Gaara VS Toph


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Comments (5)

  • deidara1933

    11 months ago

    All he has to do is bury her 5 miles under the ground in intense pressure and that would kill her. Not to mention Gaara did not obtain gold and has never used it until his dead father was resurrected and used it so gaara took some and used it as well. HE NEVER HAS A STOCK OF IT!!!! I don't understand where you guys get your facts. I love what you do. But man this is killing me. I also did not see any of Gaara's better moves either. You purposely nerfed him for this fight.

    • Gr81

      10 months ago

      Burying Toph wouldn't work, she can just earthbend out of it. All she has to do is turn all of Gaara's sand into stone and there goes Gaara's weapon, his jutsu, and his means of making more sand.

      Gaara wasn't nerfed, he's just outclassed by Toph

    • deidara1933

      9 months ago

      Gr81   She is not good at sandbending, she couldn't keep the library up in an episode. She is not a sandbender. He is in a manner of speaking and his chakra is infused into the sand. So by default he should have more control.

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    1 year ago


  • g1Geomancer

    1 year ago