What is the most dangerous game? - That’s right. Giant Robot… Humans? All we have is ingenuity, varying pieces of technology, and the title of being the second most violent species in the galaxy. And because of this, we are quite the prey to pick off. And what’s the best hunter for prey you may ask? The answer to that, is The Predator.


Yeesh, what an ugly motherfucker.

Due to the fact that there are many MANY incarnations of the Predator, we will be using a composite for his feats and stats.

With that said, let’s get started.

  • Species: Yautja.
  • Home-world: Yautja Prime.
  • Height: 7’+
  • Weight: 520 + Lbs.
  • Alternative names: Hunters, Predators, Hish.

The Predator species are hunters by nature, they fight and kill for sport. Like that rich dentist who has that mounted deer head on their wall. They don’t fight to survive or for food, but to get a trophy. This trophy is typically a skull, or a memento that the prey used to treasure dearly.


A single hunter can take down a good majority of a military combat unit on its own, and have collected trophies from all across the galaxy.

And as with any hunter, the predator’s collection wouldn’t be so big without a good chunk of weapons.

  • Plasma Caster
  • Cloak
    • Grants invisibility
  • Wristblades
    • Six to eighteen inches in length
  • Combistick
  • Smart Disc

The Medicomp heals the Predator, usually just enough to continue the Hunt, and contains enough medical supplies that they can patch wounds and cuts in a short amount of time. They also wear plate armor for defense. Considering that their skin is tough enough to withstand bullets with little to no medical attention, this says a lot about some of the prey they hunt.

The Bio-Mask is a piece of equipment that is controlled by the wrist gauntlet. It can use different sights to detect opponents. As the Predator has infrared vision naturally, the bio-mask comes with thermal vision, a sight for the plasma caster, and even an ultra violet sight mode.

Many well-trained Predators have done some pretty impressive things. The Jungle Hunter was able to take out three heavily armed soldiers, and skin them alive. On top of which, one of his clan members can even take on the likes of Raiden, Johnny Cage, and Liu Kang in a different timeline.

Predator fatality

All Hunters can adapt to a specific terrain found on earth depending on what clan they are in. The City Hunter was able to kill a major drug-lord after tailing him only once, and Scarface was able to defeat several Human-Yautja hybrids in a single Hunt on his own.

And let’s get to the big one right about now. The Predators consider the ultimate prey to be: The Xenomorph.


The Yautjas were here once before, and taught the ancient humans to build large structures in their honor. And, with the cultures that practiced the art of sacrifice, the Hunters would breed Xenomorphs for hunt, almost like a preserve.

Their blood is likely basic in nature, to the point where they are unaffected by the Xenomorph’s acid blood. In addition, the Bio-Mask can be switched to an EM-Vision to detect these serpents. Their equipment is tough enough to not be melted by their corrosive blood, and their skulls are often claimed as powerful trophies.

Despite their impressive track record with their Hunts, the Predators have their own share of weaknesses.

  • Have been outsmarted and defeated by humans.
    • Jungle Hunter was defeated by a basic log trap.
    • City Hunter was defeated by a detective.
    • Wolf of BG-386 was defeated by a Xenomorph.
    • Scar was impaled by a Queen’s stinger tail
  • They bleed.

The Predators seem to be very weak to impalement, and are often distracted when this happens. Additionally, their code of honor prevents them from attacking certain prey.

  • The prey must be capable of killing the hunter.
  • Must bestow a reward to an equal who shows mercy/ Commit Seppuku.
  • The pregnant and sick are off-limits.

If a hunter is unable to complete their quest, they must kill themselves to preserve their honor. This is typically done by using their wrist-gauntlet to perform a self-destruct initiative to prevent other species from getting their hands on their advanced technology.

Regardless, the Predator is a beast in combat. It’s basically a tanky-er alien Terminator. If it sets its triangle scope on you, you are in big trouble.




C’mon, you had to know this was coming. It’s basically the Godzilla vs. Gamera of alien movies. The Terminator vs. Robocop, Star Wars vs. Harry Potter, Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero, the- You get the point now right? These two are iconic rivals, and are brutal combatants. And, this time, we can get a fight that’s actually interesting, and cool. Unlike the actual movies which were… disappointing.


It’s hunter vs. hunter in this matchup. And while the Predators haven’t had much luck taking on humans, Kraven has a tough time going after his ultimate Prey. Both are expert trappers, and it would be fun to see which one’s traps would ultimately prevail.


We can probably recreate this one by using the models from MKX, but this is still a cool fight. Jason is basically the icon of slasher-horror films, while the poster-alien for alien-horror films is a tie between our favorite green-blooded hunter, and our favorite dagger-tongued parasite. We could get a pretty good fight out of this by virtue of machete vs. plasma caster. But, I’d still rather see Jason fight Mike Myers from Halloween.