The transformers are robots in disguise. They have gone through many generations of mighty warriors, and no other transformer takes the Proud Warrior to heart, more than the one and only Dinobot.


Not to be confused with the group consisting of Grimlock, Swoop, Snarl, Sludge, and Slag, Dinobot is a warrior through and through. He is a hero to many, and an inspiration to his fellow maximals.

Though he did not start out this way.


Alternative names: Chopperface, Stinkin’ pred, Gearhead, Pre-evolved bird brain.

Height: 7’1’’ (Approx).

Weight: 800 lbs (Approx).

Alt form: Raptor.

Placeholder in Transformers Hall of Fame.

Knows Shakespeare rather well.

Dinobot was a Predacon warrior with a high sense of honor. After siding with Megatron…

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X99sjSsl33D25Ega7v6tyeRqLNyro-DmWbnyVAwvThat Megatron.

He was recruited into the fold, and after a transwarp blast, both factions landed on separate sides of a planet rich with energon. In fact the planet was SO rich, that prolonged exposure would damage their robot modes. So to protect themselves, both the Maximals and the Predacons scanned the local lifeforms and remains to gain new forms to traverse the terrain, and Dinobot got the form of a raptor.

BWDinobot arrival

Dinobot’s raptor form grants him access to deadly claws, and razor-sharp teeth. His tail can be used to bat foes around, and he has pretty good reflexes in that form as well. His hunting senses are enhanced to the point that he can track a rodent through a thick jungle.

When Dinobot’s not using his beast mode to rip and tear his opponents apart, his robot mode comes equipped with plenty of weapons. His tail can be turned into a spinning blade that can let him hover for brief periods of time, and he also has a sword with spinning segments that can be used to parry, stab, and slash at his foes.


Dinobot also has eye-beams, that can be used to strike foes from a distance, or stop other energy weapons from reaching him. He is a skilled swordsman (Swordsbot?) and can take on a number of foes.

Dinobot has a high sense of honor, to the point where it’s actually embedded into his DNA. He does not take unfair advantages, and he will not open fire on foes who cannot defend themselves. But despite this, he isn’t above using a hostage to try and get what he wants.


Survived numerous beatings.

Fought Megatron to a standstill.

Defeated and ate his clone.

Managed to resist Megatron even as a clone.

Stopped Megatron from wiping out the proto-humans.

He saved an entire valley of proto-humans, constantly stopping his stasis lock mechanism to continue the fight. And after being disarmed of both of his weapons, he took down Megatron using an improvised axe, and destroyed the Golden Disk with his last remaining power.


While this ultimately cost him his life, he lived a warrior, and died a hero. His Spark ultimately joined the Matrix, the greatest of Cybertron. Dinobot is one bad bot, Getting on his bad side is the last thing, a lot of bad guys did.


Both Dinobot and the Predator are honor-bound warriors, and have several weapons at their disposal. Both are stubborn fighters, have crazy durability, and have razor-sharp teeth. Both fighters can take on a multitude of foes, and are powerful combatants.

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Chewie is also a ‘Proud Warrior Race Guy’ and has some pretty impressive strength. He’s animalistic, and have some pretty powerful weapons. Their fight can be one for the ages.

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Again, Goro is an honor-bound fighter. That’s the theme I’m aiming for: Honor-bound fighters going at it. Goro’s skillset would make for a good antithesis to Dinobot’s weaponry, and his four arms would give Dinobot a very viable reason to use his weaponry against the unarmed shokan warrior.