Hey everyone,

Man has it been awhile. I've constantly considered updating this thing...talking about RTX...talking about my new job...talking about whatever. I guess it just keeps slipping my mind. I'd blame it on the site transition because one of the main factors of me being on the site was sponsor chat, but chat is back and I still seem to be afk.

These days, I've been really ramping up with GlitchFeed, doing game streams in my spare time, and trying to figure out where I want to go from here. A few of my new friends keep looking at me like I'm crazy when I say my life is literally me living at my parents playing video games, but at the same time I'm ok with that. Three days out of the week I'm doing GlitchFeed news, which is a self-project I can use as experience for future jobs, and the other days I'm hosting game streams and getting a bigger following.

For being a lazy-ass gamer, I think I'm actually the most productive I've ever been in my life.

I still question my direction, and consider applying for jobs with my minimal qualifications. I still dream of something bigger, but I think with GlitchFeed I'm finally realizing how to fight for something.

If you don't have the qualifications...train yourself.

If you don't have the experience...practice and put yourself out there.

If you don't have the motivation...stop making excuses and fight for what you want.

After a year and a half, sure, GlitchFeed might be low-view and have a small following, but every few days we get feedback of people who show that they appreciate our work. It's the small support, the friends and the fans, that help get us going and help me stay confident in my direction.

Yeah, so here's my motivational post. Even if no one else sees it, it's nice to finally see multiple ways to motivate myself when work is tough, when I'm feeling down or questioning my direction in life.

And hell yes, Rooster Teeth has a huge influence on me taking a chance and getting out there. After two years of constant viewership, I'm impressed and happy with where I've gone and where I'm going.

That's where I'm at...how are you?