When it comes down to it, sometimes it’s best not to go two on one, but to go one on one. How is this better? When it comes down to fusion. And when it comes down to the might and art of fusion, there’s only one polymorphic sentient space rock to call. - What, you’ve never heard of Garnet?


For millennia on a planet several light years away from ours, there was a world filled with alien beings known as Gems. These were vicious fighters, conquering countless planets to breed more of their kind for the planet Homeworld. And, as with many alien conqueror stories, this all changed when they got to Earth. However, instead of the humans beating them back, it was from within their own ranks. A Gem named Rose Quartz.


Rose Quartz was enamored with Earth’s beauty, and opted to protect it. With her were a small band of Gems, among them was her Pearl, who… Needs some counseling.

Back on track here, it was pretty late into the war, nearly six-thousand years ago. A precognitive Gem named Sapphire and her three guard Rubies were being escorted to Blue Diamond. There, Sapphire’s visions revealed that an attack from the rebels would cause the ‘poofing’ of her, and two of her guards.

When Rose Quartz and her Pearl… Pearl attacked, the vision was almost about to be fulfilled…

Until one of the Rubies decided to give fate the finger, and tackled Sapphire to safety. The result was something brand new.

Since ‘Hetero-Gem-Philia…(?)’ is frowned upon on Homeworld, and pretty much everyone there were all… (Heterophobes?), Ruby and Sapphire fled to Earth to escape prejudice and gem-shattering.

Much like Rose, they too were enthralled by Earth’s natural beauty and started exploring the place.

But the planet wasn’t the only thing explored, they also explored their newfound feelings for each other, and soon reformed back into their fused form. After some test… walking, they ran into Rose and Pearl. Who took them into their ranks, as soldiers and as friends.

But enough with that sentimental crap, let’s get to the badass stuff!


  • Alternative names: G-Squad, Captain Square, Tall Lady, Mom Squared.

  • Race: Gem

  • Height: 6’

  • Eye color: Red (right eye), Blue (Left eye), Purple (Third eye)

  • Preferred Pronoun: Female.

  • Hair color: Originally cotton-candy, currently black.

After being included into the fold, Ruby and Sapphire opted to stick around in their fused form. Considering that maintaining a fusion requires an exponential amount of trust and love, this is really saying something about their trust in one another. Hell, they can even fuse in a near instantaneous moment.

Garnet is an invaluable member to the team, and basically took over when Rose Quartz chose to give up her physical form to birth Steven… The Steven Universe story, everybody.

But Garnet would not be such a capable leader and warrior without her signature weapons and skills.


  • Electrokinesis.

  • Shapeshifting.

  • Future Vision.

  • Enhanced Calculations.

  • Gauntlets


Garnet’s weapon of choice is her powerful gauntlets, in which she has extreme proficiency in. She can even launch them like rockets and hit foes from afar. These gauntlets enhance Garnet’s strength to a significant degree. Enough to launch a rock through a thick briar patch with little effort. A quick upgrade added spikes at the knuckle area, allowing for extra damage.

She can swim through the Earth’s molten core, and survive the depths of the ocean with little to no trouble.

Aside from her skills, strength, speed, and durability, Garnet has some impressive feats to back up any claims of her being a badass.


  • Reeled in a space pod attempting escape velocity.

  • ‘Poofed’ Peridot with a grapple.

  • Jump-Started a car with her electrical powers.

  • Stopped an electrical current with a single gauntlet.

  • Kicked Jasper’s ass while singing a solo.

Her list of feats includes being able to ‘poof’ Peridot with a mere grapple, and considering that Peridot can survive basically being the Wile E. Coyote, that’s… kinda disturbing. She can react fast enough to lightning, though that might have been due to her future vision, making any reaction feats very iffy to calculate.

Despite her incredible abilities and feats, Garnet isn’t perfect. She inherited Ruby’s short temper, and often rushes into battle. Additionally, while her Future Vision seems to be a major ‘auto-win’ ability, she must be aware as to what she is looking for, otherwise, she is fighting blind.


  • Short temper.

  • Weak against swarms.

  • Future Vision isn’t perfect.

  • Weak points are her gems.

Garnet also doesn’t fare well against swarms of enemies, often preferring to engage in one-on-one combat. And like most Gem-Fusions, enough force - Physical or psychological - can force her to split apart into her fusion materials.

And while Ruby and Sapphire aren’t helpless in their own separate forms, the duo are more combat effective as Garnet. Considering one time they almost screwed up a mission because they were too busy flirting with each other, it’s probably best for them to stay as Garnet.

Last but not least, should Garnet’s gems become damaged, she would lose her abilities and she will lose her ability to enter combat effectively. And if the entire thing breaks? - Poof. No more Garnet. Luckily for Garnet, those gemstones are protected by nigh-invulnerable gauntlets.

Even without all those abilities, Garnet is incredibly tough. She’ll fight you at any time, anywhere. It’ll just be her on you. One on two.

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And I immediately subvert the whole ‘one on two’ line I ended on. It’s a fusion smackdown in this fight, and both of them use a fusion dance. Fusion smackdown, or fusion fight. Take your pick of how you want it to be described, I don’t care. Though, I think we’d be more likely to see Steven fight some other all-loving hero before this happens. Eh, that’s probably just me.

Image result for Iron fist

Fist of stone versus the Fist of Iron. Magical Gem energy versus Mystical Martial Arts. Danny Rand versus Mom Squared. It’s time to see if the ways of Kun Lun can match the might of the Gems… Hey, it’s a lot better than Steven Universe vs. Jem from Jem and the Holograms… Actually, that might make for a good DBX, someone should get on that.


Maybe the trick here is to see which form of fusion is superior, rather than see which fusion form is superior. If you don’t know what that means, let me explain; Garnet’s fusion combines the bodies and minds into one being, and while Devastator essentially does the same thing, the Constructicons combine their bodies into individual parts, rather than combining them to become one brand new being.