Planet busters. They’re typically evil, they’re by nature powerful, and they come in all shapes and sizes. And some have more shapes than others… But, regardless, some typically go out in a blaze of glory, and some are just cold. Or rather, they’re Freezer… Eh? Eh?



  • Name(s): Freeza, Frieza, Freezer, Lord Freeza.

  • Height: Various.

  • Weight: Various

  • Age: 50+ Years

  • Eye color: Red.

  • Race: Frieza’s Race (Frost Demon)

Frieza is typical galactic-conqueror type. Born with an abnormally massive power level to the tyrant King Cold, his primary goals were essentially the following. Goal number 1: Rule the galaxy. Goal number 2: Outshine his Cooler older brother (Insert your “Goddammit, Barb!” comment here.), and Goal number 3: destroy all who stand in his way.

But all those goals would wind up on hold when he caught wind of the Dragonballs, and their wish-granting abilities. Suddenly, Frieza’s goal was now to find the dragonballs on planet Namek, and gain immortality. With this goal set in mind, he arrived on the planet, and quickly gathered four dragonballs, decimating several Namekian villages while doing so.

Luckily for Namek, Vegeta, Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma were on the planet, and they were also looking for the wish-granting dragonballs. And Goku was on his way soon too!

Due to this, however, Frieza was forced to call in backup. AKA: The Ginyu Force. And these guys inadvertently raised Goku and Vegeta’s power levels. And after killing Vegeta, Krillin, mortally wounding Piccolo, and threatening Gohan, Freeza pushed Goku past both his physical and emotional limits, and caused him to reach the previously-thought to be a mere legendary form of Super Saiyan.

A lengthy fight and a bunch of Filler later, and Frieza was finally beaten… Or so we thought. He was picked up by his pops, and given cybernetic enhancements to become the dreaded Cyborg-Frieza!


And the planet would have been doomed, if a certain time-traveling Half-Saiyan named after swimwear hadn’t shown up and sliced him into more pieces than Vegeta’s pride after his Final Flash failed against Cell.


Thanks to Trunks’ bravery, strength, bravado, and REALLY sweet-ass sword, Freeza was subjected to his own tailor-made punishment known to man. A torture so vile and humiliating, that I hesitate to show what it is out of the sheer shock and horror that it could bring. A tailor-made hell that could only be described as…


… A Magical Girl Anime!




Luckily for Frieza, his minion Shorbert came along, and revived him with some help from the Earth’s Dragonballs. It was then, that Freeza decided to add an EXTRA form to his already long list of transformations. Speaking of, I don’t think I’ve covered that. Let’s go over his different forms, right now.



Frieza’s first form is still pretty damn strong. It still has enough power to blow up planet Vegeta, along with king Vegeta, and can take on the Namekian warrior Nail with little effort.


Freeza’s second form dwarfs the others, it has all the power of his first form, plus a few extras. His horns can impale an opponent, and the sheer size of it can easily beat down other fighters like Krillin and Gohan. If Frieza’s claims are to be believed, the power level of this form is over one million. That’s nine zeros, for those of you curious.


His third form has a whole lot more to it. It can easily match Piccolo after he had fused with Nail, and can even bounce back one of Gohan’s strongest attacks. But this Xenomorph-wannabe form is nothing compared to his fourth and final form…


This form, is arguably the most deadly. With a power level clocking in at sixty million (Ten zeros), this form isn’t one to sneeze at. It can easily match Vegeta in one-on-one combat, and can even kill the team’s white mage with total ease. This form’s power is so immense, that the attacks are difficult to follow, even for trained warriors like Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan. Hell, this form even killed Vegeta, and was able defend against a massive Spirit Bomb with only his tail being blasted off. And that was after defending against a Kaio-Ken X20 Kamehameha with only minor burns!

File:Frieza Defeated!! - Frieza.png

And that previous form was only HALF of Frieza’s full power. At 100%, Freeza can obliterate planets, and even take on Super Saiyan Goku. He’ll even steal Krillin’s attack, but it’s about as effective as Krillin’s move.


Last, but most certainly not least, after his resurrection, Frieza gained a new golden form that had a massive power level. And since Frieza is a ‘Nice Guy’, that power level was one hundred quintillion (100,000,000,000,000,000). It’s about on par with Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, which in turn, is about on par with Lord Beerus.

  • Death Beam (Freeza Beam)

  • Death Saucer (Tsuibi Kienzan)

  • Death Ball (Used to kill powerful opponents, or planets in general)

  • Whirlwind Blow

  • Death Ball

Freeza’s arsenal includes a plethora of ki blasts including, but not limited to: the Death Beam, the Death Ball, the Death Saucer, Death Storm, Death Fork - Wow, he has a real obsession with death, doesn’t he? But, aside from his powerful ki, Frieza can choke his opponents with his powerful, thick tail… That came out wrong.

And we keep it moving to his list of weaknesses.

  • Arrogant.

  • Lower-level forms used as a means of self-control.

  • Does little dirty work himself.

  • Burns through power too quickly.

Freeza’s list of weaknesses includes his arrogance, which led him to being bisected; And his lower-level forms are used to curb this. Without them, he’s pretty damn arrogant. Thinking that he could take on anybody, and win (So, basically, he becomes what the 90% of the fanbase think Goku should be). He also hardly ever gets his hands dirty himself, but he’s no slouch when it comes down to combat. In addition, he also burns through his power pretty damn fast. Against prolonged combat with someone his equal, Frieza is in constant danger of overestimating his power reserves.

Luckily for him, unluckily for what poor schmuck is fighting him, Frieza has some impressive feats to back him up.

  • Killed Krillin, Vegeta, Guru, and Nail.

  • Destroyed numerous planets. Including Earth.

  • Matched Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta.

  • Attacked enough planets to have heard “We’re going to fuck your face!” At least twelve times

Aside from the countless planets he’s killed (And the fact that nobody can decide how to spell his name), Frieza’s done some pretty damn scary things! Like decimating the entire planet Vegeta with a Death Ball while in his base form, Being able to survive the vacuum of space, and the time he survived a planet-busting explosion… After being bisected… After taking a brutal beating from Super Saiyan Goku… AFTER being hit with a massive spirit bomb! - It’s safe to say that Frieza’s durability is extreme. And with durability like that, I wouldn’t want to be the guy who makes him lose his cool.

Image result for frieza

… Oh crapbaskets…


File:Sephiroth Portrait.jpg

Aside from my own personal, and admittedly rather unhealthy, obsession to see which fans can rage harder; this is an interesting matchup. Planet buster versus Planet buster, Guy who killed the main protagonist's best friend versus Guy who killed main protagonist’s potential love interest, Guy with an effeminate appearance vs Guy with effeminate hair, Two fighters with fanbases who have a hair-trigger temper. Who will win?

Image result for Megatron

Megatron: Leader of the Decepticons. Both are deadly, have prominently purple energy attacks, are primarily colored purple and grey. And after they got revived, their colors were prominently gold and purple. So, appearance-wise, they’re pretty set to go.


While the Dragonball fans are busy demanding a rematch between their main guy and Superman, I wanna see a fight between the main hero’s heaviest threats. Goku was willing to drop pretty much everything to stop Freeza, and Superman was (rather reluctantly) willing to team up with Lex Luthor to stop Darkseid. Think about it… Could be fun.