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  • Fixed it in post

    3 weeks ago

    PasvSmkng Worst ever, of all time


    Yeah, played around with #4, finally found some colours that seemed to work for her.  

    I might do a version minus the shirt next, I don't think that tee is completely plain.  

  • RWBY: Combat Ready - The Road So Far

    3 weeks ago

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    Hey everyone!

    It’s been a crazy couple of weeks since the RWBY: Combat Ready Kickstarter Campaign launched on September 27th. Thanks to all the Backers and vocal supporters, the game and campaign have taken off faster than we could imagine.

    It’s only been 30 days, but the game has changed drastically since launch due to the unlocking of Stretch Goals. Those unlocked goals offered game component upgrades, additional content in the game, or additional content to be purchased!

    For those of you who haven’t been following along (or those who have but really want to know what you’re getting... ) here is a brief “The Road So Far” of RWBY: Combat Ready.

    September 27: RWBY: Combat Ready was launched!

    September 29: We clarified that shipping is INCLUDED for people who live in the USA, EU, AU, or NZ!

    September 30: We’re funded!  fireworks

    After being funded, it becomes a whirlwind of updates nearly every day as we started unlocking items. Here’s the quick low down with some links to their specific updates (as necessary).

    Items that are added to RWBY: Combat Ready - for all versions!

    • 6 Additional Objective Cards
    • The Rulebook was upgraded in Quality
    • +4 Additional Pages with a “Making of RWBY: Combat Ready” Chapter
    • The playing cards were upgraded to a high quality Black Core
    • MINIATURES! Miniatures replaced the cardboard player pieces of Ruby, Weiss, Blake,  and Yang!
    • Player Tracker Scrolls were upgraded to be double-backed with recessed squares to hold player cubes securely
    • Vacuum Trays were included in all game boxes to hold all the game components
    • Semblance Tokens were upgraded to be 3D printed pieces
    • Adam Taurus was added as a Villain into RWBY: Combat Ready (36 Card Deck, plus the White Fang Minion Deck with 18 cards and 1 Objective Card)
    • Game Box was upgraded to have UV Printing on the outside
    • Player Cubes upgraded from wood to colored transparent plastic
    • Cinder was added as a Villain into RWBY: Combat Ready
    • PENNY Is Included! (She comes with a 30 card deck, 1 player tracker scroll, 1 miniature, and 1 semblance token.)

    Backer Included Items - Free of charge to Kickstarter Backers at all Pledge Levels!

    • The 30 Card Heroine Booster Deck - a pack of 6 cards for each of the 5 heroines (Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, and Penny)

    • Neopolitan’s Sub-Boss Deck - a deck of 18 cards and 1 Objective Card

    • The 30 Card Villain Booster Deck - a pack of 10 cards for each of the 3 Villains (Roman Torchwick, Cinder Fall, and Adam Taurus)

    Add-On Items Available to Add To Your Pledge (Here’s How you do it!)

    • Villain Miniatures for USD$20.00 (Includes a 30mm tall mini of Cinder, Adam, and Torchwick - Collectible Items Only, Not Integral to Gameplay)

    • Additional Copies of the Game for USD$45.00 (Each additional copy purchased through the Kickstarter will have all the Backer Included Items)

    • Emerald and Mercury’s Sub Boss Deck for USD$10.00 (Includes an 18 card deck and 1 objective card)

    • RWBY Starter Pack #1 for USD$60.00 (Includes the first four volumes of RWBY on either Blu-Ray or DVD.)

    • RWBY Starter Pack #2 for USD$40.00 (Includes the first four soundtrack CDs of RWBY)

    • New RWBY Character for USD$10.00 (An unknown new RWBY Character that will be premiering in RWBY: Combat Ready before they appear in the show, RWBY!)

    Developer Updates Explaining the Game:

    #1 - Objectives and How They Work

    #2 - Card Play

    #3 - Combos and Assists

    #4 - Experience

    I know, a lot of information to take in at once. Take a deep breath. Take a look. RWBY: Combat Ready has grown drastically since we launched it only 30 days ago. We’ve got just about four days left in the campaign so now is the time if you have interest.

    We’re expected to ship this game to Backers in July 2018 and then ideally it will go into the RT Store after the Backers have it in their hands. But remember - there are certain items here that Backers have included for their pledges that will be separate items when it's in the Store!

    We hope you’re as excited as we are to get our hands on it and play it with our friends!



  • Why Do You Play That?: World Of Warcraft

    1 month ago

    bloodcal-cal7 Im Callam Hi

    So I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts on why I play certain games cause someone asked me the other day: "Callam why do you always play world of warcraft?" This being my 7 year old sister asking me this. And it actually got me thinking as to why I actually play it. So through some thought I decided to make some fo these journals sharing my feelings about these kind of games. First off: World Of Warcraft.

    Subject #1: The Story

    Yes I know, the story is the least of anyone's thoughts when playing this game, but honestly I love it! The story progression throughout WoW's world is flawless (to a certain degree) as there are some genuinely fascinating things involved in some of the quests, such as questing with Rexar on Draenor, or Sylvanas and Jaina in Icecrown, hell even Pandaria as a whole hade very interesting characters such as The Klaxxi. But as a whole, I love the world that Blizzard has made cause it really shows in the story development in each zone, like when you do The Siege of Ogrimmar raid there is some sense of grief for killing General Nazgrim. Why? Well cause he was a hero, you quested with him throughout Cataclysm and Pandaria, the same can be said with the Klaxxi. I honestly felt bad killing them cause they were so interesting, mainly because we got to see the perspective of the "bad side", the bad side being the old gods. And with the way that Legion has been going lately, there is no end to the amazing story progression that Blizzard has created.

    Subject #2: Collectibles 

    Yeah I have to say, one of the most fun things to do in this game is to collect stuff. Whether it be mounts, pets (I'll get to that later), hell even just outfits and toys, WoW has an abundance of things for you to do and goals to achieve. At most, mount collecting is almost everyone's goal in WoW, cause whats more amazing than transforming into a dragon and carrying your mate to the next raid! Blizzard even made two very unique ways to get mounts, The Riddler's Mind Worm which requires you to piece together 9 different pages that contain clues on the mount's where abouts, and the Lucid Nightmare which had the same concept but had a series of fun little puzzles to solve in order to find it, my favorite one being the endless random maze in Kung-Lai summit, easily took me three days to figure out. Even raiding has the goal of getting a mount through achievements, this of course encourages players to work together (ok to be fair, thats a bitch of a chore to do). Not to mention there are some pretty cool outfits for specific classes, even Blizzard made an mini event for it!

    Subject #3: PETS!!!

    I really didnt get too into pet battling when I first started playing way back in 2012 (I replayed Warcraft 3 multiple times before realizing there was an online world), but after a while I realized "Holy Shit its pokemon!" and it clearly shows that someone fought to have that concept in this game, and I LOVE IT!! Cause whats more fun than fighting with a mini-demon or a puppy covered in green magic? I just love it,

    Subject #4: PvP and PvE

    Yep, I enjoy slaying the Alliance in my free time. Do I gain anything from it? Not Really. Is there a reason? Nah its just fun! PvP can be annoying sometimes, but I enjoy it cause it gives you a sense of challenge. Cause I love hard shit in games, the more difficult the better (as long as the game is designed to be hard and isnt hard due to shitty mechanics. LOOKING AT YOU SONIC UNLEASHED!)

    So yeah thats why I play world of warcraft. Its fun, kills some time, story is interesting, killing shit is fun, and due to a certain level of nostalgia. 

    Not sure if I'll make more journals like this one, but really felt like sharing this just because. 


  • Designing Cooperative Games Around Cooperative Play.

    2 months ago


    A lot of people play games together.

    More than 50 percent of the most frequent gamers within the United States play games with other people (, 2015). Australian gamers also play cooperatively with 61 percent of Australian gamers reporting to play games with children and 44 percent of gamers also claiming to play with their partners (, 2015)).  It is clear with these findings that cooperative gaming and the genre of cooperative games is a huge part of the industry. Despite this however, there is not a huge pool of cooperative game design articles and research papers. This written piece will aim to discuss the customs of cooperative game design according to the findings and observations throughout the very few articles, GDC talks and the likes that do touch on the matter.

    Shared Intentionality.

    In Keith Burgun’s book, Game Design Theory it is said that any good game designer will benefit from learning about psychology as “psychology is the study of human behaviour, and games are machines for human behaviour to attach to”, when two gamers are in the mix and are playing cooperatively a designer must make many different considerations to ensure both players are getting the intended experience from the video game. Before considering what game design choices to make in cooperative game design it must be known why any two players would cooperate in the first place. In his 2011 GDC talk on cooperative game design (, 2011) Patrick Redding discusses some of the reasonings behind why players work with one another. One of the key discussion points to unpack from the conference was the idea of Shared Intentionality. Shared intentionality is a trait that allows people to collaborate in unique ways. Shared Intentionality it is a point of differentiation in humans among other species that allows for the ability to participate and collaborate with others in activities where a goal or intention is shared (South Eastern Louisiana University, 2017). Shared intentionality reflects on the basis that “players become invested in the success of collaborative partners” (, 2011).  This idea implies that “players can derive satisfaction from meaningful cooperation”, meaningful cooperation being cooperating in a way that is important or useful to the player’s success in the game and has “recognizable function in the logic of the game systems”.

    Cooperative games in the early Xbox 360 days.

    With the knowledge of Shared Intentionality and the consideration that players are more willing to cooperate if it is a key component of the game’s systems, it can be said that designing cooperative games extends further than simply adding a second player with an accompanying screen and adjusting opposition and resources/player’s tools to suit. The franchise Gears of War (, 2017) is often spoken within the same breath as the term co-op, this is because unlike developers such as Bungie, Epic Games approached their cooperative campaign with cooperative gameplay in mind rather than simply slapping on a second player to the campaign, which is what occurred within Halo 3(, 2017). It is with examples from these two core franchises and others that the elements of cooperative game design will be discussed to aid other game designers to not design a great video game, but a great cooperative video game experience where cooperative gameplay as its core focus.

    A greater percentage of players show interest in Gears of War Co-op than Halo Coop.

    The two games in question are incredibly similar, Halo 3 and Gears of War both released within a few years of the launch of the Xbox 360. They are both shooters, first and third person respectively and they have both earned an aggregate rating of 94 out of 100 on Metascore (, 2007). However similar, it is no secret that the Halo franchise is more popular than the Gears of War franchise, proven as the Halo franchise constantly out sells the other console exclusive (, 2016). An interesting finding is that despite the disparity in popularity, interest in the coop-ability of the games is far more existent in Gears of War players than Halo players. When running a Google Trends comparison on how many times the term “Halo coop” and “Gears of War coop” have been searched, Halo only takes this win by %40. This percentage may seem significant until it is realised that Google users show just under 5 times more interest in the Halo franchise.

    These findings may occur because “Co-Op play is top notch” (, 2017) and because “Co-op is a tremendous part of the Gears of War experience. (When) playing alone, it simply feels like half a game” (, 2017). In contrast, “Halo 3 is more traditional with its …co-op campaign that is fun, but not earth shattering.” (IGN, 2008). With this the conclusion can be made that out of all who play either game a far larger percentage of Gear of War players show interest in the cooperative gameplay of Gears of War than the percentage of Halo players that show interest in that respective franchise’s co-op gameplay. If the Halo franchise is so beloved, why is there so much more interest by players in playing Gears of War cooperatively? The simple answer must be in the way in which Bungie and Epic approached designing co-op play in each title.

    Designing cooperative play in cooperative games.

    When a cooperative game is released successful it usually does so if cooperative gameplay is considered throughout all aspects of the games development and design. The mechanics, the game’s story and level design decisions must all been made with cooperative play in mind.

    Within Gears of War the story and the mechanics not only support one another, but they also support cooperative play. Gears of War is a game in which the games characters comprise of a team called Delta Squad, the team must work together via cover-dependant tactics to overcome encounters and obstacles. The idea of cooperating is reinforced by it being an essential element within the game’s gameplay mechanics and the story surrounding it. In contrast Halo 3, like the two games before it, is a first-person shooter with Sci Fi elements, the main purpose of the game is to continue and complete the story of Master Chief, the franchises’ protagonist, unlike in Gears of War the mechanics and story of Halo revolve around one character, Master Chief. Despite encountering other characters, the focus is put on Master Chief’s story and his efforts rather than how well he works with those he teams up with.


    All design decisions in a cooperative game should be made with cooperative play in mind, as one of the core elements of a game is the mechanics within it, the mechanics themselves should support cooperative gameplay. Patrick Redding discusses (, 2017) the different types of “cooperative dynamics” that should be considered when implementing and designing mechanics in a cooperative game.

    Asymmetric Abilities

    Asymmetric abilities are, as the name suggests, a cooperative dynamic where players have access to different abilities. The most common way to implement this in the design of a cooperative game is through character/class selection and/or having customisation/skill trees.

    Board game developer Corey Konieczka states “that having unique characters really helps players feel like individuals (). If (players) have the same strengths and capabilities, then it is difficult for (them) to identify with anything on a personal level” (Mechanics & meeples, 2013). An example of a cooperative video game where this approach is prominent and often complimented is in Payday 2 (, 2017), “Payday 2’s skill trees and perk decks give players a wide range of defining a build that they can use” (Tim Klewitz, 2015). 

    Synergy (, 2017) between players is made possible due to asymmetric abilities as some of them may only work or will work better with one another. By designing abilities in ways where some work well and more effectively together, players will feel more inclined to cooperate in order experience the most fruitful results.

    One of the dynamics which Halo 3 had subtly implemented but Gear of War had not was asymmetric abilities. Although no perks or classes are present, in the Bungie title each player in the Halo 3 campaign spawns with different weaponry that is dependent on which character they play(, 2017). Unlike this, in Gears of War, all the players are provided with the same equipment and abilities despite playing different characters. In Gears of War, asymmetric abilities are not present until players pick up weapons as they progress. Similarly, so, the abilities only differ in Halo 3 with reference to the weaponry available that is provided to players. When this occurs and players have different weapons, the effects of asymmetric abilities are in place however “the divisions between a tank, a healer, or a damage dealer -- allows players to differentiate themselves and their behaviours from others” (Mathew Kumar, 2017) in a far more effective way than simply having different weaponry.

    Asymmetric abilities do not need to be a constant in cooperative game. When asymmetric abilities aren’t present all players are equally powerful, no one player is in more risk of death than another throughout gameplay. This may make players feel more unified. The strategies that tie along with cover based mechanics, such as those in Gears of War may allow for a lack of asymmetric abilities to not hinder the cooperative feel of the game as cooperative strategic play is still in place despite the similar move sets and abilities.

    Combined Actions

    Asymmetric abilities and differing skills are components that aid in implementing another dynamic known as combined actions. The premise of combined actions is designing encounters that can utilise multiple skill sets and/or abilities but ultimately it is designing challenges which one player cannot tackle by themselves or challenges which cooperative play compliments. (Mathew Kumar, 2017). In these scenarios, players will have to adapt to different roles. These roles may be based off the different abilities of each player’s character or are delegated due to each player skills.

    Implementing Asymmetric Abilities and Combined Actions.

    Act 2: Nightfall (, 2017) sees the players of Gears of War experiencing both asymmetric abilities and combined actions. At the end of this act the players find themselves driving an armoured vehicle with an ultraviolet light attached to it that Kryll (bat like enemies) are vulnerable to. With one player driving and the other aiming the light at the Kryll, both players have access to different mechanics (asymmetric abilities) that must be used in unison (combined actions) to progress through the campaign (combined actions). In this sequence players must divide power between the engine and the turret, this mechanic forces players to have to communicate and cooperate as they need to both murder the Kryll to avoid being killed and progress through the level.

    The final mission of the Halo 3 campaign (, 2017) finds players in a similar scenario where they must drive an armoured vehicle with a mounted weapon through a branching but linear path. The difference in this scenario is that both players can chose between the driver’s seat, passenger seat and turret, and can even separate into two vehicles if they wish. The main challenge of this segment is manoeuvring through the level, when this mission is played through separately the AI accompanying the player rarely do much and the only role the solo player can take is as the driver, in contrast when the aforementioned Gears of War mission is played through by one player, they have access to both shooting and driving as both roles are important in passing the segment.  Bungies approach to this type of mission lead to an absence of mechanic forcing players to have to cooperate, one player is driving through the level choosing the most optimum path while the other simply shoots at the Flood (swarming enemies) that they pass.

    The dialogue in this segment of game also enforces that the only real role here is driving. Even when playing through cooperatively, at the final jump the dialogue: “You’ve done it chief! Jump. floor it, right into the hangar” is heard. This dialogue not only addresses the 1st player’s character, Masterchief but it also shows no acknowledgment of the 2nd Players assistance or lack thereof.

    Exotic Challenges

    Exotic challenges are implemented when the normal camera and controls have been altered or replaced with something else.  Different and unique perspectives and controls allow for different types of gameplay, when implementing exotic challenges, the same risks and threats should still be applicable. If a player is by themselves they are at a greater risk of danger than they would be if they have an accompanying player to assist, protect and support them. A popular example of this kind of mechanic is in any situation where one player is immobile and undergoing a new type of scenario while their team mate/s protects their body. 

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (, 2017) brings the introduction to a killstreak/reward known as the predator missile/drone. When a predator drone is earned, and used the player opens a laptop, briefly loses control over their normal mechanics in favour of the ability to direct the course of a missile from a top down perspective. After sighting a position on the map, the player directs the missile heading toward the ground and ultimately at their opposition. In Modern Warfare 2 there is a mission known as Sniper Fi (, 2017) as a part of their Spec Ops missions which can be played cooperatively. When done so the dynamic of the predator missile is vastly different and utilises an exotic challenge where a player is safer when cooperating. When one player initiates the predator drone their body is unprotected as their current perspective is fixed on the predator drone, for the brief time they are in control of the drone the only way their body can be defended is if their partner protects them.

    Buffing Systems

    “Sometimes games provide players with abilities that can only be used on another player” (, 2017) these abilities fall under the cooperative dynamic known as buffing systems. Buffing systems are one of the only types of mechanics that works exclusively in cooperative gameplay, be it cooperating with other players or AI characters. Buffing Systems are mechanics implemented in gameplay where one cooperative partner makes another more powerful. Buffing systems are often voluntarily used. By having one player literally supporting another, cooperative play is not only encouraged but it provides for a greater opportunity at success.

    Team Fortress 2 (, 2017) is a cooperative class and team based shooter. Players have access to a class called the Medic that’s sole purpose is to support their team mates. The Medic’s secondary weapon slot can only be filled with weapons that have zero adversarial ability but have buffing systems in place instead. The Medic’s stock secondary weapon is a Medi Gun, “Despite technically being a weapon, the Medi Gun's chief purpose is healing injured allies and boosting the total health of the target up to 150%, also called over healing or buffing” (, 2017). When a player is buffing a team mate, not only are they aiding them but they are also reliant on them for protection as they are occupied with healing rather than protecting themselves and inflicting damage to their opponents. Buffing systems are also present in multiple of the Medic’s unlockable primary weapons. The Medic’s primary weapon is the main way they can inflict damage on their enemies, however when primary weapons such as the Crusader’s Crossbow are equipped and a player shoots a team mate, their team mate is positively affected. When buffing systems are implemented cooperating teams are given a competitive advantage and cooperating is made almost a compulsory component of gameplay as a whole set of mechanics are reliant on cooperative play in order to be effective.

    Level design

    Cooperative games should be designed with cooperative play in mind. This contention is one that is strongly applicable to the area of mechanics, as the mechanics directly outline what cooperative play takes place. No less important are the spaces and areas that these mechanics are used, implemented and introduced in. In cooperative play, multiple players are moving throughout the level. The paths they take, enemies they encounter and resources they have access to must be designed to accommodate this. Level design decisions must also be made with cooperative play in mind. The job of a level designer is a “highly collaborative job (that) demands the designer work in sync with combat systems designers, mission designers” (, 2017) and all other aspects of the games development to ensure unison in the overall product of the game. It is key that the importance of cooperative play is at the forefront of all decisions, including the decisions of level designers.


    Cédric Hauteville defines gating as “a level design technique that consists in confining the player to a small area and/or blocking the access to another area, until the player completes a given objective or makes a specific action” (, 2011).  In a cooperative campaign, unlike a solo or single player one, two or more player controlled characters are interacting with the level and progressing through it. Each player with differing skills, different play styles and paces. Gating or tethering can be used as a method of ensuring that players do not separate too much. Gating can achieve this by introducing situations where one player cannot advance without the other player being present. No one player can proceed unless all players can proceed.

    In Halo 3, when the leading player reaches a new checkpoint or loading zone in the cooperative campaign, the other players that are far away from them are teleported there without warning or hesitation. Although this may bring players physically closer together, with this method pieces of gameplay can be skipped completely by those being jumped forward. In addition, this mechanic only supports players with the quickest pace/play style.

    “In Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory () and Splinter Cell: Double Agent (), dual actions enable players to do a variety of moves such as boosting or launching the other player across a large gap” (, 2017). Implementing the previously listed as well as situations where both players must be present at exotic doors in order to open them (, 2017) ensures that one player cannot advance through the level by themselves and that no player misses any of the gameplay or level. Progressing through the level is impossible without players playing cooperatively. When two players must work together to progress through a level, cooperatively play is ensured and supported. When one player is being skipped forward to the leading player such as in Halo, one player not only misses on some of the experience but only the quickest play style is supported.

    Separating Players

    In some situations, it may be advantageous to separate cooperating players to enhance cooperative gameplay. One type of Challenge that should be considered when designing levels and missions in cooperative games are Physical challenges “These challenges involve real-life physical effort. These can be used to promote cooperative play by making the challenges involve physical effort that can’t be done by a single player” (, 2017).

    The first time this type of level dynamic is introduced in Gears of War is in the aptly named level Fork In The Road (, 2017). In this mission players reach a point in the level with multiple routes, they have free choice over which route they take although they cannot choose the same one. In this mission, the split paths provide opportunities that enable players to access to angles where they can flank enemies that are preventing their team mate from progressing. If the Delta Squad didn’t separate this segment wouldn’t have been possible to pass as the path needed to be taken to unlock the doors was blocked by enemies with an advantageous view that needed to be flanked by those who took the opposing route. Both pathways were equally crucial in this segment, whether it was to flank enemies blocking the unlock button for the doors, or simply those who did unlock the doors once the enemies were flanked.


    Another way to enforce cooperative play when designing levels is via the inclusion of traps. Traps are devices or situations that “harm” or disable the player that triggered the trap. The way traps can be utilised in cooperative games is by ensuring that when one player is effected by the trap and ultimately becomes trapped they become immobile and/or defenceless. When this occurs, it will then have to be made the accompanying players responsibility and priority to help aid them and restore the trapped player’s full move set, normally this must be done so within a limited amount of time otherwise penalties, most commonly death will take effect.

    Traps are a form of punitive system (, 2017) that enforce cooperation by making it a necessity for success, punitive systems are also implemented when a player is downed but not out, such as in Gears of War. The player who is trapped (or downed) is being punished for getting trapped by losing access to mechanics, their team mate is punished if they do not aid the trapped player as this usually results in failure or will have negative effects on a team’s score. By making cooperation a priority and punishing the team as a unit, communication and cooperation become key components to ensure a maximum chance at success.

    Although also a mechanical implementation, it was a Level Designer’s role to dictate where Smokers would be placed in the game Left 4 Dead (, 2017). “Left 4 Dead is a single player and multiplayer cooperative survival horror FPS game” (, 2017) with many enemy types. Smokers (, 2017) are a type of Special infected, a greater variant of the main opposition in the game. Smokers are essentially AI with a trap-like ability. When a smoker grabs a player, the player loses access to many of their abilities and is slowly pulled toward the smoker to be either clawed at or choked to death unless they can escape its grip. When a player is caught by a smoker the quickest and most successful way the player can be freed from the smoker’s grip is by having a team mate kill the smoker or destroy the tongue, freeing the player.

    Mission Types

    The missions that take place within a game must be designed and implemented collaboratively with the designer of the levels that the mission takes place in. Some of the common types of missions that exist are protect and escort missions. Protect missions normally entail players holding down and protecting an area or the area surrounding a key object while waves of enemies attack their position. The design and implementation of missions and the types of missions in cooperative games must be done so with cooperative play in mind.


    In protect missions, one approach designers can take to encourage players “to cooperate together is by making players defend either a location, a character or even an item” (, 2017). When an area needs to be guarded from waves of enemies, having multiple players allows for multiple skills sets, at times different abilities (depending on the game) and most commonly different perspectives. In protect missions, if levels are designed where enemies enter form different routes, cooperation becomes an important component in increasing player’s chances at success. One player can only attack what is in their field of view, having two players increases the angle players have on opposition. If a player becomes overwhelmed communication becomes a key component in ensuring survival.


    Escort missions are another type of mission that can be carefully implemented to enforce cooperative play. Escort missions involve players escorting an AI character or an item across from one place to another. When items or characters are being escorted they are usually key victory conditions of the game or specific missions. The Escort archetype often coincides as a type of punitive system because often the player escorting a character or item is defenceless and therefore is reliant on their team mates for protection.

    Protect against those Escorting

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (, 2017) is a cooperative multiplayer first person shooter where two teams (attackers and defenders) must perform one another. One of the PVP game modes is Hostage (, 2017), in this game mode the defenders play a Protect type mission while the Attackers play a Hostage one. The Defenders have the hostage at ransom and obtain a victory if the hostage is not killed or extracted and at least one team member is alive before time runs out. The Attacker’s main objective is to extract the hostage and escort them to the extraction zone before time runs out.

    The Defending teams must cooperate in covering different angles, using different abilities and traps to outsmart their opposition. The Attackers must work together tactically as funnelling into the protected room one by one will often yield poor results.  Further, when a player is escorting the hostage their movement speed is lower and they only have access to their secondary weapon, because of this they are often reliant on their team mates to protect them as they escort the hostage to safety to obtain a victory. 

    In Conclusion

    The main factor that differentiates a cooperative game from others is its inclusions of cooperative gameplay. Because of this, when designing a cooperative game such as halo 3 or Gears of War, cooperative gameplay should be at the forefront of the game designers mind. The mechanics of the game should be implemented and adjusted to support cooperative play and the levels these mechanics are used within need to be designed with the knowledge that multiple players will be cooperating within them. The type of missions that take place in these levels need to also support the fact that multiple players will have to work together to play through them. When designing game that will be played through cooperatively with co-op gameplay in mind, it is the gameplay that will thrive and benefit. When players seek out a co-op game their focus is on cooperative gameplay, if a large amount of focus has been placed on it then the game too will be more highly regarded. When designing a cooperative game, cooperative gameplay needs to be a considered when making all decisions.

    -Dionisis Spindzos


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  • Bacrylic's Share / Squaretale Game Update

    3 months ago


    I know I dropped off for a while, but thats because I had landed some work working for another pixel game with a group local to my area. I don't have a day job so this was a nice turn of events to make some money for a change. I've only recently gotten some time to work on my own game, so here are some attack combos I'm working on. My partner and I are discussing our preferences for now. 











    Fun fact about these animations. These are all moves that I did while a friend recorded me for reference. Naturally I didn't look as epic. 

    For our purposes I'm favoring #4, but let me know which ones you like in the comments. 

    Recently seen a video discussing the importance of constant updates on social media for projects like this. I'll try to stay current. Our website still isn't up at the moment. I really need to light a fire under my partner's ass for that one.  

  • Mega Man IV Review

    4 months ago



    I’ve viewed this “drought” of Mega Man games the gaming world has been going through after 2010’s Mega Man 10 as a positive (even though in these six years we’ve had at least four games: Rockman Xover, Street FighterXMega Man, and the two Mega Man Legacy Collection games. Now don’t be thinking that I’m some die hard Capcom fan or anything; outside of Mega Man and Ace Attorney, I have basically zero interest in the games Capcom makes. During this time I’ve gone back and played many of the games from the Classic and X series and out of it, I came to two realizations: the first, as much as I enjoy most of these games on their own, when playing them all, quite a few of them felt lazy; like Capcom just made them for the sake of having one released each year. The second realization was that while I’d love to see a conclusion to the X series with an X9 or a new Legends game, I’m thankful for all the games we as a community got in this almost thirty year old franchise with 132 games in it. Plus there are plenty of fan-made games to play and games that play similarly to Mega Man like Mighty Gunvolt Burst by Inti Creates; also Mighty No.9/Red Ash if anyone still cares about them. Anyway, of these games I went back and played, one I was looking forward to was the fourth Game Boy entry in the Classic series, Mega Man IV.


    I didn’t end up playing the Game Boy Mega Man games until later, after I had picked up Mega Mans 1-10 with Mega Man: Wily’s Revenge and Mega Man II being my introduction to the Blue Bomber’s monochromatic adventures. While I thought both games were okay, it wasn’t until my third go at the portable line with Mega Man IV (or for me, Rockman World 4) where I really started to love GB Mega Man. These games were outsourced to two companies: Minakuchi Engineering and Biox. All the games except for Mega Man II were handled by Minakuchi however after the poor job Biox did with said game. I’m happy with Capcom’s decision to stick with Minakuchi since their games felt like they had effort and, as corny as it may sound, love put into them. I even think Minakuchi Engineering understood how to make a Classic series Mega Man game more than Capcom themselves did, especially when it came to later Mega Man games.


    Mega Man IV starts off with and intro showing the latter half of the unimportant story where Wily’s robots are scattering across the city and causing destruction. You can tell from this intro that Minakuchi actually cared about making a new Mega Man game with new custom sprites, artwork, and music. The overall presentation of the game, minus the color, looked better than what Capcom was doing on the NES with later Mega Man games. However, visuals aren’t everything in a video game; gameplay is the most important part. Minakuchi Engineering took the well-known Mega Man formula from Mega Man 5 and expanded upon it. P-Chips and a shop system in the form of Dr. Light’s lab was added where you can spend chips dropped by defeated enemies on various items like E-Tanks, 1 ups, and an Energy Balancer to name a few. Also each Robot Master stage has a letter hidden somewhere, typically in plain sight, which spells out one of two words: BEAT or WILY. Collecting B, E, A, and T gives you Beat the bird who functions the same way as in Mega Man 5 and 6. Getting all the letters to spell Wily opens up the second half of the Wily stages. While getting the Beat letters is optional, getting the Wily letters is mandatory, but as mentioned, they’re almost always in plain sight and easy to get. Passwords return in this game but unlike other Classic series games, you’ll want to either take a picture or write them down since they’re a little complicated.

    Mega Man controls just as great as he does in the NES Mega Man games after Mega Man 2; I had no trouble moving around, jumping, sliding, or charging the buster. Speaking of the buster, the Mega Buster charging mechanic that’s been around since Mega Man 4 is still present; however it has been changed slightly. When you fire a fully charged buster shot there is a bit of push back. It’s nothing horrible; Mega just nudges back a few pixels and shouldn’t result in any accidental deaths unless you’re a pixel close to falling into a pit. I don’t recall losing a life due to this push back, so I don’t mind this change and don’t view it as a negative.

    Like Mega Man 7, 8, and the previous Game Boy games, you’re open to four Robot Masters at a time rather than all eight. The Robot Masters you fight are: Ring Man, Toad Man, Pharaoh Man, Bright Man, from Mega Man 4 and Charge Man, Crystal Man, Napalm Man, and Stone Man from Mega Man 5. They behave the same as they did in their respective games and will give you the same weapons once defeated. Ring Man, Toad Man and Charge Man’s weapons received an upgrade in this game though. Ring Man’s Ring Boomerang can now grab items that are either out of reach or behind a wall. Toad Man’s Rain Flush can now douse fires which would normally be one-hit kills to Mega. Charge Man’s Charge Kick can now destroy certain blocks letting Mega Man get into hidden rooms that usually contain goodies like large P-Chips.

    Unlike the Robot Masters, the stages they are found in have been redesigned and you can see everything on screen unlike games like Sonic 2 and Mega Man on the Game Gear where there are so many leaps of faith, you pray don’t jump into an enemy or pit of spikes that you can’t see below you. Some stages even have split paths you can take to get to the boss. The Wily stages are also unique. The game also has new bosses. Mega Man IV has you fighting the third Mega Man Killer: Ballade, new Wily stage bosses, and Dr. Wily’s giant Wily Golem. A handful of new enemies appear in this game as well that aren’t reused from Mega Man 4 or 5.


    Overall, Mega Man IV provides a great challenge for new players and returning players. Enemies 99% of the time are placed in areas where they’re easy to see. The only exception are the Mizzile (pictured above) which jet out of pits when you get close and can lead to unfair deaths for first time players. Luckily, Mizziles only appear in two stages and even then, there are very few of them. Most of, if not all of the bosses can be taken out with the Mega Buster with a little practice; however, if you’re having trouble with a boss you can try various weapons you’ve gotten from Robot Masters since most bosses have a secondary weakness. Also Dr. Light’s lab has items you can buy using P-Chips you’ve collected which can help you. Progress through levels is smooth with very few long latter climbing sections which plagued levels like Elec Man and Crash Man. Stages have at the most, two mini-bosses to fight before the main boss, something I’m glad they did since Ring Man’s stage in MM4 had an unnecessary amount of mini-bosses. Unlike Mega Man III and Mega Man 9Mega Man IV doesn’t overdo it on the spikes; the challenge comes from well-placed enemies, platforming challenges, and learning boss patterns.

    As mentioned earlier, Minakuchi Engineering did an excellent job with the game’s intro sequence. They also redesigned the stage select screen, showing not only the Robot Master but an image of their stage underneath. Many parts of the background or platforms are animated. For example, Bright Man’s stage has many flashing lights and Crystal Man’s stage has large gears spinning in the background. Mega Man IV has a few cutscenes which, like the intro, use newly drawn sprites which look excellent for the Game Boy. The game runs smoothly although there are areas with slowdown that have too many enemies on screen. Graphical flicker is kept to a minimum though.

    Like most of the enemies and bosses, most of the music is from Mega Man 4 and 5. The music still sounds great and I even prefer the Game Boy MM4 music used in this game to the NES versions since it doesn’t have a tinny sound to it. Mega Man IV’s original tracks sound great but can get repetitive if you’ve been listening to them for a while. The game has four boss themes and two stage select themes whereas most other Mega Man games have two boss themes and one stage select theme.

    I find myself going back to this game or its sequel, Mega Man V the most when I’m in the mood to play Mega Man. Minakuchi Engineering managed to add new elements to the growing stale Mega Man formula with the inclusion of a shop system; which would reappear in future entries in the Classic series. Pile that on with near perfect level design, excellent presentation, and a great soundtrack and you have one of, if not the best Mega Man game; at least in the Classic series. While it may look and play like any other Mega Man game…and it does, I can feel the effort put into this game; the developers gave it their all with Mega Man IV. They wanted to make sure players had an enjoyable experience going through the game. Mega Man IV is tied with its sequel as my favorite game in the Classic line up and both games rank on my top 20 games. I highly recommend giving this game a try, especially now that it’s on the 3DS eShop.

  • Bacrylic's Share Game Update

    4 months ago


    Hey guys. Here's a quick update on the game Brandon and I are working on. 

    #1 I realized I wouldn't be able to make the teaser trailer in After Effects. I was quality issues and there wasn't a solid fix for it. I was attempting to keep away from having to make it in Unity because its not my favorite software and we've had some bad experiences together. I went to work one day and Unity was starting a project with another man. I was devastated. I didn't think I could trust another game engine again. But we've moved past it now, and I think we're stronger for it.

    #2 I still have yet to find a personal style for this game. You could say we're not taking the traditional creative work pipeline. 

    #3 Brandon has decided to start posting visual progress of our game on the Squaretale site. As far as I know its still vacant, but I'm working on a small scene that he wants to show when I'm done. Focusing on this scene is also intended to distinguish a sense of style, fingers crossed. 

    #4 I'll be attending the IGDA meeting tomorrow. Sadly Brandon won't be joining me. He couldn't leave his shop, but I might be bringing our other Brandon. Thats right we have two. I look forward to meeting with our recent friends Lance and Clint at Duck Block Games

    Clint has been real cool about helping me understand what it takes to make a game and kickstart it. So as a shout out to those two check out there kickstarter for their game Forsaken Castle.



  • Bacrylic's Share

    4 months ago


    Story #4

    Drunk Girls in My Bathroom

    Prolly not what you are thinking.

    This story is from my college years. Now I've never really did anything remotely like the stereotype college experience. Most of my time was spent at school working on projects. There were no awesome parties or crazy nights out. 

    Despite all that, I do have a funny story to share. It was either my 21st or 22nd birthday. Now normally anyone else would probably be excited, make a big deal of it, and go out drinking with friends. On the other hand, I was feeling like crap. I didn't have class that day so I pretty much just stayed home and slept. It was actually day that I get a call from my friend Joseph. 

    I was still a bit groggy, but I answered the call. Joseph said he and some of our friends were coming over to hangout, and they were bringing some drinks. Again, I'm not a drinker. I'm just not that big a fan of alcohol. Scratch that, Joseph said they were already here and waiting at the gate entrance. If they were on their way I would've told them not to come because I felt awful, but since they made the trip I was gonna let them in. I tell him to give me a few minutes to get ready and I'd let them through the visitors gate. 

    His response was something confusing like, Oh so its ok to come? We're heading over now.'

    They hadn't left yet. They weren't at the gate. He'd just said that as joke for some reason and then took my comment as an approval to come over.

    Ten minutes or so later, they show up. I open the door to my small as shit studio apartment, and in comes Joseph followed by three girls from our class and one guy I wasn't familiar with. Side note, I never found it easy to talk to girls that I had a thing for, but in college I actually had female friends which was a new one for me. I mean, I could actually have a conversation with them without any pressure, because I wasn't interested in being anything more than friends. That was great for me, except for something that will pop up later. One of the girls was a bit closer to me as a friend. I liked her fine, but just not in that way. I'd thought about it, but realized there are certain people you can only take in doses, and any extended time after that may cause us to not be friends anymore. The thing was, is that some of our other friends noticed how we interacted with each other and kept mentioning it to me that we should be a thing. 

    This was one of those moments where something never really bothered you until it crosses your mind. Since I was overly concious about it now, it made our interacitons a bit wierd.

    Back to the party I didn't order. So group has a bag with a bunch of 4Locos and pretty much everybody gets one. I'm sipping the thing because I could care less and the two other girls at the party are finishing theirs like its a race. We start playing cards because there isn't much to do in my small room. Some time passes and my friend Joseph decides to leave and so does the random guy I didn't know. Now I'm stuck with my friend and drunk girl A & B. My friend wasn't drinking either because she was the designated driver for A & B.

    A & B pretty much go on a drunken speech about how great I am. Which is a really weird thing to hear when you're sober, but I thought it was funny. Then girl A decides she has to pee but doesn't want to go to the bathroom. We didn't know just how drunk she was. She was really drunk. Now I may not like to drink, but I love messing with drunk people. 

    She keeps saying how she is gonna pee on the floor, but I tell her that the floor is gonna drink it up if she does and that that is somehow a bad thing. Whatever I gotta say to keep her from pissing on my floor right? "The floor is gonna drink my pee!?" a sentence not many have said before. Luckily for me, my floor was safe. 

    After that girl A and girl B decide they're gonna dance in my cramped room to some spanish music. While doing this they trip over one of my laptop wires (my heart sank) and fall on a bag of dumbell weights I had in bag sitting in the corner. Don't worry they were all right. The weights I mean.

    They then proceed to go to my bathroom. Probably resolved not to pee on my floor, thank you drunk logic. Now its just me and the other girl talking. However, our conversation is being drowned out by girls A & B shouting from my bathroom. I heard comments and questions like, "Hey (my name), can I eat your shampoo?" and "This is (my name's) toilet seat right? I wonder if it smells like his ass." That last one honestly caught me off gaurd. 

    I'm talking to the other girl and I'm kind of tired and I want the girls to go. She doesn't want to go yet because girl A & B are too drunk and she wants to let them sober up before they go. I wasn't having any of that. I know it might've seemed rude, but I didn't plan for this to happen. By the way, girl A is throwing up in my toilet around this moment. I tell my friend to take the girls to go get some coffee, and just park somewhere until its out of their system. This idea seems somewhat agreeable, but she was still hesitant to go.

    Now girl A comes out the bathroom and plops on my bed, next to where we were. I'm pretty good at reading people, or at least a little bit. So girl A goes to make a comment about the awkward space around us by saying, "Wait, were you guys....." and I knew the word she was stalling on was 'fucking'. I derailed that sentence pretty quick. I said we were just talking about what to do with you two drunks. 

    A little bit later I get them all out of my apartment so I can finally get some sleep. Before that though, I had to check what kind of havoc those two caused. Surprisingly my bathroom was clean, but in the tub was a bunch of cleat marks like they were walking around in it. So I crash. 

    I wake up a few hours later and head to the school to see who's there. Sure enough the girls are there. I'd asked what happened, and she'd pretty much took my advice to sober them up. Girls A & B on the other hand couldn't remember a thing. One of them was wondering how they had gotten a bruise on their arm (the weight bag). I told them everything that happened, and all the crazy stuff they had said. They were pretty shocked that they couldn't really remember much. 

    My birthday that year wasn't memerable, but thanks to them the day after was.       

  • Retrospective

    5 months ago

    Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

    Or: yet another ramble from your's truly.

    Short TL;DR version: I'm feeling good. Then again, I'm sipping whiskey and just watched a movie. Hope you're doing just as well, if not better.

    Longer version, stream of consciousness style:
    Just saw the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I enjoyed it, but I'm an outlier. The story felt like it came full circle, even though like PotC: On Stranger Tides (#4), it lacked that swashbuckling adventure feeling/aesthetic that defined the first three movies.

    For the record, Gore Verbinski did those three and then went onto other movies, such as Rango and the Lone Ranger. If you liked that epic swashbuckling feel, Verbinksi has mastered it, and it shows in the Lone Ranger movie.

    Way I see the series is that Verbinski did one movie in three rather epic parts. I see On Stranger Tides and Dead Men Tell No Tales (OST and DMTNT from here on out), the fourth and fifth movies released chronologically, as movie installments #2 and 3. If one keeps this in mind while watching the series, OST and DMTNT become way more enjoyable to view. Of course, to the viewer I give the credit of being willing and able to try new things and not limit themselves to movies made by lens-flare-extrodinaire Jar Jar Abrahms and explosions-set-to-beatboxing-roboporn-soundtracks Michael Bey.

    Christ, I've come to dislike those two overbudgeted over-SFX'ed shitbirds. They've become the default example I use to criticize the formulaic crap getting pumped out of Hollywood for the last decade or so. But they've not crossed the threshhold I've enplaced for straight up hated territory. That's reserved for Stephen Moffat, but that's neither here nor there. Because fuck that guy. Fuck him with a cactus being used by a gorilla hopped up on amphetamines.

    Anyways, onto happier stuff. I'm nearly done with my degree, finally. After the summer, I've got five classes that I'll need to take before I can get the diploma. It's about goddamn time, my critical inner voice keeps telling me. But hey, it's something I'm finally accomplishing.

    Which is not to say I'm done with college, mind you. There's a shitload more I want to study and learn. I've got a whole list of shit of things I'd value knowing. I'll accomplish them as time permits, after I find the job. On the topic of jobs, I'm looking at postings in the greater NYC area and I find myself bummed out. It's a shit situation from this end of the table.

    Then again, I was wondering why the fuck I limited myself to the area I've grown up in. I realized I've been mentally operating in keeping that familiarity zone. This is the shit I'm used to. It's like Grif in season 1, episode 1. I took the comfortable slacker mentality.

    And I'd like to thank Grif for breaking me out of that perspective. Current season (15), episode 6, bout 8 and a half minutes in, Grif realizes the only person going to do right by him is himself. The thing that kept him with the rest of the RvB characters is inertia. Inertia is a motherfucker. A sneaky, almost innocuous, motherfucker. And it took me about a month from that episode's air date to fully appreciate Grif's departing rant.

    I've been chewing it over, mentally, playing with the countless little doubts, trying to answer all the nagging "what-if's?", etc. I could wallow in that endlessly and never accomplish anything. Or I could look myself in the eyes, via mirror of course, and tell myself one thing that's guaranteed to remove myself doubt. That is:

    "You're a goddamned paratrooper, Lpok. You've defied gravity and embraced your own mortality. If this shit hasn't stopped you, why should anything else?"

    It worked. So now I find myself trying to figure out where to go after that. The list I've come up with thus far is:

    ~ Australia 
    ~ Austin
    ~ Belfast/Dublin

    ~ Rest of United Kingdom (I'd prefer Scotland for reasons I'm not sure how to put into words)

    ~ Chicago

    ~ Denver
    ~ Philadelphia
    ~ Portland

    ~ Vancouver, Washington

    ~ The various major cities in Canada (hockey, maple syrup, friendly people, and no humidity? Fuck Yeah! )

    I've love to pick up another language or three and then head to Europe to do that. But in the mean time, I'll have to work on the languages.

    So the question is, for those of you who actually read the TL;DR portion, what insights and/or advice do you have? I know there's stuff I should know but won't think of due to whatever reason. What advice/experiences/advice/general tips do you think I should know?

  • February RT Gold Box Mishap

    5 months ago

    MurphGaming FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    In February Rooster Teeth began putting cards in the box as a sort of collectible item. I have received cards #2,#3, and now #4, but I never got #1 in my February Double gold box. I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have asked support 3 times but they have not answered if they could help or not. 

  • So. Those recent Smash Leaks.

    5 months ago


    I want to believe that they're real and they do show a lot of stuff I think we can expect from a Smash 4 port on Switch (save for maybe break the targets).

    That being said. I do think they're fake.

  • Woodyman’s Backloggery #4 #5 #6 #7 – Mega Man X, X2, X3, & X4

    6 months ago


    When I first undertook this backloggery idea, I had no idea what I was getting into. I made some crazy mistakes, that made this WAY more difficult than it needed to be.

    The BIGGEST mistake I made was putting a bunch of games in a series in a row on the backlog. Before I edited the backlog list, I was originally going to play ALL Halo games in a row, and ALL Final Fantasy games I own in a row.


    The Mega Man X series is the reason I changed my backlog. These are fun games, but playing them back to back drove me a bit insane.


    That’s why I’m going to review all the Mega Man X games I played REAL QUICK!


    Review #4 – Mega Man X

    I forgotz to make an image.

    Going from the NES Mega Man games, to Mega Man X was a HUGE jump in quality. I love the NES games more just for nostalgia, but Mega Man X is the best in the series. Huge improvement to mobility, secrets, weapons and bosses. Also, the music in this first Mega Man X game is fucking amazing. I love this game!


    Review #5 – Mega Man X2


    Mega Man X2 improved Mega Man X graphically, musically, and with level design. Yet, somehow I don’t like this one as much as the original Mega Man X. It’s probably nostalgia, but there’s a charm in the original that Mega Man X2 just didn’t have for me. It’s still a great game.


    Review #6 – Mega Man X3

    Awesome game. Awesome Mega Man X game. My least favorite. Nothing stood out, I still don’t remember it, and I beat it twice.

    Review #7 – Mega Man X4

    This is going to ruffle some feathers, but Mega Man X4 is my second favorite in the series. It has the same charm as the first with fantastic level design, and also some of the best Robot Masters in the series (yes I’m calling them robot masters, I’m a Mega Man NES junkie). What I REALLY loved about this game is the ability to play as Mega Man X or Zero right from the beginning. Each level can be played with either character, and they require different strategies for each character. It’s very similar to the above games, and just as good.


  • Rooster Teeth & You: What keeps RT alive?

    6 months ago

    Gorlin Goltz Santa Gorlin

    Today, Burnie's latest vlog was released on youtube. For those who don't have the time to watch it, he and Matt discussed how it is that Rooster Teeth makes money to produce shows, run events, etc. and that essentially broke down like this...

    #1 Advertising

    All the commercials you see before the videos on this site or youtube generate a relatively good chunk of money for the company. They also displayed an excerpt from Parade magazine featuring Camp Camp as an example of this. 

    #2 Subscriptions, also know as FIRST Membership

    As it's been a huge discussion point since the time restriction on the latest season of RvB, this still makes sense. The community largely supports the company. 

    #3 Licenses & Royalties 

    For those who don't know what this is, a good example would be the version of RWBY that was done in Japan, with the Japanese voice actors. The company that did that paid Rooster Teeth in order to legally create it. 

    #4 Events... RTX, Let's Play Live, and secret future events

    While some of the money from ticket sales goes to the vendors and overall funding for events, Rooster Teeth still makes money from these amazing events. 

    #5 Merchandise... Shirts, Music, DvD's 

    Essentially, digital or physical purchases made from the RT store, including Double-Gold Subscription boxes. 

    "So what's the best way for someone with extra income to support RT?"

    Coming straight from Burnie and Matt, the biggest way to help the company is with direct contact. This means buying products directly from the RT store, watching videos on the site instead of Youtube, or simply just being a subscriber. 

    The point of the vlog was basically to say that, despite the Youtube-based

    "Ad-pocalypse," Rooster Teeth as a company is far more secure financially then other companies, and it is thanks to subscribers and the community that they don't have to constantly adapt and change things to survive. 

  • Four in February 2017: How This Year Fared

    8 months ago

    Elusia Archmage Extraordinaire

    Now that it's March, Four in February is done for the year. On the games I planned this year... I didn't beat a single one. I didn't even play any of them except for a little bit of Shantae and the Pirate's Curse.

    What I did do however, was beat a different set of 4 games, some of which probably not many have heard of. Figured the games might be worth talking about a little bit.

    Game #1: Alwa's Awakening

    A game that actually came out during Four in February (it released February 2nd), this one was on my radar for awhile. It's essentially a slightly easier, more fantasy-themed Battle Kid - a new platformer styled like - and as difficult as - most classic NES games. The difficulty part deserves some emphasis, as there's a bit of a difficulty spike after the first half, mainly in a combination of hazard setups and a small amount of checkpoint starvation. It's not a complete deal breaker, but anyone coming into the game casually might not like it so much.

    As someone who really likes 8-bit art/music style and metroidvanias in general, I personally loved playing this one. Hoping the semi-setup for a potential sequel can turn into something later.

    Game #2: Kirby's Star Stacker


    This one was entirely on accident, cause I didn't know the game could really be beat. I always thought Kirby's Star Stacker was an endless game (there is an endless mode though). Once I found out it's just 5 runs in Round Mode though, I ended up getting through it rather quickly.

    The game's super simple - trap stars between 2 of the same animal to catch them, and collect a certain number to clear the round. It was simple enough that I beat Super Hard difficulty in minutes without losing once. The only real challenge I had was near the end of Insane difficulty, and that's only cause I never knew the mechanic for pressing up to swap blocks without rotating.

    As a cheap Virtual Console game, it's not too bad, though I'd recommend getting it at a discount.

    Game #3: Bleed 2

    Bleed 2 went by so quickly I forgot it even released in February. It was a short and sweet game, so I didn't think of counting it, but never the less it was a game I beat in February. There's not much to say outside of what's shown in the trailer. I haven't tried co-op, but it sounds like a good way to shake things up a little. The game's easily worth picking up.

    Game #4English Country Tune

    Probably the game not many have heard of in this list, English Country Tune is... interesting.Probably one of my favorite puzzle games in recent memory from how it's set up. Simple ideas are shown - push a ball into a goal, push a cube off the map - but the ways to pull off the tasks get more complicated over time. With a couple small exceptions, the puzzles changed relatively well enough that nothing felt overwhelming. Even the exceptions, once figured out, made future puzzles easier to understand.

    This was easily one the best random game I've gotten from the many game bundles I've purchased over the years.

    Game #5Wario Land 3

    ...yeah, I actually beat more than 4 games this time. Good thing too since Bleed 2 and Kirby's Star Stacker were on the quick side.

    I hadn't planned on playing Wario Land 3 for awhile, mainly because I still haven't played 2 of the games before it (I actually have the Virtual Boy one, but no system to play it on). Watching the game on a stream recently though made me want to pick it up sooner. It's hard for me to say what I think of the game mainly because of how different it felt from other platformers I've played. Being essentially immortal for the entire game - while not completely new to me (Bit.Trip Runner also has that mechanic) - felt so unnatural, yet it worked so well. The powerups were well spaced out, and the levels were well made to use them. This felt worth picking up, and makes me want to play the rest of the series sooner rather than later.

    Game #6Castlevania


    Castlevania was the one game in my list last year that I never beat. I reached Death, but couldn't beat him no matter how much I tried. This year, I decided to fix that.

    There's not much I can really say on this one except... I honestly didn't like this one as much as I thought I would. Maybe it's because I was into the later games more. I will say, I do appreciate the game for what it is.

    While my original Four in February plans didn't pan out, I'd still say this year was an overall success. There's still plenty to do for the backlog overall though. Even with 6 games down last month, there's still nearly 850 games left, with quite a few more coming in the next few days. With that in mind, I'm considering a couple games for what's dubbed More in March. For the moment, I'm planning on playing through Horizon Zero DawnHollow Knight, and Blaster Master Zero. Time permitting, maybe I'll get through Breath of the WIld and Super Bomberman R, the latter supposedly being pretty short overall. For now though, I'll at least take some comfort in knowing I made some progress on the backlog.

  • Tabletop Tales: Things Sent to the Moon

    9 months ago


    So I was bored one day and was cleaning out a few documents on my computer when I came across something fun. Back when I was regularly involved in playing Tabletop over a few systems (D&D, World of Darkness and one infamous GURPS game) I had kept track on a few things that our DM had banned from our WoD game, or as he put it: "It's gone! Sent to the Moon!"

    So without further adeu....

    Things that have been BANNED from game (WoD):

    #1 The Wasp Knife

    #2 ANYTHING resembling a Ford Fiesta

    #3 Tuck-tuck-boom-boom. That is all (It's like a Tonka Truck with a Cannon!)

    #4 The Gunslinger Merit (stop asking Jim)

    #5 Fencing Fighting Style. Seriously, WTF guys?!

    #6 Sojutsu Fighting Style. ALSO BANNED

    #7 ALL the benfits of the Stillness Shroud. Seriously, you guys only get 1 dot

    #8 Imbuing and Item as a Mage

    #9 Sasha Grey

    #10 Stacking Flamethrower Damage

    #11 Tazers and any Tazer related items 

    I should probably say most of these took place over 1 campaign.....Our group really did try out outdo themselves on creatvie ways to break the game...

    (on a side note the Moon's looking rather crowded nowadays...)

  • Volume 4 thoughts - what it felt for me

    9 months ago


    Volume 4 is over. 5 will only come during fall, and we have A LOT to talk and think about what can happen and what had happened in Remnant.

    I would like to warn that almost all the comments ill do, probably will be ambiguous, so, they could be both negative and positive points about the season; they are a personal impression after all.

    I’ll already start saying that, from afar, this is the most weird volume to watch in a serialized way. He works better if watched as a movie, in a single role. I attribute this to the fact that this volume have at least 6 or 7 subplots.

    About the season visual aspects, I don’t need to speak about it. Since the teaser/character short, we saw that the graphics got in whole new level of lightning and color. It is beautiful and that’s all.

    In the first 3 episodes, we are presented to a lot of new aspects of the plot and the universe of remnant. We discover that Cinder is just another minion of Salem as well as each and one of their functions during the actual events. We se RNJR hunting new grimm species, passing through new zones of Mistral and showing us how the life is outside from the kingdoms.

    We discover that Jaune actually used to visit Jaune and we have some mentions to Pyrrha, but that ill save it to talk about it later.

    We discover that Weiss family is completely a mess; her father is a jerk, while her mother only drinks at the garden, and, her brother is a douche too. Its also interesting how Weiss, a “princess” is fond of her Buttler Clein, or should I say 7 in 1 Buttler Clein?

    And we finally see Blake admitting that she’s a faunus and dot not have to hide such fact as she used too…oh, and Sun following her, believing that she was after the WF, while she was going to see her family, that for me, before vol 4, was dead.

    Both 3 episodes were very interesting since we see more than just the main plot of getting to Haven, and we see the first aspect of this season that seemed to be interesting, but in the end, proved to be a little bit disappointing.

    We see that each and one members  of team RWBY will have personal plots, and well, we already can count 4, at this point in the review.

    Ruby and RNJR, Blake/Sun travel to see Blake’s family, Weiss being trapped. Later we see that Yang’s route is one of recovery.

    We also discover that Cinder is having trouble to control the powers of fall, and it seems that is due the fact she actually, stole the maidenhood with that grimm scarab. Probably that means her emotional/ physical state influence the grimm. Salem is actually searching for a relic too, and it is shown to be Ozpin’s can or something inside it. But that is a doubt that got me wondering for a long time. Ill go back on this subject later, but add another plot to the list; we are on the count of 5.

    Also, in ep 2, we see Ruby dreaming about Pyrrha, and that s odd, since in the dreams, Ruby clearly hears Pyrrha last speech, when that would be impossible. Pyrrha seem to call for Jauen several times and in the end, such dreams only lead Ruby to see Jaune is still grieving Pyrrha and training even harder in memory of her…and that’s all gentleman, until now…ill talk more about it later. We’re in the count of 6 now.

    In ep 4,5 and 6, we see Yang and Tai dealing with her recovery status and her PTSD. Qrow is shown to be following Ruby since Patch and that he is keeping an eye on her. Raven and Qrow talk to each other and we discover more about their origin and how Raven leads her life. It seems she knows where the spring maiden is and Qrow do not approve her actitudes. I still have my doubts about her side….oh, Spring maiden, another plot; Count of 7.

    Blake and Sun get on Menagerie and there we finally met her parents. Problem is, there are White fang Members there. We discover also that Ghira was the leader of the organization, and that Blake went rogue to follow Adam once he turned a mofo bad guy. The 2 fox faunus actually do not seem to be good as they claim to be too.

    In Weiss arc, She is forced to sing by her father and after meeting Henry Marigold, a “shitty Neptune” as RWBY staff says, her trigger is pulled and Jacques once again prove to be a complete assh@le  super overprotective annoying father. In the End, Weiss is forced to train in her room.

    Also, I forgot to mention the new mysterious boy Oscar, or actually Ozcar.

    Ozcar basically was a farm boy that started to hear Ozpin voice in his head, and both seem to be the same person or, Ozcar would be the next in the succession of Ozpin consciousness, or Ozpin is using the boy’s body. We don’t know. Also, 8 plots now.

    Tyrian then attack RNJR since Salem ordered him to do it, but Qrw steps on the way and end up poisoned. Qrow explain everything about maidens, Silver eyes and why Ruby is being hunted, the tale of 2 brothers and the creation of Grimm, humans and the relics and Jaune do not seem so fond of Qrow. Can I count that as a new plot?....9 now.

    While they try to take care of Qrow, Nora and Ren find the cave of the Nuckleave, a grimm that destroyed both Ren and Nora home town and killed Ren’s parents. Ren and Nora start to follow the creature to help Jaune, Ruby and Qrow.

    They fight the Nuckleave, and after a serious battle, that at least for me, was pretty fast and…well, I hoped it was more fearsome; they are saved by Mistral

    In Menagerie, after Sun ruins a moment of family bonding, both him and Blake discover she was being stalked and they follow the spy, who proved to be Illya, an old friend of Blake, who seriously hurts Sun.

    Weiss manages to learn her summons and run away to Mistral once she discovers Winter is there and Yang is finishing her training with her father. She learns more about her mother and how she was the one to split STRQ (count on 10).Yang prepare herself to travel and she decides to follow Ruby, thinking that she need to take care of her to avoid STRQ stuff happen again or at least that’s how I felt it looked like, since she was holding a picture of STRQ while Tai was Holding one two then he looks to a RWBY picture. Yang could be planning on seeing Ruby first then going to search for Raven, since she knows she is in Mistral.

    Another thing that is important, Ironwood wants to close Atlas borders to avoid a possible attack, and he was spying on Mistral military forces that seemed to be moving and planning something. Another plot, count of 11.

    Another thing I should say is that Ghira discovered that Adam plans of wrecking everything up again in Haven and also wants to finish off the actual leader Sienna Khan. Now she decided they need to take back the White fang. She also gets a moral slap in tha face from Sun who tells her that he would die for her as well as yang and Blake couldn’t do anything about it.

    Later, in Haven, it is shown that Headmaster Lionheart was the traitor all along. He was the one to tell Cinder which Way Amber was following, to sneak her and her group as haven students in Vytal festival, and of course, the responsible for giving info about Ozpin.

    The post credits scene shows that Ozcar found Qrow and now he asked his cane back. So Qrow knew all along that Ozpin can steal bodies or reincarnate.

    So, we counted 11 subplots or plot points until now.

    RNJR had the single mission to get to Haven, but new subjects and topics are added to the narrative, but most of them are not even finished or even furthermore commented. Its like they are only there to remind you that Volume 5 will blow our minds (we hope).

    Like volume 1, Volume 4 was a new start, an introduction to this new phase that marks the start of the adult lives of many characters, and as an introduction, it shows new things to be developed, but there are just so much things, that most of them are just mentioned through the volume.

    One of the most intriguing points that are practically forgotten through the episodes is the Dreams about Pyrrha.

    Im afraid that they will be left as Yang’s encounter with Raven in the post credits of Volume 2.

    There is a possibility of that being important, but, when we remember that the next volume will cover, Watss and Lionheart plans, Cinder possibly in action again, a possible military fight and ironwood shenanigans, a brawl with the Whitefang, and lets not forget about dear Ozcar, I guess it’ll be really hard to deal with all the other troubles, unless they join most of them together.

    Qrow passed through a hard time in this volume, and in one of his deliriums, he clearly mentions Summer, although he don’t quote Names unless Tai’s. Ruby not even ask to him about it after he’s okay, at least not on screen, but I guess it would be a wise choice to point this out even if it was in her own mind, after all her father was in this dream/delirium.

    Yang had a very fast recovery, and even being my favorite character, I guess if felt a little bit rushed. In the other hand, Yang will search for Ruby, and it seems she will try to discover a little bit more about her mother.

    Weiss arc was quite interesting, but, I hope to see more of her and winter during volume 5.

    She ran from home and now is in a very similar situation as her sister.

    Blake in the other hand…I don’t know how to describe how boring her arc was.

    I used to like her more, since she is the “ninja” character of the main characters, but, this season she was completely…AGHHHH…

    Seriously now, she wanted to redeem herself with her family, asking sorry for following that psycho Adam, but guess what? They are your parents’ girl! They will forgive you!.

    So we get 2 out of 4 episodes where her arc gets place aaaaaand is just a lot of talk, But at least, we got cool info about the white fang, Ghira, Adam, and Sienna Khan.

    Now, we’ll only know more about her and Illya in volume 5 if, Illya appears.

    Ren and Nora’s past was very interesting, not to mention that now they were truly developed.

    Little Nora was really cute by the way.

    Jaune otherwise, could only show that his sword have more forms now with the new upgrades, but sadly, no semblance, even the last battle being a possibility to unlock it.

    The final battle by the way, was very much not what I thought it would be. I was waiting for something very hard but in the end together they won. I was hoping to see a very hard battle that could unleash Ruby SE or Jaune semblance, but the focus was on Ren and Nora, so I guess they decided to leave the stage to them. Also, its interesting to see how Jaune was not fond of Qrow  due to Pyrrha’s and maiden’s stuff, and how he in the end helped him despite his own feelings towards Drunkle Qrow.

    Ozcar also, he now have “his” can back, I hope we see him training or starting to show signals of his skills as being the new Ozpin.

    In resume. Volume 4 was a new introduction, with new aspects and new mythology that makes the world of Remnant much more deep, but, there is so much thing to develop in volume 5, that it feels they will make some stuff last much more in the air to be actually solved. I think that, they lost the balance in “showing some stuff to develop in further volumes”.

  • Just a little bit of time until the end.

    9 months ago



    So, saturday is coming, and the last episode of RWBY volume 4 will be released.

    I've seen many people scared and afraid about what can happen in this episode, since we just have RNJR and Qrow to fight The nuckleave and because of what happened in the end of volume 3, that surprisingly still resonates until nowadays.

    EP 11, showed that out heroines of team RWBY are moving on their way to Mistral, which will be the turning point for the next events in Remnant.

    Adam and his zelots are in Mistral, probably working with Salem in a new plan of destroying the next school, Haven.

    Winter is on ground, getting intel for Ironwood.

    And Raven is there, doing her own business.

    Im not going to say there is no reason to fear, because RT has the fame of being non predictable, and that means that they have an ace of spades hidden somewhere.

    I find very intriguing that, Volume 4 was indeed...curious.

    In comparison to the other volumes, this was by far the most slow but still, lore telling of all.
    You can see that more clearly if you take all the episodes as one.

    This remembers me of how volume 1, 2 and 3 were built up.

    In 1, we were presented to the universe, to the characters, and their actions discovering troubles in their world.

    In 2, were saw how they decided to act, and how they were immature in regards to the whole situation, and that there was much more to happen.

    In 3, we saw their fall, a closure of events in the worse scenario ever. Beacon destroyed, Bonds severed, friends died. Almost too much stuff handle.

    Now in 4, we saw a restart, a new beginning, where all of our heros were learning to deal with new things and they were shown a harsh truth that lied beyond Beacon's walls.

    I guess this volume, have chances to finish with a high degree of climax, but, that'll depend on how thing will follow.
    In many places around the internet, were RWBY is discussed, we can find people:

    - Hoping that JN_R die

    - Hoping they dont die

    - Hoping Raven will save the day

    - Hoping the silvereyes make the difference

    - Fearing that Qrow will try to protect Ruby in his actual state, and that this will be his damnation.

    And there's more assumptions, This 5 are just the most common, or a simplification of the great ammount of other guesses i found here in the forums, in Facebook groups and other places.

    I have already said which is mine, so im not going to speak about it.

    Im very eager to see what will happen and things will follow after this volume ends.

    I believe that volume 5, will be like volume 2 were, a season were the heroes will take steps further, with more action and discoveries.

    I hope we'll see how RWBY will deal with the regroup, and for the love of god, i want to see it, with the emotion that a situation likes truly have.

    They kinda avoided showing emotion in regards to Pyrrhas loss and probably the only momment that they touched the subject was in the Dreams that Ruby had, and Jaune's training.

    There's still a hint to a possible grimm Pyrrha by the way, but...well, i dont know.

    Volume 4 so far has been cool in the best case, and interesting in the worse one,
    and i hope that it gets a good closure.

  • Wishlist, sort of.

    11 months ago

    beastdude Rock god in training

    So I don't use the 'new' wishlist feature since the redo of the web site. But I have kept and made a note of everything in the store that I'd like. Things like lack of money, physical space at home, and lack of money have stopped me buying stuff these days.

    That being said, I thought it'd be funny if I made a journal of my current noted wishlist here. Not everything noted is currently available, or will be available again, but I've kept the note just incase. Also some prices may be wrong. The prices on some are noted in £ instead of $ as I looked them up on the UK store, but I stopped doing that when making the notes for the new stuff. Prepare your wallets :P

    the slo mo guys on itunes, google play, amazon
    RVBX: Ten Years of Red vs. Blue Exclusive 15-Disc Blu-Ray Boxed Set - $179.95
    A Simple Walk Into Mordor DVD - $9.95
    Fails of the Weak: Halo Edition DVD - $9.95
    rwby volume 1 dvd - $19.95
    rwby volume 2 dvd - $19.95
    RWBY Volume 3 Blu-Ray / DVD combo pack - $24.95
    RWBY Volumes 1-3: Beacon SteelBook Blu-ray Set - $39.95 [get this instead of the above 3 dvds]
    rvb season 11 dvd - $19.95
    rvb season 12 dvd - $19.95
    rvb season 13 dvd - $19.95
    Red vs Blue Season 14 Special Edition Blu-Ray / DVD Combo Pack - $24.95
    RVB Chorus Trilogy (seasons 11-13) blu ray steel book - $39.95 [get this instead of the above 3 dvds]
    The Best Red vs. Blue DVD Ever of all time - $9.95
    The Best of Rooster Teeth Shorts DVD - $9.95
    Rooster Teeth Shorts - Volumes 4 & 5 - DVD - $11.95
    The Best of the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures DVD - $9.95
    The Best of Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Volume 2 - DVD - $9.95
    X-Ray and Vav Seasons 1 & 2 Blu-Ray / DVD combo pack - $24.95
    Lazer Team Unrated Director's Cut Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack - $24.95

    Red vs. Blue Season 12 Soundtrack CD - $11.95
    Red vs. Blue Season 13 Soundtrack CD - $11.95

    Burnie Bobble Head - £18.50
    gus bobble head - $24.95
    RWBY Ruby Figure - £26.50
    RWBY Weiss Figure - $34.95
    RWBY Blake Figure - $34.95
    RWBY Yang Figure - $34.95
    RWBY Jaune Figure - $34.95
    RWBY Nora Figure - $34.95
    RWBY Pyrrha Figure - $34.95
    RWBY Ren Figure - $34.95
    Team RWBY 4 Set Vinyl Figures - $39.95
    RWBY Blind Box Jazwares Figures (Series 1) - $6.95 [1 randomized figure per box out of 11 characters]
    RWBY Mercury Figure - $34.95
    RWBY Emerald Figure
    RWBY Roman Figure
    RWBY Cinder Figure

    RWBY Yang Plush - $18.95
    RWBY Blake Plush - $18.95
    RWBY Weiss Plush - $18.95
    RWBY Ruby Plush - $18.95
    RWBY Yang Chibi Plush - $12.95
    RWBY Blake Chibi Plush - $12.95
    RWBY Weiss Chibi Plush - $12.95
    RWBY Ruby Chibi Plush - $12.95
    ORF Plushie - $12.95

    Kinda Funny Smiley Plush - $19.95

    Rooster Teeth Throw Pillow - $29.95
    Funhaus Throw Pillow - $29.95
    AH Off Topic Throw Pillow - $29.95
    RWBY Throw Pillow - $29.95

    Button Bundle - All Four Button Packs - $19.95
    achievement hunter button pack 1 - $5.95
    RWBY Button Pack - $5.95
    X-Ray & Vav Button Pack - $5.95
    RWBY Button Pack #3 - $5.95
    Achievement Hunter Button Pack #2 - $5.95
    Rooster Teeth Button Pack #3 - $5.95
    Lazer Team Button Pack #1 - $5.95
    Funhaus Button Pack #1 - $5.95
    RWBY chibi button pack - $5.95
    Lazer Team Lapel Pin - $4.95
    Funhaus Logo Lapel Pin - $4.95
    Achievement Hunter Logo Lapel Pin - $4.95

    Achievement Hunter Key Chain and Bottle Opener - $6.95
    Podcast Key Chain and Bottle Opener - £5.50
    Rooster Teeth Cock Bite Logo Key Chain and Bottle Opener - $6.95

    Memory is the Key Keychain for £6.50
    RT Logo Embossed Metal Keychain - $7.95
    AH Logo Embossed Metal Keychain - $7.95
    RWBY Logo Embossed Metal Keychain - $7.95
    funhaus logo embossed metal keychain - $7.95
    Mad King Embossed Metal Keychain - $9.95
    Mogar Embossed Metal Keychain - $9.95
    ORF Embossed Metal Keychain - $9.95

    rtaa playing cards - $6.95 [keep this one sealed as already got an open deck]
    achievement hunter playing cards - $6.95 [keep this one sealed as already got an open deck]
    Red vs Blue Playing Cards - $6.95 [keep this one sealed as already got an open deck]
    rwby playing cards - $6.95 [when buying get 2 decks, keep one sealed and open the other one]
    Shows of Rooster Teeth Playing Cards - $6.95 [when buying get 2 decks, keep one sealed and open the other one]

    'new' Rooster Teeth Logo Baseball Hat for $24.95
    Achievement Hunter Baseball Hat for $24.95
    Achievement Hunter Military Hat for £18.50
    Funhaus Baseball Hat - $24.95
    Rooster Teeth Hat - $24.95 {if they have it at the stall, also check the sizes [s/m and l/xl]}.
    PLG Logo Snapback Hat - $26.95

    RWBY Yang Emblem Vinyl Decal (Yellow) - $4.95
    RWBY Blake Emblem Vinyl Decal (Black) - $4.95
    RWBY Weiss Emblem Vinyl Decal (White) - $4.95
    RWBY Ruby Emblem Vinyl Decal (Red) - $4.95
    Rooster Teeth Logo Vinyl Decal (Red) - £3.75
    Achievement Hunter Logo Vinyl Decal (Green) - £3.75
    Lazer Team DETIA Seal Vinyl Decal (Black) - $5.95
    RWBY Ren Emblem Vinyl Decal - $5.95
    RWBY Pyrrha Emblem Vinyl Decal - $5.95
    RWBY Nora Emblem Vinyl Decal - $5.95
    RWBY Jaune Emblem Vinyl Decal - $5.95
    RWBY Emerald Emblem Vinyl Decal - $5.95
    RWBY Mercury Emblem Vinyl Decal - $5.95
    RWBY Roman Emblem Vinyl Decal - $5.95
    RWBY Cinder Emblem Vinyl Decal - $5.95

    RvB Mother of Invention Coffee Mug for £9.50
    rwby logo mug - $12.95
    achievement hunter logo mug - $12.95
    rooster teeth logo coffee mug - £9.50
    Rooster Teeth Logo Coffee Mug - $12.95
    On The Spot Logo Coffee Mug - $12.95
    RWBY Beacon Emblem Coffee Mug - $12.95

    Achievement Hunter Insulated Tumbler - $12.95 
    RWBY Insulated Tumbler - $12.95
    Rooster Teeth Insulated Tumbler - $12.95
    Lazer Team Hot/Cold Tumbler - $12.95

    AH Black on Black Silipint - $11.95
    Rooster Teeth Black on Black Silipint - $11.95
    Rooster Teeth Silipint - $11.95
    Funhaus Logo Silipint - $11.95
    RWBY Yang Emblem Silipint - $11.95
    RWBY Blake Emblem Silipint - $11.95
    RWBY Weiss Emblem Silipint - $11.95
    RWBY Ruby Emblem Silipint - $11.95
    Kinda Funny Logo Silipint - $11.95
    Cow Chop White Logo Silipint - $11.95
    AH Logo Silipint - $11.95

    ScrewAttack Bolt Logo Shot Glass - $6.95
    Funhaus Logo Shot Glass - $6.95
    Lazer Team Logo Shot Glass - $6.95
    Game Attack Shot Glass - $6.95
    Kinda Funny Shot Glass - $6.95
    Cow Chop Logo Shot Glass - $6.95
    Always Open Shot Glass - $6.95

    AH Off Topic Podcast Logo Pint Glass - $10.95
    Funhaus Logo Pint Glass - $10.95
    RWBY Logo Pint Glass - $10.95
    Let's Play Logo Pint Glass - $10.95

    RWBY Coasters - $19.95
    Funhaus Logo Coasters - $19.95
    Rooster Teeth Coasters - $19.95
    RVB Coasters - $19.95
    Kinda Funny Coasters - $19.95
    Achievement Hunter Logo Coasters - $19.95
    Cow Chop Coasters - $19.95

    RWBY Ruby Emblem Stainless Steel Bottle - $24.95
    Achievement Hunter Logo Stainless Steel Bottle - $24.95
    Rooster Teeth Logo Stainless Steel Bottle - $24.95

    RWBY Glamour Poster (24" x 36") - $10.95

    Achievement Hunter Logo Patch - £4.50
    Rooster Teeth Logo Patch - £4.50

    AH Slap Bands #6 - Set of Two (Nice Dynamite and X-Ray & Vav) - £5.50
    AH Slap Bands #5 - Set of Two (Team Lads and Team Gents) - £5.50
    AH Slap Bands #4 - Set of Two (Free Edgar & Mark Nutt) - £5.50

    Rooster Teeth Logo Flag - $29.95
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    Funhaus Logo Flag - $29.95

    Achievement Hunter Logo Belt Buckle - $29.95

    Achievement Hunter Metallic Tattoos - Set of 4 - $4.95
    Rooster Teeth Metallic Tattoos - Set of 4 - $4.95

    Achievement Hunter 3D Metallic Emblem - $14.95
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    Funhaus 3D Metallic Emblem - $14.95
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    Achievement Hunter Logo Tie - $39.95
    Rooster Teeth Logo Tie - $39.95

    Rooster Teeth Logo Sterling Silver Pendant - $29.95
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    RWBY Logo Sterling Silver Pendant - $29.95

    Red vs Blue Key Cap - $6.95
    Kinda Funny Key Cap - $6.95
    Rooster Teeth Key Cap - $6.95
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  • Extra Life: What Ive Seen so far!

    1 year ago

    bloodcal-cal7 Im Callam Hi

    #1 Miles is clearly going insane from this


    #3 Kerry May die at the end of this

    #4 Do you think they'll do some thing fucked up if they reach 1 million

  • Extra Life is here!

    1 year ago

    MrWartburg Team Fat

    So as previously noted in a couple other journals I'm doing Extra Life this year! Findraising has gone quite well so far, with my team sitting at $695 of the $750 goal and my personal page at $420 (insert joke here) of the $500 goal. I'm starting my stream at 9 am CST on the 5th and we'll be giving away a bunch of prizes throughout the day.  Heck, only one tier has yet to be reached so 7 of the 8 are just going to be raffle off about every three hours to who ever is in the chat! Seriously, 7 of the 8 giveaways only require you to be in the chat when we raffle them off, have a twitch account and a working keyboard. That's it. Here's the breakdown:

    Giveaway #1 - Death of the Family - RAFFLE AT 11:50 a.m. CST on 11/5


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    Giveaway #3: Kinda Funny Poster and coasters - RAFFLE at 6:30 p.m. CST on 11/5


    The second coaster I have yet to finish, but it will be done first part of next week. Prep was a bit more time intensive than I planned.

    Giveaway #4: RvB seasons 11 & 12 - RAFFLE AT 9 pm CST on 11/5


    Giveaway #5: Young Justice Figure + seasons 1/2 (DVD) - RAFFLE AT 11:50 am CST on 11/6


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    Wall hanging needs to be sanded and clear coated

    And lastly, if you're still looking at this, I have a collection of video game themed woodburning items. 


    Entering the giveaway is pretty simple, just donate $5 for 1 entry (need a Twitch username in the donation note) to my team or personal Extra Life page and we'll put your name in for the big raffle at the end of the weekend, 9 pm CST on 11/6. Donate $10? Then you get two entries! $25? Then you get five! 

    So, what do you think? See you tomorrow at 9 am CST!

  • RWBY Vol 4 Episode 2 Review - Thoughts, theories and speculations

    1 year ago


    SO, hey everyone!

    I just have watched the episode, and well, i liked it very much.

    Comparing this to the first one, episode two was much more paced and showed more info about what is coming in the future, in regards to character, plot, and the universe of the story.

    Episode two even showed more things about the concepts of RWBY in regards of colors as a whole thing, and that gentleman, was something i was waiting for.

    Before i start with the review at all, i need to say that the screenshots were taken not from the RT player, but from another site. I waited the episode be released for everyone to watch, but i got some problems with the player, so yea, problems all over the place.


    The episode starts showing Weiss, or dear snow queen, walking down the halls of her home.

    She is pretty much lonely, or as i prefer to assume, not feeling home at all. We even see two sets of the armor she fought in her trailer. There is also this strange snake statue, which i find very cool

    As she follows her way, we are presented to her younger brother. They talk about the time she spent alone in her room and that he is happy to see she is out of it for a walk, implying she has been lockdown, or avoiding contact with everyone.

    Weiss seems not so happy to be close to him, or at least, it seems they are not so close to each other as she is with Winter.

    This is another thing that i find intriguing.

    Whitley acts very different than Weiss and Winter. The three of them seem very "snobby" but, while Winter and Weiss are very cold and surly sometimes, Whitley seems like he doesnt give any and it feels even ironic sometimes.

    Whitley then tells Weiss that their father was screaming with a man in his office, and he is concerned about her since shell talk with him. Small talk in the end.

    Winter is mentioned when Whitley says Weiss is strong as she, and that shell handle anything he throw at her, just to Weiss put in the topic that he never liked Winter.

    Whitley than speaks that, independently of his fondness for her, he needed to admit the truth.

    Weiss than tells him he seem different, just to be replied with a "..And you've been gone. I'll have you know i didn't  stop growing while you were away at Beacon"

    Does Weiss seem a litle bit happy with this?
    Its like she is happy he changed, but well, we didnt know how he used to be.

    Right after their talk, we are show a painting of the Schnee family, and well...they look like a VERY happy family.

    Weiss mother: I rather be drinking

    Jacques Schnee: Smile children, we are happy now, arent we?

    Winter: This is so annoying.

    Weiss: Im sad

    Whitley: BEST FAMILY EVER.

    I dont know if im just over thinking things, but Whiltley is not just the opposite of his two sisters but he actually seem like, he is always with something in mind...i like that.

    After that cut...gentleman...Ruby is dreaming of Pyrrha.

    Well, it feels strange that Ruby is having these dreams, but this is just the first one of the episode so ill start to talk about this later.

    Ruby and the crew  are still on travel, and now they are going to another village, where Jaune mentions he did already go to it several times with his family due to his Seven sisters.

    Nora even jokes about Jaune. But the humor climate doesnt stay in the air for much longer because the village was completely destroyed.

    They try to find survivors, and there is only one, a huntsman.

    Ren ask the man what happend, and he replies that a group of bandits attacked the village, and the panic that was caused brought grimm, and they finished the job.

    The group discuss about how to save the man, but he end up diying, and Ren seems to be the most affected by the village destruction. Jaune then tells Ruby he is tired of losing everything.

    Ren notes a symbol on the ground, and

    Nora also seem to recognize it.

    I've seen people saying this symbol is related with Terryen, but i cant affirm that. What is fact, is that Ren and Nora do know the symbol. Some friends from the forums speculate it is something related to their childhood, but i guess, its a little bit more than this, but its hard for me to explain.

    Another cut is made, and now, we see Weiss, heading to her Father office.
    Outside of it, from the door, Weiss hear that Jacques is having a ''very excited" discussion with Ironwood.

    The discussion doest last too long, and it is something about dust sells. Jacques is very angry that Ironwood is asking to stop the sells from outside of Atlas and in their arguing, Ironwood mentions that he have the authority to stop the sells because he have two seats in the Atlas Kingdom Council.

    Before volume two, i used to believe Ironwood was not a good guy, now im sure he is very manipulative and i dont trust him. Jacques in the other hand, he seems to put the company over his family, or at least, he do it because he have a motivation to it, but still, is just as Ironwood, he puts his interests over the others. However, Winter mentioned during volume 3 that he was worried about Weiss and that he wanted to talk too her. I dont know if he was indeed worried or if he only wanted to try an convince her to stay at home. Winter even mentions during volume 3 that he didnt liked the idea of Winter be in the military too.

    Jacques is against both of his daughters being warriors, or at least it seemed to.

    I want to see more about him, and well, in my last review i guessed the episode was going to be just about Weiss, and i was wrong.

    Continuing, Jacques then tells Weiss that there is some people kinda "blaming" Atlas for Beacon fall, or something like that. Thats why they are going to hold a charity event where a lot of people from outer  kingdoms will be. Jacques order Weiss to sing in the event, planning that since Weiss was present in the fall of Beacon, she could be used as an example of how Atlas was "shocked" with the tragedy and how they were sending their support to Vale, as he says in the episode. 

    Weiss only agrees, and then she exits the office. Klein, her buttler, offers some coffe, trying to calm her down, since she seems not well. Klein then shows us his capacity of changing his persona, as his eyes changes its colors, red being his more direct and angry one, and blue being his more calm and sweet one, as he calls Weiss Little snowflake.

    Klein is indeed a very much interesting character. He seems to have a very close relationship with Weiss than her own family. And now im going to make a very HUGE guess...i think he owns 7 personas...we already have seen  Grumpy and ...bashful?

    By the way, his leading persona have brown/Yellow eyes, and im a little worried about this, but im just guessing.

    After this, the moment that most touched me.

    Ruby once again is having dreams with Pyrrha, and this time, the dream feels more intense.

    She wakes up hearing Pyrrhas voice not so far from where she is sleeping.

    Ruby start to wander around after noticing Jaune wasn't at his bed.

    Ruby then finds out Jaune is watching a recording of Pyrrha, where she is giving Jaune instructions of combat.

    Jaune starts to follow them, showing his skills have grown a lot, even being capable pulling the wind with some kind of slashing wave. Jaune seems angry at first, while he is fighting he is screaming and showing a seriousness in the look we didnt witnessed before.

    Ruby keeps Watching him from the dark, and once Jaune finishes the exercises, we hear from his phone that Pyrrha is proud of how much he is increasing, telling him that he is the most determined person she ever met.

    After this, we see Pyrrha trying to say something. She is pretty much trying to confess her fellings for him  in the recording, but she dont make it. She finishes her words saying she is happy, not to have met him, but to have been part of his life. (my reaction)
    Jaune is very sad, obviously for understanding what she wanted to say at this rate of time, and with this, we see that Jaune is holding his grieve for Pyrrha from the others, trying to hold his weaknesses, trying to convert his sadness in strenght.

    Ruby keeps watching him, and Jaune keeps following the recording instructions, what seems to be over and over and over during the night. (My reaction to this)

    I dont actually know what to say in regards to the dreams, but Ruby hears Pyrrha calling out for Jaune.

    The first dream we hear Pyrrhat in her last moments with Cinder

     pyrrha do you believe in destiny?

    Cinder: Yes...

     pyrrha Jaune...

     ruby PYRRHA!!!!

    In the second Dream, Pyrrha only keeps calling for Jaune.

    The first time she speaks normally, the second feels she is a little worried, the third she is realy worried, and the last one she is crying for him, very loudly.

    Some friends of mine aready discussed about the dream sequence, and i believe most  in four possible realizations of what this is.

    1. Ruby is being haunted by Pyrrha, but not by her spirit, but by her own conciousness, since Jaune asked her to help Pyrrha, she didnt make it and, saw the momment of her death.

    I think this is the most wrong guess, because i doubt she heard Pyrrha last chat with Cinder.

    2. Ruby is carrying Pyrrha spirit within her. 

    Now that i think about it, this one is the less possible, because we didn't have seen anything like

    this in the series yet. Unless this is something new of course. Im divided abou this one.

    3. Pyrrha's soul is trying to contact Ruby, for something. Maybe asking help for a possible return, asking help to contact Jaune to move on and keep strong, or trying to say Jaune have something important within him.

    4. Maybe is just a way o confuse us, and is just a haunting dream and thats all. 

    Nah, thinking again, that is the most impossible one.

    Im in real conflict here, and the only thing i can assume is, Pyrrha will have something important in this volume, or at least something related to her will happen. Jaune indeed have an important role, and Ruby witnessed how he is dealing with this loss. And he lost his master, where he'll find another cool and quirky girl to talk too? oh reaction again 

    By the way: This is a sketch of my OC Cyan, but its really only a scratch and  i made it as fast as i could to this review.

    By the way 2: I ship arkos and complex.

    Well, that is all for this episode. 

    Until next one!

  • RWBY Vol 4 Episode 1 Review - Thoughts, theories and speculations

    1 year ago


    Well, i told some friends of mine that i wished to make a video review of the episode. But there is a detail that is really important that i just remembered now: My voice is ridiculous and my spoken english is far worse than my wrote one.

    So ill try to make a demo and ill just send to some of my friends. After they see it and tell me what they think about it, then ill decide if i post it or not. 



    The episode starts showing us how the grimm are born, something we've already seen back at Vol 3 with the help of Kevin, aka: Grimm Dragon.

    This sorta "dark Liquid" Well, my guess would be that is actually negativity in a physical state.

    Another thing that intrigues me is that, does the higher grimm have the skill to summon other grimm? or actually, the grimm simply can take part of themselves and summon more of them?

    Well, we'll only see in the future.

    Right after, we See Emerald and Mercury, both with  a "Im so f2893ed" face.

    The only thing i think about this scene is that they didnt knew what they were entering on.

    They didnt knew how big was the league they just entered in. Then, the whole villain reunion starts, where "Watts" (idk how to write his name) start to joke about Cinder state. 

    "Terryen" (another one i dont know how to write the name) than speaks that She should run after the Girl aka Ruby, to make her pay for what she have done.

    Actually, it seems that Ruby managed to take Cinder's left eye (WTF) in their last battle back at Beacon's Tower. Since we didnt have seen what actually happened at the tower, i guess Ruby entered in a super power silver eye state where she losed her consciousness and battled Cinder.

    There is a gap of detail that i believe itll be explained in flashbacks, because it is important info we lack here. 

    As the reunion of "nice" guys continue, Watts keep in the topic that Cinder failed until Momma Salem get in the Room and mentions that Cinder actually managed too: 

    Destroy the tower, get the maidenhood, and Kill Ozpin. 

    After a lot more of discussion and orders to give, each villain got a task.

    Cinder is in treatment under Momma's care

    Watts needs to enter in contact with their informant

    Terryn needs to hunt down Ruby and bring her to Salem before hunting down the spring maiden.

    Hazzel needs to enter in contact with Adam to talk about other jobs he need to take care of, and she mentions that he is now loyal to their cause.

    I still dont know what to wait from these characters, but, Terryen... we have here a case of psychopathy that im really worried about. Ruby need to take  care.

    Otherwise, all of these villains have eye colors that are close to Yellow, and i guess this means something. Right after the reunion, there is the cut to the lone farm boy, and i dont actually know his name. We dont have much info about him, but, trying to follow the descriptions of the WOR about the kingdoms, i think he lives in Vacuo, but um almost sure im wrong, and now in  a huge fail try, i guess this boy is Cinder's Brother, but, this is just my crazy mind trying to trick me, maybe. 

    After that, we see, team RNJR/JNRR, in a healthy discussion about the name of the team until a Golem Grimm appear, and after that, 

    i dont need much to say how much this sequence is awesome as hell.

    An intriguing thing is that, when the golem loses one of his arms he actually summons another one, and there is a glyph at the base of the arm that pretty much seem like the ones Weiss and Winter cast to make their stuff. Basically i think this is a common symbol to summoning, and well there is more things to come yet.

    One of the things that got me not in a good manner, was the scene where they actually try to show Jaune"strategist side" by making him point out that the Golem Weakness is his head...i think im the only one that thought this was pretty obvious(?) 

    I think that if they made him discover this by any different way, or maybe a completely alone discovery, would be better to show this side of him, but yea, is just what i think.

    After they win the battle, we discover that, yea, it was a possession grimm, not just a simple golem. I dont remember if in the manga, the grimm that were in the armor Weiss fought, actually shown his true form, but im almost sure this one is the same of the manga.

    And well, in regards to grimm Pyrrha theory, or possessed hybrid, i think this grimm here do not fit the theory. It seems that this grimm only can posses in-organic things. Im just mentioning this in regards to the whole theories scenario.

    Oh, and my favorite sequence is thisone.

    Back at the village, the crew is reporting to the chief village that they handled the Grimm, and on this scene we actually see an small village functioning. This scene is actually pretty cool because it shows a lot about how the outskirts of the kingdoms work, and this is realy cool, in my opinion.

    After this, we are drove to a forge, where Jaune is waiting his new armor and upgraded Crocea Mors. The following scene is actually a humor one, where Ruby is laughing at Jaune Pumpkin Pete Hoodie, and poor Jaune gets sad. I dont know how to react at this scene. At the same time it is cool because its an inside universe refference and its a refference to Pyrrha... but its just this, so let me continue before i enter any further in this topic.

    The faunus Blacksmith than appears showing Jaune`s new armor and then, his new


    I`ve discussed with some friends of mine here from the forums and well, as you`ve seen, Jaune's shield have this form\mark\detail that is much alike Pyrrha`s Circlet.

    The dialogue implies that actually, the enhancement of the shield was actually made using Pyrrha`s metal, and at first, it looks like it was from her circlet only.

    The faunus blacksmith asks Jaune "this metal is pretty good, where did you get it?" 
    Jaune replies: "From a dear Friend".

    Well, im half worried and half relaxed about this because well, one of those friends that i had discussed, made a very interesting point. He mentioned that it is practically impossible to melt the circlet and make the frame around the Shield, because it would not be enought metal. Not to mention the emotional value of the circlet, after all, WE'VE NEVER seen Pyrrha taking it off. So basically he explained that, he believes the metal Jaune used was not from the circlet but from her weapons, since milo was destroyed by Cinder. The thing is, how they eventually got her circlet/weapons and anything else?. Well lets see by the other side. If we assume they used her circlet, as another friend of mine said, with out thinking in this way of not enough metal for the shield, than they managed somehow to get up there.

    Ruby fought CInder back in Vol 3 final chapter, and after some time she woke up back in Patch. Probably Qrow rescued her, and well, she was at the top of that tower. We dont know if he was the one to take the circlet or her weapons, but thinking logically, the important is that it is actually possible to climb up there, and in the end, it is pretty mych confirmed to me that the metal comes from something of Pyrrha. What metal is? we dont know.

    Before i speak about the timeskip and my issues with it, lets continue with the episde.
    After that, JNRR/RNJR set to travel once again, and Ruby thinks of Weiss, who is at Atlas now.

    Weiss's buttler calls her attention telling that her father wishes to talk with her, and the episode close with a black screen, and the opening follows right after.

    Well, in resume, for me it was a good episode, but i have some issues with the whole time distance between the volumes because we actually losed a lot of important points. At least for me they were important. i can even list them down here

    1.How RNJR managed to get Pyrrhas metal?

    2.How RNJR got at MIstral? seriously, its a damn travel and in my way of thinking, they have passed through Vale on their way, so im almost sure a lot of important stuff have happened.

    3.How JN_R reacted to Pyrrha's death? I mean, i can understand that Ruby is sad that her team is split up, but they are something we call ALIVE...and While we have RWBY worried about each other states, we only see Nora speaking that JN_R have one less member, and Jaune speaking of his dear friend....realy?

    Three points that are actually very important in my POV.

    What i liked about the Episode? Well.

    1.Cinder's bitch tottally wrecked up. Something must have happened back at the tower than just a silver flash.

    2. Joker...Yea... Terryen is actually CAPABLE of dealing with a maiden, single. Salem ordered him to get Ruby to her, and then hunt down the Spring maiden. This Character is actually very interesting and i want to see more of this psychopathy.

    2. The grimm Glyphs. My friend Marisa_K made a post back at "the consequences of Pyrrha Nikos death" with the relations between the glyphs that appear during the series, and all of Salem's and Cinder's ones are related. Other thing i find intriguing. The glyph that summon the golem arm, remembers me a lot of the summoning Gyplhs of Weiss and Winter. Maybe is a commom mark to the summoning topic.


    Well, next episode will be Weiss one.

    The Season as a whole will focus on the main Heroines of RWBY.

    Assuming they are going to make 12 episodes for this season, every member of RWBY will have 3 episodes to shine. Ruby already got her first one.

  • Random DC Stuff

    1 year ago


    Stuff that I found of note while searching for Doomsday feats:

    Superman can track heat:

    Supergirl Psycho-Kinetic Strike:

    Supergirl Bullet Time:

    Superman developed the ability to survive in space unaided:

    Superman survives Hyperspace:

    Redemption’s Power:

    Superman can quickly navigate a universe:

    Atomic Skull can kill everything in 10 miles:

    Red Lantern Kara and SuperDoom fly to the other side of the galaxy in seconds:

    Hypertime and it’s infinite realities:

    DC apparently has multiple “panverse” which by the name should be synonymous with Omniverse:

    The Universe has multiple Hells:

    Lil’ Batman retains his most important skill, snarking:

    Lil’ Batman’s heartwrenching backstory:

    Lil’ Superman’s heartwrenching backstory:

    Holy F. Lil’ Batman has one of the most genre-savy moments I’ve ever seen:

    Lil’ Batman threatens Bat-Mite:

    Superman can survive more than 10 Minutes in combat With Doomsday, and is the only person able to:

    New 52 Brainiac had almost gathered enough minds to perform Universal Reality-Warping:

    New 52 Cyborg Superman has flown through exploding supernovas:

    Clark wants Bruce to find Peace. Dawww.

    SuperDoom defeats A Universal Warping Brainiac:

    Parallax Hal Jordan was a threat to all existence:

    Universal Re-Creation Potential:

    The Universal is linked back on itself:

    Parallax was re-creating all of existence:

    Waverider blasts Parallax Hal:

    Parallax Hal destroyed infinite lives:

    Recreation of the Universe:

    Hal (Parallax but his powers drained) and Kyle survive the Big Bang:

    Waverider moved the Justice League outside Creation

  • RWBY Volume 4

    1 year ago


    So pumped for RWBY Volume 4! Tomorrow couldn't come any faster!

  • My Top 5 Metroid Bosses

    1 year ago


    This Segment is brought to you by the A. Yoshi Patreon...

    Even if Nintendo has screwed over the metroid franchise in the past decade, it still is a marquee Nintendo franchise, always has been, and always will be...What's an atmospheric action adventurer without great bosses. Metroid has always had great bosses. From Giant alien mutant lizard thingies, to pterodactyl/Lizard hybrids. These bosses didn't get epic until Super Metroid. But here are my top 5 metroid bosses.

    #5: VORASH (OTHER M):

    This boss allows you to fish for a lava creature, and it made great use of the grapple beam. You were in a room filled with lava and you had very little land to go with. This boss made great use of the Wiimote, and the first person mechanic. Other M may've been a disappointing game, but some of the bosses were creative, big and amazing, hey at least it's better than federation force, amirite pplz? Ah screw it, No one's listening.


    This was a beast of a boss for a handheld game, and her appearance in Other M on the wii was even beastlier. You had explode the Metroids that came from her eggs, then you had to explode her crystals, after that, you had to use the grapple beam and the morph ball into her stomach and turn her to SPACE DUST!!!!! This was a worthy upgrade from handheld to console, even if this 7th gen console was more of an overclocked 6th gen console.


    This started out as the regular Mother Brain from Metroid Classic, But she grew big, grew a body, and fired lasers out of her eye. This was The biggest boss fight in the series up to that point. The baby metroid from earlier in the game grew up and sacrificed it's self to beat this SOB. You got the hyper beam, and you had to escape the planet before it self destructed. This was probably the most Iconic fight in the entire series, but 2 are better than this...

    #2: EMPEROR ING (PRIME 2):

    Emperor Ing had a little bit of everything, a crisis between 2 worlds, puzzle solving, shooting, and he was one big ass MF. The first phase had a lot of shooting, the second had spider ball puzzles, and the 3rd had both elements in one. You had to destroy the cocoon, destroy the monster when it releases from it, and go on the monsters husk and destroy the monster completely... This was one heck of an epic boss fight, but one offered more excitement out of me...


    This had you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire fight. it was fast paced, had a cool design, and took everything that made ridley fights great in the past and amped it up to 11. You used your morph ball, and had to fire all you got in this fight. Ridley was flying in the sky and breathing fire in the first half of the fight, and using his shining metal fingers to destroy you, It was epic, may've not had as much puzzle solving as say Emperor Ing, but it was so fast paced, and was a great penultimate fight before metroid prime... There's a reason he was in Brawl's story mode as the final boss before heading to subspace.

    Those were my top 5 metroid bosses, I do apologize for the lack of 2D bosses, but the 3D Bosses were much better. I'm curious to see your top bosses of the series. Comment down below... Also did you check out The A.Yoshi Show yet?