Fire: One of deadliest of the classical elements. It can be used as a means to destroy, or as a means to create. And, as long as we’re talking about fire, we ought to meet the Fire Nation Princess: Azula.


  • Alternative Names: ‘Zula, Sister, Crazy Princess.
  • Eye color: Gold.
  • Hair color: Black.
  • Home Nation: Fire.
  • Relationship with Ty Lee: Ambiguous.

Over 100 years ago, the fire lord Sozin used the infamous comet, that was later named after him, to decimate pretty much all of the airbenders. He would later bear a child who would be named Azulon. Azulon would later bear two children, one named Iroh, and another named Ozai. Ozai would later bear two children of his own. His first son, named Zuko, and his second daughter, one of the deadliest firebenders in history, his daughter, Azula.

Unlike most firebenders, Azula’s fire is blue, and unlike red fire, which is 1500°C, blue fire is twice that!

File:Azula firebending.png

Her fire is powerful enough to propel her at great speeds, or even allow for short-range flight. Her fighting style, which is similar to Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Xingyiquan martial arts, allows her to shoot fire out of her hands.But fire isn’t the only thing in her arsenal. Azula has the ability to throw lightning.

To do this, a firebender needs to be in a calm state of mind, with absence of emotion. And that’s just the emotional state of mind they have to be in, in a physical stance, they must separate the negative and positive energies, then recombine them. Once they do combine, the result is a rather shocking result. However, doing so quickly drains the user’s chi, which can cause them barely able to produce a flame. However, Azula has quite the reserve, being able to throw lightning around as if it were candy.

  • Master manipulator.
  • Prodigy firebender.
  • Expert acrobat.
  • Disarming expert.
  • Knife expert.

Azula’s manipulative abilities are nearly on par with that of Quan Chi’s, to the point where she can derail an entire invasion plan with some careful planning. Her upper body strength is powerful enough to support her entire body going horizontal, and she can even trip up the strongest or most strategic of opponents.

  • Mentally insane.
    • Specifically Paranoid Schizophrenia
  • Generally mistrusting.
  • Chi has a limit.
  • Water.
  • Mother issues.

Despite all that she is, Azula has her fair share of weaknesses. Her mental stability is as sturdy as a paper mache bridge, and she also has severe trust issues. That part probably came from the fact that the last person she genuinely trusted paralyzed her and tried to run away. While she’s no slouch without her firebending, she is most effective with it. She may also harbor feelings for Ty Lee, but that’s ambiguous where that went. No, seriously. We have no idea where that relationship went.

  • Evaded Toph’s lie detector abilities.
  • Mortally wounded Aang while he was in the Avatar State.
  • Manipulated Zuko into her hands.
  • Took over Ba Sing Se with only two casualties.
  • Defeated Zuko in an Agni Kai
    • Even if she cheated.

Azula is a powerful foe to face. Have a healer nearby if you plan on fighting her. You won’t get out unsinged… Well, unless you’re Ty Lee anyways. Seriously, what the hell is with that relationship? Seriously, out of context, this scene could be interpreted as romantic.

But whatever, she’s basically fire given human form, her fire burns hot. Don’t even think about crossing her.




Princesses? - Check. Deadly? - Check. Heir to a hostile nation/realm? - Check. Polar opposite elemental abilities? - Check. Hostile relation with a sibling? - Check. I think we’re good here. Let’s see these two clash in a fight to the brutal end.

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Fire? - Check. Younger Sibli- I’m not repeating the same gag twice in one character sheet. Fire vs. Fire in this battle to the end, and considering that fire-powered flight isn’t something we see all the time, it would be interesting to see a firefight in the skies.

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Ice Queen vs. Fire Princess. Daddy issues vs. Mommy issues. Rapier vs. Fire. Heiress vs. Princess. White hair vs. Black hair. It’s practically Yin and Yang at this point, I’m surprised nobody has wanted to see this one yet.