The flames have been growing very dim. However, this one’s just as telling, and does the same amount of fandom damage of any other Five… Maybe I should have thought this intro better, but I guess there’s not much to work with.

Image result for berserk logo


  1. That REALLY sweet, awesome, and badass sword.

  2. Guts vs. 100 men. Guts wins.
  3. The Berserker Armor.

  4. Massive… Thick… Heavy, and FAR too rough, the Dragonslayer shouldn’t be called a sword. It’s more like a heap of Raw Iron!
  5. Despite all the shit he’s gone through, Guts can still be a team dad when he wants to be.

  1. The blood and gore is disturbing. I’m a guy who enjoys Mortal Kombat, and this stuff is kinda creepy.

  2. Griffith is a prick.

  3. Puck’s voice in the new anime.

  4. The creator might keel over before the Manga is finished. Now THAT’S a disturbing thought.

  5. Okay. Really? DLC is seeing Casca in the outfit she was in after she was RAPED? WTF? Koei, you lost a lot of respect there.

I'm... Going to take a break until April. See you then.