It is finally out! My longest blog ever! Woo! You have no idea how much work it took to get this all down. I actually think I went a bit overboard this time putting in pictures and details to go with all of Deoxys's different variety of moves. I guess I had a sort of obsession with the format I was trying to go for. I am proud that I was able to make it work, but I am probably never doing it in this particular format ever again...

I hope you guys enjoy it. Despite the surprising amount of work it took to make this, I enjoyed learning more about Deoxys and actually watching through the Pokemon stuff again. I don't know if I would work on any more Death Battle blogs right now after finishing this, but if I do they are going to be shorter easier blogs probably not in the same format. I may focus on other types of blogs for now just because I don't want to be stuck only doing Death Battle blogs. All I can hope for now is the idea of Deoxys in a Death Battle will catch on :). Please read and comment on this post

I hope you enjoy!