Parasites. From the wasp laying eggs inside a caterpillar, to the tapeworm, a parasite is a deadly creature. Latching onto a host, and hurting it just to spread itself, most are deplorable and dangerous. And what parasite is more dangerous than the Alien?

File:The Alien 1979.png

Much like the Predator, due to the fact that there are multiple incarnations of this lifeform, a composite will be used to dictate stats for the fighter.

  • Official name: Xenomorph XX121.
    • Linguafoeda acheronsis, Internecivus raptus.
  • Homeworld: Xenomorph Prime.
  • Height: 7+’
  • Weight: 350-1000 lbs.
  • Alternative names: Alien, Serpent, Bug, Xeno.

These dildo-heads are arguably the perfect organism. Capable of defeating entire squads of space marines with their sheer numbers. And many will take a victim back to the hive to spawn more of their kind. But this begs the question: What is this thing’s life cycle?

This is the answer:

Similar to insects, a Xenomorph starts out life as an egg, but this is where it immediately stops in that regard. Even at the start of its lifecycle, and the thing already can’t be compared to any other lifeform. This egg, otherwise known as an ‘Ovomorph’, waits around waiting for an unlucky sod to come by, and releases the dreaded Facehugger.


Once attached to its victim, the Facehugger starts off acting parasitic. Almost like a rapist. And the term ‘rapist’ is actually not that far off. The Facehugger then impregnates the victim, and is done in such a way, that removing the organism can cause the host to die.

After all that, you have a little while until shit starts to go down. The eggs soon hatch and release a Chestburster. The Chestburster then EATS ITS WAY out of the host, causing them to die a horrible, painful death.

The lifecycle is rapid. You only have less than a few hours until the thing grows into the deadly, Seven-foot tall, fully-grown Xenomorph.

File:The Alien close up.jpg

  • Stinger Tail.
  • Second Mouth.
  • Acid Blood.
  • Superhuman strength.
  • Hunting abilities.

The Alien has acid for blood, and a dagger for a tongue. Its stinger tail is powerful to cut through various material with ease, and is an effective tool for hunting down prey.

Their acid blood is corrosive enough to eat away at the hull of a deep-space ship for several layers.


And the dagger-tongue can pierce through a human skull with total ease. For those of you who are curious, it takes a little over half a ton of force to break the human skull at the temples. Which means that it can bust through most of anything. Especially if it adds its acid blood to the mix.

The Aliens can also hunt in the dark despite its lack of eyes. Supposedly, it uses both smell and sound to locate and defeat its prey.

And the beast is smart enough to find power sources, and locate weak points in its prey. But they haven’t perfected space travel despite being found all over the galaxy. Care to explain that, Predator?


Honestly, these things and their whole treating the Xenos as the ‘ultimate prey’ spiel.

Anyways, the Xenomorph castes have different duties depending on what it is.

  • Drones.
    • Most expendable. Very common. Used to gather hosts.
  • Warriors.
    • Pressurized blood. Savage. Queen’s guards.
  • Praetorian
    • Queen’s elite guards. Can possibly molt into a queen, and can summon other warriors at its beck and call.
  • Queen
    • Deadliest of all. Can spawn eggs to create facehuggers, and can impale foes and tear them apart with ease. All Xenos will swarm to defend the queen if she is in danger.

Xenomorphs also take on the traits of whatever host spawned them. By spawning from a quadrupedal animal like a dog, they become runners. A very fast and deadly foe. Impregnating a wild boar, it’s razor-sharp teeth are replaced with deadly spikes on its head. By impregnating a Tarkatan, the Xeno gains even more razor-sharp teeth, and tarkatan blades, just below the elbows.

Last, but not least, if one were to get to a predator, you get the dreaded Predalien.


The predalien retains the dreadlocks from a predator, as well as the mandibles. They are considerably stronger than either of the original species. And, since the habit is somehow embedded into the Predator's DNA, these things will also claim trophies. Though, due to the fact that it has no spaceship, these trophies are not placed on display.

The Predalien is also separate from the hive, simply being content with hunting and collecting. Often making its own hive. Though, this independence causes it to be viewed as an abomination by the Yautja race, and most hunters will drop everything to kill the beast to preserve the race’s honor.

With all these castes and natural weapons, you gotta be wondering: Can these things even be stopped?


  • Fire.
  • Plasma rounds.
  • Reliance on the queen.
  • Vulnerable in early stages of life.

The Xenos are far from invincible. Additionally, many of their victories can be attributed to what hunting grounds they ended up in. The first one spotted was able to get away from being shot by hunting on a spaceship that would’ve caused the passengers to suffocate if the acid blood were to spill, as well as the fact that the crew members weren’t trained for combat. Additionally, they tend to win by zerg rushing their foes, so they are reliant on their strength in numbers.

Aside from a bunch of idiots falling for the ‘living weapon’ trope, the Xenomorphs as a whole have killed several other people. One Xeno managed to kill several armed space-travelers in under an hour, and a swarm managed to take down a platoon of space marines.

  • One managed to survive molten steel.
  • Killed several other species.
  • One impregnated an Engineer.
  • Can mass multiply in a matter of hours.

The Xenomorph is one of the deadliest species in all the galaxy. If it teams up on you, then your whole team is done. They’ll crawl around in the darkness, then start humping your face. If they come, then it’s GAME OVER, MAN!



Seriously, you HAD to see this coming. Like, seriously. I won’t even elaborate on why this matchup is arguably about as popular as Godzilla vs. Gamera. We all want to see a fight between the two that doesn’t suck. It’s Aliens vs. Predator! Who is stronger, who is better? It’s Aliens vs. Predator!


It’s Symbiote vs. Parasite in this matchup. Agent Venom is practically a one-man army, while them Xenos are known for beating armies. This ought to be fun. Especially with Spider-Sense. That should make it an interesting fight considering the Xenomorph’s tendency to hunt in the darkness. The contrasts are there, and we can see how Marvel fares against a non-DC foe for season three… Maybe season four, who knows?

Vol1op grimm

Swarm vs. Swarm in this fight. Ursae against Warriors, Nevermores taking on the Flying Xenos, Beowolves fighting drones, the mighty Taijitu taking on the Praetorian, Boarbatusks tackling the Rhino aliens (Literally in this case), and the almighty Grimm Dragon vs. the dreaded Xenomorph Queen. Those drawn to the darkness in people’s hearts against those who hunt in the darkness.