Hey guys!

So been a while... I have been kinda busy going through some stuff, but, I feel like I can kinda say I'm getting back together.

First things first, I am in the process of going back to college. I have been out of school almost 7 years....not that they are connected, but the amount of years I've been going to RTX as a guardian....anyway, I am gonna pretty much have to start all over, but I think I'm ready this time.

Secondly, job searches have been kinda a dud. I'm stuck in my same job right now, and of course it doesn't pay enough to cover everything. Guess it's part of the adulting process. At this point, all I can do is ask for more hours and hope for the best.

Third,  I CAN'T WAIT FOR RTX! Lucky year #7. Once a young lad fish is now becoming a gent. Putting aside the fish gimmick for a second, I really can't wait to see my friends, but there's also gonna be so many new people, more added to the guardian family. I don't know how many more RTX I can or will be able to do, but like I do every year, Your boi Fish is gonna help make it one of the best ever.

Tldr: I'm going to school soon, job sucks but gotta get more hours, and cant wait for RTX.

Love you guys,

Just keep swimming,