Community Project: The Games that Defined 2015

Random Awesomeness: Community Project: The Games that Defined 2015

Hey g1’s, Madhero of g1 Features here and uhhh…. Hey wait a minute? This isn’t the g1 Features 
Alright, alright, enough goofing around here. I’m here to talk about something really really cool and 
exciting to talk about. Some of you may remember last year, where I did a little community event called 
The Games The Defined 2014, which I also did last year still on my old blog. What started as a response 
to a lame Cracked article has turned into something I look forward to doing every year. Last year 
especially, after having some doubts, blew me completely out of the water, with over 30 responses of 
which most were very well written with some great stories to tell about the games released that year. 
Screwattack’s pushing and support of the project helped it become a far bigger thing than I thought it 
would be, and since contacting them, they’ve been really supportive, hence this cool video that you are 
seeing now explaining everything (big shoutout to Shaun Bolen),  but in case if you need a reminder (or 
y’know, just read the blog again), here’s how it goes.
Games That DEFINED 2015 is not GOTY 2015. Basically what it means is a game that either you feel 
meant something to the year that it came out in (for example, Fallout 4’s bugs being far less forgivable 
now in a world where every AAA game is a open world, or Splatoon being the wake up call of Nintendo 
finally entering modern gaming and in the best way possible) or something that made you discover 
something about yourself in a way that defined the year for you personally. This can be good, or bad 
(there used to be a For Better or Worse tagline). It does not just mean “hey this game was really 
Now for some other rules.
  • It has to be a game released in 2015. If it came out last year, but you only started playing it this 
       year, it does not count unfortunately. So 2015 releases only.
  • Remasters/Remakes ARE allowed this time. Last year I was a little strict on that, disbarring stuff like Binding of Isaac Rebirth (sorry). This time, I’m going to be less strict about it, but I do want a really good reason as to why you felt, say, The Uncharted Collection defined 2015 for you.
  • ONLY 1 GAME GETS PICKED! Once someone has picked Fallout 4, that’s it, that person hasFallout 4, and no one else, so better be quick with your picks. And also, I do expect quality from people, so please don’t waste picking a game a lot of people presumably want to talk about.
  • You DON’T need to have played the game, but it’s RECOMMENDED. In 2013, I chose Dead Space
    3 as my Game That Defined 2013 despite not having it, as I felt its attempt to get as many 
    people as possible by homogenizing it and leaving fans in the dust was something sadly relevant. 
    Now obviously, I’d much prefer if you’ve played the game, but if you have enough stuff to say, that can work.
  • Go as detailed as you want, but do try to be concise. Some entries I got last year were absolutely
    massive, going to describe a lot of gameplay stuff of what made the game so good, and that’s 
    great, but do try to stick to your point and be as concise as possible. This is going to be a super 
    long blog, and if your entry’s too long, there’s a good chance it’ll get edited, so try to be precise 
    with your point. Good examples of the 2014 edition include The Stickman’s Alien Isolation part, 
    and whilea little too long, Caboose’s Bayonetta 2 part. 
Alright that about covers it. Now what about deadlines? Well, you have until DECEMBER 16TH to enter your game. How do you enter? Simple, SAY YOUR GAME IN THE COMMENTS BELOW, along with a reason why you are picking it.  We can discuss it a bit (so do pay attention to the comment thread). Once that is done, you’ll be sent a message in SCREWTTACK PM where the deadline will be DECEMBER 23rd, AND NOT A DAY LATER!! I think that about explains everything. I look forward to managing this project once again. I’ll keep you guys updated on everything. Until then, Bye!
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