Ah, cloning. From the wonders of Lucy, cloning has been used to create living beings without the need for sex. Why anybody wouldn’t want to have sex is beyond me, but whatever.

But since we’re talking comic books…

For the longest time, scientist Sara Kinney had kept trying to create a successful clone of Wolverine, and failed twenty-two times. After deciding to mix some of her own DNA into the mix, she finally succeeded, and thus was born this deadly femme fatale gal.


Enter X-23, the genetic clone daughter of the one and only Wolverine.


  • Alternative names: Laura Kinney, Talon, Wolverette.

  • Height: 5’’1’ Weight: 100 lbs (W/out adamantium)/ 110 lbs (W/ Adamantium).

  • Eye color: Green.

  • Hair color: Black.

  • Thinks bananas smell like nail polish remover.

Like dear ol’ daddy, X here can heal so quickly, she can quickly heal from multiple slash and bullet wounds in a matter of minutes, and unlike pops, she can heal a lot faster due to the fact that the adamantium only coats her claws… Oh yeah, they only coat the two claws on her hands, and the one on her feet.


  • Regenerative abilities.

  • Claws (one foot in length each (Approx)).

  • Expert Acrobat.

  • Master Martial Artist.

  • Covert Ops Training.

But a lot of these things came at a price… Like a couple superheroes, X-23 hasn’t had a proper childhood with loving parents… Well, except for the woman who birthed her Sara Kinney. Sara was on her way to busting X out of the facility, and starting a new life… Then the facility decided to be a bunch of pricks, and tricked X into killing her mother.


Those guys are assholes… And that’s me putting it lightly.

Needless to say, X was pretty broken after that…


X-23: Owner of one of the most depressing moments in comic history.


After getting a real name after her mother’s untimely death, Laura went to the beautiful city of San Francisco to hide out with her aunt and cousin. Eventually, one of those pricks from the facility tried to pull the same shit that caused Laura to kill her mother, but the universe decided that it was time for one of those guys to get some comeuppance, and the guy fumbled. And Laura decided to let those guys feel what Sara felt… Only, y’know. Laura was actively trying to kill them out of her own volition.

After that, she tracked down dear ol’ daddy and took him down. But instead of killing him, she just told him that she was his clone… Then Captain America showed up and killed the moment by threatening to arrest her for killing those people. Thankfully, she was let alone to avoid the whole… ‘Living Weapon’ predicament… So at least he’s being reasonable there.

Anyways, after traveling the country and posing as a prostitute to save some young mutants, she finally enrolled into the Xavier Institute, where she was given her new codename: Talon… Not that she actually uses it.


  • Cut through the sentinel Nimrod.

  • Tore out one of the Hulk’s eyes.

  • Survived a grueling thirteen years being tortured.

  • Didn’t black out after getting her arm sawed off.

  • Survived all that trauma and still stayed on the heroic path.

Even with all her powers though, Laura isn’t invincible. Like dear ol’ dad, she can die if her head is severed from her body, and she can be caught off guard under certain circumstances. Additionally, upon entering a room, Laura will realize all possible targets, and the means to eliminate them, this includes her allies. And since inheriting Logan’s claws, healing factor, and animal senses wasn’t enough, she was also outfitted with a ‘trigger scent.’ This was the very same scent that caused Laura to kill her mom. When under the effects of the trigger scent, Laura will be sent into an uncontrollable bloodlust that will not stop until the scent dissipates or all targets are dead.

Mutant haters, Sentinels, and villains beware: One does not simply ‘mess’ with Laura Kinney.

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What? I had her mentioned on my top 15 list as an opponent for X-23. Both were meant to replace someone (Laura replaced Wolvie, Milly replaced Kitana), both of them are half-clones, both have sharp weapons that they use for combat, and are essentially living weapons.

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The thing that Harley Quinn and X-23 have in common is that the two of them started in a TV show, and were popular enough that they got integrated into the comics. History people. History… Well, that, and the fact that they’re both master acrobats with immunities to poisons.


… Look, it was either Predator, or Freddy Krueger and the story behind this could be along the lines of: Predator is gunning after Laura to get himself a new trophy. While the one involving Freddy… Yeah I got nothing. Both are incredibly tough, and have those claws. Predator is all tech while Laura is all nature, so we got ourselves a Nature vs. Technology style fight.