Gods have taken many forms over the years. From dragons, to giants, mortal men, and… Dogs?


In Japanese myth, Amaterasu is celebrated as the goddess of the sun, who had an intense rivalry with the god of the sea, Susanoo. And, after a while of being an immortal sun goddess, I guess she decided to protect the people. Why she chose the form of a wolf, I’ll never know, but damn, she’s adorable with that fluffy tail!

  • Name(s): Ammy, Fido, Snowy, Shiranui.
  • Weight: 170 lbs;
  • Height: 5 ft (Nose to Tip of Tail);
  • Race: Celestial Brush God.
  • Understands Human tongue.
  • Has good art direction.

Long ago, the great god Shiranui slayed the eight-headed demon dragon Orochi alongside the legendary warrior: Nagi. Though the two did not start as allies. Shiranui was once thought of as a herald to the dragon. After Nagi had successfully disguised himself as a woman, he took a maiden’s place… Because Orochi likes to eat women. And, after getting him drunk, Nagi had slayed the beast, alongside Shiranui, who he now understood to be a protector. As a solemn tribute, the village of Kamiki adopted the white wolf as its savior and protector, and the peace of Nippon was finally, here at last.

Then a bunch of darkness started to corrupt the land, and some tree spirit chick named Sakuya woke up Ammy, and made a shrunken artist named Issun accompany her on her journey. Whilst on her quest, Issun’s Celestial Brush became Amaterasu’s primary divine weapon of choice.

  • Power Slash
    • Can cut through Iron and Diamonds with ease
    • Can also be used to deflect attacks
  • Rejuvenation
    • Can restore damaged areas
  • Greensprout
    • Bloom
    • Lily Pad
    • Vine
  • Waterspout
  • Cherry Bomb
    • Can create up to three bombs

Like any goddess, Amaterasu is packing some serious firepower! She can slash through foes with Power Slash, Drench you with Waterspout, Burn you up with Inferno, Shock you with Thunder, and even slow down time with Veil of Mist. And, as per usual with any divine being, Amaterasu can call upon her domain to grant her power.

The technique Sunrise can cut through the darkness, and restore Amaterasu’s power. She can freely summon the sun or moon to change how night and day commence, but enough dark energy can be used to negate her power.

And when Ammy’s not using divine painting to defeat her foes, she uses one of three legendary weapons: The Divine Instruments.

But, since there’s no real way of determining what she’d take into a fight, we have to close here…

Oh wait, no we don’t! So, onto the weaponry!

  • Lowest Tier
    • Divine Retribution
    • Devout Beads
    • Tsumugari
  • Highest Tier
    • Solar Flare
      • Embedded with fire.
    • Tundra Beads
      • Embedded with ice.
    • Thunder Edge
      • Embedded with thunder

These divine instruments are what Amaterasu choses to take, when fighting among mortals. Thank you, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Everyone say ‘Thank You’ now…

You say ‘thank you’ yet?

Divine retributionDevout BeadsTsumugari

Now, unlike most other cases with weapons, Ammy can have TWO of them equipped. One as a main weapon, and another as a sub-weapon. We’ll get to how each works as we get to them.

The Divine Retribution is a reflector-type weapon that allows for an average amount of strikes in an average amount of time. As a sub-weapon, Divine Retribution can be used as either a shield, or as a means to counter attack. If Amaterasu can time it right, any physical attack that is launched at her will be chained into a piledriver that can gravely damage foes. Additionally, having the Solar Flare in the main weapon slot allows Amaterasu to wield fire without needing the most advanced Inferno technique. The Reflector is great for taking on grounded foes.

The Devout Beads are a Rosary-Class weapon. Rosaries can be used for rapid fire attacks, but with minimal damaging. The rapidness of these beads can be used to match or even exceed the damage output of the other two types if used right. In its sub-weapon form, the rosary becomes the equivalent of a rapid-fire turret, and can launch projectiles at a rapid pace. When being used as the main weapon, the Tundra Beads can allow Ammy to wield the power of ice without the need of the advanced Blizzard technique. The Rosary can easily hit either grounded or airborne foes with relative ease.

Tsumugari is a Glaive-category weapon. Glaives specialize in powerful blows. It’s range is superior to the Reflector’s, but the attack speed is lowered in exchange for high damage output. As a main weapon, the Glaive is a powerful weapon, capable of delivering one clean sweep of massive amounts of damage. When used in the air, the Glaive can be used to slash downward, potentially hitting multiple foes at once. As a sub-weapon, the Glaive can be used to hit foes with charged attacks, and can slash or stab foes with ease. Having the Thunder Edge equipped allows Amaterasu to wield thunder without the need of the advanced Thunder technique.

  • Cleared out an entire plantation of radishes in under a minute.
  • Defeated Dragons and Demons.
  • Restored life to several wastelands.
  • Matched Waka in battle.
  • Defeated Yami, the king of darkness.
  • Ink Supply is not infinite.
  • Godhood can only protect her so much.
  • Short attention-span.
  • Can be caught off-guard.

Even with impressive feats like stopping a giant log running using her vines, slamming a large boulder around, as well as defeating monsters and demons several times her size, Amaterasu still has a few weaknesses. Her abilities stem from both her Godly rank, and the prayers she receives from mortals. Without this power of belief, Amaterasu is left only with her martial arts techniques, that I affectionately refer to as “Wolf Kung-Fu.” Additionally, her Brush Techniques require a steady supply of ink to be utilized. And she can also be caught off-guard in certain situations and has a short attention span.

But even with these weaknesses, Amaterasu is quite the foe to face. She’s a lover of Mrs Orange’s Cherry Cakes, and slayer of evil. There’s a reason she’s called ‘Origin of all that is good and mother to us all’ by the other Gods.




Since Final Fantasy fans just LOVE to claim their characters to be infallible gods and whatnot, let’s see how one of their characters fare against a god. Both of these characters actually have a lot in common when you think on it. Both of them fight for the environment, both of them have incredible power, and have canine attributes. As contrasts, Ammy is a goddess from an underhyped game, while Red is an experimental animal from an overhyped game. Another contrast is that Ammy is being blessed for her actions as a goddess, while Red is being condemned for his actions alongside terrorists. Pretty neat matchup if you ask me.


Krypto the Superdog. Now, before you bring in the Kryptonian infinity tripe, keep in mind that Ammy has magic. And, as we all know, magic is a major weakness of kryptonians. Both of them possess incredible power, and have done some impressive feats. Let’s give it a thought, though.

Princess Celestia ID S4E01

It’s sun goddess vs. sun goddess in this bout. A horse toy vs. Video game character. Character who actually does shit against a character who does JACK shit. - Sorry about that, I haven’t actually seen Celestia do anything outside a flashback… So, I’d say that the bronies will get knocked down a peg… Maybe if it were Luna and Celestia vs. Amaterasu, it would be a better fight… Maybe Twilight would be a suitable opponent… Ah, screw it. Let’s just stick with Celestia here. Keep it with the whole ‘Sun Goddess’ theme we have so far. Sounds fun.