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  • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: #RTCommunityDay - Autumnal Survival

    1 month ago

    ailsarocks FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Community Stylist

    Hello beautiful dears! Gosh it's that time again! Happy #rtcommunityday to everyone! Extra shoutout to all of the absolute beauts who are enjoying the sights and experiences of #RTXLondon this weekend! I hope you're all ok and staying safe! Remember, if you're wearing your RT merch today, please tag me here on the site @ailsarocks or use hashtag #rtcommunityday on Twitter.

    As always I'm styling the next #RTBOX exclusive shirt! The next box was Survival themed and I must say there were more than a few very useful items here! This Double Gold Sponsor exclusive box contained:

    - Note from Josh Flanagan.

    - Day 5 "Sandman's Oasis" Glow in the dark tee.

    - Red "Headlight Fluid" water bottle.

    - Dragon Grimm RWBY Japan sticker/decal.

    - Day 5 "Do Not Fall Asleep" rechargeable torch/flashlight.

    - Game Code for Serial Cleaner.

    - Geoff Ramsey Fallout style pin.

    - AHWU Supply Bad Decision Repair Kit (complete with sewing kit, q-tips, gauze etc).

    - Collectable Card #7 (20% signed by Day 5 Cast).

    Oooh sky blue... another shirt colour that doesn't grace my wardrobe very often at all, but once I styled this I was very pleasantly surprised. The glow in the dark feature will probably be wasted on me, but could be a cool feature when styling this shirt from a day to a night look! Here's how I styled the shirt this month!


    Autumn is my favourite season. The colours, the mood, getting your cosy cardigans out for those crisp mornings where you can crunch through the leaves on your daily commute. I wanted to try and style this shirt in a muted autumnal palette, despite this shirt screaming Summer!! I paired the sky blue with touches of camel, accents of teal, mustard, tan and cream to bring together a look that would suit pretty much everyone, whether you're warm or cool toned. Tartan or plaid is a great way to tie colours together and the same tartan can look different depending on which colours you pick out. Added to this were my staple teal/grey chinos and I was ready to test my look in the harshest terrain I could find!

    Other than perhaps wanting to swap my favourite leather boots for wellies while walking in the sand... this look ticked all the boxes for surviving a typical autumn. The chunky knit cardigan kept out the harsh cold, my chinos were warm enough too... I was even brave enough to dip my feet in the sea. In October!!

    So there you have it. I hope you like how I styled this month's #RTBOX exclusive shirt. How do you wear yours?

    Thank you for reading, and as always,

    Stay Fashionable  barbara

  • Bacrylic's Share Story #7 Teenage Rebellion Done Wrong

    4 months ago


    Story #7

    I know what you're thinking. How could anyone rebel the wrong way? Its very simple really, all you need to do is be a teenager and take up a cause that follows very little logic. 

    I don't kow exactly what age I was. I just know that I had to have been a teenager to be this stupid. 

    So everyone has that moment where they take a stand against one of their parents. Maybe it has something to do with their friends, their life choices, or whatever. My stand was actually for a serious topic. 

    This was after my parents split up. The divorce went through and it was settled on shared custody. Every week my sisters and I would pack our bags and move from house to house. We didn't really have a lot of stuff so to say, but the family dynamic changed. I found it hard to create a space that was my own refuge when it kept changing every week. To add to that, both my parents were dating again, but even quicker was my dad. My dad's girlfriend and her son was pretty much moving in and I was sharing a room with my soon to be stepbrother. Now for some personal context, there was word that my dad might've had an affair with a lady from work that lived in Texas. When this reached my mom some serious drama happened. It was like straight out of a Degrassi episode or some shit. I'll save that for the podcast. I never found out if it was true or not, but guess where my dad knew his new girlfriend from and guess where she used to live. Yup. 

    Now my sisters and I weren't too keen on my dad's girlfriend and her son. Especially with the scandal floating in the air at the time. I'm also pretty sure they didn't like us either, due to how we were treating them. 

    So while things were getting settled, my dad got to keep the house while my mother was living out of a trailer. Now I've never went against my parents before, but even how stupid my decision sounds, I stand by it. 

    It happened on one of the days I was supposed to go back to my dad's. But for some reason I had a lot of built up anger, and I just knew I didn't want to go back. I just needed some space, and its not that I was just uncomfortable with my dad's girlfriend. I was, but my mom was also seeing someone as well who was to be my future stepdad.

    When it was time to go back to my dad's I refused. My mother wanted me to go because of legal reasons me staying could've caused some problems. This was followed up by an awkward phone call with several moments of silence. In the end my dad lets me stay. Now I know this sounds like a triumph on my end, and you're not sure where the stupid part is. Well here it is.

    In the divorce my mother got a plot of land. Our house was located next door to my grandparents and so she set her tailer on that plot of land. So my rebellion and complaining about moving from house to house, was literally over moving next door every week. LITERALLY. 

    So stupid.

    But after all that I think the space I had from them made the adjustment a lot better. I think my relationship with my dad is a lot better for it too. Still, looking back, my logic for that was extremely ridiculous  

  • Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions/Spoilers

    4 months ago

    theSilentCartographer '05 RT fan

    Time for Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers!!!!!


    For those who have watched Season 6, the cliffhanger they left us with showed Danaery's Targaryen Sailing along with Varys, Tyrion, Theon, Yara, the Sandsnakes, as well as Olenna Tyrell. At last Danaerys is making her way to Westeros with a united front, but wait ... where in Westeros is she sailing?

    Below is a leaked image showing Stark soldiers with the "King in the North", as well as his right hand man Ser Davos Seaworth, who have seemed to reach a shoreline in Dragonstone in which Dothraki soldiers are present. It would appear as though Jon had arranged to meet with them prior to them washing ashore. (Looks like Jon finally has a royal escort, somewhat of a "Kingsguard").


    Now we all know that a meeting between Jon and Danaerys was bound to happen, though who would've thought it'd be this soon? This image shows that Danaerys, Tyrion, and what appears to be Jorah Mormont on the top section, have come to an agreement or created an alliance for the time being. Glad to see the return of Jorah "Friendzone" Mormont!




    Towards the end of Season 5 and during Season 6 Theon finally seems to have regained what was lost back in season 3, his balls. After killing Ramsay's "bootycall" and safely escorting Sansa through the wolfswood, which eventually led to Brienne and Podrick Payne saving the duo, Theon stated he was "going home". After reuniting with his sister, proclaiming Yara as the rightful heir to the salt throne, and stealing the iron fleet from Euron, Theon and Yara create an alliance with Danaerys and set sail to Westeros. Though as Theon himself said to Sansa, "Nothing can change what i've done: Betraying the North and Robb", he's somewhat right. As we all know, the North SOMEWHAT remembers!

    Below shows a confrontation between Theon and Jon. Jon seems to be threatening Theon or is scolding him on his betrayal and is questioning Theon's position as a "potential ally". Nevertheless it's great to see a reunion between the two considering they haven't seen each other since season 1 episode 1.


    Maisie Williams was captured in Northern Ireland getting ready to go on set with an entirely new set of clothing. Compared to her clothing from the past seasons she seems to have geared up for the coming storm, or should I say ... SNOW. Arya Stark seems to have acquired "Noble clothing" that we have seen all the Stark children wear. We last saw Arya feeding Walder Frey a pie of his own making(literally), which was actually Walder's sons carved up, and killing Walder by slicing his throat. Arya being at the twins shows that she is making her way back home to Winterfell, but I guess this picture can confirm that she reunites with her siblings.


    Ellie Kendrick was spotted on set in Northern Ireland as well dressed in her Wildling attire. Is it safe to assume her and Bran made it back past the wall and to Winterfell? Grenn held the gate, Hodor held the door, but can Ed hold the Wall? At least until the North is ready.


    With the bastard of the dreadfort dead and the bastard of Winterfell becoming King, what about that other bastard from season 3? What was his name, the one everyone seems to have forgotten about? That's right, after rowing his boat for about 3 seasons he finally seems to have reached some shores. Shores that, ultimately, is the worst place he could've wound up on: King's Landing. Joe Dempsie had been spotted having dinner and on set with the game of thrones crew and cast.


    Below shows Gendry along with Tyrion and Davos either docking or leaving before two Gold Cloaks show up, Gendry depiciting a younger King Robert Baratheon doesnt help in this situation, Tyrion being the Dwarf that killed his father doesn't either. It appears as if though the Gold Cloaks wish to apprehend Tyrion and Gendry but before so, Davos tries to distract or bribe them with something. While Davos distracts them Gendry seems to pull something out of the boat, an indication of his Nobility and shows he is the son of his father Robert Baratheon, a Warhammer. Gendry then proceeds to take out the Gold Cloaks with ease.


    - Written by Justin R. D.

  • Woodyman’s Backloggery #4 #5 #6 #7 – Mega Man X, X2, X3, & X4

    5 months ago


    When I first undertook this backloggery idea, I had no idea what I was getting into. I made some crazy mistakes, that made this WAY more difficult than it needed to be.

    The BIGGEST mistake I made was putting a bunch of games in a series in a row on the backlog. Before I edited the backlog list, I was originally going to play ALL Halo games in a row, and ALL Final Fantasy games I own in a row.


    The Mega Man X series is the reason I changed my backlog. These are fun games, but playing them back to back drove me a bit insane.


    That’s why I’m going to review all the Mega Man X games I played REAL QUICK!


    Review #4 – Mega Man X

    I forgotz to make an image.

    Going from the NES Mega Man games, to Mega Man X was a HUGE jump in quality. I love the NES games more just for nostalgia, but Mega Man X is the best in the series. Huge improvement to mobility, secrets, weapons and bosses. Also, the music in this first Mega Man X game is fucking amazing. I love this game!


    Review #5 – Mega Man X2


    Mega Man X2 improved Mega Man X graphically, musically, and with level design. Yet, somehow I don’t like this one as much as the original Mega Man X. It’s probably nostalgia, but there’s a charm in the original that Mega Man X2 just didn’t have for me. It’s still a great game.


    Review #6 – Mega Man X3

    Awesome game. Awesome Mega Man X game. My least favorite. Nothing stood out, I still don’t remember it, and I beat it twice.

    Review #7 – Mega Man X4

    This is going to ruffle some feathers, but Mega Man X4 is my second favorite in the series. It has the same charm as the first with fantastic level design, and also some of the best Robot Masters in the series (yes I’m calling them robot masters, I’m a Mega Man NES junkie). What I REALLY loved about this game is the ability to play as Mega Man X or Zero right from the beginning. Each level can be played with either character, and they require different strategies for each character. It’s very similar to the above games, and just as good.


  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard VR

    8 months ago


    I completed Resident Evil 7 and it was really good. definitely liked the begin in the house better after that it just stopped being scary and felt like any other first person game 

      here is the play list of me playing it

  • Tabletop Tales: Things Sent to the Moon

    9 months ago


    So I was bored one day and was cleaning out a few documents on my computer when I came across something fun. Back when I was regularly involved in playing Tabletop over a few systems (D&D, World of Darkness and one infamous GURPS game) I had kept track on a few things that our DM had banned from our WoD game, or as he put it: "It's gone! Sent to the Moon!"

    So without further adeu....

    Things that have been BANNED from game (WoD):

    #1 The Wasp Knife

    #2 ANYTHING resembling a Ford Fiesta

    #3 Tuck-tuck-boom-boom. That is all (It's like a Tonka Truck with a Cannon!)

    #4 The Gunslinger Merit (stop asking Jim)

    #5 Fencing Fighting Style. Seriously, WTF guys?!

    #6 Sojutsu Fighting Style. ALSO BANNED

    #7 ALL the benfits of the Stillness Shroud. Seriously, you guys only get 1 dot

    #8 Imbuing and Item as a Mage

    #9 Sasha Grey

    #10 Stacking Flamethrower Damage

    #11 Tazers and any Tazer related items 

    I should probably say most of these took place over 1 campaign.....Our group really did try out outdo themselves on creatvie ways to break the game...

    (on a side note the Moon's looking rather crowded nowadays...)

  • Extra Life is here!

    1 year ago

    MrWartburg Team Fat

    So as previously noted in a couple other journals I'm doing Extra Life this year! Findraising has gone quite well so far, with my team sitting at $695 of the $750 goal and my personal page at $420 (insert joke here) of the $500 goal. I'm starting my stream at 9 am CST on the 5th and we'll be giving away a bunch of prizes throughout the day.  Heck, only one tier has yet to be reached so 7 of the 8 are just going to be raffle off about every three hours to who ever is in the chat! Seriously, 7 of the 8 giveaways only require you to be in the chat when we raffle them off, have a twitch account and a working keyboard. That's it. Here's the breakdown:

    Giveaway #1 - Death of the Family - RAFFLE AT 11:50 a.m. CST on 11/5


    Giveaway #2: Amiibos - RAFFLE AT 3:30 PM CST on 11/5


    Giveaway #3: Kinda Funny Poster and coasters - RAFFLE at 6:30 p.m. CST on 11/5


    The second coaster I have yet to finish, but it will be done first part of next week. Prep was a bit more time intensive than I planned.

    Giveaway #4: RvB seasons 11 & 12 - RAFFLE AT 9 pm CST on 11/5


    Giveaway #5: Young Justice Figure + seasons 1/2 (DVD) - RAFFLE AT 11:50 am CST on 11/6


    Giveaway #6: RWBY Seasons 1 & 2 (Blu-ray) - RAFFLE AT 3:45 pm CST on 11/6


    Giveaway #7: Vytal Festival Wall Hanging + Team RWBY Coaster Set - RAFFLE AT 7 pm CST on 11/6


    Wall hanging needs to be sanded and clear coated

    And lastly, if you're still looking at this, I have a collection of video game themed woodburning items. 


    Entering the giveaway is pretty simple, just donate $5 for 1 entry (need a Twitch username in the donation note) to my team or personal Extra Life page and we'll put your name in for the big raffle at the end of the weekend, 9 pm CST on 11/6. Donate $10? Then you get two entries! $25? Then you get five! 

    So, what do you think? See you tomorrow at 9 am CST!

  • Random DC Stuff

    1 year ago


    Stuff that I found of note while searching for Doomsday feats:

    Superman can track heat:

    Supergirl Psycho-Kinetic Strike:

    Supergirl Bullet Time:

    Superman developed the ability to survive in space unaided:

    Superman survives Hyperspace:

    Redemption’s Power:

    Superman can quickly navigate a universe:

    Atomic Skull can kill everything in 10 miles:

    Red Lantern Kara and SuperDoom fly to the other side of the galaxy in seconds:

    Hypertime and it’s infinite realities:

    DC apparently has multiple “panverse” which by the name should be synonymous with Omniverse:

    The Universe has multiple Hells:

    Lil’ Batman retains his most important skill, snarking:

    Lil’ Batman’s heartwrenching backstory:

    Lil’ Superman’s heartwrenching backstory:

    Holy F. Lil’ Batman has one of the most genre-savy moments I’ve ever seen:

    Lil’ Batman threatens Bat-Mite:

    Superman can survive more than 10 Minutes in combat With Doomsday, and is the only person able to:

    New 52 Brainiac had almost gathered enough minds to perform Universal Reality-Warping:

    New 52 Cyborg Superman has flown through exploding supernovas:

    Clark wants Bruce to find Peace. Dawww.

    SuperDoom defeats A Universal Warping Brainiac:

    Parallax Hal Jordan was a threat to all existence:

    Universal Re-Creation Potential:

    The Universal is linked back on itself:

    Parallax was re-creating all of existence:

    Waverider blasts Parallax Hal:

    Parallax Hal destroyed infinite lives:

    Recreation of the Universe:

    Hal (Parallax but his powers drained) and Kyle survive the Big Bang:

    Waverider moved the Justice League outside Creation

  • Doomsday Feats in Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey

    1 year ago



    The end of Doomsday’s origin and a listing of his powers:


    Doomsday physically destroys a Darkseid Avatar:


    Doomsday can extend his bone claws which are strong enough to penetrate Motherbox Armor:

    Doomsday’s Claws are poisonous:



    Doomsday is made of solid mass. No blood, no tissue, no vital organs:

    Doomsday can survive hyperspace.

    For the record DC Hyperspace:

    Doomsday survives the Omega Beams of Apokalips which wipe things from existence and burn hotter than the flame pits of Apokalips:

    Doomsday takes a blast from Motherbox-Enhanced Superman:

    Doomsday is unkillable, even to Waverider, a Universal Being:

    Waverider resorts to tricks to try and beat Doomsday because brute force wouldn’t work:

    It is believed, even by the beings of the Sphere of the Gods, that Doomsday is not killable:

    Doomsday is beyond death:

    Doomsday briefly survives the end of time, the end of the universe and existence itself:

    Regeneration/Energy Manipulation

    Doomsday evolved in reaction to New Genesis Ultrasonics in seconds:

    Doomsday regenerates stronger than before every time:

    After a defeat by The Radiant and Superman Doomsday evolved immune to their powers. Reminder: The Radiant was made specifically to fight Doomsday:

    Doomsday evolves past The Radiant’s powers and now has energy manipulation:

    Doomsday grabs a being of pure energy:

    General Power

    Apokalips knows Doomsday as the “The Armageddon Creature”:

    The Most powerful infantry tech of Apokalips does nothing against Doomsday:

    Doomsday can defeat the Elite Guard of Darkseid and force an evacuation of Apokalips:

    Doomsday is far and away the toughest being Superman has ever come across:

    Doomsday is the equal in power to Darkseid’s Avatar:

    The only beings who do not fear Doomsday do not know of his power:

    The Radiant was a being created specifically to kill Doomsday made of pure energy:

    Despite this, Doomsday fought The Radiant for over a week:


    Doomsday is lightning fast:


  • Doomsday Feats in Wonder Woman

    1 year ago


    I should note that the feats presented here are not from the actual Doomsday but a clone. The Doomsday Clone had the same power as the Doomsday which fought Superman, which was Doomday’s weakest point:

    General Power

    Wonder Woman has not seen the strength of someone like Doomsday since she battled Superman:

    Doomsday fodderizes Champion:

    The Gods of Olympus granted Wonder Woman’s near unequaled power. But even that can not stand against Doomsday:


    Doomsday can draw power from nearby electrical machines:

    Doomsday’s Adaptation power is so great his strength can double with every step he takes:

  • Doomsday Feats in Superman Comics

    1 year ago



    Doomsday’s strike might be the hardest thing to ever hit Superman. Bear in mind this is Doomsday’s weakest version and by this time Superman has been hit by supernova:

    Superman and Doomsday finally kill each other with their death blows:


    Doomsday in his weakest version tanks a combined blast from the JLA:

    After hours of fighting Superman finally hurts Doomsday only by hitting his skeleton through his bone claws:


    Superman notes Doomsday’s speed:

    Superman has to match Doomsday’s speed:

    Doomsday is faster than the Flash:

    Other Powers:

    Doomsday’s Bone Spikes are sharp enough to cut Superman:

    Doomsday Rex has fire-breathe capable of hurting Martian Manhunter:

    Doomsday Rex pushes Martian Manhunter out of his mind:

    General Power:

    Doomsday tore the Justice League apart at the seams in his weakest version:

    …with one hand tied behind his back:

    Doomsday has felled Earth’s greatest heroes save Superman:

    Doomsday Rex was doing pretty well against Post OWAW Superman:

  • OsageOrange's Writing Thoughts #29, 2016/10/15: Writers and Influnces.

    1 year ago


    I’ve got several favorite authors and influences/themes that I want to discuss in this entry.


    First up is my favorite author, David Weber. Been reading his works since 2002. Story behind discovering him is that I saw Honor Harrington novel #7, In Enemy Hands, sitting on my dad’s bookshelf and it looked interesting when I picked it up. My dad went, “No, Osage, don’t start with that one- you’ll be very confused.” He then went and picked up the nearby On Basilisk Station copy he had and said, “Read this one first, then the ones leading up to the one you just picked up, and everything will make more sense.” Thus, I was captivated by Weber. These series chronicles the time of Honor Harrington, a navel officer of the Star Kingdom (later, Star Empire) of Manticore.

    The next author is Naomi Novik, author of the recently completed Temeraire series, wherein the Napoleonic Wars ware reimagened in an alternate universe with Earth being inhabited with dragons as well as humans. I found this series after going to a doctor’s appointment and visiting a nearby Barnes and Noble location, and when I saw the first novel, His Majesty’s Dragon, I was curious started reading it- I was taken by the novel and bought it. It features the tales, adventure and travels of Captain William Laurence and dragon Temeraire, as they go through the timeframe of the Napoleonic Wars.

    Another author is JRR Tolkien, and his most famous work, The Lord of the Rings, which needs little repeating here. The movie series inspired me to read the novel, which is quite a good (but long and very thought provoking) read.

    A recent addition to my favorite authors is L.E. Modesitt Jr., with his Spellsong Cycle series (I’m certainly reading the last novel in this series as of this journal). Again, I found out about this series on my dad’s bookshelf, and he said it was also a good series to read. Set in the world of Erde, it features those who are able- sorcerers and sorceresses- who are able to use magic in the form of spellsongs to effect the world around them, sometimes quite dramatically. Its into this world that Anna Marshall is taken, and how she sets in motion events that will change the world.

    A final “duet” of authors are Mercedes Lackey and Andre Norton, in a joint venture, The Halfblood Chronicles. In a world where elves that are “evil” dominate one part of the world and have human slaves, some secret half-elven, half-human offspring, known as wizards and led by “elvenbane” Shana and her dragon allies, fight to remove the yoke of the elven overlords over humans.


    So, with these authors in mind, its time to go into a number of the influences and themes from these writers that I would like to use in some way.

    01. The cost of war: This is shown in Modesitt and Weber, there is the cost of war- how many lives are taken or altered, how much is destroyed, etc. Basically, how does war- or even large of amounts of more localized fighting- factor into changing places and people, and the various effects on them. The length of fighting, how much and what types of fighting also has an influence on characters behave and act in the scenarios presented to them.

    02. Fighting for beliefs: Here, Tolkien, Modesitt and Weber are leaders, with some inklings from Norton/Lackey. As a general train of thought with these authors, the protagonists fight for their beliefs, mostly because, while they may not be perfect for everyone, they would benefit the whole society. While some hold themselves to beliefs that might be a bit much, they try to bring about a change to the society, or individuals, that would help improve society.

    03. Military: This applies mostly to Weber and Novik, in as far as they have military-based organizations whom one if not more of the major characters are apart of. They are often realistic, but with some differences, of course. Some parts are more ficitonalized that what they might actually be or are of course. Lackey/Norton show up with battles between the elven and wizard/dragon/free human factions, and Modesitt also shows with the military units needed to help protect the sorceresses, as well as project the power of pre-industrial nation-states.

    04. Different races/species/breeds/ethnicity: Here, Novik, Lackey/Norton, Tolkien and Weber are dominant. The first four have a number different races or species of sentient beings- dragons, elves, dwarves, humans, half-elves, trolls, orcs, ents, etc. They play for good or ill, depending on the story. Novik further describes her dragons by different breeds, some with special abilities. Weber shows different species, ie, treecats and Medusans, are sentient.  He also shows different ethnicity for some characters- Honor Harrington and her mother Allison are described as of Asian decent; Allison's surname, Chou, would indicate Chinese ancestry.

    05. Relationships: Throughout all the authors and their writings, relationships are a key aspect. Many of the relationships are tested in some fashion- many time and time again. Some are strained, even broken. Other relationships don’t seem to work well, or aren’t well thought out or written. Point being, many of the relationships are a prime thread of any writing.

    06. Alternate history/universes: Here, Novik and Lackey/Norton shine. Novik writes as the dragons that exist on Earth are major part’s of a nation’s military forces in many cases, but fulfill other roles as needed. In the Halfblood Chronicles, dragons, humans and elves are, based on references from a few characters, originally from three separate worlds, but ultimately have interactions on the human world.

    07. Travel between universes/dimensions: Here, Modesitt and Lackey/Norton are prominent. In the case of Modesitt, Anna is taken from Ames, Iowa to outside of Loiseau, Defalk by a rote sorceress and musician, the latter desiring vengeance against the lord sorcerer of Loiseau for killing his father. Anna is later able to send messages across dimensions to her daughter Elizabetta. As for the travel between dimensions in the Halfblood Chronicles, both the dragons and elves migrate from their homeworlds to the world that’s inhabited by humans- the former because of the world’s hostile climate, the later because of the warful nature of the elves that made their home planet a barren wasteland. Both do this through separate portals.

    08. Environmental concern: This is primarily a theme of Tolkien and to a lesser extent, Modesitt. For Tolkien, the environment is more than something that is to be used and abused- it is to be respected, revered in a way. Tolkien wanted us to understand that by using the world the way we do, we slowly kill ourselves by our own waste. Similarly, Modesitt shows the effects of extreme battle sorcery. In the parts of the country of Ranuak, there are large areas where the countryside that are completely devastated because of sorcery, ranging from blackened, radioactive-like hills to swamps and pools full of noxious waters, soils and fumes.

    09. One person/group/race/species/modified organism dominating others: Another grouping of Tolkien, Weber, Modesitt and Lackey/Norton. In many of these cases, it about conquest or domination. In the case of Tolkien, its Sauron, with his orcs, trolls, nazgul and other forces that want to dominate the world in darkness. For Weber, its genetically engineered humans based on the planet Mesa who want to overturn existing social structures. In Modesitt’s writing, the Sea-Priests desire to conquer Liedwahr and chain women. For Lackey/Norton, the elves desire to conquer in order to get more human slaves and, more importantly, keep them under control and wipe out the half-blood wizards that have been eluding them.

    10. Price of power/magic: Here, Modesitt and Weber are shown. On Erde, the use of too much spellsinging, especially Darksong (which effects living or once living), can result in being rendered unconscious or even dead. For Weber, he follows the maxim, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Some characters use their power to aid others and get peace, whilst others use their power to sew discord and war.

    11. Responsibility: A big topic for Weber in the Honorverse. In an interview I saw, he summed up his logic of responsibility thus: The good guys take responsibility, the bad guys don’t take responsibility. This makes for a good way to drive characters and the story, for one thing Weber does is that there are irresponsible characters working for the good guys, and responsible characters working for the bad guys.

    Next month’s topic with be about environmental destruction.

  • Apple is the dumbest rich company on this planet.

    1 year ago

    PlayPodSK FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    With the announcement of the iphone 7 can something really really stupid. that stupid this is; the iphone 7 does not have a auxiliary cord. meaning you can not plug in headphones or plug into a car or any kind of speakers. they HAVE to be wireless. why would they do that. they are just pushing away customers.

    that, on top of a new phone that costs about as much as a new computer has very little upgrades and nothing really new about it. the operating system isn't great and they are always borrowing ideas from androids. but making it harder.

    in general, i tunes is a bitch to work with, not only their phones but their computers are annooying to work with. i don't understand why everyone loves apple so much. they are always doing something to make their product worse. they only thing good that they have is the camera on their phones. a apple product is not worth the money it is. how can people support a company like this.

  • Boogeyman #7

    1 year ago


    Hello viewers, Skydragon here to share with yesterdays episode of Boogeyman because I was a little busy and forgot to post here sorry about that everyone. Anyway in Boogeyman #7 Gumbybear and myself return to Boogeyman after a delay caused by the 3.0 update that caused our save data to be wiped. So I had to play through the whole game again to get back to night 6. But enough about technical stuff in the episode we're joined by Matt as we explore the game and see what new things have been added since the update and there was a lot of new things. What new thing you might ask well you'll have to watch the video to find out :)

    Like always if you have any advice or creative criticism please leave them in the comments of these blogs or on the videos themselves we'd be glad to read and learn from them. That's all for now thank you all so much for reading/viewing and to everybody out there Whoever, Wherever you are I hope you have a Good Morning, a Good Afternoon and a Good Night Bye-Bye

  • 10 more top out-of-play moments in Kuroko no Basuke!

    1 year ago


    It's that time again ladies and gentlemen, the series that just keeps feeding me endless writing inspiration;

    I wrote another article detailing ten more of my favourite moments from Kuroko no Basuke that aren't basketball plays!

    A series that's, largely, about 15 year-olds dunking like there's no tomorrow can have surprisingly engaging themes of friendship and trust.

    Like last time, I've provided the manga chapter and anime episode as a reference for each moment, so you can find them easily if you want to see them with a bit more context

    For those of you who'd rather not read my gushing drivel, here is a brief summary of the list;

    #10: Akashi forces Kagami below his line of site [References: Chapter 178, Episode 55]

    #9: Kuroko becomes Seirin’s Kuroko Tetsuya [References: Chapter 57, Episode 20]

    #8: Kuroko asks Aomine to help him learn how to shoot [References: Chapter 142 & 145, Episode 44 & 45]

    #7: The Teiko basketball club first string get ice cream with Kise for the first time [Reference: Episode 22.5 OVA]

    #6: The origin of Hyuuga’s Clutch Time [References: Chapter 28, Episode 11]

    #5: Midorima thinks he has a good disguise [References: Chapter 43, Episode 16]

    #4: Aomine punches Haizaki [References: Chapter 173, Episode 53]

    #3: Aomine tells Hanamiya that he will lose against Seirin [References: Chapter 103, Episode 35]

    #2: Kise’s “I love this team” moment in the Winter Cup semi-final [References: Chapter 195, Episode 62]

    #1 Momoi joins the Generation of Miracles in a game of streetball on Kuroko’s birthday [Reference: Episode 75.5 OVA]

    Obviously this list will mean little to anyone who's unfamiliar with the series, so I implore you to check it out for yourself because I think it's incredible!

    If you've seen/read the series and think I've missed any great moments, please let me know <3

    Oreshi thanks you for reading.


    Thanks, guys <3


    1 year ago


    I've been resorting to "Lurking Mode", of late. Mostly because I ave to time to read what's on the site, or write posts and/or comments. Not both. With several major projects cluing up, I've been refocusing my mental faculties on tackling the backlog that those major projects created.

    1. The Big One - the major digitization project for another department within the University = DONE! And, I couldn't be happier. I don't enjoy having something monopolize my time to such a degree. I like being able to shift gears when something becomes tedious. Even if it's just for an hour or so. The timeline demands of this project prevented that.

    2. A studio project I had been picking away with with a local music group is done and sent off for mastering. Hoping to get a sneak peak any day, now. Very pleased with how it all turned out. Well worth the 2+ years we spent working on it.

    3. RT Throwdown revisits: #2 (Church Vs Sarge) is done and in the can. Jeremy's working on the video for it, as we speak. I'm really hoping everyone gets a kick out of this one. I know I sure did. It was surreal hearing these voices coming out of my studio computer. Top marks to everyone who contributed to this one. For not being rappers, they brought their "A" game. Hopefully soon, you'll all get to hear what I mean...!

    4. 1551: nothing new, per se. there's a couple of ideas in their infancy. But, schedules have prevented us from getting them beyond that stage.

    5. They Stole My Crayon - Mixing for this Californian band has kicked into gear. I'm on mix #7 out of 12. The eclectic and often experimental nature of this album means we're putting lots of extra details into it. Which also means it's taking a bit of extra time. Completely worth it! This is going to be unlike anything you've ever heard before.

    And, I have a few extra 'friends' joining me in my Office Collection, courtesy of a friend of mine in Indiana...! Very excited about all of these. BEHOLD!!



    Yup! I own 3 out of the original 5 Generation 1 DINOBOTS! These have been well enjoyed and are by no means "pristine". Grimlock actually had to be glued back together and unfortunately, as a result of that, will have to remain in T-Rex mode. Which is fine, because I fully planned on displaying them in Alt mode, anyways. Same for the Original G1 Insecticons. My first time owning an entire set of them. As you can see, there's no issues getting them into bot mode. But, I think they'll show better if I keep them in Alt mode.

    That's about all I can think of, right now. I'm sure there's lots I'm leaving out. It'll have to wait until next time, though.

  • Thor's Top 10 Most Wanted Death Battles

    1 year ago


    Greetings my fellow G1's, Thor Gunderson1058 here to fulfill a long tradition of Death Battle fans, and give you my official list outlining the top ten Death Battles I want to see happen. But before I go on, just want point out that this is my opinion, you may have your own, it may be different, but that’s irrelevant here. Secondly, while we are about to see my personal favorite Death Battle requests, there are definitely more than 10 matches that should occur, and while not all these matches could crack my top ten, they still should enjoy an honorable mention. I strongly recommend you check out the ODBFB’s Top Ten, Now Let’s get to what we came here for, Me Listing out my Fave Death Battle Ideas (PS: due to lack of existence or poor quality, all the following images were custom made by me).

    #10 Spinal V. Cervantes


    Oh my, this is a fun one, you know two fights we have yet to see in Death Battle? A Pirate fight and a Zombie fight. You know what this match would give us? A FRICKING ZOMBIE-PIRATE FIGHT, THAT'S WHAT!

    Spinal is an Undead Pirate from the Killer Instinct games, he was resurrected by Ultratech to defeat foes in the KI tournaments

    Cervantes is a Greedy swashbuckler who after being killed, was resurrected by a shard of Soul Edge and now seeks the Demon Sword to make himself unstoppable again. He is also the father of previous DB combatant Ivy Valentine, who died at the hands of a KI character.

    Among other similarities, both Spinal and Cervantes wield humongous swords, have badass special weapons, have really cool magic powers and are both bat-shit crazy. Shimmer Me Timbers Me Matey's, This Fight be Worth Walking the Plank For, Aarrrrrrrrg! *very sorry for bad pirate puns, hard to resist, I would like to apologize to all pirates*

    #9 Daredevil V. Kenshi


    Now this is a fight all should see, well except for those competing cause well, But in all seriousness this is a brutal fight to the death between probably fiction's greatest blind ninja

    Daredevil is a superhero from Marvel, A lawyer by day, vigilante Ninja by night, Daredevil takes advantage of his blindness by using his other super senses to be constantly aware of his surroundings in a manner similar to Sonar, this ability is so precise he can even detect changes on the atomic level.

    Kenshi is a powerful blind ninja from Mortal Kombat, and when he is in contact with his mystic Katana, Sento, he gains powerful telepathic powers, allowing him to sense his surroundings, teleport and use Telekinesis.

    This makes for an interesting fight as the outcome may rely far more on than the strengths and weaknesses of their sensory abilities rather than raw fighting skill.

    #8 El Tigre V. Jenny Wakeman


    Wow, where do I start with this one? It is an epic showdown between the clearcut most powerful cartoon superheroes in Nickelodeon history.

    El Tigre is a teenage Mexican superhero with incredible Strength, Speed, Durability and many other useful powers, most noteable his Razor sharp claws which can cut through nearly any non magical material. (for additional info check my blog)

    Jenny Wakeman is a teenage Robot superhero, built by the genius scientist, Nora Wakeman, she has serious super strength, a larger arsenal of weapons and gadgets than inspector gadget and massively FTL flight speeds.

    Looking into this fight, I was surprised to find it having a parallel to Kirby vs Buu, with one character having such high survivability the other will struggle to put them down, while the other is so fast, the first one will have a really hard time even hitting them. So I am extra curious to see how that works out.

    #7 Samurai Jack V. Afro Samurai


    Yes, I am a really heavy supporter of this matchup, Jack and Afro are both Very iconic, badass, superhuman samurai, but only one can come out alive.

    Samurai Jack is a legendary warrior trapped in the future, he can leap hundreds of feet, travel hypersonic speeds and cut through Adamantium.

    Afro Samurai is the most powerful Samurai in his world, he can slice bullets out of the air, fight small armies, and somehow survive being killed.

    Some have called this fight one-sided before, but I have one thing to say to them, I DON'T CARE. This match is far from the most one-sided match DB has done, and seeing a fight between these two is simply just far too awesome a spectacle to pass up for any reason at all.

    #6 Valentine V. Litchi Faye Ling


    Now this here is a match made in my personal Heaven, two of my all time favorite fighting games going head to head to settle once and for all the all important question, WHO HAS THE BETTER NINJA-NURSE?

    Valentine is a superhuman ninja from Skullgirls and medical professional of Labs 7 & 0 who devastates enemies with her enormous arsenal of extremely painful medical equipment, including Bone-Saws, Defibrillators and disorienting Drugs.

    Litchi Faye Ling is a highly skilled martial artist from Blazblue and doctor of the Kaka clan, she can perform monstrously powerful combos and telekinetically control her metal bo staff.

    This fight is not only great on paper but also comedy wise, just Imagine what Boomstick would have to say about these two, yeah eat your heart out Ivy vs Orchid.

    #5 Hulk V. Doomsday


    Here we go, everyone knows this match, the two most legendary, absurdly powerful, unstoppable Juggernauts in Comic History going Head to Head in an absolutely Titanic Struggle for the ages!

    Hulk is the super strong Rage monster of Marvel, his physical Strength and Durability are limited only by how angry he is, and is sometimes enough to planet bust just by being there, additionally he can leap over 50 miles, fire concussive blasts by clapping, breath in a vacuum and possesses one of the most powerful healing factors in Marvel.

    Doomsday is the apocalyptic beast from DC, he was designed to be the perfect evolutionary being so every time you kill him, he will eventually return with an immunity for what killed him, meaning he can't be killed the same way twice. Doomsday can also match Superman in strength, survive in space, heal at an accelerated rate, and is covered in razor-sharp bone protrusions which can cut through nearly anything.

    A match between two beasts of this caliber punching the hell out of each other and possibly destroying the whole solar system would be quite the treat.

    #4 Domino V. Jinx


    How in the Hell is this matchup not a thing yet? I mean just think how amazing it would be to see a match between fiction's greatest Probability Manipulators.

    Domino is a Mutant from the Marvel/X-Men Franchise who has the ability subconsciously Alter likelihood to her favor, by constantly making highly improbable, though not impossible, things happen to both help her and hinder her foes. Basically this power turns her into the absolute luckiest person alive for the course of a battle, additionally Domino has master combat skills and a large arsenal of pistols.

    Jinx is a Witch from the DC/Teen Titans Franchise who has the ability to cast powerful hexes on her foes and objects and buildings around them, with disastrous effects. Basically she causes tremendous amounts of Bad-luck for her foes, making them have to constantly watch out for disasters happening around them. Additionally Jinx is an expert at gymnastics, can fire energy projectiles, and has some limited control over the elements.

    Seeing a Cat and Mouse game of Good luck vs Bad luck easily makes for the most interesting fight on this entire list, and something that I desperately wanna see.

    #3 Dexter V. Jimmy Neutron


    Yeah, you guys all saw this coming, Me and Marduk have been researching and debating this fight like mad for months now and I'm more convinced than ever that this match must occur.

    Dexter is a 2 foot tall superhuman Boy Genius with a huge and absolutely broken supply of gadgets and weapons. (Check out Marduk's Blog)

    Jimmy Neutron is a 3.67 foot tall superhuman Boy Genius with a huge and absolutely broken supply of gadgets and weapons (sounds vaguely familiar). (Check out My Blog)

    These two Boy Genius' are eerily similar, have a huge rivalry, and I can tell you after all that debating, can literally cancel each other blow for blow, plus a fight between the smartest kids in cartoon history is the stuff of legends. PS you can expect a Full Collab Prediction Blog for this Fight from Marduk and I in the near future.

    #2 Michael Myers V. Jason Voorhees


    OK as a hardcore horror fan, how could I NOT put this matchup on my list? These two are the unquestioned Mascots of the slasher movie genres, and it's high time they faced off to finally prove who is the deadliest Serial Killer in Movie History.

    Michael Myers is the murderous boogeyman from the Halloween Franchise, He possesses Superhuman Strength, Speed, Durability Stealth and a regenerative healing factor that makes him nearly unkillable. ( Check My Blog for more Info)

    Jason Voorhees is the Campground Butcher from the Friday the 13th Franchise, He too also has superhuman Strength, Durability, Stealth, Endurance and a super fast acting healing Ability that makes him an absolute b#tch to kill.

    The Sheer Killcount and amount of crazy Sh#t they've survived assures this will be the single most Brutal Match to date, And is a rivalry horror fans have been demanding for a while, It is even older than Robocop Vs Terminator. And considering a new Friday the 13th film is coming out soon, I'd say this ranks pretty high on the realm of possibilities.

    #1 Peacock V. B.B. Hood


    Well here we are, the number one slot on the list, And Surprise Surprise it involves my #1 favorite videogame character, Peacock, but don't let that bias blind you from how insanely awesome this matchup is.

    Peacock is a mutilated War orphan who was rebuilt into a deadly cartoon character of destruction, with tons of reality warping powers and a huge toony arsenal to hunt the demonic Skullgirl. (Got a blog on her too)

    Bonnie may look like a sweet little girl at first, but don’t let that fool you, She is a complete and total Psychopath who enjoys hunting and murdering demons for profit, and she has an arsenal of concealed military weaponry to pull it off.

    A ton of fun things with this fight, childish monster hunting killing machines will turn their brutal arsenal’s on each other to establish dominance in their warped little mind.

    UPDATE: While I was very satisfied with the One Minute Melee of this match I'd still like to see it as a Death Battle.

    Well that's it for today guys, wish I could say that's all the fights I want, but it definitely is most of them, and I had a blast writing it. Thanks so much for reading and Let me know what you think in the comments. I do Read them of course.

  • My Top 10 Zelda Bosses

    1 year ago


    This Segment is brought to you by the A. Yoshi Patreon...

    An epic game series needs epic bosses, Some of these Zelda bosses were satisfying to defeat, some were epic as frak, some had great mechanics you had to use for your advantage, but some had all 3. Here are the best Zelda bosses, what are the requirements of this list? Incorporate 1 or more of the factors above, and do it especially well. Here are my favorite Zelda Bosses starting with:


    Gohdan is essentially Bongo Bongo mixed with an Armos. Guarding you from the Master Sword and Hyrule Castle. You had to use your Arrows and Bombs to defeat this boss. OMG, IF ONLY THE BOMB ARROWS WERE A THING IN THE WIND WAKER!!!!! This Boss was epic, fast paced, and allowed you to use 2 items you got in your journey and didn't rely on the sword unlike most of the other bosses in the game...


    An all not that good Majora's Mask Boss turned into a really great Minish Cap Boss. It had platforming, size, flying in the sky, multiplying into three, It was a great boss for a 2D Zelda game, a portable Zelda at that. You used Roc's cape, which allowed you to jump and fly like Superman, and your Sword, It is a pretty Minimalist epic boss, for a relatively Minimalist game.


    LINK, YOU'RE PATROLLING, SIDESCROLLING, AND ONOX'S TROLLING!!!!! Wait, WHAT?! OK, the first part isn't all that special, but the Sidescrolling second half is where this fight really shines, with platforming, sidescrolling, and was just as epic as all hell. This is my favorite 2D Zelda Boss, and for a handheld, that's saying something considering that the handheld bosses weren't that good,


    Most of Majora's Mask's bosses weren't anything special, see Gyorg, But Goht was a fast, epic boss of the game. You were racing with him with rocks, bombs, and lightning being fired at you. If you're even lucky, you can buttf**k him literally. Having a full power rolling goron up your ass might ruin anyone's day, but (no pun intended) for Goht it means death. Also he's a robot, machinery like that is something we rarely see in Zelda games.


    This Boss showed the power of the DS, He towered over both screens of your handheld in 3 Dimensions. You smashed him apart with your hammer, fling yourself at him, and when the fight gets faster with his head becoming sentient. This was my favorite handheld boss of the series because of how epic and huge he was.


    KAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!!!! This boss has 6 arms, multiple weapons, including Boomerang Blades, and he keeps his weak spot covered. You could use the whip, take his huge ass swords, and strike like there's no Tomorrow. It's Oh so satisfying to fight him, since he's just so ep... I MEAN OH MY FRAKKING GOD WORTHY!!!!! It also helps with the power of the motion controls of the Wii, it felt even more Satisfying...


    For such a S**TTASTIC Dungeon, This was worth repeating, a increasingly difficult miniboss for the Water Temple, it was so good that the environment felt like a Chambara Samurai Flick. Dark Link learns your moves fast. It was a fast paced fight that you had to think critically at. Some people even copied their save files just to experience this again. It's one of those minibosses you saw coming every time you played Ocarina, and waited so eagerly to play against him.


    A nostalgic favorite of mine, It's as story told in 3 acts, the prologue, the beginning of the fight, and the Climax. Kotake and Koume had you face off against Nabooru as an Iron Knuckle, face off against them as a tag team, and finally them combined. The mirror shield was used to great effect here. Blasting away Fire and Ice based attacks, and it was so RADICAL!!!! Does anyone say that anymore? Well people said it in 1998, when this game was new.


    This boss lived up to its name. Twilit Fossil Stallord (HEY I SPELLED IT RIGHT THIS TIME!!!!) had you play pinball with his skeletal undead minions and your Spinner. Then you were in a fast chase to his sentient head to bump your spinner into it, and attack it with your sword when he's down for the count. He just was an e... I mean SUPER EPSOME Boss. See, I avoided using the E word, Suck it YOSHIETTE!!!!


    WHAT A WAY TO END THE GAME!!!! You knew a Ganon fight was going to be on here. This what Ocarina has been developing up to. You first had to go through the tower you just unblocked while facing off against Ganondorf's strongest henchmen. Then you go open the boss door and head up more steps with Ganondorf's Organ getting louder and louder. You watch a cutscene, then fight him with ping pong. After you get back to ground, Ganondorf grows big, and the original N64 version had him covered in shadows. You knew he was bigger than you, and you didn't have your Master Sword, but you do get it back. This was arguably one of the greatest final bosses of all time. and it's from what many consider the greatest game of all time, so there's that to think about. I know I keep saying the E word, but How do you NOT look at Ganon and go "HOLY S#!T!!!!!!!!!"

    So, that was my Top 10 Zelda Bosses, what are yours? Did you agree with me? Did I use too much Ocarina of Time towards the end, let me know...

    A. Yoshi's Carranger Review, a goofy sentai series, reviewed. Racing to the finish April 1st, only on GO, GO!!!!!! CARRANGER, CARRANGER!!!!!

  • My Thought on new Star Wars movie (Spoiler Free)

    1 year ago


    So I watched Star Wars over the weekend with my little niece and nephew and some other kids i dragged along (didn't want to watch the movie all by myself), and my impression of the movie is...actually GOOD!

    Now I don't know what @jegsimmons1 was all about in his review for the movie. He took more of an artistic direction, I guess, in his review, but I have to disagree with him on the overall quality.

    Now, contrary to the way he did it, I'll start off first with what I didn't like about the movie.

    1. The movie was a tad bit long. I like it when I get the most bang for my buck, but there were some drawn-out (is that the right use of the word?) moments when you're just saying COME ON!!!
    2. There are some...very disappointing moments. 'nuff said. just prepare to be pissed
    3. The "main character", Fin (or FN or however they decided to spell his name), is kinda all over the place from Hero to coward to even expressing some bromance with a resistance pilot (forgot his name). So, yeah, it feels like his lines just got written for whatever convenient situation he's in.
    4. some story plots were left unanswered. like the anti-lightsaber baton one storm trooper had. I agree with Jig on this one, it was so damn badass but not explained at all and only ONE had it.
    5. the galaxy is f-ing over 100,000 lights years wide and the millenium falcon goes up to light speed...just saying--physics! you'll know what i mean when you see the movie

    Now, for the goodies. the things I LOVED about this movie.

    1. George Lucas didn't direct this movie. I'm sorry but that Jackass just f-ing SUCKS!
    2. The acting in this movie, while the direction was a bit wonky some times, was actually god damn GOOD!! Remember Star Wars Episodes 1-3? Yeah, neither do I! None of the actors were at all memorable from any of those movies (ok, well, except for Darth Maul but they killed him off right away and that's just BULL!). The acting in this one was really really good. It felt natural. It felt authentic and even the wit was just the right amount.
    3. Its hard to ever replace Darth Vader, but Adam Driver pulled off a god damn awesome Kylo Ren (the "new darth vader"). Again, its not about replacing. its not about taking over. its not even about imitating. JJ made Kylo Ren his own thing with just enough closeness to Vader to keep us interested, but his style, charisma, mentality, and even ruthlessness is unique and my hats off to Adam for nailing it. I don't even know this actor or where he came from. to me he came from left field and blew my mind away
    4. The Storm Troopers are indeed badass in this movie. they're not just dumb automatons, they got skills. the movie even states that "these storm troopers have been trained since birth" to be warriors, and while the stereotypical badguys-always-somehow-missing-their-target-when-shooting-at-them still applies here, they gave them still a more prominent role in the movie. The anti-light-saber scene by itself was awesome to watch
    5. We all know and expect some cliches in the movies, and there are cliches in this one. however, I think JJ tried his best to reduce the cheese factor (can't really be helped since Lucas wrote the damn thing).
    6. You know this is a good movie when the feels are all over the place. Love, Hate, Fear, Sadness, all of them. They were there and its not because I'm a nerd and find anything nerdy fun (as you can tell, I'm a huge critic of episodes 1-3 and even JJ isn't beyond my critiques).
    7. the "Nope" moment with the two storm troopers.

    Overall, this movie rocks. If you are an original Star Wars fan like me, you'll have feels in this movie without a doubt! I wont over hype it and say its the best ever. but i will say that i god damn enjoyed the hell out of that movie and so did the kids who never saw a star wars movie in their life (they actually asked me if we can have a star wars marathon so they can find out what the whole story is).

    It is also kid friendly so you don't have to worry about the youngins and its still adult enough to enjoy. So check it out, I think you'll find it worth it.

    Also your nerd card will be revoked if you do not see this movie.

  • Don't support things like Furious 7.

    2 years ago


    "It's just a fun movie" "It's not meant to be taken seriously " "It's not that bad".
    No, fuck you. Fuck that, and fuck off.
    The more people think literal garbage is ACCEPTABLE, the more garbage you see on movies and media, and the less producers and studios rtyr to create something with effort and quality, knowing that you dumb fucks would consume anything thrown at your face, if has enough noise and colors.

    I write this before, predicting that the podcast would say these things about how they enjoyed the movie, and after Kerry and some others already posted that same.

    Granted, I support media freedom, to exist, to never be banned, and it should always be your own decision to watch or enjoy movies or games or media things.

    But if only people did that, without ignorance. Knowing full aware of how much dog shit they are ingesting down their throats. That way I would be happy to support individual unique opinions.

    But the more you tend to look away, the more you start to accept, and the more people HONESTLY THINK it's good, or acceptable.

  • Movie News: #1

    3 years ago

    IAmVeryMoist Rebel Scum

    I'm going to start posting weekly movie, tv and video game news articles in my journals from now on because why not?!:D

    For starters, Sherlock is returning to BBC One on New Year's Day! Holy crap! Sherlock fans like myself are all rejoicing with happiness! No one could've guessed it would be this soon but wow it's almost upon us.

    There have been some interesting movie release date changes. As you may know or don't know, Star Wars : Episode 7 will be released 12-18-15. A just now announced release date for Warcraft the movie adaptation of the hit MMO World of Warcraft was going to be released the same day as the new Star Wars. Smart move by the people behind Warcraft by changing their release date to 3-11-16. Still awhile away but now it stands a better chance of being successful in the box office without the new Star Wars destroying all competition.

    Another two announced movie release dates is the unnecessary The Mummy (reboot) set to "unwrap" smiley8.gif on 4-22-16

    AND! hold for it comes...drum please.....the highly anticipated....
    Friday the 13th (reboot) coming out on 3-13-14. Not only is this a reboot but it's found footage. The fact that it is found footage is the only remotely interesting aspect of this movie.

    A new image has been released showing off Optimus Prime's new look in the fourth film Transformer : Age of Extinction

    In case you care, Jurassic World is a confirmed sequel to the Jurassic Park

    Sony is now wanting to adapt The Last of Us into a movie. And while that would be incredible as the game is fantastic...when have we actually gotten a video game movie in recent years? Ones we were promised. Like Bioshock, Assassins Creed, Uncharted, etc etc. While Assassins Creed and Uncharted are still in development purgatory, I don't see why adding the Last of Us to those other video game movie adaptations will make it come any quicker. If this is gonna happen it won't happen for a long while.


    1) Catching Fire - Domestic Total: $300 million.
    2) Frozen - Domestic Total: $90.6 million.
    3) Thor : The Dark World - Domestic Total: $185.6 million.

    What do you think of all this news? Do you like any of it? What's your favorite story? Do you hate any of the news? Comment below and let me know!

    Let's Talk!:D


  • Red vs Blue Season 9 DVD

    6 years ago

    BlackSunStudios Century King

    It's available on my birthday...well I know what I want! smiley0.gif


    EDIT: I just noticed in the tags I typed 1115 by accident. I swear I didn't intentionally type that O_O

  • 7 Years on Rooster Teeth

    6 years ago

    BlackPenguin Guardian x7; Panel Lead

    Seven years ago this night, at 11:32pm, I signed up here on Rooster Teeth and became member number 7,340. I remember it like it was yesterday...


    It was 2004, a little over one month before the release of Halo 2. I was just starting to get into the Halo franchise. I was also just starting my second year of college.

    There was this short-lived cyber cafe in San Marcos called Nex Level. They were open late, which was cool cuz me and my friend Sean (Sobe) would always hang out there after hitting up the town.

    We usually played Halo PC. Sometimes we'd play campaign, but most of the time we'd try to get on a server together. But half the time the network setup wouldn't let 2 computers be on the same server (weird). In those cases I'd usually play Doom or surf the net (I still say surf btw).

    So one time, later in the night, shortly after 11:00pm, I decided to check to see if there were any new episodes. I didn’t know the release schedule, so I just checked back every few days to see if there was a new episode. I also never felt like signing up and participating in the forums.

    So when I went to the site, I was surprised to see that the whole thing looked different. It said I could sign up. I was like “Hell yeah!”

    I had just signed up for Facebook earlier that year too.

    I had been of fan of RvB since episode 4, way back in 2003 (over a year earlier). Their old site was never really appealing to me, but this new one looked awesome. It was remarkable to me that they made a whole social network for their fans. I instantly knew it would be up my alley.


    And so, 7 years later, I’m still here. I would say that most of the friends I made within the first year haven’t even signed on in years. I have seen many users leave the community. Some were anonymous, some were infamous.

    Some left because they were harassed. Some left because they were fed up. Some left because they were just not interested anymore. I have seen pillars of the RT community rise and fall.

    I have also seen many people come into the community, eager to live in this space, only to sign in less and less frequently until they never signed back in. I currently know of multiple users who are headed this way.

    I have been witness to the introduction of the groups feature. I’ve seen many groups born, thrive, whither, and die.

    It really is like real life sometimes. I remember people who I always chatted with who I don’t chat with anymore; people who I used to see around who I don’t anymore. All the time I meet new people. Some stay around, some don’t.

    But I’m still here. I will never leave.

    I love Rooster Teeth. I don’t think I even knew the company’s name until after I signed up. This website—this community—introduced us to the awesomeness of Rooster Teeth. We have provided them with a dedicated audience, and thus enabled them to try new and great things. They provided us with a space for like-minded people, and gave us the tools to create and build a community.

    My time here has also given me a lot of perspective. Many people in the community think they’re entitled to things from RT. I’ve seen many users openly harass and disrespect various members of RT. When I see that, it just makes me facepalm. So the next time you feel like calling out a member of RT and giving unproductive criticism…don’t. People are too quick to forget the early days of the community.

    RT has done a lot for us. They enabled us to be a significant force on the internet. So please, don’t be like those people who bitch about Facebook and then still use it. And if you threaten to leave the site for some stupid fictional RT-based reason, then just fucking go. If you're willing to throw away this awesome community because of some bullshit trumped-up story about the site's functionality or customer service, than you didn't deserve to be here in the first place.

    But I digress.

    My time here has been awesome. I could go on, and tell you about all the great and sad things I’ve seen in the community. I could also tell you many stories and hilarious anecdotes about the early days of Rooster Teeth. But I’m sure you’ve seen some yourself (and have your own too).

    So take it from someone who has been here a while:

    -Forget the internet drama. Nothing is more stupid than arguing with someone you don’t know on the internet. It’s like a YouTube argument. You both look stupid.
    -Post an extra comment on the journals or photos of users you might come across who you aren’t very familiar with.
    -Make sure to spread around the positive mods.
    -Neg mod hateful things, but don’t always neg mod bad jokes.
    -Try to go easy on noobs, and offer polite criticism.
    -And for the love of god, spend more than 10 seconds when trying to come up with a funny comment on the first page of a new RT post.

    Lucky number 7 bitches.

    I hope to see you all here in another 7 years.


  • Insomnia

    6 years ago

    UnwtdVerhext The Underboss

    I have been on this weird roll lately. I have been watching anime that I finished years ago.
    About a month ago I saw that Death Note was on Netflix, I watched it in a little over a week. Then I saw that Gurren Lagann was streaming too, another week gone. Now I am re-watching Soul Eater and I have Samurai 7 and Gungrave waiting after that. As much as I love these shows they are eating into my sleep schedule.

    Does this happen to anyone else?