There are plenty of plants in the world. From the mighty oak, to the pretty sunflowers, there’s a wide variety of them in the world. But this one; comes on like a rose, is pretty as a daisy, and everybody knows, she’s quite crazy, she’ll really do you in, if you let her get under her skin. Poison Ivy.

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  • Real Name: Pamela Lillian Isley.

  • Height: 5’6”

  • Weight: 110 lbs.

  • Eye color: Green.

  • Hair color: Red.

  • Chlorophyll for blood.

Born with a skin condition that made her unable to go into the sunlight, Pamela Isley was forbidden from going outside by her father. Her mother, on the other hand, was a lot more caring. Allowing her to go outside - provided that she apply the lotion that the doctor prescribed to protect her - Her father found out. And as per usual, he was an abusive prick. Honestly, I’m getting tired of these pricks for fathers.

Learning at an early age that flowers could manipulate people, Pam’s prick of a dad murdered his wife, and buried her in the garden… Seriously, why can’t anybody ever have a living mother? What do these writers have against mothers? - Whatever. Pam then went to college and researched pheromones and used them to graduate even after being found out about her experiments.

She later got a job at Wayne Enterprises as a botanist. And after being fired for essentially wanting to brainwash clients - Because, who wouldn’t be ethically opposed to that? - She planned to use her stolen chemicals to get revenge, but, lo and behold, she got doused by them, and got superpowers.

  • Chlorokinesis.

  • Toxikinesis.

  • Botany.

  • Basic Hand-To-Hand combat.

  • Poison Immunity.

Ivy can manipulate plants to do her bidding, and the roots of the trees she can control can even keep a tunnel from collapsing. Her vines can tear down a skyscraper, and toss around two-ton cars with ease.

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Her control over toxins is proficient enough, that it can kill a person in a matter of seconds. In fact, her immunity to other toxins is SO great, that not even Joker’s SmileX gas can affect her. And her plant monsters can annihilate armed forces with ease


  • Survived being mortally wounded by Katana.

  • Survived being buried alive.

  • Regularly fights Batman.

  • Can get Harley to leaver her abusive boyfriend (Joker).

    • And can put up with her insanity on a regular basis.

Ivy’s resume includes, but is not limited to: Fighting off a ton of villains alongside Catwoman, turning Clayface into fertilizer, and capturing Trickster and Pied Piper with ease.

Despite her long list of poisons, Ivy is still technically human. A bullet through the skull as well as other things can still kill her. And being more plant than human is both a blessing and a curse. She needs a regular human being to be present with her in a cell for her to breathe, and finding one who’s willing to share a cell with her is hard…

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Unless you have the Joker’s on-again, off-again girlfriend there. Then the two will get along like a house on fire.


  • Reliance on sunlight for photosynthesis.

  • Mental instability.

  • Plant obsession.

  • Herbicide.

Regardless, Ivy is the deadliest plant you’ll ever see. Don’t be fooled by her looks and demeanor, you’ll need more than an ocean of calamine lotion if you run into her.

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I enjoy a good ol’ fashioned Nature vs. Technology fight, and I’m sure that I'm not alone in this regard. The master of machines against the garden goddess. I would say that this would be a fun match.


Girl power I guess. If you don’t know who this is, then I can’t help you. All I’ll say is that it’s Floral Science vs. Floral Magic. Though, I don’t think Flora has any plant beasts to give her backup. Hmm, maybe we’re underestimating the fairy here. I’ll have to look into it some more or something.

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I dunno… Elsa’s magic couldn’t even kill a person, so I’m not sure about it being able to kill plants. Eh, magic I guess. But if Elsa loses, I have one thing to say to the Disney fans who will inevitably rage at the result: Let it go.