Rocks are generally stubborn, and are found everywhere on Earth. But today we’re looking at the earth found in people. And who better to take a gander at, than the Ever Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Thing?


  • Real name: Benjamin Grimm.
  • Height: 6’0’’
  • Weight: 500 Lbs.
  • Eye color: Blue.
  • Skin color: Orange.
  • Hair color: He’s bald.
  • Godfather to Franklin Richards

While assisting his friend Reed Richards with his research on cosmic radiation, Ben Grimm, along with Susan Storm and Johnny Storm, snuck onto a rocket launch site, and blasted off into space. Despite the fact that he was joking when Ben said that he’d be the pilot if Reed ever built a spaceship, he did it anyways. He was a U.S Fighter Pilot, and trained astronaut. But, since this is a superhero origin story, we have to give them superhuman powers somehow. And that’s where the cosmic rays came in, transforming Reed into the stretchable, flexible Mr. Fantastic; The hotheaded Johnny into the hot-bodied Human Torch, and the ever-shy Susan Storm into the Invisible Girl. However, Ben got a far more drastic transformation.

FF #40

With the durability of solid rock, Ben was transformed into The Thing. Convinced by his college roommate Reed, he went full-on hero. His strength is immense, capable of holding up entire city blocks. Being a class 100 on the strength level - whatever that means - , he can do some pretty fantastic things.

  • Rock Hard Skin
  • Super strength.
  • Super Durability.
  • Super durable senses.
  • Expert Pilot.
  • Proficient in Jujitsu, Boxing, and Wrestling.

The thing is strong enough to hold together the steel cables of a bridge, which, by the way, weigh nearly 10,000 pounds.


He can survive blows from the Incredible Hulk, and has fought with and against him numerous times. He’s practically immune to intense temperatures, and can survive the vacuum of space so long as he has an oxygen supply.

  • Survived a fight with the Hulk.
  • Fought Galactus with the rest of the FF.
  • Is an Avenger and FF member.
  • Fought the grandmaster so vigilantly, he made him back off.
  • Once punched out Red Hulk.
  • Overpowered a piledriver that could push through a planet.

Despite all this, Ben has his fair share of weaknesses.

  • Adamantium.
  • Strength has a limit.
  • Hot tempered.
  • Dislikes Mayonnaise on his sandwiches.

However, Ben is one tough SOB. And if you check your watch, you’ll know what time it is.


And no, that phrase DIDN’T come from an abusive older brother. Anybody who thinks that is just plain stupid.



One of the Metal-Men from DC. Preferably Lead, Iron, or Gold, but it’s still a fun thing to think about. One of them has to be a suitable opponent.


The main difference between Ben and Croc, is that while Ben DOES get down on himself every so often when it comes down to his appearance, he’s still a hero. Croc’s most heroic feat is when he’s on Task Force X, or as it’s better known as: The Suicide Squad. Monstrous appearances, but on different sides.


I’m not suggesting a Fantastic Four Battle royale. I will never suggest it. Not only is it a total stomp in Sue’s favor, but it’s stupid. We don’t need a repeat of the TMNT battle royale. I will, however, suggest a battle between rocky warriors. Tremor vs The Thing! It should be fun to see, am I right?