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  • Small Update! Love Life || 3-18-18

    2 hours ago

    FiskJr KevinEverett

    Hey Everyone, 

    I have been catching up on some @burnie ( @elliemainey ) vlogs. In particular, the ones where Burnie sits down and talks to the camera and then the Final Vlog (btw for the love of god, can vlog not be underlined red as a grammatical error, it is 2018). 

    These vlogs were lovely to watch. I am glad I’ve waited to watch them at a point in my life where I am content and not upset. 

    Things have been really rough for me personally, and with college, but I’ve been coming around and it is due to one simple thing... I have been feeling more comfortable as myself. I recently have been to my former high school two times in the past two weeks and these few hours were amazing. These are people of my past. They are important to see once in a while, so I am able to reflect upon myself and the changes I have made and that they have noticed. My former teachers (Digital Cinema&Broadcasting) are wonderful individuals and I look up to them a heck of  a lot. The students are also really fun to be around and talk to. I ended up helping with very little things for projects the students had been working on after school, since I was in the room, but it was neat and enjoyable. 

    My Digital Cinema teacher I had for two semesters confirmed with me the school he has been trying to get into for his Masters Degree. He told me it was Emerson College for the writing masters... this made me really happy because it is the school I am currently at. Although he will be doing Online schooling, due to him already having a job as a teacher, it is a really cool thing to know that my former teacher is aiming towards the same school as me. 

    My friend who is a senior at the high school ended up Direct messaging me on twitter telling me to “guess what”. I immediately said, “Please say Emerson” and she then told me she had been accepted for the same major as me. This again made me so joyful. It is another situation where someone of my past is still apart of my present and hopefully the future. 

    There has been a lot of little things that have been happening that invokes me to be alive. I feel appreciated and that makes me unbelievably happy. I feel like I have a purpose, even if it means just existing and confronting each day as myself. I hope to open up more in the next few years, but I feel like my Boston life will be the way I will grow up out of my shell. I may not be making physical progress with school or projects, but mentally I am learning to accept myself and this is what I need. It’s what I have been needing during these past few years, but without the struggle, I would have never of known what I truly needed. I still do not know 100% completely, but Im on my way. 

    My next update with you guys will be in April, but I hope to talk about my life developing in Boston for the next 3 years to come. It is nice to finally find acceptance at the place I have been wanting to get away from for my whole life... home. The reason why I am finding acceptance is due to me accepting myself. I never needed a change of location to do this. I just needed time and reflection. I am content with losing people in my life. People come and go. The ones who find ways to appreciate you are the ones who will stay, even if they do not directly interact with you, they will always be there when you are ready to interact with them. 

    No one will fully understand the crazy small things that I have experienced these last few years; same thing goes for everyone else. I will never fully understand another individuals experience with the small things in their life that created a huge impact on who they are. This is the beauty of living life. Our characters are built upon a lot of things that not one single person will fully understand except for themselves. 

    Peace y’all <3

    -Kevin Everett Fisk Jr.

    (Visit Photo “Images” section on my profile to see some photos of me and some little things I have been up too. If you want to keep fully up to date with me, I have a journal style twitter @KEFiskJr) 

  • Red Vs Blue Vs Halo MCC LASO Playlist

    1 day ago


        Yesterday I decided that everyday I'd be streaming Halo on Legendary with all skulls on.  I love Halo and I love Rooster Teeth and its wonderful, creative community.  So come watch me fail miserably @  I'm not a famous or popular streamer so I don't have a subscribe button.  So follow me instead... maybe?  Also. if you enjoy my stream to the point you would like to donate money for some reason, donate it to a charity of your choosing.  You don't know me so I don't expect you to send me money.  Anyways, thank you for possibly watching and please pass this along.  It's for fun and maybe later down the line we could set up a donation goal for charity!!!!  

    PS.  I'll be streaming weekdays at 7 pm and weekends at 10am EST!

  • Question to Anyone/Rooster Teeth Diehards welcome to discuss as well!

    1 day ago


    So, a rather odd and quick question to anyone who loves Rooster Teeth and all its shows and podcasts: With all the shows you watch on here, do you ever feel the urge to write something? Even if it's Fanfiction(I don't real mind), do you like to get your creative juices flowing? Gimme a Message on your thoughts!

  • Can't Stop Won't Stop Playing Halo

    2 days ago


         Any Achievement Hunter fans out there??  Of course there are!  As most of you know or should know, Andy Panton recently streamed PUBG and he could only eat chicken dinners if he won.  Overall, he was quite successful.  Well, I'd like to do something similar.  However, I'm not good at games like PUBG or Fortnite.  Ultimately, if I chose to do the same challenge I'd most definitely die and the idea wouldn't be creative.  So instead, I'm going to play every Halo game in the Master Chief Collection in order and maybe Halo: Reach as well.  The catch however is I am playing on the LASO Playlist and I can't stop streaming until I beat a level.  For those of you who don't know, LASO stands for Legendary All Skulls On.  I tested this on Halo: Anniversary today and it took me 3+ hours to beat the very first level which would normally take roughly 15-20 minutes.  I'm also going to add in the additional challenge of once I start a level, I must finish it.  If I kill an enemy, I am therefore locked into a level.  

          Now I will continuously stream and the only time I will walk away from the game is either to go to the bathroom or get a drink.  All of which should take me a few minutes.  Stream format will be like classic Achievement Hunter videos with just the gameplay and my voice.  No webcam cause its about the game not my receding hairline lol.  The last thing I want to discuss is donations.  I don't have a donation thing set up and I never will.  If you for someone reason enjoy watching me fail over and over again to the point you'd subscribe(if you could).  Please donate that money to a charity instead!!!  And follow...? Maybe....  Probably not.  Anyways, I'll be streaming weekdays at 7 pm EST and weekends at 10am EST.  I'll be at and I hope to see your lovely faces there!!!!  Wait I won't actually see you or your faces....  Just enjoy my pain and misery!

  • Day One (again), or day 2550ish

    2 days ago

    FrederickLivingston Sir Frederick Livingston

    A pleasant day to you all,

       Once again I have made my triumphant return to the Rooster Teeth, this time with a full membership into the First Guild! My disappearance may have come as quite a wonderment to all of my devoted compatriots, I conclude it may even have left you (whether loyal or not) pondering what had happened to me. Well wait no more, as I am here to regale you with exalted tales of my exploits and feats of bravado.

        Many moons ago (7 years, give or take a few days/weeks/months) I entered into a blood oath with the Rooster Teeth when I conceded all my earthly possessions at the time. As well I forfeited 4 pints (give or take 1 or 2 pints) to the Rooster Teeth, I doth believe I said it was a blood oath (it was an archaic era). This agreement which we struck gave me the consent to partake in all of the Rooster Teeth's offerings at my leisure in return for added advertisement revenue into the Rooster Teeth's coffers. At that particular juncture in my existence I had but one wish, that wish was the viewing pleasure of many a Red VS Blue film. A fledgling I still was and knew little of the abounding possibilities the Rooster Teeth had within reach.

        With a exorbitant amount of time on my hands, I hastily expended the repository of Red Vs Blue programming. Curious as to the other potential options that one may expend, I delved deeper into the Rooster Teeth's depths. By mere happenstance, I stumbled upon the Profile creator that was at my disposal. This all appeared new and a minuscule terrifying at best, not but a thing I laid eyes upon seemed familiar to me. I prepared myself to remove myself from the intersite, but in the corner of my eye appeared a word I, myself, was well acquainted with. 'Journal'. Yes, as well renowned writer, I had composed many a journal if only to remove impeding thoughts from mind. However, this was a beast of other value. Here I have available to me a medium, to not only expel unnecessary notions from my brain, but to provide script of high form to the masses.

        With this i embarked on what I had believed to be a prolonged era of entries in which my plethora of unwavering consorts would find both comfort and knowledge in my daily writings.

    However, as we know this was not to be the case. The story, as I know you have been long awaiting, will be delivered to you loyal companion. But today is not this day, as I am weary from my travels. Fear not though, as tomorrow I will regale you with part one of my epic sage that you have for so long awaited. Before I depart I leave you with one final thought. What do you deduct they did with all of that blood? It is not as though they could use it for blood transfers as i had not been thoroughly screened. Unless they conducted such transfers in a back alley fashion, wherein the second party held them unaccountable for any repercussions. My belief, as always, is they either are vampires themselves (the Rooster Teeth) or they are familiars aiding the vampire cause. If you can i beg you please, let me know what your thoughts are, I must know as I currently have no proof. The truth is out there...

    I bid you a pleasant rest, and adieu,

    Frederick Livignston


  • Collection of Rooster Teeth / Achievement Hunter staff quotes

    4 days ago


    It's time.

    Here it is.

    My 136 pages long collection of Rooster Teeth / Achievement Hunter staff quotes. I've been keeping it to myself for way too long now. I hope at least some of you guys will find it useful or entertaining.

    Google Doc

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