Trapped. You have limited power. You can’t escape. And now it’s time for your turn…

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  1. The sheer amount of detail put into the games.

  2. The reason why this is such an effective horror game: Most Survival-Horror gives you the option of either running away, or fighting back (sometimes both). This game? - You can only delay the inevitable.

  3. The lore is impressively complex.

  4. The fact that it all started because everyone said that Scott’s previous characters were all described as “Disturbing” and moved similar to an animatronic. Suck it troll comments.

  5. Game Theory has a long-ass list of theories on this subject… Wait, does this count as mentioning the fans? - Screw it, this is MY list, and I'll do what I want.


  1. The fact that there is a very real possibility that this game was based off a 1990s murder case.

  2. Purple Guy crashed my game! Follow up, WHat tHE FuCk wAS thAt?

  3. Uhh…
  4. It’s all jumpscares… That’s it.

  5. Five games… This franchise. Has. FIVE. GAMES. And a book, and is getting a movie? How… What…?

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