Since the Dawn of Spider-Man, teenage heroes have popped out of the woodwork to save the world. And like the wall-crawler, they too were granted supernatural powers that helped them fight off the bad guys.

Enter: Danny Phantom, a guy- Ah, screw it. For this, I think I’ll let the theme song explain.

Not even old enough to drive, and Danny made himself the local hero of Amity Park.


Alternative names: Ghost Boy, Inviso-Bill, Phantom

Eye color: blue (human), green (ghost)

Hair color: black (human), white (ghost)

Speaks Esperanto

Occupation: Student/Superhero

Not a fan of the Ghostbusters movies.

After only a month after obtaining his powers, Danny had his first major battle with a ghost. The Lunch Lady.


After a hard fought battle, Danny appointed himself the protector of Amity Park, and dedicated his time to fighting off ghostly invaders. And he’s pretty damn good at it too. He’s beaten a ghost equivalent of the Predator named Skulker, a ghost version of Stilt Man who went by Box Ghost, a joy-sucking vampiress who had the name of Spectra, and a rocker chick named Ember who committed suicide (And please, if you have these thoughts, call this number: 1-800-273-8255)

Danny’s greatest foe however, is his father’s old college roommate: Vlad Masters. AKA: Vlad Plasmius.


And since exposing him would mean exposing himself, Vlad would prove to be the Green Goblin to Danny’s Spider-Man. But, like Superman, since nobody expects a ghost (Or in Superman’s case, an alien) to have a secret identity, Danny’s obvious name doesn’t give away his secret.

Thankfully, Danny’s powerset makes beating his opponents pretty easy.



Ecto Blasts



Repulsor Fields

Like the theme song mentioned, he can fly at high velocities. His first top recorded speed being 112 MPH. He can fly from his hometown to Madison Wisconsin in a matter of hours, when his family’s RV took a couple of days. His intangibility lets him walk through any wall that isn’t composed of ecto-energy, and invisibility is exactly what it says on the tin. And by overshadowing someone, he can take complete control of their actions, but people with a strong enough will can resist the feeling. And if they’re really strong-willed enough, they can force the ghost out on their own.

Now, Danny isn’t dead per-se, but his DNA is actually embedded with ecto-energy, a form of energy that is much more versatile and manipulable than energy in our world. And his ghost sense lets him know when a ghost is nearby. But, it’s much more than a simple alarm. Turns out, it’s actually cryo energy that lets itself out a bit at a time. This cryokinesis lets him blast out energy beams that can freeze his foes in a matter of seconds, or fire icicles from his hands. Talk about sending chills down your spine!

SLWhmsIQKUoibydMNnCHZFOg7XoAITKryAyzIcYeFile:S03e06 freezing wrapped vines.png

But if Danny wants to get REALLY serious, he busts out the ghostly wail

S02e17 Danny's ghostly wail

This power can clear out an entire horde of foes in one shot. But if a foe is durable enough, they can survive the blast. It can even take down giant monsters. It quickly drains his energy, but he can quickly regain his energy, and go ghost afterwards. The ghostly wail can shatter eardrums, windows, and even fling cars around.

This isn’t even considering the tech he has on hand. The Fenton Thermos can hold multiple ghosts at once so Danny can send them back to the ghost zone, an extra-dimensional area that is basically the flip coin of the real world. But due to that, humans are the ghosts in that world. But while the Thermos can’t affect humans, it can instantly suck in ghosts with a quick charge of ecto-energy. Provided that the ghost is weakened enough.


Defeated Undergrowth.

Took down the Ghost King.

Defeated foes with superior combat experience than him.

Defeated his evil future self.

Scored an A- on a test after one day of cramming.

Considering Danny has super strength, speed, flexibility, and endurance, it’s no surprise that he can do some spectacular things. He’s fought against ghosts that could be considered gods, like a weather manipulator named Vortex, and the all-powerful Ghost King. He’s even defeated opponents who could manipulate the very elements themselves. He managed to take down a reality warper, and even defeated his alternate evil future self.

Despite all this, Danny has a fair share of weaknesses.


Reality-warping abilities.


Blood Blossoms.


His own stubbornness.

Danny is vulnerable to weapons utilizing ecto-energy, and the plant known as Blood Blossoms are basically a primitive specter deflector. Additionally, his ghost form still radiates heat despite the cold core that he has. Additionally, Danny’s hotheadedness has gotten him into trouble more often than not. Like the time he took his frustrations on Christmas on a ghostwriter’s story. Aside from these, he also has a bit of an ego. On top of all this, Danny is also vulnerable to reality-warping powers, as they can disrupt his powers and keep him from utilizing his ghost form for a long while.

Even with these weaknesses, Danny is a formidable opponent to face. Ghost or Human, Danny is one teenager, you don’t want to mess with.

S01e01 Going Ghost full body



There have been a lot of rivalries in the VS community. Marvel vs. DC, Nintendo vs. Sega, Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter, Pokemon vs. Digimon, I could go on. But in the Kids’ TV entertainment business, it’s a war between Disney, and Cartoon Network… But back in the day, it was a war between Disney and Nickelodeon. These two are tenagers with supernatural powers, and have gone up against some pretty intense odds. And both were pretty popular shows. Not to mention, they both have their own cheesy battle cries.

Image result for juniper lee

Some people want Juniper Lee to fight Kim Possible. Why? June has super strength, endurance, and has magic to back her up. On top of her martial arts. But Danny vs. June sounds more plausible. Magic vs. Science is a classic battle to have, and Juniper has the magic to back her up, while Danny has science. It’s also a classic case of Training vs. Experience. Let’s see this happen people.

Image result for pac man

… It was either Arthur, or Pac-Man. As both of them fight ghosts and all that jazz, but Arthur has actual feats that can’t be measured. Pac-Man’s feats come from his television shows, while Arthur’s come from his gameplay. I ran out of appropriate opponents after Juniper, alright?