The world of fiction has a lot of heroes that have had some pretty questionable pasts. Wolverine was part of Weapon X, The Flash caused Flashpoint (Maybe), and Agent Washington was part of Project: Freelancer.

Washington S13E8


Real name: David

Height: About the same as everyone else.

Weight: How the hell should we know? That armor makes things tricky.

Eye color: That helmet makes it impossible to guess.

Hair color: Were you not paying attention to the segment about eye color?

Really hates cars.

Agent Washington, or ‘Wash’ as his friends call him, was part of the illustrious but shady group of people of Project: Freelancer. His job was basically to infiltrate secure facilities, and fuck stuff up. Project: Freelancer had a goal in mind: To make several A.I fragments to get around their whole ‘Only allowed one A.I’ thing.

And since Agent Carolina had an unhealthy competitive streak to her, Wash ended up with the A.I fragment known as Epsilon. Since all A.I fragments are basically part of the original Alpha A.I, Epsilon was one of those fragments. Epsilon was its memory, and in had every single excruciating memory of all the torture Alpha went through, and well…

Allison flashback 2

Let’s just say that he needed therapy afterwards,and leave it at that.

After all that, Wash went from an optimistic soldier, to a jaded cynic. He outright refused any further A.I implantation, as they would know what he knew, and go ballistic. So, he opted to just use his own skills and equipment.


E.M.P generator

Healing units (Taken from Agent York’s corpse)

Several knives.


Heads-up display.

Like any other soldier, Wash’s armor has a multitude of little gadgets and do-dads to make sure that the wearer will stay alive. Like self-regenerating energy shields, a motion tracker, a multitude of guns, and the ever-OP armor lock; And that’s just for defense. For offense, Washington has a Magnum for close combat, a battle rifle for long-range, and a multitude of knives.

Washington’s armor enhancement is an EMP, or an Electromagnetic Pulse. This disables all electronics in the area, and has the extra onus of not affecting his own armor. It can stop cars in their tracks, and kill any A.I in the vicinity.

Wash's EMP


Held his own against the Meta.

Hit invisible foes with a knife.

Climbed up a cliff using only a tow-cable.

Matched Felix using only a combat knife.

Survived who-knows how many explosions and car crashes.

Downed an airship with minimal equipment.

Wash has done some pretty impressive things. He’s displayed expert leadership skills, and was even able to get a communications tower to transmit a message despite several jammers (And the Reds) standing in his way. He can quickly locate invisible foes, and hit them square in the chest with a throwing knife, and can psychoanalyze both friend and foe quickly.

Despite this, Washington has his fair share of weaknesses.


Fear of cars.

Weakest fighter in the top six ranking.

Distrust of A.I units.

Reliance on others.

Despite all the shit he’s gone through, Washington has proven himself as being one of the galaxy’s greatest heroes. Of all time.

Where. Are. Our. Robots. - S12E9

Goddammit, I was waiting to use that line.


Ozpin ProfilePic

Since I’m not kidding when I say that fanjerks would scream bias even if Death Battle were to pit that giant-ass grimm dragon against a bug from A Bug’s Life, let’s just make it so Shannon McCormick is basically fighting himself. The only problem I can see with this is that, well… We have no idea how Ozpin fights or any info on his weapon. But it would still be cool to see.


Both Yamcha and Wash are pretty much at the bottom of the barrel of the best in their group. The only difference is that Yamcha’s win-loss record… Sucks compared to Washington’s. But his Ki attacks would make a neat contrast to Wash’s weaponry. The only downside to this, is that should Wash win, Fanjerks would start screaming bias accusations… Again.

Nigga dick jax

Both have gone through something traumatic while on duty, both have a snarky, headstrong partner, and have some pretty impressive feats to back them up. It just might work out if it comes through in the end.