So, browsing around on the youtube comment section of various Death Battles (Yes, I already know that it's a stupid idea), and there's a disturbing trend of comments on a few... certain specific fights.

Some new guy named Seththeprogramer. Who, from what I've heard, does his time to debunk some Death Battles.

But the only trend I've noticed, is that he only debunks the ones where a DBZ character loses. And from what I've read in the comments section, he typically does this by downplaying the opponent, and cherrypicking the Daizenshuu. His defenders typically counter by claiming that he's 'unbiased' and 'does his research' (By the way, his detractors point out that he only copies Screwattack's research, and just wanks them to the extreme).

What about your thoughts? - What is your opinion of Seth? Is he legit? Or is he full of Bull Semen and is just a salty fanboy?

Leave your comments below, and there will be a tally next week, seeing who thinks Seth is legit, and who thinks that Seth isn't.

Hopefully by then, I will have gotten off my lazy ass and actually have finished my Yuna character sheet.