Sometimes, being the best just doesn’t stack up when you’re outclassed. It just doesn’t matter, because let’s face it, these other guys are just way too far ahead. But this fighter doesn’t let that gap stop him. No matter how many times he’s died. This sheet is dedicated to the one, the only, Krillin.


  • Alternate names: Kurrin, Krillen, Krullin

  • Height: 5’ (153 cm)

  • Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)

  • Hair color: Black.

  • Address: NBI 8250012 B (Kame House)

Krillin was originally a student at the Orin Temple. However, due to his weak skills, he was frequently bullied by the other students there. Seeing no end in sight, he left the school at the young age of thirteen and joined the Turtle School, and developed an intense rivalry with one Son Goku, albeit, a one-sided rivalry.

After the intense training, Krillin entered the 21st Martial Arts Tournament to test his skills, alongside Goku, Yamcha, and Jackie Chun. Krillin managed to make it to the semi-finals despite the power gap between several powerful opponents. Considering there were 137 contestants, this is definitely saying something about his fighting prowess.

After the tournament, he went back to the Turtle School to hone his skills further, and afterwards, he managed to pull off the Kamehameha wave at the next tournament

But, ultimately, Krillin’s life would come to a premature end when King Piccolo returned, and had his son, Tambourine kill him in a sneak attack from behind.




Krillin would later be resurrected by the Dragonballs, and compete in the next tournament, alongside Goku, Tenshinhan, and Yamcha. He fought valiantly, but lost to Ma Jr, AKA: Piccolo Jr.

Several years later, everything changed when the Saiyans attacked. After the fall of Tien, Piccolo, Chiaotzu, and the beta male - I mean, Yamcha, he, Bulma, and Gohan would later head to Namek to get their Dragonballs to bring them back.

While there, Krillin demonstrated his strategic prowess and ingenuity by keeping himself and Gohan from being discovered by intense opponents.

But while Krillin managed all of this, he would be killed for the second time by the tyrant Frieza.

(Seriously, this guy dies more often that Optimus Prime)

Well, his death caused Goku to turn into a super saiyan, so I guess he managed to pull that off, I guess?

- Whatever, Krillin got resurrected later, and was also one of the fighters who went up against the Androids, and later, the monstrous Cell. And he managed to land Lazuli as a wife… What, that name doesn’t ring a bell? Then I’m sure you know her by her more famous name: Android 18.


They also had a kid. Anyways, Majin Buu showed up, and a literal years-worth of filler later, a bunch of shit happened, and he wound up as a police officer, and was one of the fighters who held off Freeza’s fighting force.

Enough backstory, onto the fighting stuff!


  • Kamehameha.

  • Destructo Disk (Kienzan).

  • Solar Flare (Taiyōken).

  • Ki sense.

  • Ki Blasts.

Krillin’s arsenal includes the legendary Kamehameha wave, and various Ki Blasts. Both are powerful beams of ki energy that can take down opponents, or heavily damage them. The Solar Flare blinds opponents, and his Scattering Bullet can target and hit multiple foes at once.

But Krillin’s signature attack is the Destructo Disc, a disc of ki energy that can cut through a foe several times his own power level, like Nappa and Freeza. Though, some foes like Cell can basically shrug it off.

Even as a human in a world of planet-busters, Krillin has done some pretty impressive things.


  • Cut off Frieza’s tail.

  • Survived an attack from Piccolo that was thought to have killed him.

  • Barely survived being impaled by Frieza.

  • Matched Goku in the 22nd Martial Arts tournament.

  • Managed to avoid detection from Freeza’s forces for a long time.

Krillin’s resume includes references to being able to keep up with the androids, and being able to match the Ginyu force with Gohan and Vegeta. Also, he typically carries Senzu Beans on him, making him essential to most missions for recovery. Also, he’s been established by both Yamcha and Akira Toriyama himself as being The Strongest Earthling Male.

Despite his skills and abilities, Krillin is far from invincible.


  • Has been killed by Tambourine, Frieza, and Buu.

  • Durability is only so much.

  • Somewhat cowardly.

  • Destructo Disc is hardly accurate.

Krillin has died three times between the span of the 23rd and the arrival of Beerus, and often tries to avoid a fight against a foe that clearly outclasses him. Plus, despite his training, he can never really get past the quarterfinals in any of the tournaments. In addition, despite knowing the Solar Flare, a technique that blinds and stuns opponents, he never really seems to combo that with the inaccurate Destructo Disc that cuts through nearly anything… He’s kinda an idiot that way.


To add to his long list of failures, he’s also never really won a fight on his own. But, it’s worth mentioning that he is being compared to the Super Saiyans, the Super Namekians, the androids, Majins, Gods of Destruction, Kais, and whatever the f*ck Cell is.

But regardless, despite this not stacking up too well against most other alien foes, he’s not too shabby for being The Strongest Earthling Male.



Image result for sakura naruto

As a bit of an inversion, let’s go for someone who started out strong, then got eclipsed by pretty much everyone else. Compared to Krillin, who started off weak, got strong, got stuck at that level, and then got eclipsed. Now that I think about it, this is basically a Warrior vs. Rogue style of fight.

Image result for depth charge beast wars

I looked it up, Depth Charge of Beast Wars has deadly disks as a weapon of choice. Let’s see if he can compare to Krillin. The fact that he’s robotic might make Ki Sensing a bit tricky, so it’s a bit of a fun fight since Depth Charge can use stealth tactics. Plus, it’s infinitely more fair than Krillin vs. Saitama (Yes, that is a real thing).

Image result for The Absorbing Man

Bald of Awesome vs. Bald of Evil. Absorbing Man can take on Thor! So, compared to Krillin, this might be an interesting fight to see. I’m not getting my hopes up, though. But this should be pretty cool to see being animated.