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  • This Week At ScrewAttack - 7/5/18

    3 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    Top 10 Pixar Movies - Co-Writer & Editor Notes 


    • This was the Top 10 I was born to (co)write. 
    • #10 Seriously, I know these movies so well I could have drawn storyboards for this edit filled with actual shots from these movies. 
    • #9 Scratch what I just said! I just realized that this entry doesn't show a single frame of Kevin! I'm a fraud. 
    • #8 Finding music to fit each of these movies was A JOY. Usually it's a pretty tough aspect of the job but each of these movies has such a distinct sound and score that I knew exactly what to look for each time. 
    • #7 The final line of this entry + Nick's delivery + the music drop out + the clip = me so happy. 
    • #6 Suck it, Star Trek Into Darkness. 
    • #5 We produced this Top 10 before The Incredibles 2 came out and with our one per franchise rule, it was either going to be Incredibles 1 or 2. We were nervous about Incredibles 2 potentially blowing the first out of the water but I think it's safe to say Incredibles 1 deserves the spot on this list. (The sequel was really fun though!) 
    • #4 I love Coco so much. That is all. 
    • #3 The scene in this movie where he turns on the light and there's a ton of rats in the kitchen, FREAKS ME OUT. Still does. Great movie though. 
    • #2 Toy Story is my all time favorite movie. I have Toy Story toys on my desk at work, I have a sizable Toy Story collection, I own all of the movies and once when I was 19 I started crying while explaining to my mom what "You've got a friend in me" means. 
    • #1 I'm so happy with how this entry came out. I had vision for it, Nick knocked it out of the park and I practically scored it myself haha. It's 4 different songs cut and arranged to ebb and flow with the V.O. I was nervous that I was being a little too ambitious when I wrote it and it would end up feeling cheesy if not just contrived but I'm happy with the final product. 



  • This Week at ScrewAttack - 04/26/18

    5 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    Top 10 Avengers That Should DIE in Infinity War - Writer & Editor Notes 


    • #10 - Vision - I LOVE the MCU. Let's just get that out of the way. But honestly, I have this strong (and concerning) desire for this movie to be a gruesome blood bath. Like I would love if Thanos just walks up to Vision and effortlessly rips the Mind Stone out of his head ... all within the first 10 minutes. I may have a problem. 
    • #9 - Drax - Sincerely, I think this would be a good death. What more is there for Drax beyond Thanos' death? Perhaps Infinity War will set something up for him or of course something in Guardians V3. 
    • #8 - Star-Lord - I do miss chubby Chris Pratt and Parks and Rec in general - that doesn't justify his death. Please accept my sincerest apologies. It funny doh. 
    • #7 - Pepper Potts - Again! I think this would be a legit death! If Pepper dies, what does Tony have to live for? maybe it'll push Tony to finally "lay down on the wire" 
    • #5 - Hawkeye - Seriously, where is he? DON'T ANWSER ME UNTIL AFTER I SEE THE MOVIE ON FRIDAY NIGHT!* 
    • #4 - Phil Coulson - I legit miss old school Coulson. He is one of my favorite parts about Phase One. I guess in a sense he did really die in The Avengers because the character he is in Agents of SHIELD is so different. Also, just FYI, I have seen the first three seasons of AOS and have a love/hate relationship with it. 
    • #3 - Captain America - Okay, seriously, I meant every word of this entry. When I finally saw the finished project with the music, the footage and Nick's performance, I got emotional, like for REAL! I love Cap! 
    • #2 - Tony Stark - Get to the chase Marvel and just kill Tony and make him an AI assistant to the next Iron Person. Like the new JARVIS. We know it's coming. 
    • #1 - Iron Fist - Lol
    • #11 - Nick Fury - Lolol 

    *Story Time: In 2012 I was insanely excited about The Avengers (like every good American) I bought tickets to the midnight screening and gathered a big group of friends. Unfortunately my best bud couldn't make it (his GF's birthday was the same day) He asked me to wait to see it with him and I DID NOT. Instead, I went into our dorm room when he wasn't around and I grabbed HIS Avengers masks for me and my friends to wear. #NOREGRETS. Flash forward to now. I live in Austin and he lives in Dallas. I told him to drive down to see it with me but he made me promise to wait to see it with him as payback. SO I WONT BE WATCHING IT TONIGHT AS SOON AS I COULD BE! I'll be waiting until Friday night like a chump. #SQUADGOALS  

    Watch the video: RT | YT

  • Top 10 Magic Weapons - Editor Notes

    8 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    One thing I've learned after editing together my first Boomstick Top 10 is that he has a type. 

    #10 - Lt. Col. Kilgore - So what's the deal here?? Did they really name these weapons after a character in Apocalypse Now? Is the character in the movie based on a real guy? Why? Why any of this? 
    #9 - Master Sword - I was watching a lot of videos about the Master Sword in prep for this entry. I came across a fun pronunciation of the weapon. I won't name names but now I can only hear it as "Massa Swwurd" 
    #8 - Hellfire shotguns - I would definitely rack my brain for every non-lethal way to use these guns. You could create pillow-fort-esque fortress in your living room but made with nothing but Hellfire Shotguns. You could have a unlimited source of income if you sold them. You could do professional magic. YOU COULD THROW UP GUNS AND TRY TO SHOOT THEM OUT OF THE SKY BEFORE THEY HIT THE GROUND. Endless joy. 
    #7 - Icebreaker - Gerardo actually helped me edit this one! Thanks, Gerardo! I don't know anything about this weapon. 
    #6 - Blades of Chaos - Gerardo did this one too but I still have a question. How hard would you have to spin magic blades chained to your forearms before you lift off the ground like?
    #5 - Sniger rifle - I could listen to Boomstick say "tigers" for days. 
    #4 - Caster Gun - Gerardo. But also, yes. Wand gun? Yes! ACCIO WAND GUN. 
    #3 - Mjolnir - Again you could use this weapon in so many fun ways. I PUT MJOLNIR ON MY DAIRY,  TRY READING IT NOW WHOSOEVER BE WORTHY! 
    #2 - Sword of Omens - Gerardo actually helped me edit this one! Thanks, Gerardo! I don't know anything about this weapon. 
    #1 - Green Lantern Ring - This entry is the exact reason the movie was so bad. You could have made anything but you made guns and stuff. Yawn. 
    #11 - Voltron < Megazord 

    Watch the video: RT | YT

  • Top 10 Worst Dragon Ball Characters - Editor Notes

    9 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    Here we goooooooo! (again) 

    #10 - Garlic Jr - Not only is his name Garlic but he's a JUNIOR. Someone thought this name was so good they needed to use it TWICE? Okay. Can't wait for the next DB villain, Oregano III. 

    #9 - Cooler - Okay, wait, actually the next villain is The Coolest.

    #8 - Hercule Satan - I hate Hercule! Never thought he was funny. For me he only ever distracted from what I was interested in seeing. 

    #7 - Bio-Broly - I didn't know this existed before this episode. It's an odd feeling to realize you've missed out on something completely inconsequential.

    #6 - Majuub - Nick asked me this when watching back the first cut of this episode and I want to clarify for all of you. I didn't alter Aladdin or Uub's skin color at all. It just worked.

    #5 - Pan - I....really liked...Pan. (but don't ask me why. I couldn't tell you/don't remember) 

    #4 - Yamcha - The woooooorst

    #3 - Para Para Bros - So, they got the gang to dance. Was it a lethal dance or something? What's the problem here? "Oh no! We look ridiculous and now we're melting because of it" 

    #2 - Chi-Chi - These last two entries are the most insightful entries on the whole list. I couldn't agree more. 

    #1 - Adult Gohan - Gohan was the best and they squandered his potential. 

    #11 - Is there a way to tell Maron and Bulma apart by just looking at them?

    Watch the Video: RT | YT 

  • Top 10 Terrifying Mascots - Editor Notes

    9 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    We're back! 

    Intro - I'm not Torrian 
    #10 - Krinkles - What was Post thinking? This isn't their only terrible mascot. Just do a quick google search for "So-Hi Post Cereal" 
    #8 - Senhor - Sorry, Jonah. I saw an opportunity, which was a cheap shot, and I took it. The internet is cruel. 
    #7 - Monokuma - Who is this bear fooling? You're clearly evil. 
    #6 - The King - C'mon it's 2018. Where's the Burger Queen?
    #5 - Freddy Fazbear - This Top 10 Entry brought to you by Achievement Hunter.
    #4 - Stubhub Ticket Oak - So it's absurd. That doesn't equal funny. At least the spongemonkeys are funny sometimes. This is just odd. 
    #3 - King Cake Baby - So..... THIS BABY IS JESUS ISN'T HE?!?! 
    #2 - Spongemonkeys - Yeah, I like them. You wanna fight about it?
    #1 - PuppyMonkeyBaby - That's John Mayer at 6:41 right? It has to be. 
    #11 - Mario has some great games obviously but is he a good character? I don't know and I've wondered about it my entire life. 

    Watch the Video: RT | YT | UT

  • Our very own

    1 year ago

    gi_goku Keeper of Tacos

    So was browsing my facebook feed when a story about "15 Cosplayers Hotter than Jessica Nigri" passed by and RT's own mistress of cosplay Meg Turney is #8.

  • Tabletop Tales: Things Sent to the Moon

    1 year ago


    So I was bored one day and was cleaning out a few documents on my computer when I came across something fun. Back when I was regularly involved in playing Tabletop over a few systems (D&D, World of Darkness and one infamous GURPS game) I had kept track on a few things that our DM had banned from our WoD game, or as he put it: "It's gone! Sent to the Moon!"

    So without further adeu....

    Things that have been BANNED from game (WoD):

    #1 The Wasp Knife

    #2 ANYTHING resembling a Ford Fiesta

    #3 Tuck-tuck-boom-boom. That is all (It's like a Tonka Truck with a Cannon!)

    #4 The Gunslinger Merit (stop asking Jim)

    #5 Fencing Fighting Style. Seriously, WTF guys?!

    #6 Sojutsu Fighting Style. ALSO BANNED

    #7 ALL the benfits of the Stillness Shroud. Seriously, you guys only get 1 dot

    #8 Imbuing and Item as a Mage

    #9 Sasha Grey

    #10 Stacking Flamethrower Damage

    #11 Tazers and any Tazer related items 

    I should probably say most of these took place over 1 campaign.....Our group really did try out outdo themselves on creatvie ways to break the game...

    (on a side note the Moon's looking rather crowded nowadays...)

  • Alternative Theories for Lie Ren's Semblance

    1 year ago


    I still wish and expect Ren's Semblance to be poison, but despite however many more reasons I continue to find, the show still seems to elude it, especially with Tyrian around. See, while I don't believe poison is Tyrian's Semblance, the fact that he wields poison at all, would make it something less than unique for Ren to have. Moreover, Tyrian could have been the determinant for my theory on Ren's Semblance if Ren can somehow absorb the former's venom the same way Nora absorbed Nolan's electricity. But of course, that didn't happen and Ren didn't have any reactions that were too special regarding it either. (On the other hand, I did want Ren to be able to champion all kinds of poison, so if Ren's Semblance were limited to only one kind of poison--his own--then that may explain why Tyrian's venom couldn't mean anything more to him than what it did.)

    Anyways, if you want my primary theory for Ren's Semblance, the link is right here:

    But should my year-long theory be wrong (ugh), I want to consider other possibilities and here are the alternatives that came to mind:

    1. Invasive Rebirth 

    At the very least, I still believe that Ren bears a snake theme, which I covered in my poison theory as well; to reiterate:

    1. He's a swift, silent, and possibly stealthy slider.
    2. His landing tactic in the Emerald Forest is similar to a snake spiraling down a tree.
    3. Sharp senses beyond sight. To be fair, most huntsmen generally possess this quality, but Ren's appears to extend to a greater range than his peers' like in "Tipping Point".
    4. His StormFlower blades somewhat resemble snake fangs.
    5. While it's true that the King Taijitu he fought was a metaphor to the yin and yang of aura that can especially be found in Ren's martial arts, I feel that it's also a subtle hint to Ren's own similarity to snakes.
    6. "Snake in the lotus" folklore (see link above for details).
    7. His inclination to turn enemy attacks against them reminds me of Viper from Kung-Fu Panda. (Coincidentally, Viper happens to have lotus ornaments on her head.)
    8. Both the snake and the lotus share the theme of rebirth. For the snake, that would be shedding its skin.

    And this theory focuses primarily on #8 and how I envision it is, if Ren were to "die", or rather take what would normally be a fatal blow, he dissipates and invades the enemy internally at a cellular level. Ren then grows and comes out of his assailant's body, ripping the latter to shreds (maybe even melting the remains). And just like that, like a lotus out of the mud, Ren comes back in one piece out of his assailant's corpse. Yes, it's a grizzly and unsightly process, and through it he may even absorb parts of the enemy's biomass required to sustain himself (just throwing out ideas), but it wouldn't be the first "rebirth" technique I've seen in a number of shows where the user comes out of another's body. (Some examples would be Orochimaru from Naruto and Szayelapporo Granz from Bleach).

    Again, I still prefer my poison theory better (more dot connections), but here are all the things I would like about "Invasive Rebirth":

    1. Ren is more or less immortal (unless he's dealing with robots instead of living enemies).
    2. It's unique. No one we know has this power in RWBY... yet.
    3. It matches the lotus theme.
    4. It could explain why he hasn't used it in the show before.
    5. Element of surprise--worth waiting volumes for.
    6. It's pretty damn broken.

    (Too bad any alternative theory may ruin the JNPR Boss Fight Challenge I worked so proudly on!) 

    2. Teleportation/Space Manipulation

    Here I'm trying to guess what was on Monty's mind when coming up with Ren (besides what he's already told us). I know that he enjoyed Kingdom Hearts enough to include characters like Kairi/Namine in his Dead Fantasy project so if Kingdom Hearts did inspire him for RWBY in any way, I wonder if Xigbar's placement in the Land of Dragons (Mulan's world) inspired anything in designing Lie Ren.

    See, in Kingdom Hearts 2, certain Organization XIII members would each show up and play a role in one of the Disney worlds, usually ones where that would fit their styles or personalities. Xigbar was placed in Mulan's world, one that has at least some arrow/projectile theme (even the Land of Dragons header had arrows being fired across). The significance of this was that among the skills Hua Mulan was renowned for, she was an archer, and from what I read the crossbow was what inspired the design for Ren's StormFlowers (when the two are held together, they roughly resemble a crossbow). And what is Xigbar's weapons of choice? Arrowguns, go figure.

    Not only is Ren a dual-wielding, rapid-fire shooter like Xigbar, the way he drew his weapons against the King Taijitu was somewhat similar to how Xigbar summoned his guns prior to his fight against Sora in Kingdom Hearts 2. Even the game RWBY: Grimm Eclipse gave Ren a technique called "Warp Strike", in which he teleports to each enemy to deliver a palm strike, and that was his ultimate move. This technique was never seen in the show. However, I still don't think RT would show his Semblance in the game before it's even in the show--I trust that the Warp Strike is merely his natural speed being glorified for gameplay purposes (happens in quite a few non-canon games I've known).

    So while I think this theory is a possibility, generally I doubt it. As cool as space-bending would be by itself, it doesn't match Ren's lotus theme, there's nothing that could've prevented him from using it (and boy would it have done him so much good in all his scenarios!). Moreover, I still have my theory that warping space is Cinder's Semblance, but that's another topic for another time.


  • Random DC Stuff

    1 year ago


    Stuff that I found of note while searching for Doomsday feats:

    Superman can track heat:

    Supergirl Psycho-Kinetic Strike:

    Supergirl Bullet Time:

    Superman developed the ability to survive in space unaided:

    Superman survives Hyperspace:

    Redemption’s Power:

    Superman can quickly navigate a universe:

    Atomic Skull can kill everything in 10 miles:

    Red Lantern Kara and SuperDoom fly to the other side of the galaxy in seconds:

    Hypertime and it’s infinite realities:

    DC apparently has multiple “panverse” which by the name should be synonymous with Omniverse:

    The Universe has multiple Hells:

    Lil’ Batman retains his most important skill, snarking:

    Lil’ Batman’s heartwrenching backstory:

    Lil’ Superman’s heartwrenching backstory:

    Holy F. Lil’ Batman has one of the most genre-savy moments I’ve ever seen:

    Lil’ Batman threatens Bat-Mite:

    Superman can survive more than 10 Minutes in combat With Doomsday, and is the only person able to:

    New 52 Brainiac had almost gathered enough minds to perform Universal Reality-Warping:

    New 52 Cyborg Superman has flown through exploding supernovas:

    Clark wants Bruce to find Peace. Dawww.

    SuperDoom defeats A Universal Warping Brainiac:

    Parallax Hal Jordan was a threat to all existence:

    Universal Re-Creation Potential:

    The Universal is linked back on itself:

    Parallax was re-creating all of existence:

    Waverider blasts Parallax Hal:

    Parallax Hal destroyed infinite lives:

    Recreation of the Universe:

    Hal (Parallax but his powers drained) and Kyle survive the Big Bang:

    Waverider moved the Justice League outside Creation

  • Doomsday Feats in MISC. Part 1

    1 year ago


    These are the feats for Doomsday generally in every series that he appears in exactly twice. 

    8: Superman/Wonder Woman (New 52):

    Doomsday hits harder than anything Wonder Woman has ever faced:

    Consider who she has faced for a moment:

    Doomsday moves just fine despite being 6 miles underwater:

    9: Superman (Man of Steel):

    Doomsday is the most dangerous foe Superman has ever fought:

    Doomsday is agile as he is strong:

    10: Doomed

    Doomsday is an abstract part of the universe, as much as gravity, entropy, and infinity:

    Doomsday is the Living Embodiment of Death and Destruction:

    13: Superman/Batman:

    Lil’ Doomsday takes a blast from the Father Box, the ultimate weapon of the universe. Not the Lil’ Father Box, the actual Father Box from the main universe. Admittingly Lil’ Luthor was trying to get Doomsday to grow, not damage him so it may not be a large portion of its power:

    Still, even if it was just a little, The Father Box could destroy everything:

    14: Superman: Doomed (New 52)

    The Doomsdays Superman had fought before were merely a larva state:

    Doomsday emanates heat, enough to molecularly destabilize an island:

    Steel’s weapons break on impact with Doomsday:

    Doomsday can breathe poisonous gas and can emanate it from his hands:

    Doomsday drains the life essence of those nearby to grow stronger:

    15: Final Crisis

    Doomsday fights Post-Crisis Superman and Golden Age Superman (who regularly equaled Silver Age/Pre-Crisis Superman) at the same time:

    Justice League of America:

    The Power of a Blue Lantern is mildly annoying to Doomsday (Look at his face!):

    Doomsday flings several cosmic superheroes away:

    16: DC Encyclopedia:

    NLF Doomsday:

  • Doomsday Feats in Wonder Woman

    1 year ago


    I should note that the feats presented here are not from the actual Doomsday but a clone. The Doomsday Clone had the same power as the Doomsday which fought Superman, which was Doomday’s weakest point:

    General Power

    Wonder Woman has not seen the strength of someone like Doomsday since she battled Superman:

    Doomsday fodderizes Champion:

    The Gods of Olympus granted Wonder Woman’s near unequaled power. But even that can not stand against Doomsday:


    Doomsday can draw power from nearby electrical machines:

    Doomsday’s Adaptation power is so great his strength can double with every step he takes:

  • Doomsday Feats in Action Comics (Rebirth)

    1 year ago



    Doomsday is strong enough to break through SuperLex’s power armor:


    Post-Crisis Superman was pouring every bit of Intensity in him to bring down Doomsday:

    Doomsday takes 4,035 punches to the face from Superman and keeps fighting:


    In the Rebirth Universe Doomsday has become faster and more savage then ever:

    Other Powers

    Doomsday’s adaptation and evolution via death:

    General Power

    Superman has to fight tactical to fight Doomsday:


    Rebirth Universe Doomsday can use strategy:

  • Doomsday Feats in Superman Comics

    1 year ago



    Doomsday’s strike might be the hardest thing to ever hit Superman. Bear in mind this is Doomsday’s weakest version and by this time Superman has been hit by supernova:

    Superman and Doomsday finally kill each other with their death blows:


    Doomsday in his weakest version tanks a combined blast from the JLA:

    After hours of fighting Superman finally hurts Doomsday only by hitting his skeleton through his bone claws:


    Superman notes Doomsday’s speed:

    Superman has to match Doomsday’s speed:

    Doomsday is faster than the Flash:

    Other Powers:

    Doomsday’s Bone Spikes are sharp enough to cut Superman:

    Doomsday Rex has fire-breathe capable of hurting Martian Manhunter:

    Doomsday Rex pushes Martian Manhunter out of his mind:

    General Power:

    Doomsday tore the Justice League apart at the seams in his weakest version:

    …with one hand tied behind his back:

    Doomsday has felled Earth’s greatest heroes save Superman:

    Doomsday Rex was doing pretty well against Post OWAW Superman:

  • Happy RT Community Day 10/2016!

    2 years ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

     pyrrha HEL-LO! RT Community! pyrrha

    Can I easially post pictures yet?



    Oh well!  The new site will be the new site. 

    I'll put a pic up on twitter later, but I've got to say here and now Happy #rtcommunityday!

    Boy oh-boy is this a big one for me.  It's finale weekend, which means a write-up of the Summer of Animation is on its way. 

    RWBY v4 is also premiering soon!  I'm very excited!

    And there's personal importance to this one too, I just realized we're a month away from entering the eighth year of this profile (I had one way back, took a break, and forgot the info).  It also is about this time eleven years ago that I first became aware of a web-series where the character a friend thought I would identify with the most died in the sixth episode.

    Not everyone has seen RvB, so I think putting something out to the general RT community should be more general. 

    So, gang, I really appreciate the RT-Community, it's been a part of my life for years and I'm going to be showing you all how much its meant to me soon in a large post (not just an Update) and in throwing my hat in for Guardianship sometime in the next few weeks. 

    EDIT: Oh yeah, I was gonna start doing a RT-Song-of-the-Month Thing.  There's a way more appropriate one for next month, but I've got one for you now too after thinking a bit about it.

    A big shout-out to the RT Animation Team after all their hard work on the Summer of Animation and as they go into the new volume of RWBY!  Your enthusiasim and dedication cannot be described.  But here's one of your leads doing his damnedest to try! 

     purple_heart-U All!


    TAG BAG:
















  • Death Analysis: The Girl whose Willpower Defied God, Fire Knight Hikaru Shidou

    2 years ago




    What would happen if Goku was reincarnated as a Magical Girl....and then given a small injection of Gut's blood. The answer is Hikaru Shidou. Hikaru Shidou is probably as close to GAR as a Magical Girl has ever gotten. Don't believe me?

    Hikaru was born to a couple that owned and ran a martial arts dojo. At the tender age of 5, while other girls might have been playing with their dolls or learning to ride a bike, she got into a kendo duel with her father, a kendo master. She beat him so badly that he left to go train.

    Hikaru is an immensely talented warrior, so when an inter-dimensional princess needed 3 warriors to save her land, Hikaru was an obvious choice.

    In the Fantasy Land of Cephiro, Hikaru became one of the Three Magic Knights, Magical Warriors with greatly enhanced abilities and magical powers, destined to save the land of Cephiro from utter ruin.


    Hikaru may look small but she is immensely strong. She has equaled the strength of a giant demon's claw and then sliced the demon in half with enough force to leave only smoke. Mystic Knights like Hikaru and Umi are capable of slicing through lesser demons without even slowing down.

    But this was all before Hikaru even had her Escudo Sword (More on that later). After she gained it, she got into a fight with Lafarga, the strongest swordsman in Cephiro, whose sword swings vaporize sections of rocks without even touching them. Hikaru's strength actually matched his, putting him on the defensive. The Duel between Hikaru and Lafarga created winds powerful enough to push Umi and Fuu a distance away.


    Hikaru can regularly take attacks from warriors of her own strength. When they are both under the control of the charmer Gardina, Hikaru takes a sword strike from the Magic Knight Fuu to the face and throat with barely any damage. To protect her friends Umi and Fuu, Hikaru took a direct attack from Lafarga. Yet even after being bloodied and beaten by Lafarga, Hikaru continued to fight on.

    After her final upgrade, Hikaru was able to resist the magical power of Esmeraude that was rapidly collapsing Zagato's castle. Also considering Esmeraude is capable of keeping the world of Cephiro from falling apart....and without her there was suddenly tornados, storms, floods, volcano eruptions, and monster attacks.....even taking a little bit of her energy is very impressive.

    Equipment: Hikaru does not rely strictly on her natural physical strength and durability....she wields her longsword and her full armor, which because they are made of Escudo is an evolving weapon and evolving armor. What does that mean? Escudo is not like any mineral on Earth. It has no set toughness, but instead the strength of the Escudo is based on the physical and mental strength of the user, and changes alongside them. The Swords and Armor of The Magic Knights are connected with their souls, and grow in strength as they do. In layman's terms, it's weapons and armor that levels up too.

    Hikaru stores her sword in the magical jewel on her glove. Her sword also has an additional property in that if anyone but her tries to use it, it turns to flame and burns them.

    Just to finish off.....this is what Hikaru looks like Fully Armed and Armored.


    When they became Magic Knights, each of the three Magic Knights unlocked a specialty type of magic based on their own aptitudes. Hikaru in particular unlocked Fire Magic, a type of magic focused on overwhelming opponents with raw power.

    When Hikaru becomes angry, her sheer willpower can can set her ablaze and increase her magic. Indeed by the End of Series, Hikaru can exist as a being of pure flame if she wishes. Of course she can also direct her fire magic into her most iconic ability, her signature spell "Fire Arrow".

    "Fire Arrow" shoots numerous fire bolts towards her enemy. Upon her first casting of the spell (also her first casting in general, less then an hour after arriving in Cephiro), the attack overwhelmed the mage Alcione. For comparison, Alcione learned powerful Magic from Guru Clef, the strongest Mage in Cephiro. Alcione can cast very powerful magics indeed. Even later when Alcione was expecting it, her Shield had difficulty holding against the Fire Arrow spell. Fire Arrow can easily tear clean through a monster and showed notable speed and area of effect when Hikaru used it destroy pieces of the ground from the sky.

    Beyond her fire magic, Hikaru also has a bit of electric magic with her other spell "Red Lightning". Red Lighting summons a storm cloud between the hands which shoots of lightning bolts. Hikaru was able to use it destroy a monster even when seriously injured.


    For someone as impulsive as Hikaru is, she is certainly good at avoiding attacks. Even early on, she was able to dodge the fire-breathe of a demon close-range. In her battle with Hikaru she was able to dodge both the "Ice Spear" Spell (showing good agility and acrobatic skill) and the "Ice Blade" Spells of Alcione.


    Hikaru is highly skilled at kendo, and is an expert swordsgirl. I have already mentioned the manga side story of Hikaru defeating her Kendo Master Father at the age of 5, but she has also defeated the best swordsman in Cephiro, Lafarga, in a duel, disarming him of his weapon.


    Hikaru isn't just a physical powerhouse, she is one of the most charismatic characters in the series. Hikaru is so pretty that all the girls at her all-girl school are in love with her. She ends up scoring the Handsomest and Strongest Man in Cephiro, Lantis.

    When the situation requires it, she can give an inspirational speech to rally her friends Umi and Fuu.


    Hikaru has a few other tricks. Her purity of heart allows her to talk to animals and she can breathe underwater. Additionally, The Magic Knights can apparently break the fourth wall and introduce their creators, even telling them off. Apparently, Hikaru watched the Magic Knights Rayearth Anime Adaptation, so compositing REALLY doesn’t make sense.



    Oh did I forget to mention....Hikaru has a Mech. Rayearth is one of the three ancient spirits that guard Cephiro along with Celes and Windom. After Hikaru passed Rayearth's Test, Rayearth joined Hikaru's cause, bonded to her.

    I am unsure if DB would be willing to give Rayearth to Hikaru, and there is an argument on both sides. On the one hand, Rayearth is an extremely iconic and signature weapon of Hikaru and as you will see soon Rayearth can be summoned to Hikaru no matter where she is. On the other hand it is sort of outside is important to know though in order to make good matches up because Rayearth drastically drastically raises the level at which Hikaru fights.


    Hikaru is beamed up or down into Rayearth via Rayearth's chestpiece where Hikaru then takes control from a mystical orb. Inside Rayearth, Hikaru feels everything herself…..Rayearth acts an extension of Hikaru herself. This is good for her because it allows her to fight without any delay or obstruction, but also bad because it means the damage Rayearth takes, so too does Hikaru take.


    Rayearth is big. Big enough to dwarf a hill the Knights were standing on. The Mech's Height has been calced to be nearly 26 meters tall. For reference, Gundam Epyon was 17.4 Meters Tall.

    Rayearth has shown the physical strength, especially with it's firepower, to match some of the strongest mechs of the series, including Regalia (the mech made by Zagato who was the strongest man in Zagato before Lantis) and the FTO (The Strongest Mech from a strictly industrial supertech world).

    Rayearth is incredibly durable. It's Shield is capable of holding against a super-powerful laser from the FTO. This same laser from the FTO was capable of easily damaging the Bravada Dome Ship and the Draconic "Dreamchild" ship at the same time, both the strongest ships of their own nations. Rayearth also took numerous attacks from Regalia, including his strongest spell, "Stratos Night Explosion".

    Oh and remember Emeraude, the woman who kept natural disasters from occuring with her will...she has her own mech increasing her own power. Rayearth took attacks from her as well. This includes "Sainos Light Strike" which split the ground so far deep that it reached water. The same attack dealt far more damage to Celes and Windom togethe, even after Windom used the defense spell "Guardian Wind". Rayearth also took Emeraude's Ultimate Spell...called...."Ultimate Death". Here is the spell hitting the spirits.


    When Hikaru is piloting Rayearth, Rayearth can cast the same spells as Hikaru, just on GIANT SCALE. Rayearth has cast "Fire Arrow" against both Regalia and the FTO. It has also used "Red Lightning" to break a portion of Emeraude's planet-wide barrier (she had some help from Umi and Fuu to break it, but the actual casting of the spell can be done fine by herself).


    As you may have noticed, Rayearth can fly. Indeed she can fly fast enough to travel around the surface of a planet or into the sky likely hypersonic to say the least. You could make a case for FTL considering it kept up with Spaceships that came from the other worlds.

    Beyond that when Hikaru calls Rayearth, he will come, even from other dimensions, showing that he has inter-dimensional capacities. Also when Hikaru is threatened, he will automatically act to protect her.

    And that about sums it up for Rayearth. However there is one more part of Hikaru that needs to be covered....the most important part.


    Hikaru's greatest strength by far is her fiery indomitable will. Her will allows her to accomplish feats that are miraclous, not just in the context of our world, but in the context of the MKR Setting. It is widely believed that Hikaru's powers only work on Cephiro, since the reason she got her powers is that Cephiro is a magical land where willpower controls all.

    However as you can see here, Hikaru very much can use her powers outside Cephiro. Hikaru's will transcended dimensions and allowed her to use her powers even in another dimension. By End of Series, Hikaru and the other Magic Knights could travel between dimensions easily.

    Hikaru's will is great even compared to the greatest wills in her universe. Hikaru was able to enter into one of the roads (the interstellar pathways formed by the spaceships of other nations) when Umi and Fuu could not. It was said that the person with the greatest will of all would become the new pillar of Cephiro after Emeraude's death. While Lantis had the greatest will in Cephiro, two outsiders were selected to compete for the title instead, having even greater will then him. Eagle Vision of Autozam, and Hikaru of Earth. And yet even in the Test of the Pillar, against the single other person with the highest willpower, Hikaru shows the strength of her will. Despite both being in their mechas, Rayearth and the FTO, Hikaru appeared before Eagle Vision to offer him peace. This was what allowed her to pass the test and become the next pillar, the person able to control an entire planet with their will......Hikaru as the next pillar was capable of opening another road connecting Earth to Cephiro.

    And yet, even that pales in comparison to her greatest feat of will, one of her most well-known feats, referenced in the title.


    See that? If you go to an anime convention you will probably see a plushie of it, but no one ever seems to know anything about it. It's name is Mokona. And it is God.

    I'm not kidding:


    Mokona is the creator of both Cephiro's Universe and Earth's Universe.

    Mokona is quite literally God in the MKR-verse. Mokona decreed only the winner of the Test of the Pillar could return to Cephiro which meant Eagle Vision would disappear.

    Hikaru said "No".

    Mokona attempt to inforce it's will on Hikaru and Eagle Vision....and Hikaru's will was so great taht she resisted:



    Hikaru was fading from existence from Mokona’s will and still she refused to give up:


    She was unable to fully overcome Mokona's will on her own but to even resist for that amount of time.....Of course after that her friendship with Umi and Fuu transcended dimensions and they helped her, despite being a dimension away in Cephiro:


    The willpower of the Magic Knights together overcame even the great willpower of Mokona:



    And that was the time Hikaru's will defied God.


    Let's get the elephant out of the room. Hikaru is...not a genius. She's not dumb, but in terms of raw brainpower she's pretty average, which is only more noticeable due to the fact that she travels with Umi and Fuu, both of whom are noticeably above average in intellect. Besides that Hikaru is impulsive and direct in her tactics, which is almost reflected in the fact that she only has 2 spells compared to Umi's 3, and Fuu's 5, and both of Hikaru's spells are attack spells. Hikaru is in some ways too noble for her own safety. She refused to use magic against the swordsman Lafarga, because it was unfair.

    Also don't bring up that she looks younger then she is, it annoys her.


    Hikaru is a proud warrior, and a noble leader. She is optimistic about situations and refuses to ever ever give up. She practically jumped at the chance to become a Magic Knight. She was almost born to be a Hero.


    Without Rayearth:

    Tier 14

    Building Level Strength and Durability (Possibly Higher)

    Subsonic Speed and Superhuman Mobility/Agility

    Expert Sword-User

    Fire and Lightning Magic

    Logia Intangibility (Fire)

    Extremely Superhuman Willpower

    Portal Creation

    Can Breathe Underwater

    Can Talk to Animals

    Can Break the Fourth Wall?

    With Rayearth:

    At Least Tier 12 Normally, Can rise to Tier 5 From Willpower

    All of the Above as well as


    Inter-Dimensional Movement

    Fire Bursts

    Likely Hypersonic to FTL Speed

    Giant Scale

    Potential Opponent:

    For Hikaru it greatly depends on whether the Mecha is included or not. If not:


    Hikaru Shidou vs. Sayaka Miki:

    I've advocated for this fight for a while. This would be a Magical Girl Fight without it being too high-power or haxy or esoteric to be presentable. The two are both very similar thematically, being similar in temperament and archetype. Hikaru and Sayaka are both optimistic adventurous Magical Girl Swordswoman who quite eagerly accepted the idea of being Magical Girls. For one it worked out, for the other......not so much. Plus their colors! It's a Red vs. Blue fight! And we all know how much every loves the idea of Red vs. Blue fights ;) Seriously though besides being very thematic it's very even. In broad strokes Hikaru has better firepower (especially at range) and has better raw durability (particularly with her armor) while Sayaka has better Movement (Speed + Agility) and her Regen Factor. Personally I think Sayaka has the advantage early on but it slowly shifts in Hikaru's favor as the battle goes on. It's a legit very even fight, and now matter who Death Battle picks, they could have a convincing argument.

    If you have your own idea who Hikaru should fight, with or without Rayearth, feel free to mention.

    Next Time:

    Next time I'm going to be doing a bad bunch of Witches......with a capital V:



  • 10 more top out-of-play moments in Kuroko no Basuke!

    2 years ago


    It's that time again ladies and gentlemen, the series that just keeps feeding me endless writing inspiration;

    I wrote another article detailing ten more of my favourite moments from Kuroko no Basuke that aren't basketball plays!

    A series that's, largely, about 15 year-olds dunking like there's no tomorrow can have surprisingly engaging themes of friendship and trust.

    Like last time, I've provided the manga chapter and anime episode as a reference for each moment, so you can find them easily if you want to see them with a bit more context

    For those of you who'd rather not read my gushing drivel, here is a brief summary of the list;

    #10: Akashi forces Kagami below his line of site [References: Chapter 178, Episode 55]

    #9: Kuroko becomes Seirin’s Kuroko Tetsuya [References: Chapter 57, Episode 20]

    #8: Kuroko asks Aomine to help him learn how to shoot [References: Chapter 142 & 145, Episode 44 & 45]

    #7: The Teiko basketball club first string get ice cream with Kise for the first time [Reference: Episode 22.5 OVA]

    #6: The origin of Hyuuga’s Clutch Time [References: Chapter 28, Episode 11]

    #5: Midorima thinks he has a good disguise [References: Chapter 43, Episode 16]

    #4: Aomine punches Haizaki [References: Chapter 173, Episode 53]

    #3: Aomine tells Hanamiya that he will lose against Seirin [References: Chapter 103, Episode 35]

    #2: Kise’s “I love this team” moment in the Winter Cup semi-final [References: Chapter 195, Episode 62]

    #1 Momoi joins the Generation of Miracles in a game of streetball on Kuroko’s birthday [Reference: Episode 75.5 OVA]

    Obviously this list will mean little to anyone who's unfamiliar with the series, so I implore you to check it out for yourself because I think it's incredible!

    If you've seen/read the series and think I've missed any great moments, please let me know <3

    Oreshi thanks you for reading.


    Thanks, guys <3

  • My Top 10 Zelda Bosses

    2 years ago


    This Segment is brought to you by the A. Yoshi Patreon...

    An epic game series needs epic bosses, Some of these Zelda bosses were satisfying to defeat, some were epic as frak, some had great mechanics you had to use for your advantage, but some had all 3. Here are the best Zelda bosses, what are the requirements of this list? Incorporate 1 or more of the factors above, and do it especially well. Here are my favorite Zelda Bosses starting with:


    Gohdan is essentially Bongo Bongo mixed with an Armos. Guarding you from the Master Sword and Hyrule Castle. You had to use your Arrows and Bombs to defeat this boss. OMG, IF ONLY THE BOMB ARROWS WERE A THING IN THE WIND WAKER!!!!! This Boss was epic, fast paced, and allowed you to use 2 items you got in your journey and didn't rely on the sword unlike most of the other bosses in the game...


    An all not that good Majora's Mask Boss turned into a really great Minish Cap Boss. It had platforming, size, flying in the sky, multiplying into three, It was a great boss for a 2D Zelda game, a portable Zelda at that. You used Roc's cape, which allowed you to jump and fly like Superman, and your Sword, It is a pretty Minimalist epic boss, for a relatively Minimalist game.


    LINK, YOU'RE PATROLLING, SIDESCROLLING, AND ONOX'S TROLLING!!!!! Wait, WHAT?! OK, the first part isn't all that special, but the Sidescrolling second half is where this fight really shines, with platforming, sidescrolling, and was just as epic as all hell. This is my favorite 2D Zelda Boss, and for a handheld, that's saying something considering that the handheld bosses weren't that good,


    Most of Majora's Mask's bosses weren't anything special, see Gyorg, But Goht was a fast, epic boss of the game. You were racing with him with rocks, bombs, and lightning being fired at you. If you're even lucky, you can buttf**k him literally. Having a full power rolling goron up your ass might ruin anyone's day, but (no pun intended) for Goht it means death. Also he's a robot, machinery like that is something we rarely see in Zelda games.


    This Boss showed the power of the DS, He towered over both screens of your handheld in 3 Dimensions. You smashed him apart with your hammer, fling yourself at him, and when the fight gets faster with his head becoming sentient. This was my favorite handheld boss of the series because of how epic and huge he was.


    KAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!!!! This boss has 6 arms, multiple weapons, including Boomerang Blades, and he keeps his weak spot covered. You could use the whip, take his huge ass swords, and strike like there's no Tomorrow. It's Oh so satisfying to fight him, since he's just so ep... I MEAN OH MY FRAKKING GOD WORTHY!!!!! It also helps with the power of the motion controls of the Wii, it felt even more Satisfying...


    For such a S**TTASTIC Dungeon, This was worth repeating, a increasingly difficult miniboss for the Water Temple, it was so good that the environment felt like a Chambara Samurai Flick. Dark Link learns your moves fast. It was a fast paced fight that you had to think critically at. Some people even copied their save files just to experience this again. It's one of those minibosses you saw coming every time you played Ocarina, and waited so eagerly to play against him.


    A nostalgic favorite of mine, It's as story told in 3 acts, the prologue, the beginning of the fight, and the Climax. Kotake and Koume had you face off against Nabooru as an Iron Knuckle, face off against them as a tag team, and finally them combined. The mirror shield was used to great effect here. Blasting away Fire and Ice based attacks, and it was so RADICAL!!!! Does anyone say that anymore? Well people said it in 1998, when this game was new.


    This boss lived up to its name. Twilit Fossil Stallord (HEY I SPELLED IT RIGHT THIS TIME!!!!) had you play pinball with his skeletal undead minions and your Spinner. Then you were in a fast chase to his sentient head to bump your spinner into it, and attack it with your sword when he's down for the count. He just was an e... I mean SUPER EPSOME Boss. See, I avoided using the E word, Suck it YOSHIETTE!!!!


    WHAT A WAY TO END THE GAME!!!! You knew a Ganon fight was going to be on here. This what Ocarina has been developing up to. You first had to go through the tower you just unblocked while facing off against Ganondorf's strongest henchmen. Then you go open the boss door and head up more steps with Ganondorf's Organ getting louder and louder. You watch a cutscene, then fight him with ping pong. After you get back to ground, Ganondorf grows big, and the original N64 version had him covered in shadows. You knew he was bigger than you, and you didn't have your Master Sword, but you do get it back. This was arguably one of the greatest final bosses of all time. and it's from what many consider the greatest game of all time, so there's that to think about. I know I keep saying the E word, but How do you NOT look at Ganon and go "HOLY S#!T!!!!!!!!!"

    So, that was my Top 10 Zelda Bosses, what are yours? Did you agree with me? Did I use too much Ocarina of Time towards the end, let me know...

    A. Yoshi's Carranger Review, a goofy sentai series, reviewed. Racing to the finish April 1st, only on GO, GO!!!!!! CARRANGER, CARRANGER!!!!!

  • A funny thing happened on the way to an online Mario Kart 8 match...

    3 years ago


    So my friend and I finally got around to being in the same room to play Mario Kart last night, and since it had been a while, we decided to warm up with a 150cc cup. Now, my friend hasn't played MK8 since the DLC came out; and when I load up the tracks, I'm excitedly telling her about them. She smiles and nods, and then exclaims;
    "Why is there an Illuminati track in Mario Kart?"
    I blink a few times. "Illuminati? What?" So she points. At the Triforce Cup. I proceed to unintentionally humiliate her by howling with laughter, then, when I can breathe again, I gently point out that it's the Triforce from the Zelda games.
    Although it would be totally badass if AHMichael has an Illuminati triangle surrounded by flames on his shoulder...

  • Why I’m still here…

    4 years ago


    Today is my eighth anniversary here on the site. In celebration, I thought I'd take the time to write a rare journal entry about my experiences with Rooster Teeth.

    I first heard about RT back in either late '04 or early '05. I was 13 years old and I had received the collector's edition of Halo 2 from my uncle for Christmas. After playing through it countless times and not being imaginative enough to find something else to do, I decided watched the bonus DVD that came with my version of the game. The main feature on the DVD was a documentary about the making of Halo 2, which also spotlighted the fandoms that had cropped up in the wake of the original Halo game. One of these was a group of guys in Buda, Texas who made short films in the Halo multiplayer. I thought the guys were funny at the time, but for some reason, I never made the effort to find their content online.

    Fast-forward to me having nothing to do one summer evening in 2006 (sense a trend?). Around that time, the announcement trailer for Halo 3 had been released and I was starting to get excited for it and all things Halo. I was spending more time on the forums and one day, I saw someone in a thread mention "RvB', whatever the hell that was. I was one Google search away from rediscovering those guys from Texas who made Halo movies. I watched my first episode of Red vs. Blue (the season four premiere) and I was instantly hooked. After binge-watching the whole season, I made an account on and started to watch all the previous seasons. And here I still am after all these years.

    A lot can happen to a person in eight years, especially during their mid-teens to their early twenties. I entered and graduated high school, made lifelong friends, moved out of my parents' place, went to community college, transferred to the University of Florida, my dream school, after submitting application after application. I experienced depression and the loss of close family members. I learned to pick myself up by the bootstraps, to never give up, and to start living the life that I wanted to live.

    Amidst all these personal triumphs and tragedies, Rooster Teeth has been one of the few constants in my life. At the end of a really shitty day, I always knew that I could come on here and there would be a video, comic, or podcast that could cheer me right up. I've laughed every single day of these past eight years because of something RT related, which is something I am eternally grateful for. They've enriched and touched my life in more ways than they could possibly imagine. I'll be a Rooster Teeth fan for as long as it's possible to be one.

    I never have to wonder why I'm here.

  • 8-Bit Salute!

    4 years ago


    Poster arrived. Hype.


  • RWBY Episode 8

    5 years ago


    WOW! Something happened! I mean, it wasn't a plot but it was a thing! And a thing happening is the first step to a plot. Especially when they reintroduce a villain who we already forgot was a thing or ever thought was relevant in the first place... or something.

    Now let's stop talking about how bloody excited I am that a thing happened and instead talk about what that thing is.
    Drum roll.....
    The thing was.....
    pause for effect...
    The writers misgauging the likeability of their own characters! I mean it was the teams being formed.

    So team gender equality is the first team to be assembled featuring the long awaited return of Mohawk Guy. We haven't seen these characters before and likely never will again. They're probably only there to give the impression that Beacon's enrollment quota is 50% male. Even though it's made painfully clear that the male characters are completely out of their league (Yang not being able to kill a bird by shooting it in the throat 10 times with a shotgun not-withstanding, on the other hand at least she doesn't get winded running through a forest)

    Now that we've bot that out of the way let's talk about character dynamics, specifically the ones built up in RWBY so far.

    The character dynamic they've spent the most time on is the awkwardness triangle between Weiss Jaune and Pyrrha.
    And then the seething hatred between Rubi and Weiss
    Then the friendship between Nora and Lei
    Yang and Blake have no interesting chemistry besides that Blake would rather not be bothered by her.

    So given that the best possible team layout would be
    Lei Nora Blake Yang
    Rubi Weiss Jaune Pyrrha
    That would ensure the most interesting character dynamic stays intact and gives Lei and Nora an actual chance to grow as characters.

    The current lay out
    Rubi, Weiss, Blake, Yang
    Jaune, Pyrrha Lei, Nora
    Is just bad for everybody.

    First off you've got the 3 least likeable characters on one team. (Weiss needs to die in a fire, Yang needs to shut the hell up and Blake needs... Acting lessons)
    So you basically have the Rubi show going on over there. Rubi bickers with Weiss, Rubi fawns over her big sister, Rubi tries to connect with the dark and mysterious Blake

    Then on the other team you've got two possibilities.
    1) Well be seeing a lot more of Weiss than we need to (which is none at all) because the Jaune Pyrrha dynamic will only hold up as long as Jaune remains oblivious to Pyrrha's palpable attraction. And the only (Not completely stupid) way to accomplish that is to keep fueling the "JauneXWeiss" fire and if he and Weiss never get to see each other that won't last very long. Because out of sight out of mind right? (No not the RVB miniseries that was really awesome)
    This possibility would also keep Lie and Nora out of the spotlight, which would be awful because so far they're the best characters in the show

    2) We'll end up with 2 competing aggressive female relationship scenarios on the same team.
    Which could work if Nora is being genuine about wanting to stay friends with Lie. Which would make for a pretty cool story, to get to see a romantic relationship and one friendship side by side. it would be a pretty cool dichotomy to watch and a nice juxtaposition from the Rubi-centric other team... but the odds of that happening are practically nil.
    In all likelihood Pyrrha's attempts to get in Jaune's pants will trigger Nora's hormones and we'll end up with a "Which guy will get put in the awkwardest situation the hardest" situation in the name of CoMeDy!

    I suppose there's a third possibility that they'll ignore team JPLN and focus all their attention on team RWBY, but they won't do that to us... right?!?!?!

    Well anyway... here's hoping that Torchwick wrecks shit in the next two episodes and the team assignment will all be rendered moot, because that's one pacing nightmare I'll forgive them for.

  • Level 8!

    6 years ago


    Woot Woot!

  • Red vs Blue Season 9 DVD

    7 years ago

    BlackSunStudios FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Century King

    It's available on my birthday...well I know what I want! smiley0.gif


    EDIT: I just noticed in the tags I typed 1115 by accident. I swear I didn't intentionally type that O_O

  • Good day

    7 years ago

    Jakey232 Roo Teeth

    Well today I helped a mate collect a few achievable in Halo 3 and Reach, random conversations whilst I played Ocarina of Time on his 3DS (Damm Cuccos, I was getting annoyed at the chicken that I couldn't find).
    When I got home a decided to set up my Nintendo 64 and play Ocarina of Time. Damm it was blurry, I don't think it was meant to be played on a high resolution T.V. Still a good game though.

    Well now I just finished the Campaign of Section 8: Prejudice in one sitting. I bought it yesterday to play online with another friend. It's a good game, high action and alright story for campaign and fun and addictive multiplayer.

    My gamerscore is now 22911

    Hope you all had a good weekend

  • Long Night of Gaming.

    7 years ago


    So me and a few mates just wrapped up a nights worth of gaming. We started off with some light chit chat. Accompanied by some beer of course. We moved on to some Halo 3 custom games. Bit of Classic Slayer, Juggernaught and Oddball. All the fun stuff you remember fondly about Halo 3. We had five guys using two Xboxs and two T.V's. It was a good laugh! Plenty of messing around and inappropriate commentary.

    C y'all later!