Raven vs Twilight Sneak Peak

DEATH BATTLE Cast: Raven vs Twilight Sneak Peak

The cast shows off a sneak peak of the Raven vs Twilight fight and they have some beef with Wonder Woman, Reboot, and a thong.

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  • DanielSethCa

    2 weeks ago

    Marvel Nick Fury vs DC Amanda Waller...

    A Battle of the SHADOWS...

  • HOMBREoscuro FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    2 weeks ago

    Stan Smith (American Dad!) vs Sterling Archer (Archer)

    A ridiculous spy vs spy fight to the death for two unkillable idiots

  • Ustpatrick FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    2 weeks ago

    Doing clearly bias polls for the weekly battle just hurts your credibility the audience is always partial to their favorite there is no accuracy in them.

  • Bladenbullet1499 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    2 weeks ago

    Remaster the ivy vs orchid fight.

  • Roostercrow FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold About me

    2 weeks ago

    reboot's reboot sounds like code lyoko

  • Cody-The-Dark-Hero

    3 weeks ago

    Red Hood VS Winter Soldier should be as a sequel to Batman VS Captain America, as Winter Soldier finds the killer of his best friend Steve Rogers, and that's where he enters Gotham City and runs into the Red Hood and says that her heard about the Red Hood who's been killing off crimes and murderers and other supervillains through the city just to try to save the town from chaos and havoc, and the Red Hood says it's true... only something Batman couldn't do, and that's where Winter Soldier figures out Red Hood was the former partner in Justice of Batman and he's been searching for Batman to teach him a lesson. But the Red Hood stops him from trying to find and kill Batman, cause he only he says if Batman dies or not, and that's where the 3D fight between the former deceased anti-heroes/anti-villains fights to the DEATH BATTLE (for like almost a 2 hour endless fight) until one is blown to chunks of bloody body parts from alleyway to alleyway and from rooftop to rooftop and from street to street AND... finally... to Arkham Asylum where all inmates and supervillains (including Joker) watches the endless fight.

  • Cody-The-Dark-Hero

    3 weeks ago

    I have in you Princess Twilight!

  • Cody-The-Dark-Hero

    3 weeks ago

    I always drink MTN Dew Code Red when I watch DEATH BATTLE. 


    1) MTN Dew Code Red tastes super awesome

    2) DEATH BATTLE itself is super awesome

    3) MTN Dew Code Red and DEATH BATTLE are both super awesome as I drink a watch at the same time, and vise versa

  • dinomaster189

    3 weeks ago

    the reboot of reboot is like code lyoko dang that's a throw back.

  • CSLMuramasa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Demon Blade

    3 weeks ago

    "The next Death Battle will feature 2 series that have never been on Death Battle before." That..... really doesn't narrow it down. I'm guessing since it comes out right before Pacific Rim Uprising it'll be one of the series. Maybe Gipsy Danger vs Iron Giant?

  • Decrozi FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Anime fan

    3 weeks ago

    I forgot about "Pretty Pretty Pegasus". Awkward.

  • matt_harkin36 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    3 weeks ago

    We needed a Martian Manhunter movie,

  • SpartaChris116 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    3 weeks ago

    so that reboot show is like code lyoko?

    • LordTerminal

      3 weeks ago

      You cannot believe how many people, me included, have made that comparison.

  • DDragonking FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    3 weeks ago

    Please please let it be symphogear!  It's such an underrated, yet awesome series that needs the attention really badly overseas.  Torrian will especially like it lots of flips and tricks.

  • racekingable

    3 weeks ago

  • DeltaPrime350 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    3 weeks ago

    Most people's arguments for dash are the same if he was the flash, he isn't, that is due to pop culture where a character like the flash is very popular, so they will drawn parallels between the two, Dash is much slower than the flash is unable to do most of  things that the flash could do like phasing through objects, has never shown that he can snap someone's neck at high speeds even with his speed at 764 km/hr which just under speed of sound, people he is the fastest guy in this fight he is not, The Human Torch can fly faster than supersonic speed, which dash is just under, this will most likely change in the upcoming movie, people also forget he is 10 which means it going to be difficult to do those things at his age, being under 4 feet tall, , he has never shown the intelligence to figure out how to stop someone like Johnny Storm he usually relies on his parents to tell him what to do, and again he is ten and will most likely be the last one to survive but look at the psychology of it a ten year boy see his family die and given his personality he will charge in head first blindly, just like in the movie when his sister was about to get shot he charge in and was almost killed by one minion if it wasn't for his sister returning the favour and saving him, this will most likely lead to his death because the fantastic four could easily lay trap or set dash in a situation that will lead to his death like the plans they have for someone like they have for quicksilver who is faster than dash and unfortunately he will not be able to do much against the FF on his own. A lot of people assume that Violent can do the same things as Sue because they have pretty almost the same powers but there is a huge power difference between the two Violent's power are no where near as powerful, her forcefields can only take so much before they break, in the movie she it took a giant robot to do, which the amount force that is shown in that film with number of hit its rounds around 50,000 tons of force which they FF are more than able to do, Sue Forcefields have blocked almost everything you name it she has probably blocked it, a second thing about her forcefields can only go around things, she has never shown the capability of cut off someone's oxygen, her invisibility is only capable of making her self invisible this is proven because they had to design the suit go invisible with her and while Sue can make other things turn invisible like for example her team which she has done before. Mr Fantastic has made plans to be able to stop defeat himself before in case of an evil version so he could easily apply to Elastic Girl and take her down swiftly. Finally Mr incredible he be one of the first to die because not only doe ben grim have the superior strength, durability, he has also has the better hand to combat techniques, mr incredible has no formal training, he has no way defending himself from human torch or invisible woman. Lastly the Incredibles are a family not a team, lack tactics, experience, the FF have the experience, teamwork, are not just marvel's first family are also one of their oldest teams, back to incredibles the kids rely on their parents to make plans if any of the parents die they will become disorganized that will lead to their doom and psychology always plays a key factor in battle the only time it doesn't is when you have two robots that have no personality or any behaviour. The FF take on universal threats on all time which means they are more than prepare for incredibles. The FF have so many feats that are crazy and so are worth reading and I'm not going to spoil them for you in here because FF deserve more good word of mouth than just about those awful movies. If you think I'm being too harsh on the Incredibles I'm not, It might sound like it but I'm just stated it how it is which is a stomp and that will always come off as harsh. 

    • SavageSamurai FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      3 weeks ago

      1) No one brought up the Flash or any of his techniques. Its basic science that F =ma ergo even if Dash isn't the fastest speedster in fiction, an attack from him moving at his fastest speed is still going to hurt a lot. Even if he is 10 and not very bright, his attacks are still going to hurt especially if we use his speed shown in commercials or video games where he is capable of moving at 300 kph (in fact his little stint with the hidden camera has been calc'd at 764 kph) which is well fast enough to snap someone's neck (still wouldn't do jack to the FF though).

      2) Do not bring psychology into this. Dash's natural fighting style is to charge head first anyway so there is no reason to bring up the effect of seeing his family die into this.

      3) The FF would not have to lay a trap given that Dash still wouldn't have what it takes to put a dent in the FF.

      4) I was going to address the rest of your statement but I found it was just saying the same thing "FF > Incredibles". While I agree with this statement, you never clarify how they are better. Mr Incredible has worse strength and durability because... Violet's invisibilty only affects her but you don't address how the FF would get around it. "Violet's force field's can only take so much force until they break" and the same doesn't apply to Sue? Granted they have only broken against much stronger threats like Thor's hammer but you don't address this. Instead you act like this weakness is only applicable to Violet which is a fallicious statement.

      5) "Lastly the Incredibles are a family not a team, lack tactics, and if any of the parents die they will become disorganized and that will lead to their doom". As shown in their fight against the omnidroid, the Incredibles can function as a team. A better statement is that the Incredibles lack experience fighting as a team while the FF have been around since 1961. There are also several points in the film where when push comes to shove, Dash and Violet can function just fine on their own such as when they are seperated by their mother. 

      Now I agree that the FF would beat the Incredibles. It's a stomp. But you have been downplaying the Incredibles. Either by saying they wouldn't have much of an effect because they aren't as good as other superheroes, acting like only one side has a weakness that both sides share or just not making your point clear. Instead of showing how the Incredibles would lose, you just come across as ignorant for their side.

    • DeltaPrime350 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      3 weeks ago

      Here is the some of the feats for the fantastic four if you really want to know but warning spoilers down below 

      In the very first issue, Reed Richards catches a nuclear missile, a feat calculated at Mach 2.327645725 and then tosses it into the sea, which wielded a throwing speed of Mach 70.67501249 to Mach 75.37688442. On issue #4, Johnny Storm creates a tornado that pulls Namor and his sea monster from NYC to the Marianas Trench, calculated at a speed of Mach 64.25891641 and a calculated KE of 7.664232928e21 joules, or 1.831795633 teratons. A casual feat for early Johnny Storm. On issue #6, Doctor Doom flies with a rocketship who's speed was calculated at 0.2727627189c. This is important because Namor was able to catch up to the ship.  The calculated reaction speed of Namor doing this means that he can react to an attack with a speed of 1.980253552c if it's coming from 10 meters away.  On issue #13, the Fantastic Four spaceship reaches the moon in a lowest possible timeframe of 30 minutes, giving it a speed of Mach 626.9162577. Johnny Storm easily kept up with the spaceship. On issue #24, Reed Richards, Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm all react to meteors pulled by an alien's telekinesis. The meteors had a calculated speed of Mach 1812.21899, and the calculated reaction speed means that they could react to an attack with a speed of 0.1034136144c if fired from 10 meters away.  Using an extreme lowball and assuming that the meteors only had the speed of an average re-entering meteor (17 m/s) means that they could react to Mach 2511.529544 attacks from 10 meters away.  On issue #30, Johnny Storm flies through a mountain melting a hole in it, calculated at 344.1199448 megatons On issue #38, The Wizard flies to space so fast that Johnny can't track him. The calculated results range from Mach 6969.937406 to Mach 1393.987481.  On issue #54, Ben Grimm could throw a baseball so fast that it could make a titanium bat buckle. The speed necessary to cause this was calculated at Mach 88.65991834'.  On issue #62, Blastaar is strapped to a rock and send to an area of the Negative Zone where antimatter collides with positive matter. The rock hits the antimatter atmosphere and is annihilated. This was calculated at 782.78354 gigatons, and Blastaar wasn't harmed at all by it.

      On issue #64, a Kree Sentry robot creates a tsunami by punching the ground. The end result was 4.061852029 tons, but keep in mind that it was just the side-effect of the punch from 100 meters away.

      On the same issue Johnny Storm melts a trench for water to fill in, calculated at 22.06650208 kilotons

      On issue #75, a starving Galactus sends a planetoid on a collision course to earth, and Reed states that it would atomize half the continent. This was calculated at 3.793974232 exatons

      On issue #78, Johnny casually vaporizes a machine, calculated at 349.1324378 tonsOn issue #91, Ben Grimm breaks a slave block strong enough to anchor a Skrull battlecruiser. The energy to do this was calculated at 1.431564356 teratons, and Ben logically exerted more force than this to break it.

      On issue #92, Ben resists and breaks a hydraulic press that can push through a planet, calculated at 8.68027432 megatons. He was weakened when he did it.

      On issue #100, a running-low on power Johnny melts the inside of a small mountain, calculated at 165.0414074 kilotons. ###p18.290063.9 megatons.  On issue #102, Namor easily intercepts a missile, calculated at Mach 22.64734981 On issue #103, Ben Grimm spins his arms creating a whirpool that manages to draw Namor in with the suction. This feat varies from 109.6941404 megatons to 13.67778194 gigatonsdepending on how fast Namor was swimming (Since no calc-stacking is allowed, he used the stated Handbook speed of 5, which is "Supersonic: peak velocity between Mach-2 to Orbital Velocity approximately 17,000 mph")

      On issue #104, Crystal covers the skies with clouds to distract Magneto, with a timeframe of a "split second". Calculated at 5.402559627 gigatons.

      On issue #106, Johnny flies into space quickly, result ranging from Mach 390.3729172 to Mach 1171.118752. On issue #109, Johnny flies from the Negative Zone opening to Annihilus' planet. The result is Mach 151.5668009 for the low-end, Mach 606.2672035 for the mid-end and Mach 3031.336017for the high-end. On issue #116, Doom intercepts a psionic blast from the Over-Mind, which was calculated at 1.363640541e18c, though the feat might not be legit (Depends on how fast you are willing to accept the Marvel speed of thought for telepaths is).On issue #127, Mole Man is building drills to the Earth's core to release molten iron to burn the entire surface world, calculated at 381.9379175 teraton.  On issue #129, Ben holds an ICBM against the force of its engine, calculated at 50.51585331 megatons to 561.287259 megatons.  On issue #134, Dragon Man flies from Pensylvania to Queens NYC, calculated at Mach 14.23295816 On issue #146, Johnny overcomes the freezing rays of Ternak's "climate cannon", which had the power to freeze the Earth. This was calculated at 28.05078872 petatons, an Johnny was weakened.On issue #167, Hulk and Thing smash two helicopters in a "split milisecond", which wields a speed of Mach 22.51877219.

      On issue #169, a human and powerless Ben Grimm moves faster than the eye can see, calculated at 78.0436231 m/s. Ben without powers is just an average peak human in the Marvel universe.

      On issue #175, the High Evolutionary's evolution ray hits Galactus across space. The beam was calculated to have a speed of 94,608,000,000,000c

      On issue #181 Annihilus takes Reed Richards from the Negative Zone portal to his base "within moments". On issue #182, Mad Thinker uses a tractor beam to pull his android at the speed of light away from Annihilus' base towards the portal.

      The android moved at the speed of light for at least 23 hours, 2 minutes, and 5 seconds, so the distance was at least 24,860,289,580 km. So Annihilus flew at speeds of 2764.1666667 - 82,925c depending on the timeframe.  On issue #195, Johnny casually dodges flak bursts, calculated at Mach 30.14022548.On issue #208, a Xandarian teleportation beam transports Johnny from Earth to Xandar in "a heartbeat", using that as a timeframe gives a speed of 93,451,680,000,000c.

      ###p31,190,993,450,000 yottatons.

      On issue #210, Ben Grimm and Sue Storm deflect meteors, with the low-end of their reaction speed being calculated at 0.00001799290802 seconds

      On issue #220, Vindicator flies past the horizon "in an instant", calculated at Mach 11,898.01491 - 0.1350526143c. This was before he got the powerup that made him Guardian.

      On issue #221, Ben casually smashes an alien crystal tower, calculated at 5.445117688 megatons

      On issue #229, Ben Grimm knocks back Ebon Seeker and nullifies his momentum. For those who don't know, The Seeker is a sentient black-hole with pretty much all the properties of a real one (Well, aside from being humanoid in shape and sentient). So using the Schwarzschild radius calc to figure out Ebon Seeker's mass as 4.480915908e27 kg. Depending on how fast he moved in the scene, he produced a KE of 51.42772034 exatons to 309.5087709 yottatons. I would be willing to use a mid-end that would wield 5-B results, myself.

      On issue #234, Ego devastates the Earth with a gravity pulse, calculated at 49.95219885 petatons. Bit-feat, though this was just a probe send by an extremely weakened Ego.

      On issue #235, the weakened Ego flies to the core of the sun with Ben Grimm and detonates himsel, calculated at 2.022401476 yottatons. Ben survived this.

      On issue #249, Gladiator contains a Srkull-ship explosion that could destroy half the solar-system, calculated at 2.323741127e43 joules, or 5,553,874,587 yottatons. Gladiator didn't just tank this, but redirected/absorbed it to protect the solar system, and showed no signs of being harmed at all.On issue #256, Ben plays pinball with asteroids (Really), calculated throwing speed at Mach 3197.234124.

      On issue #257, Nova heeds Galactus' call crossing light-years pretty much instantly. Low-end of 2 light-years equals a speed of 63,072,000c.

      On issue #260, Sue Storm contains an explosion created by Surfer and Tyros, calculated at 332.2484789 gigatons On issue #264, it's stated that Johnny's Nova Flame could heat up the core of the Earth and make the crust of the earth burst, covering the planet in lava. This was calculated at 79.42676549 petatons  On issue #269, Terminus fires a beam that is "half a mile wide", the crater was calculated at 151.1584254 gigatons. On issue #270, Terminus blasts a crater "nearly a mile wide", calculated at 292.4 megatons. Reed Richards wasn't hurt very much by it.

      ###p260.9286654 gigatons. Terminus wasn't hurt by it, just trapped and eventually dug his way out.

      On issue #292, Reed tanks the antimatter explosion of his spaceship, calculated at 2.728185952 gigatons. Even the weakest Fantastic Four is Island level. On issue #296, Mole Man's machine will raise an island the size of New Zealand and sink California into the sea. Calculated at 44.22764816 teratons. On issue #297, Reed reverses an alien ray that's draining the sun, absorbing the aliens' planet into a black hole gravity vortex, sending it through their red giant star and out through the sun. The two aliens tank this and merge into one being along the way.

      The massive low-end of all of this is 53.58800353 zettatons. Note that the alien tanked all of this without a single scratch, and Ben Grimm laid a smackdown on him in the same issue. Moar 5-B Thing.

      On issue #324, Kang's machine manages to stop a planetary alignment by slowing down a Mercury-sized planet. Calculated at 127.2705545 ninatons.

      On issue #335, Human Ben Grimm blitzes a gunman before he can react, calculated at Mach 0.4052190778. Marvel peak humans for you.

      On issue #339, Gladiator is able to move at hyperspeed to compensate for time dilation caused by the universal time bubble. His speed was calculated at 1,798,369,413,000c.

      On issue #341, Sue's forcefield protects her and Johnny from a Shi'ar weapon that could "release the total binding energy of atoms" (Hello Saint Seiya), calculated at 22.67526324 exatons. This actually matches with plenty of other feats that Johnny and Ben Grimm have.

      On issue #349, a Skrull states that if a Skrull device self-destructs it will create a crater 1200 km in diameter, calculated at 2.984202381 petatons, pretty impressive for Skrull-tech.On Annual #24, Reed Richards reacts to Galactus' FTL blasts which had a minimum speed of 188,585,280c, and his reaction was calculated at 3,416,536,661c. This is an obvious outlier, but still fun to calc and chart.

      ###p.19034999e-18s. Unlike Reed, this isn't an outlier.

      On issues #367-368, Sue reacts to and contains the blast of a gamma bomb, wielding a reaction time of 0.00005744619365 seconds.  On issue #378, a weakened Sue blocks a blast from Devos that was stated to be able to kill everyone in a 5-block radius. This ranges from 3 kilotons to 110 kilotons.

      On issue #382, Paibok's ship is described as "crossing thousands of light-years in mere instants", wielding a speed of 31,546,000,000c. This is relevant because back on issue #259, Gladiator was able to keep up with and pursue a ship using the same technology. On issue #392, an alternate Galactus used his Elemental Converter to eat the energies of an alternate Earth. The narration specifically says that it transformed the very oceans into pure energy, so he obtained 30.007307003 ninatons of energy. On issue #398, Ben weaves the Skrull stealth-hawk ship through a barrage of Inhuman missiles, calculated at Mach 561.5736022, giving Ben a reaction-time of 0.000008242975333 seconds.   On Vol 3, issues #1/2, Mole Man's "tremor trigger" weapon devastates Manhattan, calculated at 5.09082218 megatons.

      On Vol 3, issue #1, while traveling at over Mach 10, Johnny, Ben, and Reed's "electromagnetic meson velocirator" device get caught up in a large snowball, which Sue stops effortlessly. Not only is this a reaction feat of Mach 10, but also wields a result of 49.29346747 tons.

      On Vol 3, issue #12, a black hole grenade consumes Crucible and Ayesha, calculated at 3337.353846 teratons.  On Vol 3, issue #13, Ronan creates a black hole. This is in a simulation, but it was created to test Ronan's actual powers and he has created black holes in reality too, so that's no objection. The feat wields 1585.239336 tenatons, High 4-C. On Vol 3, issue #16, the Kree Iron Man absorbs and redirects Johnny's attack, breaking one of the Acanti ribs in the process. This was calculated at 28.152488 gigatons, and was mostly Johhnny's doing.

      On Volume 3, issue #32, a powerful sea monster, just by surfacing, causes a lot of damage. This was calculated at 6.698052172 gigatons, and Sue one-shot the monster.

      On issue #527, due to an error in his machine, Reed views an alien civilization at an accelerated rate, but is still able to perceive their individual movements and understand everything that is going on. This wields a reaction speed of 2.401661485c to 12.00830743c. Also an outlier, but is hilariously the second FTL feat Reed has. On issue #535, unspecified FF enemies destroy a decoy house and the missiles incinerate everything in a half-mile radius. This wields 470 kilotons, and these same weapons were considered worthless against the Baxter Building's defenses.

      On issue #537, all of the FF tank a lightning-blast from Mjolnir. Sue didn't use any force-field to shield the team, and the final result is 231.0108928 kilotons.

      On issue #557, Reed's Anti-Galactus suit costs a billion dollars per second to run. Electricity is priced in kilowatt-hours, and applying the average price for kilowatt-hour in the US means that the suit is spending 7.052628279 megatons worth of energy per second. This is just to keep it operational.

      On issue #569, amped Johnny Storm reaches the Planck Temperature, which was calculated at 1.3502350768337e122 watts or 1.3502350768337e78 FOE. This is an absurd level of 3-A. Not only did Marquis of Death survive this, but amped Sue Storm also protected the other FF members from Johnny's blast. On issue #578, Johnny flies to a Negative Zone planet and back in under 5 minutes, calculated at Mach 1443.474683 to Mach 3608.686708.

      On issue #583, Johnny burns up all the oxygen in Sue's forcefield surrounding the High Evolutionary's citym, calculated at 1.280869644 megatons.

      On issue #587, Annihilus' bugs are stated to cross 250,000 km in 4 minutes, meaning they move at Mach 3061.11454. Makes sense since on issue #578 they could chase Johnny Storm.

      On Strange Tales issue #101, Johnny outraces an "atomic-powered guided missile", which should be at least Mach 23.

      On Strange Tales issue #104, Johnny escapes a nuclear detonation, calculated at Mach 21.89309119.

      On Strange Tales issue #107, Johnny Storm goes supernova, reaching the temperature of an exploding star. Calculating that means that Johnny Storm was releasing 1.103845939245e33 joules per second, or Planet level. He kept this up for 120 seconds.

      On Strange Tales #112, Johnny flies to the stratosphere in the split second before the nuke he's carrying can explode, resulting in Mach 67.58940903

      Johnny Storm also absorbed the nuclear explosion, calculated at 34.86496831 megatons

      This basically wraps up all the feats that I felt that needed to be told.

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    3 weeks ago

    So the best argument for the Incredibles is the most flawed one they could pick. 

  • DeltaPrime350 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    3 weeks ago

    most people only pick the incredibles because of the movie, and have no knowledge of the fantastic four comics.

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    3 weeks ago

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      3 weeks ago

      If you're from the UK, then the cast was at 10pm, because 4pm was the time in Texas, where Screw Attack is

  • SomeCyborgNinja FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    3 weeks ago

    good thumbnail

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