I'm going to use the abbreviated way to make things easier. FLCL was first released on April 26, 2000 and ended on March 16 2001 with 6 episodes. Now I know your wondering why I would waste my time on a 6 episode anime. Some people think this anime is the best thing since sliced bread and others thought this anime shouldn't of seen the light of day. I decided to watch it for myself and let me tell you, those 6 episodes were worth it!

Lovely cast we have here, don't we?

The anime starts out with Naota Nandaba, a 12 year old boy, complaining out his boring,normal life and how nothing ever happens. He says this while a giant iron is blowing mysterious smoke throughout the city.

This?  Normal?  Let's go with that.

He also says that his older brother went to America to play baseball. Sounds normal right. Your horribly wrong. All of a sudden, a crazy,pink haired women named Haruko Haruhara runs over him with her Vespa [Motorcycle?] and proceeds to bash his head with her guitar. Naota, still alive, notices he has a bump on his head.This bump is a passageway to pull things out.  Later in the episode, two giant robots emerge from the bump on his head and fight each other until Haruko bashes one in the head with her guitar. The episode ends with one of the robots rolling some dough. WHAT? As you can see, the main draw of this anime is the complete utter RANDOMNESS of this anime. Some people find it funny, and some people find it repetitive and annoying, For me, I found it more funny than annoying, though during  some points during the show I felt annoyed and confused by the randomness.

There's also a odd cast. First we have Naota, a twelve year old who tries to act mature, when in reality he's basically acting like a dick head. The opposite goes for Naota's father, Kamon Nandaba, who thinks acting like an adult is equivalent to being an ADHD goldfish. Next we have Mamimi Samejima, the ex-girlfriend of Naota's older brother. She's basically like every rebel school girl. She smokes cigarettes, skips classes and touches little boys. Wait WHAT? And then we have the heart of this anime Haruko HaruHara. She's an alien who is an investigator for the "Galactic Space Police Brotherhood" and the one who made the bump in Naota's head.


There's another character who gets introduced later in the show named Commander Amarao, who works in a Men in Black type of organization who has past ties with Haruko. As you can see his most distinctive part of his character design is his eyebrows, which gets brought up alot during the series.


When I found out this anime was produced by Gainax, I had low hopes for the animation but the animation fluxeated during this anime. Sometimes we have extra wacky colorful, to 3D (And no, it didn't show off like Gonzo's 3D because this actually looked good), to crappy Gonzo budget animation, to dark and serious animation. It was great overall. I also have to give credit to the music in this anime, which was done by a group called "The Pillows". The ending was earsex and so was the backround music. Funimation did an excelent job dubbing the anime also. Overall I give FLCL a:

8 out of 10 Eyebrows!