Donkey Kong VS Knuckles

DEATH BATTLE!: Donkey Kong VS Knuckles

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Wiz: Ben Singer -

Boomstick: Chad James -

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  • British_Knight FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Misunderstood Sarcastic

    1 year ago


  • TheAncientOne

    1 year ago

    Now I noticed a lot of people suggested for Knuckles to be set against Wario but whenever I think of this fight, I'm actually very happy he got set against Donkey Kong, and since the whole fight alone between them dose make a lot of sense.

    To simply put, if the combatants have more in common with one-another for different reasons, the more sense the fight is going to make, even if some of those fights are proven to be "fairly one-sided" and if so as long as it's "fairly one-sided" is something I'm fine with.

    And no I care not who wins or who loses on Death Battle, because I root for both combatants on how they fight, and how the combatants fight from beginning to end is something I do indeed care so about because if the combatants put up a good fight if not far better then good is the big reason why I keep watching Death Battle.