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  • Switch Up, Kinda of

    1 year ago

    PrinceVenn Real Dead Boy

    Ok, so some stuff has changed since my last post (it has been around 11 months, almost a whole year). I am now living in San Francisco, and I also have 2 jobs, both of which I am looking forward to. One of my jobs allows to get free housing which is great, because the housing situation out here is SEVERE to say the least. I live for free, get paid in 2 large sums throughout the year, and I have another job with really flexible hours that wants me to work all the time. That mixed with my classes is going to create an interesting year. 

    My classes are all in SF this year, and I have single (albeit tiny) room in an apartment style quad. I don't know my suite mates, but I'm just a floor above some of my friends so ill live.

    I'm hoping to save up to get a really good bike so I don't have to use the shitty one I have now (I will def need a bike to get from my dorm to campus so wish me luck with that) and I also want to be able to enjoy myself a little this year. If Clipping has an more concerts in the Bay I will try to go, and I want to take some fun classes, like dancing or working out or pole-dancing (which i like to think of as a mix of them both)

    The only other thing that I can think of is the fact that I ordered some things from the RT Store and they ended up sending me 2 of the same shirt when I only ordered 1, so that was great. I'm saving for my only RT- In Real Life friend I have and it have Micheal on it so I know they will love it.


  • World Series!

    4 years ago

    jacjoyce Batman

    The San Francisco Giants win for the third time in five years! My NL team, and second favorite team in the MLB, since 2008 has won the title once again and I couldn't be more proud! The postseason is one of the many reasons to really love baseball.