"The Industry" Debut Trailer

Random Awesomeness: "The Industry" Debut Trailer

Trailer releases on YouTube VERY SOON!

A lot of old-school g1's miss the days of Live Action. The zaniness was something that you guys identified with. Since the days of "The Clip," ScrewAttack has grown exponentially - and many new g1's don't know the people behind the content they see on YouTube or ScrewAttack.com. Some may not even know that SA has EVER done a live action show before. John Francis McCullagh and I had an idea for a show based on real stuff that happens in our office (slightly exaggerated of course). The script for each episode of the Industry is almost an exact transcription of something that was said or talked about in the office. ScrewAttack has never done a show quite like this. I have so much to say about what thie show means to John and I from a personal/ creative level. This first season was fun, and challenging, and stuff that I daydreamed about making when I first started working here. I hope you guys enjoy when it premieres this September!

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