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  • This Week at ScrewAttack - 04/26/18

    5 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    Top 10 Avengers That Should DIE in Infinity War - Writer & Editor Notes 


    • #10 - Vision - I LOVE the MCU. Let's just get that out of the way. But honestly, I have this strong (and concerning) desire for this movie to be a gruesome blood bath. Like I would love if Thanos just walks up to Vision and effortlessly rips the Mind Stone out of his head ... all within the first 10 minutes. I may have a problem. 
    • #9 - Drax - Sincerely, I think this would be a good death. What more is there for Drax beyond Thanos' death? Perhaps Infinity War will set something up for him or of course something in Guardians V3. 
    • #8 - Star-Lord - I do miss chubby Chris Pratt and Parks and Rec in general - that doesn't justify his death. Please accept my sincerest apologies. It funny doh. 
    • #7 - Pepper Potts - Again! I think this would be a legit death! If Pepper dies, what does Tony have to live for? maybe it'll push Tony to finally "lay down on the wire" 
    • #5 - Hawkeye - Seriously, where is he? DON'T ANWSER ME UNTIL AFTER I SEE THE MOVIE ON FRIDAY NIGHT!* 
    • #4 - Phil Coulson - I legit miss old school Coulson. He is one of my favorite parts about Phase One. I guess in a sense he did really die in The Avengers because the character he is in Agents of SHIELD is so different. Also, just FYI, I have seen the first three seasons of AOS and have a love/hate relationship with it. 
    • #3 - Captain America - Okay, seriously, I meant every word of this entry. When I finally saw the finished project with the music, the footage and Nick's performance, I got emotional, like for REAL! I love Cap! 
    • #2 - Tony Stark - Get to the chase Marvel and just kill Tony and make him an AI assistant to the next Iron Person. Like the new JARVIS. We know it's coming. 
    • #1 - Iron Fist - Lol
    • #11 - Nick Fury - Lolol 

    *Story Time: In 2012 I was insanely excited about The Avengers (like every good American) I bought tickets to the midnight screening and gathered a big group of friends. Unfortunately my best bud couldn't make it (his GF's birthday was the same day) He asked me to wait to see it with him and I DID NOT. Instead, I went into our dorm room when he wasn't around and I grabbed HIS Avengers masks for me and my friends to wear. #NOREGRETS. Flash forward to now. I live in Austin and he lives in Dallas. I told him to drive down to see it with me but he made me promise to wait to see it with him as payback. SO I WONT BE WATCHING IT TONIGHT AS SOON AS I COULD BE! I'll be waiting until Friday night like a chump. #SQUADGOALS  

    Watch the video: RT | YT

  • Top 10 Magic Weapons - Editor Notes

    8 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    One thing I've learned after editing together my first Boomstick Top 10 is that he has a type. 

    #10 - Lt. Col. Kilgore - So what's the deal here?? Did they really name these weapons after a character in Apocalypse Now? Is the character in the movie based on a real guy? Why? Why any of this? 
    #9 - Master Sword - I was watching a lot of videos about the Master Sword in prep for this entry. I came across a fun pronunciation of the weapon. I won't name names but now I can only hear it as "Massa Swwurd" 
    #8 - Hellfire shotguns - I would definitely rack my brain for every non-lethal way to use these guns. You could create pillow-fort-esque fortress in your living room but made with nothing but Hellfire Shotguns. You could have a unlimited source of income if you sold them. You could do professional magic. YOU COULD THROW UP GUNS AND TRY TO SHOOT THEM OUT OF THE SKY BEFORE THEY HIT THE GROUND. Endless joy. 
    #7 - Icebreaker - Gerardo actually helped me edit this one! Thanks, Gerardo! I don't know anything about this weapon. 
    #6 - Blades of Chaos - Gerardo did this one too but I still have a question. How hard would you have to spin magic blades chained to your forearms before you lift off the ground like?
    #5 - Sniger rifle - I could listen to Boomstick say "tigers" for days. 
    #4 - Caster Gun - Gerardo. But also, yes. Wand gun? Yes! ACCIO WAND GUN. 
    #3 - Mjolnir - Again you could use this weapon in so many fun ways. I PUT MJOLNIR ON MY DAIRY,  TRY READING IT NOW WHOSOEVER BE WORTHY! 
    #2 - Sword of Omens - Gerardo actually helped me edit this one! Thanks, Gerardo! I don't know anything about this weapon. 
    #1 - Green Lantern Ring - This entry is the exact reason the movie was so bad. You could have made anything but you made guns and stuff. Yawn. 
    #11 - Voltron < Megazord 

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  • Top 10 Worst Dragon Ball Characters - Editor Notes

    9 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    Here we goooooooo! (again) 

    #10 - Garlic Jr - Not only is his name Garlic but he's a JUNIOR. Someone thought this name was so good they needed to use it TWICE? Okay. Can't wait for the next DB villain, Oregano III. 

    #9 - Cooler - Okay, wait, actually the next villain is The Coolest.

    #8 - Hercule Satan - I hate Hercule! Never thought he was funny. For me he only ever distracted from what I was interested in seeing. 

    #7 - Bio-Broly - I didn't know this existed before this episode. It's an odd feeling to realize you've missed out on something completely inconsequential.

    #6 - Majuub - Nick asked me this when watching back the first cut of this episode and I want to clarify for all of you. I didn't alter Aladdin or Uub's skin color at all. It just worked.

    #5 - Pan - I....really liked...Pan. (but don't ask me why. I couldn't tell you/don't remember) 

    #4 - Yamcha - The woooooorst

    #3 - Para Para Bros - So, they got the gang to dance. Was it a lethal dance or something? What's the problem here? "Oh no! We look ridiculous and now we're melting because of it" 

    #2 - Chi-Chi - These last two entries are the most insightful entries on the whole list. I couldn't agree more. 

    #1 - Adult Gohan - Gohan was the best and they squandered his potential. 

    #11 - Is there a way to tell Maron and Bulma apart by just looking at them?

    Watch the Video: RT | YT 

  • Top 10 Terrifying Mascots - Editor Notes

    9 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    We're back! 

    Intro - I'm not Torrian 
    #10 - Krinkles - What was Post thinking? This isn't their only terrible mascot. Just do a quick google search for "So-Hi Post Cereal" 
    #8 - Senhor - Sorry, Jonah. I saw an opportunity, which was a cheap shot, and I took it. The internet is cruel. 
    #7 - Monokuma - Who is this bear fooling? You're clearly evil. 
    #6 - The King - C'mon it's 2018. Where's the Burger Queen?
    #5 - Freddy Fazbear - This Top 10 Entry brought to you by Achievement Hunter.
    #4 - Stubhub Ticket Oak - So it's absurd. That doesn't equal funny. At least the spongemonkeys are funny sometimes. This is just odd. 
    #3 - King Cake Baby - So..... THIS BABY IS JESUS ISN'T HE?!?! 
    #2 - Spongemonkeys - Yeah, I like them. You wanna fight about it?
    #1 - PuppyMonkeyBaby - That's John Mayer at 6:41 right? It has to be. 
    #11 - Mario has some great games obviously but is he a good character? I don't know and I've wondered about it my entire life. 

    Watch the Video: RT | YT | UT

  • Tabletop Tales: Things Sent to the Moon

    1 year ago


    So I was bored one day and was cleaning out a few documents on my computer when I came across something fun. Back when I was regularly involved in playing Tabletop over a few systems (D&D, World of Darkness and one infamous GURPS game) I had kept track on a few things that our DM had banned from our WoD game, or as he put it: "It's gone! Sent to the Moon!"

    So without further adeu....

    Things that have been BANNED from game (WoD):

    #1 The Wasp Knife

    #2 ANYTHING resembling a Ford Fiesta

    #3 Tuck-tuck-boom-boom. That is all (It's like a Tonka Truck with a Cannon!)

    #4 The Gunslinger Merit (stop asking Jim)

    #5 Fencing Fighting Style. Seriously, WTF guys?!

    #6 Sojutsu Fighting Style. ALSO BANNED

    #7 ALL the benfits of the Stillness Shroud. Seriously, you guys only get 1 dot

    #8 Imbuing and Item as a Mage

    #9 Sasha Grey

    #10 Stacking Flamethrower Damage

    #11 Tazers and any Tazer related items 

    I should probably say most of these took place over 1 campaign.....Our group really did try out outdo themselves on creatvie ways to break the game...

    (on a side note the Moon's looking rather crowded nowadays...)

  • January #2

    1 year ago

    DaruTSH Eater of Time and Basil

    It is with a heavy heart that I must inform readers that John Hurt passed away earlier this week. Most people may recognize him as Kane, the 1st victim of the Xenomorph in 1979's Alien(and was a victim of the creature in Spaceballs as well). Resident Evil: TFC came out in theatres this week, with a CG movie coming later this year(like Degeneration and Damnation).

    Some new games have come out, including RE7, Tales of Berseria and Fate Extella: The Umbral Star. The Last Guardian is also $20 off at Best Buy in Canada until Friday. Hitman gets a phys release at the end of January(this Tuesday), along with a new mission being made available to all copies(phys/digital). The new elusive target(Blackmailer) is available in Paris, look for the guy wearing makeup(not Heath Ledger). RWBY has a new episode(#11) available, so be sure to watch that. Meanwhile, both Agents of SHIELD and The Flash are back on the air. With Flash's return last week, we know that a gorilla attack occurs soon(most likely Grodd, why he left GC is unknown). Patton Oswalt returns to AoS next week, as Nadir, Radcliffe and The Watchdogs attempt to get their hands on the DarkHold. BTW, seeing Fitz shoot Radcliffe-2 last week was the most badass thing he's ever done ;)

    Prey also got a release date of early May this year, along with a new trailer. I preordered it during E3 last year b/c Amazon usually has a discount for preorders during the convention. I'm definitely interested in RE7, but will wait for the price to drop($80 +tax isn't a small sum for a game you know).

    So I'm definitely watching Alien again today, have fun guys!


  • Random DC Stuff

    1 year ago


    Stuff that I found of note while searching for Doomsday feats:

    Superman can track heat:

    Supergirl Psycho-Kinetic Strike:

    Supergirl Bullet Time:

    Superman developed the ability to survive in space unaided:

    Superman survives Hyperspace:

    Redemption’s Power:

    Superman can quickly navigate a universe:

    Atomic Skull can kill everything in 10 miles:

    Red Lantern Kara and SuperDoom fly to the other side of the galaxy in seconds:

    Hypertime and it’s infinite realities:

    DC apparently has multiple “panverse” which by the name should be synonymous with Omniverse:

    The Universe has multiple Hells:

    Lil’ Batman retains his most important skill, snarking:

    Lil’ Batman’s heartwrenching backstory:

    Lil’ Superman’s heartwrenching backstory:

    Holy F. Lil’ Batman has one of the most genre-savy moments I’ve ever seen:

    Lil’ Batman threatens Bat-Mite:

    Superman can survive more than 10 Minutes in combat With Doomsday, and is the only person able to:

    New 52 Brainiac had almost gathered enough minds to perform Universal Reality-Warping:

    New 52 Cyborg Superman has flown through exploding supernovas:

    Clark wants Bruce to find Peace. Dawww.

    SuperDoom defeats A Universal Warping Brainiac:

    Parallax Hal Jordan was a threat to all existence:

    Universal Re-Creation Potential:

    The Universal is linked back on itself:

    Parallax was re-creating all of existence:

    Waverider blasts Parallax Hal:

    Parallax Hal destroyed infinite lives:

    Recreation of the Universe:

    Hal (Parallax but his powers drained) and Kyle survive the Big Bang:

    Waverider moved the Justice League outside Creation

  • Doomsday Feats in Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey

    1 year ago



    The end of Doomsday’s origin and a listing of his powers:


    Doomsday physically destroys a Darkseid Avatar:


    Doomsday can extend his bone claws which are strong enough to penetrate Motherbox Armor:

    Doomsday’s Claws are poisonous:



    Doomsday is made of solid mass. No blood, no tissue, no vital organs:

    Doomsday can survive hyperspace.

    For the record DC Hyperspace:

    Doomsday survives the Omega Beams of Apokalips which wipe things from existence and burn hotter than the flame pits of Apokalips:

    Doomsday takes a blast from Motherbox-Enhanced Superman:

    Doomsday is unkillable, even to Waverider, a Universal Being:

    Waverider resorts to tricks to try and beat Doomsday because brute force wouldn’t work:

    It is believed, even by the beings of the Sphere of the Gods, that Doomsday is not killable:

    Doomsday is beyond death:

    Doomsday briefly survives the end of time, the end of the universe and existence itself:

    Regeneration/Energy Manipulation

    Doomsday evolved in reaction to New Genesis Ultrasonics in seconds:

    Doomsday regenerates stronger than before every time:

    After a defeat by The Radiant and Superman Doomsday evolved immune to their powers. Reminder: The Radiant was made specifically to fight Doomsday:

    Doomsday evolves past The Radiant’s powers and now has energy manipulation:

    Doomsday grabs a being of pure energy:

    General Power

    Apokalips knows Doomsday as the “The Armageddon Creature”:

    The Most powerful infantry tech of Apokalips does nothing against Doomsday:

    Doomsday can defeat the Elite Guard of Darkseid and force an evacuation of Apokalips:

    Doomsday is far and away the toughest being Superman has ever come across:

    Doomsday is the equal in power to Darkseid’s Avatar:

    The only beings who do not fear Doomsday do not know of his power:

    The Radiant was a being created specifically to kill Doomsday made of pure energy:

    Despite this, Doomsday fought The Radiant for over a week:


    Doomsday is lightning fast:


  • Doomsday Feats in Action Comics (New 52)

    1 year ago



    Doomsday has “Superman Level Strength and Durability”:

    New 52 SuperLex surviving 23 seconds against Doomsday is considered a highly impressive feat:

    Doomsday broke the Phantom Zone:


    Doomsday generates a corrosive field that creates rapid biological decay in all life nearby:

    Doomsday is a Viral Contagion:

    The Doomsday Virus is a virus powerful enough to infect Superman:

    The Doomsday Virus kills even microbes nearby:

    Upon “Death” Doomsday turns into a black mist.

    This carries spores which can infect the nearby:

  • Yay! Lead Paint!!!

    2 years ago


    This is an advertisement for Dutch Boy lead paint from a 1922 National Geographic I bought at a used book store. Issue: September 1922, Volume XLII, number 3


    My favorite paragraphs are #5 and #11:

    "You are surrounded by lead, in your home and on your travels. There is lead in the rubber heels of your shoes, in the tires of your automobile, in the bearings of the machinery that makes things for your use or transports you from place to place."

    "Write our nearest branch office, Dept. F, for a free copy of our "Wonder Book of Lead," which interestingly describes the hundred-and-one ways in which lead enters into the daily life of every one."

  • Best and Worst Tracks from Mario Kart 8 part 2 (10-6)

    2 years ago



    Read Part 1 before continuing-

    Looks like with this new format of making things, I am going to have to add my author's notes in the main section. Well I can adapt! Lol. Anyway, here is part two of my MK8 list. Here's my criteria for ranking them-

    • Memorability
    • Challenge
    • Enjoyable (most important)

    Please remember this is my opinion. I hope you enjoy this list and feedback is appreciated!

    10. Worst- Animal Crossing


    When I heard that Animal Crossing was getting it's own track as part of the DLC content, I was pretty curious about it. But other than the setting, there's nothing special about this track. I did like the change in seasons aspect and that brought a few changes, but still this track bores me to death and I don't particularly enjoy doing it. Because it is DLC, I honestly don't know if it's suppose to be challenging or what. However, from experience, the 4th track is suppose to be the most challenging of the 4 set and this was a huge let down. I do like the other Animal Crossing stuff though. I use Female Villager the most and Isabelle is a doll!

    10. Best- Yoshi Valley

    No surprise here lol. Anyone who remembers my last MK list will remember this is one of my favorite tracks. Yeah they did make a few changes to it, but in this case, I enjoyed them, for the most part. Unfortunately there isn't just one short track through this valley anymore. I did try the cannon route, but it is deceptive and I like that! I really wish the Yoshi courses were more enjoyable overall.

    9. Worst- Ice, Ice Outpost


    This is one of those courses that I want to like but don't. In fact for an ice themed track it is a major let down. Now I know people don't like ice tracks in general, but I always enjoyed them. True this track is a fast one and is tricky. However I've yet to master the short cuts and they're honestly not worth it. I understand that accessing shortcuts can be a challenge, but with the rate your kart is going and the quick turns to access them, it's almost impossible for me. It would have been cooler to race on the iceburgs instead or they could have added variety by racing over the boats too.

    9. Best- Thwomp Ruins


    When I first saw this track as it was being previewed before the race started, my jar literally dropped because it looked so cool! Now we've seen tracks with 'ruins' in them but this track is just so cool! And it's one of the first tracks too! This does have greater challenge to it that some of the other ones and it's the enjoyable kind of testing that makes you think on your toes more because there are a few areas you have to watch out for those thwomps and drop areas. I love that shortcut at the front. For me this is the best usage of a ruins I've seen in an MK game.

    8. Worst- Sunshine Airport


    I know this is a fan favorite (based on how much it gets picked by people online) so I am sure I've surprised a few people by putting this track on my worse list. Well, to be honest, I didn't find it to be as immersive as I was hopping to find it. Sure you can go through an airplane and the air port, but there's really nothing else that is special about it. It also felt slow at times and the obstacles for me were not hard to avoid. The sad thing is I want to like this track. I think I came in with high expectations though because in another racing same there was an airport track and it was a hell of a lot more challenging and fun. It would have been more interesting if you had to avoid the moving airplanes here.

    8. Best- Wild Woods


    From here on out it really starts to get hard to rank my best because I love them all! I think the reason why this one didn't get higher was because I couldn't help but compare this one too my favorite track of all time, Maple Treeway (they're both tree tracks). This track is gorgeous to look at and I loved the use of traveling up the tree to going through the branches and going down a waterway. Talk about variety!!! There is a short cut, but there's actually not many challenges to this track though. But I really hope they do another tree course in the next MK game. Oh well, one can only hope!

    7. Worst- Dry, Dry Desert


    Honestly when I saw they brought this track back from Double Dash, I literally groaned because that was one of my least favorites from that game. Talk about dull! People complain about the look of Bone-Dry Dunes, at least that had color variety and the track had variety to it! This is just one swash of yellow and beige! This track is even worse than the original because of how easy it is. True this was always suppose to be a 'beginner' course, but at least with the GC version it had a few extra challenges. The water aspect was okay, but hey if you're going to bring back a track, at least bring back a memorable one.

    7. Best- Toad Harbor


    This track reminds me of San Francisco due to it being by the bay, the trolleys, and the brightly colored buildings, oh and the winding and twisting roads! I really do like the 'quaint city' tracks that have appeared in this series. The track options here are fun to try and you still have to be careful or you'll get knocked around easily or even into the water hehe. I do wish it was a bit more challenging, like in other city tracks with vehicles, but it is still a lot of fun.

    6. Worst- Ribbon Road


    Much like with #11, this track should have been a favorite considering the concept and challenge of it, but sadly, it isn't. At least with Neo-Bowser City, if you failed, you had a chance of catching up, this one, not so much, especially playing online. The short cuts (well a few of them) aren't really worth it and this track feels so slow for me. I will admit it too, that this track gets picked so many times and it drives me up the wall! Now I can do good in this track, but because I've played it so many times online that it's just grating now to play it! And it only gets worse from here folks!

    6. Best- Donut Plains 3


    Okay now THIS is how you take a retro track and make it better folks! Sure it's a simple track, but it's simple in the way I like it! Unlike with the SNES Rainbow Road, this track feels fast and it has tricky turns on it. I do love the detail of the track having a little water on it with the sunshine reflecting on it. That's attention to detail right there and I love how in this game you can jump over gopher mounts hehe. The only reason why it didn't make top 5 though is sadly because it's an easy track, but at least it's fun!

    Again here are a few more mentions!

    DM 3. Royal Raceway


    *Hears the gasps of surprise* Yeah, the N64 track was one of my favorite tracks and I still love that version. Much like with what happened with Baby Park though, the changes they made with this one weren't good. For one thing, they took the challenge factor out of it. In the other one you had to aim your kart correctly when going off that big jump or you'd hit the hills. Here you're gliding downward and all you have to avoid are the balloons. And after you land there use to be a sharp left turn right past the castle and that's gone now. This track is just not as fun as it use to be. So it's not so much a bad track, just compared to the original, it's a huge let down. Oh and you don't have access to the palace in this track either.

    HM 3. Excitebike Arena


    One word to describe this course- fun. I actually played the original game this track was based on and that one was a hit or miss for me back in the day when I first played it. I had a love/hate relationship with that game. This took everything I love about it and put it in it. So why didn't this make the list? Because of the fact that for a track, it's not that memorable nor is it that challenging. I would have liked to have seen it deviate from the simple circular track, but I can understand why they kept it that way.

    Next our my top 5 best and worst! Let me know what ya'll think about this part of the list! Until next time folks!

  • Rooster Teeth's 11th Birthday - RooTeeth

    4 years ago


    Hey Everyone,

    As some of you may know myself and a few others have been working on a 'little' project for Rooster Teeth's 11th Birthday! The video was released the other day and has been popular in the Australian Rooster Teeth Fan Group. Also receiving praise from our very own Caiti Pattillo and the other Roo Teeth Admins. I have been meaning to make an entry here in order to get it out there!

    I would be very appreciative if you could give it a 'squizz' and let me know what you think, and maybe some additional feedback for our next video!

    Ethan, Signing Off...

  • Happy 11th Anniversary Rooster Teeth!

    4 years ago


    To celebrate, here is a picture of me 11 years ago...


    What a charmer.

  • 11 Years of Greatness! <3

    4 years ago

    NealMcNeal The Real Deal

    It is the eleventh anniversary of the greatest company ever, of all time! Rooster Teeth! This calls for a dance party, confetti, drinking, and what not. smiley8.gif


    Seriously though, Rooster Teeth has truly been a huge impact in my life. Before I joined the site I was very much in a dark place. I was always depressed, had no friends, I always kept to myself, I felt lost. Things sucked to say the least. I have been a huge fan of Rooster Teeth in their entirety ever since 2007, but didn't end up making an account till 7 mounts ago. I look back now and wonder why the hell I didn't do it sooner. I can safely say that making an account on here was the best thing I could have ever done.

    I am not depressed anymore due to the fact I have made some freaking lovely friends, you all know who you are! I have broken out of my shell and I am now not afraid to be myself and to talk to people. Things are actually looking up for me.

    Thank you to everyone at Rooster Teeth for simply being amazing and for being the best company out there. Of course I have to thank this beautiful community as well. Everyone in this community, everyone I have met, talked to, now friends with, I thank you all for being in my life and making it what it is today, awesome! smiley13.gif

    I can truly say with all my heart that I can call Rooster Teeth and this community...home. smiley12.gif


    Here's to another phenomenal 11 years! Everyone at Rooster, everyone in this community, always keep on kicking ass! I love all of your faces! smiley0.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley13.gif


    - The Real Deal

  • Red vs Blue Season 11

    4 years ago

    SickSlickMan Movie Critic

    (this is a long post, brace yourselves)

    When I first heard that Red vs. Blue was going to go into an eleventh season, I was...skeptical, to say the least.

    Mostly because, in my mind, season 10 was the perfect place to end the series off. Very rarely do you have a tenth season of a show that manages to very neatly wrap up every major plot point, answer the majority of the big questions and leave little to no loose ends. It was the end of everything the series had been leading up to, the Freelancers, the AI, the Director, various character arcs...still didn't really answer anything with the Chairman aside from his name, but hey, I did say MOST and not ALL, didn't I?

    What I'm saying is, season 10 did what most series' struggle to do with even short runs: it answered the questions that needed to be answered, and it did it in a satisfying way. If the series ended there, it would have ended on one of the more positive finales a show could hope to have.

    But the show must go on, and a popular show at that. Same reason why Lost went on for six years when it really could have all been done in three.

    So when I heard there would be an eleventh season, I...well, panicked a bit. Why continue when you just gave the perfect ending, I asked? And if you ARE going to continue, why so soon? Why not wait a bit, make sure you have a solid direction and THEN go in? My surprise grew more when I heard Burnie was stepping down as head writer and Miles was replacing him, an employee that I was vaguely familiar with from some of the RT Lifes and various other videos, but not as well as I knew the obvious familiar faces at Rooster Teeth. So I was skeptical and now curious, but being an RvB fan, I buckled up for the ride like everyone else.

    So season 11 aired. And, well, it took a couple of episodes, but as the season progressed, my skepticism generally gave way to enjoyment. It started slow, but then again, that's RvB's pattern. It starts off slow, and then it gradually builds up; that's how it's always been, and it was no different here.

    While I can't entirely say a whole lot of plot happened- this did seem like it was an in-betweener season in the same way seasons 4 and 9 were- it was character moments where the season really shone. If there's something I can say about Miles as a writer, it's that he has a good knack for getting into the heads of characters without it feeling like we're viciously prying them open with a crowbar. This was evident in season 10 with the "York's Diary' scene, and it was evident throughout this season. It feels natural, it feels subtle, and it definitely delivers the emotional connection. This was very much a season for Washington and Tucker, two characters who up until now never really interacted much and who now had to establish some kind of a working relationship. It was also a season for Caboose coming to terms with Church leaving...or rather, not coming to terms with it and instead adopting a homicidal mechanized pet as his new best friend.

    And the Reds, well...the Reds are still just kind of there. It always feels like the Blues are where the important plot really happens and the Reds are just kind of along for the ride. Although after these last couple of episodes, maybe it'll finally start to get more personal for them. Hopefully.

    But as to the new overarching plot that is starting to develop with Locus and the civil war...I am intrigued. I want to see where this plot goes. And I think they can definitely squeeze a couple more seasons out, if they take it in the right direction.

    (Dat scene in the after credits. I squealed in joy. No lie. Although where is Donut? Did he get left behind and I just missed it? And Doc's still MIA as well...hmm...)

    So Season 11, despite my skepticism, it gets a pass. It does alright. It's got a new pair of shoes on that it's trying to wear out, but I think by the halfway point it started to walk comfortably on its own.

    And Miles, given the direction he's been going, is starting to look like the Steven Moffat of Rooster Teeth...although hopefully without the blatant misogyny and nonsensical plot holes that go nowhere.

    So, good job @Miles, good job Rooster Teeth, good job Red vs. Blue season 11, and here's to season 12.


    Goddamn, now both my Rooster Teeth shows are in break period. What am I gonna do with my time now? *sigh* I suppose I should get caught up on Attack on Titan...

  • RWBY episode 11: 1 step forward 2 steps back

    5 years ago


    Episode 10 was amazing! Remember when I said it pretty much fixed the second and fourth biggest problems in the whole series? Well that was true!

    All the terrible exposition and... Weiss in general. were fixed! Miraculously!
    Now let's talk abut the first and third biggest problems in RWBY.

    The first biggest problem is pretty obvious, it's the plot. As in, there isn't one.
    Oh we've been teased with a plot at the end of episode 8 and in the first episode, but nothing has happened yet. One basic rule of thumb for story telling. THINGS SHOULD HAPPEN!

    In this episode they even did a time jump... in between nothing happening and presumably more nothing happening.
    Now time jumps aren't a bad thing but, they are at their best when they show the long term consequences of a thing happening. This time jump happened apparently to show us that Jaune has no confidence or skills, which is what he's been characterized as from the start, so points for consistency But then they lose an equal amount of points for redundancy. And when you realize in hindsight that the time would have been better spent introducing the plot that's when the economy of negative points they've accrued collapses under it's own weight.

    The third biggest problem in RWBY is the cast. It's HUGE. As of episode 11 there are 16 characters that matter (18 if you count the helicopter pilot from the first episode and Professor Port) And none of them have enough to do to justify their place on the billing.
    Now to be fair this is a side effect of there not being a plot. As soon as there is something happening stuff to do can trickle down onto all the characters in the cast, but we're well over an hour in and we have El Zilcho to show for it. If they're going to give even half the cast any sort of satisfying build up, pay off or emotional growth they're going to have to resort to a kind of pacing that makes Breaking Bad look like Orange it the New Black (Ba-Dum Tish)

    I think I figured out what the problem is.
    Miles, Kerry and Monty are treating this like an anime series...
    Well duh, But "Series" is the operative word here.

    Like something that is going to take place over 26 22 minute episodes, giving them a 9 and a half hour run time to develop a plot and all the characters they could stomach
    If that was the case they'd only be like 4 episodes in right now and these two problems would seem insignificant. But I doubt RWBY will have a 98 episode run (Given the average runtime of an episode)

    I've been under the impression that RWBY is going to last 10 episodes (Or 16 parts) making RWBY more akin to a feature length movie, putting us well past the half way point.
    (Not to mention, having fuck-all happen for an entire movie before ending on a sequel hook is something that you should have your thumbs broken for)

  • RvB 11

    5 years ago

    Keegan RT Georgia Admin

    Dear @Miles,

    You are doing fantastic things this season in Red vs. Blue. Keep it up. I am loving the classic Blood Gulch references and style. I didn't think RvB could go from such a serious plot to such a light hearted show so quickly, but it doesn't feel forced at all and it is awesome! Thank you! I'm also loving RWBY, but that's a different journal... smiley12.gif

  • 10 Years Ago Today...

    7 years ago

    BlackPenguin Guardian x8; Panel Lead

    On September 11th, 2001:

    -I was 16 years old, starting my junior year of high school.
    -I was a trumpet section leader in the high school band (I would be Band President next year).
    -I wore a lot of baggy clothes.
    -I listened mostly to jazz and rap.
    -My favorite class (besides band) was Spanish III with Mr. Pratt. He knew 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, Latin, & German).

    -I played mostly computer games (Quake, Quake II, Dungeon Keeper).
    -The xbox had not come out yet (and as a result, neither had Halo).
    -The iPhone hadn't come out yet.
    -The IPOD wasn't even out yet.
    -I listened to music mostly on my cd Walkman.
    -Hardly any high schoolers had cell phones.
    -Virtually no high schoolers had a laptop (I think I saw one once).
    -People still wore wrist watches.
    -People still used pagers.
    -People still used PDA's.
    -The use of payphones was very common.

    -Facebook didn't exist.
    -Twitter didn't exist.
    -YouTube didn't exist.
    -4Chan didn't exist
    -Rooster Teeth didn't exist.
    -Myspace didn't exist.
    -Not even Friendster had come out yet.
    -People were transitioning from Napster to KaZaA for their music pirating needs.

    -The Houston Texans didn't exist.
    -Shaq and Kobe were still together.
    -The San Antonio Spurs only had 1 NBA Championship.

    -It was normal for some households to not have caller ID.
    -No one had satellite radio.
    -Everyone had tube tv's.
    -Virtually no one had HD tv.
    -If your car broke down, you had to walk for help.
    -It was normal for you to go out and be out of touch until you got home.

    -A lot of college and high school football fields were still regular real grass, not turf.
    -You could still smoke everywhere.
    -Grocery stores didn't have self-checkouts (mostly)
    -New cars still had cassette players
    -People who were not flying anywhere and didn't have plane tickets were still allowed to go to the gate at airports (I used to go with my dad to pick up my mom, and we always would meet her at the gate).
    -Kids still played dodgeball at school.
    -Rap music wasn't as mainstream.
    -Justin Timberlake was still with 'N Sync, and had not been in any movies.
    -More girls had bangs (to my recollection).
    -Girls didn't dress as revealing in public (not complaining).
    -Skateboarders were not as cool.
    -Hipsters and emos didn't exist.
    -College students took notes with PEN AND PAPER.
    -College courses had fewer online components.
    -Most people didn't order pizza online.
    -Britney Spears was still fresh (relatively).

    There's more stuff, but I can't think of any right now. What little things about life do you remember? It's crazy how life was 10 years ago. It's even crazier that some of my friends hardly remember it. Damn I'm old. I used to only worry about band, pre-AP physics, pissing off my parents, and girls. Now I worry about finding a job, earning money, and bills.........and girls.

    Love, children, tolerance, equality, and video games people. Lots and lots of video games. And alcohol. Kumbaya bitches.

  • 9/11

    7 years ago


    Almost hard to believe that it's been ten years. Although we still mourn the innocents lost in that attack, we can at least solace in the fact that the man responsible did not live to see this day.

  • September 11th, 2011

    7 years ago

    BlackPenguin Guardian x8; Panel Lead

    I'm trying to think what I'm gonna do on the 10th anniversary. I really want to go out and have fun. Before you say "too soon", let me say something.

    I won't get political or argue about foreign policy. But I think we can all agree that the people behind 9/11, and those who support them, want us to feel sad and afraid. They especially want us to slow down and feel this way on the 10th anniversary. I don't want to do what they want us to do. It's our duty to commemorate and to honor those who died. And when the anniversary of someone's death comes up, we should take time to remember them. But in this instance it was such a huge act that doesn't impact a just handful of people, but rather a whole country. The sadness and ramification reach beyond a personal level.

    I think, to some degree, that we shouldn't let this act interfere with our habits. How does the saying go? "Then the terrorists win"?

    I think we should, at times, be like the Whos in Whoville. The Grinch can take all our shit but we'll go on. Haters gonna hate. Nothing gonna get us down. That's why part of me really wants to go out and be American and enjoy the activities and freedoms of our country. Go to the bar, eat a big steak, go to the movies, walk in the park, jump in the river, etc.

    You can kinda find this sentiment in the NFL schedule. The first day of the regular football season is on September 11th. There's like THIRTEEN games that. What's better, is that the New York Giants are playing the Washington Redksins IN Washington, AND, the Dallas Cowboys are playing the New York Jets IN New York. That's 2 New York teams, 1 Washington team, and "America's Team" (as it's affectionately known) playing in New York AND Washington.

    If that's not a big middle finger to the haters then I don't know what is. It's gonna be a solemn day, but in some ways, it's gonna be a celebration of America. That's what I kind of want to focus on. And of course I will honor those who aren't with us. But I also want to honor America as well.

    10 years? That's fucking crazy. I remember how I heard about. I was 16 and starting my my junior year in high school. My dad was giving me a ride to school in the morning. We usually listened to newsradio on the way. We were like 70% there when we realized that we hadn't even turned the radio on. We turned it on and we heard a guy talking real hysterically about some tower. We then realize he was talking about the twin towers. And within a minute or so of turning the radio on, we hear him say another plane just hit the other tower. I soon get to the band hall (cuz let's face, that's where all the cool kids hung out in the morning). When I go inside, I rush to Mr. McNeil and Mr. V, who were sitting by a desk next the wall in the band hall. I tell them about the situation and ask if they had a radio or if we could turn on the one connected to the speakers. They said no. I was all like, "oh no", thinking that this crazy thing was going on and we wouldn't be able to hear about it. Mr. McNeil then said, "but we have a tv" pointing to the tv mounted on the wall right above him. I was all like "uh, ok", thinking "that's way better!".

    Continued in first comment...

  • Turn Up the Volume

    7 years ago


    Nothing can brighten a long, low-energy day like turning up the tunes and singing along. I smiley12.gif Pandora!

    Converting my sleep schedule after working the last 2 nights so I can enjoy all that is RVB OR. Spent most of the day running errands, cleaning the house and took a brief nap. That blended macadamia/chocolate coffee from Dutch Brothers definitely helped me from being completely useless today.

    So excited to get the festivities started! There will be:
    smiley9.gif Pizza & pinball
    smiley9.gif A RvB Marathon screening in a gorgeous theater with a catered lunch
    smiley9.gif Mongolian grilling
    smiley9.gif Sidequesting in the Microbrew Mecca that is Portland, OR
    smiley9.gif Brunch at one of the best locally owned Breakfast places the NW can offer
    smiley9.gif And many more shenanigans to be sure...

    Sleepy but still singing along,
    Karli RN, BSN


  • Things in Fallout That Annoy Me, Part 1

    7 years ago


    i've played the last two Fallout games on my 360. a few things have always annoyed me while either playing it or when trying to comprehend the story. one is just the time setting of the story, the weapons and such, and other random crap that i'll probably spew in the last few paragraphs.
    first off is the story, it sounds great and all: a post-apocolyptic FPS/TPS+RPG. the one issue with that is how Bethesda's reality became. the only issue is that all the "pre-war" items and scenery (ie: cars, buildings, etc.) are all from the 1960's-70's. the only thing that i have seen that remotely looks like it belongs in the 21'st century is the service rifle which looks like a M16, a Assault Carbine which looks like a M4 (standard), and finally the Marksman's Carbine which is basically a ACOG M4. then i saw the Recharger Rifle which looks like what those clones use in Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones. the guns are wonderfully modeled (but they cheated when using a "bulb" on the end of most of the guns). the armor is cool but sometimes the weight is a little outlandish for some of the items. a beret doesn't weigh 1 "weight" in real life, it weighs a lot less.
    the scenery is amazing to look at but has flaws, espicially when actually exploring the surrounding area. for example i was trying to get over a mountain range so that i could get a good bead on any enemies with my nice sniper. you'll get a ways up when you'll all of a sudden stop, you can't climb up any further. why? honestly i have no idea. you'd think that a game that lets you freeroam as much as you want killing anything in your path would let you climp over some measley rock and dirt piles. the actual buildings are fine though. then when you get on the strip there are three gates, why? can't the engine powering the game handle it?
    then here's where the random-ass crap shows up. first up: freezing. i and several of my friends have complained that Fallout: New Vegas has crashed on us multiple times multiple times a day. not only inside of New Vegas, but inside of Fallout 3 as well. in fact i became a "save-aholic" (one who saves an unnessicarily lot of times per game session) because of this issue. when i completed my one playthrough on 3, i had over 1000 saves made (one save file, just a lot of times saved over) i am about 2/3 through New Vegas and i have around 300-400 saves right now. personally this is a lot of saves, even for me. if Bethesda could take care of this annoyance that would make their games a lot more enjoyable to play. i have had freezes happen inside of Halo: Reach, but on seldom occasions, and twice inside of L.A. Noire. usually that only happens when my xbox has been on for a long time and needs to dump the internal cache of temporary memory. but in New Vegas my xbox has both crashed and frozen while just in loading sequences with a ball going around a roulette wheel (and of course the changing text).
    next: culture differences. if you have played the game you have seen that a lot of people wear "pre-war" clothing, primarily the men wear suits (which are fine) and other clothing that disappeared when we got out of the 1950's. same thing for the women, it's alway dresses (except in the case of the prostitutes outside of Gomorrah casino, the ex-Vault occupants, and tribal peoples) and other casual clothing that you would have seen in any 1950's town/city. the cars look like something out of a 1950's ad for the future of cars and such. why did the devs at Bethesda choose this style over say what we have today? is it because it brings back some the core American values and beliefs? or is it because some guy's father, grandfather, or great-grandfather used to have a car like that and wanted to live out nostalgia of that time period? honestly, we'll never know unless we ask them but considering that they are working on Skyrim, they'll probably be too buisy to answer.
    onwards to: sex and companionship in the Wasteland. in Fallout 3 there was a specific quest ("You Gotta Shoot 'Em in The Head") that took you inside some Russian decendant's private pad that housed two girls that were in either sexy sleepwear or naughty nightwear and Mr. Rusky himself was also in the male equivilant of the two outfits. from what i heard, in Fallout 2 you were able to pimp out your wife/husband (depending on whch gender you were) and were able to have sex with her as well. so i think that's why Bethesda decided to put the option (because there isn't an achievement for it, which there should) to get inside of several girls' pants. one is Sarah in the Vault 21 hotel and gift shop (you need to give her 30 non-vault 21 suits, no armored ones, and clear the initial speech checks, one is 50 speech while the other is 75 speech). also another thing to make Sarah a little more "interesting" is to pickpocket her but instead of taking anything, give her sexy sleepwear or naughy nightwear. another is Red Lucy of Thorn, you need to complete the quest "Bleed Me Dry." after you complete all of the tasks she gives you you can then have your way with her. the last one that i know of is Joana, she is in Gomorrah's courtyard inside the casino. you have to have a speech check of 75 though. there are other prostitutes in the Wasteland but none of them say things during the act, only these three do. however you can only have repeat experiences with Red Lucy and Sarah, Joana makes you do a quest for her once you're done and you can't do it anymore with her. now the only problem with this is that Bethesda took it a little too safe when deciding to put sex in New Vegas, the least they could have done is done an intro like Bioware did in Mass Effect 1 when you had the option of Ashley or Liara for MaleShep then Kaiden or Liara for FemShep. it was interesting and sexy, combine the two and Bethesda would have had something certainly interesting.
    i will post more in a seperate post, but the box is cutting me off after this line. look for part 2 soon.

  • 11 and 42

    7 years ago


    >On my desk I have two numbers from Whataburger.

    >Whataburger is a place anyone visiting Texas, say for an event happening in Austin, should stop at to get a burger. It's not as fancy as the places Sidequest will be going but it's a Texas staple. And they have great apple pies.

    >The blue one with 11 on it was given to me by a guy who used to be my friend. He gave it to me in the 90's when we where in middle school because 11 is my favorite number.

    >The orange one I got with my cousin/best friend because of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

    Truth be told, I shouldn't have these. They were technically, if you look at it from a certain "legal" point of view, stolen. I would not be surprised if other people who frequent Whataburger where a bit upset with me having these, and most of them would have one of their own.

    >It's simple to get them. Just pocket the number and tell them you didn't receive on in the first place. The hard part is getting one that has some meaning for you personally. Unless you're a horrible liar. Then it's the lying part that's hard.

    >For a while I would tell people, "I'm a great liar, I just don't like to." Then I realized the contradiction in that and stopped.
    The truth is that I don't really lie. I've been called "brutally honest" and I intend to stay that way. The truth is just so confusing already, and it's an angle people hardly ever expect. I recommend it.

  • American Idol: Top 11

    7 years ago


    Alright, it's time to see who is good enough to go on the Idol tour!
    Whoa, interesting way to introduce Motown night. With a long video segment about Motown. Alright, let's see who starts off.

    Casey Abrams He's doing I Heard it Through the Grapevine. I really like that song. I hope he does well. Very interesting arrangement. I really like his vocal performance in this song. I would criticize his arrangement though. It seemed too laid back for the performance Casey was trying to give. The arrangement also made the whole performance seem more old-fashioned than was would have made the performance perfect.

    Thia Megia is next. She needs to do something spectacular to make up for some down weeks. She's doing Heatwave (I knew someone would do this song) which is another song I like. Wow she sounds really good. It's a very nice change compared to the ballads she's been doing. There's a part where she says "ooh" for a while. Did she forget her lyrics or something? I couldn't tell. But overall I really liked it. J Lo says she has to connect more with the lyrics which I agree with. I think Thia is in for next week.

    Jacob Lusk A lot of expectations for Jacob with Motown week. Seemed kind of flat in the beginning. Wow, backup singers, quiet down I can hardly hear Jacob. Second verse is much better. Some interesting ending he put in. He's getting a standing ovation from the judges. I don't see what was so amazing about it. I guess they like his restraint.

    Lauren Alaina has to follow that up. I've been feeling that Lauren has been lacking lately so I hope she can deliver a strong performance tonight. She's going with a more pop tone this time. Here stripped beginning was really good, but the music really changed the mood of the whole thing (in a way that didn't really help Lauren). Overall a good performance, but I really hope she does a ballad soon.

    Stefano Langone He's doing Hello by Lionel Richie. David Cook did exceptionally well when he sang this. Stefano has to sing this while following Cook's footsteps. Ooh, I can detect some smokiness in his voice. Not his best performance. A problem I noticed was that when he reached for the high notes, they were a bit out of synch with the rest of the notes. But I really liked his lower register a lot. J Lo makes a great point about his emotional connection to the song. Stefano seems to have the first negative-oriented comments of the night. I hope that doesn't have drastic problems in the results. I've noticed a lot tonight that the contestants have a hard time connecting to the songs.

    Haley Reinhart Oh, Haley, what will you do tonight? Wow she actually sounds pretty good tonight. I do sense the problem of connecting to the song with Haley, too, though. I can sense a lot of passion with this performance. I don't like the way she tilts her head like her hair is dragging her down, though. That was probably her bet performance.

    Scotty McCreery Oh man, how is Scotty going to do with Motown? He's giving a country vibe to Stevie Wonder's version of "For Once in My Life". I really like this. Scotty really gave his own spin to Motown music. Man, talk about connecting, I really felt Scotty connect with this song. I really liked the way he used both his lower and upper register to create a great synergized performance. Not his best vocal, but still really good.

    Pia Toscono She seems really shaky in the beginning. Pia sounds great when she hits her upper register, but she seems all over the place a bit with her melody. This is by far not her best performance, but she still did a good job. The judges' main criticism is her choice of doing a lot of ballads.

    Paul McDonald Hey he's using an instrument. And not moving around in a drunken fashion. Much better than previous performances. He sounds so much more real with the guitar. Although he sounded good tonight, his vocal power does not match that of many others. I think that he could actually be in trouble this week.

    Naima Adedapo Naima has a ton of pressure tonight. She was in the bottom three last week and has had problems with pitch. But apparently she's going to dance? This will be interesting. I thought it started off really well. Better than her previous performances. It kind of gets flat in the middle. Naima also has a problem with her vocal power because it isn't as powerful as the other female competitors. Her dance bit was good, but I don't think it will help her gain too many votes.

    James Durbin I really like Living For the City. I don't think this was the right song for Durbin's voice. I don't imagine a falsetto voice with a low toned song like this. Not the best Durbin performance. I think half the performance was the actual lyrics and the other half was "yeah!" Geez a lot of applause for James. Do I have bad ears?

    Top of the week:
    Jacob Lusk
    Haley Reinhart
    Scotty McCreery
    Pia Toscono
    Casey Abrams
    Stefano Langone
    James Durbin
    Lauren Alaina

    Bottom Three:
    Paul McDonald
    Naima Adedapo
    Thia Megia

    Final note: So this was my personal bottom three of the night. I really would like to see Paul as the first male of the bottom three. Haley I thought had the second best performance. I have Jacob on top but that's mostly because most of the others didn't give their best performance. However, factoring the entire season, I think Haley, Naima, and Thia will be in the bottom three. I think Haley could escape the bottom two this time. Between Naima and Thia I think Naima would leave. This is a hard prediction because everyone gave pretty good performances and was on the same level.

  • Horrible, but Handmade

    7 years ago


    I was thinking and I thought how to get my comic "out and about" (In a Canadian accent). So the idea came to me that I should just ask people with they want me to make a comic about them.

    So if you would like this then just ask me. Then we can work out the stuff you want from there.