in code, either.

    -During a break in battle, Shirabe asks Kiri if she really can't stop. She responds by saying that if Shirabe really wants her to stop, then she has to try harder. She throws her a vial of LiNKER to her friend. Shirabe is confused by this, but that's because Kiri has her own vial that she uses on herself. Shirabe follows suit, and soon enough, they're singing their Climax Songs. Their respective gears get a massive upgrade, something we didn't get to see before thanks to Hibiki, and we see Kiri become a flying Dark Magician Witch, using her scythe as a rocket powered broom. As for Shirabe, she basically uses her gear to become a giant mech. At this point, I'm like "sure, why not?"

    -After a quick exchange of blows, showing how Kiri gained mobility while Shirabe lost it, Kiri says that she will do everything to protect Shirabe, even if her soul is erased by Finé. She then starts powering up her scythe and turns it into a giant energy wheel. I think Ruby might be a little jealous here. Shirabe, however, counters that the people Dr. Ver will save will lose those they love, just like her. There's another exchange of strikes that results in Shirabe losing one of her mech arms, but that doesn't weaken her resolve. She tells Kiri that, even if she survives in a world like that, she would never be able to sing again. And we all know how important singing is in this world.

    -Kiri, however, is just as stubborn as Shirabe, and will continue, even if she is hated by her best friend. She attacks, destroying the other Shirabe mech arm, which only seems to make her worried for Kiri. She asks her friend not to fight anymore, to not let the Kiri she loves be taken from her. But Kiri will not relent and she goes in for the kill, only for Shirabe to produce the same shield that Kiri did a few episodes earlier, just like the one Finé made last season. Uh... okay, what?

    -Kiri immediately gets depressed, going right away that it's Shirabe who is the vessel for Finé's soul and not her. Though given her statement, it seems like she already knew that Shirabe was the vessel? I don't know why, but the wording seems to imply that. Kiri sends her scythe away, calling herself an awful girl and wants to disappear. That's when we see that the scythe is coming right for Kiri. Shirabe rushes over, probably looking to move Kiri out of the way, but it's too late as she takes the stab meant for her friend. You know, given how big that scythe is, you'd think it'd do more. In a darker series, maybe, but not in this one!

    -The first half of the episode ends, not on that, but on Frontier, glowing a light rainbow shadow, as Hibiki reaches the top of the stairs, ready for the final battle. When we return, we're in the control room as Maria finishes her song, but she's clearly tired. That's when the glow fades from Frontier. And that video feed is still going, showing the world how serious she was. Also giving them a free concert, too! however, it was all for naught as Nastassja reports that the Moon remains silent. It's as if it doesn't want to talk to anybody!

    -Maria collapses in tears, thinking she isn't powerful enough to perform this task. The video feed is still going, and the three friends are seeing this. They can understand what she's doing, or at least, what she's doing now, so it looks like public opinion of her is changing. Maybe her career can be saved after all!

    -What can't be saved is megalomaniac scientists. We don't need them. We enter a crystal cavern as Dr. Ver makes his way down, saying that, in the world he's looking to create, Symphogear-wielders are unnecessary. Which is why he brought them all together, in order for them to fight one another, but he didn't expect it to go this well. Okay, there's no way you could have planned this. You're just taking credit for something that happened pretty much by chance, like the good megalomaniac scientist you are.

    -Oh, so this is the result of the explosion from the SDRTST fight. Dr. Ver is surprised to see Chris is still standing, and it's Tsubasa who's on the ground, depowered. Chris says that she took care of the pop idol, as promised, so she'd like the Staff of Solomon now. Pieces of Ichaival begin to break apart as she turns to face the doctor, demanding the staff. As expected, he wasn't going to keep his promise. He brings out a detonator and presses the button, but for some odd reason, there's no explosion. I know, right? In a show like this that loves random explosions, an intentional one doesn't happen? Shocking.

    -Anyway, Dr. Ver is confused as to why there isn't an explosion, but Chris, being genre savvy, says the Dog Collar of Doomy Death is broken, ripping it off her neck. She knew he'd never hold up to his end of the bargain. Good thing Genjuro makes you watch all those movies, right? In response, Dr. Ver unleashes tons of Noise. Chris looks more annoyed than anything else, but she feels a sudden pain, and we find out why. Apparently the good doctor keeps smoke grenades filled with anti-LiNKER with him, and he threw one when she wasn't looking. But don't worry, Chris has a plan for that. And it's to violently depowered her Gear by performing an armor purge, which sends out chunks of her armor, hitting a bunch of Noise. Well, hopefully that didn't destroy Ichaival, because that would be a bad thing.

    -Thanks to the smoke from the attack, Dr. Ver is unable to see a now naked Chris attack him, knocking the staff out of his hands. This wasn't part of the plan, but to make it worse, they're surrounded by Noise, and she has no way of fighting them. That's when she calls out for senpai, and suddenly, thousands of daggers appear, striking and destroying the Noise. Yup, Tsubasa was playing dead, and here she is, up and... wearing her season one colors? Dr. Ver explains it as her using a gear with a lesser phonic gain to ease the stress from the anti-LiNKER. He didn't think that was possible, but Chris smugly says that if it's Tsubasa, then she makes it possible.

    -So I guess Ame no Habakiri and Ichaival we saw this season were upgrades to season one. Which would explain why they look different. But what about Hibiki's Gungnir? Is that just force of will on her part. Unfortunately we don't have time to discuss this as we're right into the action, with Tsubasa slicing her way through the Noise in classic season one style. And this is how you use those heel swords.

    -We get a flashback of the final exchange between the SDRTST girls, showing that yes, they were speaking in code, so they knew how to attack one another and make it look convincing to anybody watching. We do get a shot of Tsubasa slicing the Dog Collar of Doomy Death, deactivating it so it doesn't go boom on the later. In the present, Tsubasa continues clean up duty, so Dr. Ver takes this time to run. Fortunately for him, Chris is surrounded by noise, so the pop idol prioritizes her friend over him, setting her sword ablaze and taking out the remaining Noise. Now, I know this will be disappointing for some people, but we don't get to keep a naked Chris for long, as apparently she can materialize her school uniform, so she won't be trying to hide behind rocks or use convenient censorship. And we see that Ichaival did survive, as Chris looks at the relic in her hand. I suspect that's something you don't want to do too often, because who knows what it does to Gears in the long run.

    -Tsubasa herself powers down and hands over the Staff of Solomon to Chris. Mission complete! Now lets get drinks. But before they do that, Chris apologizes for running off on her own, but Tsubasa is a forgiving senpai, though she admits that she can't do anything on her own. Plus, she considers herself lucky to see Chris being a good girl. Chris goes a bit Tsundere on the pop idol, but then asks why she believed in what she said? It's because she called Tsubasa "senpai", so she couldn't ignore what she was about to say. And that's all that was needed. Now, before getting those drinks, they need to meet up with Hibiki, who's probably gotten herself in trouble again. She walks off, with Chris smiling, happy to have a home with them. Chris certainly got an increase in the adorable factor this season.

    -We follow Dr. Ver in a long elevator shaft, pissed that he lost the Staff of Solomon. He'll need to send Maria after them, assuming she isn't tired from trying to sing the Moon awake. Speaking of getting people to wake up, Kiri is over Shirabe's barely alive body, pleading with her to wake up. In the all too familiar space between life and death, Shirabe sinks deeper into the abyss. She can hear Kiri call out for her, but she also sees the spirit of Finé floating over her. Turns out, Hibiki actually did purify her, as she planned to stay quite without erasing anyone's soul. The problem, however, is that after being hit a strike that splits the soul into two, she won't last that long. How very un-Finé of you.

    -Shirabe asks why Finé took the blow for her. But it's because she needs a messenger, and Shirabe will do. She wants Shirabe to tell "her" something. She explains that, for a millennia, she's been the villain. Sometime, somewhere, and it's too late to pretend to be a hero. She, living in the present, must deal with it. Shirabe recognizes who the "her" Finé is referring to, as the priestess continues, saying that sometime in the future, people will be connected, and sharing that isn't the role for a ghost. And with that, she fades away into little specks of light, which also appear in the real world, coming from Shirabe. So... Kiri killed a ghost? Good for her.

    -Oh, right, she's upset because she may have killed her friend. Kiri begs for Shirabe to open her eyes, who tells her that they're already open. She sits up as Kiri is having issues processing it, but after being stared at by Shirabe, Kiri just breaks down and wraps her friend up in a giant bear hug. She's all kinds of confused, so Shirabe explains it as best as she can. Something about Finé apparently not being evil and taking the metaphorical bullet for her. Kiri is just more confused, but that leaves her open for a bear hug from Shirabe. Hugs for everybody!

    -Shirabe tells Kiri that everyone is helping her, so she needs her friend to help, too. They are going to save Maria together. Kiri can get behind that, and with that, her heel-face turn has been completed. I think, technically, that makes her the last of the FIS Magical Girls to switch sides.

    -As for Maria, she's having her little break down as Nastassja asks her to try and reactivate eh lunar ruins again. Maria is being a defeatist, however, saying that her songs can't save the world. Eye-Patch Mom pleads her to help, but that's when Dr. Ver arrives. You have terrible timing, doctor. So, hey, you know how FIS' ultimate goal was to stop the Moon from falling? Yeah, apparently that wasn't Dr. Ver's plan. He hits Maria with a backfist. No, not a slap with the back of the hand, but a backfist, and berates Maria for trying to stop the Moon from falling. If it fails, he won't be able to do what he wants. And to think I called him a megalomaniac earlier as a joke.

    -Dr. Ver hears Nastassja on the comms and gets right to work as Eye-Patch Mom begs him to use Frontier to reboot the ruins that control Balal's Curse. With that, they can return the Moon to its proper orbit. Okay, you want to do that? Then Dr. Ver will help you out by sending you straight to the Moon. And suddenly, the building that I'm guessing contains the engineering room Nastassja was in goes flying. Dr. Ver then says that the reason all the heroes throughout history have been unable to rule humanity is that humanity's numbers were too great! And so, he's going to reduce humanity to the point that he can rule them! Sounds like you were born in the wrong universe, doctor.

    -So, let's see. We have psychopath, megalomanic, mass-murderer. Anything else to add? Oh, right, and egotist, as the good doctor says that only a genius like him could figure out how to rule humanity. He says he always wanted to be a hero, and now he'll be greater than one. Maria, pissed, brings out her spear and confronts Dr. Ver, but he reminds her that, if she kills him, she'd be killing all of humanity. Yeah, she stopped caring and attacks. Yeah, looks like the doctor didn't expect that and panics, but luckily, Hibiki comes in to save the day!

    -Maria is upset that fusion-syndrome patient #1 is in the way. Lady, she has a name, and Hibiki gives it, along with her age, and that she is not some "fusion-syndrome patient." No anymore, that is. Anyway, Hibiki is here because she wanted to talk to Maria. But the diva already knows that allowing Hibiki to talk is the worst thing that can happen, so she tells the younger girl that, no, there is no need to talk. Dr. Ver killed Nastassja, so she's going to kill him. Well, she isn't exactly dead yet, is she? She's still got some time... possibly. Depends on how fast that building is going.

    -Maria attacks, lunging straight for Dr. Ver, but Hibiki, showing why there will be a second law about sending her out on the field, grabs the spear and is able to keep the powered armored diva in check. All without a Gear... maybe. She tells the diva that she can look for a reason to kill Dr. Ver later, but for now, she can't give up on living. And that's when Hibiki sings the activation key for Gungnir, which causes Maria to depower, though she didn't get her clothes back, and for the entire place to be covered with specks of light and energy. Which leads to the reactions of everybody looking, because remember, the live streaming is still going on.

    -We have Kiri and Shirabe, who's first thought is to save Maria. Then we have Chris and Tsubasa, who just kind of shrug, calling this typical Hibiki behavior. Then we have the world, showing that yes, Hibiki is a gear wielder. And the three friends looking on in surprise. They'll probably need to tell her about this later. We cut to Ogawa and Genjuro, looking at the video with neutral expressions. Well, he was going to punish her before, so it's not like that's changed. and then we're in the SDRTST command deck. Now, I know the looks of Aoi and Mike are suppose to be one of shock, but given the way their eyes are shadowed, it makes me think they're looking at something horrifying.

    -Back at the bridge, Maria is confused. Apparently the fusion patient shouldn't be able to do this. Who told you that, Dr. Ver? Really, how often does the man lie to you? Even if he tells the truth, you can't trust what he says. Also, this is Hibiki we're talking about. She could rewrite the universe if she wanted to. With encouragement, Hibiki transforms into Gungnir, though I think she actually has a jewel on her chest this time, as she yells out her gear, called Strike Spear Gungnir. Cue credits! Good timing, too.

    On Friday, the finale. Until next time.

  • My Ride Has Been Pimped

    1 month ago


    Well, instead of pimping my existing ride, I got a new one. That still counts, right?

    The reason I wanted to write about this is because we have this horrible habit of taking wonderful things for granted once they become the norm for us. 

    It happens with everything from relationships to technology to cars. We're really excited for this new thing at first, so we go out of our way to treat it nicely, and then by the six-month to one-year mark, the novelty has worn off and we return to how things were before. 

    I'm not going to fool myself into thinking that won't happen. No matter how much I want to hold onto this feeling of "oh my god this is awesomeeee!", it's going to happen eventually. 

    But at least I'll have this to refer back to.

    How Awesome Is This Ride?

    So, exactly how awesome is my new car? It's pretty awesome. Check out this setup:


    The #1 criteria for my car search was the ability to sleep in it. Why? Because I don't want to just focus on traveling overseas. The U.S. is home to some pretty amazing places, and I figured having a car with me would be more practical than trying to rent one or Uber. And since I can sleep in it, I'm saving lots of money on lodging. 

    At first, I was kind of skeptical. I'm fairly tall, and a lot of the wagons and crossovers that were initially on my list seemed too small to fit me comfortably. Plus, telling salespeople that car camping was a goal of mine was met with some weird looks. Oh well.

    What I ended up with - a Subaru Forester - wasn't even on my list because of how it had ballooned over the years. It used to be a short, boxy station wagon, and now it's essentially an SUV. However, the price point was right on target, I enjoyed how it drove, and I fell in love with the colors of the one I ended up getting. 


    Tell me I'm not pretty!

    Why I'm Happy

    I can safely say this is the first time I've ever been this excited about a vehicle, but I think that reflects where I'm at in life more than anything. 

    I was originally happy with my '02 Civic Coupe because it's adorable and sporty (and Honda's are great), but as the years went on, it was clear it wasn't very reliable to drive. That held me back more times than I realized. I didn't enjoy driving, and as a result, I stayed home more. (And without a commute, that can be dangerous.)

    Contrast that with yesterday... I got home and became restless for the remainder of the day because I wanted to go on a road trip right then and there and put this baby to the test. (Unfortunately, it needs an inspection and real plates, so that didn't seem like a good idea.)


    Instead, I took it for a spin at night to see what a difference having new lights made. It turns out, a world of difference. My eyesight is horrible and I'm usually not super comfortable driving at night. My old car had been in an accident (not by me =)) and as a result, the driver's side headlight was a bit wonky. The lights themselves weren't very bright, either. These were crazy bright, and I can tell the high-beams will do just fine on creepy back roads. 

    As I continue to drive it, I'm discovering all sorts of useful things about the car that I never had before. The biggest plus is heated seats (I'm cold 90% of the time), the extended sunroof, and the aux input for my phone + Spotify. (I had a lame ass cassette tape audio jack connection thing before.)


    But nothing beat the excitement of blowing up an air mattress, laying down, and realizing how perfect everything had come together. (My face says everything.) I pictured myself turning on the overhead light and reading with a view of the nighttime sky through the sunroof, being curled up in the middle of nowhere with some music playing's just so cool to think my car can double as a hotel room. 

    Oh yeah, and it's AWD, so I don't have to worry about road conditions as much as before. My Civic was nimble, but horrible in the snow and rain. 

    Overall, while my heart may have dropped a few times thinking about how much I was spending on this, I can say that excitement won out in the end. Cars are a depreciating asset - I would never consider its worth in my total net worth (especially since I'm going to drive it forever) - but I can view it as an investment in the lifestyle I want. 

    It's another symbol for this new chapter in my life, and I can't wait to see where it will take me.

    Here's a hint of it (more or less me being silly):


    I fail at hiding.

    Look at all this SPACE!! What is this even?!!? 


    Just sitting back here. Chillin. In my car. Because I'm a total nerd.

    Do you have any car stories to share? Do you think I'm insane for being excited to sleep in my car? Let me know. =P

  • Symphogear G Episode 10

    1 month ago


    Hello everybody and welcome to our next episode of Symphogear G. Where missing friends can suddenly appear as arch-rivals.

    In our previous episode, Miku is presumed killed in the Sky Tower explosion, leaving Hibiki to be a bit of a mess for a bit while Chris and Tsubasa handle cleanup. Through the efforts of the SDRTST, they get an idea as to what happened and how it went down. They also discover that Miku is not dead, but alive. Just missing in action. Still, they go based on the assumption that she was kidnapped, which is better than nothing at the moment. So they go off to train in a training montage that will be considered the greatest training montage to ever exist.

    Meanwhile, Maria has had a bit of a change of heart, what with murdering US Soldiers, and decides that she likes Dr. Ver's ideas, which doesn't sit quite that well with Kiri and Shirabe. So she's looking to go full evil, but it's reluctant as she has issues with random murdering, which is what happens when Dr. Ver unleashes Noise on a US Patrol ship. Nastassja, too weak to do anything to stop it, is basically out of the picture, so Shirabe decides to take matters in her own hands and deals with the Noise threat.

    Kiri, worried about her own potential loss of life, is afraid for Shirabe, so with some prompting from Dr. Ver, goes to help out, only to immediately betray Shirabe by hitting her with some Anti-LiNKER, forcing her to depower. Of course, we know hte reason why, because Kiri wants somebody to remember her, but her plea is cut off short by the arrival of Chris and Tsubasa, who make quick work of the two.

    And that's when our twist comes in. For you see, Miku was indeed kidnapped when Maria accidentally ran into her during her escape. Then Dr. Ver had some alone time with her, which should not sit well for any of us, and suddenly, here she is, using Shenshoujin as her gear. Things are getting wild here. How will Hibiki react to seeing her friend on the wrong side? Will Shirabe ever forgive this sudden betrayal? And is Maria truly playing the long game? Let's tune in and find out.

    -So our episode begins with Miku revealing herself as Shenshoujin's wielder, which catches everybody by surprise. Also, getting a better look at it, Miku's Gear form has this wierd head dress that makes it look like it's trying to eat her face. Anyway, it's a short teaser today as we're getting right into the opening.

    -Tonight's episode is titled Countdown to Loss. Well, that isn't ominous at all, is it? The VTOL, having lost Shenshoujin, is in public few as we see several ships surrounding the US Patrol ship. Nastassja arrives on the cockpit, already aware of what's happening. Maria objects to her being there, but Eye-Patch Mom is all kinds of pissed off. They need Shenshoujin to break the seal, but it also has the power to deceive the heart. She gives a stare of anger at Dr. Ver, accusing him of doing this. Really, should you be surprised at this point?

    -We get a flashback to Dr. Ver talking to Miku, offering to help her out and offering her Shenshoujin. And then we see her in a vat with tubes and some metallic object on the back of her head. Miku, did you honestly accept his offer while realizing that this man is a psychopath, who not only killed several people in front of you, but also tried to kill you and Hibiki on a separate occasion? There's no way you would have accepted his offer unless he did use some sort of mind control on you.

    -Anyway, Dr. Ver wanted to use Miku because she's friends with "fusion-syndrome patient #1", aka, Hibiki. As we learned last season, all the girls who attend Lydian are potential Symphogear wielders, and Miku is no exception. But Nastassja isn't pleased, because Dr. Ver basically manipulated the poor girl, which is true. She accuses him of just injecting the girl with his LiNKER and turn her into a gear wilder. Dr. Ver denies such claims. Just because you give a person LiNKER, doesn't make them a Symphogear wielder. So how? Because of love, obviously! Nastassja has such a great expression to this reply, asking where did this come from to begin with?

    -Dr. Ver explains it. The LiNKER that connected to Miku connected to her desire to prevent Hibiki from fighting anymore, which allowed her to connect to Shenshoujin. Dr. Ver calls it beautiful, because he loves these kinds of twists, given how twisted he is. Though I still think he's under mind control, because we're given a little extra time to the jewel on the back of her head. Anyway, Tsubasa and Chris are like "What?", so Shirabe, who has decided to switch sides, explains. Dr. Ver made Miku expendable, since her creation was faster than Shirabe and Kiri. As a result, she'll break more easily. As if we didn't have enough excuses to wish great pain on Dr. Ver.

    -Tsubasa reports the situation, but given that the SDRTST is currently watching the event unfold, I think they're up to date on the situation. This also includes Hibiki, because she's got nothing better to do at the moment. We then get a long look at Miku's face before the jaw headdress comes down, showing it to be a visor, and she joins the fray. I do note that her eyes are very much different from the others, so I'm sticking with my "mind control" theory.

    -Chris does Shirabe aside and engages Miku, using her skill Queen's Inferno, unleashing thousands of energy arrows, but Miku is able to dodge them and escapes into the ocean. Hoping to use this distraction to escape, Kiri makes a run for it, but doesn't even have enough time to turn around before Tsubasa has her back at her sword. This unfortunately makes the fight a one-on-one fight, which Tsubasa regrets, because they aren't just fighting an unknown Gear wielder, but one that is a close friend to all three girls. Stupid dramatic twists!

    -Chris continues to attack Miku, who can apparently hover above the water. Shenshoujin seems a bit over powered, doesn't it? Chris keeps up by leaping from ship to ship, then decides that if arrows aren't going to work, bullets will. She uses her skill Billion Maiden, and while Miku does fight back, she is nailed a couple of times. When you fire enough bullets, some of them are going to hit. But still, Miku is holding her own surprisingly well despite being a new gear wielder. In the VTOL, we find out why. Shenshoujin is overriding Miku's will and is essentially running the fight for her. Nastassja points out that, with a fake will, she still won't be a match for experienced Gear wielders.

    -This is showing in the SDRTST command deck, where Miku is getting nailed and is unable to actually attack properly. It's gotten so bad that Hibiki wants to go out there and help, but in a surprising twist on the cliche, does not go out to engage, even though it's quite painful for her. Genjuro, in another twist, pats her on the head, doing all he can to comfort his student. And this is why we need more Genjuro's running secret organizations. Things just go smoother when they have a party budget.

    -Back in the battle, while Chris did jump in right away to attack, she did so reluctantly. She doesn't want to hurt Miku because of all she's done for them, but as they return to the US Patrol Ship, Chris unleashes her skill Mega Deth Party. And just to make sure they connect, Chris lays down fire to hit Miku, allowing the missiles to hit their target. And with that, the battle has ended. I'm trying to decide what Dr. Ver's plan was here? Was he hoping Hibiki would show up to cause something to happen? Was he hoping for some sort of miracle?

    -Still, the doctor does have backup plans. Chris finds Miku, alive but unconscious. She goes for the Gear, but Dr. Ver tells her that if they try to forcefully remove it, it make cause damage to her brain. That's when Miku reveals she was playing dead or was running on autopilot, and unleashes a skill called Flash of Light, which is used with her weapon expanding to look like a satellite dish. Even though she was at point blank, Chris was able to dodge the attack. This world must operate on Xcom accuracy.

    -Miku then prepares to unleash another attack, forming a metal circle around her. She's also aiming for everybody else, which Chris notes is a bad thing for a depowered Shirabe. Kiri then yells out Death for some reason as Miku starts her song. It's soft, somber, and sounds a bit robotic. Which, given the current situation, makes sense here. Chris decides that she's going to fight fire with fire and prepares her own skill, but Miku appears to get her's out first, which is called Shooting Star. Geez, I wonder why?

    -Chris' skill, which is defense oriented, deflects the attack, but man, it does a number on the US Patrol Ship. However, the attack hasn't stopped, but Chris is tanking it like a champ. That's when Kiri calls out to Shirabe, telling her to run before they erase her. Tsubasa is confused by this. Who is going to erase who? Meanwhile, Chris continues to hold her own, saying that this shot is nothing compared to the one that tried to destroy the moon. Still, she wonders why she's being pushed back. Better than getting killed, which is exactly what Miku is trying to do here.

    -Shirabe fills in, saying that it's innocent an fierce, a flood of power that wards off evil. That is the power of the Shenshoujin Symphogear. But it looks like Chris is reaching her limit. So you mean erased by the beam from Miku, who was forcefully turned into a gear wielder by a madman who forced Kiri to betray Shirabe and now put her in mortal danger? Tell me again why you want to keep working with him?

    -Luckily, Tsubasa chooses now to step in to help, but since she's nowhere near as defense oriented as Chris or Hibiki, she keeps dropping giant swords while running with Chris and Shirabe in tow. She's barely staying ahead of the beam, and before you ask why she can't just move to the side, she states that if she did, she'd have to slow down. So Tsubasa decides to do a little outside of the box thinking. If she can't move to the side, she'll just move up. She drops a sword right in front of her and uses it as a ramp, allowing the three to escape the blast just in time. Well, that was fun, wasn't it?

    -There's a pause in the battle as Miku is still ready to attack, but Kiri berates her. Shirabe is one of them, so how could you attack her like that? Dr. Ver, however, asks if Shirabe really is one of them? She did betray the group and helped the enemy, so could you really call Shirabe one of us? And Kiri starts breaking down, blaming herself for betraying Shirabe. But she seems to be taking it rather well, calling out to her friend and telling her that Dr. Ver's methods of doing things won't save the weak. Dr. Ver, who is somehow able to hear all of this, says yeah, that's true. As they are, they're far too powerless. While they don't have enough data on Symphogears and relics, they do have an advantage with the Staff of Solomon. Yeah, if the SDRTST is smart, they'll destroy that thing first chance they get.

    -Dr. Ver then unleashes a wave of Noise on the other US ships, killing hundreds of sailors. Tsubasa is shocked by this, but at this point, I think Dr. Ver just looks for reason to use the staff. Chris, however, is concerned about something else. With the staff around, it means the Treasury of Babylonia is still open. That was mentioned once before, but that sounds like a very bad thing.

    -Chris engages the Noise while Kiri and Tsubasa fight again. At this point, I'm just wondering how badly damaged Kiri is? Is it because of Finé and the mess that it's doing to her? Miku is still charging up, but then she stops the charge and leaves. How odd. But that's because the SDRTST sub surfaces, though it doesn't seem to be related. Did Dr. Ver call her back or is she looking for a different firing solution? In any case, Genjuro orders a rescue operation for the sailors and to let Chris handle the Noise, something she's very good at.

    -As Tsubasa and Kiri lock weapons, the pop idol realizes that she could easily shake off Kiri easily, but that will leave Shirabe open. So Ogawa, being the faithful manager that he is, takes Shirabe out of the equation. He appears in a pillar of water, grabs Shirabe, tells Tsubasa to leave the resuce effort to them and orders her to follow Miku. And then he... shadow walks backwards with Shirabe in tow? Ogawa, are you actually a super powered ninja or something?

    -With Shirabe no longer a factor, Tsubasa uses one of the plane launchers on the deck to send herself off. Kiri, uncertain of what to do, runs off screen in the same direction as Miku. Meanwhile, that comment about Ogawa? Yeah, we see him running on the water with Shirabe in hand. I had to stop for a few minutes to process this. So Genjuro is, like, a level twenty monk, so Ogawa is, what, a level twenty rogue/ninja or something?

    -Kiri, in pursuit of Tsubasa, decides that she needs to leave her mark on the world. She ties up Tsubasa, leaving her open for a skill called Guillotine Jabberwock. I think the name speaks for itself, but Kiri is going for her own murder here. But just because Tsubasa is tied up doesn't mean she's helpless, as she uses her skill, Thousand Falling Tears, to escape her entrapment. Tsubasa has issues with her own near death, but Kiri goes on to say that she doesn't want Shirabe to forget. Yeah, she might have issues with you killing somebody. She won't forget that.

    -Back in the command deck, they've finished analyzing Shenshoujin. Apparently it has the ability to degrade any power derived from relics. Which would explain how she was able to get through Chris' defenses. But this becomes another problem. They can't stop her with another gear. So how do they stop a relic-killer? Well, we have you, Genjuro, who proves to be more for a match for any Gear wielder. But don't worry, Hibiki has an idea. Which will likely involve her in some way, despite having a relic of her own.

    -Dr. Ver, meanwhile, is enjoying this. He says that there's blood in Miku's songs, saying that the light of Shenshoujin is amplified by human phonic gain. He suspects that if they fire that at Frontier, it'll break the seal. Nastassja then starts coughing up more blood, so Maria asks the doctor for help. Well, he doesn't want to, since Nastassja has outlived her usefulness, but decides to do it anyway. And by help, I suspect he means kill. They leave, with Maria trying to keep herself in the game. This is the path she chose, but I can sense some regret in it.

    -Back in the battle, Chris has dealt with the Noise, but she lands near the remains of some sailors. One is holding a pendant with a picture of himself and his daughter, which cuts at her deeply. She blames herself for letting this happen and is fully willing to accept this as her cross to bear. She renews her determination to see this through to the end, no matter watch.

    -We then cut to Miku approaching the sub, where Hibiki stands, facing her. Hibiki calls out to her friend, saying they should go back, but Miku refuses, because she has something to do. She says that the light form Shenshoujin will shine upon a new world, and it's one without war, in which everyone can live in peace. And you honestly believe that Dr. Ver meant all of that, given what you've personally witnessed? Yup, has to be mind control. Even if Miku willingly did this for Hibiki, this just feels way too out of character for her without an outside influence clouding her judgement.

    -Miku doesn't want to fight Hibiki, so she's going to make a world where she doesn't have to fight. Hibiki counters, though, asking if a world she makes in this way really be warm? This seems to get to her, so Hibiki keeps going, saying that the world she loves most is in the gentle sunlight, when Miku is with her. Miku counters that the world she'll create is one where she doesn't have to fight, but as Hibiki has issues with letting millions die, she will fight her best friend to prevent that from happening.

    -With this resolve, Hibiki sings her activation key and we get her transformation sequence. And with that, the friends engage in their battle. In the command deck, Aoi reports that Hibiki has moved to Negotiation phase B. Hey, remember when I said that as a joke? Turns out it's an actual thing. They then start the clock, likely for how long Hibiki can stay transformed, and the limit is at two minutes and forty seconds. Plenty of time.

    -Though it's possible they have less time than they think, because Hibiki is filling like her blood is about to boil over. We all knew you were hot headed, but we didn't mean literally. But this is part of the plan, as in a flashback, Hibiki tells Genjuro the plan. She'll use her energy wave to disable Miku's gear. What can possibly go wrong? Aside from dying and possibly exploding at the same time. I only add that because this show loves it's explosions.

    -Genjuro has issues with this, refusing to let Hibiki go out there, but as Chris and Tsubasa are currently busy with other things, she's the only one available. And she's going to bring Miku back, even if it kills her. Genjuro refuses to let her die, so Hibiki will return alive, even if it kills her. Yup, she is certainly Genjuro's student. That's when Sakuya, looking to help, gives Genjuro an estimated time limit for Hibiki. Aoi joins in, saying that, with their support, Hibiki can succeed in their mission. Genjuro is still reluctant to do this, so he asks Hibiki if she has a plan? Her response is "You can't use numbers to describe something you just came up with!" So, no. Perfect. Let's rock!

    -With that, we're back in the battle. Hibiki gets in a few good shots, but Miku lands a massive one, knocking Hibiki into the hall of the ship. She keeps laying on the attacks, knowing that her friend has endurance for days. Genjuro gets on the horn and reminds Hibiki about her time limit, so don't forget to not exceed that. I mean, I know we spoke about this just a few minutes ago, but I get this feeling that you need to be reminded of that.

    -Hibiki seems worried about it at first, with the gear inside of her exploding like a spike ball, but this only increases her resolve. She breaks the furry of attacks and knocks Miku back, who counters with the Shooting Star. Hibiki, having scouted the attack well, dodges, but is unable to get closer from multiple laser attacks from Miku. Maria, watching from the VTOL, decides to help by launching a few missiles that are actually reflectors, allowing the attacks to bounce around more. You know, for something they just came up with, FIS is remarkably well prepared for this. 

    -Miku continues forward and... actually, she isn't getting hit by the lasers. She's using them as jumping point. A Monk, a Ninja, magical girls, and now this? At this point, I'd be surprised if they didn't do something over the top. However, Hibiki is quickly running out of time. Less than thirty seconds before critical failure. Miku keeps firing her lasers, saying that fighting is wrong, and that not fighting is the only thing that truly promises a warm world. And... is that jewel on the back of her head breathing? Is that actually the Nephilim heart? It must be.

    -Still, Miku wants to stop Hibiki from fighting, so she's going to release her from it. Just then, stones starts to protrude from Hibiki, which doesn't sit very well with Miku, who has her veins popping out. This breaks open her visor, distracting her long enough for Hibiki to get in and grab Miku. Despite her protests, Hibiki will not let her go, even if she's causing third degree burns. As she makes her way back to the sub, we see what hte reflectors were for. They were to redirect the Shenshoujin beams. On the way back, Hibiki and Miku are caught in the beam, doing heavy damage to the two and possibly destroying that jewel on Miku's head. Oh, the medical team won't be happy about this.

    -But hte beam itself keeps going, right into the water. Everybody stares at the light, wondering if their mission was successful? Well, somebody's was, and it's Dr. Ver, who rejoins Maria in the cockpit, overjoyed that Frontier's seal is breaking. Cue credits! 

    -But we're not done yet! We have an after credit scene. The pillar of light fades away, but the shaking continues as a landmass comes from under water. Everybody stops fighting as a result, but htis allows for somebody to sneak up behind Tsubasa and shoot her in the back with what sounds like an actual gun, even if it does look like an NES Zapper.

    -Who shot Tsubasa? Why, it's Chris? But why? Why would she do that? There's no answer, for our last shot is Chris staring down her fallen comrade and pulling the trigger one more time. End episode.

    Yeah, we totally needed that cliffhanger, because it wasn't just enough to know if Hibiki and Miku are alive and what their conditions are. At hte very least, it looks like Shenshoujin was destroy, but what about Gungnir? That thing can take a lot of punishment, but could it withstand such a blast in her given condition?

    And why did Chris suddenly turn against Chris? Is this also a long con, or is there something else going on here? And unfortunately there, we can't say mind control was involved.

    Things are starting to look bad for our heroes. Frontier has arisen, and Dr. Ver's plans are nearing completion. We're entering the final stretch of hte season where all bets are off. Did Hibiki and Miku survive the laser blast? Why did Chris shoot Tsubasa? And what will Frontier do about the falling moon? Tune in on Friday to find out.

    Until next time, remember, when hiring for a manger, make sure that they have skills that could also qualify them as a ninja, just in case you need to get out of tight situations.

  • RTMD Monthly Update #1: The Beginning

    1 month ago

    Mololue FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    Hello RTMD Crabbies, we are pleased to present you with Monthly Update #1! In this update we are bringing you a reminder of October's meet up, more details for the Extra Life stream party, some cool new features, and a helping of comedy! (Please humour our jokes)

    Mark Your Calendars

    “RTMD Dies At the End” - Halloween Haunted Forest Meet Up:

    There’s plenty to fall in love with this October—get it?—but one of the top is the chance to meet all new friends at our Halloween spooktacular meet up. Sure, there may be some terrifying monsters, maybe an axe murderer or two, but haunted forests are safe when you have a large group of Rooster Teeth fans to scream with you! Circle Saturday, October 21st on your calendars and join us at Markoff’s Haunted Forest in Dickerson, MD. Everyone will be meeting at admin Emily’s house at 9:00 PM to carpool. Address will be provided directly to all those who RSVP.

    Please note there is a correction regarding ticket prices from last month’s update. Tickets for Oct 21st are $25 BEFORE Oct 1st, and $35 after. We apologize about the confusion y’all, but fear not, using code FRCO25 will save you 25% on your ticket! And remember, buy your tickets online for the TRAIL PASS only! Trails are where it’s at, yo.

    After shitting our pants in fear, we will be camping in admin Emily’s backyard. This is optional and you absolutely need to RSVP for this, but the more the merrier! Remember to bring a sleeping bag and pillow. The slumber party is BYOS (bring your own snacks), but if you do want to bring enough for everyone double check with an admin so we can avoid any allergy-related deaths. Be warned, there will be alcohol present and no one under the age of 21 will be able to drink. Get ready for s’mores, shenanigans, and scary stories.

    Spooky times for all!


    Ain’t No Party Like An Extra Life Party:

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Extra Life! It’s that magical time of the year when everyone in the Let’s Play family and beyond team up and lose their collective minds with wacky antics and no sleep to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Rooster Teeth’s Extra Life stream begins on Saturday, November 11th and goes on until the following morning. Were you planning on watching the stream live as it happens? Why not do so with all your favorite RTMD people? We will be throwing a live stream viewing party rife with good food, hijinks, and great company for the entire stream.

    This event would not be possible without our gracious host, Bear, and we cannot thank him enough for letting us into his home. Our community is respectful, and we know we all will keep it that way during the stream. We will be together for 24 hours, so bear in mind the courtesies of both being a guest in someone else’s home and having a ton of temporary roommates. Assholes will be sent home on their own dime.

    The party begins no earlier than 8:30 AM. The stream itself starts at 9:00 AM EST. Breakfast will be provided both mornings, but other meals and snackage are potluck-styled. Please keep in mind, there will be alcohol present and drinking laws apply. A form and sign-up sheet for bringing food will be sent out to those who RSVP. You must RSVP to either Emily, Hannah, or Bear if you will be attending, whether you want to come for the full 24 hours or can only make it for a short period of time. We are capping out at 15 people for those who wish to stay the entire 24 hours. More people are definitely welcome to come at different intervals; we would love to see you there!

    RSVPs can be made through the event on our Facebook page, or by messaging Emily, Hannah, or Bear on Discord.

    The Bay Watch:

    Got all that, but afraid you’ll forget? No worries, we now have a calendar for your viewing pleasure! Our RTMD calendar is sure to keep you updated with all the RT and RTMD events for the low, low price of $4.99! Kidding, it’s free, but we won’t say no to any...donations. (Disclaimer: this is another joke. The calendar was made out of love for ya’ll) You can find the calendar here.

    Chesapeake Surv-Bays

    We know, we know, you already did this survey. And we love you so much for that! You are our favorite child. But for everyone who missed the survey in last month’s update, or didn’t get a chance to fill it out yet,  please take a couple of minutes to do so! It’s our census of the group and we’ll be using this information in a variety of colorful and interesting ways.

    Please click here for the survey: Take me!


    RTMD WANTS YOU to send us submissions so that we can showcase your talents. Do you draw, animate, play an instrument, bake, write, dance, be all around awesome? Do you want to show the community your skills, but don’t have a place to do so? Well you can count on us to make this wish come true! Fill out some questions, send them to, and we’ll feature you in one of our monthly updates.

    These questions are just a general idea of what we’re looking for; feel free to skip questions 2 and 5.

    1. What would you like to showcase?

    2. Can you recall what originally got you into (insert thing)?

    3. What program, process, or equipment do you use?

    4. Attach any pictures, videos, etc that you would like us to share!

    5. Would you like to provide a link to where people can find your stuff? If so, please share!

    We will take the information you submit, write up a blurb, and provide you with a preview before anything is posted. We will also accept blurbs from you if you wish to write your own. In the case that you submit, but change your mind, a request for withdrawal will be accepted up to 3 days before it is to be posted in the monthly update. We hope to see a variety of talents from our RTMD members!


    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!

    A merry day of birth to these lovely members:

    Jess (@jessty104) on October 4th

    Chase (@CLMwolf) on October 13th

    Join us in wishing them a wonderful birthday!


    And Now...The Weather

    Oh gosh, oh man, it’s the first official update. Last month was a test run with training wheels and a plastic bubble, but this here is the big leagues. How do I look? My palms are sweaty (knees weak, arms are heavy).

    In all seriousness (that we can muster at the moment), we hope everyone has been enjoying what RTMD’s been offering so far. Can you smell what we’re cooking? Hint: it's a community of love, diversity, and Old Bay. The smell is mostly Old Bay. There’s so many wonderful things happening in the next few months! Our main goal is to keep everyone informed of all of the events and news, so we apologize in advance for all of the site, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord spam. If we could spam you on LinkedIn, we would.

    Having in-person events is fantastic, especially for a group that barely met at all a few months ago, but with our state being so oddly-shaped and everyone having active lives, we aren’t able to have as many events as we would like. In our ideal world we would have one every weekend with no schedule conflicts or time constraints and there would be free food and balloons every time. (Hannah’s ideal world also includes roller skates as the main mode of transportation and a unicorn as mayor of DC, but. We digress). With the limitations of reality in mind, we can’t stay connected face to face as much as we want, but we have plenty of ways to keep in touch with all group members in between events. Twitter and Facebook are poppin’ but the real discussions, jokes, and ridiculousness occur on our Discord.

    If you haven’t joined the RTMD Discord yet, we’d like to personally invite you to come on in. If you’ve joined but might be a little hesitant to chime in, no need to fear! We would love to hear what you have to say. We have so many people from so many different walks of life and varying senses of humor. Our community comes together for the ups, downs, and in-betweens and we want you to be a part of that. You’re part of our RTMD family.

    Now that we are officially in autumn, we wish the best for everyone’s school and work endeavors! Enjoy the pretty leaves, the pumpkin flavored everything, and the season of change. Though some of us could do without the colder weather, we have to wear sweaters already (mom’s spaghetti).

    Wishing you a happy Halloween!

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Admins,

    Emily (@Mololue) and Hannah (@hannahconda)

  • Bacrylic's Share / Squaretale Game Update

    2 months ago


    'm not satisfied with my current tileset, but for all sake and purposes it gives my partner something to work with in the meantime. So to make sure we have what we need for the game I'm jumping back to working on our basic enemy character, the Inkling Pawn and concepting out it's close range attack. My partner says projectile attacks could have a lot more bugs to fix, so we're not gonna show the fireball just yet. 

    Here is a test for the Pawn's idle anim.


    And here is the concept for close range.


    Let me know what you think. I kind of like the arcing slam down hit for my taste (#1).

  • Day 250 Befores and Afters

    2 months ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    I made some pours this morning that I really, really hope don't change during drying like the ones from yesterday did. 

    So, here are 3 pours from yesterday, first wet, then dry. 

    #1 Wet

    (This wasn't actually a pour, more like a smearing over)


    #1 Dry


    #2 Wet


    #2 Dry (It took me a while to decide this was the dry version)


    And #3 wet:


    And #3 Dry


    Obviously I poured a little more paint on the bottom, but still...

    I was using craft paint with sparkles/glitter in it and I have to say it didn't work at all. I'll probably pour over these canvas boards  in the near future. 

    FYI- I am going to the Adirondacks tomorrow  for a en plein-aire water color workshop and won't be back until late on Thursday. I doubt they have reliable internet up there so I will be making a catch up entry once I come back. 

    Hopefully I'll paint at least one or two decent pieces. I don't really consider myself a watercolorist-I just have fun. 

  • Kazuchika Okada, a pro wrestling post

    2 months ago


    For 27 years now, Pro Wrestling Illustrated has an annual list where they rank the top 500 pro wrestlers in the world.  Their grading period is June of one year to July of the next year.  Past winners include the likes of Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, Triple H, and John Cena.  Typically the #1 spot goes to a WWE guy.  AJ Stytles won it one year working for TNA during the height of TNA Wrestling's popularity, but it's typically a WWE guy.  

    The last few years, one name has been hanging out in the top 10, moving closer and closer to that number one.  Finally, this year, for the first time in the magazine's history, a Japanese pro wrestler is the number 1 rank.  It's the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Kazuchika Okada.  

    No one has had a better 12 months than Okada.  It's not even close, based on the criteria, quality of matches, big names defeated, etc.  Just this calender year alone, Okada has beaten Kenny Omega, Minoru Suzuki, Katsuyori Shibatta, Bad Luck Fale, Kenny Omega again, and Cody Rhodes in high profile main events.  Okada had this thing in the bag 6 months ago.  This is a huge win not only for Okada, who's not even 30 yet and can only improve with time, but a huge win for New Japan Pro Wrestling as well.  

    WWE is going to have to step their in ring game up eventually.  They can't ignore why New Japan is becoming more and more popular.  Also, WWE's top 2 champions aren't even in the top 10.  I think one of them isnt even on the list because he didn't wrestle but like 4 matches during the grading period... cough cough Lesner cough cough.  

    The full top 10 is:

    1. Kazuchika Okada

    2. AJ Styles

    3. Kevin Owens 

    4. Roman Reigns

    5. Kenny Omega

    6. Shinsuke Nakamura 

    7. Samoa Joe

    8. Dean Ambrose

    9. Bobby Roode

    10. The Miz

    Overall, 2 New Japan wrestlers are in the top 10, the other being of course Kenny Omega whose had an amazing trio of matches against Okada this year.  So WWE still dominates the top 10 with eight wrestlers.  Note, though, that Styles and Nakamura once worked for New Japan and have been in the top 10 for several years going back to before their time in WWE.

    Reigns and Styles are both former number 1 ranks.

    Me personally, I don't agree with some of the names in the top 10.  But that's a different journal entry for another time soon.

    This won't be the only time Okada will be number 1.  So long as New Japan Pro Wrestling builds the next 10 or so years around him, and WWE continues down their current path, theres possibility the Okada could be number 1 numerous times like Hogan and Cena have accomplished.  

    It's a new era in pro wrestling.  New Japan Pro Wrestling can take it to WWE and give them the biggest fight they've seen since the md 90s.  I'm excited.  Competition will only make both companies better.  And that's a good thing for pro wrestling.

  • Bacrylic's Share / Squaretale Game Update

    3 months ago


    I know I dropped off for a while, but thats because I had landed some work working for another pixel game with a group local to my area. I don't have a day job so this was a nice turn of events to make some money for a change. I've only recently gotten some time to work on my own game, so here are some attack combos I'm working on. My partner and I are discussing our preferences for now. 











    Fun fact about these animations. These are all moves that I did while a friend recorded me for reference. Naturally I didn't look as epic. 

    For our purposes I'm favoring #4, but let me know which ones you like in the comments. 

    Recently seen a video discussing the importance of constant updates on social media for projects like this. I'll try to stay current. Our website still isn't up at the moment. I really need to light a fire under my partner's ass for that one.  

  • RT Answers #442 & #444 Sources

    3 months ago




  • Entry #4 - Broken

    3 months ago


    I joined the military in an effort to better myself. This was the purpose of the entire endeavor; protecting this amazing country, and free education were just cherries on top of this level-up sundae. I thought I could force myself to become a better person by leaving it all in the hands of the US military, and while they had very capable hands, I failed. 

    I found out the hard way that I can't just force myself to change by voluntarily dropping into a boiling pot. I found that putting myself in a crucible doesn't guarantee that I come out a stronger, better man; there is a possibility for failure. It's sad, but it's the truth, and I guess the experience and the lesson are now permanently carved in my bones. I at least can thank the US Navy for making me realize that among other things that I learned from basic training.

    Now, it's a few weeks later, and I have a grant to go to community college. I have a place to stay with my family. I possibly have a part-time job, and I get to live this American life. Despite this failure, despite the grave that I started digging for myself, life continues to ask me to keep on living. Funnily enough I found a notebook with some of my journal entries and poetry written in it, and I found this old little passage I wrote on a train before I even thought about joining the Navy.

    Thoughts on the Midnight Train #1

    "Beauty. I live for beauty. This world holds so much beauty, it's something I keep forgetting, but it is the truth: I have reason to live. I don't wish for death, I do not. I have, for too long, surrounded myself with darkness. I never fought the poison. I let it consume me because I was small and weak... But no more! I am alive! I am strong! It will not be a swift or easy undertaking, but I will claim this life as my own. I will live, if not for me, for this beautiful world that deserves to be recognized, and deserves to be preserved. I do not wish for death. Not anymore."

  • See you again

    4 months ago


    See You Again by Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth is now the #1 most viewed video on youtube!!!! wow 

  • Bacrylic's Share Game Update

    4 months ago


    Hey guys. Here's a quick update on the game Brandon and I are working on. 

    #1 I realized I wouldn't be able to make the teaser trailer in After Effects. I was quality issues and there wasn't a solid fix for it. I was attempting to keep away from having to make it in Unity because its not my favorite software and we've had some bad experiences together. I went to work one day and Unity was starting a project with another man. I was devastated. I didn't think I could trust another game engine again. But we've moved past it now, and I think we're stronger for it.

    #2 I still have yet to find a personal style for this game. You could say we're not taking the traditional creative work pipeline. 

    #3 Brandon has decided to start posting visual progress of our game on the Squaretale site. As far as I know its still vacant, but I'm working on a small scene that he wants to show when I'm done. Focusing on this scene is also intended to distinguish a sense of style, fingers crossed. 

    #4 I'll be attending the IGDA meeting tomorrow. Sadly Brandon won't be joining me. He couldn't leave his shop, but I might be bringing our other Brandon. Thats right we have two. I look forward to meeting with our recent friends Lance and Clint at Duck Block Games

    Clint has been real cool about helping me understand what it takes to make a game and kickstart it. So as a shout out to those two check out there kickstarter for their game Forsaken Castle.



  • Bacrylic's Share

    4 months ago


    Welcome to Bacrylic's Share

    The public dropspot for my projects. The community has a lot of creative and ambitious people with their own agendas and I'd like to connect to them with an active hotspot. Posts with recent updates and progress so the community can follow my endeavors. Questions, concerns, and advice are welcome.

    As a bonus for the public I'll be posting embarassing and hilarious stories so stay in touch guys. NOTHING is off the table for me. Come for the content, stay for the laughs.

    Story #1 

    Brotherly Fail

    Ok so for some context, I am the middle child between two sisters. In the many years growing up with my sisters I haven't really had too many opportunities to feel like a good brother. 

    My little sister was getting texts from a guy she had dated. She would show me these texts because she thought it was wierd and silly how many messages this guy would send while she wasn't responding. 

    My thoughts were different. This guy seemed a bit desperate and a little obsessive, so I got cautious when she told me she would be meeting this guy in person to talk it out. In my head I was like NOOOOOOO FUCKIN WAY. Its dark. You're on your own. You don't know karate. 

    So I was offering to tail her to make sure she was safe, but she said 'no I have pepper spray, I'll be fine'. Still, big brother wasn't buying it. This dude seemed a little unhindged and I wasn't letting that slide. Also I was getting excited, feeling like 007 going undercover, all I was missing was a cover car and a fake mustache.

    I drove into town trying to find where she was meeting up with this guy. I wasn't gonna get down or anything. I was just gonna be there. 

    I couldn't find her car at the station she said she'd be at and was starting to get worried. I drove around town for a bit and sent her a text just asking if she was ok. I wasn't trying to alert her, and it could've been a general message from home. It took her a while to respond, so I followed it up with a 'where are you?' At this time I pulled back in at the gas station between a few cars.

    I put the truck in park and wait.

    After a few minutes I get a text back.

    little sister: 'GO AWAY'

    me: 'What?'

    little sister: 'WE CAN SEE YOU!'

    Oh SHIT. So I get the fuck out of there right. I'm caught off guard and I haul ass back home. 

    At this point my cover was blown. I felt like the worst agent in the field. Total amateur hour. I left with my tail between my legs. I get home. I park exactly where I was, and get back on my computer to make it seem like I never left.

    Some time later, my little sister gets back and has the BIGGEST FUCKING GRIN. She asked me what I did that night, and I followed with 'nothing just been workin on the computer' trying to keep a straight face.

    She said I followed her. I said I didn't go out, keeping my defenses up. She then continues to blow my barricades, with an 'I saw you. You parked literally a few cars down from us'. 

    And then came the shame of realizing your not a ninja. 

    ...Brotherly Fail...

  • LPL Chicago

    4 months ago


    So I found my old tumblr posts about LPL Chicago and I'm gonna put them here so I don't lose them.

    Post #1

    Things to note here while I’m awake and conscious

    The pyramid

    The camp camp rap rap

    getting a high five from lil J as he ran through the aisles 

    getting a high five from elyse as she ran through the aisles

    Michael in the fucking gimp suit jfc

    Ryan in his dead by daylight costume rapping the machete against the desks of the victims

    and being referred to as ‘Dark God’ by James

    The sheer amount of chanting for Lil J, especially right before he got down to killing

    Ryan kicking ass at move or die (lbr because he plays aginst Meg all the time)

    The amazing use of effects like smoke, lighting, and the streamer cannon at the end

    The habernero peppers and Greg is a dirty cheater

    That one guy who accidentally got passed up for getting a high five and suddenly got the microphone during rock band and actually ended up on stage with everyone

    The card ‘trick’?

    everyone cheering for the janitor

    I’m real tired but super fucking happy.

    Post #2

    Okay it’s the day after Let’s Play Live Chicago. I’ve slept a little, been in the car a lot, and I want to get my thoughts down in a vaguely coherent manner.

    -The theater was beautiful, and even more so once it was filled with approximately three thousand RT nerds

    (Minus a few confused but supportive parents)

    - The makers of Jackbox Games were there and let some fans play up on stage while we were waiting on the show to start

    -The sidebars were full of the #letsplaylive twitter feed, which led to a ridiculous amount of memeing. There was also a notable trend of #DicksOutFor____ (LPL, Lil J were the most common)

    -When the Show began for real there was an Insane amount of cheering which was wonderful. Like, honestly, just the sheer energy in that theater was the most incredible thing I’ve been a part of.

    The rest is going to be under the cut because it gets long but if you’re so inclined there’s some funny shit

    -Started out with Worms (Some sort of new version) and the names I picked up on were Great

    -Except Jeremy’s because he wanted to make a bunch of Trump jokes but for some reason they didn’t go through and he was so disappointed (I believe one was ‘Trumpback whale’ please add on if you remember more)

    -Jack’s were the four horsemen of the apocalypse and he definitely represented it well. (Except Ryan won in the end because Jack self-destructed along with taking out most of the map)

    -Mario Kart racing between Greg and Tim was a thing

    -Habanero peppers were also a thing

    -Greg is a cheater who shoved extra habanero peppers into Tim’s mouth when he was ahead and there was Suffering (He also told a fan to eat one because they’d picked out a tiny, horrible one for him but the ‘Reff’ had to stop them because that could go very bad)

    -Also a lot of people wanted Greg to take his shirt off but apparently there’s a fine for doing that at the Chicago Theater so he instead lifted his shirt to reveal another shirt that just said ‘I Am Fat’

    -Someone had a sign that said Release Greg’s Nips and so as not to disappoint entirely he did run into the crowd to meet the guy and sign it

    -Jordan shooting a plastic bow with rubber balls at the end pretty much directly at Dan was a thing, and then he kept trying to get it through a tiny hoop which did not happen

    -But he did shoot an apple off of Dan’s head so that was pretty impressive

    -There was a ‘Card Trick’?????? Ace of Spades, someone named Jason from the audience if anyone else picked up on what was happening please let me know

    -Cards are hard to clean up

    -Guess what else is hard to clean up

    -A ridiculous amount of lube all over the theater floor

    -Funhaus (James, Bruce, Adam and Elyse) basically had a premise that they would go into Dark Souls and try to beat a boss fight. Lose and, as was with the last LPL, get ‘punished’ by Lawrence in a gimp suit. Elyse said something about how he was ‘getting a lot better’

    -Started off with Adam, and the premise that if he won the rest of Funhaus gets punished and he’s safe.

    -He wasn’t safe. There was some sort of riding crop involved? I could hear it and I was about halfway back from the stage so

    -Can’t remember the order after that but Elyse got a ball gag, James got a dog collar and Bruce ended up handcuffed to James. 

    -Someone apologized for the fact that if ‘Anyone out there is still in the stage of discovering their sexualities, this is probably doing things to you.’ 

    -Lawrence walks out in a bathrobe, apparently not able to find the gimp suit.

    -So Elyse takes off the mask (it takes some doing) and reveals none other than Michael Jones

    -And uh, he continues to be really into it. There was a tongue thing, I’m gonna move on.

    -Geoff and Gavin sat across the stage from each other and threw tennis balls at each other’s dicks

    -Both of them got a couple solid hits in

    -Michael (still in the suit) was behind Gavin, going after the balls that went past him and rubbing his shoulders with encouragement

    -They played both Drawful 2 and Quiplash 2

    -Notably Geoff answered the question ‘What will Geoff’s next tattoo be’ with “Ray please come back” (The other answer was “Gavin’s Nose”)

    -There was also one really odd pixel game and I mostly got confused and just watched for Michael’s reactions to figure out what was going on

    -Which was addressed by the group in a sequence of ‘Audience, cheer if you have no idea what’s going on’ -crowd erupts in cheers- ‘People on stage, cheer if you have no idea what’s going on’ -cheering from the stage-

    -Greg starts up a rivalry with Tim at some point ‘Team Valor Vs. Team Mystic’ and gets the crowd in on it too, vaguely tacking Instinct on as well

    -Starts a huge shouting match (Which, a three thousand person shouting match is something to behold)

    -But you know what else is something to behold?

    -Those same three thousand people all singing the Pokemon theme song together.

    -Overcooked was a thing and I’m pretty sure Gavin was the only one up there that had any clue what was going on

    -And I say that but he was really confused too

    -The first game one team ended in the negatives

    -Greg did a kind of speech about growing up in IL and being shocked and amazed at ending up where he is now

    -Also Kinda Funny has their own office now!

    -Towards the end they did a human pyramid (you’ve probably seen pictures already)

    -Jack said they saved it for near the end because he was fairly certain someone was going to get knocked out of commission

    -Last game? Dead by Daylight, of course.

    -Jeremy as the killer

    -Took a little time to set up but the crowd was really hyped so it was great

    -Notable shoutings of “Let’s Go Little J” with clapping, “You are monster Truck” and always “Liiiillll Jaaaayy”

    -A figure wearing the killer’s mask and a full outfit (easy to find, just check twitter) comes out with a machete and chains, focusing intently on the victims who are closest to death and rapping on their desk with the machete or holding it to their face/neck ect. Stomps off in frustration when they get away, I think there were growling sounds.

    -Jeremy toyed with them, really, but cleaned up at the end

    -The masked killer drags each one of them off the stage

    -James is up next as killer, very good at playing maniacal a la “I’ll kill them all for you, Dark God” which is a pretty heavy hint

    -Elyse and Gavin are the last two left, constantly helping each other off of hooks and down to the last generator

    -Gavin gets got and the masked killer picked him up over his shoulder, carrying him off stage

    -Elyse dies not long after

    -Any wild guesses on the masked killer?

    -Jack sums it up quite well with outlining about how the conversation went.

    -”We need someone to dress up as a pyscho-” “Ryan.” It’s always Ryan, in the end.

    -Everyone comes out to the stage for a final game, RockBand

    -It’s just as absolutely stunning as one might expect, they make use of the lighting effects on the stage and the smoke and it’s beautiful

    -There’s people running through the crowds, high-fiving people all the way down

    -One guy gets passed up twice but wait, someone noticed from the stage and they come down with a mike for him to sing, he actually ends up on stage with all of them

    -The song is ‘Shut Up and Dance’

    -Everyone in the crowd is standing, clapping, singing and it’s the most energetic, lively three thousand people all in unison

    -Jeremy broke his guitar at the end and there was a ton of cheering

    -Let’s Play Live is announced for New York

    -I silently mourn the fact that there is no fucking way I can attend but celebrate the inspiring, wonderful show I just got to see and promptly get lost trying to find my way back to the hotel, grinning like an idiot.

    -I’m still riding that high, honestly.

    If anyone remembers other stuff, wants to talk more in depth about specific things or has anything that I missed I’d love to hear it! My memory is kind of all over the place so I’d l know there’s probably plenty left off of here and I’d appreciate a lot to be reminded or just to talk about it if you’re so inclined~!

    I was so happy re-reading these. Maybe one day I'll be able to go to another RT live event but even if I don't, I'll always have this. 

  • NOT a detached retina!!!

    5 months ago


    Some of you may have seen my journal that I posted late Saturday night regarding some really freaky and possibly serious medical issue with my left eye. So freaky, in fact, that it necessitated a visit to the ER.

    Well, my follow-up appointment with the specialist was yesterday afternoon. It was NOT a partially torn retina, as what was originally feared by both myself, and the original ER doc that saw me on Saturday. It was something that I had never heard of before - a "silent migraine aura".

    Confused? Join the club.

    Basically, the visual distortions and pressure I experienced were the telltale hallmarks of this silent migraine. Basically, a migraine without the searing pain in the temples that is synonymous with what everyone expects from such an event. Like I said - I had no idea such a thing existed prior to 4:30 pm, yesterday afternoon.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm relieved that I'm not either prepping for emergency retinal laser repair surgery, or already recovering from it, depending on how bad it could've been. I am a bit perplexed with what I did experience. I'm someone who rarely gets a headache, let alone experiences migraine... silent or the regular kind. Good thing I'm getting scheduled for a follow-up appointment with another specialist in 3 or 4 weeks that might be able to get me some answers.

    Either way, unless it happens again before that specialist appointment, I'm cleared to resume my life as if it were "normal". So, I think I shall do exactly that. At least if it happens again, I'll know what's going on, this time. Versus the 24 hours of "WTF is happening to me"  went through Saturday into Sunday.

  • February RT Gold Box Mishap

    5 months ago

    MurphGaming FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    In February Rooster Teeth began putting cards in the box as a sort of collectible item. I have received cards #2,#3, and now #4, but I never got #1 in my February Double gold box. I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have asked support 3 times but they have not answered if they could help or not. 

  • Catching up on manga

    6 months ago


    For a few months I was on a manga slump in addition to my anime slump, but I'm starting to get caught back up. I'm now up to date on UQ Holder, Blade Dance, and Shieldbro. I've also started a few new ones, the most prominent of which being Kenja no Mago, Wortentia Senki, and Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin. All of them are fantastic, and I highly recommend them. Well, Wortenia Senki doesn't have much to it yet, so it's not in the same league as the other two. I've still got plenty I need to catch up on though, like How I stalked some dude with an exposed nipple and stumbled upon the Zenithian Sword.

    Also, can't tell you how good it feels for Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari to have risen to the #1 ranked manga on the site where I read my manga when I'd discovered it the day the first chapter released. It's good to see that it's become so popular. And it really is a good read.

    And now for something completely different. Behold:

  • Going to cry myself to sleep now

    6 months ago


    GAAAAHHHHHH!!! Anderson Silva got KOed because he decided to clown around like he as does in his fight. So annoyed, but hey cheers to Weidman for making history and putting the former P4P #1 fighter to sleep. No rematch please and thank you.

  • Rooster Teeth & You: What keeps RT alive?

    6 months ago

    Gorlin Goltz Santa Gorlin

    Today, Burnie's latest vlog was released on youtube. For those who don't have the time to watch it, he and Matt discussed how it is that Rooster Teeth makes money to produce shows, run events, etc. and that essentially broke down like this...

    #1 Advertising

    All the commercials you see before the videos on this site or youtube generate a relatively good chunk of money for the company. They also displayed an excerpt from Parade magazine featuring Camp Camp as an example of this. 

    #2 Subscriptions, also know as FIRST Membership

    As it's been a huge discussion point since the time restriction on the latest season of RvB, this still makes sense. The community largely supports the company. 

    #3 Licenses & Royalties 

    For those who don't know what this is, a good example would be the version of RWBY that was done in Japan, with the Japanese voice actors. The company that did that paid Rooster Teeth in order to legally create it. 

    #4 Events... RTX, Let's Play Live, and secret future events

    While some of the money from ticket sales goes to the vendors and overall funding for events, Rooster Teeth still makes money from these amazing events. 

    #5 Merchandise... Shirts, Music, DvD's 

    Essentially, digital or physical purchases made from the RT store, including Double-Gold Subscription boxes. 

    "So what's the best way for someone with extra income to support RT?"

    Coming straight from Burnie and Matt, the biggest way to help the company is with direct contact. This means buying products directly from the RT store, watching videos on the site instead of Youtube, or simply just being a subscriber. 

    The point of the vlog was basically to say that, despite the Youtube-based

    "Ad-pocalypse," Rooster Teeth as a company is far more secure financially then other companies, and it is thanks to subscribers and the community that they don't have to constantly adapt and change things to survive. 

  • Nearly Finished Unpacking

    6 months ago

    MrWartburg Team Fat

    So a couple weeks ago, I mentioned a few life updates, like moving to a new place. And over the last week I've gotten just about everything unpacked, stored in the closet, and all the cool shit hung on the wall. And the coolest stuff went in the basement. 

    Wall #1


    Wall #2


    Having the whole space pretty much all to myself is going to be pretty awesome, because it means I get to do stuff like keep my green screen up all the time! 


    I'm going to like having room to actually spread out while I'm streaming, instead of being cramped in the same small room where my bed was in the old place. Still playing with the lighting and what not, and working on some back end stuff for the new channel, but it's be a pretty solid couple weeks.