Wolverine VS Raiden

DEATH BATTLE!: Wolverine VS Raiden

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Comments (10)

  • phantom_jimbob32165

    1 year ago

    Very nice ceasar chan

  • CMSoto4889

    1 year ago

    You know.........I'm ganna call bullshit. So here is the ultimate question: Can the HF Blade cut through Adamantium. No......well that was easy. Wait....you want evidence of this? Okay well lets pick a part the evidence they provided.

    Misty Knight's Arm: though it does use vibration to weaken the molecular structure of items IT IS NOT THE SAME AS THE HF BLADE. Her Arm has the ability to LIQUEFY metal even adamantium.....but what kind of Adamantium? Wolverine has True Adamantium something that can hold up to Black Panther's claws which......by the way....ARE MADE FROM THE SAME MATERIAL AS MISTY KNIGHT'S ARM!!!. See in the 616 Universe most items made from Ada(which will be the shorten versioned of the metal for now) even the high end items are made from secondary ada which is a very strong and more cost effective form of the metal. True Ada as found on Wolverine's bones are only effected by people w/ reality warping abilities like Molecule man or Silver Surfer. So, since the only evidence they have either A: Did not effect wolverine directly more like were trying to generalize one event to another and B: tried to say that the HF Blade was identical to it yet we know its not the case based on its inability to turn metal into goo. So......lets cut down the HF Blade

    HF Blade: so.........you mean to tell me that this blade can cut through anything huh? That its so strong that it just forces the molecules out of the way and allows the blade to cut clean through no matter what? Okay then explain the final boss of the game. Sen. Armstrong has the ability to harden his skin to a steel like texture by allowing his nanites to form a shell around an area to any threat they perceive. Raiden COULD NOT CUT THROUGH THIS. So you mean to tell me that Raiden can cut through metal that people w/ the ability to warp reality have trouble doing but can't break through Sen. Armstrong's skin? The only way he beat Armstrong was to out move the machines so that they didn't have enough time to travel from one area of the body he was attacking to the next. So if the HF blade can't cut through Nano-Armor......what makes you think it can cut through Ada?

    • Bismuth73 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      8 months ago

      Dude, you have left your argument wide open to deconstruction.

      If you were listening, your would know that Misty Knight's arm is made of ANTARCTIC VIBRANIUM. And by the way, the molecular-bond-weakening principle is still pretty much the same whether the metal is liquified or not. It just means that Misty Knight's arm emanates vibrations that have more range.

      And about Sentor Armstrong's skin? I can answer that with one word: FRICTION. The Nano-Machine's protecting Senator Armstong didn't have the same effects as Wolverin's skeleton. All of his cell's hardened IN RESPONSE to trauma. Meaning that Raiden was trying to slice through a much thicker layer of metal that was basically hardening around his sword mid-slice. That would negate a lot of the high frequency sword's momentum, since he would have to contend with a LOT more friction. In the case of Wolverine, Raiden just had to slice cleanly through flesh and Adamantium bone.

      Now, if Wolverine's skin could harden into Adamantium like Senator Armstrong's nano-mahcines, then Raiden would be fifty shades of f***ed. But, considering that Raiden had no extra friction in his way, he just had to slice cleanly through the metal bones. And because his sword functions just like Misty Knight's ANTARTIC VIBRANIUM arm, there was no reason to say otherwise.

  • British_Knight FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Misunderstood Sarcastic

    1 year ago

    In Wolverine's bio, you missed that he was a master of all bladed weapon combat. he is also not a stupid person, for a minute there, he possessed the sword, he would have used it, and his grip would be too tight to be disarmed.

    so for that ScrewAttack, you can fuck off.

    Shadow the Hedgehog

    Green Arrow


    Darth Vader

    all lost according to you, its bullshit.

    • arod48 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      Someone's butthurt that Wolvie got his ass handed to him.

      1. The fighting is merely a representation of analysis.

      2. Wolverine doesn't really think when he goes all beast on things. So "he's smart" isn't a valid point.

      Until you can provide more contrary evidence than "omg, he can sword..." ScrewAttack is staying right where they are.

    • CMSoto4889

      1 year ago

      Vader has got nothing on Doom.........dude has become God on more than one occasion and defeated Titan's while Vader is just an old man w/ asthma at this point. Although I do NOT agree w/ this match. I've given my evidence on how I feel Screwattack messed up on it on my comment above.

    • British_Knight FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Misunderstood Sarcastic

      1 year ago

      given that vader has 'the force'.

      the mystical power designed to allow Lucas and co to make stuff up kinda has limitless power. Also Vader is only in his 40's.

      In theory, Vader could have just held him in place or ripped him apart using the force. or just placed him in deep space for a while like he did with Galen Marek.

    • CMSoto4889

      1 year ago

      SMH........If that was true....how come hes NEVER DONE THAT TO SOMEONE ON PAR w/ HIM?! See if Vader had combated multiple people who were on par w/ Characters like Marvel's gods and Titans I would agree w/ you......but your argument is on a MAYBE he has the power......vs ACTUALLY SHOWN to have the power. What Lucas may have wanted to convey is irrelevant compared to what he actually has published. So if Vader doesn't have feats on Par w/ Doom......he loses. Thats it.

    • CrusaderRyu FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      You say some true things but you have no basis for backing up your argument like CMSoto4889 did. That being said of the four characters you listed i can only agree that Wolverine should have won and maybe Shadow. The reasons being Shadow's chaos control while in super form doesn't take concentration to use perfectly nor does it take concentration to begin with when he wants to teleport something or freeze. in the comics and the show and the game he has frequently used chaos control to teleport people and things anywhere he wanted to at the drop of a hat. All he had to do was teleport Vegeta into a sun or freeze time then chaos spear Vegeta to death. The Vader vs Doom and GA vs HE were pretty clear cut in comparison.

    • deidara1933

      1 year ago

      arod48, you do know that when he goes "all beast" that is because of a secondary mutation right? If he fights he does not immediately turn into an animal. He has to be put into the situation and takes a lot for that to happen. Read up on your x-men please. This fight was total bullshit. Wolverine in mere stats should have won.