In a small town of New Jersey nearby the Atlantic Seaboard, you can find all sorts of things. Joey B.’s Diner, a Casino not too far from the place, and even a summer camp. This camp has everything. Canoeing, hiking, campfires, and an undead serial killer who simply goes by Jason Voorhees.

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  • Gender: Male.

  • Race: Caucasian.

  • Height: 6’8” (Approx)

  • Weight: 270 lbs.

  • Abnormally large heart.

Born with Hydrocephalus, a deformity that causes a swelled head as well as other deformities, Jason was born to Pamela and Elias Voorhees in 1947. Since the universe was also a dick, it also decided to give Jason mental disability. As if that wasn’t enough, Elias disappeared. Probably because of Jason’s appearance.

Anyways, Pam was in a bad spot. She couldn’t get a sitter for eleven-year old Jason, so she brought him along to Camp Crystal Lake where she was working as the camp cook. Unfortunately, the kid was bullied. And in trying to get away, his tormentors shoved him into the water where he drowned. Where were the counselors during all of this? - They were banging in the woods.

And after his mother Pamela killed several campers the following year, and her own subsequent self-defense murder, Jason was brought back to life due to his mother’s use of the necronomicon. And from his watery grave, arose the relentless, unstoppable, slasher killer: Jason Voorhees.

  • Pain resistance.

  • Resurrection via lightning.

  • Super Durability.

  • Super Strength.

  • Healing Factor.

Jason has a penchant for killing trespassers. His drive to kill is linked to his mother’s word. If she tells him to go out and kill someone, he won’t stop until they’re dead. And after some idiots thought that giving him nanomachines would be a good idea - I assume for the typical living weapon that goes horribly wrong cliché - he gained the ability to punch through solid steel.

Jason’s favorite weapon of choice is his iconic machete. With it, he can bisect a victim, stab them through the heart, or just straight-up decapitate them. He’ll even choose it over other futuristic weapons, despite their superiority.

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  • Has killed over 150 people.

  • Fought and defeated Freddy Krueger.

  • Can possess people via them consuming his heart.

  • Has survived multiple ‘killings’

  • Matched a powerful psychic.

Oh, did I forget to mention something? Oh yeah. Jason is also pretty much immortal. Every time he’s been killed, he’s been resurrected. Be it intentionally, or by accident, some dumb schlup has always brought Jason back from the dead. Jason’s soul is nearly invincible - It’s even survived hell itself.

He has been stabbed, electrocuted, shot multiple times, impaled, hanged, drenched in nuclear waste, and even drowned - But he just won’t stay down. Even if he’s blown to bits, his heart can hypnotize some poor joe into eating it, and getting possessed. However, in order to return to his ‘true’ form, Jason must possess another Voorhees - Living or dead.

Despite his impressive record, Jason has some vulnerabilities.

  • Afraid of water.

  • Trapping.

  • His mother.

Jason has a fear of water, possibly die to the fact that drowning was the cause of his original death, and that he is constantly incapacitated by that. He can also be sedated to incapacitate him, and futuristic weapons seem to make him flinch. Also, his immortality is linked to the idiocy of others. He has also never been able to escape a watery prison on his own.

But Jason is still a powerhouse despite these weaknesses. People everywhere who have the fear of Jason are pretty-well justified. JasonVoorheesaphobia is indeed a rational fear.

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Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that he could (and would) slaughter Liu Kang if given the chance? - He totally can, by the way.


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Was this not obvious? I could’ve sworn that this was obvious. They may have fought before, but… Actually that movie had no winner. There were losses. Like us. Then again, that movie is basically a better version of… Well, even Dawn of Justice was a better crossover than Alien vs. Predator, so I guess it’s not saying much. Eh, whatever. Leaving this here. Could make for a good Halloween special.

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Again, could make for a good Halloween special. These two haven’t fought yet, so why the hell not? I don’t have many reasonings other than that, but I’m pushing for a Halloween Death Battle. Mostly because any Winter Holiday-themed Death Battle would wind up being depressing.

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Okay, I got a story already thought out: Ghost Rider is traveling the lands, and winds up at Crystal Lake. Jason comes out to try and kill him, so Johnny Blaze decides to defend himself. That Penance Stare could seriously hurt Jason - Maybe even kill him. It was strong enough to incapacitate Galactus, so why not? Undead Killing-Machine vs. Undead Vengeance-Seeker. Plus, I want to hear “You will feel the fire that burns men’s souls.” In a Death Battle propper. Long you have played with fire, Jason. Now you’re playing with hellfire.