Teeth, swords, claws, and giant spoons. What do these things have in common? - They’re all weapons used to kill a foe up close and personal. And unfortunately, we haven’t seen a fight that was long range and STAYED at long range. A good way to circumvent this trend would be to use a sniper… Preferably an assassin. Maybe they have some saying like “One shot. One Kill.” Maybe- The joke is Widowmaker.


  • Real Name: Amélie Lacroix.
  • Height: 5’9’’ (1.75m).
  • Age: 33.
  • Nationality: French.
  • Marital Status: Widow.
  • Rival: Tracer.

Widowmaker is the greatest assassin working for Talon. Her targets usually end up either dead, bleeding out, close to death, or mortally wounded. But before she was Overwatch’s worst nightmare, she was Amélie Lacroix.

Not to be confused with the popular soft drink, but Amélie was as sweet as they came. She was the loving wife of one of Overwatch’s top agents: Gérard Lacroix. She wasn’t much of a fighter, but if Gérard’s stories are to be believed, she was probably pretty damn cool. As a little girl her parents told her that Spiders, being cold-blooded, never feel. And they are emotionless. She had arachnophobia as a child.

But, since Talon is run by a bunch of D-bags, they kidnapped Amélie after several failed attempts at killing her husband. They tortured her for information. But, since she didn’t have any, they let Overwatch take her back… Though, there was a little surprise hidden within her mind. After about two weeks of being rescued, she killed Gérard in his sleep, and returned to a Talon base. It was there, that she was given a treatment to slow her heartbeat to a crawl, given specialized training, and turned into a living weapon. This slowed heart also turned her skin an icy cold blueish-purple.

And unlike most living weapon stories I know, this one… Actually kinda worked. Amélie was now a ruthless assassin, and was deadlier than the Black Widow Spider, which she took her name after.

Despite the fact that the only widow she has ever actually made was herself, Widowmaker has definitely earned her namesake as Talon’s top assassin.

  • Shot through Ana Amari’s eye.
  • Forced Tracer into a no-win scenario
    • Killed Mondatta due to this.
  • Shrugged off a headshot from Ana.
  • Held her own against Winston.

She can drop foes from several blocks away, shot precisely through Ana’s scope in one of her missions, and can even hold her own against Winston, whom, might I add: Is a SEVEN FOOT TALL GORILLA!

But none of this would be possible without Widow’s favorite devices of death.

  • Widow’s Kiss.
  • Grapple.
  • Venom Mine.
  • Infra-Visor.


(Shoutout to this site for all the info)

The Widow’s Kiss is a Sniper Rifle that can fire off charged shots of powerful bullets that can put a hole through your head faster than you can ogle her in that skintight outfit. And unlike the other weapons, this baby can deal two-point-five the regular damage of a standard gun. At full charge, this rifle can slice Winston’s HP by over half.

Plus, since Talon has apparently watched RWBY, the Widow’s Kiss can be shift-changed into a rapid-fire assault rifle.


This baby can fire ten rounds per second, dealing a solid 130 damage if you don’t aim for the head.

And no femme fatale spider-themed chick would be complete without a grappling hook.


This thing can get our favorite assassin to higher ground in a matter of seconds, and while reeling it in apparently takes a little while, she can still fire off shots while in the air. And can still land both her shots, and landing with ease. I guess that’s what happens when a girl with a ballerina’s body becomes an assassin.

Like any spider, she can poison her victims for easy kills.


This toxin-filled bomb can stick to nearly any surface. It’ll automatically detonate if a potential target decides to wander nearby it. Covering a range of nearly ten feet, this thing can drain a foe’s health rapidly in a short amount of time.

And finally, that visor isn’t just for show. When Widow has a charge on it, it grants both her and anyone on her side the ability to track any opponent via their heat signature.


Using this, Widow can set up the perfect headshot to land an easy kill, or even avoid people trying to flank her position. Combining this with an ally can allow Widow to soften up a more tankier foe so a teammate can finish the job.

However Widow is far from invincible.

  • Peripheral vision is limited when sniping.
  • Foes with quick maneuverability can quickly get to her position.
  • Targets with high durability can tank more than one headshot.
  • Carrying her gun in Sniper mode limits mobility.
  • Is vulnerable to her own Venom-Mines

Aside from the obvious problems that come with being a sniper, Widow’s conditioning isn’t perfect. Mentioning Gérard can let Amélie slip through for brief periods of time, and Tracer can get the supposedly emotionless assassin to crack more often than not. And aside from her guns, much of her equipment takes a long time until it can be used again.

But with her deadly weapons and accuracy, she certainly has every right to brag about her one-shot kills. Note to self: Invest in heavy gear head protection.

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The way I see it, there is a story behind the TF2 and Overwatch world. With Widow vs. The Sniper, the story can go either one of two ways, and that story depends on the outcome of Tracer vs. The Scout. Should Tracer win, Widow goes after the Sniper to prove that she’s just as capable of taking down a testosterone-filled blow-har- Wait, he’s a merc? Well, better contrast then, mate. And if Tracer loses, then Widow goes out to avenge her because only Widowmaker is allowed to kill Tracer. It’s a fact of life that only Widowmaker can be the death of Tracer. And yes, that little tease was intentional.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned on the internet, it’s that the only community crazier and more deranged than the VS. Community, is the Shipping community. It doesn’t matter if the two characters have seen each other, know each other, are of opposite or same genders, are the same race, similar age, are related, or are even from the same goddamn franchise, there’s inevitably going to be a story out there made about the two. The cold-hearted assassin vs. the deadly plasma-flinging Shego from Kim Possible. And if you’re wondering about the brief tangent on shipping, it has to do with the whole Kigo and Widowtracer thing that used to is still around. Look it up, I’m serious.

V3 preview21

Going back to my shipping tangent, have you ever noticed that snipers usually end up getting paired with another character that’s pretty much the exact opposite of their personality first? I mean, Ruby - the idealistic, chipper girl - got paired with Weiss - the cynical, ice queen. While Widowmaker - The heartless, cold assassin - ended up with Tracer - The cheery, idealistic hero. The Shipping Community is downright insane. Seriously, next sniper/sniper to come out: Ruby/Widowmaker. Potential Death Battle: Ruby Rose vs. Widowmaker. But there will definitely be fanart of these two on a date sometime soon… Then again, I’m the nutjob who made a little Tifang boat, and let it set sail - So I guess I’m not much better.