Some fighters are big, like Godzilla, some are human-sized like Vegeta, others are petite, like Peach, and some are animals, much like Agumon. But nowhere in the big book of combat does it say that “Just because you’re small, doesn’t mean you can’t kick some ass.” And few fighters embody those words, better than the astonishing Ant-Man!


For this analysis, we will be looking at the second person to wear the suit: Scott Lang.

  • Real Name: Scott Lang.
  • Height: 6’ 0”
  • Weight: 190 Lbs.
  • Eye Color: Blue.
  • Hair Color: Strawberry blonde.
  • Education: Electronics technician.

Former thief Scott Lang had a dilemma: His daughter needed to pay for his daughter’s heart surgery. Being an ex-repairman who couldn’t make ends meet, he turned to burglary until he was eventually was caught, and his wife divorced him. And this is where Scott had his troubles. But, after stealing the Ant-Man suit and saving his daughter’s life, Hank Pym, The original Ant-Man, gave him the mantle of being the Ant-Man.

As Ant-Man, Scott has saved the day multiple times, and has even worked with plenty of heroes to even take on the likes of Doctor Doom, the Masters of Evil, and even freaking Galactus!

But Scott’s abilities stem from his suit. Using special canisters filled with ‘Pym-Particles’, Scott can change his size and weight at the press of a button. These particles allow Ant-Man to change his size by affecting the nucleus of each atom to become energized and turned into the energetic particles around the nucleus without affecting the gravitations of each particle and retaining the original mass of the object in a storage of sorts so when the individual or object affected returns to normal size, their mass remains unaffected.

And if that was too much science talk for you, let me break it down: It changes the size of things, and gives them the proportionate weight of whatever size they are going to.

This also means, however, that a punch dealt by a shrunken Ant-Man would retain the same force, only concentrated in a single, much smaller space.

  • Suit.
  • Helmet.
  • Pym Discs
    • Can enlarge or shrink objects
  • Thievery
    • Extends to hacking, and stealth
  • Master’s degree in engineering.
  • Gauntlets.

Scott’s equipment allows him to shrink incoming objects to minimize damage, or shrink an opponent down to size. Otherwise, he can enlarge an object, turning tiny toys to a giant-sized train.


And he also has an army. “What army?” you may ask? Why, the one that can be found pretty much everywhere: Ants.


The Ant-Man helmet allows Scott rudimentary control over insects, but he primarily uses it to control ants. As ants are found everywhere except for Antarctica (Insert your “goddammit Barb!” comment here), this means that anyone wearing the helmet has an army wherever they walk. Being unique creatures, Ants have the ability to lift several times their own body weight, can build impressive structures and colonies, and can even down a large rainforest tree crab in a matter of minutes.

And when he’s shrunk down, Scott can infiltrate even the highest secure area. Whether he’s there for collecting data, getting within enemy territory, or just trying to snag some cash, he’s difficult to spot.


  • Stole the Ant-Man suit from under Hank’s nose.
  • Helped the Wasp defeat Absorbing Man and Titania.
  • Battled Scarlet Beetle alongside Spider-Man.
  • Physically hacked a Transcorp system.
  • Helped defeat Kang the Conqueror.
  • Supposedly beat up Doctor Doom.
  • Fought an Avenger, and didn’t die.

He’s defeated a number of opponents alongside the Avengers, and was eventually admitted in despite his past record of being a thief. But, after a while, he opted to join the Defenders, and was instrumental in defeating the Death Celestials. He was even able to fight off a supervillain attack so his daughter could get yet another heart transplant.

But, most astonishing of all: By using a different set of Pym-Particles, Scott can turn into the superbig Giant Man. Who can do stuff like this:


And at his giant size, Scott’s strength increases immensely. Capable of supporting large buildings, tangling with several different heroes and villains, and able to step across multiple city blocks without effort.

But he still has his share of weaknesses. He’s no harder to kill than an ordinary human, and losing control of his particles can potentially cause him to shrink indefinitely. Plus, there was also the time he was blown up by Jack of Hearts… Or he was pulled through time by a temporal rift, who knows? Comics are confusing.

Despite this, Scott’s done some pretty astonishing things. And, as with any person who dons the name:

Yesterday, he was an ant; today, he is a man; and tomorrow; a giant.



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