Thirty years in the future, Bruce Wayne, the original Batman would be having trouble fighting criminals on his own. To keep up, he developed a brand-new batsuit to give him an additional edge. Despite this, an ill-timed heart attack forced Batman to do the one thing he vowed never to do: He grabbed a gun, and threatened a criminal with it.

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Horrified with his actions, Bruce hung up the cowl, and the Batman ultimately retired.

Fast-Forward two and-a-half decades, and Gotham was now a futuristic metropolis (No,not the one where Superman lives), and skyscrapers practically dominate the city. Flying cars are everywhere, Barbara Gordon is now the new police commissioner, and themed criminals run amok. Bruce lived in his manor, and is bitter, cynical, and grim. So, basically the same, only a lot older.

Meanwhile, a young kid named Terry McGinnis was getting into trouble. He had just taken on a small gang of themed criminals who took after the Genocidal Jester, and was on the run. By pure luck (Or lack thereof), he found his way to Wayne Manor, home to just Bruce, and his guard dog, Ace. While Terry and Bruce manage to fight off the Jokerz, Bruce’s heart condition forces him to accept Terry’s help in getting his meds.

While wandering around Wayne Manor after giving the old man some help, Terry came across a certain grandfather clock that had a bat in it.

You can guess what happened then.


Jeez, Bruce. You didn’t act this way when Batgirl saved your ass.

But, this is a superhero origin story. So…

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First: Holy shit! For once, it’s not a dead mother. And second: … Damn, this is depressing. Seriously, I'm getting Uncle Ben flashbacks.

So, after some quick investigating, Terry found that the murderer was linked to Derek Powers, the man who had bought out Wayne Enterprises, and was the new CEO. Vowing revenge, Terry ‘Borrowed’ the new Batsuit, and went after him.

And, after some convincing, Bruce let Terry become the brand-new Batman.

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  • Name: Terrence ‘Terry’ McGinnis.

  • Height: 5’10”

  • Weight: 170lbs (77Kg)

  • Eye Color: Blue.

  • Hair color: Black.

  • DOB: 8/18/23

His parents having divorced (Likely due to suspected adultery), and having to deal with his authoritative issues, Terry takes those issues out on criminals everywhere in Gotham. And now that he has a (relatively) healthier way to release that stress and anger, he's become quite the fighter.

  • Acrobatics

  • Martial Arts

  • Medicine

  • Criminology.

While Terry has no experience that’s anywhere near that of Bruce, he’s still an impressive fighter. He’s fought the assassin Curaré, and not only did he survive, but he won. He’s skilled enough to block the barrel of a gun with a collapsible projectile, and has even fought his own suit!

Man, I am getting some Spider-Man parallels, is anyone else getting those?

And no bat would be complete without a suit to match.

  • Enhances strength to lift 1700 lbs.

  • Forearm Spikes.

  • Ballistic protection.

  • Significant Heat, Electricity, Water, and Vibration resistant.

  • Slight Radiation resistance.

  • Batarangs.

Terry's neuromuscular amplification

The new and improved Batsuit makes the old one look like a wet paper towel, and it definitely shows. The new suit comes equipped with light-reflection, which allows Terry to be invisible on nearly all spectrums of light, and has several surveillance functions. The suit can also give him limited flight with his rocket boosters, and can even send an electrical pulse throughout the suit to stun opponents much like the old batsuit.

Terry isn’t a slouch on the job either. When his suit got possessed by an electrical entity (It’s a long story), he grabbed an old utility belt, and mask and went out to fight the damn thing!

And no batsuit is complete without Batarangs. He’s got a whole slew of ‘em. From Electrical, to Explosive

Terry's batarangsElectricBatarangTerry's explosive batarang

Standard                           Electrical                         Explosive

  • High-Caliber bullets.

  • Electrical Whips.

  • EMPs

  • Reliance on Batsuit.

Terry has no specific weaknesses. But, he’s still a normal human being, meaning that toxins, acids, and enough force can indeed kill him. In addition, he’s also reliant on Bruce’s advice that comes from the Batcave. And, as we all know, Death Battle bans outside help. Plus, he’s also a bit short-tempered, but you would be too if your dad was Bruce Wayne.

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What, you guys didn’t know that? Seriously, the genetics match up, and… They kinda confirmed it later. Seriously, guys pay attention.

 caboose> Yeah, seriously guys, it was super obvious.

When did he get here?



Moving on…

  • Took down Blight.

  • Defeated Inque.

  • Broke the Joker. By talking.

  • Got the only A+ in a family studies project.

Aside from beating a back-from-the dead Joker (Long story), Terry’s done some impressive things. Like managing to take on a guy who LITERALLY DEAFENED AN ENTIRE CITY! He’s also taken on drug-powered thugs, and even managed to make the Joker become reckless in a fight by talking. And considering that this is Joker we’re talking about, that’s saying something.

Oh yeah, he also managed to sneak into Wayne Manor, and steal the Batsuit without Bruce Wayne noticing. That probably has to account for something.

Well, that’s all I have to say about him. The dude’s a powerful and resourceful fighter. I’m not one who would step into the shadows if he’s within five miles of my position.

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Personally, I would immediately call bullshit if this guy wasn’t at the top of a list of potential opponents for Terry. It’s an old fight with a new twist. Somebody tell me that it isn’t a cool idea, and I will come at you with everything I’ve got.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS59mrptAjFdeuF-dmTKUS

Maybe a fighter in the future taking on a fighter from the future should go at it. There’s a definite contrast going on here. Cable is jaded, cynical, and has to put up with a guy who never shuts up (Read: Deadpool), while Terry is snarky, sarcastic, and has to put up with a guy who has no sense of humor (Read: Bruce Wayne).


Ka-Zar from Marvel (Yet again). Maybe the trick isn’t Future fighter vs. Future fighter. Maybe the trick is two fighters from different timelines… Well, different points in the time circle. Because as we all know, time is not made up of lines. They are made up of circles, which is why clocks are round. Well, Ka-Zar may not be from the past per-Se, but he comes pretty close. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, or maybe I just want to see Terry fight a Marvel character. Who knows?