Beacon Academy: It trains hunters and huntresses in the ways of martial arts, weapon wielding, and all the works. And sometimes, you’ll get an occasional ninja cat-girl who escaped a terrorist organization who’s trying to save her species one person at a time. Now, normally that would be extremely rare.

Well… Beacon ain’t normal.


  • Alternative names: Blakey, Kitten, Kitty

  • Height: 5’6’’

  • Weight: Like she’d tell you

  • Eye color: Amber

  • Hair color: Black

  • Has the only good living parents on her team.

As a faunus, Blake Belladonna was discriminated against for being different. And as with most stories that involve assaulting people who have a different set of genetics than you, this caused her to end up on the streets. She ended up in the White Fang, a protest organization built to fight for faunus rights… Until eventually, they made it physical.

File:1003 Black Trailer 8090.png

After leaving the White Fang, and her abusive boyfriend Adam, Blake attended Beacon Academy, a place where humans and faunus alike could train to be saviors of the world. And she ended up on the color-coordinated team RWBY, led by her partner’s younger sister: Ruby… No, I’m not making the joke.

Being the daughter of the original iteration of the White Fang (The protest group), and former member of the second iteration (The terrorist group), made sure that Blake has a special set of skills. Skills in stealth, swordsmanship (Swordscatship?), and knowledge in guerilla warfare tactics.

  • ‘Shadow’ clone.

  • Ninjutsu.

  • Enhanced hearing.

  • Enhanced night vision.

  • Expert hider.

As with many people in the ‘RWBYverse’, Blake’s soul manifests itself as an aura, which can be used to stop lethal attacks, and heal minor wounds. Blake’s aura is strong enough to withstand multiple blows, but she will usually avoid getting hit in the first place.

File:1108 Players and Pieces 13769.png

She’s agile enough to dodge machine gun fire, cat-like enough to land on her feet after getting launched at several hundred feet into the air, strong enough to carry Yang after being stabbed, and skilled enough to down an ursa in one shot from her weapon’s Kusarigama mode.

File:1106 The Emerald Forest 03322.png

Speaking of her weapon, Gambol Shroud is a pistol, mixed with a katana. Not only can the sheath can also be weaponized into a cleaver for dual wielding. And it might just be the sexiest deadly weapon ever conceived… Well, aside from the gun gun. Plus, it can fire a multitude of dust bullets.

Speaking of dust, Blake’s semblance, ‘Shadow’ allows her to create a doppelganger to absorb a hit from an oncoming foe, to set up for a counter-attack, or a retreat. She can imbed them with different dust elements to diversify her clones for different effects, and maximum damage output. With a fire clone, she creates an explosive decoy that can damage close-range enemies, earth clones can block long-range gunshots, and the ice clone can be used to entrap enemy weapons to disarm them.

This shadow can also be used to fling ‘Blake Prime’ towards a foe for added damage… Somehow.

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  • Lifted Yang despite a stab wound.

  • Killed a Sea Dragon (With assistance from Sun and the ship crew).

  • Defeated Roman Torchwickin one-on-one combat.

  • Left her abusive boyfriend Adam Taurus.

Despite all her impressive feats, like being able to swing Yang around like a yo-yo, going several days emulating Monty’s sleep schedule (God rest his soul), and chasing a giant mech around a city, Blake has her fair share of weaknesses.

File:V2e4 street2.png

Her durability has a limit, and her weapon does have limited ammunition. Additionally, due to her upbringing, she has some severe self-esteem issues and will often see herself as the cause of a problem. Considering she only sees her semblance as a means to run away, she also has issues with that as well. Plus, she left her girlfriend- I mean girlfriend- I MEAN GIRLFRIEND!




She left Yang in her time of need, I’ll leave it at that before I dig myself any deeper. Her claws are sharp, so don’t piss off this cat.

At least when she doesn’t have her nose buried in a book anyways…


Image result for cheetara

Both are cats, both are quick, the only difference is that Blake seems to be more of a housecat, and Cheetara is, well, a cheetah. It’s speed vs. stealth in this catfight, so we have ourselves either an opportunity to make a lot of innuendos, or a general catfight. Either way, it ought to be fun to see.

Image result for Intress

Intress from ‘Chaotic.’ She’s a cat, she has incredible powers, and is a close friend of a major hero. She’d make a much superior opponent than if Blake were to combat someone from SAO, which an IRL friend suggested once… Hmm, maybe we should have a SAO character fight a FF character. Just compare stats or some shit like that.

CT full body

Since there are fanboys that will scream bias even if Death Battle were to pit Yang against Dan Hibiki, I say that we let the nature vs. technology fight take a spot by pitting Red vs. Blue’s C.T against Blake. Both are skilled fighters, use ‘clones’ to distract their opponents… And betrayed an organization they were deep in- HOLY CRAP! We need to make this a thing. This is WAY better than the other two!