Today is Valentines day, and while I go through some romantic suffering on my own site (FUCK YOU THUNDERPLANT), I'd figure I could do a little list for ScrewAttack. Since I'm sure most of you are tired of me talking about sexuality and gender bias, I figured a better idea would be a list of some of the characters I find most attractive.

However, I like to be inclusive, so this list is in two halves. The first half are the female characters I find most attractive, and the second half are male characters I find attractive. If you think the second half is too gay, putin pls go.

Female List

8. Asuka Kazama (Tekken)

Tekken has always been one of my favorite fighting games, but the series didn't really get an interesting feminine presence until Asuka popped up in the fifth game. She's my favorite new modern character to date, a ball of cheerful energy and one of the few characters who could be considered important to the on-going story who's full blown good. I doubt I really need to explain much as to why she caught my attention in the first place, just look at her normal outfit. That small jacket and her fighting shorts really compliment her rockin' body. Also, she's one of the few female Tekken characters who's just fun.

7. Lady (Devil May Cry)

Hideki Kamiya really gets what sexy means. Hell, he made a heroine based mainly around that concept. The various series he helped spawned also took some notes from his playbook, resulting in Lady. I love a woman in control, and that describes Lady to a tee. Even when finally overpowered in DMC3, she never really gives in, and she's one of the few people who can speak on even footing with Dante. She also totally owns her sexuality in the forth game, switching out the skirt for short shorts and having a pose about her that screams "You're not man enough."

6. Lightning Farron (FFXIII)

Let us ignore how terrible Final Fantasy XIII's terribleness is and admire Lightning for a moment. She is literally the only good thing about the Final Fantasy XIII games, and while XIII-3 will probably be terrible, it is a game where you can dress Lightning in countless outfits and that's all I wanted. She's badass and independent, while looking like a goddess with that incredible hair and slim figure. She's a work of art, and the outfits SE keeps finding for her are all wonderful fit for her. If only she was in a better game.

5. Ryofu Housen (Ikkitousen)

Ikkitousen is terrible and I hate it. That said, Ryofu. Damn. Ryofu is a bisexual bombshell of concentrated sexy, and she knows it. Most of her role during the first series is flaunting her sexuality and strength and getting her fun however she wants. She's one of the few characters in that first season who actually looks attractive without crossing into silly territory, and she's the only one actively aware of her sexuality, using it as a weapon against some. There was also that one scene. You know, that one.

4. Naoto Shirogane/Rise Kujikawa (Persona 4)

Sometimes, modesty goes a long way. Naoto is both intelligent and attractive, usually unaware of that second one. She's cute when she tries being feminine or gets embarrassed, while being one of the most reliable members of the investigation team. Rise, on the other hand, is on the opposite side of the coin when it comes to sexual awareness. She makes a living off of her sexuality, after all, but she's still very kind at heart. There's a reason these two constantly get shipped. Chie is great and all, Naoto and Rise are more my speed.

3. Medaka Kurokami (Medaka Box)

Are you sensing a theme here? Medaka is a nice twist on the usual formula, though. She is aware of her sexuality, but it's more a minor characteristic for her. Instead, most the series shows her as a leader, and eventually as a flawed person. By the end of the series, seeing her with real confidence and happiness makes her incredibly attractive. Smokin', but more interested in the interests of others than herself. At the same time, she's incredibly powerful and uses that power with fiery passion, enjoying every moment of her life by herself and with others. She has big dreams and goes right for them, all while having a cute soft side, like her love for animals.

2. Rukia Kuchiki/Rangiku Matsumoto (Bleach)

Tite Kubo is ridiculously good at making sexy characters of either gender, insanely good in fact. For me, though, Rukia and Rangiku rank highest for me. I do like Orihime a lot (the early chapters make her a lovable space cadet, I miss that), but Rukia and Rangiku just demand respect. It's amusing, because the two have almost exact opposite body types, Rukia very small and modest, while Rangiku has a tall and meaty figure. At the same time, both are highly confident (Rukia to hilarious faults) and will fight for the people they care about and for their own interests, even when near death. Rukia took down an espada that nearly curbstomped her, while Rangiku managed to find Gin about a town over while bleeding badly from an earlier battle. They're also a barrel of fun, from Rangiku's ease with social situations and love for parties, to Rukia's quirky misunderstandings of the human world and her giant ego. They ain't give a fuck what you think, and that's just fine.

1. Kallen Stadtfeld/CC (Code Geass)

Man, I'm predictable. First off, Kallen and CC were drawn by the combined efforts of CLAMP, who love to draw beautiful looking people of all genders, and Takahiro Kimura, who loves drawing sexy looking people of all genders (have you seen Godannar!?). That's an instant lock in looks, with Kallen coming ahead. Personality wise, though, CC is far more interesting. Kallen has that drive and anger to her, along with her softer, more feminine side, while CC is all about sexuality. The girl just oozes it, constantly teasing Lelouch and using her feminine charms to control others to reach her goals. It's another sexual confidence situation with her, mixed with a general sense of uncaring for the ridiculous things that happen around her. Every scene with these two playing off each other is gold to boot, similar to how the fandom treats Naoto and Rise but in full canon here.

Male List

8. Kaworu Nagisa/Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Anyone who ships Shinji Ikari with anyone but Kaworu is wrong. I mean that they're wrong even by the canon. A common ongoing theory among the Evangelion fanbase is that Shinji is bisexual or pansexual, and the person he's ultimately most attracted to is Kaworu, based partly on Kaworu's appearance in the manga, a small moment with him in End of EVA, and pretty much the entirety of the third Rebuild film. The two have better chemistry than anyone else in the series, and they both have their own charm. Shinji has a cute charm to him when he isn't in complete depression mode, especially around Kaworu. Kaworu, on the other hand, is just so calm and good looking that he's hard not to find attractive. Among the EVA fanbase, the guy remains one of the most popular characters in doujins, and for good reason. Dat butt.

7. Yu Narukami (Persona 4)

While the P3 hero is nice looking, he just lacks the confidence that P4's Yu has. Just look at that guy. The intense but thoughtful stare, the fashion sense, the height, the hair. The guy has it going on. He's a great sample of classic handsome, well groomed and stylish, and he wears his look with a real swagger. Putting him in Dancing All Night seriously has me excited for that game, and I'm not even joking there. Teddy is a close second for obvious reasons once he gets the human form, but Yu ...the guy just looks fine.

6. Ike/Soren (Fire Emblem)

My first mancrush in videogaming came from the Fire Emblem series. I really liked Ike in Path of Radiance, and while Radiant Dawn was a mess to me, Ike was just incredible in that game. He just exuded power and masculinity, and that can be pretty damn sexy with the confidence to back it up, which he had in spades. I'd follow that guy to Hell and back. Soren, on the other hand, is kind of adorable to me, with his sour demeanor but obvious care for his friends. His relationship path in Path of Radiance with Ike was perfect to boot. That little guy even being able to get up in the morning is inspiring. Consider him one of the few woobies I like.

5. Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

I have followed Bleach for a long time, and I have seen nearly the entire cast change before my eyes. Ichigo's change was by far the most extreme, going from thugish looking guy to constant yaoi bait. The thing about Ichigo is that he has two appeals that pushes him over the edge for a lot of fans. He's both strong and weak, willful but sensitive. He has a human center to him throughout the entire series, always thinking about the safety of others and reacting in amusing ways when something doesn't make sense to him. He's the one sane man in a crazy universe, and there's a layer of vulnerability to him when not in battle (thus the endless shipping him with Rukia). Of course, the big factor is that body, muscular but lean. I miss the anime because I miss all the promo art that used to go out for it, showing off Ichigo and the cast in different sexy fashions. At least Kubo still does that from time to time, but I think I'll never see him wear a suit ever again, and that is the true tragedy here.

4. Rui Ninomiya (Gatchaman Crowds)

And here we have the canon crossdresser. Rui is one of my favorite characters from Gatchaman Crowds for a lot of reasons, but the main one is just how sure of himself he is, and how the traditional gender stereotypes get twisted around for him. When not in dress, Rui is tame, but when in that dress, he has an iron will to do what needs to be done, commanding the Crowds while wearing the outfit. The guy looks amazing in any gender, and that focus is a bit of a turn on as well. I love determination of his in the final episode, finally positive and trying to bring out the best in people. Also, when not in that dress, he looks very huggable.

3. Sytry (Devils and Realist)

I thought Sytry was a girl the first time I saw him. Just look at him. He also has a canon crossdressing habit, taking great pride in his obvious beauty. Guy knows he's something special and uses that to get people to follow him around, that's just great. Sytry never feels like a weak character in this series, usually able to hold his own among the various other pretty demons, but he's definitely more approachable. But more importantly, I don't think I've seen a character so perfect for every yaoi doujin in existence. He's just so damn pretty. There's really nothing else that needs to be said, other than his dry wit is great. One downside; the hinted relationship he has with his uncle. Icky. Really, really icky.

2. Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom)

Speaking of characters I thought were girls at first, Nagisa looks nothing like a guy in series, and the characters all agree. Most of his class had no idea he was male until a pool chapter. The natural good looks are great, but that's not why Nagisa is here. No, that's because of the personality. Most of the time, Nagisa has a friendly air and goes along with whatever his friends need him for, including one chapter where he had to crossdress to create a distraction. It was the greatest chapter ever and he almost made one random teenage boy have confusing thoughts. When he's not that normal self, though, Nagisa is FUCKING TERRIFYING. Guy freaked out a trained marine and has a smile that would make your soul shiver. When he smiles, people look like they just saw the devil himself and go into psychotic break. Thus, Nagisa can be both a submissive and a dominate, which is a massive plus in my book. Now more chapters of Nagisa crossdressing! I demand it!

1. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)

Stupid sexy Lulu! My slide into sexual confusion probably started with Lelouch, probably because he's just so damn androgynous, and also due to how many times he's crossdressed in official material. You should see him in his belly dancer uniform. The refreshing thing about Lelouch is that he's a thinking man, almost completely unfocused on anything sexual, meaning his incredible looks just come naturally. He didn't have to work at this at all, he's just naturally fine. Whether in a position of power or weakness, he has that dramatic flair of his that catches your attention, and an endlessly massive ego. Seeing it get shrunk is always nice to see, usually due to the reaction. Guy laughs like a maniac when he discovers his best friend is his worst enemy, just amazed by the cruel irony of the situation. I find that an interesting quality. That's really the best way to describe Lelouch; interesting. No matter the situation, something about his personality is attractive, from the lowest lows to the most grandiose highs. Also, you can ship this guy with anyone, and I mean anyone, and it will work.  I demand ClAMP and Kimura work together on another anime, it's the only way anime will ever be saved.