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  • Hello There First Journal & A Little About Myself

    3 months ago


    Been a fan of RT for at least 9 years as of this post I made my profile almost 4 years ago as you can see but never really used the website, that is until I decided to become a first member in early August of 2018.

    A little about myself. I'm a huge sports fan, I'm a fan of the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, Penn State football, and UNC Basketball. I used to play baseball, football, and hockey, and currently officiate baseball as an umpire of course.

    As far as video games goes I'm a fan of sports games, Fortnite, Runescape, GoW, Halo, and most Mario Nintendo games.

    Thanks for reading and glad to be here for the ride.

  • Hello and stuff I guess.....

    7 months ago

    oisin432 O

    This is my first proper post, I've been watching video's since about 2010 only with from Youtube to the site last year and now I really want to start getting involved with the Rooster Teeth Community, so basically. I'm from London, Irish, love everything Rooster Teeth, Sports, Film Making and Marvel. I'm and Arsenal fan but I still love Gavin! ( To give Americans and non sports fans an idea, Arsenal are Tottenham/Spurs, Gavin's favourite team, main and blood sworn rivals) Although Alfredo is starting to become my favourite AH. I am also going to be a Guardian at this years RTX London if anyone else going or going to be a Guardian I would love to get to know a few people before the event actually happens as my friends couldn't make it because of work commitments so I'm kinda going on my laz  grimacing. But yeah looking forward to meeting new people and getting involved with this great community.

    O  penguin

  • Unofficial Rooster Teeth Bowl Pick Em Group

    11 months ago

    Schwartzanicker Broadcast Nick

    Hello all! 

    I made a group for picking all the bowl games on ESPN's website! Go see how you stack up with everyone!

  • Feast or Famine (17.10.08)

    1 year ago


    I feel like this is the second time this has happened to me.
    I just got a job in the kitchen of a sports bar after literally applying to places for months. After my first week of work, I got an offer from a retailer which will pay me much more, give me better hours, and it's something I'll probably enjoy more. On top of that, I went to a career fair in Atlanta yesterday, and mid-way through I got an email offering me another position for SEC Nation with the same ESPN contractor that offered me a job 2 weeks ago. Sadly, I don't think i can take it AGAIN because of work.
    Literally; feast or famine.



    P.S. I almost called this Flood or Famine idk why I got the phrase mixed up in my head.... rip my sanity

  • Why I Run

    1 year ago

    Caofontaine Wizard

    As seen on:

    My Website


    /*If you're passionate about something, it's always a good thing to remind yourself why you do what you do. This is my story.*/


    Photo by Andrew Merlino (2007)

    This is one of those deep down, discovery discussions for one who has a large passion for running that they couldn’t live without it. To go one step further, it is one of those discussions for anyone who has a passion for anything should have.

    Since I chose running and most likely you are someone who doesn’t know me, I must start at the beginning. Even if you do know me, you might not know the full picture of how I’ve evolved over time, so this might be a good read for you as well. I don’t really know. It could be too long for you to read since attention spans thin over time. Oh well. Bear with me.

    My running history began as a 14 year old transitioning from middle school to high school. Knowing that I had no interest or build for football and the only thing going for me in soccer was my speed, not my technical skills, I figured cross country would be the way to start. Also my older brother was already running. It was clear I was a novice in running, coming in with no experience or any real training, also having a coach (which I realized 3 years after the fact) who really had no idea how to coach runners at all. My first practice of the season was 3xMile. I thought was doing pretty well after the first run at about 6:27, but boy, that faded as the next 2 reps I finished behind the slowest kid. Definitely eye opening. After that, nothing spectacular other than finishing the season as a top 10 runner on the team.

    I think the real test came with indoor track, what I consider my first real taste of competitive running with a coach who actually knows running. If I thought I knew nothing about running after cross country, boy I really knew nothing after doing indoor track. Learning how to pace and be confident in your body while running laps was difficult and honestly I don’t really think I ever got the hang out during my career. Honestly, I think this was the season I discovered I liked to run. I can’t pinpoint it exactly, but I loved the hard workouts and seeing the fruits of my labor with improved times. This was the season I suffered my first injury as well. Shin splints. To this day, the bane of my existence. I ran the last race of the season with that pain. A 5:52 mile. That was painful and a lesson learned in recuperation.

    Coming back for the outdoor season with ample time to heal, it was what I considered my strongest season out of my entire 4 year running career. Vast improvements across the board and a real contributor to the team. Though another lesson had to be learned in fatigue. Definitely felt the end of the season exhaustion grinding it out. This season for sure, defined my work ethic for the future.

    Speaking of the future, is there much to say for the next 3 years? Not really, other than the recurring theme was injuries. I was not actually talented as runner and injuries ranged from the knees, back, hip, and the ever so recurring shins. I finished my career with a 4:48 mile, 10:43 2 mile, 2:56 1000m, 2:10 800, and a 58 400m. Good enough to score points, not good enough to be a state champion or national competitor. I’ll take the small rewards, I suppose.

    So it’s 2017. Where am I now? While at 25 I am considered still in my athletic prime, I’ve become, what I consider, less than the casual runner. I’m even more fragile than I was at 18. Besides the shins, it’s the lower back, left achilles, right groin/hip, knees, etc. Jeez, I might actually be dying. Physical therapy has only ever gotten me to at least 80% recovery. What a waste of money. Let’s not even talk about surgery. You might as well just chop the limb off. You’ll have to pay a handful and still have to go to physical therapy anyway.

    We now get to the actual “why” part after so much backstory. If I’m in so much pain and have no real goals to compete or anything like that, why am I even going out for runs at all? It’s a valid question. If I’m such a casual runner, the first answer would be that it’s a good fitness routine for me. It’s something I know and it’s easy for me to get into, albeit how painful it is. Now you may say, “There are other forms of exercise you can do that could be less painful”. You’re right! However, other forms of exercise are based on convenience and income. Biking? Have to buy a bike. Swimming? Need a pool or access to one. Elliptical, exercise bike, or rowing machine? Again, have to buy one, have room in a home to put it in, or pay for a gym membership, which I won’t do.

    Ok, ok, let’s stop beating around the bush. Why do I run? I love it. I really do. I love the highs it gives you and love the absolute pains it shoves. It’s character building. I truly believe that I would be nothing if I had not picked up running. It taught me how to become a hard worker by making me discover what I needed to do in order to be successful. Now, I’m not talking about being a successful runner because I already told you I wasn’t, but rather being successful in all other factors of life. How to the be successful in work, with my friends, my family, all stemmed from how I learned to work hard in running. Now, running just serves as a reminder of what hard work feels like and that what I’m feeling now can be applied elsewhere. I’m not saying I need to be sweating and my heartrate needs to be highly elevated in my work, but it’s more of, how do I apply my motivation and focus in running, to what I need to get done by the end of the work day?

    Could I have told you all that without all the backstory? Probably, but you might not understand what it took for me to get to my reasoning. I see a lot people I know who told me in the past running sucks, yet, years later, I’ll see them running 5k’s, half-marathons, and marathons as if they’ve loved running for years. I once told myself at 18, that I’d probably do those once. At 25, with my body breaking down into nothing, it’s probably unlikely. I’ll stick to taking the winters off from running to rehab, and struggle in the spring and summer to stay healthy casually running on the roads. It’s not the ideal compromise, but what I get out of it is always the same.

    Also, remember I’m a running nerd. I watch track and field on TV like it’s Sunday Night Football.

  • Why I Am Not A Coach (6/30/2017)

    1 year ago

    Caofontaine Wizard

    As seen on:

    My Website


    *I used to post a lot here. Not sure why I stopped. Maybe it was due to lack of time or I just wasn't reaching an audience to make it worth it. I'm going to try and make a larger effort to do so. I write things that are in my brain and try and share them for no real particular reason other than to just post into the internet void. If you do end up reading, it's much appreciated.*


    It’s something I’ve never felt I had to write about explaining myself because it is a career path I never considered. Since I am now displaying my life much more in internet writing, I felt this might be something people would want to read. At least for those who know me, it’s possible this is of interest.

    I fell in love with running at age 14, where most high school kids are actually introduced to running by participating in cross country or track & field. I was not a natural athlete by any stretch of the imagination, but I guess I liked being what I thought was a good athlete in these sports. I was average at best, but a contributor in the sense I scored the occasional point in a competition.

    It’s funny because I remember some people in high school in disbelief that I wouldn’t be competing in college. Those are the people who aren’t seeing the real picture. A 4:48 mile doesn’t get you in the door in Division I, it’s almost a charity to let you walk on in Division II with the expectation you’re most likely going to be cut, and you’re probably in the top 7 on a Division III team. I also destroyed my legs to the point I wake up in pain every single morning. Sacrificing that much to be an average athlete in high school (yes, in the grand scheme of things a 4:48 mile is pretty average in high school)? Well, that’s another explanation for another day.

    Now that I’m starting the fourth paragraph, I guess I could explain why coaching has never been in my life view. First off, I work a 9–5, so coaching is unrealistic because you can’t fully invest in your athletes, high school or college level. That’s just the simple, cop out answer though because it’s so easy to say.

    The real answer is this. I’ve talked about how I destroyed my legs in high school to the point that trying to even jog produces unbelievable pain. 2 rounds of PT in a span of 5 years treating a problem that no specialist has any idea to what’s going on was a waste of money. If I can’t keep my own running body healthy, how am I expected to keep the bodies of high school athletes healthy? Now I’ve designed my own coaching philosophy as kind of a “what if”, but I feel I couldn’t go through with it. I have knowledge that could be useful in coaching, but at the end of the day, I have no confidence that I could produce athletes with results and that I’d ultimately break them. They’d never see their true potential due to that. I understand injuries come with sport, but mitigating that is a result of good coaching and smart athletes. Could I coach well? I have no idea and I’ve kept myself out of trying for this very reason. Plus the 9–5 thing too. Scheduling is so unrealistic.

    I will admit, however, during my time volunteering at my high school track team, there is a sense of satisfaction watching athletes do well. Definitely enough to break some of my own rules in order to make coaching happen. Who knows if it’s in the cards for me? Something to really think about as time goes on.

  • Heavy Metal Gamer Ramblings - Episode 1

    1 year ago


    If you follow me on social media. I mentioned that there was going to be 2 new series coming to the channel. The first one you seen on Tuesday which was "Things I Hate In Gaming". This here is another one, now Heavy Metal Gamer Ramblings won't just be about gaming. Granted I will throw random gaming footage in the background, but it the video itself will be a variety of topics, ranging from video games, metal, Sports, and whatever I feel like talking about. The only things I will more then likely not talk about is religion and politics, unless it has something to do with gaming or metal. I hope you enjoy this new series. Thanks for watching.



  • An Emotional Board Game

    1 year ago


    Never did I think that someday I would be watching an anime about a board game, but then again, I have already watched anime about card games so maybe it wasn't all that much more of a stretch. Still, it was even more surprising to me that such an anime would get to me so much. I am of course speaking of 3-gatsu no Lion, an anime that follows the life of a young shōgi player as he struggles with making a game his career choice, the relationships he makes, and the emotional toll of losing his entire family. If you couldn't guess, this anime gets a bit dark at points.

    That young player's name is Rei Kiriyama by the way, a five dan in high school who lives alone after he moved out of his adoptive father's home. Rei is a very complex character, often times analyzing situations in his head, and mostly keeping to himself emotionally. He does have a relationship with a family of three sisters though, who look after him like part of their own after the eldest sister, Akari, found a dejected and sick Rei on the street. The other two sisters are Hinata, the middle child, and Momo, the youngest of the bunch.

    Like Rei, the sisters too lost family with the death of their mother. However unlike Rei, the three bonded and had relatives who helped to look after them. Akari began working for her aunt as a Hostess, and helping her grandfather run his confectionary shop. She's quite the woman, but her focus is on keeping her family fed so she has no romantic relationships. However Hinata seems to have a thing for Rei, although it's difficult to tell if it's just a sisterly kind of love or more of a romantic type; personally I feel it leans to the latter more with the stuff she says. Yeah, it's not just Rei who is complex I guess.

    Now when you heard me mention that he lives on his own, you might have groaned and said "ugh, not this trope again!" But before you leave, hear me out. After Rei's parents and little sister died in a car accident, he was taken in by a close friend of his father named Masachika who recognized his skill at shōgi. However Rei was too good, and put both of the man's children to shame. The daughter, Kyōko, reacting the most violently. As Rei puts it she is beautiful and hot tempered, having hit Rei on more then one occasion after losing to him in a shōgi match. It's also alluded to that she may have sexually abused him too, there's no confirmation on this yet, but even the sisters don't like Kyōko with Akari realizing it's a bad situation. Needless to say all this tension got to Rei, and seeing how his presence was tearing the family apart he moved out. Rei actually pays for his apartment by himself with his shōgi winnings, only taking out a small portion to feed himself while the rest he has the adoptive father collect and save up until he is out of high school.

    Kyōko isn't entirely evil though, and Rei cares for her as a sister and is worried about her. See, after he moved out Kyōko got involved with a man by the name of Masamune. This man is married, though his wife has been hospitalized for quite some time, and he, at least according to Rei, takes advantage of Kyōko. Masamune is also a powerful shōgi player, and it's Rei's goal to defeat him in an official match to prove he is the better player. Not sure if this will get Kyōko to leave Masamune, but from what I can tell Masamune doesn't like Kyōko as a person. He probably just uses her for her body or something, but for now the only leg up Rei gets on Masamune is when Kai defeats Masamune in a very big match to determine who goes on to compete for the world class title.

    Before you think Rei does extremely well however, as if he were some kind of prodigy, think again. He's a good player, really good, with a play style that is often compared to that of the current world shōgi champion, but he still loses. In fact he loses enough to worry about losing a rank, something he can't afford to do. Not out of some kind of need to be the best, but because he wouldn't be able to afford his apartment if he did. Rei's not alone in this struggle though, as he realizes that many of the players he squares off against are fighting to keep their ranks for similar reasons. Yeah, there's another emotional checkmark for ya, are you getting why I said this anime gets dark at times yet?

    After we get through character introduction, smaller plot lines, and some background information, we finally reach the main story. Sadly it's just as this story begins that the anime comes to an end, as Rei begins to attend a shōgi club and accompany the club leader, a man by the name of Kai, to a couple matches against the current world champion. It's here we start to see those similarities between Rei and the world champion, as Rei is even able to successfully find a way to beat the champion, a way that Kai doesn't find, and a way that the champion was disappointed no one saw. But Rei did! I'm sitting there thinking, oh man, is he going to see the example of what Rei did? Then this eventually leads the two of them to have an unofficial match, where the champion defeats Rei but says he played beautifully and wants to play against him again. I was excited! Unfortunately, this never happens. Rei just returns home and goes back to school, but this time attending a shōgi club and opening his heart a little more.

    Genres: Sports, Drama, Comedy

    Animation: Ok, so, above all the animation in this anime was astounding! Oh my god, it was so good. As I like to describe it, it was atmospheric as fuck. The backgrounds and these environmental scenes they cut to are beautiful, and the designs on the people are very interesting. At first I was put off by the mouths, but came to enjoy the way they look. Shaft are the ones behind the animation, same studio responsible for animating Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei, the Monogatari series, and Nisekoi. They do good work, but I'm glad they moved away from "shafting" the animation like they loved to do in the Monogatari series.

    Voice Acting: Stellar acting, perfectly paired voices to characters, and combine with the dramatic visuals it all just hits home. Kengo Kawanishi, who voices Rei, is almost unknown in lead roles. His resume is mostly background and filler characters, and I love it when a new voice does so well in such a large role. Though the anime itself saw a good mix of long time professionals and new voices, so the whole experience was refreshing to the ears.

    Favorite Character: To be honest, it has to be Rei. This is a guy who has been dealt a pretty tough hand by life, but he still manages to scrape by. He works hard and you want to root for him, but at the same time you are forced to see him lose time and time again. I feel like had the anime continued, it probably would have been a turning point in his life, one that would see him grow more as a person and become not only a top shōgi player but also a really likable guy.


    3-gatsu no Lion gets a 9.0 out of 10


  • WWF War Zone Review - Heavy Metal Gamer Show

    1 year ago


    It's time for a review, and this time I check out WWF War Zone on the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy. I hope you enjoy this review, thanks for watching!



  • Super Bowl

    1 year ago


    Anyone here excited for Super Bowl LI?

  • Affiliate of United games

    2 years ago


    Life changing game that put its players first 

  • Lid's Football Reactions: Week 1

    2 years ago


    It's KICK OFF WEEK! There's nothing better, I'm so happy to have some good ole college football back. Not sure if I'll do this every week, but here are my thoughts so far for this week.

    Early Games:

    Boston College shot themselves in the foot a few times on their last drive when they lost to Georgia Tech. Ugly.

    Michigan and Ohio State, both scored more than 60 points. So far, they look like the best in the Big Ten and it might be the year where the Wolverines finally beat the Buckeyes.

    Power 5s go down - Both Northwestern and Mississippi State lost to mid-majors. Red flags for those teams.

    The story of the day, though, has to be the University of Houston taking down Oklahoma, the No. 3 team in the country. That kick-six play seemed to put the game in Houston's hands and they held on to it the rest of the way, amazing win for them.

    More to come with the afternoon games.

    I'm of course happy, though, that Minnesota won on Thursday night. Lot of things to clean up, but a win is a win.

  • Not A Million Dollars, But A Podcast

    2 years ago

    MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

    Are you a podcast addict?

    If you like sports, then you should listen to our podcast, Cap Casualties.

    Also, shout out to @LoZelda for the intros.

  • Fight!!

    2 years ago

    Dudacrist Dudacrist

    Lol I have caught myself multiple times yelling at my TV during the Blackhawks games "Fight!" and "Nonsense!" Thanks Ryan

  • Stanley Cup Playoffs (2016)

    2 years ago


    The NHL regular season has come to a close and that means it's playoff time. This is the first time since 1970 that a no team from Canada made the playoffs. I correctly picked 12 of the 16 that made the playoffs, but my Stanley Cup Finals picks didn't make the playoffs because I had Montreal over Calgary. Here are the teams that did make the playoffs. From the Eastern Conference in the Atlantic Division: Florida, Tampa Bay, & Detroit. Metropolitan Division: Washington, Pittsburgh, & NY Rangers. Wild Card: NY Islanders & Philadelphia. From the Western Conference in the Central Division: Dallas, St. Louis, & Chicago. Pacific Division: Anaheim, Los Angeles, & San Jose. Wild Card: Nashville & Minnesota. Here are my picks.

    Eastern Conference Quarterfinals

    Washington vs Philadelphia: Washington

    Pittsburgh vs NY Rangers: Pittsburgh

    Florida vs NY Islanders: Florida

    Tampa Bay vs Detroit: Tampa Bay

    Eastern Conference Semifinals

    Washington vs Pittsburgh: Washington

    Florida vs Tampa Bay: Florida

    Eastern Conference Finals

    Washington vs Florida: Washington

    Western Conference Quarterfinals

    Dallas vs Minnesota: Dallas

    St. Louis vs Chicago: Chicago

    Anaheim vs Nashville: Anaheim

    Los Angeles vs San Jose: San Jose

    Western Conference Semifinals

    Dallas vs Chicago: Dallas

    Anaheim vs San Jose: Anaheim

    Western Conference Finals

    Dallas vs Anaheim: Dallas

    Stanley Cup Finals

    Washington vs Dallas


  • Injuries Galore!

    2 years ago


    I noticed at the beginning of the week that there are an abundant amount of students on campus with broken legs or sprained ankles. The amount of crutches, casts and medical boots are quite overwhelming. I do not know what happened this past weekend, but I'm starting to think that it is a sort of movement that I do not fully understand yet. Apparently, it's a cause worthy of reducing the function of one of your legs.

    In other news, my college's softball team's playing in Northridge, CA this weekend. Break a leg, Lopes! .... Oh....

  • The Podcast Rounds

    2 years ago

    MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

    So, I'll be on the TFT Podcast tonight live on Twitch.

    I'll also be recording my podcast, Cap Casualties tomorrow and be ready for download on Friday night. Though it won't be the heart of conversation, I plan on asking my co-host about his thoughts of professional gaming events that are now popping up on sports networks, so if you're not a sports fan, this one is a bit more in your wheelhouse.

    Also, I'm needing some custom artwork, for my show. If you are a reasonable commission rate, and like doing the work, I'm looking for a banner for our podcast, Twitter, Facebook, etc. So if you are interested, please message me so we can chat.


  • Cap Casualties Podcast

    2 years ago

    MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

    Like sports talk? Want more of it?

    Episode 25 of my podcast, where we talk Super Bowl.

    Cap Casualties Podcast


  • A Journal About My Podcast, And Another Legend Leaves Us

    2 years ago

    MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

    I hope your Christmas was great.

    I felt like writing a journal this morning, mostly because I'm avoiding working in my office, and waiting for the afternoon bowl games to start.

    A few years ago, I started going on the TFT forum on this site (back when it wasn't such a painstaking effort to navigate). I was a bit lost in my life. My marriage was stagnate, my job was god awful, and I stopped doing the things I loved. I had somehow gained 30lbs, my health was in really bad shape, and not long after, my best friend passed away after a 7 month battle with terminal cancer. But doing that podcast was something I looked forward to every week, and slowly I started to feel more like myself, and my heart was telling me to do what I had wanted to do for years, my own sports podcast.

    So earlier this year, my best friend Rod and I decided it was time to pull the trigger and get the show off the ground. Enter The Cap Casualties Podcast. There have been a few bumps along the way, but it's a growing process, and we are trending upward IMO, so there's much promise in the product.

    I'll even pull the curtain back a bit. If you listen, it sounds like Rod is the big stats guy of the two of us. In reality, I'm the bigger stats geek. But, because Rod had zero experience doing this, I wanted him to have something to fall back on, in case things get stagnant for him. Eventually as he does this more and more, we'll have a middle ground of all of it. And to be honest, I never liked sports shows that just read off stats for's just boring. I call it "hang up and listen" radio...and if I were listening, I'd tune out to that shit.

    2016 is gonna be a fun year. Our goal is to grow the listener/follower base, and have a guest or two on along the way. Maybe an MMA fighter, or a person with strong ties to the Miami football program, who knows. It should get interesting.

    Since you've come this far, might as well stay for dessert. Below are people you should go visit, show your RT support for (because they work hard at this, and a little love goes a long way).

    @LoZelda has a Patreon for her Twitch stream and YouTube videos. She has been great as the voice of my podcast, I can't thank her enough for all the help and kindness she has shown me.

    The Forum Thread - Thanks so much for helping me find that passion in broadcasting again. I know most of you have no idea how to sports, but that's ok. Go visit their website!

    @MrWartburg and The Farm Nerds

    As for me, you can find me on twitter @NotMrFusion we are on Instagram @CapCasualtiesPodcast, our podcast twitter @CapCasualties and on Facebook (ugh). Yeah, we're on iTunes, most Android podcast devices (search for Cap Casualties) and on Stitcher Radio.

    Like I said, I enjoy the criticism and friendly banter, so feel free to listen, and drop me a line.

    On my way out, I want to say rest in peace to the rock icon Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister. In the pantheon of rock gods, Lemmy rules them all. I was 12 when I was listening to a national rock station, Z-Rock on their midnight metal show, Wounded Radio. I had been a huge fan of metal at that point, was into Type O Negative, Megadeth, Metallica, etc...then they played Motorhead. I was hooked. Working in radio, I was lucky to meet a few music icons, but never met Lemmy. I had always heard that he was a sweet man. Rock on Lemmy.

    Have a safe and happy new year everyone.


  • Yo, Adrian! We gonna see this movie!

    3 years ago


    Let's React - Creed 'Generations' Featurette


    Like, Share, & Subscribe if you enjoyed! <3

  • Putting my profile together is hard....

    3 years ago

    SymoNic Symonic

    So I've decided I would try to be active here. Thought a decent profile would be a good start. Few things I've noticed...

    - I can't modify my games list from my 'about me' page.

    - If I search for a game using the 'gaming' option, even after I follow and select 'I'm playing', it doesn't show up in my profile under games. (the games that are there I added aaaages ago when I was bored)

    - There is no search function for books, sports, interests etc.? luckily soccer/football and rugby were on first two pages... but I don't fancy looking through 120 pages to see if Liverpool, Cardiff city, Cardiff blues etc. are in there. Yes, I could add a custom one quickly, but takes the point out of finding people with similar interests because there could be 30 people who support Liverpool, but we all made our own pages...

    -When I try to follow people, the peoples pages say I follow them but it doesn't show up in my custom feed? Also doesn't show in my profile?

    I don't know if its just me or a site wide issue that is currently being fixed... At this point I'm wondering if this will even post :D

    Oh well, the rugby world cup final is on now so I'm out for the next 80 mins.

  • Sports Podcasting

    3 years ago

    MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

    So, I have a new episode up of my sports podcast: Cap Casualties Podcast.

    If you listen, I appreciate it.

    And yes, you do recognize the intro's the lovely @LoZelda


  • In the famous words of Apollo Creed. EYE OF THE TIGER. Always.

    3 years ago


    Let's React - Creed 'Generations' Featurette


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  • Losing and Winning

    3 years ago


    Boo. The Yankees lost. I didn't actually watch the game since the Rockband stream has been going on, but I had a feeling that would happen. I sadly stopped watching baseball as much once my favorite players retired, and I got too busy to prioritize it.

    I know people love to hate on the Yankees, as evidenced by Twitter (and my best friend in particular, but I've given him more than enough shit about the Braves, so it's okay). Watching the play-by-play on ESPN was enough. Ground out after ground out and then Beltran and A-rod go down swinging. GG. Sounds like I didn't miss much.

    Oh well, totally rooting for the Blue Jays. No shame.

    Anyway, the "winning" part of this is about RTNC -- there's going to be a game of Cards Against Humanity this Thursday, the 8th, at 8pm ET. Unfortunately, I don't think I can make it due to traveling (leaving for NY a bit earlier than expected due to the hurricane messing up plans to drop my cat off at my parent's house this weekend), but I hope other people can! CAH is always a good time. Follow for details: It's open to anyone and everyone!

    Also, I guess another winning thing was I had a chat with some of my friends earlier, and we're putting the plans in motion to start a podcast on all things business and finance. We're likely not launching until the new year due to all the holiday and travel craziness, but I'm really excited to explore a new content medium! We're all bloggers, but talking and going off on random tangents is fun, too. We're hoping to expand our reach collectively and gain the support of other podcasts in our niche, so we'll see how it turns out in the coming months.